Celebs whose death Kenyans have yet to come to terms with

Kenyans are still grieving the death of this list of celebs.

The entertainment industry has been hit hard in the last few years after the death of artistes who were at the prime of their careers.


Nancy Nyambura known as Jastorina the funny house help on Citizen Tv program Jastorina breathed her last on Saturday 26th July.

She succumbed to menengitis which she had been fighting for sometime. She left behind two sons.

Nancy Nyambura Jastorina


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Salim Junior

He was loved by the young and the old  for his great hits which he sang in his vernacular language, Kikuyu.

Salim Junior, born Paul Mwangi, died in August this year while undergoing treatment at the Nakuru Memorial Hospital. According to his family, the entertainer had not been in good health for some time.


The late Salim Junior’s siblings are also renowned Mugithi artistes. They include: Mighty Salim, Sarafina Salim and their last born, 25-year-old Salim Young.


Emmanuel Makori Nyambane known to many as Ayeiya breathed his last in April this year after a road accident.

On the fateful day he had just completed a Churchill Live Recording at Carnivore Restaurant and was headed back home when a road accident on Langata Road happened.


The accident occurred near Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). He died on the spot.

He was traveling in the company of his wife, actor Maina Olwenya, comedian Paul Wakimani Ogutu and a friend.

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Big Kev
Event organiser Big Kev, born Kevin Ombajo, died after a long battle with a brain tumour that did not respond to numerous surgeries and treatment.

Big Kev, who was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour in 2010, died on July 29 at the Nairobi Hospital where he was admitted since February, 2017.


Prior to his death the founder of True Blaq Events had undergone 14 surgeries to remove the tumor, with one of the surgical operations performed in India in October, 2016.

The last surgical operation performed on him was at the Nairobi Hospital on February 3, 2017.

Maureen Wanza

In late September, Kenyans woke up to the news of the demise of popular Kenyan actress Maureen Wanza.

She played the role as Sasha in the Swahili program Sumu, and also cast in Almasi including several operas that have aired on Kenyan TV.

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Wanza died at a Kilifi hospital while giving birth; her baby also died in the process. All this during the nurses strike that lasted 100 days.

“She bled to death. Unfortunately, her baby also died minutes later,” said Ashiners Films, CEO Ann Hamburg

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‘I Am Trying My Best Dear, So Don’t Fail To Guide Me,’ Best Friend Pens Heartbreaking Letter To Dead Actress Maureen Wanza

TV actress Maureen Wanza was laid to rest a few months back after she bled to death while giving birth in Kilifi county.

“She bled to death. Unfortunately, her baby also died minutes later,” Ashiners Films CEO Ann Hamburg said.

Maureen was a familiar face in local TV productions, including Sumu and Almasi.


Comic Gerald Langiri paid tribute.

He wrote, “To an avid fan, to lose a celebrity is one thing but to lose a celebrity you knew and called a friend is a whole different thing altogether. *sigh* Just received sad news that Maureen Wanza and her baby have passed away. She was giving birth in a hospital in Kilifi and both mother and child are no more. Condolences to her family, friends and especially her colleagues at Ashiner Pictures where she called home as well.

“Maureen will be best remembered for her role as Sasha in the Swahili programme Sumu, which she got nominated for best lead actress in a TV drama at Kalasha awards 2015, and for her role as Laiki on Cheche. Another soul has gone too soon.

Rest with the angels.”

Maureen Wanza’s best friend, Carolyne Rita Mutua has penned a heartbreaking letter to the late actress updating her on how her son and mother are faring on.

“We missed you today, as we were taking this photos we felt you around,today I Saw mum and prince smile,and it gave me the peace of knowing that you have been watching over them……and even as we were talking I could feel your presence in the house and am assured that you have rested well and the good God that we serve Is helping mum and prince…..” Caroyne wrote.Maureen-Wanza1

“Prince has done well in his exam and he was number 4..imagine was soo proud of him and I know you are…i didn’t know which present to buy him but he told me what he wants….Mum is doing her best and I tell you she is in control of things and all this is becoz you never hide anything from her…..am trying my best dear so don’t fail to guide me. I Know you will guide me…. So as you read this just know that your son and mum are all well and God is blessing and protecting them everyday……sleep well Kelitu till we meet again.”

Carolyne posted this photo with Maureen Wanza’s mum and son, Prince.actress Maureen Wanza's pall Carolyne


Carolyne’s actions moved many who took to social media to wish her well.

Mercy P. Wanyaga: God bless Carolyne Rita Mutua may she never lack..bless everything that concerns her in your Mighty Name!wherever she goes whotever she does is blessed..favour, peace,health,wealth,happiness and all the great gifts from you God be her Portion..Amen!I pray that Prince and his shush never lack in Jesus Name.Amen.

Eddy Randu: Whatever you’re doing Caro only God will award you abundantly, your presence means a lot to Prince and Mama Wanza, I was there yest. as well bt can’t keep admiring your levels of humanity!!

Pius Otieno: We should donge , I count myself lucky to have you as a friend.

