Man who rewarded wife with luxury bags for giving birth reveals child may not be his


The push present is a luxury gift a man buys his woman to thank her for giving birth to his child. And that is what a man did in 2020, showing off the luxury handbags he bought for her.

He said he wanted to buy her something special and shared this cute message back in July 1. 2020.



But now it seems he found out some heartbreaking news that made him share an update that got many saying DNA tests shoudl now be mandatory to avoid being made a clown by women.


Dear Classic 105 fam, do you believe that women deserve a little something, from their partner after having a baby and the sacrifices she’s made to carry and have a child?

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Successful celeb relationships that Kenyans should admire and even strive to achieve

While we in the media enjoy covering sad news about celeb relationships-cause it sells, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a bunch of healthy successful celebrity relationships in Kenya that can give one hope for in the institution of marriage.

The celeb couples below remind us of the marriages that one can admire and seek to emulate. Let’s begin:

Isaac Mwaura and Nelius Rwamba

Politician Isaac and his wife Nelius have been married SINCE 2015. The lovebirds have never shied from sharing their sweet moments with Kenyans. Before walking down the aisle, the ODM-nomnated MP posted photos of him kneeling before his fiancée to propose.

Joyce Omondi and Waihiga Mwaura
The two are among the youngest celeb couples in Kenya. Waihiga Mwaura, a Sports anchor Citizen TV and salacious Joyce Omondi, became one several years ago. It is doubtless that Waihiga landed his eyes on the blessed queen during her time at Citizen TV as a host of the gospel show Rauka. What used to happen during commercials as the two dated is left to your imagination.

Linet Muraya (Size8) and DJ Mo

While this might be a controversial addition to this list, I believe it should be here. Why? Despite the cheating scandal that engulfed Dj Mo in late 2020, the couple has pulled together and look to be working hard to get their marriage back on the right track.

The couple’s addition in this list is for the simple reason that they show the complexities and nuances that occur in any relationship and whether people are willing to work on them.

Wahu and Nameless

The two musicians have been blessed with two beautiful kids since they got married 16 years ago. One thing that I love about them is their honesty about marriage and how much they believe in individual growth even while in a relationship.

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Julie Gichuru and Anthony Gichuru

The popular media personality and her wealthy husband have been married for more than 20 years now and have 4 children together – 3 boys and one girl. The beautiful Julie who is 47 is a testament to the joys a wonderful relationship can bring to it’s participants.

Reverend Kathy Kiuna and Bishop Allan Kiuna

This Christian couple is one of the most popular Church leaders in the country.  The wealthy couple has three children, two girls, and one boy.

The couple who founded Jubilee Christian Church are grandparents to 3 kids.

Emmy Kosgei and Apostle Madubuko

The Kalenjin gospel singer and her Nigerian pastor husband are the image of wedded bliss despite them having a large age difference.

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The two held a lavish white wedding and a traditional one in Kenya and another one in Nigeria.

Njugush and Celestine Ndinda

The funnyman and his equally hilarious wife are sweethearts from the time they met in college. The two who have been blessed with a handsome baby boy, have a relationship that has lasted through thick and thin showing that even in this age of the sponsor and the slay queen that true love can exist.

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Catherine Kamau and Phillip Karanja

Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress met her filmmaker husband Phil while auditioning for an acting role. Despite Kate being a sassy character and also a single mother, Phil was smitten with her and after a successful chase was able to lock her down.

They were blessed with a baby girl in late 2019 and seem to be thriving.

Khaligraph Jones and Georgina Muteti

The tough as nails rapper showed that he had a soft underside when he finally revealed his beautiful wife, Georgina who he had kept hidden.

They have been blessed with 2 kids so far and while Khaligraph’s career thrives, so does his marriage.

Kambua and Jackson Mathu

The singer and her loving businessman husband were married for more than 6 years before Kambua finally got the fruit of the womb.

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Despite that tough spell, the couple stayed together and have now been blessed with one kid and with another one on the way.

There are many more relationships that I haven’t included in this list but you get my point.

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Kanye and Kim Kardashian living separately, divorce imminent

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West are living separately and goign through marriage counseling and keeping this information low key.

A source old multiple blogs that the couple have been living separately for some time nowwith Kanye in Wyoming and Kim plus their four kids in their Calabasas home in California.

