Matwana Culture! Here are the 8 types of touts you are likely to find in Nairobi

With thousands of matatus operating in the city, there are some characteristics or rather types of matatu touts (makangas) who work in this industry and below is the list.

  1. Mafisi Sacco

Nothing in a skirt can pass them. They will always call you sweet names such as honey, my love, madam, size yangu just to get your attention.

2. Kind-hearted

Despite the notion that most touts are inhumane, arrogant and unkind people, there are those who are actually good. We’ve heard stories about humble and well-mannered touts who return valuables and money that passengers forget in matatus.

3. Roho safi

They are heaven sent. These lot help the disabled, elderly, pregnant women and any other person suffering from other conditions. They are the unsung heroes. It’s high time the government starts rewarding such people.

4. Thieves

Those who run away with customers change pretending they don’t have change.

5. Rude and abusive 

No one ever wishes to meet such. They are inhuman, cruel and are associated with all bad things. From abusing passengers to calling them all sorts of names, most matatu touts are believed to have originated from hell.

6. The untidy ones

They are a turn-off. They stink and this makes it uncomfortable for passengers on board. Ogeni priss!

 7. Those who collaborate with thieves to steal from passengers
Most of the cases where passengers are robbed on board, touts are always involved. They protect thieves.
8. The cute and tidy
Not all the matatu touts stink like rotten garbage. There is quite a number who observe cleanliness. They are always clean from morning to evening and love their job. It’s hard to receive negative comments about such touts. Kudos!

#MatatuCulture: The mzungu makanga in Kitengela who makes more money than you

Matatu industry is characterized by inhuman, cruel, unkind, untidy and don’t care creatures. Matatu crews are believed to be not so bright minds, but there’s a new crop of young men and women who have come out to disprove this notion and Lucia Murotto is among the few.

Lucia Murotto

Ouch! Matatu Tout Gets a Thorough BEATING From His Supervisor For Showing Up To Work Super DRUNK (VIDEO)

 Popularly referred to as the mzungu tout/conductor, Lucia Muroto was born and raised in Kenya by Italian parents and attended some of the most prestigious schools in Kenya.

“I went to Rusinga primary school in Nairobi, and then later joined st George’s Girls secondary. School life was good and I got an average of B plain in KCSE, then later studied pharmacy course at Amref,” she said during an interview with Mathree Magazine.

Lucia Murotto, a mother of one, revealed that she used to travel a lot using matatus while still in school and admired them but her parents were not for the idea of her becoming a conductor.

“At first they were not for it and did not like the idea but later realized it’s my passion and with time accepted.”

Lucia Murotto

She went ahead to explain why she loves the job and she said:

“I love this job because I’m social and I meeting new people makes me happy.”

Lucia Murotto

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Meet the woman raking in millions from matatu’s

The mzungu tout, who works with Kitengela bound matatus, started working in this industry since 2015 and she disclosed that the job pays well compared to some white collar jobs.

“The pay is good.I make sh2,500 per day during low seasons but even sh3,000 on better days,” Lucia said.

Lucia Murotto

Adding that:

“The job is not easy especially if you’re in a relationship.  For instant by 4 am you should be out of the house and maybe sometimes you arrive home at midnight when you’re tired and this at times leads to conflicts. I remember my relationship didn’t work because of this job,” she narrated.

Lucia Murotto, has also worked with Rongai and Eastleigh matatus and refers to her colleagues her second family.

“Best part is my crew. They are good people to be with. They understand me. They are my second family. Whenever I go to work in low spirits, they will do whatever it takes to put a smile on my face,” said the mother of one.


Credits: Mathree Magazine 

Passengers narrate horrific ordeal with city gangsters in a matatu (Video)

Police are looking for gangsters who hijacked a matatu and robbed the passengers on board before dumping it in Lucky summer area, Ruaraka constituency, Nairobi.

Passengers robbed in a matatu
Ten passengers were injured in the Tuesday morning incident as the gangsters beat and stabbed them in efforts to get money and other valuables from them. The 33 seater matatu was headed to the city centre when the gang which included a woman struck.

Passengers robbed in a matatu
Passengers robbed in a matatu

The matatu crew are being sought for questioning. The victims were later rescued by locals and police.

“As I was texting the guy next to me told me ‘give me that phone’  while holding a gun to my head,” narrated one of the victims.

Another man revealed how the Tuesday nightmare turned horrific while he was on the way to work.
‘I was reluctant to give out my phone and one of them hit me with the back of a gun on the head. I gave him the phone.”

Leakey Ndeda a primary school teacher was on his way to work when he met the dreaded gang.
“I met a gang of 8 people between Ngomongo and Lucky Summer bridge.The first thing they asked me to give them was my phone. I told them I didn’t have a phone but only had my wallet. One of them pointed a gun at me so I surrendered.” he said.

Passengers robbed in a matatu

Adding that:

“Another gangster stabbed me once on the head and I had no choice but give out my phone and wallet. I was stabbed on my left buttock and another one stabbed me three times in the head before they fled.”

