A list of famous people who just love getting married


Do you get shocked to hear some of our favorite celebrities have been married 3 to 4 times? No? Me either. Some of them have even expressed their feelings that they don’t like being lonely and so need to be with someone all the time.

Yet there are those who have wed 8 to 9 times, and British American actress Elizabeth Taylor comes to mind here.

That’s way too many times if you ask me. Perhaps they should just chill out for a while.

Check out this list of such famous people who have made headlines with multiple marriages:

Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian is currently married to Kanye West. Together, they have 4 children. But Kanye is actually Kim’s third husband. She had a short 72-day marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries. However, Kris was her second husband – before she was famous, she was married at a young age to music producer, Damon Thomas from 2000 – 2004.

Kim Kardashian at the MET gala
Kim Kardashian at the MET gala

Jeniffer Lopez: Jenny from the block has walked down the aisle three times. Her first husband was Cuban waiter, Ojani Noa, they were married for just under a year. Second husband was back-up dancer Cris Judd. They were married September 2001, to June 2002 – even shorter this time. Then she married singer, Marc Anthony in 2004. Together they had twins, but the couple did not live happily ever after. Their divorce was finalized in 2014. She is now planning her wedding to Alex Rodriguez, who’s divorced.

jeniffer lopez

Angelina Jolie: Angelina Jolie has been married three times. Her first husband was British actor, Jonny Lee Miller. The wedding ceremony saw Angelina wearing rubber pants and a white T-shirt with her husband’s name written on the back in her own blood. Her second marriage was in Vegas to actor Billy Bob Thornton after dating for only 2 months. Her third marriage was to Brad Pitt – they have recently filed for divorce.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Kenny Rogers:The country legend has been married 5 times. His first wife was Janice Gordon; from 1958 till 1960. Then came Jean Rogers; from 1960 till 1963. Third wife was Margo Anderson from 1964 till 1976. His fourth marriage was to Marianne Gordon; they married in 1977 and divorced in 1993. It cost him $60 million. Finally, his fifth marriage is to Wanda Miller. They married in 1997 and are still married. Looks like he finally learned when to hold ’em.

1383350444000-Kenny-Rogers KennyRogers-FTR
Larry King: Former CNN talk show host has been married eight times to seven different women. In 1997, he married his last wife, Shawn Southwick. On King and Southwick’s 10th anniversary in September 2007, Southwick joked she was “the only wife to have lasted into the two digits”. Larry and Shawn King filed for divorce in 2010 but reconciled, and filed for divorce again in 2019.


Nicholas Cage: Cage has been married four times. His first wife was actress Patricia Arquette, his second marriage was to singer and songwriter Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley. Very fitting, seeing as Cage is an Elvis fan. His third wife is Alice Kim together they have a son, Kal-El. In March 2019, Cage married Erika Koike in Las Vegas, only to file for annulment four days later.

nicholas cage and new wife
“There was a recent breakup,” Cage, 55, said in an interview with The New York Times Magazine. “I don’t really want to talk about it. I was pretty upset about that and the way things happened.”

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Is there a problem with parenting today asks Maina Kageni

“Male teens need a dad to be the anchor that stabilizes their youth as they are pulled in every direction.” was the resounding theme on Classic 105, as hosts Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi debated the topic of absentee dads.

This follows a third video shared online of a Kenyan boy spilling all sorts of vitriol. No, we will not share the clip here, search for it online using the hashtag #consolata.

The idea that there may be a parenting issue in Kenya was discussed on Classic 105.


Mwalimu sought to know from listeners, who the father figure is, in households where single mums are raising male teens.

He also gave his take saying

‘They were chased away by the women, and alot of men want to come back in their lives but the doors are ‘locked’.


He added

most men were chased away and are not allow to see their children

Mwalimu went on to suggest that women are sacrificing their families for careers, something that Maina quickly responded to

so should ladies sacrifice more? Where are the fathers of these children? You know your boy is 11 or 12 and doesn’t it worry you that he is growing up without a mentor?

Where are you guys, why are you blaming single mothers, where are the fathers to these boys?


Mwalimu noted that the best way to resolve teen problems is

They (fathers) need to be recalled, you know that’s a very critical age for boys between 11- 16 years

Where do you think the problem lies? Drop your comments below.

