I have not divorced Diamonds mother – Uncle Shamte tells haters



Rumors have been rife that Diamond Platnumz’ mother Sandra and her ben 10 husband have been separated.

The rumors seemed true because the couple have not been seen in public together yet they always love showing off their love on social media.

Over the weekend after attending a wedding with Sandra, Uncle Shamte was interviewed and asked to address the rumors.

In an interview with Refresh Wasafi TV, Uncle Shamte claimed that he did not marry Mama Dangote so that they could divorce.

‘kwetu talaka ni kitu cha thambi, sisi waislami talaka ni dhambi sio kitu kizuri sio kitu cha kushabikia sio kitu cha kushauri mimi nilisafiri, sis hatuko huko mimi nilisafiri tuu in short’ mimi nilisafiri sionekani si atitumeoana tuachane, mimi sionekani hatujaonaa kuachan tumeoana kwaajili ya kuishi,’

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Uncle claimed that his son Diamond owns around 67 buildings, which means that in the five years they lived together, Uncle Shamte oversaw the construction of 31 buildings.

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Forgive me! Ommy Dimpoz apologizes to Diamond Platnumz’s mum

Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz has apologized to Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote four years after he involved her in his beef with Diamond.

In 2017, Diamond released a song dubbed ‘Fresh’ shading Ali Kiba and his best friend Ommy Dimpoz.
Ommy Dimpoz responded by posting a photo of himself and Diamond Platnumz’s mother as he went ahead to indirectly insult the ‘Jeje’ hitmaker.

Dimpoz was later arrested for allegedly posting Diamond Platnumz’s mother in a way that was meant to defame her.

Four years later, Ommy Dimpoz has come out to apologize to Mama Diamond saying he was young and stupid.

In an interview with Wasafi media, Ommy said;

“I was wrong to have included her (Diamond’s mother) in our beef with Diamond. With her age, she is like my mother and I respect her. For that reason, I ask for forgiveness and I would also do that if I meet her not just on social media. I have never met her since then.”

‘Nililipa madeni nikabaki zero,’ Comedian Omosh asking for help again

On whether he is on good terms with Diamond, Dimpoz said he doesn’t need to have been with anyone and that he is just living his life.

Mama Dangote also said that she was not aware of any beef between Ommy Dimpoz and her son Diamond Platnumz as she has never seen them fight.

Diamond’s mom Mama Dangote raises eyebrows with huge pregnancy bump

Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Sandra Kassim aka Mama Dangote might be in her early 50’s but that doesn’t mean that she still can’t elicit pregnancy rumours.

Yep, despite being at the age when most women’s bodies are done with the whole process of making babies, fans are still speculating about whether the mother to East Africa’s most popular musician is pregnant.

And they aren’t wrong to do so. Why? Sandra herself has fuelled the rumours with curious photos that seemingly showed a “baby bump.”

Mama Dangote has in the past clarified that she was not ready to have a baby, but her Friday pictures seem to be sending a contrary message to her over 3.6 million followers.

And she went further to release more photos on her Insta-stories, capturing her bulging stomach, while calling on gossip pages to weigh in on her situation.

Many are now wondering whether she might be pregnant for her husband Uncle Shamte aka Rally Jones or she is just playing mind games with her followers.

Don’t forget that in October 2019, Mama Dangote declined Esma Platnumz (Diamond’s sister) appeal to have a baby with their step-daddy Rally Jones.

Her smart reason was that she was not ready to get a child due to her age and complications that may arise in the labour room.

“Sasa Katika utu Uzima wangu huu nizae, sisi tumeoana kuhava a good time. Tuzae nini na utu uzima huu, mnataka nifie Labour na mambo ya Kuzaa… Sitaki mambo ya kuzaa sasa ivi,” Mama Dangote said at the time.

What do you think? Are the photos a smoking gun or a carefully manipulated ploy by Mama Diamond to keep fans engaged?


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Stop it Mama Diamond! Your son has no reputation to defend in the relationship arena

Diamond Platinumz’s mother isn’t happy at the moment. She has warned women against trying to get close to her son, saying that some are only doing that for malice.

Sandra alias Mama Diamond or Mama Bear was reacting to a video that surfaced online of a lady explaining how some French woman asked her for help to get close to the Gere singer.

