Tyler Mbaya and girlfriend Georgina welcome first child

Ex Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya and his girlfriend Georgina have welcomed their first child together.

Tyler has a few days ago told worried fans that he rushed Georgina to hospital after a false alarm.

The irth on Saturday was announced by Tyler who said

She Came on my Birthday😭😍🥳
We would love to tell you guys that baby and her Momma are doing great and being taken care of here @komarockmodern It’s a whole rollercoaster of how things happened😂😍 Can’t wait to take you guys through the

We Love You🥰 A.N.K💖

And the best news for Tyler? The baby came on his birthday. On their yuotube channel Georgina had hinted that the baby could share a birth date with Tyler, and he too expressed happiness at the news.

Tyler Saturday May 7th

The cute couple refer to themselves as Gee and Ty and we adore it.

Congratulations as you embark on your journey to parenthood.

Happy mothers day Georgina from the Classic 105 fam.

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Don’t help a man when he’s down – woman advises

Why women don’t believe in helping a man when he is broke

When a man is down, don’t help him. Those are the musings of several women who have told that men switch up on you when he eventually recovers from that broke episode.

A Twitter thread from @boojieshay that

Helping a ni**a when he down is a real risk. I don’t give a f what anybody got to say because a ni**a will switch up & act different once they’re back on their 10.

Her thoughts elicited similar reactions

I was with homeboy when his dad was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and ended up with a stoma. He was going through it and I was there every step of the way taking care of him when he couldn’t. Man let me know after his dad passed I was nothing to him. Never again.

Actual and factual. I helped a guy get his credit up and now he in a relationship. But not with me like boy byeeee. Siri play Alicia key’s lesson learned.

Main reason I’m carrying things the way I am TO THIS DAY🤷🏾‍♀️ you never know a persons plans, plot and/or intentions.

YES!! Tell me how I waited hand and foot on this man when he literally got leukemia, as SOON as he was done with chemo and healthy, he LEFT!!! Like?!?

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10 things a man should never ask or tell a woman

Communication and conversations are very important in winning over a woman.

These points below however show how weak you are.

From asking if she really wants to wear that outfit to whether she has gained weight, here are some questions a man should never ask of or tell a woman.

  1. Don’t tell your woman NO. What do you mean no?
  2. What makes you different?
  3. Why are you single
  4. Are you crazy?
  5. I’ll think about it
  6. Let me get back to you
  7. Why don’t you smile
  8. What are you doing
  9. Send me a picture
  10. Can I borrow sh10,000 until the end of the month?

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Walk away from domestic abuse – Gloria Muliro

The untimely death of Nigerian gospel artiste Osinachi has touched Gloria Muliro very hard.

Gloria in a note told victims that it’s o kto walk away from such situations no matter who you are in life.

Osinachi tragically died after a sustaining injuries from being beaten on her chest by her husband.

It was revealed on Sunday April 10th that she was afraid to speak up because of the stigma of being a divorcee in the Church.

Muliro wrote ‘My heart bleeds for this soul. Minister Osinachi, Rest. Ladies! Men! What if the shame of “what will they say…” is your healing in disguise? listen, is your life at risk? DONT WAIT TO DIE! Thank God I’m alive, happy and loved’

Prophetess Monicah supported Gloria’s opinion writing ‘I know what she was protecting like most of us ministers do. I wish she just decided to go through the shame of devorce because it will end eventually rather than dying this way. I also thank God I am alive and happy. May she rest in’

The husband of the late Osinachi Nwachukwu has been arrested following her death, local outlets report. Osinanchi, 42, died on Friday in a hospital in the capital, Abuja.

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Late gospel singer Osinachi was a domestic violence victim

She was in an abusive marriage.

Popular gospel artiste Osinachi Nwachukwu died a couple of days ago.

The “Ekwueme” crooner passed on in hospital after battling an undisclosed ailment.

It is now emerging that the singer died as a result of domestic violence.

Sh was on life support for five days before her demise. She went into coma after her husband beat her and kicked her on her chest.

The toxic marriage revelations have saddened many and Rose Muhando has mourned her revealing they were to do a collabo.

She has been eulogized as one of the best voices of gospel singers, and a wonderful woman whose love for God and affection for worship was well known.

