Fine at 51! Mary J Blige celebrates birthday

US singer Mary J Blige is celebrating her 51st birthday.

Mary took to Instagram to thank her fans and followers for their well-wishes on her birthday

Sharing a picture – above- of a diamond-encrusted strapless wrap mini dress paired with her signature jewellery, Mary J Blige also wore blonde wig.

Her message to adoring fans was

Thank you all for the overwhelming amount of birthday love! Another year that we’re growing, loving, and healing together!
I can’t ever do it without the fans. I love y’all!
To my friends, family, and peers- I love you so much! 

Fans on social media are sharing what they love most about her including her hit songs and iconic styles over the decades.

Maina Kageni paid tribute with a song, noting how young she still looks. Do you agree she looks ageless?

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