Matwana Culture! Here are the 8 types of touts you are likely to find in Nairobi

With thousands of matatus operating in the city, there are some characteristics or rather types of matatu touts (makangas) who work in this industry and below is the list.

  1. Mafisi Sacco

Nothing in a skirt can pass them. They will always call you sweet names such as honey, my love, madam, size yangu just to get your attention.

2. Kind-hearted

Despite the notion that most touts are inhumane, arrogant and unkind people, there are those who are actually good. We’ve heard stories about humble and well-mannered touts who return valuables and money that passengers forget in matatus.

3. Roho safi

They are heaven sent. These lot help the disabled, elderly, pregnant women and any other person suffering from other conditions. They are the unsung heroes. It’s high time the government starts rewarding such people.

4. Thieves

Those who run away with customers change pretending they don’t have change.

5. Rude and abusive 

No one ever wishes to meet such. They are inhuman, cruel and are associated with all bad things. From abusing passengers to calling them all sorts of names, most matatu touts are believed to have originated from hell.

6. The untidy ones

They are a turn-off. They stink and this makes it uncomfortable for passengers on board. Ogeni priss!

 7. Those who collaborate with thieves to steal from passengers
Most of the cases where passengers are robbed on board, touts are always involved. They protect thieves.
8. The cute and tidy
Not all the matatu touts stink like rotten garbage. There is quite a number who observe cleanliness. They are always clean from morning to evening and love their job. It’s hard to receive negative comments about such touts. Kudos!

Oh No Not Again! Matatu crew push out female passenger from moving PSV

A woman named Doreen died after she was allegedly thrown out of a moving PSV.

A man who rescued the woman and  rushed her to hospital has shared an emotional tribute about Doreen, after she died before reaching the hospital.

Twitter user @PeterPekat also shared photos of the matatu that is responsible for her death.

Do you know who the crew members are? A manhunt for them has been launched.

NTSA has since revealed they are also following up on the matter, as it has details of the matatu sacco, its crew, in its database.

Kasarani police have impounded the vehicle.

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Mwiki sacco tout beaten to death over Sh20 fare increase

Julius Kamau lost his life this past weekend over an act of service to Mwiki passengers.

Police in Nairobi are investigating an incident where a matatu conductor was beaten to death by his colleagues operating in the Kasarani – Mwiki route. It is allegedly reported that operational officers from the route beat him up because he added an extra ksh.20 to the normal fare.

According to the deceaseds wife, Winfred Kimanzi, she says that he was being nice despite adding the fare charges because he wanted to drop the passengers all the way to Mwiki as opposed to leaving them stranded at a stage by the name, Stima area.

He told me he did not see the point of charging the passengers Ksh.80 then drop them off at Stima area and leave them stranded looking for another vehicle to take them to Mwiki. So he decided to charge Ksh.100 then go straight to Mwiki

Image result for mwiki sacco

On that fateful evening, the bus Kamau was operating left the MSL terminus along Tom Mboya street and on reaching Kasarani, two alleged MSL officers boarded the vehicle and asked passengers how much they had been charged.

According to Citizen TV, it is then that the officers started beating up Kamau, accusing him of tainting the Sacco’s name by overcharging customers.

Winfred Kimanzi said that her husband returned home with a swollen face and bruised body. Kamau was taken to the Kiambu Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. As she was taking him to the hospital, he kept complaining of severe body pain adding that he could barely walk.

Image result for Msl sacco matatu


The Mwiki Sacco company denied all claims, however, a former conductor with the MSL Sacco, Samuel Mungai, claimed that this was not the first time as it has been a habit of certain officers in the Sacco to beat up matatu operators.

The exact cause of his death will be known after a postmortem on his body is conducted today, Monday.

This Mzungu female makanga is a fashionista in the making (Photos)

Lucia Murotto, the female mzungu makanga is one of a  kind.

Lucia Murotto

The kind-hearted makanga, who works with Smoke city matatu Sacco, has won the hearts of many commuters especially those who ply the CBD – Kitengela route.