May the Good Lord rest her beautiful soul in peace.

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Women have darker pasts than men – King’ang’i

Ladies if your man knew your deep secrets, can he handle the truth?

If your man knew the truth about you ladies, what would happen? Can he handle the truth? Men if you knew everything about your wife, can you handle it?

This w as the interesting question Maina Kageni had for ladies in the Friday April 8th conversation about women and keeping secrets.

Maina told that women hide children from a new man and wondered why and how they do this.

Kingangi told Maina that while men can be found out about cheating or secret children, it is not easy to find out about women. he said they hide so well their lives.

‘why do you hide your children with mathee ushago? It’s 2022. what is the problem with telling your men I’ve got 2 or 3 children out there, and men why do you find women with children a no go zone? in 2022? Me I’ve met women and are single mothers and have got the most beautiful babies ever, I don’t know why you feel the need to hide them’

Kingangi agreed tyhat women should open up ‘Tell men I aborted 1, ni kuambiana tuu ukweli, kwa nini hutaki huo mtoto mwingine, tell me the truth.’

‘can you handle the truth?’ Maina queried. Kingangi retorted ‘tutajua hapo mbele, we realized we hardly know them, it is a given a man will be found out, but you will never know your woman’

So ladies, can your man handle the truth about you?

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Men confess the dilemma of keeping love children a secret

A topic on men having secret children and fearing telling their wives got others confessing their deeds.

Maina and Kingangi on Thursday April 7 spoke about a friend of theirs whose wife found out that her daughters best friend is the husbands secret child.

Maina told that their friend is still trying to digest the fact that his wife knows.

Here are confessions from men on the show:

One man told ‘acha tuu maina, I do have children out there, but how do I start telling my wife, how can I start telling my wife babe I have two kids out here, how will her reponse be? I see the kids once in a while. One lives near me, the other one is far. The one near me lives 3 kilometeresfromme, the other one is in Mombasa. I am not sure I want to tell my wife I can only imagine how she will respond. I provide support to the other kids, and I also make sure I take care of my wifeshe has no reason to believe I am out there. It’s something you can start a conversation about with your wife. It’s a tall order’,

Another man told ‘I went to live with my aunt in Kitale after finishing school, and I befriended a girl. We had a thing going on and then after a few months I left to nairobi. Recently, like five years ago, i met one of my cousins who asked why I left my child. I was shocked ati I have a child. So it turns out she got pregnant and I did not know. I went to look for her to make up, but she toldme she is happily marrid and doesnt want anythign to do with me, that if I say some4thing I wilkl spoil her marriage. The man doesnt know he is raising aniother mans child.

More opinions about the topic below

Its impossible maina let them know by themselves coz u will b invoking problems which you will never come to solve….Man should not b caught its in our genes,sometimes lies is important to keep your marriage alive…we are here to reproduce immensively…its who we are🤷‍♂️

Maina Maina Maina, vitu zingine ni za kuwachwa tu hapo. Cause it would break hell loose. #MainaAndKingangi and when the wives know by themselves hawatawai leta shida vile as compared to when she’s told by another person. And you’ll realize that choices have consequences

Add some Volume That Today’s Topic. No, and I repeat No man should say he does have outside or mpango wa Kando kids .let the woman find out herself. Mbona uruke kwa Mafuta ya Kupikia Mandazi ukiona????

Aty unakaa hivi kwa hao alafu una anza topic with wife about having children out of marriage wewe sasa utakuwa uki chimba kaburi yako

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11 signs you’re in a one sided relationship

A one sided relationship is where one person wields more control. You don’t know if you can rely on them in every aspect and you start to feel resentful.

If you are doing more of the heavy lifting then you are in a one sided relationship.

-You initiate most communication
-You initiate most intimacy
-You spend alot of your time apologizing
-You often change your plans to accommodate their needs
-Your efforts are often not reciprocated
-You frequently make excuses for their hurtful behavior
-You are constantly worried they will leave
-Their goals become your goals
-Their needs are the focus of the relationship, your are not
-They often prioritize things over you for instance work and their own hobbies
-You consider the relationship when making plans about the future and they don’t

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Signs he is playing you

How do you tell a guy is playing you or really likes you?