More than 10 phones were stolen.

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HOTTEST RIDES IN TOWN! Check Out Nairobi’s Trendiest Matatus

The Matatu culture has now become a ‘tourist attraction.’

I mean most foreigners when asked what they love about Nairobi, respond that the beasts they see on the busy Nairobi roads; our beautiful matatus are it.

It is evident that most businessmen have invested in matatus, and the Rongai route has led when it comes to producing fancy, beautiful, expensive and quality matatus: they have the trendiest rides in Kenya.

The music, the comfortable seats and the graffiti designs are what makes Kenyan matatus all the rage.

To add to all this, some matatus have gone ahead to create V.I.P spaces where those passengers who feel like they are ‘Waheshimiwa’ can sit and pay more.

Well, here are some of the best and latest Rongai matatus and their names:








 Milk Shake









Prison Break


Umoinner Matatu Crew Save Woman From Kidnappers

A matatu crew plying the Umoinner Sacco are winning the hearts of many after saving a Kenyan woman from suspected kidnappers along Jogoo road.

The Umoinner crew of Billa Bong (below) and the passengers went out of their way to ensure that Njeri Mwangi, a possible target by kidnappers reached home safe and sound.


A Facebook user Hummingbird, shared her experience.

It read:

It all started  around City Stadium roundabout when Njeri noticed a Silver Bluebird Nissan trailing her all the way from Madaraka. Following her gut feeling that everything was not ok. Njeri decided to follow a slow vehicle and the occupants of the trailing vehicle also followed her.

She decided to accelerate to put off the kidnappers, on doing that she noticed that they also increased their speed and that is when she knew that if she did not do something she would end up dead. She almost overturned at the Rikana supermarket roundabout.

On nearing Total Petrol Station near the Buru Buru Junction that is when she noticed the Umoinner bus (Billa Bong ) ahead of her, she then decided to follow the bus but it entered the petrol station for fueling and just like that Njeri decided to follow them.

Umoinenr Bus whose Crew Saved A Lady From Possible Kidnapping


While at the petrol station she notified the Umoinner crew that she was being followed by suspicious people possibly kidnappers. The matatu that plys the BuruBuru route decided to use Jogoo road so as to make sure Njeri reaches home safely.

The Umoinner crew went out of their way to use Manyanja Road to Bee Centre just to distract the kidnappers, and the crew insisted that if she was not ok (at this point they had lost the kidnappers) they would escort her to the Estate gate.

The amazing thing in all this is that the passengers also agreed to go together with the bus crew just to make sure that Njeri reaches home safe.

Kudos to the crew.





Meet Kush wa Zuma, Classic 105’s Superfan (PHOTOS)

“Nataka kugotea Kush wa Zuma,  Pinchez , Jose wa Zuku,  Mary wa Karuri  Karuri, makonda wa NNUS, Jaymo wa Latema Sacco, Vivi Njau, Freddie dere wa Jambo, Muthoni wa Village Market , Masha, Crew yote ya Ganaki Sacco,. Njoki Kaigai I know you enjoyed the song, Engineer Musyoki,  Kimkung dere wa  Sosi,Baba Max wa Mwiki, Shiru C.E.O, Mary Kibe na dere wa IPOD,” this is how Maina Kageni announces his morning greeting to Classic 105 die hard fans tuned in to the station. Are you one of them?

Maina is one of the best, talented and top radio personalities in the country and his huge following speaks alot. The radio kin,g who was a Tv presenter back in the day, has created a niche for himself in the flooded industry and he is known for his defense or rather support for women during the #MainaandKingangi morning conversation. The soft-spoken Classic 105’s presenter had won the hearts of many and that’s why the above-mentioned people can never miss in his ‘greetings list’ every morning.

Meet Wakanai aka Big Poppa – Classic 105’s Biggest Fan

Well, after introducing to you Waakanai aka Big Poppa aka Daddy wa murio, today we introduce to you Kush wa Zuma, yet another classic 105’s super fan. Kush wa Zuma works with the Kenyan matatu industry and he is an Arsenal die hard supporter.

Here are his photos, go through;


Kush wa Zuma


Kush wa Zuma


Kush wa Zuma


Kush wa Zuma


Kush wa Zuma


Kush wa Zuma


Kush wa Zuma


Kush wa Zuma



Kush wa Zuma


Kush wa Zuma



Nganya Culture Craze! These Are The Top 9 Coolest Matatus On Nairobi Roads Right Now (PHOTOS)

We at Classic 105 are rewarding matatus for tuning in to our station, and what better way to celebrate the Kenyan ‘nganya’ culture than showing off new mathree’s?

The matatu culture seems to be doing better by the day and catching up not only in Nairobi but other towns in Kenya, including Mombasa.

Nairobians no longer have to put up with PSV’s that are an eyesore, and nowadays we get to see vehicles all pimped out with amazing interiors and in-built sound systems, TV screens and graffiti

There’s no doubt that these types of matatus are appealing and attractive to the young generation who prefer to wait for however long it takes to board them not only for entertainment but for the thrill.