The artist with his mother in a file photo
The artist with his mother in a file photo

In the video, a lady identified as @officialshilole said she had no idea why the woman came to her. ”I do not know what kind of luck this lady came to me with. She walked to me and said that she came all the way from France, and her main reason was to see Naseeb, and since I know Diamond is single, I thought maybe if the two met. Diamond would have communicated and liked her,” said Shihole.

But Mama Diamond didn’t take kindly to her son being set up and called out Shilole, writing on her Instagram page, ”There is no parent who gets happy when they see people throwing women her son’s direction without putting into consideration his reputation or faith. This person had already announced the amount of money she was willing to pay to get close to my son and take a photo, but we knew she had ill motives, and we blocked those attempts.”

Don’t come back to Kenya without Diamonds pregnancy – Mammito told

Sandra added that her son was a role model for many and that what Shilole had done was wrong.

While I understand Mama Diamond’s wrath at someone exposing her son to potential harm, I must call out part of her commentary.

The artist with his mother in a file photo
The artist with his mother in a file photo

Her saying that Shilole, “…throwing women her son’s direction without putting into consideration his reputation or faith.” My problem with the above quote is that it whitewashes the singer into something that I can’t recognize and understand.

Diamond as we all know is a philanderer who has slept with every pretty woman who has crossed his path indiscriminately. And in those past conquests, man hasn’t been guided by faith or honour even cheating on a pregnant Zari while he impregnated Hamisa on the side.

Not only that, Diamond’s reputation is for being a degenerate skirt-hound is well-known. In fact, that might be one of the reasons that the French woman and Shilole saw it as a plausible idea to approach him, he would most likely welcome the lady with arms wide open.

The artist with his mother in a file photo
The artist with his mother in a file photo

What I would ask Mama Diamond to do is to call a spade a spade. Her son ain’t no saint and no one listens to his music with any such illusions.

So don’t use such weak rationales to defend your son’s right to safety, it makes you look stupid, something you aren’t.

But what do I know…

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Poll results – Majority of Kenyans don’t believe Abdul isn’t Diamond’s biological dad

Diamond Platnumz’s mother shocked many last week when she revealed that her son’s real father wasn’t the man we had all come to believe he was-that man being Abdul Juma.

And Sandra confessed that the Tanzanian musician’s real father was a man going by the names of Salim Nyange.

Apparently, Mzee Juma was the man she moved on with after Diamond’s biological dad distanced himself from the pregnancy; but even with this, Mzee Juma did not spend a cent on the now successful African singer.

Mama Dangote says that she hustled her way to feed her children and pay their school fees; something Mzee Juma did not take part in.

This comes at a time when fans have been criticizing the singer for neglecting the man that we thought was his old man; but clearly, there was more to this new drama.

Pata DNA! The harsh lesson every man should get from Diamond and his ‘dad’ Abdul

Mama Dangote, posted on her Instagram page photos of a man identified as Salim Idi Ny’ange who she claimed to be the biological father of the Wasafi records owner.

Backing up those sentiments was Diamond’s blood brother Ricardo Momo who had earlier appeared on an interview and confirmed that Abdul was not Diamond’s father as the two had one dad identified as Salim Ny’ange.

This shocking information prompted me to ask a poll question to astute Classic105 listeners; Did they believe the new information that Abdul wasn’t Diamond’s real biological father?

The results confirmed a suspicion that I had-most Kenyans didn’t believe it and voted so with an overwhelming majority. The results are below:

Diamond's parentage screenshot
Diamond’s parentage screenshot

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Ukoo umejaa! Hamisa Mobetto revives her beef with Diamond’s mother

Hamisa Mobetto has revived her beef with Diamond’s mum Sandrah.

Diamond’s two baby Mama’s Zari and Tanasha have taken their babies to visit him in Tanzania. Tanasha is currently in Tanzania with her son Nassib Junior.

Well, Hamisa posted a photo of her and captioned;

‘Forget butterflies. I feel the whole Zoo when am with you ☺️🥰🥰❤️.

Fans flocked on her comment sections to respond to her. One fan asked her when she is taking her son Dylan to visit his dad.

amina.moha.5437; ‘Hamisa lini utampeleka Dylan kwa babake?🤔😉 

Hamisa responded;

‘ukoo umejaa baby 💋.’