From things such as not deleting dating apps to playing it super cool, here are some signals girls should pay attention to that may provide a tip he is not that into you.

-Takes more than 2 to 3 hours to text back
-If you are stuck in the talking stage for more than 3 months, he is not serious
-He doesn’t reassure you after every argument
-If he’s not introduced you to his friends and any family member
-He doesn’t take you out on dates
-He has a very close girl best friend he always has to check with
-If he asks you for money
-He doesn’t FT you everyday
-His messages are short, dry and mostly at night

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree with some or all of these signs/ Drop us your comments below

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Older women are waiting for death, don’t date them – Captain Kale

An ardent Classic 105 fan, Captain Kale blasted young men who love to date older women.

He told them that these breed of women have seen independence and are now waiting for ttheir death.

He plainly told young men to stop dating older women because the fellas are jubilee and don’t mix with independence.

‘Me if I know you are with an older woman I will mock you, troll you and make fun. How?’

He added ‘An old woman moving around with a young man is nonsense. The woman cannot sire a child so what’s her importance? I condemn this nonsense! If roles are reversed, a younger woman can sire a child with an older man so that’s alright.’

Kale was contributing to a conversation on Wednesday April 6, where Maina Kageni referred to a story on k24 about a 25 year old man confessing his love for an 85 year old woman.

Maina wanted to know from young men what is going on because it doesnt make sense.

Many young men called Maina Kageni and told him that they get peace from older women. They also don’t mind being taken care of by the wamamas.

One instance fio such a relatiionship is beklow

‘I do love older women not because of financial benefit but I’m looking at it from a different angle. These young girls, I’m 35 na wako na pressure sana they want the soft life, but when I look at it siezi economically things are thick so I’m not able so I go for older women not because of money, they wont give you pressure young girls have. I’m talking about somebody 40 years and above, and they are mature you tell them uko stressed im sick she will provide what she had, she will provide for the daily bread,’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you get where young men want independent and already established women?

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12 tips to successfully date an ambitious woman

What makes an ambitious woman tick?

A viral twitter discussion about what it takes to date an ambitious woman has created excitement.

The advise is from both men and women that I hope you will find useful. if she is your type of women.

  1. @iamdaniesanchez
    Take things off of her plate. Nothing is too small. Ask, how can I support you? What do you need? And fill in the gaps.
  2. @EmilyVROOOM
    Ambitious women tend to not ask for help. With these women you just must do. Don’t ask her what you want her to do either because she will say nothing or she’s got it. You’ll get the best results just being helpful. Simple as some extra money to reach a goal faster.
  3. @saysensai
    Match her energy. Understand her dreams & passions come first. Be patient while she tries to balance you, herself, her ambitions. Understand she isn’t being selfish necessarily but she made a promise to herself & her journey before you came along. Also, don’t take things personal
  4. . . @itsNellzz
    “Understand she isn’t being selfish but she made a promise to herself. Her dreams come first & were they before u “ this. I find a lot of ppl I date take things so personal when I put my dreams and goals before anything else
  5. @AnarchyHabitat
    Don’t complain about the “potential” busy schedule. Don’t make what she’s working towards about you. If she’s in it with you, she will prioritize the relationship + her dreams. Don’t make life harder. Make it easier for you both.
  6. . @KillGirl12345
    Don’t try to “tone her down” I think [email protected] people will date women who are strong and ambitious with the intention of making her a housewife home body etc. don’t do that to her. Let her flourish and match her energy. Let her tone herself down and up when she feels.
  7. @sweet_lilluna
    Understand that while you’re A priority, you might not be/are not her PRIMARY priority. She’s worked hard to get to where she is and where she wants to be is always going to come first. Communication is also key. Don’t be afraid to respectfully come to her if you feel neglected
  8. @MDominicana
    See her, not just what she is doing/can do. Attentiveness and sensitivity. Make solide decisions that remove complications from her life and make it easier for her to relax and enjoy your time together. Make way for her to just be sometimes.
  9. @omfgWAVY
    making solid decisions that remove complications from her life… will develop over time as she learns to trust more too. she’s probably used to making all the decisions for herself. if you’re solution oriented you have to see her clearly, like you said, and not overpower her.
  10. @theoriginaljcg
    Let her do her thing but be bold enough to say: “Babe, you need rest. Let me take care of you.” Ambitious women typically have a root to their ambition.
  11. @KeilahRose
    Pray with her, ask how you can help her accomplish her goals, LOVE yourself, be ambitious as well, and plan the most romantic dates…. get you a nice balance of masculine + feminine energy from her.
  12. @Overtly_Trill
    Ambitious women often struggle with asking for help. Support her by performing acts of service. Anything that can help free up her time will allow her to put that energy somewhere else

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Important things to remember when you are married

Your friends are not more important than your spouse.

