From Nameless and Habida here are the Best collabos of all times (List)

They say that when two or more brains are put together we are going to look at some artistes who have worked together to produce bomb songs.

Some of the collaborations are magic and they will live to be loved of due to the chills the artistes gave us for producing marvelous hits together.

 Here are some of the artistes from Kenya that have done incredible work together.

1.Nyashinski and Sauti Sol

The two bigwigs in the Kenyan music industry produced ‘short and sweet’ single that will live long. They recently released their new collaborative song called ‘Tujiangalie

2.Wyre and Nazizi

Back in the day when they were still Necessary Noize they rocked with their music and decided later their music is still dope.

Apart from being a band they are a duo that are legendary and they are so united when it comes to making music together. They have singles like Kenyan boy Kenyan girl, Bless my room and So Ruff among others.

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3.Juacali and Sanaipei Tande

Hip hop legend Juacali from Calif Records joined forces with former member of group SEMA and actress Sanaipei Tande to give us good music and romantic ones in that case.

The two are behind the songs ‘Kwaheri’ and ‘Geti kali’

4.Amani and Nameless

The two are legends in Kenyan music and across East Africa. Nameless and Amani did a song together that is called ‘Ninanoki’ in the early 2000’s. The ‘Ninanoki’ song is a timeless song that is still a club banger today.

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5.Habida and Nameless

They collaborated together to produce the song called ‘Sunshine’  and in this collaboration is where Habida had her breakthrough in the music industry.

The chemistry between the two in the music video can make a single person want to fall in love.

6.Ameelina and Sudi Boy

Their biggest hit was ‘Naona Bado’

Avril and Marya

They gave us one hit that will always be remembered. The title of the song is ‘chokoza’.

The song is basically about women giving men restless time in the club leaving men ‘Wakikula kwa macho’. Hope to see the two beauties doing another song together in the near future.

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Nonini and P. Unit

The legend Nonini discovered the celebrated music group P. Unit and they did ‘si lazima’ song then they later did ‘Hapa Kule’ and ‘Kushoto Kulia’.

The songs are still hits till today. If they could collaborate again together it would be nice for their fans.

Willy Paul and Size 8

Gospel singers Willy Paul and Size 8 did their first collaboration together with the song ‘tam tam’ which was a love gospel song encouraging people to be in love, how to build a long lasting relationship and how to choose the right partner for marriage.

They did another song together called ‘Sijafika’ which they included gospel artist Gloria Muliro and Kambua.

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Beauty and the beast: ‘ Not so handsome African Celebs with gorgeous baes

“No one is ugly just broke.” And this wise phrase is proven in a very public way as we see ugly Kenyan male celebs marry very attractive women every day.

In Kenya we say:

Mwanamme ni mfuko, sura watavumilia.”

The criteria is pretty simple. Would any of these men be able to get any of the pretty women they have without the money they have? I don’t think so.

Below is the list of fugly men with very hot women:

Harmonize and Jackie Wolper

Wolper must have seen Harmonize as a worthy and very “attractive” back-up to Diamond after she and Diamond failed to work out. The two share an affinity for coloring their hair blonde.

Maybe, it was love after all for the former lovers.

Harmonize and Wolper

Harmonize and Wolper

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Mejja and Erica

The two have been together for close to four years. This truly is love. Look at the size of his head. Biggest rapper in the game? Nah! Biggest head in the game.

Mejja and Erica  Mejja and Erica Erica

Dr. Ofweneke and ex-wife Nicah

The two were married for two years before the comedian split up from his ex-wife. And the way they were such an attractive couple, Huh!!

Dr. Ofweneke and Nicah the Queen Dr. Ofweneke and Nicah the Queen Dr. Ofweneke and Nicah the Queen

Harmo Rapa and his girfriend

Not only is Harmo Rapa a doppelganger of Harmonize but he also shares an attraction to women with blonde hair. One of this days we will do a poll of who is more attractive,,,,.uh uglier between Harmo Rapper and Harmonize. Who will win? Biting my nails.

Harmorapa and girlfriend

Harmorapa and girlfriend
Harmorapa and girlfriend

Harmorapa and girlfriend

Colonel Mustapha and Marya

Mustapa is a balding rapper who had his best days many eons ago. But at least he is tall. That must account for former beauties like Marya falling for his charms. Ama ni mjulubeng?