Tanasha carries her son to Tanzania to meet up with Diamond Platnumz

Hamisa Mobetto

In an interview with Wasafi TV last year, Hamisa talked about their beef and she said,

…the last time issue ni mimi kuita media wakati nilijifungua. Ilisemekana kwamba mimi niliita media waje kuchukua videos , photos and interviews. I had just given birth through Cs and there’ no woman after undergoing operation with all that pain would think about calling media. 

This didn’t go well with Mama Dangote, who has never posted Hamisa’s son on her Instagram.

Responding to Hamisa, she wrote,

‘Ukoo wetu unatutosha jamani! Mtu analazimisha ukoo vipi? Ebu nisaidieni kisheria ukoo unalazimishiwa?’

This is a clear indication that there’s bad blood between the two.

Diamond addresses news that Abdul Juma isn’t his biological father in his own way

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been thrust into the spotlight for all the wrong or right reasons(depending on who you ask) after his family revealed information about his true biological father.

Chibu Dangote’s mother shocked many when he confessed that Mzee Abdul is not Diamond’s biological father. As that is not enough, she went ahead to unleash photos of the late Mzee Salum Iddy Nyange, the man believed to the singer’s father.

The news was leaked on Friday last week and since then  Chibu has been mum about an issue that so many of his fans are still trying to come to terms with.

Speaking to the press, Platnumz said that he is not ready to tackle the elephant in the room yet but when the time comes he will do so.

“…Kila maneno yana mahala pakee, tukisema tiuzingume maneno ya kitandani hapa, sio sehemu yake. Kwa bahati iliyokuwa nzuri hapa ni mahali pa tumewasha na TIGO, najua nikisha sema hilo swala mambo yote yataelekea huko. Nitafanya interview yangu Wasafi FM na nitazungumza yote” said Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond and his father
Diamond and his father

But Abdul Juma who most thought was Diamond’s real father for the longest time(and the most hard done by this situation, I might add) has decided to hit back.

The man has thrown his allegiance to Diamond long-standing rival Alikiba over what he termed s betrayal(and who can really blame him?)

Diamond's father
Diamond’s ex-father, Abdul

On Tuesday, he recorded himself jamming to King Kiba’s new tune Infidele; showering the singer with lots of praises in the process.

“Alikiba ndugu yangu, mwanangu, swahiba wangu, rafiki yangu nimeipenda nyimbo yako Nina Imani fundisho itatoa imeniguza sana tena nafsi yangu. Endelea… mwenyezi mungu akupe power, akutolee nuksi balaa mziki wako uendelee kama mziki wako kaza buti achana na mswahili. Mungu ndio pekeyake anabakia mungu endelea na mziki wengine wote usiwasikize. Alikiba Mungu akubariki,” said Mzee Abdul.

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Pata DNA! The harsh lesson every man should get from Diamond and his ‘dad’ Abdul

Diamond Platnumz has been in the news and not for behaving badly. The reason, the bombshell dropped last week that the man many had considered to be his father, Mzee Abdul Juma, wasn’t.

In a well-coordinated expose’ Ricardo Momo, Diamond’s biological brother and his mother, Mama Dangote revealed that a certain man going by the name Salim Nyange was the father.

She also confirmed that Lava Lava’s manager, Ricardo Momo, and Diamond are stepbrothers who were fathered by the late Nyange.

“When you look at Diamond and Ricardo what do you see? Ricardo’s father is the same as Diamond’s father, he is called Salum Iddi.

“Mzee Abdul was a stepfather he found me with Naseeb’s pregnancy and he knew it. He told me that he was not responsible for the pregnancy. I have on many occasions told him that if he had accepted the pregnancy the child would have been his,” she told Wasafi FM.

Even Diamond’s real paternal grandma, Mwanaisha Mrisho spoke on the issue saying that Diamond knew who his biological father was.

Mrs Mrisho, the mother of Salim Idi N’yange (Diamond’s biological dad), said her son always told her he had a child somewhere but the mother had ‘given’ him to another man.

The granny said she first met Diamond in 2002 when he paid her a visit. Mrisho noted that the Bongo music star was the exact copy of his father.

The interesting thing about this whole affair is that Mzee Abdul himself has stated that he was relieved that Mama Dangote had finally put the issue to rest.