Just like many who treasure their jobs, the mzungu makanga loves her job and recently she revealed that it pays handsomely.

“THE PAY IS GOOD.I MAKE SH2,500 PER DAY DURING LOW SEASONS BUT EVEN SH3,000 ON BETTER DAYS,” LUCIA SAID during an interview with Mathree Magazine.

Well, a photo of the mzungu makanga looking gorgeous in her work uniform has surfaced and she looks absolutely great!

Here is the photo

Mzungu makanga
Lucia Murotto

Doesn’t she look lovely?

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#MatwanaCulture: Matatu driver delivers baby of woman in labour

There is a new hero in town. He doesn’t hail from Wakanda or a wear tight body suit. He is someone we see daily. A matatu driver identified only as George.

George saved the life of a mother and his newborn and even checked up on them to ensure they are fairing okay. He did this without a thought on missing out on making money during rush hour.

A Facebook post by Ndungu Nyoro highlighting George’s act of kindness has gone viral.

Read the post below.

“My hero of the day is George. George is a bus driver dedicated to his work in matatu industry along Thika road. Earlier today one of his passengers went into labor in the bus. The conductor and other passengers, ladies included, took off.


George later resumed his duties happy that he saved two lives.

Please help me congratulate this Good Samaritan. Isn’t he an angel?”

One Nairobian agreed, Annita Ngugi said, “Congrats George i know him he has a good heart even talking to people as well. Kudos.”

Nairobians were so impressed, here are some of their touching messages congratulating George.

Wacuka K. Githu: From his testimony when the head popped he helped the lady push the baby baby was delivered, he told the lady to hold the baby closed the door and rushed her and baby boy to neema hospital, he even called the hubby who was in Narok and later followed up to ensure baby n mum are okay, if this guy is not a hero then I don’t know the meaning of the word, God bless you George

Gichohi Zachary: Some years back same thing happened to this Neema hospital if am not wrong, seems the drivers from thika rd are special ones kudos.

Blsd Joycz Kagwa: This man is a hero. Thou a mother of 3, in his place I would be shaky but this George didn’t have a second thought in saving the precious life. I wouldn’t know what could have happened if he chickened too! God bless him mighty and may he never lack help whenever he will require it.

Nomiss Ekioyn Lekopen: We need to reward such a benevolent act… Open a paybill we buy him a whole ma3..there are moments in life when a man’s single act can dignify his whole existence…

Kuria Erastus Kitambo: it was the ladies who took charge in scenes like this, but the ones around took off. Congrats George for this heroic act. God bless.

Kajuju Mwogora: My favourite mat when am using them .This driver is a very disciplined guy. Am proud of my route driver.

Joe Muhahami: The little acts that give hope to mankind. Many Blessings find their way to George.

Wanjirû Ngarî: Blessings upon you Mr George. Humanity at its best. May you never lack


Shee Munyi: Right person in the wrong career..congratulations sir

Philomena Nyathira: I am shedding tears of joy already, may he be blessed mightily. He is a true hero.

Gikonyo Patoo: He is a hero full of kindness. May the nature be kind also to him

Blessed Grace Wangari: The hero of this year 2018. May he NEVER lack.

Loise Madantes: wooooow, one in a million be blessed george

Maureen Wawira: 😍😍😍Sweetest thing I have read today👏👏👏👏Job well done George

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#MatatuCulture: The mzungu makanga in Kitengela who makes more money than you

Matatu industry is characterized by inhuman, cruel, unkind, untidy and don’t care creatures. Matatu crews are believed to be not so bright minds, but there’s a new crop of young men and women who have come out to disprove this notion and Lucia Murotto is among the few.

Lucia Murotto

Ouch! Matatu Tout Gets a Thorough BEATING From His Supervisor For Showing Up To Work Super DRUNK (VIDEO)

 Popularly referred to as the mzungu tout/conductor, Lucia Muroto was born and raised in Kenya by Italian parents and attended some of the most prestigious schools in Kenya.

“I went to Rusinga primary school in Nairobi, and then later joined st George’s Girls secondary. School life was good and I got an average of B plain in KCSE, then later studied pharmacy course at Amref,” she said during an interview with Mathree Magazine.