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‘You’re wise to leave’ fans tell Ali Kiba’s wife after marital drama


Ali Kiba’s Kenyan wife Amina has been sending cryptic messages of being unhappy having left her marital home in Tanzania to come back to the 254.

A video shared online over the weekend showed Ali Kiba getting cosy with one of his baby mama’s. The two seemed to be loving every moment, as he fondled her.

This follows constant rumors that Amina has left her marital home amidst the drama.


The short but punchy messages suggest she is hurting badly.

In one instance she wrote:

Wabaya watu!!

To which many responded with consoling remarks:
Mamy bora ulivyojiondokea,,mambo ya kukaa nyumba moja na ukoo mzima ushindwe hata kujikuna tako loooooooooh,,,watanzania tunatia aibu


Mwanamkeee mjingaaa huvunjaaa ndoa yakeee mwenyew na mwanaumee mjingaaa huvunjaaa ndoa yakeee mwenyew

Tulia mamii usishindane na malaya. Hawana mpanga wanaitamani nafasi yako
Mwanamke anaejielewa ukaa kimya sasa nyamaza wayamalize wenyewe
Wapotezeee,tena,usiwaonyeshe,umeumia,funga,vioo,mamiii,tena,usipost,machungu yako kabisa,hapo,utawakanyaga,kanyaga,we,mzuri,simamia,unachoamini,

Ali Kiba with his wife
Ali Kiba with his wife on their wedding day

Wanadamu hawana mbingu ya kukuweka,Mungu hajakuacha, iko siku utafurahi

Dada achana na maneno ya mitandao yatakuumiza kichwa

Achana nao wapotezee wala usiwake akilini utaumia bureee

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Cop burnt with acid by angry wife to get plastic surgery


Dan Matakaya was fast asleep when his wife poured sulphuric acid solution on his face.

Matakaya was a police officer in Kisii at the time of the ordeal on the morning of September 21 2013.

“After she poured acid on me, I tried to reach out for water but she had poured water on the floor and connected power. She wanted me to be electrocuted. I screamed for help and my neighbors took me to hospital,” he told BBC on Monday.

Unfortunately, the acid solution ate into his skin and that was the beginning of multiple surgeries in Kenya.


The neighbors rushed him to Hema hospital in Kisii for treatment.

“I was given First Aid. My face was washed and I began seeing. The pain was so severe in my legs I struggled to walk. They tried to give me painkillers but there was no change,” he told the British broadcaster.

After two days he was transferred to Kakamega County Hospital.

“In Kakamega hospital I stayed for two days then I was referred to Kenyatta National Hospital for advanced treatment,” Matakaya said.

He lost his sight during the process of hospital transfers.

“Apparently, the acid continued to work on my eyes even after and it made me go blind. If we had known better we would have kept pouring water into my eyes to dilute the acid and I wouldn’t have lost my sight.”

At Kenyatta, he was admitted from September 2013 to February 2014 where he underwent 15 surgeries because the burns take time to heal.

He said the doctors did grafting, removed tissues from other parts of the body for the burns to heal from inside.

The surgeries stabilized his condition but he was not fully healed.

Matakaya was given a nurse who attended to him for six months while he was at home.

The nurse cleaned and dressed his wounds.

When he thought the wounds had healed, he went to the clinic but was admitted again at Nairobi West Hospital for further surgeries.

“Although the burns were healing, there were contractures. My hands had healed but they were stiff. The neck had also healed but it was stiff and bent to one side,” he narrated.

The doctors said he had to release the contractures through surgery.

Health experts also tried to open up his nostrils but they closed again a few days towards the end of 2014.

In 2015, he went back to Kenyatta where he had surgery on the nose because the previous one had not been successful.

Matakaya on August 25,2019 appealed to Kenyans on twitter for financial aid through the hashtag #TembeaNaDan .

He wanted to raise Sh600,000 for his treatment abroad but received Sh120,000 as reported by Nation daily.

On September 10, he received full medical sponsorship by Face Forward International.

He will undergo a special surgery to open up his nostrils in Beverly Hills, California .

“God answered my prayers for a fully funded plastic surgery and I am in the States awaiting my surgery on Friday. I’m hopeful this one will go well,” he said.