In Mid 2020, West announced a failed bid for president, then went on to deliver a tearful monologue at a political rally addressing topics from abortion to Harriet Tubman, and said in a series of since-deleted tweets that his wife was trying to have him hospitalized.

“Kim was trying to fly to Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up like on the movie Get Out because I cried about saving my daughter’s life yesterday,” he wrote at the time.

He also called his mother in law Kris Jenner “Kris Jong-Un” and claimed that the famous family were trying to force him into psychiatric treatment. kim kardashian family christmas card

West later said on Twitter that he had been trying to divorce Kardashian West after she met with rapper Meek Mill to discuss prison reform. “Meek is my man and was respectful,” he wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “That’s my dog Kim was out of line.”

In recent weeks though, West has not been seen on Kim’s social media accounts and fans commented so. He was not featured in any photos from a recent trip to Lake Tahoe during their holidays and nether was he present in her Christmas posts.

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I will marry you out of gratitude but I’m in love with someone else

A bizarre text exchange between a man and woman about marrying for gratitude caught my attention, and for a good reason. It’s something that has landed couples in bad situations mostly …death.

The shocking text shared online shows a female student Sarah telling a man who paid her college fees that she will marry him only because he educated her, but she is madly in love with someone else. Ouch!!

school fees 1

People shared their horro at the situation in the second screenshot of the text message

Well she clearly said she didn’t tell him coz he was paying for her education

@obe2004lix2007..Sad though she’s honest but she took advantage knowing well the guy was so much into her to go that extra mile

school fees 2
@BwalyaCS1..The guy needs to just let her go

The truth is a bit too late, she should have been honest from the beginning not after 5yrs. And him begging is normal at the moment give him a few days he will be alright.

school fees 3
Both were crooked, the man used his financial position to lure the lady and the lady used that privilege to better her education and gain Independence. That’s why some men never pay for their lady’s education unless she is the wife.

She said and spoke her truth ,
His asking her to stay when she Clearly told him she doesn’t love him.
Why would he still say stay he needs to let her go she spoke her truth.

school fees 4

This made me sad honestly
Still shes willing to stay even if she does not love him no more.
I feel its best he lets her go and take the L but his not willing to do that
This is hurting both of them honestly
He needs to let her Go . Take the L
Its life.

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Man SHAMED FOR CRYING to Maina about being dumped by wife

A discussion about men being deadbeats got one Kenyan man all up in his feelings, and spilling major tea about his relationship.

Classic 105 host Maina Kageni for once was left speechless and never responded. He was hammered for taking sides with women who label men as deadbeats.

Maina sought to know from the ladies this question below to counter the accusations

Ladies: Why do you keep these children away from their fathers? Or is there something they did that you just can’t stand their presence?

This touchy subject led one man to break down in tears, while confessing his emotional life story.

He started by complaining that

She’s a totally different person from the one I met


I met her when she was pregnant for someone else. I took her in because I love her.

He was so boo’d up he overlooked all the signs there for him to see it wouldn’t work out

she was four months pregnant for another man, she gave birth and then after that she got another child, and started showing signs she doesn’t love me anymore. She left me and moved to Mombasa, but I went there to fight for my family.


The ‘marriage’ he had envisioned was no more as realization she had used him set in

She got a job, and left with everything, she took everything, her mother took my children, and told me she wants the kids to go and stay with her for the holidays, I have not seen my children. I have not heard, Maina I want to talk to them, she blocked me, and told me If I go back to Lanet I will be shot.

This apparently was a big issue for him as he tearfully reached out to Maina

It is now two years since, I want to see my children, even what I am getting something small nikule na watoto, I miss my children, right now I am alone, I need my children I don’t know where they are, it hurts I want to talk to my children

What would your advice to this distraught man be? Drop your comments below Classic 105 fam.

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Don’t lean in to her! Men told about looking weak in pictures with women


Does a man leaning in to his woman in pictures portray his neediness? That’s the discussion on social media after news of Daddy Owen being dumped by his wife for a rich man.

