Men confess about the types of women they don’t want to marry

A story that’s made the Monday pullout on the Standard quotes men as suggesting there are no women to marry.

Apparently many Kenyan women are undomesticated, needy, lazy, thankless slay queens, madam freebbies, team clueless, and women who play hard to get and much more.

A couple of men told Maina Kageni that there are no women to marry in Kenya.

The men told me that there are no worthy women to marry, that  women have too much baggage, that there are so many eligible bachelors, just that there are no women worth calling marriage material

Maina’s co-host Mwalimu Kingangu slammed women adding

Kenyan men are getting a raw deal, yet men are in so much demand, we are an endangered species. They women are kichwa ngumu

Maina opend up debate to listeners with this question

Are Kenyan women unamarriable?

Kenyan women intimidate men: because a woman will not sit in the house and wait for you to do everything for her,

Do Kenyan women come with too much baggage?


A majority of male callers were of the opinion that women are just gold diggers. Sample their views below

charles maina…
Take the one you can afford and stop saying that women Love money
Lakini,electricity,women and hot porridge are the three things I fear in Kenya😂#MainaAndKingangi

Dickie Múrími… Gone are the days when love was love nowadays money has replaced the real love .. bitter truth 😥😥 #MainaAndKingangi
Jose Dot Mali Ya Mungu..
I’m waiting to see that day a lady banker getting married to a mkokoteni guy @itsmainakageni #MainaAndKingangi


Do you expect us to marry all these girls who get married in campus do kinds of abortion? am 28 and not in a harry, on the other side wengine wanakula pitza to they are lazy to gor for it they ask for delivery imebaki walishwe #MainaAndKingangi

Douglas Davins..
I have never seen a man leave a woman because she is broke. In fact, I’ve seen men working for years to support a woman to support a woman who never got lucky to be employed. Don’t tell me its a mans duty to provide while u use equality where it suits u.. #MainaAndKingangi


What’s your opinion of this line of thinking? Drop your comments below.

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Mens thoughts on why women should keep the fire burning in marriage

Every woman longs to be appreciated, respected, and adored, but when her needs aren’t met within her marriage, she could be tempted to walk away.

All week on Classic 105, the topic of why a woman as young as 35 would chose to move on from her marriage elicited mixed reaction.

Maina Kageni sought to know from listeners:

Guys what are you doing to your women that she doesn’t care whether you go or not?

What are you doing to your women guys because by the time a woman asks a man to get a second wife, what is happening?


On tuesday a 35 year old woman disclosed that she is tired of her husband and is ok with him getting another wife. She feels nothing and doesn’t care if they both go away. ‘All I want for him isto be open and say he has someone else’ she insisted.


Many male callers responded slamming women saying they should do everything possible to ensure they hold their marriage together no matter what.

For instance this man who doesn’t have the guts to sit down and tell his woman what he wants:


 Maina why are you insinuating we are doing something to them? Wakati we started dating she even used to come to bed with lingerie, she used to run to the office reception to get her roses. All those nice little things that you did matter, don’t take it for granted. She doesn’t care anymore it has become like two roommates. Us men are very receptive, we like what you used to do back in the day, we like it, even if you feel old just do it.


Maina interjected asking

Why is it always her responsibility to keep the fire burning? Why is it that things are falling apart because of things she is not doing? Who told you that?

Popular and no nonsense fan Rtd Captain Kale was of the view that

Wife materials never call on a national radio and yap that she’s ready for her man to marry, she’ll support her man silently if at all he makes a decision to remarry, but she’ll never push him to do so.


There was also this man, charles maina who is sorry..not sorry. He said

Ladies be appreciative and supportive!! This everyday complaints makes men look for peace elsewhere, kila saa kelele #mainaandkingangi

Felix Agola(Mr President) also noted that

Maina this generation’s women are unable to handle we men so they must unite so us to be able to handle us and thats where marrying more than one wife comes in and this days they become best friends






One thing i vowed in my life I will never do is begging “skirt”, I did that once ile humiliation nilipata kama amechoka well and good giathi ni kinene



maina women are like that ukiona hivo ako na mpango wa kando that’s why she doesn’t care anymore #MainaAndKingangi

Sheillah Bahati..