Dan Matakaiya in a previous interview with Kiss FM

Dan Matakaiya in a previous interview with Kiss FM 
Image: FILE


Matakaya has contemplated to kill himself when he was undergoing his last surgery at Kenyatta hospital in 2015.

“After a second unsuccessful surgery to open up my nostrils, the doctor lost hope in me,” he said.

The doctor told him he doubted his life and Matakaya thought of throwing himself off the ward building.

“I started thinking about committing suicide. I was on the 9th floor ward of the hospital and I thought about throwing myself off the building.”

But something told him, “what if you throw yourself down and you don’t die?”


He  realized that he still had something to offer.

“I reconciled my mind to the idea of living. I was counselled and began to  understand the value of life,” he said

In 2016 he formed Dan Shieshie Foundation to help men who do not want to come out and share their experiences in their marriages.

“I understand that men have been labelled as the perpetrators when it comes to domestic violence. When it happens the other way round, the society is not ready to listen to you,”he said.

Kenny Latimore gets engaged 8 years after divorce

Eight years after splitting with his first wife, singer Kenny Lattimore has found love again, and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Latimore left his first wife singer Chante Morre back in 2011.

The R&B singer, who has kept a relatively low profile over the years shared the news on Instagram and gave a heartfelt dedication for finding love again.


In a beautiful post, Lattimore sings his fiancée praises.

“Faith, I am forever grateful to God for His faithfulness in sending me you,” he writes. “To say you are the total package is a vast understatement. You are powerful and passionate about life and yet your presence brings me so much peace. Your drive and ambition never cease to amaze me and your heart is filled with love & empathy for others. Everything you do on and off tv is done with dignity and grace – it’s why you’re an inspiration to so many, including me.


He continues:

“I posted my song ‘Deserve’ last week as it says everything about us that I feel. ‘We have something so rare … you don’t deserve the wait any longer. I’m ready to make you mine forever.’ I’m honored you said YES to our forever! “

His fiance has the beauty and the brains. Faith Jenkins has some impressive receipts. She is a lawyer, previously held the title of Miss Louisiana and has built an impressive career as prosecutor and legal commentator. Currently, she stars in her own nationally syndicated court TV show called Judge Faith.

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Kitany to attend father in laws burial today


Marriane Kitany, the former chief of staff in the Office of the Deputy President, has said she will attend her father in-law’s burial on Tuesday in Igembe Meru.

Despite her divorce process with Meru Senator Mithika Linturi, Kitany through her lawyer Danstan Omari, said she is going to pay her last respects to Linturi’s father who passed away two weeks ago.

“It is the honour and respect… she has a moral, cultural and legal basis to attend the funeral. Whoever will want to cause drama it will not be from our side. We want to pay respect,” Omari said on Monday.

Last week, Kitany, applied for an adjournment on her ongoing divorce case against Linturi.

Kitany said she was not ready to proceed following the death of Linturi’s father on Monday night.

Omari said Kitany is in mourning and is in the process of going to her home in Meru to be part of her father-in-law’s burial programme.

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‘He used me’ Saumu Mbuvi’s bae accused of dumping woman after relationship 


After meeting on Facebook, a woman has accused Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip of using and dumping her.

The beginning of Saumu Mbuvi and Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip’s love story

The woman, 36, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told journalists at the Muslims for Human Rights offices Sunday September 15, that she met the youthful senator through Facebook in April.

“He inboxed me through Messenger after seeing my Facebook page. At first he told me he had a business idea he wanted to share with me but things changed later when we met,” said the mother of a 15-year-old daughter.

She said after a series of chats with the senator, they later met in Nairobi, barely two days after they started communication through Messenger – a communication application commonly used on Facebook.

The woman claimed they stayed at Loitiptip’s house in Nairobi for two days before the senator said he needed to go to Kisumu where he had been called for a security meeting.

“He never got in touch with me again. After three weeks, I started feeling unwell and when I took a test, I found out I was pregnant,” she said.

The woman said that she had stayed single for long and thought that she had finally found someone special.

She accused the senator of trying to silence her by threatening her with dire consequences should she ‘spoil his image’.

