Things that turn off a woman from a man she is/was interested in


One minute she is crazy about you, the next she is a cold stone. Sounds crazy right. but these things happen.

1. A verbally abusive man

Women rarely forget things you tell them whether good or bad.

When a man is abusive it puts a woman off because every time they try to get kinky with him all the words he called her come back in a flash.

2. A sloppy kisser

A sloppy kisser is a turn off for any woman. Who wants to end up swallowing a gallon of saliva in the name of kissing?

If you are not a good kisser stick to what you know best ingine achia magwiji.

3. Men who love an#l s3x

When God put that opening there he made it purposely for excretion purposes.

I do not understand why some men make a fuss that if you won’t give him he will dump you, do it dude what are you waiting for?

‘I sleep with a banana stem to avoid HIV/Aids,’ brags city man

4. Men who don’t know when a woman orgasms

There is nothing as annoying to a woman than a man who keeps asking ‘Babe umekam?” nikam twende wapi?

If you were doing your job the way you should the result would be very obvious. So if you want to know if I have orgasmed or not just do your job majibu itajileta baadaye.

In this time and age if you don’t know how to identify a woman who has reached sexual climax chukua virago urudi ushago.

5. A 1 minute man

Let no woman lie to you that they are OK with you being a 1 minute man. Hata jiko huwaka na zaidi ya dakika moja.

Instead of drowning tones of beer how about you eat some mukombero and boost that libido ASSAP.

‘I sleep with a banana stem to avoid HIV/Aids,’ brags city man

A Kenyan man has left may in shock after admitting that he sleeps with a banana plant (mgomba) to avoid the risk of getting infected with HIV/Aids.

*John* says he reached that decision after his uncle passed away after contracting the same disease.

I come from a very poor background, so my uncle – from my dads side – took the initiative of taking care of us. Buying us cloths and other things before death struck.

After my uncle’s death my mum assured me that he had been bewitched only for me to learn that he died from Aids.

It is then that I deiced not to risk dying of Aids, I decided to be sleeping with a banana plant (mgomba).”

King Mswati’s order to men to be polygamous excites the internet


What I do is, I drill a hole and pour hot water into it before proceeding to fulfill my sexual urges. I cannot marry because I get my urges satisfied so why would I want a woman?

I have a girlfriend and that is the mgomba.

My parents have been pushing me to marry given that I am an only child and I am not interested despite the fact that I am 27 years old.

What would you advice John to do?

And what is the weirdest myth you have ever heard about HIV/Aids?

Put your answer in the comment section, they may help John change his mind and get a real human bae.

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‘Kenyan men do not understand their roles as dads,’ shouts Maina Kageni

Today’s morning debate on Classic 105 was based on whether it is true that 95% of married women are still single given that their husband are absent.

Such women have to cater for all the bills such as rent, school fees, outings and other miscellaneous bills themselves.

According to Maina Kageni most Kenyan men do not understand their scope as dads. Most think just by providing, that makes you a good father.

He posed,

How can you call yourself a father when you do not help kids do their homework, never talk to them or even guide them?

Here is what one caller had to say

Maina, my sister recently walked out of her 20-year-old marriage because despite being married all this long she was still single.

She was the one paying for all the bills because she has a very good job.

She is very happy now that she knows she is single hence relying on no one, she can plan for her money the best way she knows how to.

A father and his son playing out in the open
A father and his son playing out in the open

‘I’d gotten used to disappointments’ Gabrielle Union on years of infertility

Another caller adds,

There is nothing as depressing as a husband who wakes up early, comes back late and does not even interact with his family.

He would rather stay at home and be the houseboy.

Another adds,

Kenyan women watch too many soap operas, they are living in a fantasy and they expect us to act like those men in the movies.

How can you be home the whole day and have money. For now stick to your own lane. Mimi nitafute pesa and yeye astick na watoto.

Just when you think you have heard enough on this topic, another caller weighed in on the issue.

These women should learn to respect us and the fact that we provide.

