When a man cheats it’s ok, but for a woman it’s a disgrace – Men tell Maina

Men’s manufacturing default settings are polygamous and women shoudl put up with it.

Men repeatedly told Maina Kageni on Wednesday October 13 that they are polygamous by nature and this habit must be supported without fault.

The confessions were as a result of Maina Kageni asking men why they can’t be forgiving of wives cheating yet they expect the same?

Here are a collection of men with their own experiences.

“Men are naturally polygamous. Only a man is allowed to go to that extend not a woman. A woman is not supposed to make a mistake.”

@KristophMutua...Mwizi hapendi kuibiwa hence it being hard for a man to forgive a straying wife….relationship is like a football game,only one goalkeeper is allowed in the field of play per team

Another man called in saying ‘Maina you need to understand something, according to manufacturers setting a man is manufactured to be polygamous, a woman supports her man achieve those polygamous dreams and when you ask me to be content with a woman to telelza there is no shetani when it comes to a woman, if I found out my wife has strayed that is suicidal, that’s not a mistake that is suicide straight away only a man is allowed to go to that extent, a woman is not allowed to make a mistake, a man is allowed to cheat, a woman isn’t”

Another man said “a man is promiscious by nature, be it a lion be it a bull, a male creature”


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It’s just for money, we chop it seriously and move on – side chick confesses


There was major moshene on Classic 105 on Friday morning, all courtesy of side chicks who called in saying why they target married men.

Maina delved into the topic of why side chick agree to date married men and many confessed that it’s all because he has money.

One woman called in saying “we never date broke married men, only the ones with money, why would I go for a broke man?”

Maina sought to know from single girls why they go for married men.

“So now this morning we want to know single girls, why do we entertain married men? There is nothing he is offering you apart from money. Do you  honestly think that a married man will leave his wife for you? When a married man tells you I love you do you believe him?”


This elicited all sorts of responses from single girls who called in with their experience.

A second woman echoed the thoughts of the first female caller saying it’s all about his money and how they chop it.

“The only remaining responsible men are the married ones, we want one who is ready made, we no longer want to grow with a single broke man”

A third woman set tongues wagging saying

“We don’t go to them, the married men come to us on their own, siwezi entertain kama ako broke, kama ako a broke married man, siwezi muentertain, hio pesa ndio nataka, even if he tells me I love you do you know how I respond? I says thanks!”

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Man SHAMED FOR CRYING to Maina about being dumped by wife

A discussion about men being deadbeats got one Kenyan man all up in his feelings, and spilling major tea about his relationship.

Classic 105 host Maina Kageni for once was left speechless and never responded. He was hammered for taking sides with women who label men as deadbeats.

Maina sought to know from the ladies this question below to counter the accusations

Ladies: Why do you keep these children away from their fathers? Or is there something they did that you just can’t stand their presence?

This touchy subject led one man to break down in tears, while confessing his emotional life story.

He started by complaining that

She’s a totally different person from the one I met


I met her when she was pregnant for someone else. I took her in because I love her.

He was so boo’d up he overlooked all the signs there for him to see it wouldn’t work out

she was four months pregnant for another man, she gave birth and then after that she got another child, and started showing signs she doesn’t love me anymore. She left me and moved to Mombasa, but I went there to fight for my family.


The ‘marriage’ he had envisioned was no more as realization she had used him set in

She got a job, and left with everything, she took everything, her mother took my children, and told me she wants the kids to go and stay with her for the holidays, I have not seen my children. I have not heard, Maina I want to talk to them, she blocked me, and told me If I go back to Lanet I will be shot.

This apparently was a big issue for him as he tearfully reached out to Maina

It is now two years since, I want to see my children, even what I am getting something small nikule na watoto, I miss my children, right now I am alone, I need my children I don’t know where they are, it hurts I want to talk to my children

What would your advice to this distraught man be? Drop your comments below Classic 105 fam.

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I fear my husband will stab me in my sleep after cheating on him

Whew chile. People are going through the most out here.

A woman shared her story of being caught cheating on her husband and how his reaction to the incident has her living in fear.

She wrote that he caught her in bed with another man in their marital home, and instead of rage, he has been very loving towards her. She is confused and thinks he might be preparing to stab her to death while she sleeps.

