Man pops the question with five rings after romantic helicopter ride

A man is winning hearts online after giving the woman he wants to marry, the option to chose from five engagements rings.

He has also drawn condemnation from fellow men who are calling him a simp.

The man proposed to his girlfriend with a choice of five rings. He offered a range of ring styles featuring different cut stones and varying band designs for his fiancée to chose from.

The proposal also featured a helicopter, maybe there was a flight after, the man on bended knees in a perfectly fitting suit and the rings displayed for her to pick. Luckily for him, she said yes, and chose a rectangular-cut stone with delicate pavé band.

In one of the photos, ichillwillfixit can be seen getting down on one knee while holding five different engagement rings. In another pic, ichillwillfixit’s fiancee can be seen wearing all five rings, while several others show her flaunting the ring she chose.



He shared the moment with  fans on Instagram

He captioned the photos:

She Said Yes! Asked my best friend to spend the rest of our days together! & gave her 5 different options to choose from! @mz_miller I thought I knew what love was till you came into my life. Can’t wait to see all the blessings that God has in store for us! [[📸 photo credit @jamesdlove ]]

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My boyfriend of one year married someone else behind my back


A shattered woman discovered her live in boyfriend was planning to say  ‘I Do’ to another woman and there was no sign he was in another relationship.

After twelve months of a committed relationship, the woman spoke about her heartbreak to Maina Kageni and why she will forever remain single. She told her story during a Classic 105 conversation April 9th, why women in their thirties and forties are single.

Maina Kageni cited controversial female blogger Aoko Otieno who said that single women in their 30s and 40s are bitter and obsessed with maligning men online owing to their mistakes.

Mwalimu Kingangi was very excited about this topic saying “hawa ni graduates wa Maina academy and there is no discussion here, we are all in agreement that these ladies are hurt, unafika pale thirty or forty, bado unangoja Maina ama Mr right, yet what is so hard about starting with someone from scratch. These women ignored and snubbed men their age then when they get to forty they are very lonely and very bitter you can hear, ngoja kidogo wanalipuka, when they remember the guy they ignored. They look behind and regret.”sad-black-woman

This prompted Maina to ask listeners “Ladies are you lonely, bitter, vengeful and full of regrets. Is there a man you look back on and say oops”

The woman told her story “I think we should not judge women. I am not bitter. The very first guy I was living with in his house when I was 23 years old was playing me. During that year I realized he was planning a wedding behind my back and I stay with him Monday to Monday. Not a single day I was away from him, and funny enough I went for the wedding people thought I was crazy and I wished him well. Upto this day the guy regrets he still calls me. I really don’t care and he says I wish I could turn back the hands of time, then he tells me it’s good to marry from your tribe and I told him that’s fine. Then the next time we met, I asked him what I did wrong he started insulting me, calling em names and I thought you know what I need to focus on my life. btw if you are married it doesn’t mean you have made it, you haven’t be you be happy have your experiences, good riddance to bad rubbish”

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Interior CS Fred Matiang’i’s bodyguard shots wife dead, before turning gun on himself

ã• Witnesses said Wakise arrived home at about 9 pm and found his wife taking supper and an argument over her decision to move out arose.

• He then left and went out before walking back and shot the woman in the chest eight times.

A bodyguard attached to Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi’s office died in a shooting incident alongside his wife, who was a traffic officer.

Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai said preliminary investigations showed the General Service Unit (GSU) officer, Hudson Wakise, shot and killed his wife, Pauline Wakasa, before turning the gun on himself.

Officers who visited the scene found the bodies in the sitting room.

Mutyambai who mourned the incident said the couple may have had a domestic quarrel before the shooting incident.

Wakise, who had been off duty since April 1, reported back to work on April 6 but left at 3 pm and went home outside the GSU camp in Ruaraka where the incident happened.

They had argued over the move by Pauline to move out of the GSU camp.

She apparently moved out to the new house on Saturday.

Their two children aged five and two survived the tragic incident.

Witnesses said Wakise arrived home at about 9 pm and found his wife taking supper and an argument over her decision to move out arose.