Here are 12 pointers you can use for your marriage or relationship, and also remember prayer in the midst of it all.

-Don’t ever assume your partner feels loved
– Date nights are a must whether indoors or out of town
– Talking openly about what you want to change/improve in your relationship
– Learn each others love language
– Don’t force a resolution. Sleeping on it at times helps couple
– When you get into a fight, don’t just say “I’m sorry”. Say what you are sorry for, and how you will react differently next time.
– It will get boring sometimes. Every couple goes through the “boring” stage.
– Counselling, money talks are important
– Turn off your phone before bedtime and just talk to each other.
– Ask questions like…“What do you need to see more of from me?”….“How can we understand each other better?”
– Your friends are not important than your partner
– Have a common source where you draw your strength from. With this you can resolve and overcome any challenge or obstacle.

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My favorite flower is a Lily – Juliani

Musician Juliani and wife Lilian are enjoying marital life.

The two have ben pretty quiet on their pregnancy and vows, with tiny snippets shared.

On Tuesday night March 22, Lilian showed a photo of two lollipops with their initials ‘j’ and ‘l’ inscribed. She was so proud, captioning it with a heart emoji.

Juliani also at the same time, gushed over Lilian sharing their picture in Dandora as she playfully holds him from behind, barefoot.

He captioned it ‘my favorite flower is a lily’

Generally, lilies represent purity, passion, rebirth and royalty. However, these meanings can change based on the colour and occasion.

It seems their favorite color is red, and yes we love seeing their love blossoming.

Happy Wednesday to them from the Classic 105 fam.

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Dating a cab driver will give you sleepless nights

Dating or being married to a taxi driver makes wives insecure

A wife sadly described to Maina Kageni Friday March 11th, that some professions spouses do gives their partners sleepless nights.

The woman was responding to Maina’s topic that women are paranoid about men being gym instructors, cab drivers and bouncers.

Even Kingangi agreed that the things these men do create suspicion in women.

‘Let me tell you Maina, my guy is a taxi driver and when I look at him I see ni kma ameona ngombe. I see that ameona ngombe hivi, akiingia tuu unapata vitu ka gari yake, vitu kama condom, sasa kama imetumiwa maina and when I ask him ukimuuliza hio ni kofi ni vita. He tell me alikua job, he couldnt pick up my phione call, hio sio lodging? maina hata kama ni kujitetea, hio ni kazi kweli sii angekuwa anakuja nyumbani saa mbili maina? ukimpigia simu saa mbili hachukui.’

She concluded ‘he has given me every reason to be paranoid and when I ask it doesn’t go well’

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Grand P proposes to his longtime girlfriend

Grand P proposes to his longtime girlfriend Eudoxie Yao live on TV

Eudoxie Yao will be saying ‘I do’ to popular boyfriend and now fiancée, Grand P.

Her went down on one knee during a live broadcast in Ivory Coast.

Fans of Grand P real name is Moussa Sandiana Kaba, were excited for the two after the video went viral.

Eudoxie is a popular curvy Ivory Coast singer, model, and actress.

The newly engaged Eudoxie shared a video taken on that special moment as she was showing off her lovely engagement ring. He apologized for cheating, promising never to repeat.

‘You are my life and I have changed from whatever happened before, I will never do the same, ii will not happen again’

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Five things women often do that drive men away

Men and women are having it rough out here

Both genders do annoy each other but there are things that women do that get men cautious to date, and perhaps that’s a good thing.

