There are 2 sides of a story – DJ Mo’s alleged side chic Margaret Wanyama now says

Margaret Wanyama has done a complete 180 after she exposed Dj Mo for allegedly cheating on his wife Size 8. The socialite has started an online campaign asking that her name be cleared from the whole messy business.

In an expose carried by Mpasho’s Grace Kerongo, Margaret said that her account had been hacked by her bitter ex-friend and that she did not expose the gospel DJ or leak his family jewels to blogger Edgar Obare.

But the camera never lies as Edgar quickly rebutted with a video showing her in a live conversation with digital creator Chinese Kiki where she admitted to the affair and the information leaking. In the video she had said,

“Sh*t huhappens but it is the past. people move on with their lives. Yes, it happened and ended. gossipers will talk, let them make money. Mtu asionge kile kitu hawajui kilihappen, the gossipers will talk and add salt they can go on to make money talking.”

Huge majority of Kenyans agree with Size 8’s decision to stay in her marriage to DJ Mo

When asked for more clarification she said that the story was in the past and that people should focus on their own life.

“…I will not explain why and I will not give any reason why because it happened, you read (the screenshots) and now that is the past.”

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Haujui ya kesho …. be wise . . Usibanduke….

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Margaret clearly wants the issue of the expose’ to be behind her adding that people still didn’t realise that there were two sides of the story.

“Kitu ilihapen ishahappen and it is something that is personal and they don’t even know what happened, that made me make the decision. There is always two sides to the story. People are just looking at that and saying, ‘Ohh I exposed him.’ And they don’t even know what happened behind the closed curtains.”

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