Unfortunately in Kenya, a good wife according to many is the one who doesn’t have a voice.

You keep quiet on everything the man does. Some don’t even give room for a conversation to solve their issues.

Whatever’s the weirdest reason you have we want to hear it. Tell us in the comments section.

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Oh Really! Bahati threatens Diana’s ex boyfriend after revealing tell all


The love story of Bahati and Diana Marua is quite something according to the revealing details on their youtube channel.


In one of her vlogs, Diana talked about how she was heartbroken by her ex-lover on the day she was going to shoot a video with her now-husband Bahati.

My heart was torn apart on the morning we were going to shoot Bahati’s Mapenzi video. I found my ex-boyfriend (my lover during that time) cheating on me. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Bahati insisted that she reveals the name of the guy but Diana only gave the first letter, J.

Sio Baba yangu Jblessing because he’s a good player?’ the singer posed.

The mother of two responded saying, ‘Babe take back your words’.

Diana once dated Kenyan international Victor Wanyama, and Bahati while trying to figure out who Diana’s ex was, said,

He is the biggest player at AFCON right now. He scored three goals.

His wife just responded, ‘I’ll let that pass.’

Bahati added,

I’m just kidding. Wewe J nakujua wewe. Wacha ninunue gun, I’ll deal with you.

Diana and Bahati

Diana went ahead to explain how she caught her lover with his pants down.

I actually found this guy in a car with the chic and they were naked. I had called him several times but he wasn’t picking yet I wanted him to drop me at the video shoot venue. I saw his car in the parking lot and as I walked towards it, I saw someone wearing a vest in a hurry,’ she said,


Walking nearer to the car, I saw him throw a blanket to the lady in the car and upon opening one of the doors, I was shocked. I lost words. I cried my heart out that morning.

Diana, who later moved on with Bahati, said she’s happy and content with her relationship now. While commenting on the issue, the singer said,

I thank God for what happened that morning because that’s ‘what brought you to me’.

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I’m 35 and tired of my husband, he can get a second wife – city mum shouts

The discussion this week on Classic 105 has been about accepting the reality that is second wives.

Most contributors confessed that they are either second wives, or are thinking about it seriously.

Take this unnamed woman who was unable to convince Maina that second wives bring stability in marriages. Her story is made for movies.

‘I met our husband when he was 33 years and was already married, he didn’t have anything (broke), me coming to the picture we have opened a business together. I have made his life better, this wife she was just sitting pretty I have made sure she is part of the company. Am I really bad, ameleta ID hata hajui she is a director of this company. It’s a  high time people knew second wives are not that bad.


This prompted another woman to narrate how she is tired of her husband and is ready to welcome a second wife.

 I think sometimes sharing is caring. I have personally asked him to get another wife. It’s important msaidiane (help each other), sometimes it’s the man who you feel you don’t understand, so saa zingine maybe he needs to get another wife, a sample so we see whether he is the problem or it’s me, to see if he will improve or appreciate the first wife better.

Can you possibly wrap your head around this fact? She adds

I’ve been married for about ten years and we have children hatusumbuani, we are each looking for money, and the small quarrels, so I want him to relieve me of stress and take it elsewhere.


Relationships are overwhelming, and he should kindly inform me if they also have kids, respect me, all I need is respect if we have to share akiskia aende naye kabisa ( if they want they can go and stay together I don’t care), me I don’t care, you can’t force emotions of someone, so if he feels he wants someone else let him go, for me I don’t think it’s worth fighting for a man,

I’m only 35, I don’t mind him getting another one, and I am okay with this all I need is him to be open and tell me

Crazy right? Like I can’t even begin to fathom this entire story.

Dear Classic 105 fam, have you ever heard such madness? Drop us your comments about your experience, serve some tea people!

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‘His first wife is a director in my company’ secret second wife brags


The speech delivered by the late De Mathews first wife to the second wife during the funeral has opened up discussion about this situation in Kenya.

While giving her tribute to her husband, the elder wife, Sabina Wairimu, said they (two wives) lived together in harmony with the musician and that nobody should try to divide them now that he is gone.

“Caroline, don’t cry. I will become the man in the family this time,” she said.

The two wives said they have always lived together as family but that some people have been trying to incite conflict between them.