He then left and went out before walking back and shot the woman in the chest eight times.

He turned the gun on his chin bursting his head.

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My ex girlfriend told me she will never let me move on

The topic of bitter exes who won’t let you move on to a happier relationship has been the trending topic in Kenya.

More so with the video that politician Karen Nyamu dropped online reminiscing happier times with ex Samidoh who dumped her.

Besides the video, what was on the minds of Kenyans was that Karen has not accepted she was dumped and that her ex and baby daddy Samidoh has moved on.

A man called in with his personal story of his ex who won’t let him be.

Maina Kageni was of the view that women need to be dumped ‘nicely’ adding that “women need closure, you need to leave them nicely. Do you have one of those exes who cant leave you? Maina asked “BTW Karen if you can all in please do, coz I need to understand what is going through your mind.” Coz you can imagine Samidoh’s wife when she saw this video what is going through her mind?’


The man from Meru described his horror story after attempting to dump his baby mama and move on in peace.

‘Back in the day I used to work for Nakumatt in Mombasa. So there was this lady I was with for five years. We had a daughter and eventually after Nakumatt collapsed, I lost my job and that when things didn’t work out between us she started blaming me. So it got to my head one time, and I had to leave everything I had ever worked for, including the side hustle. I left everything for her and I returned to Meru. She followed me and she told me to my face that yeah I know things are not working out between us and I know I made it worse, by playing you, but I cannot sit on my own and watch you happy with another woman. She told me that her problem is me being happy somewhere else’

Dear Classic fam, how have you ever handled an ex who won’t move on? Drop us your gems we share with others below.

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“Maina ako na sura personal” Woman explains cheating with Jimmy mcute


An ardent Classic 105 fan suggested that the reason wives have mpano wa kando’s is because their husbands may have ‘sura personal’.

Sura personal refers to a joke that a man is not good looking and so she needs to go out and find a cute Jimmy to console her and warm her bed where her husband has failed.

The comment sparked laughter from Maina who had sparked a heated debate that Kenyans are in open relations but are in denial about it.

Maina commented that “Why cant we be honest, we are living this this kind of a lifestyle” and  female caller agreed with him, but said she will never publicly admit to man cheating 4

Maina provoked comments when asked if open marriages can work in Kenya “I know its already happening in some circumstances and I’m not agitating for it before you say I’m rooting for it. There is a couple I met in Kirinyaga who are in an open marriage. Can open marriage work in Kenya? Are you in one I would love to hear from you”

Mwalimu his co host was offended and said “No. in Kenya we have what is a fixed marriage, like a fixed deposit account, you cannot open. Nijipate, ile wivu tunakuwanga nayo hapa ni abnormal, yako ni yako, uwiii realistically kuna vitu ni ki Africa especially when it comes to Kenyan men, there are things you can’t condone, you can’t fathom”

The woman called in with her excuse for being in an open marriage.

“Let me tell you Maina, sometimes open marriages work, and the current life we are living in mipango ya kando zimekuwa mingi, as much as, nowadays we get married and I know that if I date Maina he will provide for me, but there are some things Maina can’t do for me like bedroom things, Maina akona sura personal, so I will have Maina as my husband but for outside I have a cute jimmy, so these two can provide two different things”

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‘Don’t gain weight after marriage or he cheats’ Pastor tells wives



A US pastors sermon on how women can keep their husbands from being “distracted.” did not go too well for him.

The Missouri pastor has now gone on leave after lambasting women that they should make sure they stay skinny, wear make up and be monsters in bed to keep their husbands interested because “God made men to be drawn to beautiful women.”

Someone in the congregation shared the video of Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark’s sermon before the 1st General Baptist Church in Malden that has elicited sharp reaction.

According to NBC News in an article published by By Elisha Fieldstadt he slammed wives who gained weight after marriage adding they should look good for their husbands, because

“it’s important that he thinks you’re hot! Men have a need for their women to look like women. Sweatpants don’t cut it all the time. Wearing flip flops and pajamas to Walmart – that ain’t going to work. Ain’t nothing attractive about that. It’ ain’t, and men want their wives to look good at home and in public, can I get an Amen!”

