Maradona girlfriend says wedding bells planned, no date set

The girlfriend of Diego Maradona says she and her former football superstar boyfriend will soon tie the knot, although no firm wedding date has been set.

“It will be this year, if we can manage it,” Rocio Oliva told reporters at the airport after she arrived from Dubai, where she lives with the football icon.

Oliva had come to Argentina to attend the birthday party of her brother, Luciano.

Asked about tabloid reports of a December 13 wedding, she said, “No, not the 13th!”

“Everything’s okay, guys. We always invent arguments,” she responded after a reporter asked about rumors the relationship was not at its best.

Celebrity gossip programs have suggested Maradona, 54, and Oliva, 25, would be married in the Vatican with the blessing of Pope Francis, a noted football fan who was born in Buenos Aires.

Maradona is currently engaged in a legal dispute with his former wife, Claudia Villafane, with whom he has two daughters, over a shortage of money in a joint account. He divorced Villafane in 2003.

He has two sons and another daughter with three other women.

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Mediation fails between Maradona and ex on ‘missing’ $6 mn

An attempt at mediation has failed between former Argentina football captain Diego Maradona and his ex-wife Claudia Villafane, whom he blames for the disappearance of $6 million from his fortune.

The case is now expected to go to court.

“The mediation session is over,” Villafane’s lawyer Fernando Burlando told reporters.

“We will see what Maradona and his counsel want to do. The case may go to court, here or in the United States.”

The public row has split the family.

Maradona, 54, says the funds were taken from several of his Argentinian and foreign bank accounts.

Villafane is the mother of his two daughters Dalma and Gianinna.

Villafane, 53, launched the divorce proceedings. She manages her ex-husband’s assets so that she can keep the estate that goes to her daughters, who have backed their mother.

Maradona receives funds tied to his activities as honorary sports ambassador of Dubai and has invested some of the money in the United States.

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Diego Maradona secretly filmed beating his girlfriend

Diego Maradona has been accused of beating his partner Rocio Oliva in a row over her mobile phone.

His girlfriend secretly filmed the episode which shows the former Argentina legend shouting at her for using her mobile and then apparently hitting out at her twice.

Maradona has denied attacking 23-year-old Rocio Oliva but has admitted to knocking the mobile out of her hand.

“I sent the phone flying but I swear by my children that I never raised my hand to a woman,” he said. “The story starts and finishes there.”

The video was shown by Argentine TV, Oliva can be heard pleading with Maradona to “stop hitting me”.

Maradona starting dating Oliva in 2013 and got engaged to the former women’s footballer earlier this year.

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Maradona’s at it again! Argentina legend slaps journalist

Diego Maradona is no stranger to conflicts with reporters, and the former Argentina star has once again been involved in another scuffle.

The World Cup winner has made the headlines in his home country after he was followed and surrounded by a pack of journalists following his visit to the theatre on Saturday.

According to Argentine news outlet El Comercio, Maradona engaged in a verbal battle with the reporters after appearing seemingly unhappy at being followed.

He was quoted as saying: “This is a gift for my child. One of the first days I have spent with my son.

“I have a happy environment so stop breaking balls, because I am 53 years old and I’m not the “Dieguito”, my name is Diego Armando Maradona!”

The former Barcelona, Napoli and Boca Juniors star then exited his car to confront a journalist face to face. “What is it, fool? Why mess with my wife if I do not mess with you?” Maradona questioned before slapping the reporter and driving off.