They said their family is now stronger and will continue to live in the harmony that he left them with.

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni reacted to the first wife’s speech saying

I wasn’t very convinced by her speech

Maina opened up debate to listeners, who included one woman with her crazy experience about being a second wife.

Maina I’m the second wife and the first wife doesn’t know I’m there. Ni sisi tunashikilia hizi boma. I met our husband when he was only 33 years, he was already married he didn’t have anything (wealth and property) , me coming to the picture enabled us open up a business together, I have made sure she is part and parcel of that company, we asked her to bring her Id, and she doesn’t know she is a director of the company, I am incorporating her into our business, only that she hasn’t been told she has a co wife,

So why is she still in the shadows?

Time will tell, right now tunajijenga tunagrow, we can’t turn back, she will agree and accept and we live on, so wacha akae kwa shadows. I am the one growing the company, we talk everyday we meet everyday, it’s only that kidogo tuu hajajua, so second wives have come to help the first wives, we mould him for all of us, second wives are not that bad, some first wives don’t have a vision.

Classic 105 fans were not too happy with her story and slammed her for her attitude

The problem is her thinking she’s a second wife. If that man dies today..she’ll be the one now bothering the wife because she wants something from a dead man. And bytheway only a man is valuable even in his grave, tell me how many dead women cases are in courts today.

𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐯𝐨 𝐇𝐮𝐦𝐩𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐲..
She’s not Aware
Because you won’t tell her and your man won’t

Why don’t you both mature up and let her know
There’s no need if hiding such
Victoria Vickey Toriah(ambassador)..
Clearly we didn’t learn from the de’mathews that weekend, they should borrow a leaf from the late De’ Mathew and his wives,

Omorisia Chakobo..
Anyone can make you smile, many people can make you cry, but it takes someone really special to make you smile with tears in your eyes.

David Ochieng CHRP^..
Ishindwe shetani

it won’t be shocking when you discover there is also a 3rd one,who only knows the 1st wife #MainaAndKingangi

Annie Sammie..
So u want us to clap for u or what??? Haujashikilia chochote madam ukikufa wataendelea tu na maisha kama kawaida u aint that important

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‘It’s PR Tupu’ Maina Kageni’s message to De Mathews first wife

The late Kikuyu singer John De Mathews first wife asked mourners and Kenyans in general not to come in between her and his other wife.

De Mathew died after his double cabin vehicle rammed into a truck that was ferrying cement at Blue Post area along the Thika Kenol highway.

De Mathew was rushed to Thika nursing home where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

She shocked many with her words of comfort and encouragement to his second wife during the funeral held in Gatanga.

While giving her tribute to her husband, the elder wife, Sabina Wairimu, said they lived together in harmony with the musician and that nobody should try to divide them now that he is gone.

Wairimu said their children have grown up together as siblings and are always in communication even without their knowledge.

“Our children, nobody can differentiate them but there is always going to be a few people trying to incite them. I want to say that you have no say,” she said.

uhuru greets first wife demathew

She said their family is now stronger than ever, noting that though her co-wife Caroline Waithera came after her, she knew she had prepared their husband for her.

She asked all to respect Waithera, pledging to continue supporting the family from where the musician had left.

“Caroline, don’t cry. I will become the man in the family this time,” she said.

Maina Kageni has spoken out about the first wife’s speech saying he does not agree with her.

Maina said

I wasn’t convinced.

I watched it and I don’t think she was being genuine she was doing it for PR, coz the President was there.

uhur at demathew funeral

Dear Classic 105 fam, are you convinced the first wife was being genuine? Some say the hug after the ceremony spoke more than anything else.

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Fans plead with Zari to introduce new hubby to her Ugandan family


Five months after introducing her mystery man to social media, fans are asking Zari if she has taken her man to officially met her Ugandan family.

Zari jetted out of South Africa and landed in Uganda where she shared some pictures of her lavish arrival.

While Zari said she’s in Uganda for a wedding, her fans are speculating if she is in town to introduce King bae to her peeps.


“Hello UG Queen Bae is here,” she wrote

Next weekend she arrives in the 254 for a function with Akothee.

While we await official wedding pics, all we know is that she was bought a Sh20m ring that left us all envious.