“I really don’t think women understand how important it is for a man to have a beautiful woman on his arm,” he said. “Amen, ladies?” (“Yes!” shouts a male voice.) “Why is it so many times that women after they get married let themselves go? Here’s how way too many women are: ‘I got him now!’”

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Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage gets married for the fifth time


Two years after ending his four day marriage, American actor Nicholas Cage has wed for the fifth time.

In the photos from the wedding ceremony, the bride Riko Shibata, 26, was seen in a handmade bridal kimono, while Cage was wearing a tuxedo.

This is Cage’s fifth marriage following his public split from Erika Kookie after a four-day marriage in March 2019, which also took place in Las Vegas.nicholas cage marry 5times


Cage was previously married to Patricia Arquette, Lisa Marie Presley, Alice Kim, and Erika Koike.

A section of Kenyans reacted to the news:

Haki wasungu,what kind of wedding Gown is this halfu you should google the price ushangae

Bride amevaa slippers

Na huyo aliamua kuvaa slippers kwa harusi? Maajabu!!!

what in the name of yellow fever

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Signs a man is married and hiding the truth from you


Girls keep an eye out for that man you are dating because most likely he is married but hiding that little detail from you.

In a discussion on Classic 105 int he morning with Mike Mondo, he brought up the topic asking men to confess why they lie they are married.

The men called in revealing why they hide the fact they are married.

Here are common signs he’s married and cheating girls:

1. He won’t give you many details about where he works or what he does career wise

A married man who is cheating on his wife, will for some reason never disclose to you details that could make him traceable. So that you can ruin his life? Never!

2. Even details about his personal life are scanty too

This ties in to number two and you being able to trace him. You will never know his circle of friends, or his family and ou will hang out in dingy places.

3. He saves your number as mama fua or some other identity no one can tell

Woi maybe you are Mike the butcher in his phone book. He is doing this to cover his tracks coz Mike ule msee wa mayai is a good enough identity his wife will not be suspicious about in case she snoops.married-black-man

4. His phone is off limits, and sometimes puts it face lying down so you don’t see notifications

His phone and every app he uses has a password and the protection is so you don’t see anything that could incriminate him as a married man. Yes, this is a sign that he’s being shady and that you may be the side chick.

5. Going out together to public places is not his ‘thing’

HE presents himself as a loner as his excuse why you two should hang out in your apartment or meet out of town. He also won’t take pics with you so that you don’t post on social media.

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I called my lovers wife to tell her I want to get married to her husband

Classics Maina Kageni was left astounded after a side chick confessed to him that her married lover allowed her to call his wife and tell her they want to get married.

This all happened during a morning conversation on Friday where Maina asked single girls why they go for married men, yet he is wasting their time.

This particular woman called in and said she wasted 11 years of her life dating her married lover because she assumed he would marry her. He didn’t and left her to return to his wife.

“let me tell you Maina. I’ve been with this guy 11 years, a married man and my thought was maybe he will leave his wife for me, because he kept saying he is tired he is not comfortable with his marriage and I was ok and that I was good. So I thought this guy was serious and I was ready for that. Unfortunatley he didn’t leave he, so let me tell ladies they just cheat us hawa watu ni waongo”crying woman

The married man went back to his wife leaving her humiliated.

“So after 11 years of wasting my life , he went back to his wife, nilijipoteza kabsa. I got a child with him and he doesn’t recognize the child. It is so painful, he doesn’t take care of the child, he gives me  nothing and when I tell him I want another man he tells me he will kill me so I’m like, I’m insecure. Halalfu sasa miaka imesonga, now I’m 34. So I was with him since I was 23 na niliona niko na life na yeye”crying woman

“One day he allowed me to call his wife to tell her about us, to see whether this guy was serious and he was there when I was calling his wife, and he told em he didn’t have a problem with me calling his wife, and I told her I want to settle with her husband, and then she told me according to yeye mimi si wa kwanza ata ako na wengine so I go on, maina let me tell you these guys they are so good when it comes to pamper us lakini hauna promise ya marriage”

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My husband cheated on me with my sister and friend but I won’t leave him


After three years in a marriage, a wife discovered that her husband had been cheating with her sister and worse impregnated the girl twice.