Siring a kid is not easy so if they do not want kids they should stay away from us from the get go.


‘I’ll get married when I want, marriage is no joke’ – Matilda of TRHK

Real House helps of Kawangware actress Matilda has revealed that she is not in a rush to get married. According to her, marriage is not an institution to be rushed into.

The sassy TV damsel addressed this topic during a live video interaction on social media after a majority of her fans raised the question whether she is married or not.

‘Why do people feel like marriage is easy? I have never been married before but thing I am sure of is that marriage is not an easy thing.

Marriage is a serious commitment it is not something you just wake and make a decision about.

I will get married when I want.

Things Kenyans do that foreigners may find bizarre

Real House helps of Kawangware actress Matilda
Real House helps of Kawangware actress Matilda

She continued, “I cannot get married or have kids just because people want me to do so.

If I rush getting married and get into problems will the people asking me to get married now, help me out?”

‘I caught my husband raping my 7 year old daughter’ Cries Christabel

Kenya actress Matilda
Kenya actress Matilda

Matilda’s fans also wondered if she was a mother

No I am not a mother, yet. Most people confuse me with my fellow actress Njambi because she is the one who is a mother of one.

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‘I caught my husband raping my 7 year old daughter’ Cries Christabel

A Kenyan woman left many in shock after confessing that her husband raped their daughter because he was ‘angry’ that the wife could not sire boys.

His beastly act was his way of ‘punishing’  *Christabel*

I was forced into a marriage by my uncle and I have been through so much.

I gave birth to a baby girl what I did not know is that the family I had been married off to, hated baby girls.

Months after the  birth of my daughter I left the home and only returned when it was time for my son to be circumcised.

After that I decided to give my ex husband a second chance to try and mend our marriage.

What I did not know was that it would turn out to be the worst decision of my life.

King Mswati’s order to men to be polygamous excites the internet

 Christabel adds

One day I caught him in bed raping my daughter who is only 7 years old.

His family threatened me not to report because they would be stigmatized so I decided to leave that home.


I used a lot of money to get my daughter treated and she was better but she still has wounds in her private parts.

My daughter told me not to take her back to my ex husband adding that I would rather take her back to grandmothers place.

In conclusion Christabel adds

I have left everything to God.

She was just getting to know her dad, she had never called anyone else her dad. It really hurts me.

‘My arrogant house help is pregnant for my husband’ Cries city woman

A city woman has been left in a tight spot after finding out disturbing news about her ex house help.

*Jane* the woman, feels betrayed by both her husband and the help.

I have been married to my husband for some years now, and we have beautiful kids together.

I recently just found out that my ex house-help is pregnant for my husband.

I had to let her go about few months ago, because I wasn’t comfortable with her behavior, she was becoming to comfortable in my home.


After that she and her brother kept on calling me and raining insults on me.

Some days go, I got a text from her, saying I should tell my ”useless husband that has impregnated her, to pick her calls.

Adding that she doesn’t blame me, because I am a good woman, but my husband isn’t.

From orga*m to slippery nipple, here are funny names of cocktails – List

Jane adds that she forwarded the message to her husband but she is torn on what to do.

I forwarded the message to my husband, who denied ever having anything to do with her.

I was going to let it slide, not until I got another text from her, which confirms that she is pregnant for my husband.

At this point, I don’t know what action to take, as I  am so broken and hurt. I wouldn’t leave my home because of this.

I wont give her the victory of watching her see my home scattered.

How do I handle the situation?

What would you advice her to do?


‘Karma has caught up with me for sleeping with married men’ Cries woman

An article published in a local newspaper has left many in shock.

According to the article, a lodging owner earns Sh84,000 per day by providing bedding services to couples, when business is slow.

Well Maina Kageni was left wondering why men always say they do not have money yet according to the article on Standard, men pay sh1500 per hour entertaining women in lodgings.

That is minus drinks and other expenses.


A black couple on a date
A black couple on a date

According to Mwalimu King’ang’i, it depends on how a woman asks for money from her man, adding that if you nag and shout you will definitely get nothing.

