Dj Creme de la Creme sparks marriage debate after calling it a ‘scam’


When there is trouble in paradise, many people resort to labeling marriage a scam. And that is what Dj Creme did in a pos6 on Instagram that is going viral online.

The Dj, who is married to Denise, his long time partner and mother of his two children.j creme de la creme

KOT have dug in saying in every marriage there is a winner and a loser.

By all means, marry if you get a good wife, you’ll become happy, if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.
Marriage is a good thing if you get married to the right person.

Beauty has sent a lot of ladies to marriage. But character is busy on the other side returning them back to their fathers house Cat face with tears of joy

Marriage has never been a scam. Respect Marriage. If your marriage is going haywire, blame yourself. Many have said they are skeptical about getting married.

Even Amerix and Maverick Aoko have shared their opinion below.

Marriage is not a scam,

Marriage is war,

It is a battle between a terrorist (the woman) and a hostage (the man)

You may lose several battles but never lose the war.

Never get into it if you are a simp or looking for unlimited sex or trying to save a slut.

I don’t appreciate that Celebs cast aspersions on marriage everytime theirs Fail. Hii marriage is a scam declaration ni umatako. From Willis Raburu’s wife to DJ Creme. Hey, thousands of youth follow u. It’s yours that failed. Ulioa Hoe for image, jipange.I root for marriage.


Dear Classic 105 fa, in marriage who is getting the better end of the deal?

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Man hides side hustle over bullying by wife about spending money


A frustrated husband told Maina Kageni that his wife is standing in the way of his financial goals and resorted to hiding over that fact.

He told this during a morning conversation about wives not being supportive of their man’ dreams, where many men told that ‘these women shoot down your ideas’.

The frustrated man joined in the conversation that he has given up trying to win over her support.

“Let me tell you Maina, never ever tell Shiru that you are planning to start anything, you know these people are very deficient of patience so when you tell them, sasa ana focus on the money that you will put in and she wants to spend the money immediately, so i never tell her about my idea, I practice medicine and I have a pharmacy on the side and she doesn’t know about it, because if I tell her she will kill that dream. She will dump all the expenses on me because she sees there is more money to spend”

Maina sympathized with his situation as a woman called in blaming this behaviour on wives jealous of their husbands achievement.

Ladies why don’t you encourage your men? When your man comes with an idea why shoot it down? Maina added

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My broke depressed  husband won’t take our kids to a cheaper school


A distressed wife told Maina Kageni on Wednesday that she has given up trying to help her husband deal with depression owing to financial struggles.

The frustrated wife described how her husband would rather keep their children in an expensive school, rather than downgrade because of his ego.

And to ease his financial burden, she chips in but this is not sustainable according to her argument.

She says she has suggested to him to downgrade but he won’t hear of it and will continue struggling to pay private school education.

“Some of thee issues ni za kujitakia, and mens ego, men hawataki kuongeleshwa na wanawake wao. Like my man. I have requested him to change the childrens school, to an affordable one coz he is not doign well fiancially. He haas refused and I can tell he is strugglign fiancailly. I am trying to help him to even changia on school fees and I’m stillpaying the other bills,  but bado hataki, and it’s nopt like I’m doign well financially. He doesn’t see sense in changing schools coz of ego, hataki kuambiwa ni shida za kujitakia, so I sit here watch him. I have tried talking to him, I have tried ikifika hapo as a woman what do you do? if you can’t afford somethign why keep strugglign there, it doesn’t make sense, now I will just sit back and watch him struggle, kwenye imefika, shida zingine ni za kujiletea”

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Masaibu ya GOAT wives: 11 common complaints first wives have


First wives have been dubbed as GOAT Wives, more so after the drama between Amber Ray and Amira over businessman Jima Roho Safi.

And now that Amber Ray has been dumped and Jimal gone back to the first wife, here are some things you need to know about what women put up with.


  1. You feel overwhelmed by house chores coz he never helps

2. He doesn’t remember key dates

3. You two have the same arguments every day

4. He parties or drinks too much

5. His family drives you nuts

6. He is gone all the time from home

7. He is friends with his exes online

8. He doesn’t understand how hard you work, either at home or in the office

9. He doesn’t compliment you or your appearance.”

10. He doesn’t make time for you + kids

11. He doesn’t support you emotionally

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‘When did you know he hated you’ confessions that are so embarrassing


A topic online asking women to disclose personal instances of humiliation/trauma touched the hearts of users.