Contacted, Senator Loitiptip accused the woman of forcing herself on him.

“It is annoying. Someone wants to revive a relationship that existed over six months ago and wants to use it to tarnish my name,” said the 33-year-old lawmaker.

lamu senator 1

Loitiptip who spoke at Mkomani in Nyali constituency,said the woman is older than him and their relationship could not work.

‘He used to beat me’ Saumu Mbuvi opens up about baby daddy

“I knew her for less than a week. I thought it was a relationship that would blossom into something more serious but my expectations were not met,” he said.

Loitiptip said he is now in a another relationship with his fianceé. He accused the woman of insulting his fianceé on social media.

“I had to react. You cannot insult my fianceé and my family because of something that you want to force. You can’t force love,” he told journalists.

He denied sending goons to trail the woman as alleged. Loitiptip said she could be a pawn in a political game meant to kill his political career.

“I have a lot of enemies. If I could be sending goons to everyone who wrongs me, how many people could have been hurt by now? I cannot do that,” he said.

Muhuri chair Khelef Khalifa urged detective to get to the bottom of the matter. He said the woman’s life is in danger.

“Politicians should know that they cannot get away with everything. This is a new dispensation,” he said.

The woman said he she has thrice been trailed by strange people.

“I am scared,” she said.

The strangers came to her house last Sunday, last Monday and again last Thursday.

She has reported the matter at Kadzandani police post and recorded statements at the Dog Section and Nyali police station.

Senator Loitiptip said he has also recorded statements.

The DCI are investigating the matter.

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Is it petty for a woman to remind a man she pays the bills? KOT share thoughts



People have shared their thoughts on being married to someone without a job, and the financial burden placed on them

Many resented their partner for putting more financical pressure on them.

Others revealed they gave their partner ultimatums.

Married women on Classic 105 shared their honest views on having an unemployed spouse, with many admitting they resent their partner.


Here are some sample views from classic fans:

If she pay rent of one month it would be the talk of the Town for the whole year
We men take care of the pills in the house for decades but nobody would not know.

We are not that petty, maina we carry our responsibility and we don’t go back and count because if we do there is nothing women will have of their own

God is great I was waiting for such a topic kama yule alisema anaoshewa gari na bwana wake why don’t she ever thought of opening a business for him to do or even empower him in one way if she is okay upstars #MainaAndKingangi


most of these primary school teachers were educated by their men, if a lady buys you a Trouser that will be the talk in their meetings, ata bibilia inasema what the right hand gives the left hand should not know

#MainaAndKingangiMen are like a cow which gives milk which feeds entire village and keeps quiet Women are like Hen which lays one egg and makes noise in the entire village. The egg can’t even feed two people

@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya A Real Woman NEVER utters such from Her mouth, thoughts & deep in Her. It shows disrespect, demean & immaturity.. That’s how women throw Blessings thinking they’re making themselves look better.


Kwanza nani anawaambia au kuwalazimisha wanawake kununua hayo magari au sijui rent? They do it willingly bila gun on their heads. Quit paying if you dont want otherwise shutter up, mnatupigia kelele hapa. Y’all gullible

So what? You loved him and you had sworn to be with him for better and worse. Why leave him anyway? It means that wasn’t true love. True love conquers all #MainaAndKingangi


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The ultimatums Kenyan women have given ‘lazy’ spouses


Women have revealed their thoughts on unemployed spouses and it’s pretty harsh.

Mwalimu Kingangi on Friday started a very interesting conversation about role responsiblibites in terms of money, noting that ‘a woman will rememeber the first time she gave you 50 bob.’


He was upset that many wives have been bragging about paying bills and outing men who are unemployed. He figured that women are not understanding that unemployment is a temporary situation, and this men should be respected.

Mwalimu said

You will never hear a man say how he paid bills but when a woman does pay bills for a man, she will announce it to the world, t will be front page news, you are telling the entire world how you are helping your husband, why do women have to announce. Do you know you would rather take money from a shylock than ask a wife for money. 

So Maina sought to know from ladies: why are you like that? Is it that you feel unappreciated, is it that you feel that you do so much for this man and it’s not appreciated?