A female caller confessed that years ago she used to date married men who spoilt her with loads of cash, but now her husband spends cash on other women instead.

‘5 years ago I was the side chick and I would get everything I wanted. Karma has caught up with me.

My husband does not come home, he does not give me money yet I lost my job two months ago.

He does not come home from Monday to Thursday. I only see him on Friday and only when he decides to come.

I never used to care whether the men I dated were married or not.

I know my man is cheating on me but I can only tell young women that Karma is a b#tch.


Another caller adds

Women should know that these guys are very cunning they make sure they are with their wife’s on weekends and spend time with mipango wa kando on weekends.

Every time I ask my husband for school fees he usually starts bringing issues of kwani where do I take my salary.

Once he steps out I usually know he is not mine but once he comes back he is mine.

If I ever catch him cheating that will be the end of the road.

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 ‘I made the decision too late’ Eunice Njeri on walking out of her marriage

Three years ago gospel star, Eunice Njeri made news after she walked out of her marriage after only one day of being married.

It started with a whirlwind romance and then was promptly followed with an engagement announcement then the day of the wedding arrived only to end in an annulment.

She was married to rapper Isaac Bukasa, alias Izzo,

Speaking exclusively to, Eunice terms that as the lowest moment in her life has since soldiered on.

“I felt it was the right time for me to get married but then realised it was not, and so I changed my mind, but of course it was the voice of God. It was something that had gone on for so long, only that I made the decision too late,” she said.

Her biggest struggle was the aftermath and the information that was spread.

However, the ‘Ameni’ singer encourages other Christians to never give up when the going is tough. Christians are bound to be attacked from all directions but they should always believe in Jesus and pray.

Her latest song, ‘Zaidi na Zaidi’, was written a while ago, but she says she has been praying about it before she released it four months ago.

“It is always from God. I try my best to tell people that in any situation, it is by the grace of God. I never want to sing about situations. The best thing I always tell the worship leaders is to sing the word of God because it is timely,” she said.

Sometimes we argue…. Uhuru Kenyatta talks on marriage

President Uhuru Kenyatta is loved by many for his laid back nature but most of all he is loved for his commitment to family.The father of three loves family.

He rarely talks about marriage and when he does  only words of wisdom flow out of his mouth.

In one of his posts on social media he poses

Can you imagine if you woke up every day and agreed with everything your wife said, and your wife agreed with everything you said.

Wouldn’t that be a very boring life?

Tulikosea wapi: Kenyans whose wedding was graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta (List)


He added that unlike what many people think, arguments are healthy in a relationship.

 It is good some times when we argue because it makes you think. ‘Why did she do that this morning? why did he do that this morning?

Commander-in-love: Photos that prove President Uhuru Kenyatta is a natural romantic

Speaking about marriage in a past event where he was attending the wedding of  Governor Kiraitu Murungi’s daughter, Uhuru urged young people to intermarry in order to help Kenya become more cohesive.

We celebrate the coming together of our people. This generation is doing tremendous things because they do not see barriers between them. 

They see the person they went to school with, and the person they work with. That is who they respect.

That is who they fall in love with and marry.

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‘Never look at his phone’ Commandments every woman should follow- List

A woman has taken to social media to advice fellow women on the commandments they should follow to have a good marriage/relationship.

According to her following these rules will save many women from years of heart ache, ulcers and depression.
1) Stop going through his phones

For your health sake. You don’t want a man giving you high blood pressure.

If you know his password ask him to change it to what you don’t know so that even if he forgets his phone and you still can’t control the urge, you won’t be able to access it.

2) Get family planning 

Stop the whole abortion thing. If you can’t afford it then download the app called Flo. It helps you know your unsafe period.

3) Find out the cost of leaving him (house rent, feeding)

Start making money and start saving no matter how little it is. Open an account he won’t know of and credit every week.

It’s ok if you don’t want to leave him but you still need your own money.