Zari was in Uganda in July for the Miss Uganda grand finale where she was one of the judges. She caused drama on the stage with her nemesis-cum-show host Anita Fabiola.


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Eldoret woman kills husband over love text message

Police in Eldoret have arrested a woman who stabbed her husband to death last night at Shauri Estate in Eldoret.

The deceased was a taxi driver and arrived to the house late in the night from work after which there was a quarrel over a text message he received leading to a fight with the woman.


A neighbour Pauline Kibe said they head a commotion and screams in the house but efforts to save the man failed as he died on the spot after being stabbed in the chest.

Police are at the scene investigating the incident and have removed the body to the Moi Referral Hospital mortuary.

Meanwhile, a man was on Saturday shot dead in Kisumu city.

Peter Otieno Ogallo was allegedly shot thrice in his chest by Daniel Yona Jaoko, a manager of Ray Green Hotel in Nyamasaria.

Ray Green Manager Daniel Jaoko who shot a man dead at Polyview Estate in Kisumu.

Otieno, the Modern Coast Bus Manager Kisumu Branch, was shot in the presence of his family was rushed to Avenue Hospital where he succumbed.

Jaoko had dropped his girlfriend Vivian Achieng Meresa who stays in the same compound with Otieno during the 5 am incident in Polyview Estate.

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Eldoret woman pours boiling water on step sons thighs

A woman is likely to be charged in connection to a minor taken to the hospital with first degree burns.

Eldoret police say the woman is accused of throwing hot water on a 7-year-old boy after an undisclosed matter.

A manhunt is underway for the woman after burning her step child with hot water on his thighs.

Kapseret OCPD Francis Warui says the woman went into hiding after the incident and the 7 year old boy was rescued from their house.

The minor was rushed to the Moi Referral Hospital for medical attention for the burn.


He says cases of abuses against children are on the rise in the region.

Elsewhere, A police officer attached to Moiben Polices station in Uasin Gishu
County shot himself dead last night at the police station.

The 35 year old office identified as Jairus Kiprotich turned his gun
on himself as he was returning home from night duty.

gun shot

Moiben OCPD Jamleck Ngaruiya said the officer had three month ago
lostg his wife and had just resumed duty adding that they are
investigating the incident.

Samwel Karanei who is father to the deceased said the officer appeared
frustrated with problems which he did not disclose to anyone.

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Otile Brown’s cryptic message after girlfriends black rose remarks

Otile Brown may have just added some major fuel to the fire that fans will use to speculate about a possible breakup with his Ethiopian bae.

The breakup rumours first emerged on Tuesday when Nabayet shared a photo of a bouquet of black rose flowers on Instagram. In the caption of the photo, she indicated that ‘they cannot take away the energy’.

She, however, did not comment directly on whether the flowers signified her breakup with Otile Brown or not.

Nabayet black rose

The two began dating early this year shortly after Otile Brown had a nasty break up with Kenyan socialite-cum-business lady Vera Sidika. None of the two has directly addressed the breakup allegations.

Otile recently shared an Instagram post that has fuelled rumours of a breakup with his Ethiopian girlfriend Nabayet.

The singer has remained silent on the state of their relationship following the rumours about the breakup.

He wrote;

“change your ways for them and they still nag & complain. What you do 🤷‍♂️? 🏃 #justinlovemusic#wegotnothingbutlove,” Otile Brown wrote on Instagram.

otile and nabayet

It is not yet clear as to who exactly Otile Brown was referring to. However, a section of Kenyans has argued that the singer was referring to his girlfriend Nabayet.

Check out their harsh comments and opinion over the reported breakup

Wewe usituambie mmeachana na nabbi tena.You know I follow you bcs of her

What did you do to Nabbi!?🙄 She is too much of sweetheart to be doing you wrong… fix it before you regret. Quote me on this few years down the line

Bring shemeji back or we will turn against you… team Nabbi here 🙋‍♀️

Shida kubwa ya wasanii wetu wa kenya na kupenda kurudia manguo igeni kidogo wabongo haswa Otile na Willy Pozee

So with ya caption,you n nabbi ni past tense ama?u got be kidding,why😥?amber alikuja kuharibu mapenzi aki

@otilebrown ..advice from a fellow brother..your relationship issues you always don’t have to publicize all the time …try solving them as a real man by understanding where she is coming from and heading .Maybe you are the problem not them bro…

Why did vera dump you? Nabbi now, io vedio yako na amber nilijua tu😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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The sweet reason Joyce Omondi and Waihiga Mwaura keep things private

Fans always scramble to get as much information about media power couple Waihiga Mwaura and his wife Joyce Omondi. This is more so because the two keep their private life very close to their chests.