Caroline Mtetih: U r such a good fwen I admired from the 1st time I saw u on our screens.b blessed darling.may our good lord always guide u.next time twaenda sote swirie

Chiku Khamis: Thats nice my cuzo m hppy umewaona Mungu akuzidishie Iman na wao awape nguvu

Joan Ngala: Caroline Rita ur one dadaa with a big hrt, i rem yrs back tukiwa brkthrough chapel niliumia and i was bleeding kila mtu alikaa kando ila ww tuu ulinisaidia bila uoga, hakika Mungu akubariki na uombalo akupe.

RIP! ‘All She Needed Was You To Be By Her Side,’ Did TV Actress Predict Her Death! (Photos)

Tv actress was laid to rest on Saturday at her parents home in Kilifi.

Carolyne Rita Mutua, a filmmaker paid tribute to Maureen Wanza who died during childbirth. Pundits claim that the nurses strike contributed to her death.

“We have been soo accustomed to watching you on screen to make the program shine in every program you acted,” Carolyne wrote on Facebook, “You would bring the audience to the edge of their seat with your epic skills,and now unashamedly I state that you were a significant actress in this industry. I celebrate you Kelitu… We will miss you mostly by your son Prince and your fans, but we will hold on to the beautiful memories we created.”

 Maureen’s co-star, Ken Ambani added, “It’s that time we lay you to rest. I know you in a better place… I celebrate you and shall always cherish the times God granted us to share you. Fare thee well Maureen Wanza my friend.”

Maureen was loved by many. One of her last social media posts is very telling.

It is like she predicted her death.

here is what she wrote,


You made Love to your Wife one Night and left Her the next Morning without looking back. You Were in search for the Greener Pasture.
You left her all alone for 9 months. Your wife got Pregnant that night. And for the next 9 months she was all Alone In the Cold.
She first Noticed Her Body changing,
And then the Doctor said she is Pregnant.
The News gave Her Joy but Sadness filled her Heart as She was longing to sleep in your Arms. She wanted You to be there when your Baby starts Kicking inside Her Belly.
But all She got was Your Voice on the Phone.
So many times She cried.
She could not prepare her Meals.
Sometimes she will Sleep all Day with Body Pains as the Symptoms took hold of Her and sometimes She Will Vomit throughout the Night.
She will Wake up Weak and Exhausted.
She will force herself to Cook but after Cooking.
She won’t feel like eating anymore.
All she needed was You to be by Her side.
To Make Her Smile.
To Rub Her Belly and Listen to Her when she talks about how She is Feeling.
To take her out.
To to walk with her and keep her bed warm.
After going through the pains of Post-Mother hood, On that Fateful day, at the Hospital, in the Labour Room, All She could say was your Name due to the Pains, Sufferings and Sadness She Faced.
Suddenly something went wrong.
She died with the Baby.
You are to be Blamed !!
My Brothers Always Take Care of your Woman Especially when She is Pregnant.
Care and Protect our Pregnant Women for they are in Control of the Future.
To All The pregnant Women out there, you will not Die on the Day of Bountiful Joy.
You will live to Raise your Child in Happiness and good Health.
You and your Family Members will not Die Prematurely !!

May she rest with the angels.


Here are photos from the funeral in Kilifi.

Gone To Soon! Actress Dies While Giving Birth At A Private Hospital In Kilifi County

The Kenyan film fraternity is mourning the death of one of its finest and upcoming actress, Maureen Wanza, who passed away yesterday as she bled to death while giving birth at a private clinic in Kilifi County.

Maureen Wanza

This comes as health services in public hospitals around the country have almost come to a standstill as clinical officers and nurses down their tools for one hundred and eight days now.

Maureen Wanza

The deceased had featured in several local TV productions including Sumu, Almasi, Cheche and recently Kashfa.

Maureen Wanza

Fellow actresses and fans have sent condolence messages to the family of the late actress. The Mombasa-based actress will truly be missed by her peers who say she left a big mark in the entertainment industry.

Maureen Wanza

Here are condolence messages from her fellow actresses and fans:

Kibibi Salim Mohammed: Maureen Wanza yaani maisha ni mafupi mno ila I believe Allah atakulaza pema palipo wema. Habari za kifo mbili kwa pamoja, Bibi Maryam nawe Allah akulaze pema. Njia yetu sote. Sad day ila Alhamdulillah

Caissiano Eric :Mola ailaze roho yake penye wema na awape nyote faraja… Dunia mapito sote njia twaipitia

Msong’z Jaquez :what ooh soo sad Maureen mbele yetu umetutangulia nyuma yako twaja lala salama

David Christopher :The coast entertainment fraternity just loast a rising star …R.I.P

Salim Ngomeni :Allah amjaliee kauli thabithi alikuaa anapigana jihadi huyoo ya kujifunguaaa.

Carol Roka :My goodness!! Such a beautiful soul, gone too soon. May God rest her soul in peace!

Erick Omtere :What ??!!! Cant believe the girl who used to act as my girlfriend in the Almasi TV program is gone?!!

Christina Myra Wawuda :What? Oh my. May her soul rest in peace 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😰😰😰😰