4) Stop stressing yourself

Stop  doing something special for him eg like cooking. Trust me, his side chic does that already. If you must do something extra do it for yourself or your kids.

‘He dumped me while pregnant after I gave him half a million’ Cries woman

5) Make friends and make a life that does not revolve around him. It’s very important so you don’t lose yourself.

6) You can’t pray a man to change. Prayer only works if he’s willing to change. Rather pray that God gives you the grace to succeed in these things.

7) Virtually every one cheats just that some people manage theirs better. I repeat don’t let him give you high bp its not worth.

8) Mind your business and hopefully he won’t hit you again but if he still does. Then leave him before he kills you and makes his side chic wifey.

9) If you decide to cheat on him too, never send nvdes with your face in.

Video call’s aren’t safe because he can make screenshot.

You don’t want someone blackmailing you. Be sure you’re ready to walk out of your marriage before you go down this line though

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Men open up on why they live in fear of being killed by their wives

Maina Kageni was left in utter shock during today’s morning conversation after men confessed that they live in constant fear of being killed by their wives.

The debate was like opening a pandora’s box and below is what the callers had to say

“If you wrong a woman who loves you unconditionally do no take her forgiveness easily, she will revenge in a way that you will never forget.”

Wakanai also calls in to give in his views and here is what he had to say

“Maina, women  are serial killers and don’t ask how we know this because we live with them.

If robbers came into your house and decided they want to kill one person that is when you will know that your wife is not your sister.

She will kill you even before those robbers, women are somehow evil because they are the only ones who have come face to face with the devil (After eating the forbidden fruit).

Even when we are sitting down at home to have dinner we always silently say a prayer for God to protect us.”

‘Police sat me down and told me I was lucky’.. mzungu narrates missing Ethiopian airline flight by two minutes

Another caller adds

“I concur with Kanai, we do not know the devil but women do so they should be feared.

In my house I cannot trust my wife or any other woman I was married but we recently parted. I came back home from work only to come back to an empty house.

If the woman you trust can do that to you who else can you trust?.

The only person I trust is my mother because she bore me if she was not interested in me she would have aborted me.”

Just when you think you have heard enough another caller adds

“Maina, it is true that women are to be feared. When I got married to  my wife  and we welcomed our second born the threats started coming in in all forms.

She would threaten to poison the kids and then drink the poison herself. Sometimes she would threaten to burn all of us.

If a woman can threaten to poison her own kids whom she carried for nine moths, what about you a person she met during her adulthood?.

We live in constant fear.”

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Kenyan celebrity couples who are a match made in heaven (photos)

People say marriage is overrated but no it is not, given that the people below found their perfect matches and decades later they are still keeping their vows.

Marriage is not a bed of roses and like a wise man once said ‘A marriage is like an empty box at the beginning you have to put something in it so that you can have something to receive also.’

Below is a list of Kenyan celebrity couples whom we think are a match made in heaven.

‘He took him into my brother’s guest room and killed him’ Man narrates how his stubborn sibling killed his brothers care taker (Audio)

1. Lulu Hassana and Rashid Abdalla



2. Massawe Japanni and Tom Japanni

The couple has been married for almost a decade and going by their photos they are still deeply in love.

Massawe Japanni with hubby Tom Japanni


3. Nameless and Wahu

They said ‘I do ‘ in September 10, 2005 thus they have been together for 13 years. They have two daughters namely – Nyakio Mathenge and Tumiso Mathenge.

wahu nameless

‘His mpango wa kando comes to baby sit his kids’ Kenyans open up about accepting being in an open marriage/relationship (Audio)

4. Waihiga Mwaura and Joyce Omondi


5.Kathy Kiuna and Alan Kiuna

kathy kiuna

6. JB Masinde and Persiah Muthoni Masinde 

7. Alan Namu and Makena

The couple tied the knot in 2010 and since then they have been together enjoying this bed of roses that is marriage.

Alan Namu

8. Julie Gichuru and Anthony Gichuru

The couple have been married since 29th November 2003, and have 5 children.