Little is known about their lovey dovey side.

That is why, despite being in the limelight, they managed to keep their relationship under wraps until a few days to their wedding.

The lovebirds started dating while they were both working for Citizen TV; Waihiga as a sports news anchor and Joyce Omondi as host of gospel show Rauka.

In a recent and rare interview with Salon Magazine, the couple revealed why they kept their relationship secret.

“We keep to ourselves and rarely post about each other apart from special occasions. Anything precious is best kept hidden and that has been our policy,” said the couple.

Waihiga and Omondi further revealed that some of their colleagues didn’t know they were dating until they tied the knot.

“We decided to be very private about our relationship from the beginning. Many people [including our colleagues] did not know that we were dating until we got married,” said the couple, adding, “That is why this is the first and only interview we shall do in a very long time.”


They told the magazine that they met in 2012 on a Sunday morning when Joyce was leaving the set of her show. Waihiga pursued the gospel musician for a while but she was hesitant to get into a relationship with him. She eventually gave in and they started dating secretly, leading to their wedding on December 18th, 2015 at Sawela Lodge in Naivasha.

In a different interview with Chat Spot, Joyce stated that she had been missing from TV for six years and her new show will give her an opportunity to interact with young people.

“It’s been 6 years since I got back on air and the show I’m doing really is a dream. Because I’ve been looking at how I can have a platform to talk with young people. To do all these other light fun things but still infuse my faith and this show I am doing, is it.”

During the period she was away, she pursued her Masters Degree and many opportunities came along but she believes that not every opportunity is the right one.

“There have been opportunities that have come along but I personally believe that it’s very important to understand that not every opportunity is the right one. And it’s wisdom, it is discipline and it’s self-love and value to know which opportunities you should take and which ones you should leave behind.”

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To snag a man, let him do the chasing – Classic fan Captain Kale advises


FACT! Most men love a good chase.

It turns out that men today say our ancestors were right- that ladies shouldn’t make the first move.

Can you imagine having to tell your children that you chased your husband and perhaps proposed to him?

Of course not.

Some women don’t want to admit it, but we all want a guy to approach us, fall madly in love, and not be able to wait to call us.

So how do you make that happen?

Classic 105 fan Captain Kale says it’s not that complicated. He was responding to a conversation on the morning show which sought to find out why women are labelled as cheap.

He said:

“These women have no reason to say we are cheap. How do you expect a guy who lives with his mother akuletee nyama? When a man leaves you don’t go saying that Kenyan men are bad or cheap.”

Kale insists it’s not nearly as difficult as girls make it to be.

Or is his truth about girls who make the first move very hard hitting?

Kale added about the importance of not ruining a good thing, and why he needs to call you, and when it’s okay to give it away.

‘These women don’t even have reasons. They don’t have any proof, these women are old and go looking for boys in campus, these women should go back to how it was back in the day and they wait for us to katia them. Us Kenyan men are very few and we are special’

Their answers show that the odds are against those trying to muster up the guts to do the asking first.

Do you agree Classic 105 fam? Drop your comments below

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The one thing Kenyan men do that annoys women 


Every woman says a good Kenyan man is hard to find.

And it all boils down to the one thing they don’t do.

When a fella visits a woman’s house he must go with something. Unfortunately, many Kenyan men turn up at a woman’s house empty handed, then place demands for food and a place to sleep after the nights activities.


Like seriously, why would a man go to a woman’s house, where he doesn’t pay rent, knock on the door empty handed and expect a good time with her? It’s no wonder, women are playing the field.

On the Thursday conversation, Maina opened up the phone lines to men about allegations from women, that men are the ones who are cheap.