It always excites Kenyans when they spot a new pimped ‘nganya’ on the roads of Nairobi.

Matatu Culture On Point! Check Out 13 Of The Hottest ‘Nganyas’ In Nairobi At The Moment (PHOTOS)

In fact, it’s become a competition, with most of the matatu owners outdoing each other with a nganya plying different routes in Nairobi.
How about we take a look at some of the hottest matatus in Nairobi at the moment.















The drivers of these matatu’s have been caught in the act (Winners Photos)

Listeners who are tuning in to Classic 105 everyday are raking in the cash. And here’s why you need to get creative to win the cash with Morning presenter Maiana Kageni and later in the day with Larry Asego.

That’s their way of saying ahsante to listeners of Classic 105 Kenya.

See also below;

Classic 105 Listeners ‘Caught In The Act’ (Photo Gallery)

This is the catch. We must catch your matatu tuned in to Classic 105.

If you are listening to Classic, whatever time of day, we could surprise you with a sweet reward!

These are the 15 nganya’s caught in the act by Maina Kageni

And now to the icing on the cake! Those Matatus that we will catch having displayed a Safaricom sticker that is clearly worded Stori Ibambe, you will get a cool 5 thousand bob of Safaricom airtime. How about that!

The stickers are being handed out at most bus stations in Nairobi, so you better get some for your matatu like right away. Good luck, and let’s have some fun.

           classicmarch12         classicmarch6         classicmarch4

           classic17march          classic16march          classic13march

             classic11march      classic10march

             classic8march      classic1march

             classicmarch2   classic52march   classic50march

  classic49march   classic46march    classic42march

classic40march   classic39march    classic37march

classic34march   classic33march    classic32march



10 funny reactions from Kenyans about matatus using ‘panya’ routes

Hii ni ukweli mtupu ama ni porojo?

It’s Saturday and that means our roads will be ‘parking lots’ as Kenyans accurately describe traffic jam in Nairobi. If you’re using a matatu, that means the driver will most likely overlap, and use ‘panya’ routes to try and beat the jam.

What’s worse for passengers is if the driver uses a ‘panya’ route that may mean you miss getting off at your preferred stage. Frustrating isn’t it?

A picture depicting the long routes some matatu drivers has been doing rounds on social media. So below are some of the funniest reactions from commuters describing the agony of being in a matatu using ‘panya’ routes.

Kang’ethe Wa Kamau Naked truth…. unatoka 44 unapitisha babadogo unapata njia imefungwa na Chinese mwenye anatengeneza outering road unapata huko ndiyo jam imeshika zaidi.

Peter Mwangi Hawa ni jogoo road unafika city stadium unapelekwa mpaka gikomba yote kutokea retail market

Martin Murithi Kwanza Wa 44,unapelekwa by pass,kiambu,only kutokea rosters eti ni kuhepa jam!

Adam Mikaeel Taalam LOL. That’s me too. I hate being stuck in traffic (I’ll rather be hauling ass no matter the time or distance).

 Antony Peter That’s how panya routes look lyk…a panya route has many hide & seek….

Ann Mbogo Hehe halafu ni 12 pm from umo to tao 80 Bob juu kuna jam kuzungushwa gikomba mzima

Lilian Waithira Ronga unapitishwa kibira only to join jam ya mbagathi

Davis Wangodi ile kitu muhimu ni mimi kama passeger naona gari inasongea …..

Mary Gitau Maina By the time unatokea jam iliisha the other side 45 min ago

Matatu Culture On Point! Check Out 13 Of The Hottest ‘Nganyas’ In Nairobi At The Moment (PHOTOS)

When President Uhuru Kenyatta came into power, he did one of the most memorable things for the Kenyan youth, by declaring that matatus be allowed to use graffiti and play music, thus, outlawing the arbitrary impounding of PSV’s.

7 Most annoying habits of Kenyan matatu touts


Other than just giving matatus a new look, this has also brought about a lot of job opportunities for young people, who work on the design, fabrication, music, and painting of the matatus, and of course the drivers and conductors.

And just to prove Kenyan ‘nganyas’ are a hotbed of talent, they have been featured on international media outlets.

Graffiti only allowed on 50 per cent of a matatu’s body, NTSA

These vehicles are unmistakable on our roads with their noisy horns, exhaust pipes and elaborate graffiti that captures everyone’s attention.

In your opinion which route has the funkiest matatus?


Rongai is known to have some of the best ‘nganyas’ with some even offering sodas to customers so that they can keep their popularity and have loyal customers, followed by Ngong road matatus, Buruburu and Embakasi.

Maina Kageni has been running a new promo where he rewards matatus which are caught tuned to Classic 105 or have a sticker for the same, as a show of appreciation.

These are the 15 nganya’s caught in the act by Maina Kageni

In regards to that, how about we take a look at some of the hottest matatus in Nairobi right now, in no particular order. Check them out below as we celebrate the matatu culture in Kenya.