Lucia Murotto, a mother of one, revealed that she used to travel a lot using matatus while still in school and admired them but her parents were not for the idea of her becoming a conductor.

“At first they were not for it and did not like the idea but later realized it’s my passion and with time accepted.”

Lucia Murotto

She went ahead to explain why she loves the job and she said:

“I love this job because I’m social and I meeting new people makes me happy.”

Lucia Murotto

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Meet the woman raking in millions from matatu’s

The mzungu tout, who works with Kitengela bound matatus, started working in this industry since 2015 and she disclosed that the job pays well compared to some white collar jobs.

“The pay is good.I make sh2,500 per day during low seasons but even sh3,000 on better days,” Lucia said.

Lucia Murotto

Adding that:

“The job is not easy especially if you’re in a relationship.  For instant by 4 am you should be out of the house and maybe sometimes you arrive home at midnight when you’re tired and this at times leads to conflicts. I remember my relationship didn’t work because of this job,” she narrated.

Lucia Murotto, has also worked with Rongai and Eastleigh matatus and refers to her colleagues her second family.

“Best part is my crew. They are good people to be with. They understand me. They are my second family. Whenever I go to work in low spirits, they will do whatever it takes to put a smile on my face,” said the mother of one.


Credits: Mathree Magazine 

‘This Matatu Driver Is One In A Million,’ Cries Panicked Female Passenger After His Unexpected Act Of Kindness

We have all had a nasty brush with makangas that leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

We all have that tale of misadventure in matatus that makes us shake our heads and damn them all to hell.

HOTTEST RIDES IN TOWN! Check Out Nairobi’s Trendiest Matatus

Well, a city woman identified as Julie Waweru narrates how one matatu driver went against the grain and proved that indeed there are good people in the industry.

Julie writes: “My yesterday did end very well. As I left Limuru around 7pm on board Likabu Sacco matatu I forgot my phone in the mat. As usual, panic mode when I alighted, having realised I had left my phone, I picked a boda boda to chase the mat, after like 3km I realised this was futile, asked my rider to take about turn. He wondered why I had given up, as he was all set for a chase. I told the rider its OK, thanked him and informed him I knew I would get it today. This kinda shocked the boda guy…..cheekily he says “ningependa kujua vile utaifuata” haha I told him I know God will make it possible to get it back.”

She continued, “Around 8.30pm while in my house, I was driven to Kiamba town, I didn’t find it, I promised myself to try follow up today morning.
Good news I went to kiambu town, matatu stage….didn’t have the vehicle registration No, so I had to hassle to trace, as I tried narrating to one of the route manager, I drew some attention…. Among them one Eliud Njoroge the driver whose vehicle I was onboard yesternight he breaks the good news….he had kept my phone safely & had even charged abit this morning. I got my phone back, am thankful to God.
I celebrate this driver and among others that are kind to their passengers. Help me celebrate ELIUD NJUGUNA!”

Matatu driver Eliud

Matatu driver Eliud

Kenyans also retold their tales…
Gitu Ngugi: I lost my phone in july this year and someone returned it to me. Even when i reported to safaricom they were skeptical i would not get it. I told them good people exist. Let’s keep celebrating Eliud and others alike

Jon Kirui Bomet: Travellers sacco. Our neighbour sent Mursik in 5ltr Jerrycan to her daughter studying in Nairobi, by the time they were parking in Mfangano behind Afya centre, the Jerrycan was empty…….Matatu crew drank it clean.! Kindly ask the sacco to offer induction to our sacco.

Meshack Samson Maina: Good people exist… I once dropped my phone at a parking and drove off, luckily i did not smash it, the next person who occupied the parking space collected it and started calling people from my phone book trying to trace me, finally after like 1hr i got my phone back.

Esther Wacuka: I wish the same happend to me…I lost very very crucial documents original n copies I had just left an office which needed them I dropped them in a my plying gachie.I tried to search even at the terminus but to no avail…the bitter part was,the documents had at least 3 telephone numbers …..