Mwalimu argues men are not cheap they just pretend. ‘Kenyan men have a lot of dignity, if you think they are cheap they are just pretending, and end up gaining’

Ladies have you ever encountered a cheap Kenyan man and it astounded you? Maina asked women.


This after on Wednesday a caller accused women of being the cheapest, that all they need to buy a Kenyan girl is a mzinga, and she falls for it.

Here are a sample of views from women about this annoying habit

Jennifer Kanyiri..
Why would a man go to a lady’s house, men need to style up and be the gentlemen they claim to be #MainaAndKingangi

Some men are just lazy and want everything the cheap way. He’ll come eat, sleep alafu asnore till morning lol


“Kenyan men are cheap! Nowadays you will meet a guy, he will come to our house, hajakuja ata na nyama ama maziwa alafu anauliza tutakula nini? Who does that?” #MainaAndKingangi

Thaimoni wa gasmonkey..
chali kulala kwa hao ya dame iyo nayo haileti shangwe,,,nyumba hulipi wachana nayo
@ItsMainaKageni Men of today are annoying!! Begging money from ladies. Sisi sio fuliza, tala, branch, okash … Cheap=Men period @Classic105Kenya




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 Tanzania to publish database of married men to tame cheating


Kenyans heard of this news and immediately wanted it replicated in the country.

News from Tanzania suggests that authorities will make public a database of the names of all married men, to stop cases of cheating.


Reports suggest that single womens hearts are being broken by married men taking advantage of them.

So in a bid to protect women from broken hearts, the names will be published.

Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Paul Makonda said he has received a lot of complaints from women who were abandoned by their lovers after a marriage proposal, and that the planned database will help combat infidelity.

“I have been receiving complaints from women who have been promised marriage by men, yet the men didn’t fulfill the promise. I know women who have been paying bills yet the men walked away …” Makonda spoke.
“If possible we will set up a database in the regional commissioner’s office in each region that every man who promises a woman marriage, this should be registered in the database which will allow women to check to see whether the person asking is married …,” Makonda said at a Monday news conference.

Here are mixed reviews of the planned database:

#Tanzania is to make its database of married men in the country public to help women know the marital status of their partners before they have a serious relationship with them. This came about following the number of women who claim to have been cheated on by men #CheatingMen

Basheer Chilungo..
Hope it works for those who didn’t know. In my little experience, single ladies are more attracted to married men and they advance to these men well aware of their marital statuses.

cheating on phone

Kennedy Ngûrî..
That does not even qualify to be listed amongst the superficial prescription to infidelity. The heart of man is desperately wicked and man is an inventor of wickedness. Website is so minor a thing to a wicked soul.

Alfred Steven 👉Sober-Man..
Silly idea to make a data base for all married men. Guys would always cheat if the need arises.

The farmer..
Govt accredited and certified cheaters…hahaha that’d be a 1st one

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How immaturity cost Pastor Kanyari’s marriage to Betty Bayo

The reason that led to the end of pastor Victor Kanyari’s marriage to Betty Bayo has been made public.

Speaking to Word Is on Saturday, Kanyari said that they married while very young and immature.

“Betty was the best woman I have ever met but I think when we met we were both still childish, I was only 31 years.”

It is the main reason the marriage did not work because Betty was not a bad lady. She could have her perspective but the age contributed to the breakup.

Kanyari said they were not strong and grown enough to handle marriage life, but now they are mature and able to decide the best for themselves.

Many believe that the two separated after Betty realised that her husband had been running a false ministry.

“She was overcome by Pastor Kanyari’s scandalous life. The TV expose was not the main reason because she stood by me.

Kanyari would not listen to anything she told him.

“Like when she wants me to come home early, it was always a problem for me.” He says Betty was the best woman he has ever met.

Asked if he still loves Betty, Kanyari said, he cannot say yes or no.

“You cannot force love to anyone. Na ukiachwa achika. I would say, if she loves me, I love her too but if she does not, then why should I force myself to her? If you are mature enough you let things unfold themselves without forcing them to happen because it could affect both of us.” Love is a journey, and I loved her then but for now, I don’t know what her heart has.

Pastor Kanyari

Betty has finally moved on and is set to wed. Kanyari said,

“The time will for me to move on and the whole world will know but for now no hurry in Africa. I will move on when I want, let me have my good time and continue serving God,” he said.