“My husband found me in bed with another man, in our bedroom. I expected him to shoot us right then and there but he didn’t. He nicely asked my side guy to get dressed and leave. He told me to go take a shower. I tried to apologize but he told me he didn’t want to talk about it because there was nothing he can do to reverse what happened. That was the last time we spoke about it. Ever since that day he has been nice to me. He buys me flowers and takes me out at least twice a week. My husband is doing everything I want as from my man.”

sad-black-woman (1)

Now here is the tricky part, the husband is even planning a vacation before Christmas. But that is the least of her problems. It’s killing her inside not knowing what he is thinking. She said

“What he saw last month is eating me everyday. especially since he doesn’t want to talk about it. I’m even losing weight. I expected him to chase me away, punish me or call a family meeting to report me. He’s doing the opposite. I think he’s planning o do something bad to me. Sometimes I open my eyes at night and find him looking at me. When I ask him he says he’s admiring my beauty and thanking God for blessing him with a flame of a woman. I think he’s planning to do something to me when we are overseas. Am I being unnecessarily paranoid?”

Dear Classic 105 fam, is the woman reading too much into it or is the man silently planning something because of all these nice things he is doing instead of being raging mad?

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‘His life is complicated, I make it better’ side chick confesses


There is a lot of truth to the phrase “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Though this isn’t always the case if you read on below.

A man, his side chick and the wife are in an open relationship, and loving it.

They are making things work out because the wife has given permission to the side chick to handle her man in tough times.

The mistress told Maina Kageni on Thursday that

‘anytime they have an argument, she asks me to come in and neutralize things’

Kenyan man confesses to sleeping with his boss’ wife for six years

She added

I have been a side chick for four years, and the man’s wife told me to take care of the man, and anytime she is not around anytime she needs her kids to be picked up she asks me to, anytime they have an argument I come in and neutralize things

This love triangle is so fascinating that Mwalimu Kingangi and Maina were left speechless.

There is no drama, heartache and scandals because as she explains ‘we are close’.

She figured that I came first in the man’s life before they got married, so when she realized I am still in her mans life she decided I would rather know there is only one person in his life. So we are very close and the man knows that. We actually have dinner together as a family, we even take the kids out together.

‘My wife found out about my affair yet she still serves me food while smiling so hard, I’m scared she might kill me’ City man confesses

Having more than one lover or significant other is perfectly fine, we should all do what makes us happy…. as long as you’re being honest and everyone is aware of everyone.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what has been your experience if any.

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I forgave my wife for cheating because.. I’m ALSO GUILTY


When is it advisable to come clean about adultery and when is it better to keep things hush hush?

A man beat a hasty retreat after initiating a probe on his cheating wife.

He began narrating his discovery

what surprises me most is that our women are so discreet in what they do


Does this statement come from personally experiencing something? He responds firmly, without hesitation.


I just found out, I bumped into it. It was just a coincidence, of course I asked who is this and you see the mos intriguing part of it is that even if you ask her best friend, she will never admit it too.

He has a theory why women cheat more than men, something Maina Kageni dismissed as completely macho.

women are the masters, at the same time they are also masters of suspicion they suspect their men because they are guilty


while he was quizzing his wife about the affair, did he bother to find out how long she had been cheating?

well I didn’t get to find out how long it was we just has to sit down and sort it out

Perhaps by now you are wondering how a husband can get past cheating. He explains how they sorted it out

cheating on phone

I gave her an option because after all I felt it was unfair just to tell her to go home and I also had a mpango wa kando at the same time.

So Hol’ up, he forgave his cheating wife because he was also cheating? will wonders never cease….

yes….. he responded and hang up his phone.


Dear Classic 105 fam, do you have some major tea to drop? We are listening.

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5 Ways to tell if your spouse is cheating on you

In a relationship or marriage there are challenges that couples face. Cheating is one of the most rampant challenges. You may be lucky enough to find out or never at all. Here are some of the things that that will tell if your spouse is cheating;Tokeo la picha la how to tell your spouse is cheating


Hostility. This will happen when your spouse suddenly starts seeing changes in you that are not really true. You will hear things like, ‘nowadays you have changed or you are not the same person i married’.

5 Reasons why are relationships are failing in this millennial era

This maybe a reason of the spouse has found someone else that he or she is comparing you to. At times the spouse can start an argument unnecessarily just to make you mad for no good reason.

Using phone in private. This starts when you will notice that your spouse now receives their phones outside the house or in privacy. This includes passwords on their phones that were earlier not on their phones. If you also notice that your spouse now deletes messages and emails more regularly then they are probably hiding something from you.

Tokeo la picha la how to tell your spouse is cheating


Fishy conference meetings. It is okay for your spouse to go for meetings or business conferences. When the spouse starts going for more and more trips especially during holidays and working more till late nights then something is fishy somewhere or they are hiding someone from you. It may be a sign that they are seeing someone else.