The topic was posed by @Oloni on Twitter and got hundreds of reactions.



Here are responses

Noticed the way he spoke about some girl. The awe, the happiness, the pure joy about him made me know that he never thought of me in those terms…

He said he can only post his female bestie and not me because the family knew her

When family members were asking him where he was, he always said « with Thomas ». In front of my face Skull. I still wonder who he was seeing when he was telling ME he was with Thomas

Lol one time he hurt my feelings and I cried and he got the biggest smile and said “are you crying? Girl, have a good day” and left

When he locked me in house on New year’s eve and went to two new year’s party. He didn’t even have food on his house

Was sick and he never checked up me, later on told me he can’t be with me because I’m always sick and I need a lot of attention

Same person told me I was not, “freaky enough” as he had expected

We went to a movie with some friends that made me cry and he rolled his eyes and turned to them and said “She gets like this when she’s desperate for attention”

Proposed to me and refused to talk about the marriage plans. To the extent he told me because I was asking “too much he was not doing the wedding again”. Lied about everything, never knew when he was telling the truth.

He invited me on a camping trip with his friends & their girlfriends. I had too much to drink and accidentally blacked out for the first time ever. He threw me in a tent by myself all night barefoot, no blankets and covered in my own vomit

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He is just my errand boy – Woman says about funding Ben 10

On the Tubonge Tuesday conversation, men were blasted for being lazy and relying financially on women.

An angry man noted that many young men nowadays have the audacity to beg for money from women to live a glamourous life on social media.

Maina delved into the issue of Anerlisa Muigai advising women not to provide for men, after her failed relationship with Ben Pol.

It emerged that she funded his life, pretty much paying for his cars and vacations.

Maina exposed Ben Pol, slamming him for being lazy.

“Aki Ben Pol we must discuss that we can’t ignore it, you know the young men of today me I don’t know you are living off your woman, then there are those men who floss with their womans things, aki ladies why do you let these things happen?”

A woman confessed to Maian that she has a Ben 10, who is so lazy but she doesn’t mind because he serves a purpose – if you know you know.


“Maina let me tell you, I have this guy. He does errands for me. I give him my car coz I don’t have time. He was like my errand boy. but I couldn’t have a talk with him of things important to me like investing, because he is not mature, all I tell him is do this and this for me. I feed him na jioni tunapatana coz he has been home the whole day he will give it to me mzuri sana. He is for fun, I couldn’t have a constructive conversation with him”

A young man corroborated what she said admitting it’s a financial favor in return for the family jewels.

“I dated such a woman hakuna pesa tamu kama kupewa na mwanamke, alikuwa na pesa kuniliko and I dated her while in college, and she a treating me well. It’s just nice you feel good there, from my point of view I don’t see any problem with that Maina, that’s the only way men can survive”


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Meet 28 year old Ciru Njuguna who is proving inter racial marriage works


Ciru Njguna is a 28 year old Kenyan woman from Nakuru who is married to a 60 year old mzungu.

The age difference is 30 years but she has told naysayers that they are madly and deeply in love. “Age for us is just a number. We love each other” in a kikuyu interview.

Ciru and her mzungu have two children and very popular on Tiktok for their marriage videos. They met when she was 20 years on Facebook. Their conversation led to a love like no other as she told Journalist Monica Kagoni in an interview recently.

She tells alot about dating a white man having been with him for 8 years now and two children. “Patience is very important when you are trusting for significant changes in your life. It’s hard not to worry or wonder but surely sometimes it’s necessary not to think too hard when you can’t seem to find solutions to your problems.
I’m thankful for my journey. I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for every person who has been part of my journey. I’m a happy woman.”ciru 2 (1)

Ciru is also judged alot online and hits back at critics to defend her man and their marriage.

Ann Njuguna
She is mature, well mannered, and full of respect, and beautiful inside out, God bless your marriage and family.

Eunice Wambui
Am also 28 and my husband is 55 and we are happy what matters is happiness in the marriage.
Shiru be happy

sue wa kuria
Kaa anaprovide kila kitu na huna dry spell tuliza huko age is just a number.

John Ngure
Was watching barothi wa bururi,,, and one story was like,,,shire is in heaven on earth and the character wa barothi was even hell ni nothing to her story,so the major focus is just one genuine love and care,keep up the good family shiro….

ciru 3 (1)
Shiro is such a strong girl! I admire her maturity and courage.