Let’s have this chat ladies, and be honest. Women opened up with all sorts of accusation you need to read below:


Woman caller: God did not say women should provide and that is why we complain, we are not bragging, she is saying you are just another bugger, if you are useless man one day you shall be called bugger


Another woman concurred noting that

we are living with Kenyan men that are bums, we are paying all bills and they they have nothing to say because they are doing nothing, why should I be paying his bills? I have a man I supported for ten years. I left the bugger,  I  took him to school I paid his fees, I paid the mortgage and all he does is wear a nice suit, buy nyama choma, and entertainment friends, what will he say he did for his family? Nothing!!!

Dear Classic fam, are these women being petty or are their grievances justified? Drop us your comments.


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‘I didn’t know how old my first baby mama was’ Fred Omondi confesses


Comedian Fred Omondi has for the first time in a tell all interview revealed he had a mzungu baby mama when he was pretty young.

The radio interview on Tuesday September 10th, unraveled a story he has kept a secret for so long

I met this mzungu in my prime, you know during adolescence in Kisumu city

At the time I was into doing drama and poems and these group of mzungu investors came 


Fred has also shockingly admitted that he is not close to his daughter with the mzungu owing to the distance between them

I am not close to Shanice

She is eight years old, and she doesn’t live with me in Kenya because she is with her mother abroad

He hesistated to reveal how old he was when he got this first child with the mzungu only saying

I was very young ‘about 20 years’


And how old was this mzungu baby mama when they had a relationship?

‘huko tuu’ around, you know with these mzungu’s you can never really tell their age

I keep in touch with my daughter Shanice online but we are not very close

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Daddy Owen lets it slip about wife’s bad habit


Gospel artiste Daddy Owen has in a candid post advised people not to be deceived by his wife’s beautiful looks because like everyone else she gets angry.

According to Owen when his wife is angry she speaks Kikuyu and when she does you should run for the hills.

Sharing a photo of himself enjoying a meal with his wife Owen captioned.

Nakwambia hapa tunacheka poa lakini kakijam kaanze kuongea kikuyu!

That’s when utajua mitabendi zinaweza change from Capital FM to Kameme FM so fast! 😂😂😂 when we are happy conversation ukua in English..

Kiswahili ni mimi nikiwa happy 😂😂😂 ikiingia Kameme mimi mbio 🏃‍♂️.

Daddy Owen enjoying a meal with his wife Farida

(Let me tell you we are laughing but when she gets angry she starts talking in Kikuyu.

That is when you realize that frequencies can easily shift from Capital FM to Kameme FM so fast.

When we are happy the conversations are usually in English.

I speak swahili when happy and when she starts talking in Kikuyu I run.

Owen had in a past interview Daddy Owen had talked about why there are so many breakups in today’s relationships/marriages.

He addressed the fact that the main factors that have contributed to break up in the society is the empowering of the girl child while neglecting the boy child.

The world is changing.

People should understand that we are in a transition period where women are being empowered without preparing the men.

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Nagging and Clingy: Why Kalenjin men dump wives in ushago

A Kalenjin man left Maina Kageni astonished after sharing details of his living conditions.

No, he is not homeless, or living large. He says he is happily married and living separate from his wife, and it’s the best thing EVER!


Now before you wonder what the hell he is talking about, he has a reason for it.

I have been married for four years and after a year I took her ushago, you know there is reality of life, you cannot be doing cosmetic things of ‘we are in love’, let us not live the western life

Notice the lack of empathy he has for his wife as he continues his life story

we cannot keep moving from one place to another with our wives, we have to leave our wives back at home to stabilize things, so for me I can’t allow to move with my wife, and she is back home by the way she is a very good farmer very good manager, my farm is doing well just because she is doing a good job



So I see her once a month, that’s what is done in Kajlenjin. We don’t have to agree on such things, it’s men who decide.

I am 33 and she is 28, and she is doing very well infact I opened a shop for her, she is a graduate, we had to get educated, so we have to live a reality life not movies, infact I am looking for a school for her to teach so that she is busy.

Would you ever live apart from your partner? Or do you love the closeness? Or do you wish you could? Do you already? Tell us below.

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‘My husband forbids me from visiting him in the city’ Kiambu wife confesses 


What is the point of getting married if you will not live with your wife, was the question Maina Kageni posed to his listeners after a woman confessed how her husband left her with his mother, with a silly excuse.

