‘Kenya should legalize marijuana!’ – Richie Spice

Celebrate reggae singer Richie Spice has become one of the few international celebrities who have called for the legalization of Marijuana in Kenya.

Spice was speaking in an interview earlier this week ahead of his much anticipated Nobody can stop reggae concert which was held last night at KICC.

He was asked whether it was good to have weed legalized in Kenya, and he responded saying:

Well that would be great, that would be great because I mean  Jamaica is doing very well you know, chewing it’s a part of Kenya, you know a little branch we doing good, we doing good. You know our fore parents have been chewing before you know ummm people now starting to realize you know the real use you know, and economy because were using it and we’re accepting it and using it to build up economy and build up their people.

I mean it’s a good vibe and you know we survive. In Kenya you’re pushing it you know, you must push a little harder you know, until you know because I think it’s very good for the people .

It creates a lot of jobs also and them people can feed them family and such you know.

He was also asked about discrimination against rasta people, where dreadlocked Kenyans tend to face a lot of hate and criticism with people having a notion that a ‘Rasta man’ is a ganja smoker who is regarded as a ‘spoiler of the nation’.
Richie said rasta is a spiritual journey adding

Noooo, rasta carry love within them every time, you know rasta is a people carry love, you smoking herb and the herb give them the relaxation help them become calm and and see life a different way. 

Kenyan scientists and researchers have argued that cannabis has medicinal purposes and is, therefore, safe for consumption.

Some of the proponents are scientist Prof Simon Mwaura, economist David Ndii, and Gwada among other Kenyans.

ODM leader Raila Odinga’s son, Raila Junior, also called for its legalisation calling for serious discussions on the same.

Chipukeezy schools Kibra MP over his plan to introduce bill legalizing marijuana

Comedian and TV host, Chipukeezy is among the number of youths who are not really pleased by Kibra MP Kenneth Okoth.

On Friday, Honorable Okoth made news when he drafted a bill and presented it to the speaker for discussion in parliament. The bill was basically asking the government to make marijuana legal and he was asking for those imprisoned for possession to be released.

This did not auger well with NACADA Director Chipukeezy. After the news got to him, he took to social media with a message to Kenneth Okoth.

Chipukeezy, who also doubles up as an entertainer, says the reason why crime is rampant in Kibra is because of the misuse of Marijuana by residents.

He wrote:

The bill that Kibra Mp Hon Ken Okoth is sponsoring on marijuana is not in good faith and is ill-advised. He is in a better position to know that marijuana is one of key reasons crime is rampant in his constituency. We have not exhausted ways of empowering the communities and more so the youths for us to jump into this ‘legalize marijuana’ craze happening around the world. Empowerment Avenues like sports, arts and media, Entrepreneurship etc have not yet been exploited enough. He should put this energy into seeing to it that young people and women derive maximum benefits from AGPO, youth fund, affirmative action etc.

Vincent Muasya
Director Nacada

This discussion will bring up a huge discussion because the ratio of those who are with Chipukeezy and those who are with Kenneth is almost  50/50.

All Chipukeezy is doing, is nothing but his job as per his job description.

Bhang/ Marijuana Users Walk Differently: Study Shows…

Smoking pot can affect the way your knees, elbows and shoulders move when you are walking, a new study has found.

The study, from the University of South Australia, found that there are differences between the way marijuana users and non-users walk.

Specifically, marijuana users have stiffer shoulders, more flexible elbows and quicker knees, which move faster than those of non-users, while walking.

While differences in their movements were detected, there were no significant differences between the balancing abilities and neurological functions of users and non-users.

The study’s authors are calling for more research that can determine exactly how marijuana affects people’s movements, as the drug continues to be legalized in the US.

The marijuana users and non-users that the researchers studied were mostly in their twenties. The 44 participants – 22 from each camp – completed screening tests, gait and balance tests and clinical neurological examinations of movement.

Their gait and balance tests involved motion capture systems.

A marijuana user’s knee reaches a greater speed when they walk than a non-user’s knee does while walking.

Their elbows were also more flexible when they walked and their shoulders were less flexible.

The study suggests that cannabis use is linked to changes in a person’s gait but it said that the changes are not clinically detectable. It also called for more research on the topic.

‘Further research is required to investigate if the subtle gait changes observed in this population become more apparent with aging and increased cannabis use,’ the study said.


Study author Verity Pearson-Dennett told PsyPost: ‘The changes in walking were small enough that a neurologist specializing in movement disorders was not able to detect changes in all of the cannabis users.’

Pearson-Dennett added: ‘The main takeaway message is that use of cannabis can result in subtle changes in the way you move.’

Previous research has proven that marijuana has an effect on a person’s brain, heart and lungs.