Zipporah Kungu: Honest Kenyan. I lost mine in a mat the person who picked it called my colleagues and said was in Kidfarmaco but the guy gave to his aunt who had no phone.In the process I lost the phone.The ma3 guys denied e ever seeing the phone Nkt!

Winnie Ashers Mum: Honesty is a great virtue, it pays off Eliud God will reward u mightily soon, keep the fire burning brother.

Cate Kibata: A big challenge to all of us,honesty is beautiful……very encouraging good people still exists……kudos Mr Eliud……

Winnie Belinda Wiwanka: That is a unique driver God bless.

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Kenyans express outrage after video of man beating matatu tout goes viral

A video shared online showing a drunk matatu tout getting a beating for being drunk has gone viral.

In the video, the man beating the tout has been identified as the Kayole Forward Travelers Chairman and can be heard bitterly complaining about the drunk tout, before proceeding to discipline him.

Online users are debating if he did the right thing by beating him.

Ouch! Matatu Tout Gets a Thorough BEATING From His Supervisor For Showing Up To Work Super DRUNK (VIDEO)

A Facebook user by the name Collins Jokello shared the video asking: What if you found him doing this to your only blood brother? This is not fair aki

Here are responses to the viral video. Plus you can watch the post below, after the comments.

Chemosit Monsta what if the guy was the driver and found drunk? there are two sides to this.

Ngore Antony Disciplinary action yao kama ni kichapo wangenunua nyaunyo si mshipi, the guy hafeel Ata anaskia kama ni massage 💆

George Muigai Hii ni mungiki n belongs to jail if not hell na tumbo kubwa kubwa
Nar Ugenya Huyo mtu ni mjinga siafute Job kwani mtoto wa nani anachapa hivo.TUMBO KUMBWA
Bico Steve disturbing
Paul Sewe Philip you should do more get this guy pro bono legal assistance from our party we stand for justice.
Karim Naku Arreat this guy!
Biggy King Robert Murachi, hii works ni ngumu… Waaaaaaah!
Johnson Braun Discipline? This is wrong.
Tony Asingo Starehe ni ya mtu kwani weewe ni mungu na kazi yako bullll
Sirima Italanyi Ata jamaa inampiga iko na katumbo kiasi nkt
Festus Mulei He should have just handed him over to the police instead of flogging him like a thief.

Umoinner Matatu Crew Save Woman From Kidnappers

A matatu crew plying the Umoinner Sacco are winning the hearts of many after saving a Kenyan woman from suspected kidnappers along Jogoo road.

The Umoinner crew of Billa Bong (below) and the passengers went out of their way to ensure that Njeri Mwangi, a possible target by kidnappers reached home safe and sound.


A Facebook user Hummingbird, shared her experience.

It read:

It all started  around City Stadium roundabout when Njeri noticed a Silver Bluebird Nissan trailing her all the way from Madaraka. Following her gut feeling that everything was not ok. Njeri decided to follow a slow vehicle and the occupants of the trailing vehicle also followed her.

She decided to accelerate to put off the kidnappers, on doing that she noticed that they also increased their speed and that is when she knew that if she did not do something she would end up dead. She almost overturned at the Rikana supermarket roundabout.

On nearing Total Petrol Station near the Buru Buru Junction that is when she noticed the Umoinner bus (Billa Bong ) ahead of her, she then decided to follow the bus but it entered the petrol station for fueling and just like that Njeri decided to follow them.

Umoinenr Bus whose Crew Saved A Lady From Possible Kidnapping


While at the petrol station she notified the Umoinner crew that she was being followed by suspicious people possibly kidnappers. The matatu that plys the BuruBuru route decided to use Jogoo road so as to make sure Njeri reaches home safely.

The Umoinner crew went out of their way to use Manyanja Road to Bee Centre just to distract the kidnappers, and the crew insisted that if she was not ok (at this point they had lost the kidnappers) they would escort her to the Estate gate.

The amazing thing in all this is that the passengers also agreed to go together with the bus crew just to make sure that Njeri reaches home safe.

Kudos to the crew.