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Never ask your husband why he doesn’t come home – Nagging wives told

It’s okay if your husband stays out all night or doesn’t come home all weekend, according to a wife who advised that  it helps to avoid stress in marriage.

The woman told this in a discussion about marriage expectations about spouses returning home on time.

The female caller impressed Mwalimu King’ang’i when she said she gives her husband free reign to come back home whenever he pleases.

Mwalimu blasted women saying “kuna mahali inafika unawacha maisha iteremke otherwise utaisha.  You can’t tell a man to be home by 6pm. How do you tell an old man with 32 teeth to be home by five pm how? Kwani ni clinic?”Happy-Couple-The-Trent1-e1411679930875

And the woman agreed giving her example

“I think it’s not good to tell a man what time he should be coming home. Let him be free. You know as a wife if you are takign that time, you are a drama fgestival, instead whne he comes back home, even if it is after several days I don’t care, I don’t ask where he has been. I welcome him with a nioce greeting, it’s obvious you are sharing. Hii ni kanairo. So if you pay attention you will die of a heart attack, jut set your man free don’t look what he is doing”

Dear ladies of Classic 105, is this advise you would take for the sake of peace?

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“We meet 5 times a day” Adoring wife shares about co worker hubby


Working with your spouse is a delightful experience that one woman told Classic 105 audiences who were skeptical about it.

The wife told that she and her husband are cab drivers working together as they conquer their career goals together.

If you want a heavy dose of relationship advise, the wisdom is right here.

“I’m an uber driver and so is my spouse. We hook up many times a day, then we eat and wash our cars together as we plan how to go home. I love working with him, it’s not bad. We meet five times in a day”

A disbelieving King’ang’i demanded to know how this was possible in Nairobi. She responded “yes in this Nairobi alafu kama hakuna kazi tuinatoka nje ya parking, we go and wash our cars, there is alot to talk about  the whole day like the crazy clients, and the chums we have made that day”.love pic

Another woman however disagreed saying in the police force this is not possible owing to suspicion of marital affairs.  She said “Pande yetu sisi askari huwa tunaprefer we don’t work at the same place coz you can be assigned amale colleague and your husband worries alot if you are having an affair, coz fikira za watu ni tofauti ndio unaona askari wanapigana risasi coz of insecurity feelings”

A doctor called in and said owing to his practice and workign closely with clients of the opposite gender, suspicion will always arise and so he would prefer not to work with his spouse.

A matatu driver also called in painting a situation where the conductor is the wife and she is slapped by an angry passenger. “unaeza pata abiria apige conductor ngumi can you imagine if it is your wife, hiyo ni noma buda”

Her words prompted Mwalimu King’ang’i to point out that ‘lazima mtakosana” to insist that couples working together is a nightmare.

Dear Classic 105 fam, does working alongside your spouse work?

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“Our marriages fail because of suspicions of affairs” Cop tells Mike Mondo

In April, Internal Secity CS Fred Matiang’i announced that police officers will no longer be allowed to marry each other.

He based this decision on multiple cases of sexual harassment and gender-based violence within the police service.

 “We do not expect you to leave here and go having affairs with the officers you manage. One of you will have to leave,” CS Matiang’i said.
And on 19th July, a female cop called in to tell Mike Mondo just as much. This was from an on air discussion about spouses working together.Police carrying away the body of the deceased
She told Mike that the reality is their marriages fail because they are insecure about each other.
“Mike let me tell you,  sisi askari huwa tuna prefer we don’t work with each other. Working together is bad. For instance if I’m assigned night duty, I will work with a male colleague, and this is where the problem is. I may have been assigned to a male colleague and he will be worried about what I’m doing with him at night, coz fikira za watu ni tofauti ndio unaona askari wanapigana risasi coz of working environment. Your spouse doubts why you are always assigned to a male colleague or when they find out your male boss is favoring you, they question why and it brings grudges your spouse they suspect you are having an affair, that’s why I would prefer not to work together” She concluded
She also pointed out that there are careers where spouses should not work together.

9 tips to follow for announcing your divorce on social media


Is it ever a good decision to announce your impending divorce on social media? Celebrities do it and Billionaires such as Bill and Melinda Gates did together after 27 years together.

They took the decision jointly, raising eyebrows about the announcement and it’ timing.