The CDC has warned that the drug impacts a person’s metal faculties by affecting their reaction time, their ability to focus, their decision making abilities and their emotions.

And since it affects a person’s circulatory system, marijuana may increase a person’s chances of having a heart attack or stroke.

It can also increase one’s heart rate or blood pressure and exacerbate chest pains that some people experience while exercising.

However, marijuana has also been proven to ease pain and nausea that are caused by some medial treatments.

The study’s results come at a time when Americans are paying close attention to the effects of marijuana given its legalization in 30 states and Washington, DC.


Dangers Of Early Marijuana Use: TEENS Who Start Smoking POT Young Suffer From Lifelong Respiratory Diseases

Teens who start smoking marijuana early could be creating devastating impacts on their health, a new study reveals.

Scientists say that those who begin smoking the drug at age 15 or younger may suffer long-term cognitive impairment and physical illnesses.

But those who don’t smoke until age of 21 are unlikely to develop a lifelong habit, or barely smoke pot at all.

The study, conducted at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, looked at data from the 2013 Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey, and two others, to determine the effects of cannabis use on self-reported physical and mental health.


While the report cites other studies demonstrating the negative impacts of marijuana, it’s the first to look so closely at the age of first use.

In terms of overall effects, the study confirmed that marijuana does affect people’s physical and mental health when they being smoking at a young age.

Particularly, when use began below age 15, the drug was found to cause cognitive impairment, memory loss, diminished IQ, limited educational success and likelihood for developing mental illness.

Those who began smoking marijuana at age 17 or younger had an average 62.5 percent lower chance of receiving a high school degree.

This comes not long after a US study this month found that students who smoke high amounts of cannabis have lower grades and perform worse at school.


Physically, early users also suffered higher rates of respiratory diseases and certain cancers.

Researchers say that early use is reported to increase the likelihood of long-term habitual use.

On the other hand, the researchers found that individuals who do not smoke marijuana before the age of 21 almost never use it.

The Canadian Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation recommends that pot use be restricted to those who are age 18 or older.

But the researchers say that educational programs, counseling services and a distribution system could help minimize use by young people.

HILARIOUS: Watch What Happens When 3 Grannies Try Marijuana For The First Time

Three British grandmothers have thrown caution to the wind to try smoking marijuana for the first time on a trip to Amsterdam.

Friends Trish, 82, Margot, 73, and Daphne, 78, agreed to be filmed by Channel 4 as they sampled cannabis – but not until first being reassured they wouldn’t be sent to jail as it is legal to buy the drug in Dutch coffee shops.

Margot said: ‘I never tried cannabis before. When I was young I thought it was only criminals that used it.

‘Today I have read it is almost as popular as cigarettes. I want to find out what it has to offer.

‘I class it as a bit of fun and I am all for that you are never to old to try something new.’

The trio, who have a combined age of 233, admit they are a little apprehensive due to what they have heard ‘from the young’ about the class B drug.

Daphne said: ‘I have heard it can do something to your mind much worse than tobacco and it could lead to hard drugs.’

Watch what transpired in the video below.


10 Acres of Bhang for Malia Obama’s heart

The race to Malia Obama’s heart continues as one Jamaican Marijuana farmer is the latest to come out and express his interest in being her father-in-law.

Forget the two Kenyans who offered cows and goats for the 17-year old girl, this Jamaican Marijuana farmer is offering 10 acres of bhang as bride price to Obama for his son to marry the president’s daughter.

The man known as Roy Chambers said that he believes that him and Malia Obama would make a perfect couple. “I tried to approach President Barrack Obama with my offer while he was in Jamaica a few months ago but the security prevented me. I have sent him a regular mail to the white house and also an email so I hope he will reply soon,” said Chambers on Jamaican website 18 Karat Reggae Gold.

He is offering his marijuana farm because he believes it is his most valuable possession which is willing to give to the president.

One Direction pays ‘marijuana bond’ to Philippines

British pop phenomenon One Direction paid a cash bond to the Philippines on Thursday that was imposed because of drug concerns, allowing them to play two concerts this weekend, the immigration bureau said.

The bond, 200,000 pesos ($4,500) each for singers Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson, will be forfeited should the two get caught using or promoting illegal drugs, Bureau of Immigration spokeswoman Elaine Tan told AFP.

The bond requirement was in response to an anti-drug watchdog group’s request for “strict scrutiny” of Malik and Tomlinson before they were issued work permits, she said.

“The condition is intended to protect the public interest should the band members commit any violation during their stay in the Philippines,” she said.

A video of Malik, 22 and Tomlinson, 23 apparently smoking marijuana in a car while on tour in Peru went viral last year and shocked the tattooed but baby-faced quintet’s hordes of female fans.

The group is scheduled to hold concerts at the seafront grounds of the Philippines’ largest mall, which can accomodate tens of thousands of people, on March 21 and 22.