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Couples share the best ever relationship advices they have received

Men and women have gone online to share their most valuable relationship advice.

The thread was kicked off by user ‘Iron Wolf’, an Italian-American man in his late thirties, who asked what the best tips were for a happy relationship on Reddit.

People didn’t hold back and he was quickly inundated with advice, with users citing communication, trust and effort as the top ways to keep a partner happy.

Many others highlighted the importance of fighting a problem together, rather than attacking each other, and others revealed just how important feeling appreciated was.

Meanwhile some revealed the key to keeping their partners happy was to performing daily acts of kindness, and never to ‘argue to win’.

Elsewhere, users cited putting in 100 per cent effort, understanding that things which may not matter to you are important to your partner, and assessing whether you can live with small annoyances rather than continuously arguing about them.

A relationship advice thread was kicked off on Reddit this week by user 'Iron Wolf', an Italian-American man in his late thirties, who asked what the best tips were for a happy relationship

A relationship advice thread was kicked off on Reddit this week by user ‘Iron Wolf’, an Italian-American man in his late thirties, who asked what the best tips were for a happy relationship

One male user aged 30-34 highlighted the importance of fighting a problem together, rather than attacking each other, and many revealed just how important feeling appreciated was

One male user aged 30-34 highlighted the importance of fighting a problem together, rather than attacking each other, and many revealed just how important feeling appreciated was

Another male user aged 35-39 explained that doing simple tasks to help around the house and make each other's lives easier went a long way

Former Auntie Boss actress Nyce Wanjeri and hubby speak out on the end of their marriage

Nyce Wanjeri popularly known by her screen name Shiru and her husband are going through a tough time in their marriage.

The news was first broken by her husband who took to Facebook to declare why it is over. The post husband Titus wrote yesterday on his Facebook page can be seen in the screenshot below:

The Screenshot

But we at Kiss100 wanted to dig deeper into their current situation. So we contacted both parties. Titus who prefers being called Tito responded and told us that he acted out of the emotions he had. He even called it a past tense and said:


He added that the two are just taking time to figure things out.


But have they sorted out the issue? An unsure sounding Tito replied:


Adding that:


When we reached out to Shiru, real name Nyce Wanjeri our calls and WhatsApp messages went unanswered. She, however, blue-ticked our message meaning she had read it.

Also read:

Is the marriage of former Auntie boss star over? Nyce Wanjeri’s hubby speaks out in pain


Could all this be because of the  Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards? Nyce won the best actress in a comedy beating bigwigs in the industry all over Africa. After that, she has been getting major gigs which of course got her busy and probably less family time as Tito said.

We do hope things will work out for them.

My disabled hubby has become abusive and aggressive. Do I leave him?

It is every woman’s dream to live happily ever after settling down, but what if he gets into an accident and becomes disabled – would you stay?

That is the dilemma a woman has found herself in after her husband got involved in an accident which has robbed him of his esteem making him grumpy.

She wrote

“He does the worse things to me and I think I need to move on without him. The only reason I keep staying with him is this…We struggled a lot before having a child. It was four years into our marriage before I got pregnant. When finally the pregnancy came, he got transferred to another city for work.

But that didn’t change the joy of knowing I was pregnant. He came home every now and then to be with me and ensure the baby was growing just fine inside of me.And then finally I gave birth. He came home immediately after he heard the news and spent about a week with us.”

mum pregnant

And just when the couple were warming up to the idea of having a new member in the family, she continues

“His life changed the day he was returning back to work. He had a terrible accident and lost the use of his legs through that accident.

My life changed too. Before his accident, I was a nursing mother and a wife. After the accident, I became a nursing mother, a wife, and a caregiver to a man who has lost mobility.

True love transcends all, they say so I determined to walk through the thick and thin with him. I resolved to even be a better wife than I’ve been before. He’s a man with special needs now so I had to put on special strength to be able to care for him.

Six months into the accident, his company laid him off. That was expected so we were not surprised. We only had to plan and use the compensations given to him very well.