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Man SHAMED FOR CRYING to Maina about being dumped by wife

A discussion about men being deadbeats got one Kenyan man all up in his feelings, and spilling major tea about his relationship.

Classic 105 host Maina Kageni for once was left speechless and never responded. He was hammered for taking sides with women who label men as deadbeats.

Maina sought to know from the ladies this question below to counter the accusations

Ladies: Why do you keep these children away from their fathers? Or is there something they did that you just can’t stand their presence?

This touchy subject led one man to break down in tears, while confessing his emotional life story.

He started by complaining that

She’s a totally different person from the one I met


I met her when she was pregnant for someone else. I took her in because I love her.

He was so boo’d up he overlooked all the signs there for him to see it wouldn’t work out

she was four months pregnant for another man, she gave birth and then after that she got another child, and started showing signs she doesn’t love me anymore. She left me and moved to Mombasa, but I went there to fight for my family.


The ‘marriage’ he had envisioned was no more as realization she had used him set in

She got a job, and left with everything, she took everything, her mother took my children, and told me she wants the kids to go and stay with her for the holidays, I have not seen my children. I have not heard, Maina I want to talk to them, she blocked me, and told me If I go back to Lanet I will be shot.

This apparently was a big issue for him as he tearfully reached out to Maina

It is now two years since, I want to see my children, even what I am getting something small nikule na watoto, I miss my children, right now I am alone, I need my children I don’t know where they are, it hurts I want to talk to my children

What would your advice to this distraught man be? Drop your comments below Classic 105 fam.

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Kenyans share bittersweet thoughts on remarrying


Losing a partner is so unimaginably hard to go through. The waves of grief and pain must, at times, be completely suffocating.

But what happens when you give yourself time to heal, and find someone else to share your life with?

On Classic 105 morning show, many people recounted their experiences while others told what they would do in the event they suffered such a loss.
Brave Classic 105 also fans flocked to our social media platforms to share their difficult stories and thoughts, each vocalising one consistent truth: it is bittersweet.

Nisha Gohil wrote

Being emotionally and mentally prepared is the right time. But never tie the knot just because you want your child to have a mother/father. Your well-being is of equal importance.

Sylvanus Ndaso added that

Life must continue……let the dead burry the dead and the living ought to seek their happiness. As long as you consider kids, marry and have a companion

Douglas Kiplagat

As soon as you’ve mourned enough and your heart is ready to have another person in your. After all we all have feelings, yes you’ve lost her/him but feelings bado ziko #MainaAndKingangi

Another man spoke passionately of his loss

I’m a widower and she died three years ago. I have not been able to move on, I’ve not been able to move because I want someone good who will take care of this girl, it becomes difficult because some women want to trap you. I’m thinking of remarrying but after some time, probably when my daughter is a little bit older,

Another man who has no time for grief said

Now death has happened, come on bro, lazima tu move on

A woman shocked at her friends death after the widower emerged with a new babe

I have a friend whose wife died in 2017, and the guy already had another woman, immediately after the burial he went home with her, so disgusting, actually the lady has a baby. I don’t know what’s wrong with these men, watuheshimu kidogo even if its for three months.

Have you lost a partner? Let us know your experience in the comments below…

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What Daddy Owen does to reassure his wife about female stalkers

Gospel artiste Daddy Owen has revealed that he has had to come up with creative ways to deal with female stalkers for his sake and that of his marriage.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with a local blog, Owen who has been in the music industry for the last 15 years says

Having female stalkers as a male artiste is normal.

I have been in this industry for 15 years and I know how to talk people and handle such things like stalkers.

Stalking is not something new to me and I do not feel like it’s a challenge.

He adds

Before we got here I had to make my wife comfortable on how we handle such things.

Daddy Owen and his wife Farida enjoying a vacation

Daddy Owen who married the love of his life Farida Wambui in 2016 says

What has kept my marriage is me understanding that I must work on myself first.

This is because your wife is someone you are not related to.

In conclusion Owen reveals that marriage is a two way traffic

The way I used to see my dad behave is not the same way I behave in my house.

Marriage is more about communication, marriage is a transition.

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