The husband thought it was a good idea to dump his wife in ushago (upcountry) with his mother and sadly is causing untold stress to his wife.


She narrated to Maina Kageni

I’m a victim. I’m liviing with the mother int he same house and it’s been six years now.

He said that things are not doing good in Nairobi and he took me to his mothers house but he is living in Nairobi himself.

I’m with the mother in Kaimbu, but hatuwezi kaa wawili, there is pressure, nimejaribu kumpush anirudishe Nairobi akasema hapana.

It’s so hard here I’m like the maid, I do everything in the house for his mother, it’s not easy.

I have two children, I see myself living here forever, coz I have tried pushing him to remove me from here but he resists.

He doesn’t visit me often. The last time he visited was 2017 December, I went once to Nairobi and he chased me away saying Nairobi is not for someone like me

Can y’all see how she is being played by her husband?

Have you tried living with your in-laws? How did you make it work, or didn’t it work?

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Harmonize’s mother in law lavishes praise on singer after nuptials

Bongo sensation Harmonize and his longtime girlfriend Sarah Michelotti exchanged vows in two wedding ceremonies.

The first ceremony was a Muslim wedding which where the couple solemnized their union in accordance with Islamic wedding rites.

After the Muslim wedding, Harmonize and Sarah exchanged vows in a colorful white wedding which was also held in Dar es Salaam on Saturday September 7th.

Sarah and her mother


The couple got engaged in Italy a few months ago and Sarah’s family, especially her mother has been very supportive of their relationship.

Harmonize and Sarah

After the wedding, the excited Sarah took to social media to confirm that she was taken.

FOREVER JESHI🖤❤️💍… I LOVE YOU. 07/09/2019,’ she poted accompanied by the photo below.

Harmonize and Sarah
Newlyweds Sarah and her singer hubby

Sarah’s mother, who was among the 100 invited guests, took to social media to wish the newlyweds nothing but the best.

Le grand jour le bonheur [The great day happiness],’ she wrote.

In another post, she wrote

Beautiful couple.

Harmonize and Sarah

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Ladies, shoot Your Shot: Savara searching for a wife

Sauti Sol member Savara Mundigi is looking for a wife in Tanzania. In a recent interview with LilOmmy TV, Savara said, “I am saying this right now that I am in a big problem and I am looking for a Tanzanian wife.”

Adding, “If I get, I will be so happy, but if I don’t, ni sawa pia.”

Early this year, Savara had been rumoured to be dating Yvonne Endo after the two were spotted at a restaurant in Westlands. Their social media exchanges confirmed this.

Yvonne had shared a photo of herself with the star, eliciting suggestive comments. Bien commented with red flowers and Savara gave a love emoji to the photo.

Earlier on, he was rumoured to be dating President Uhuru’s niece, Kavi Pratt, after the two shared the same photo on their Instagram accounts, showing Kavi Pratt planting an affectionate peck on Savara.

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‘Willing buyer willing seller’ Kitany denies luring Linturi to Naivasha


Marianne Kitany has denied luring her estranged husband and Meru Senator Mithika Linturi to Sopa Lodge in Naivasha where their love was brewed.

The former chief of staff in Deputy President William Ruto’s office, while being re-examined by Lawyer Danstan Omari, told the court it was a willing buyer-willing seller situation.

In her evidence, she said did not entice Linturi to Sopa Lodge to stop him from tabling a censure motion in Parliament.

“We became intimate. We were both willing. I cohabited with Linturi around June 2014 until March 2016 when we got married and lived as husband and wife,” she said.

Kitany said she got married to Linturi based on love and trust. She said she presented material evidence to prove that a marriage existed between them.

“I provided affidavits and photos. During the cross-examination, nobody challenged the photos I presented,”  she said.

Linturi has said they were never married. Kitany presented video evidence to prove they were married. Linturi says he is married to one wife – Mercy Kaimenyi.

Yeterday, Kitany told the court that she became aware of a marriage certificate between Linturi and Kaimenyi in December last year.

“It’s a document of a certain marriage celebrated on April 8, 2000. I didn’t know Linturi at that time. I did not attend that function,” she said.