They stated ‘”After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage,” the pair tweeted.

When splitting, here are tips to follow:

1. It may be distressing for your children and other family members to read about it

2. Remember your words and actions can be used against in the case of divorce proceedings

3. Like the Gates above, have a common statement, accompanying photo to make sure you get your message across

4. Don’t share all the details immediately

5. Be polite about sharing details

6. Change your relationship status online

7. No ranting and raving about your soon to be ex and your marital problems until you really want to disclose it to the world. It is tempting to malign him or her, and the insults only excites us strangers as we debate your marriage.

8. Keep it short and sweet. No one needs to know it was because so and so couldn’t deliver in the bed. TMI

9. Give your soon to be ex a hint that you will say something, because if you think about it, would you want them to drop such information without alerting you?

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10 Signs your spouse is emotionally neglecting you

Emotional neglect could be a sign that your relationship is in trouble and you need to do something to arrest the situation.

Neglect in a relationship is when one spouse feels the connection fading, and you feel you are being taken for granted and no effort is being put in your marriage.

It hp[pens to the best of us. Here are signs you are emotionally neglected:

1.They never want to talk about your day

2. They intentionally refuse to argue when there is need to

3. They walk away mid argument, leaving you hanging

4. They shut down rather than open up

5. They don’t care for intimacy anymore and comfortably sleep away

6. Youu notice that they stopped being playful like before

7. Your partner refuses to make eye contact during conversation, if at all their is conversation

8.Your birthday, anniversary are forgotten and other important dates

9. They never congratulate you for any effort made or achievements made

10. They never understand why you’re upset because they are done

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Idris Elba had temper tantrums while dating current wife Sabrina


In their new podcast Coupledom, Idris Elba has shared how he had massive anger tantrums while dating his current wife Sabrina.

“Early in our relationship, I was very stressed, I would have these massive anger tantrums,”

He continues, “I was always the first to say, ‘Hey, if you’re not happy, leave. Move.’ It was kind of like a male instinct.”

Idris says they both have “strong personalities,” and head bu** alot but worked hard to avoid conflict.

“Sabrina and I both have strong personalities and typically it’s Sabrina who says, ‘Look, I don’t want to fight,’” he explains. “I’ve been getting better at it recently but when I do it, I get nothing back. When she does it, I go, ‘Thank you baby.’”

They spoke in their first episode while interviewing guests Nadiya Hussain, star of The Great British Bake Off, and her husband Abdal.

On the issue of working to handle their different personalities, Idris admitted that


“I know Sabrina and I early in our relationship, I was very stressed, I would have these massive anger tantrums,” he shared.

“She was like, ‘Who are you?’” Idris continued.

“And I was always the first to say, ‘Hey, if you’re not happy, just leave, just move,” Idris said. “Kind of like a male instinct, I don’t know.”



Dear Classic 105fam, is this advice you can borrow for your own relationship?

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Was he forced? Man shows up to his wedding in shorts and tshirt


A man who did not seem to want to put any effort into dressing up for his wedding day has a lot of questions to answer.

In several photos shared online, the groom seems surprised and shocked at the turn of events while his bride happily smiles away.


edding 23

People reacted to the pictures with hilarious comments that illustrate how funny his situation is:

Not even nice pants or something, did he want to be there or was it a surprise to him

He didn’t know it was today…he thought yall meant next saturdaywedding 1

Why he looks like he don’t want to be there

Oh my the guy is dressed like he’s going to a LMFAO concertE2F6KZLXMAAJXzt

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My wife’s cousin and aunty wanted me –  husband confesses


A very calm husband told Maina Kageni that wives should learn to listen when men tell them who to cut ties with.

He explained using his experience to serve as a warning that some husbands mean well.

The confession was prompted by a discussion between Maina nd Kingangi about men telling their wives who to stop being friends with. His honesty even shut down any argument that Maina would have had about commanding wives.maiua kagweni

He told of how his wife’s cousin and aunty were into him and the decision he had to make to save his marriage. The soft spoken man said

‘Some six years ago, we came back to Kenya from South Africa. We relocated back home and I noticed something about my in laws and I told my wife it’s time to cut ties with your family. I did not command her, I told her nicely and do you know what she did not listen, but quickly came to learn what I was talking about. In a few weeks after we came back, she was so stressed she was losing weight. Her cousin had her eyes on me and even her aunty. Maina unacheza na hii Kanairo. Do you know if I was a bad man ningepita nao. It was something I saw coming and that’s why I warned my wife. Temptation can lead to something and it’s good to listen especially when it’s family background. Even your father can pita with your wife, alaa. Ladies should learn to listen.’