I became four things; a mother, a wife, a caregiver and the breadwinner of the house.That didn’t dim my spirit. I was determined to do my best. Every day and every time. And then the cracks began.”

She goes on to explain how insecure her husband has become to an extent of questioning her work even though he knows too well what it entails.

She goes on with her narration

“I usually spend most times of the day at work so we hired a house-help. He started complaining about the time I come back home from work.I work at the bank and it’s difficult to have a specific closing time. Usually, we close late and due to traffic situations, I get home very late. I could understand his complaints but we needed the money from my work to survive.

I told him; “This has been the normal time I come home from work since we got married. I can understand why you complain now. You need me around but I’m trying…” I didn’t complete my statement when he snapped; “Stop patronizing me! You know my condition and as a wife, you should work something out to be home early.” Then he concluded nasally; “Only God knows the places you go after work.”

“You suspect me of something?” I asked. “You don’t trust me?” He rolled his wheelchair off leaving my questions unanswered.

I’m trying to keep the house but he sits at home and suspect me of wrong-doings. That night I didn’t sleep. I kept thinking of what he said and was very worried.”

‘Thank you for reaching out ‘ woman who published suicide note saved

She continues

“I woke up one dawn to see him going through my phone. He didn’t realize I was awake. I kept mute and watched him go through the phone all dawn and when he was done and putting the phone down, I asked, “Are you done? Did you find what you were looking for?” He responded, “You think I don’t know you delete your messages and call logs?”

Anytime I’m on the phone he wants to know who I’m speaking to and why I’m speaking to whom I’m speaking to. Sometimes, he would hid and eavesdrop on me. That didn’t bother me a lot because there was nothing to hide.


A cousin of mine got married recently and I told him weeks before the wedding that we would be going together. He declined so I said, “Ok, I would go and represent us and whatever gift I give would be in your name.” He agreed.

When I got back from the wedding I could sense his mood wasn’t right. I didn’t want to bother him so I went inside to change my cloth. He followed me and said, “Shame on you. You feel embarrassed to be out there with me in the public. But remember I once had legs.”

“What are you saying?” I asked.

“It’s clear you didn’t want to attend the wedding with me.”

“But I told you to go with me and you declined?”

“I declined and what did you do about it? Nothing! If you really had it in hearts to go with me, you would have persuaded me. You would have tried coercing me to go with you but no. Immediately I said I wasn’t going, you laughed on the inside and said: “Thank God this legless fellow isn’t going to follow me around.”

‘I didn’t know people with fat lips also talk too much’, Akothee responds to an abusive fan

Due to the emotional turmoil, the lady in question adds that she feels like she has reached her end, adding that

“I’ve endured worse but this really got to me so I cried. “Why is he trying to find fault with everything I do?” I thought to myself. I asked him, “Are you going to be like this for the rest of our lives? You were not like this. What happened? “You changed! That’s what happened!” He responded. I walked away in tears.

For the first time that day, I started thinking about life without him. I was worn out and wanted to flee. To experience a better aura somewhere he wouldn’t be there. I’m trying my best but nothing keeps him satisfied.

He’s become controlling, jealous and very possessive. I’m happy when I’m at work. I’m filled with fears anytime I close from work and going home. “What would he be tonight?”

People would judge me if I should leave him today. They would say I left when he needed me the most or worse still, I couldn’t stay through the worse. Not that I care about what people would say but I care about how he would survive when I’m gone. It’s been two years already and no family had come to ask how he’s faring or how we are surviving.”

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Marriage life versus reality described in these funny memes

Marriage is meant to be beautiful ,lots of expectations but more often than not this is not always the case and these memes say it all.

Hilarious memes on the internet clearly depict people’s expectations regarding marriage and the reality on the ground.

Below are some of the memes.



‘I’m a Women Guild leader at (PCEA) please release me’ Pleads Kangemi Woman who killed her husband and dumped body in a quarry











Jacque Maribe’s neighbor implicates her in the murder of Monicah Kimani: Evidence attached





9.   4959046-0-image-m-14_1539269994303

Funny as it may sound the above memes paint life as it is without sugar coating so the next time you think of marriage just remember its not a bed of roses.