Colonel Mustapha and Marya

Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow

Mustafa makes another appearance here with “Kamatia” hitmaker Noti Flow. Maybe she finds him sexy because of his tattoos. Ama?

Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow

Prezzo and Noti Flow

What is it with Noti Flow and ugly ninjas. Or is it that she sees a kindred spirit in herself when she goes without make-up?

Noti Flow without makeup

Noti Flow without makeup

 Prezzo and Noti Flow Prezzo and Noti Flow

Vicmass Luodollar and Chimami

This here is the real igwe! Unattractive niggas take notes. Vicmass is your role-model. Repeat after me: “If Vicmass can get an attractive woman, so can I. So can I.” But,,…but,,..but you have to have money! A lot!

Vicmass Luodollar and Chimami Vicmass Luodollar and Chimami Vicmass Luodollar and Chimami

Leonardo da Vinci once said:

“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.”

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Vera Sidika and other Kenyan celebrities whose breakup left many in shock

We all look forward to a happily ever after when we get into relationships, but it is not always the case as some relationships end up failing.

Some break ups by Kenyan celebrities left us in shock and still do even though some of them broke up years ago, we wish that some of them were still together.

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1. Marya and Mustapha

The two broke up in a nasty manner after they both  threw accusations against each other. Among the reasons for their break up was religious differences and accusations of infidelity.

Marya went on to get married to Kevin Mutisya with whom she has a son but the couple recently broke up, Mustapha has also moved on.



2. Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

The much publicised affair has left Vera in pain after Otile broke up with her. Vera claims that Otile used her to gain mileage for his music career and then dumped her when he was done.

She is yet to recover from the heartbreak.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

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3. Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

They were the most powerful couple in the media industry and when the couple broke up Kenyans were left in shock given that most people admired them.

The two have gone their separate ways, but we still wish that they were still together. They have a daughter together.


4. J blessing and Chantelle

They were among the best  couple at the time and everyone was hoping that their relationship would last, sadly it wasn’t so.The couple had a son together who sadly passed away after being sick for sometime.

5. Willis Raburu and Sally Mbilu

Willis who is now married to the love of his life Marya Prude, was at one time engaged to Sally Mbilu and things were looking great between the two.

Willis Raburu & Sally Mbilu

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Daring celebrities who bared it all with revealing pregnancy photoshoots

Pregnancy photo shoots are the latest trends among expectant women. Some are conservative some are all baring leaving nothing to imagination of the public.

Photo shoots were unheard of back in the day but with modernization, caution has been thrown to the wind as more and more celebrities opt to shoot their pregnancy journey with  pre-planned baby shoots at the location of their choice.

Even though some of the photos shoots have left tongues wagging, this has not deterred mothers to be from enjoying their journey after all “Kelele ya chura haizui ng’ombe kunywa maji.”

Below are some celebrities who have taken beautiful pregnancy photo shoots.


The actress broke the Internet with her photo shoot which we must admit is beautiful. She is now a mother to a handsome son named Mosi who recently turned 1

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2.Sharon Mundia

The fashion blogger took the bold step of taking a photoshoot to help women embrace the changes that come with pregnancy and to just enjoy the beauty of carrying a human being.

Sharon who runs This Is Ess , has already gone back to her pre-pregnancy weight and my oh my, she looks amazing.


Zari who is a mother of five  does not shy away when it comes to showering her loved ones with love thus the bold step of sharing her photo shoot with the public. Even in her pregnant state she was still beautiful and slaying.

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5.Nana Owiti


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6.Hamisa Mobetto


7.Maureen Waititu


8.Lilian Muli


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Secular artiste Marya gives her life to Christ in surprise announcement

2018 has been a year of blessings to many Kenyan celebrities. Some got pregnant, others married and others turned to Christ as their personal Saviour.

Amani, a well know Kenyan artist turned her life around and left the secular world switching to gospel in a surprise move. she follows the footsteps of Size 8 and Wahu.

‘I Went Into Postpartum Depression’ Marya Reveals As She Celebrates Son’s First Birthday.’

It came as a shook to many since her songs were major hits in the Kenyan entertainment industry and she had done many collaborations with famous artistes back then.

