‘My Pastor Is Sleeping With My Wife,’ Cries Out Heartbroken Man

Cases of pastors ‘chewing’ their flocks have been rampant of late. Married men no longer feel their marriage are secure especially those dating/married to churchgoers.

Some of the women are side dishes of pastors and a married city man is hurting after he found out that his wife was having an affair with his pastor.

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The man says recently he busted his wife on a video call with the said man of God and they were both naked. He’s confused on what to do because his pastor gave him a job.

“My pastor is sleeping with my wife but I don’t know how to confront him because he gave me a job.
I have been suspecting but had no evidence until my wife started having midnight calls. I always want to be awake but I notice that I sleep off after food, so I decided to pour the food she gave me that night and pretended like I ate it. Acted like I have slept off as usual. This lady went to the sitting room, took off her clothes then put the light on and called someone via video call. She put the phone on speaker and place it on the divider as she touched herself. I was seeing my pastor naked on the phone, touching himself and telling my wife to press her breast . I had to take my phone to record but it was not very clear because her phone was far, I took pictures of her.


I have been thinking about how to handle this. I am irritated to my bones, my own pastor, I really respected that man I must say. How do I handle this matter?” he wrote.

Do you think he should confront the pastor and his wife?

Check out some of the comments from social media users

Bisolaogunniyi: End times scenario

Nedsond: Act fast, you may be killed soon…

Sparkle: The evil that this generation does even Satan is sitting on a sofa with popcorn to take notes.

Cynthia.okonji: We keep hearing different stories every day. Only God will help us….

King: Confront your wife, make sure you get enough evidence from her phone (their chats, nude picture, and videos). Don’t even make it a big deal with your wife yet until you get those proves. Then turn to your pastor (get a solid back up) send him evidence with the names of press company and newspaper company, TV&Radio station you intend to reach out. If he doesn’t comply with you as much as possible. But while all this is going on, don’t be on same roof with your wife.

Loveday: You never see anything. You people see pastors as God. Spiritual father. I am sure you will go to church later today to pay him tithes and offerings and he will still fuck ur wife. I wonder how many wife has gotten pregnant by pastors and give to their husband.
Cindynwokebirinwa: Confront the idiot and your stupid wife. So cos he gave you a job he should then go ahead and sleep with your wife? And plz, stop eating your wife’s food. It’s obvious she has been drugging you with help of the pastor. The next thing now will be to kill you to cover up this sham cos he is a pastor.

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