The wife told her real life story during the Thursday morning conversation on Classic 105, where Maina asked wives how they deal with the embarrassment in public or at family gatherings. He asked

“So I want to know, you walk into any gathering and everyone knows your husband is like. How do you maintain your dignity? How do you keep your chin up> You walk into the office and everyone knows about your husband but you have to be professional. How do you do it?”

The woman described her humiliation in her story below

“My husband cheated with  my sister. Apparently she aborted two of his pregnancies, but for the second one she didn’t have the money so she asked one of my aunts and they all knew. Everyone knew what was going on behind my back, but I had no idea and I was living with her since she was six after our parents separation. My sister has been living with me in my house, my family knew, my in laws knew about everything and no one could tell me what was going on”


“So you can imagine when I found out all this happened we had a disagreement and I moved out to live with my friend, but eventually moved back again to my marital home. While I was away from my marital home my husband went hitting on the friend who was hosting me, the person I  went to to comfort me. I used to go to family gatherings and people were looking at me with sympathy, and I’m here with my friend she had sent me screenshots of their moments, after I returned to my marital home. You can imagine you visit public places you hear people discuss you that you are so pretty and they are wondering what he was looking for  out there. I am still with him, and I know he will cheat again but at some point in marriage you invest too much, ok this is my second marriage and in the first I didn’t invest like this so I can’t afford to leave him juu ya ujinga yake, and it there’s no angel out there it happens in all marriages.”

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9 ways to repair your relationship after someone cheats


Infidelity is one of the toughest things a spouse can try to overcome in a marriage, however marriage experts says it can also be the catalyst for positive change.

If both you and your partner want to take the necessary steps to heal from an affair, it won’t be a walk in the park, however it’s going to be a long road.

Here are 9 things the two of you can do together to possibly repair your relationship.
1. Be open and willing to accept forgiveness

2. Make a conscious decision to forgive your spouse

3. Think of a calming place or do something to distract yourself from dwelling on those thoughts, when images of the betrayal or hurt flash in your mind,black-man-cheating-tn

4. Stop yourself from throwing the affair in your spouse’s face whenever another problem arises to settle scores.

5. Accept that you may never know the reason for the affair.

6. Refrain from seeking revenge or trying to get even as your actions to revenge will only make your pain worse and doesn’t solve the transgression of your spouse.

7. Remember that forgiveness does not mean that you condone the hurtful behavior.

8. Be patient with yourself and don’t hurry the process of forgiving as it takes time.

9. See a psychologist to help you let go and forgive if you are still unable to forgive, or you find yourself dwelling on the betrayal or hurt.

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Usicheze na wanawake! TBT to Newspaper ad placed by cheating husband


It’s Thursday and we are throwing it back to the time a man placed a newspaper ad to apologize to his wife.

Francis Onyiso a KDF officer was said to have once placed an ad in the local dailies in 2014.

The husband regretted having cheated on his spouse and paid for an advert that certainly got national attention.

In the advert on Star newspaper, Mr Onyiso asked his wife Janet Aoko Owino to forgive him for the pain he had caused her and the rest of his family.

I, Francis Onyiso, take this opportunity to apologize to my beloved wife Janet Aoko Owino for the pain I have caused her and the family. I ask for forgiveness and promise never to repeat again, the advert stated.


Although it was a small ad, Kenyans who are very good detectives noticed the ad and  took screenshots making it go viral.

While it has been six years on, we pray and hope the couple found peace and were able to get past this issue. Love wins!

The reason this has resurfaced is because of Kikuyu musician Samidoh who wrote an apology letter to his wife for cheating and siring a child with another woman.

Samidoh on March 2nd shared his apology below on his social media acounts, leading to discussion about how men shouldn’t apologize for taking on another women because after all polygamy is now legal in Kenya.

samidoh apology

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“I’m not eyeing your husband” Single woman blasts married women tenants

A South African woman has had enough of married women constantly being suspicious that she is after their husbands.