‘River and the source’ author Margaret Ogola Google Doodle getting lots of love from KOT

When your partner avoids cheating topic once tabled. At times you may spend time with your spouse taking about your relationship. You will notice that they are trying to avoid talking about the same at all costs. You might also find some funny texts from unknown numbers in their phone which may not be pleasing at all. If they respond like, ‘if u trusted me’ and such responses know that they probably hiding or lying about something.

Polygamous relationships of Kenyan celebs that ended unceremoniously

Faded emotional intimacy. During the first days of the relationship it is always working for everybody. The relationship is at its peak and at this point the couple is doing everything in a more romantic and intimate way to keep the bonding warm. Your partner will be appreciating you at all costs and for each thing you do. If you notice that your partner has lost interest in you or is less intimate with you than before then something might be wrong somewhere. Tokeo la picha la how to tell your spouse is cheating

It maybe that they have found someone else or having an affair with another partner.


More ways:

‘I caught him cheating with a 16 year old yet I am pregnant for him’ Racheal

A Kenyan woman has learnt the hard way that it is not only death that can separate a man and a wife. Another woman can be the deal breaker.

*Racheal * is heartbroken after catching her husband sleeping with a neighbors daughter.

I caught my husband sleeping with our neighbors daughter in his car this night, I am 5 months pregnant. It was the most disgusting sight ever in my life.

I noticed he was not in the room and his phone was charging , so I called him but no answer.

‘My arrogant house help is pregnant for my husband’ Cries city woman

Black woman crying

I don’t know what took my outside to his car then I decided to pick up my favorite cd I was playing in his car, but first I went for the car keys and did not see it.

So I rushed out to the car to be sure I did not leave it open and I saw the car shaking.

I was scared at first be I felt someone was about to steal and move the car so I rushed and grabbed the car door handle.

They were foolish enough not to lock so I saw them.

Racheal adds that she feels betrayed because she is pregnant.

All I did was pick a few clothes and left to my friends house as my husband chased me around  naked.

I feel like dying because I can’t endure this pain. I can’t sleep I had to block him so he won’t kill my battery.

Is it too late to abort this child and pick up my life ? This girl he was sleeping with is just 15 or 16 years old.

What advice would you give Racheal?

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Husbands and wives reveal the BRUTAL SECRETS they keep from each other



A number of married people have revealed the biggest secrets they keep from their spouse.

As part of its Marriage: An Investigation series, The Cut asked a total of 16 married people to reveal the deepest, darkest secrets they keep from their partners.

Not knowing what their partner does for a living, despising their mother-in-law and stealing money from their significant other were among the responses given to the publication.

43-year-old Anton, who has been married for five years, said he never told his wife how much he loved the woman he cheated on her with.

He said: ‘My wife knows I had an affair, but doesn’t know how much I loved the woman I cheated on her with.’

Married for 40 years, Laurel, 65, said she regularly steals money from her husband without him knowing.

‘I’ve always stolen small amounts of cash from my husband and hidden it. I once got up to $1,300 and bought a couch,’ she said.

Another respondent, Vincent, who has been married for 18 years, said he ‘stalks’ his partner’s emails, texts, and bank account.

‘On some days I follow her every move,’ the 60-year-old added.

Another respondent, Panos, said they lied about the cost of their wedding.

The 39-year-old, who has been married for just two years, said: ‘I lied to my husband about how much our wedding cost. It cost close to six figures. He thinks it cost half that.’

‘I buy and sell things on eBay all night while she’s sleeping,’ 35-year-old Avi revealed about his partner of six years.

A reoccurring theme in some of the respondents’ answers revolved around their loves lives.

‘I don’t tell my husband how many pregnancy tests I take each month. We’ve been trying to get pregnant for two years, and I take the tests compulsively,’ 33-year-old Andrea, who has been married for seven years, said.

Alexa, 30, who has been married to her partner for two years, said: ‘I pretend I have a seven-day period so I can avoid sex a little longer.’

‘When we met, I told my mother and sister and all my friends about his big penis,’ added a respondent named Carolina, 55, who has been married for 20 years. 

50-year-old Jeff said he ‘despises’ his wife’s mother, while Dana, 43, said she ‘refuses’ to tell her husband about a threesome she had.

Dana, who has been married for six years, said:

‘I refuse to tell my husband the details of my threesome. I won’t say who it was with, or when it was, other than it was before we met.’