KOT have shared pictures of Daddy Owen leaning into his wife several times as if to prove it’s a sign things were thick, and men commenting about it are advising that this is showing his weakness. They have even shared a May 2020 viral Twitter thread of other celebrities leaning in by @RivelinoThePatriot. He writes


When a man leans into his girl, he reveals that he feels needy & lower value. He reveals that he has a weak mindset, and that he feels dependent on her

This is exactly what turns her off. She is looking for strength and confidence in a man, not weakness

man weak frame

Leaning in shows neediness

Leaning away shows disdain

Notice how her head is tilting away in this photo

That is a clear sign of disappointment and disillusion in her relationship with him


You are a man

You stand up straight

You live in YOUR world

She is part of your world, if she is lucky enough to be chosen by you

You DO NOT live in her world

Seriously people, isn’t this abit too much? Can we all just chill and trust the process? Drop your comments below.

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‘I would rather cry in Dubai than waste time with a broke Kayole man’

Kenyan women have made it clear they will not wait ten to twenty years for a man to make money.

Take for instance this woman who tagged Classic 105
Purity Ng’ethe..
#MainaAndKingangi i have seen many women who got married to broke men treated eventually when this man gets some good cash.They are never grateful and forget easily how their women stood with them so i would rather go for the ready made man!! 

In a round of calls to Maina Kageni, many said they don’t want to begin hustling with young men, and so are on the hunt for married men who have made it in life.

Even Maina agreed with them advising young men to ‘first get money, then think about settling down’.

In this economy, you want a woman to wait ten or twenty years for him to make money?


Read their views on not dating broke men:

woman caller: We are getting married to broke men to do what? If I get married to him, when broke, I will vumilia and when he makes money he dumps me for a younger woman, I will never date a broke man, why build him up when he will eventually dump you? Let me go to that old 45 year old and be heartbroken in Dubai than in Kayole nyumba bila choo, let me be heartbroken with the rich men. If you don’t have money go to your mothers home and stick to your lane, otherwise we are looking for rich men who have reached their goal, otherwise stay there trying.


You know it’s a good comment when even Mwalimu Kingangi keeps quiet and grunts on air.

Woman caller: Why should I date a young man whereas  kamtu kafupi kanono wants me and will provide everything for me? We need men who will provide what we want, there is no need I waste my time dating a young man who will eventually cheat on me, let us date these old men who will feed our egos

Caller: Maina I would never date a broke man. I would rather be heart broken in Dubai than in Githurai.” If you don’t have money go to your mothers house and stay there.” #MainaAndKingangi

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3 signs you can’t fix a toxic relationship

How many time shave you heard someone say that you should fight to keep your relationship?

That anything you are going through can be fixed?

Toxic relationships cause feelings of low self-worth, helplessness, fear, anxiety, depression, insecurity, paranoia, and even narcissism.

Fighting to keep this relationship won’t change anything because one or both people have emotionally moved on. Perhaps they were never really there in the first place, or not in the way you needed them to be anyway.

Even worse, if your relationship is toxic, you will be more and more damaged by staying in it.

Fighting to hold on to something that is not fighting to hold on to you will ruin you. Sometimes the only thing left to do is to let go with grace and move on.

Here’s how tell you can’t fix it:

  • moodiness, anger, unhappiness become the norm
  • you avoid each other more and more
  • work and relationships outside the toxic relationship start to suffer

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Top 4 Reasons women suddenly leave their partners

You’ve been dating or married for sometime and you thought everything was going fine. Then you come home to find she has suddenly disappeared, and she won’t pick your calls, text back or have any for of communication with you.

Why did she leave suddenly, yet everything seemed rosy? Here are four plain reasons why women just pack and leave
1. Your partner/spouse felt like you became more like a sibling than a partner, so there is no need to put effort in a relationship where a spouse is now like a sibling. is there?

2. Your partner/spouse felt ignored and unappreciated throughout the relationship.

3. Your partner/spouse met someone else who fills the gap her man is not able to.

4. Your partner/spouse doesn’t have anything in common with you anymore, so the lack of connection leads to her decision t pack and leave

Sometimes women have no idea how to voice what they need if they are in a relations that just isn’t working for them.

Other times they struggled silently for months or years, then get to the red line or what we all call our breaking point. Do men know women have a breaking point or they think they can push our buttons endlessly

Another reason is if she tried to talk about what she felt, but the man brushed it off and she continued, then it turned into a fight.

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‘Teach a man to spend money on you’ Kenyan woman advises


How many times have you heard out there a married man bragging that his woman is fine, he doesn’t need to worry about things at home? Sound familiar?