Taking to Twitter, the single woman castigated married woman tenants saying “Dear married women living in complexes, my being single and living in the same complex as you in no way means I am eyeing your husband. Stop giving m dirty looks”

Her statement drew lots of reaction from her followers who also said they suffer the same experience.

One differed and said maybe its the husbands who trigger the insecurities in their wives thus the enrgy is transferred to any single woman.

Girls be honest, are you attracted to another womans husband where you live and have you considered shooting your shot?

Pssst, we won’t say anything *insert wink*

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Famous couples who didn’t let cheating scandals tear apart their marriage


Admit it! Every single time we hear of a celebrity cheating scandal, we immediately wonder if they’re going to stay together. Many celebrity couples call it quits immediately after infidelity strikes, while others try to make it work. (No judgement, either way!)

We are right now all thinking of Kikuyu singer, Samidohs wife with many wondering will she sty or will she go?

Samidoh has indicated he is not leaving his wife of 11 years in a statement he publicly shared. Here it is below:

samidoh apology

!. Samidoh: We begin with the singer because his scandal is the most recent. While his iwfe has not addressed it, sources say she has no intention of leaving, but I guess Samidoh will have to do a heavy job of making things right.

2. Size 8 and Dj Mo: This scandal of Samidoh may bring back bad memories for the couple whose cheating scandal went viral in 2020. Infidelity rumours surfaced against DJ Mo with his alleged side chick coming out with fresh details. Margaret Wanyama had shared her alleged intimate chats and moments with DJ Mo with blogger Edgar Obare. Dj Mo apologized to his wife Size 8 as she also went on a 3 day fasting to pray for her marriage. “Its time to put the full amour of God it is battle time. On my knees I’ve gone to pray and started a three day fast for my marriage and family I know I shall see the salvation of the Lord in my home,” the Mateke hitmaker posted

3. Late Lucy Kibaki: The public apology former President Kibaki issued in a press conference has resurfaced to compare to what Samidoh did. In 2009, the press were hurriedly called to a briefing at State House only to find Kibaki and his wife Lucy addressing them about private matters. Kibaki to deny polygamy. He told “I want to make it very clear that I have only one dear wife and I do not have any other.”


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If we break up, return the gifts even underwear – Men tell exes 


Dear Classic 105 fam, is it a must that gifts be returned once a couple breaks up?

A story of a South African man who demolished the house he gifted his girlfriend after they break up went viral.

The man figured that since she no longer had feelings for him, he would take back the lavish mansion by demolishing it.

This was the topic of discussion on Classic 105 on Tuesday morning, where Maina argued that it is petty for a man to demand gifts be returned but co host Mwalimu insisted that assets must be returned.

I want to know when things don’t work out what happens to the things you bought her? Maina queried to which Mwalimu gave his take that

 “si huyo msichana alimwambia hana feelings anymore hamsikii what was he supposed to do? Na title ya nyumba hio iko kwa jina ya mwanamke na ni wewe umejenga ?bomoa! Kama love imeisha basi rudisha vitu zake, you don’t need to stay with things if they remind you of him please rudisha vitu ueende ukanunuliwa na mwanaume mwingine ata nguo rudisha si tumemalizana?guilt-gift

Male callers were very excited about this topic and supported Mwalimu Kingangi that assets must be handed back.

The first male caller said “you can’t use me as a bridge to reach another destination I will destroy that bridge bomoa hiyo daraja we enda kule unaenda nitabomoa”

A second male caller heartily dug in saying  “there is a huge difference between a gift and an asset, these ladies are becoming very clever and I support the guy who demolished that house and ladies will learn especially her in Kenya that’s why you are seeing alot of killings all because of things like these rudisha assets”Well-liked-Guys-Romance-Gift-ideas

Yet another man slammed women’s behavior saying “girls should know that free things are long gone women should make their own money to avoid embarrassment if you don’t love me anymore return my things”

Do you agree that items gifted during a relationship should be returned once the romance is over?

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My husband would rather sleep on the couch to avoid me

If your partner decides to sleep on the sofa as opposed to sharing a bed, is it a red flag for your relationship.