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Woman in video with her seven husbands excites the internet


The discussion of polyandry may become a reality and especially after South Africa was said to be discussing allowing woman to have multiple men.

Classic host Maina Kageni shared a video of a woman with seven husbands and people are quickly losing it over the thought that a woman can have more than one husband.

The video below has garnered lots of retweets and comments that it’s just too much to handle. There are some who are asking just how she satisfies them.’

The woman is said to derive her power from her hair, and just like Samson in the Bible, she uses it to keep the men harmonic.

She is said to have been commanded by elders to marry many men by spiritual elders who ‘told me to produce more and more children and I was told not to have more than one child with the same man and that explains why I had to marry seven husbands’


In the video she explains that she has built a house for each husband and she chooses where to sleep because ‘I built a house for each so I I visit whoever I want and I satisfy their needs. There is no husband who has ever complained about anything and none of them can try cheating on me my superpowers control it before it happens and before one thinks of it. I have a timetable for each and everyone as they’re seven. Each one has a day that I visit his home.

@IanKama94396775…gender equality at its finest ghai fafa
@jmmwaghesha….No one can dare cheat!
@jmmwaghesha…Munaweza kanyaga break kidogo nishuke kwa hii dunia niingie planet Pluto
@a_mwitu…Wait 7 what? By register ama
@OduoriGeorge…Imagine they are just OK
@Thuo_bim…That’s madness
@KelvinWatoka..those men need a good beating

I determine which family member my wife can see – man tells Maina

Marriage comes with its set of problems as Maina quickly discovered during the Tuesday morning conversation with Kingangi.

The topic was an extension of Mondays where the husbands told Maina that they determine which of their friends their wives can keep after marrying.

Maina asked ladies to call in and share their experience asking ‘Ladies, can your man tell you who to stop hanging around with when you get married? Has your man told you who to stop seeing as a friend and you agreed girls?girl-friends2

A man responded and said it shows ‘growth’ when a wife listens to her man about who to be friends with.

He confidently told Maina that he expects his wife to strictly follow his instructions and that even family members are vetted

‘Kuna a friend of your wife una investigaye unapata ana tabia mbaya. You see huyu ni kisirani and you tell your wife if I ever see you with that friend again, I expect you to end your friendship. I have told my wife because there was these friends of hers, she kept misadvising my wife about our marriage, telling her I’m broke and I sat my wife down and told her to end that relationship ‘achana na huyo wachana or else’. As a man Maina you can’t sit back as a husband as another woman ruins your marriage. I expect my wife to give yup her friends, and even I will chose for her which family members to be friends with. I can’t sit by idly as people ruin my marriage’

Girls would you let your man decide who you should keep as a friend or is that marriage done because your friends are important to you? Drop us your comments below.

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“And the way he is polite” Angry wife shouts about serial cheater husband

Classic 105 listeners begged Maina Kageni to call back an angry wife whose call got disconnected while giving moshene about her serial cheater husband.

The woman was contributing to a discussion about why wives and side chicks call each other, and if it’s meant to embarrass the man.

The wife had her own confession and at one point almost cried when describing her frustration with a serial cheater husband.

“Maina, I was happier when I was single. I got married and it is just hell. Kila saa naona majina tofauti kwa simu ati goodnight sweetheart. Last year nilijidanganya nikapigia moja kumbe she saved my number nikamwambia leave my husband alone. I regret that, last weeks the same woman called me coz I had her number saved. I told her I have had enough of them, and told her to pack her things and I would pack my things as well and she can come and replace me. She told me to not bother that there are so many. Gosh Maina. Ati I saw another message of one telling him to buy her gas ati hana food. I have five numbers saved on my phone, I am still in bed sijachana nywele, na sijakula niko na strss. I want to call them, I told my husband I know about the five and he said those are just office friends, and I told him I will tell his boss. I  am so confused I don’t even know the last time I combed my hair. I am just in the house, I am just sick, I don’t work coz kazi iliisha. I am just sitting in the house. I wonder what is better walkign away, or staying, it’s bad I love the guy and the way he is so polite,”

This was when the phone disconnected and the conversation ended.

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