This situation is very common according to one woman who called in to the Classic 105 show, to share tips on family finances.


Just read this quote first before we get into it.

Girls, it is your right to expect a man to pay for your dinner, your movie ticket, your club entry fee, or anything he has to pay for in exchange for your time. began comedian TV show host Steve Harvey.

The upset woman said to Maina Kageni that

the number one mistake women make with these men especially when you land yourself a stingy man is showing them you can be independent, especially financially.

You show a man you can take care of all your financial needs, rub it in his face? The day you come to him and ask for a coin, trust me aki sha zoea, whatever he will give you will be little or nothing knowing that you have money, when he gets used to being shown that you are financially independent?

You don’t hear them bragging out there ati my mama is a mama who sorts herself out. so this thing of miss independent it blows. the day you are needy that man won’t care. 

So what should a woman do?

From the word go let that man spend on you let him take care of you teach him how to spend on you, so girls out there, let them listen 

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‘I want to keep my romantic options open’ – mans reason for not posting wife’s photos


If your boyfriend never posts pictures of you on their social media, would you be concerned?

It’s embarrassing to admit wanting public validation from the person with whom you’re already the most intimate with, but a little ego boost from your partner boasting about you on social media can feel really good.

A man who won’t post pictures of his wife on social media, has a pretty selfish reason for not doing so.

He wants to keep his options open in case they break up.

The man told Maina Kageni where the topic was being debated that

let me ask you what is the difference if I put or don’t put you on my social media, why should I comment on her posts, if I just like it, what else does she want? Those people who post their spouses, then later when they break up they have to delete? What is the point of sharing her picture on social media? The kids will remain mine even if we divorce, but her she will go. This chick things can go wrong then I have to start deleting pictures, what time do I have for that? To even start explaining what happened? So I would never post her.

What does it mean when your bae never posts pictures of you?

couple pics
couple pics

Are we reading too much into people’s posts on social media?

What’s your take on this Classic 105 fam, are we overreacting to something that should be no big deal?


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‘My husband cheated on me every year we were together’ Wife discloses 


The topic of President Uhuru joking (or not) about getting a second wife from Luo land, light up the internet.

Debate was intense and even spiraled over to Classic 105 where Maina Kageni gave his two cents over the matter. He basically called out men contemplating this, wondering why men never find the first wife enough.

” At the end of the day, I want you to tell me what your woman lacks, what does she have to do to be enough for you? me I don’t even think they wonder what you think, coz you are being told to your face you are inadequate for me. Fellas we need to have this conversation, what does she lack that you have to go out there? he pondered

I was a side chick to a married man – Diana Marua

A woman called with her experience that is simply out of this world.

The woman told a horrified Maina that

“I don’t think it’s really something we lack coz no one is 100 per cent perfect as a spouse. I was in a relationship for more than 10 years and he cheated for all ten. The thing is I did everything right. I learnt how to cook his cuisine thinking I would be a better woman than others, I even went online to learn how to please him about bedroom matters, but he still cheated. I blame myself for it because the first time he cheated, I did not walk away. The fact that I gave him leeway to cheat encouraged him, sometimes it’s because of your circumstances coz you think he won’t provide for my kids, but I think it’s not about what we lack it’s a matter of personal decision”

Poll results – Kenyans believe Maureen Waititu is more to blame for relationship drama


Men who take other women is because of his selfishness and bad choices. He woke up and left me one day and moved into the other woman’s house and started another family, and it’s been two years now. Before that everytime he would come back and tell me oh you need to work on this and I would do it to please him, but he still cheated for many many years until I thought I deserve more I deserve better, and women need to realize that and if you are ok with your man having other women then ok, but let’s not kid ourselves that we don’t feel bad he is with another woman”

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7 questions we all have about couples who argue in public


From Dj Mo and Size 8’s explosive drama in a public space to Vlogger Maureen Waititu and her ex Frankie shaming each other online, KOT are not short of tea to sip on.

The two couples have been very open about the tribulations in their marriage and their Youtube channel has this proof.

I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty awkward and downright uncomfortable,  if I have to witness a couple have a public disagreement. I am no sure if I should eavesdrop or nijipe shuguli.

The fault in our stars-The problem with DJ Mo and Size 8 airing their marital issues

Allowing bystanders to witness a fight can lead to more feelings of anger, embarrassment, humiliation and resentment possibly contributing to the end of the relationship.