Now another secular artist Marya has announced that she too has become saved and from henceforth gives her life to Christ a few days after Amani announced she has turned a new leaf to gospel music.

marya curves 4

She is well recognize for her hit song ‘chokoza’ and was at one time romantically linked to Colonel Mustapha, but they broke up and she later married another man.

Her testimony was recorded when she was at Nazarene University church service and the video shared on social media.

This was what she said at the church service, ”I want to experience this more, have been experiencing these vibes from the likes of Big Ted .So I decided let me take this step, let me take this journey,and Thank you.”

Marya Reveals How Giving Birth Changed Her Life


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‘I Went Into Postpartum Depression’ Marya Reveals As She Celebrates Son’s First Birthday

Kenyan singer Marya has revealed details about her pregnancy that many people didn’t know.

She took to social media to reveal that she went into postpartum depression three months after giving birth to her son, Mark. As if that’s not enough, she also couldn’t breathe when she went into labour.

Marya/ Instagram

So where do I begin I remember when I went into labour I could not breathe I was rushed to hospital as I was praying to God to be with us the first 3months you had colic constant crying I went into postpartum depression but I pulled through.”

But things have been great and she’s grateful to God for taking care of her son. The little munchkin has turned a year older. She also shared the things she’s gone through as a mother as she wishes him a happy birthday.

Marya/ Instagram

“Through the grace of God my loving son you have been a precious gift to me and your [email protected]
I have been puked on pooped on ,I have had countless sleepless nights. But the love we have for you is unconditional…….
HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY MARK………🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🍰🍰🍰🍰🍬🍬🍫🍫🍫I love you so much………..picture loading bash loading ……….

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Kenyan veteran singer Marya may no longer be in the spotlight in terms of music but she’s still making news after she revealed her wealthy boyfriend after dumping rapper Colonel Mustafa.

Myra is currently dating a lavish businessman by the name Kevin Mutisya, who used to date Sonko’s cousin by the name Jannie, a while back before they called it off, though they never had any kids together.

The love birds have been showing off on social media after Kevin confirmed that he and the ex-girlfriend had broken up, dismissing rumors that he was cheating on her with Marya.


Marya and Kevin welcomed their first child in January 2017, a cute baby boy whom they are yet to reveal to the world.

A few weeks after welcoming their child, there were rumours that their relationship was on the rocks, but the two came out to dispell the allegations with sweet messages to each other.

Marya’s Boyfriend Dismisses BREAKUP Rumours With This Sweet Tribute To His Baby Mama

Kevin turned a year old on June 6th, and of course, his beautiful baby mama did not forget to send out a loving birthday message;

Dance as though no one is watching you, Love as though you have never loved before, Live as though heaven is on earth! I Wish you a very warm and Happy Birthday! BABAKE LIL KEV

To celebrate this big day, Kevin decided to treat himself with some expensive designer shoes; from Jordans, Vans, Retro, Nike and a tounch of Timberland. Some were also gifts from his friends in Dubai.


One of the Jordans costs about KSh 25,000, so if each shoe is about Ksh 30, 000 and he had around 7 pairs, that comes to a total of a whooping Ksh 210,000 just on shoes alone.

Marya’s boyfriend is known for his extravagant lifestyle and when it comes to spending money, he does not limit himself. He even got his little toddler Jordan baby clothes and when he was born, and there’s no doubt that he will spoil him as he grows.

Here’s more of what he posted.






Chokoza singer Marya shares a snap of her baby..well sort of

Back in December last year she surprised us by revealing in an intimate photoshoot that she was expectant. That was after being MIA for a while.

In January she delivered her bundle of joy, a baby boy and since then she just like other celebrities has chosen not to show her babys face to the world.

But her latest picture seems to suggest that she is one step closer to revealing her babys face to us.


It is a tradition that is being adopted by Kenyan celebrities to refuse to share their new-borns photos until much later, perhaps when we have lost interest? I don’t know.

Anyway singer Marya shares sweet words about her bay captioning the post with:

The smiles he gives me brighten my day.

Since giving birth, Marya has been hitting the gym hard to make sure she snaps back.


This effort has won the hearts of her fans who have congratulated her with the following remarks;