These are the things that women do that drive man away and absolutely crazy

Sharp and long nail – pretty yes long nails are pretty, looks beautiful and sassy but that is not what every man out there will see, they find them annoying and won’t go for these ladies. They find short and simple nails beautiful, presentable, and neat. Long nails could be used for self-defense, if you know what I mean, here men find them unattractive.

Talking down to him – keep away from admonishing him in case of any mistake, talk to him as an adult, In a respectful way. To avoid fights let go of the conversation or postpone in case he denies his mistakes and refuses to change.

Comparing him to other men – especially when you are in a relationship, do not compare him to your ex, he will not turn up to be like him or even try to be him. He does not belong in your past. Comparing him to your ex makes them feel the attachment you still have with your ex and might tell you to go be with him instead.

Criticizing him – still, on talking to him whenever he does something wrong, it is human to err, no one is perfect. Yes let him know what he did wrong just be careful how you are going to tell him about it without sounding rude and disrespectful.

Finding it hard to get along with his family members – if your man sees you not getting along with his friends and family, he will start doubting the kind of woman he made a choice to be with. Be civilized and don’t push away a man because you do not get along with his family and friends’ seemingly because you could be jealous of the time they spend together.

If you are fond of the above-mentioned habits then it’s only a matter of time before you push all the men in your life away. Show him compassion. Being mindful of these behaviors will help you go a long way in keeping your man.

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Low self esteem men keep women at home like pets – Huddah

Socialite and beauty entrepreneur Huddah is spitting facts on her Instagram.

On Wednesday night, she took time to express thoughts about mental health, and insecure Kenyan men.

Huddah blasted them advising women ‘ only narcissist’s men. controlling low self esteem insecure men love a woman they have to keep a man at home, like a pet.’

She added ‘Focus on you queen. You’ll meet your match . don’t let them lie to you to lower your standards with that lie of career women ain’t getting married. LOL! So many non career women low IQ, and they single parents. If that’s the marriage type they’d all be wifey right now, nope.’

In another rant, Huddah told ‘Women should know making their own gives them freedom to choose. Freedom to be. If you let a man feed you. You also give him the power to starve you! I have so many friends who cry daily. They have nowhere to start from after failed marriage. And no money from the manz. This si Africa Child support is a myth. Also why do you think so many home maker wives or sty at home wives stay being beat up, cheated on by their SO! You become annoying coz you only ask no input. We all hate begging a**leeches. A woman having her own money is freedom it means she ain’t gonna *u*k a 90 year old man just coz of money! she will f*c* who makes her happier. Do you think people get married to older men for eggs and love? LOL lack of financial freedom’

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Girls these days move on like nothing happened if you ignore them

Wives should be monitored, men argued on Classic 105 on Thursday because they are liek children who can get lost.

The duo were reacting to a husband who told that women should be monitored.

Kingangi agreed saying failing to do this will lead to collapse of the marriage.

The man told ‘hawa watu women are very unstable kind of people in terms of heart and relationships. So these people must be monitored any moment utampea any chance oh ati this is an adult, ati nimpee nafasi nafasi my friend nyumba kwisha.’

King’angi’ agreed adding ‘the world is full of trickery out there if you love your woman and want them for long, you must take action’

Maina was upset ‘let me ask you a question kenyan gentlemen why do you think your women cannot think for themselves when they re on their own? And ladies must you be monitored is it that you are weak when you are on your own?’ Maina asked.

Mwalimu further insisted ‘by the time he puts CCTV on his woman, he found lout something, that is how he got you, najua atapotea, a white goat can disappear ukionaga lazima umonitor vile mbuzi inaenda, huyu akienda hivi weuh akishikana na huyu, amepotea,’

A man called in telling them that women can’t be trusted however unfortunately, even Kingangi faulted him for deserting her for months.

I dated this girl for like five years, at one point I went home and on the way bad luck I got an accident and hospitalized near my home because I wanted to be around my people for care. I was away for like 8 months and do you know what she told me when I came back ati she had moved on and do you know during this time I was paying her bills, and she never came to see me, it was during the covid period with the travel restrictions, so i just told her you just be there and that there are people taking care fo me. And for months i did not see her. She got married. Maina I could not be with her it was beyond my control Maina. I was bedridden when I got better I found she got married, the point is the woman we have nowadays are not like our mothers They move on like nothing has happened’

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