The Classic 105 morning conversation with Maina Kageni centered around the topic of men sleeping on the sofas.

Maina was astounded and said this is why he will never get married “it is incredible what you go through”

Women confessed their heartbreaking experiences with husbands who prefer the sitting room to their marital bed. Here are some confessions below.

The first women said “Let me tell you Maina, I am currently single, but before that let me tell you, he used to sleep on the sofa mtu analala kwa kiti kila kitu na makosa haionekani, sometimes they just have their won stress, it;s nto somethign I have done to him. Wako tuu na kisirani yake, akufukuzaye hakuambii toka, huyu jamaa ako tuu na vitu zake, mine was sleeping on the sofa coz he was cheating. He woudl coem to our marital bed once in a long while, and we would use our own blankets with our backs facign each other. So I eventually told him it’s better he sleep in the sitting room. He slept there almost two months, but we didn’t quarrel. Imagine for two months, I stopped washing his clothes, kwani I’m his maid, if he can sleep on the sofa then there’s no difference let him wash his clothes”
couple annoyed
Another angry wife said “Sometimes, it’s not the woman it’s the man who has his own stress and takes such decisions to sleep on the sofa. My husband slept on the sofa for a whole year and I never asked him”

A third said “Let me tell you it happens Maina, mine was sleeping for six moths alilala kwa kiti na nikajua after six months. He didn’t tell em why after six months. I would bring mine, tunalala na yeye ako sitting room, we had fought, one day he came and found socks weren’t washed he started a fight, then after that I thought it was over after reconciling, but he would come home only talking to his children then he would sleep in the sitting room, six months ikaenda nikajua kwani mimi ni ngombe, I would bring in and upt to today he doesn’t know,”

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My husband changed after I took a car loan to start his business




On the Friday morning conversation on Classic 105, listeners agreed that it is a risky thing to invest in your spouse as you never know the outcome. Many were of the view that if things don’t end well, just move on.

One such listener called Maina Kageni and gave her experience with her husband.

She detailed how he was broke and jobless and she decided as a loving wife to invest in him in the hopes hat he will success and help out with family bills.

“Let me tell you Maina, it is ts risky investing in men. I did that to my man. Sometime back I was the only one working after he lost his job. So he stayed home for sometime so I saw he was wasting his time, so I thought let me do something. He told me he has an idea of reselling vegetables and all he needs is a car. So I took a loan, bought him a Probox, and started selling and making money and then after sometime like three four months I don’t know what happened.

sad 2 He started behaving funny and I would ask him to give me soem money to top up but he would respond ‘kwani you are not working?’ then he would say ati his money is occupied, so nikanyamaza, and then a second time I asked him again because I saw he was making alot of money. He told ne si uchukuwe loan. Yes Maina, that is my husband the father of my children, you can imagine how risky it is investing in men, we are still together but I do not touch any of his money and remember I was the source of the money. If I didn’t buy him that car, I don’t know what he would be doing now, I will never help him ever again, he sold the probox and bought a Noah, but well it’s ok”


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Man makes wife present business plan after asking him for a loan


Dear wives, if you had a business idea and wanted a ka loan from your hubby, would you expect him to give you without question? That’s what one woman did, but her husband stopped her in her tracks saying he needed to see formal strategy and presentation at 8am.

The wife shared on Twitter @irizzzy _.

Asked my husband for money to start a new business, he said I should write a proposal. Just sent it to his mail. Presentation is on tomorrow 8am sharp guys. Wish me luck
Relieved face
Crossed fingers

She first showed up in pajama’s – below- and he refused saying she must be professional. So she switched up her look and dressed in the gold skirt above.

So I got there few minutes to 8am, Presentation started 8am as earlier stated.

Frame 1: I was ‘inappropriately’ dressed for the presentation and was told to go back.
Face with hand over mouth

woman business pajama

Then later after dressing properly, she updated fans that

Frame 2: Presentation in progress.

People encouraged her to take heart and soldier on like a business woman with a goal in mind.

I think I impressed him!
Thank you guys for your support

Dear Classic 105 fam, would you go this far to get the ka biashara loan you need?

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