As bystanders here are 7 questions we all have about the couple:


  • Did one of them have a bad day and venting is the way out or they’re going through something more serious?
  • Is he having an affair or is this negative energy about her cheating?TNMCoupleArgueBlame_feature-588x260

I had to leave my house at midnight cause of her – Corazon says about Maureen Waititu

  • Were they ever nice to each other before this or it’s kawaida for them to always fight and make-up?
  • Why bother being with each other?
  • How do you go home now and get into bed with each other as if nothing happened?
  • Does it turn them on or something weird BDSM lifestyle?
  • Are they trying to break up?

What do you think Classic 105 fam? Do other couples fights in public make you ask these key questions, or am I reading too much into peoples business?


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Stop greeting men – Warns Coast woman after rough experience


No matter how good an offer from a man sounds, don’t take it, is the free advise a coast-based woman is giving to Kenyan women.

She argues that men always come back to collect, even though they insisted that they were helping you for free.

She confessed her regret at accepting free rides to her workplace by a ‘kind’ neighbor who later wanted the favor returned. If you know you know.

cuc laughing

She told a shocked Maina Kageni that ‘Kenyan men don’t do anything for free’ and that getting the cookie is the end game.

Aisha from Mombasa insisted that even a mere greeting everyday will be repaid.

Aisha said

 “nakuambia hapa wanaume wa kenya hata uwape nini, nakuambia kalamu peke yake utalipa, hata kusalimiwa utalipa, nafanya kazi sokoni na naamka saa kumi na kuna jamaa nighbor alikuwa ana otoka na gari akanipea lift, mwezi moja so siku moja akaniitisha namba ya simu, nakwambia kumpee jioni yake naona message ‘njoo nilalle na wewe,’ basi mimi nilikataa, aliniambia nitamplipa juu ya kupewa lift kwa mwezi mmoja, na matatu ni thirty bob, nikajua hata salamu tuu utalipa wacha kupewa hela, utalipa hadi salamu, hata sipendi kuongelesha wanaume, hee”

Dear Classic 105 fam, is there any truth to this and what has been your experience?

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Fed up wife hilariously describes office romance to amused Maina

An honest confession of why a wife is having an office affair had Maina Kageni hollering on air, and happy that women are the GOAT’s when it comes to extra marital affairs.

The woman, described hilariously in her Kalenjin accent why her side man makes her happy when she hooks up with him.

She was prompted to confess by Maina’s declaration that

you men think you are players? you’re women are coaches, fellas your woman has a soul mate and that man is not you gentlemen, i want you to realize that this morning

And the flood of confessions from women were swift. The Kajlenjin woman said

” leo umetumaliza, hapo hatumsemangi. It is true, men are the ones starting this thing, and then they think we are stupid because we are silent, but my work husband treats me like a queen, yet there is someone who treats you kama taktaka, wachana na hawa wakae kwa giza, me I thank God because he (office husband) solves my problems, he gives me money unlike my husband who denies me money, kwani what does he want me to do, na sometimes he tells me kwani hukuwa umejipanga, yet my side gives me all the money I need,”

office affair

“Weuh” whispered Mwalimu Kingangi to this confession.

“There is no Kenyan man who can imagine that his wife can cheat on him” Maina told Kingangi

“Kuna vitu you cannot fathom. Wacha I have a headache, how?” Kingangi added to which Maina laughed, glad that women are teaching men a lesson.


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‘Disrespectful’ Maina Kageni tells Governor Wycliffe Oparanya about parading two wives

During the Mashujaa celebrations in Kisii county on October 20th, Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya showed up with his two wives in tow.

To say he captured national attention is an understatement.

And that also got the attention of Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni who slammed him for being disrespectful to his first wife.

To me the lack of respect is what’s bothering me Maina began his rant as he also took aim at men with multiple wives.

He spoke sharply about it on Wednesday morning where his co host Mwalimu Kingangi told him to ‘tulia’ –  calm down.

“What is the Governor teaching the youth? Maina pondered

I don’t want to be disrespectful, first of all he kosead his first wife, you cannot go to a wedding with two women. I don’t care who you are, it’s  disrespectful”


Why should you tolerate, why should you understand, why should you accommodate? Maina continued ranting about what men expect women to put up with in the name of polygamy.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think about Oparanya and his two wives publicly showing up, and is it any of our bizniz?