She told the court only the registrar can confirm the marriage certificate presented by Linturi.

 Kitany said a document generated by Tigania Catholic Church is not proof of marriage between Kaimenyi and Linturi.

“This document with a stamp from the Tigania church, according to me, doesn’t confirm a marriage. It can’t be the basis of a confirmation of a marriage. Only the registrar of of marriages can confirm,” she said.

Kitany, however, confirmed that Linturi filed a divorce case against Kaimenyi in 2005.

During cross-examination Kitany was asked whether she has any evidence of a divorce between Linturi and Kaimenyi . Yesterday she said the divorce suit papers formed part of the evidence and that the registrar of judiciary and registrar of marriages can also confirm there was a divorce.

Kitany further made reference to a witness statement of a Catholic Priest Jason Muchemi who claimed that that wedding between Kaimenyi and Linturi was conducted at Tigania Parish.

But Kitany said his being a Catholic priest is not an assurance of him telling the truth. “His a human being,” she said.

During the proceedings, the court declined to order that Kitany undergoes a psychiatric tests. Prof George Wajakoya, representing Linturi, made the request.

Magistrate Peter Gesora said the court has not detected any behaviour for it to make such drastic orders.

In her defence, Kitany said she has sound mind and has never been to a psychiatrist.

“I am also not a pathological liar as insinuated by the defence team. I want this court to grant me orders for divorce between myself and Linturi,” she said.

The case was adjourned to September 24.

The magistrate said it will not be live streamed, but the media will still be allowed to cover the case.

He made the decision after both parties reflected on the issue.

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I always chose my mother over my wife – married man whispers




It’s normal to seek the advise of your parents, but if a married man can’t make a decision without consulting his mother, then we have a problem.

A married man confessed to Maina Kageni that he runs all his decisions by his mother.

The man admitted that even after 19 years of marriage, he still doesn’t trust this wife.

His rock is his mother whom he trusts.

 I trust my mother more than anybody else in this world and these wives you can never trust them.

Dear Kenyan wives, how long does it take for your man to trust you?

The man continues to discose how his mum can’t do anything wrong, and she can show up unannounced to his home

My mother can come to my house anytime she wants without any condition,I’m happy with it, when my mother comes I don’t see any problem with it.

He is such a mams boy that

I have been married 19 years and infact my mother knows better, I go with my mothers suggestions not my wife’s.

Dear Classic 105 fam, is dating/marrying a mama’s boy the worst thing?

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Guys, what is it like dating/marrying a daddy’s girl asks Maina Kageni


We have all heard the expression “daddy’s girl”. Can being a daddy’s girl affect your relationship?

Yes, according to Mwalimu Kingangi, who advises such women to wean off their fathers once married.

We need to appreciate they love their fathers, but at what point do you hand over jukumu of being advised to another man in her life. This should be done slowly because it can’t happen immediately, so she should find a way to wind it up, because these are two jogoos. D you realize this is another boma she has started, You cannot be taking decisions from all over.


These little girls are so close to their father they tend to idealize them, something that Maina Kageni thinks is not so shabby at all.

There is no way a father can let a daughter marry way before her class, Maina defended such relationships.

Maina posed this question to listeners:

Guys what’s it like dating a daddy’s girl? And girls, Mwalimu is saying you need to learn to wean yourself off your fathers.

A cross section of callers gave their opinions below:

Woman caller: when you marry the gir is given to you by the father, every decisiont hat you make as a family is one. Your life no longer depdnes on anyone else, so if you contineu listening to your father, at the end of the day where do you go? The conflict that wil be there will be crazy.

Please ladies learnt to listen to your husband in case there is a dispute, because at the end of the day you remain with your husband. If you listen to your father you will break your marriage, itakuwa ni nyinyi wawili kwa nyumba, it is your life, please ladies listen to your husband not your father

Father and daughter
Father and daughter

man caller: Iv’e got a friend whose daughter is 27, and well off she has a very good job, she was an A student. She got married to a jobless man and the father as been against it so much and the next thing she got pregnant. She listened to her mother when she got pregnant, the mother told her to get married to that poor man and she bought Ubers about five of them, and the man is managing them, the mother says she is happy whether to a poor man or not.


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