Aaaw: Willis Raburu’s wife Marya reveals why she can’t get enough of him

Willis Raburu is not new to the limelight but one thing we can all agree on is that he is a ball of energy whether on or off the screens.

Believe it or not that ball of extra energy is what his wife Mary Prude loves about him.

Mary recently shared a funny video of Raburu and captioned it:

And I am the one that married him  😆 Let me tell you it takes some level of craziness to deal with this kind of crazy
🤪. I love my baby.

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Willis Raburu with his wife Prudence Raburu
Willis Raburu with his wife Prudence Raburu

The 10 Over 10 host also showered his wife back with love and his message read:


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Going by their past posts below it is obvious that the two are deeply in love.

Yes👻 Yes👻 Yes👻 Happy Valentines @willisraburu
It’s Valentines people,am I the only one with Christmas Decorations in the house?😂😂😂 I guess it’s time 🙃
Tupendane 😂😂😂
Just remembered tulikua tunaambiwa hivo kwa mat hapo nyuma tukijifanya hatutoshei,kange anadai, “Hapo kunatoshea watu sita wacheni maringo,mpendane.” 😂😂😂

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Amazing Photos of Willis Raburu’s parents- in -law looking like teens

Kenyans recently celebrated Father’s Day and we could not help but notice how young Willis Raburu’s parents-in-law are leaving us envious.

Marya Prude is married to Citizen TV’s presenter Willis Raburu,. The two tied the knot in May 2017 in a quiet wedding held at Runda.

The couple is still enjoying each other’s company given the fact that they still have no children

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Willis Raburu with his wife Prudence Raburu
Willis Raburu with his wife Prudence Raburu

Going by her frequent posts on her Instagram page, we can’t help but notice how beautiful and flawless Prude Raburu’s Mum is.

She is a true definition of aging gracefully given that she still has the aura of a young girl and if she and the daughter took a selfie they would be mistaken for sisters while the dad would easily pass for an older brother.

Here are photos of the parents.

Willis Raburu’s mother-in-law


Prude Raburu’s dad

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 Willis Raburu with wife Prude and his father -in-law

Prude Raburu’s mum

Before the two tied the knot, Prude Raburu was not known in public but is now a ‘celeb’ face due to the fact that the husband does not shy away from showing her off to those who might care to see.

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