Drop your comments below.

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7 sacrifices every man must be willing to make to keep his family happy

To start a family and keep it happy men need to make some genuine sacrifices for the greater good. Here are the ten sacrifices a man must make to keep his family happy:

1. Change of lifestyle
It should come as no surprise that your lifestyle will change drastically after marriage. From staying out late at night, to going away on long weekends, things change when you start a family. You will also have to take care of  your health especially things like smoking, because you need to be there longer for your kids.

2. Practice tough love
It’s much tougher raising kids in this day and age, unlike our parents who didn’t have to worry about the digital age. A man must play this role especially for teenage children who are easily influenced by the outside world.

‘A good man must be shared’ Former Senator tells romantic husband who treats her like a queen 

3. Putting in time and werk
Time is probably the most important thing all men have to make to keep their families happy. Taking time off from your regular schedule to attend school functions, or even something as simple as taking your son to a football game. A father who doesn’t spedn time with his children willl never be able to recover lost time, once the children are all grown and have moved on with their lives.
4. Providing just like in the old times
Money or lack of it affects many marriages. A man may need to stop spending on some unnecessary things to now include his family’s new needs.

Watch video of Alicia Keys encouraging her 4-year-old son to put on nail polish
5. Giving up the dream job
Sometimes some men expect their families to always be ready to pack their bags as he chases his dream job wherever it may be. Children need to stay in a stable environment to be productive.

I could tell him send me Sh 1k’ – Juliani says of Bob Collymore

6. Putting your hobbies on hold
It starts with simple things like giving up use of the TV to kids to watch cartoons, to maybe using a matatu so that the wife uses the family car to do some hopping.

‘Fight for what you love’ Ben Kitili´s wife says about her religious critics

7. Learning to let go
As a father you taught your son to ride his first bike, but now he as a grown up and is moving on, ca you learn to let him go? Other fathers have this need to hold on to their daughters, and watching her now dating and moving on with her man can be heartbreaking. Learning to let go is a sacrifice a man has to do.

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Woman reveals fiancé delayed wedding ceremony for side chick


Moments leading to a wedding ceremony are tense, with the couple hoping it will kick off on time and without a hitch.

Sadly, this was not the case for one woman who recalls her anxiety waiting for her fiancé to receive her at the alter.

He was nowhere to be seen as family and friends waited to witness their vows.

She wrote of the humiliating moment as it finally dawned on her why he was late.

Actor OJ explains how alcoholism and depression caused his wife to leave him (Video)

The woman identified as Twitter user Lihle Zondi wrote  that

I discovered during my marriage that the reason my Ex husband was late to the ceremony of our wedding was that he went to see the women he was cheating on me with. He’s grooms men (friends) knew about it they waited for him inside the car while he s33 and made me wait.

Kenyan woman gang-raped and left for dead on wedding day speaks out

Adding that

I literally had everyone waiting I began freaking out because everyone wasn’t answer my calls Including he’s friends, im thinking the worse. Than they show up and lie that the car had a breakdown meanwhile he was out cheating.

All the while, his groomsmen were in the know but kept quiet because of this thing called bro-code

Those asking how I found out it was actually he’s brother who told me this i was so angry with myself I felt naive for not questioning things my divorce almost sent me into depression the whole thing was hard I’ve only stay strong through supportive people and praying.cheating on phone

People have responded to her tragic story with kind but cautionary words. Read below:

Guys are taking this bro code too extreme man!!!! It also in the bro code to correct your friend when he is about to do something stupid

Ladies, check his circle first

Here is something you ladies probably won’t like to hear, cheating is normal for a lot of men. It might not be right, but that’s what men do. The fact that he is marrying you doesn’t mean he will ever stop. It just means you’re the main chick.

Guys and nonsense bro code…no wonder they wouldn’t want their friends to date their sisters

Size 8 speaks for the first time after Dj Mo’s cheating allegations emerged


My friend told me the other day hes been cheating on his gf, all his friends have met and chilled with the new girl. They having sex on the gf bed and even the neighbours are aware. He was bragging that the gf will never believe anyone who tells her the truth 🤯🤔

Most men have their side chicks coming to their weddings, they even come to the main table to greet and congratulate you

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