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‘Watakuwekea cement kwa chapo ukufe haraka’ Men on why they leave their wives out of the will (Audio)

Maina Kageni was left flabbergasted after men confessed that they cannot leave their property to their wives liwe liwalo.

Hard as it may be to believe, men confessed that they would rather leave their hard earned cash and property to their kids rather than their wives during the morning show on Classic 105.

Many argued that women are ‘wicked’ and that many would end up killing them just to keep the property.

No hustlers in heaven: Deputy President William Ruto reveals his biggest fear in life (Video)

Below are some of the comments

“Men see it wise to leave  their wealth to their children for the fear that women will squander the wealth which is not the case.

Women are better managers when it comes to money matters.”

Another adds

“Some of my married friends look for comfort in bars from Monday to Monday due to the stress the women in their life put them through.This stress is enough to kill them.”

Another fan wonders out loud on how mean and paranoid men can be given that most do not want to put their wives in the will, despite the fact that she is the mother of his kids.

A male fan says

“In my case I have written my first born daughter as my next of kin this is because my daughter can pass this to her siblings.

If I leave this to my wife I might die soon and she will be left enjoying with other men. How many have been killed? I won’t be the first to die.”

Stephen Mumbo a Senior PWC Consultant commits suicide by throwing himself off from the 17th floor

The debate seems to get interesting after a male fan gives a scenario of Kiambu and Muranga where women are rumored to kill their husbands in order to keep his property.

“Its not as easy as you think to leave property to a woman ,one has to look at different things before deciding on that.

 The woman might be young and once he dies she will spend your property with other men. You have to fear women.

Once a woman knows you have left your property in her name atakuharakisha kufa, don’t be shocked akikuekea cement kwa chapati.

Look at Kiambu or Muranga so many homesteads have graveyards that belong to the fathers and the women are just enjoying.”

Listen  to more of the conversation on the the audio below


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Here’s A List Of Things That You Don’t Owe Your Partner

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you stop being yourself and start being someone different. A relationship should allow you to be yourself and even make you better. Your partner should respect you, but that can only happen if you learn to value yourself. There are things that people do in relationships that end up enslaving. There are things that you don’t owe your partner, the same way that they don’t owe the same to you … here is a list

1. The right to repeatedly break your heart – You cannot keep staying with someone who has repeatedly cheated on you, abused you or is physically abusive with you. You can forgive them yes but you don’t need to stay, you owe them nothing.

2. Me time’ Everyone deserves and likes to have their time alone by themselves to just sit, enjoy and embrace themselves. A time to collect your thoughts, plan things, work on you, enjoy your hobbies etc. You don’t need to be with your man 24/7/365 and vice versa. People who like being together always are controlling, that’s not love so don’t get it twisted.

3. Saying NO – It’s not a must for you to agree with everything your partner says or does. You should not be afraid to speak your mind and you should not say yes all the time. If you feel like saying no puts you in an awkward position with your partner then you need to re-analyse your relationship. If your partner loves you he doesn’t need an explanation every time you don’t want to do something.

4. The right to control your goals and dreams – Your partner doesn’t want to see you excel at work, climb up the social ladder, grow your business, chase your dreams? If at all there is no support from your partner in things that matter to you then wake up and smell the coffee. You are the only person who can kill your dreams, don’t let anyone else kill them for you.

5. The right to control your money – In as much as you may share finances, each one still needs to have their own cash aside. Sadly many people will have their partners control every little penny including what’s not theirs. You work hard for your money, it’s your right to control it, not your partner.

6. Eternal love – Times change, people change, life goes on. Sometimes even love fades away and we may meet new people. It’s only fair to you both if you’re honest. Don’t lie, don’t cheat, be honest about it because you both deserve happiness even if it’s by other people’s sides. You don’t owe anyone forever and vice versa.