The mega-venue has in the past hosted teen idols Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake.

Tickets for the first night have sold out and the second date is expected to sell out as well, Gina Santiago, an executive assistant of the group’s Philippine promoter, Ovation Productions, told AFP.

When asked about the reported marijuana bond, Santiago said the band’s promoters were at the immigration department on Thursday to “sort out” the issue and the concerts would go ahead.

However she was unable to confirm that a bond had been paid.

One Direction, one of the world’s biggest pop music acts, is very popular in the Philippines. The group currently has five albums on the local iTunes album chart.

Marijuana is illegal in the Philippines, a mainly Catholic country where the Church continues to maintain a strong influence on society.

Photo Credits : AFP

Washington DC legalises marijuana possession and use

Washington DC has become the latest place in the United States to legalise the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

As of midnight on Thursday, people who use the drug in private will no longer risk prosecution.

Washington DC joins Alaska, Colorado, and Washington state as the only places in the US that allow the use of the drug for recreational purposes.

Residents and visitors to the city over the age of 21 can possess as much as 2oz (56g) of cannabis, and may grow a few plants at home.

Buying and selling the drug however remains illegal, as does smoking it in public.

The plan was overwhelmingly agreed upon in a referendum last November.


Jamaica legalises Marijuana for religious and medical use

Jamaica has decriminalised the possession of small amounts of marijuana and approved the drug’s use for religious, medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

Legislation passed by both houses of parliament paves the way for a “cannabis licensing authority” to be established to regulate the drug.

This change in legislation means that Jamaicans will be able to grow up to 5 ganja plants on their premises without the fear of arrest.

Rastafarians will also be allowed to use weed freely for sacramental purposes for the first time.

Tourists who are prescribed medical marijuana abroad will also be able to apply for permits allowing them to buy small amounts of Jamaican pot.

The legislation follows several decades of debate about marijuana’s place in Jamaican society.

Rastafarianism, the religion followed by the late  Jamaican reggae musician Bob Marley, sanctions the ritualistic use of marijuana and the drug is widely used.

Supporters of the de-criminalisation argue that laws prohibiting marijuana use caused unnecessary tension between many Jamaicans and police.

The country’s minister of national security Peter Bunting said the legislation marks the end of a decades-long battle to legalize the drug.

The move in Jamaica comes as several US states take steps to de-criminalise marijuana for personal and medicinal use.

Marijuana cook book to launch

A new cookbook that treats weed as a cooking herb is in the works and will include recipes like marijuana-infused black pepper biscuits and butternut squash soup.

With four US states legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, and medical marijuana legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia, the authors of “Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis” are hoping that the culinary world will see the plant as a legitimate herb, flavor enhancer and, perhaps more interestingly, a mood booster.

Image courtesy of timeslive.co.za

Cookbook author Michael Ruhlman is also set to write a collaborative chapter that will teach users and at-home chefs how to maximize the plant’s pleasure properties with the right food and weed ratios, says The New York Times.

Other recipes will be written by Denver chef Melissa Parks, now the vice president of product development for Nutritional High International out of Toronto.

Recipes will go beyond brownies and include dishes like marijuana-infused sausage marinara sauce, biscuits, soup, steak with cannabis-flavored butter, and Mexican hot chocolate.

Launched as a crowd-funding project, publishing company Inkshares raised more than $22,000 USD from 841 supporters.

The cookbook is set to be published this summer in ebook and paperback form and is a follow-up project to The Stoner’s Cookbook, a website that likewise publishes cannabis-based recipes.


Here is why women should think twice before smoking marijuana

Despite a shortage of research on the topic, it’s been suggested that drugs affect men and women differently.

And because of the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in the US states of Colorado and Washington as well as medical marijuana in 23 other states, it’s now more important than ever that women understand how THC affects their body chemistry specifically.

Researchers at Washington State University have found evidence indicating that females may build up a tolerance to marijuana more easily than males do.

While it’s not entirely predictive, people with an increased tolerance of a drug are more likely to become addicted to it — which means women may want to think twice before matching a man joint for joint.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/10/females-tolerance-marijua_n_5784022.html

China police detain Jackie Chan’s son in connection to drugs charge

The son of Chinese actor Jackie Chan is the latest to be caught up in Beijing’s crackdown on drugs.

According to Chinese media reports, Jaycee Chan has been detained in Beijing on drug related charges.

The 32-year old son of the movie star actor is said to have tested positive for marijuana use.

According to the government’s Xinhua wire service, he and a Taiwanese actor admitted to taking the drug.

The report also said police seized more than 100 grams of marijuana from Jaycee Chan’s home.

READ MORE: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-08-19/son-of-jackie-chan-detained-on-drug-charges/5679848