Juma explained that he fell out with Mama Dangote when the Wasafi CEO was in Form One, and had never, until Friday, heard her tell Platnumz that he was not his father.

“This is, first, not news of grief. It’s not bad. There had been rumours. I listened to Wasafi, and it’s OK, because I finally got confirmation. I was shocked. What I asked myself was, “I am truly not his biological father?” A lot has been said, but I believe Diamond is my son, 100 percent. He has been my son from her pregnancy to birth; from the day I picked them from the hospital, to the humble life we lived. I parted ways with his mother when he was in Form One, and I have never heard her tell him I’m not his father – until today when, with her own lips, she said he is not mine. But, I believe he is mine,” said Juma.

Juma went on to express disappointment that she labelled him an absentee father, saying he did all that was required of him during Platnumz’s formative years until the separation.

Not ruling out a DNA test, he noted that Mama Dangote is best suited to say whom she sired with, but he holds in his heart that he is the songbird’s father considering that Platnumz has been using his name, in official documents, since birth.

”She says I am not the father. That I was his stepfather and that I refused to acknowledge the baby as mine. Think about it. The contradictions; do they make sense to you? How would I refuse, then raise the child? I am his father. Why do I say so? Because he is using my name, in all his documents – identification cards and contracts. There are people who are advising I get a DNA test, but I won’t force it. Mama Dangote knows who the father is. I agree with what she said. With a sincere heart, I truly say he is not mine,” he added.

Why have I written this article?

It’s a cautionary tale to all men out there. No man should invest his time, money and love for all those years just to discover that his child isn’t his this late in life!

The above speech shows that he is either a great actor (and is lying that he didn’t know) or that he is just getting to terms with the shocking information that he and the general public is getting to know about Diamond’s real father.

Mzee Abdul is at a place no man should be at in this day and age-At the mercy of a woman about whether a child he thought was his, is or isn’t?

A sad state of affairs that should be/could be prevented in this day and age of DNA by doing paternity testing at birth for all of the kids.

Yes, All of the kids! Stats in Kenya (which are replicated in most liberal societies) show that paternity fraud occurs in close to 30-40% of DNA tested by the father.

That means that 30-40% of men in this day and age could be raising children that don’t share a shred of DNA with them and are doing so because they don’t know!

Mzee Abdul can say his predicament is because at the time he got Diamond DNA testing was something nascent in most societies but men today don’t have that excuse.

For as little as 20-30k a man can get a DNA test that will take less than a month to ascertain whether he’s the father. What will you choose?

Be the idiot who raised another man’s ejaculate or your own kid (one that you’re sure about)?

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Hata Zari! Diamond’s baby mama joins his family in mocking Mzee Juma Abdul

Talk about kicking a man when he’s down! Zari Hassan in not being left behind in the festivities as far as mocking the disgraced Mzee Juma Abdul for not being Diamond’s real biological father.

This comes after Ricardo Momo and Mama Diamond both revealed that Mzee Abdul is not Bongo singer, Diamond Platnumz’s biological father.

Many are still wondering (and rightly so) why the family had decided to scorn a man in public for many years for allegedly neglecting Diamond while they knew all along that he wasn’t even related to him!?

I have my doubts about the revelation that Mzee Abdul isn’t Diamond’s father

The man who should have been getting all the hate all along was Salim Nyange (Diamond’s real dad) and not Abdul who had tried to step up (according to him all those years).

And while most in the public have some sympathy for Mzee Abdul that doesn’t mean the real players in this saga care all that much.

Zari Hassan, Diamond’s first baby mama who is known to be close to Mama Dangote went online to make fun of the ongoing drama; as she shared a photo of Tiffah with her father Diamond. Her caption read,

“Papa👨‍👧 Nyange and Nanyange”

In the comment section, some castigated the mother of 5 for dancing on the misfortune of the old man as she herself had suffered ridicule from the same family when things had degenerated with Diamond in the past.

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Mzee Abdul speaks for the first time after learning Diamond Platnumz’s isn’t his son

The reverberations are still being felt after Diamond Platnumz’s mother revealed that the man we had all thought was Chibu’s biological father for 31 years, wasn’t his.

Mzee Abdul Juma has hit back at Mama Dangote after her public announcement, saying that he wouldn’t challenge Mama Dangote’s statement, maintaining that he is now relieved following the revelation.

”Sio Kwasababu Ya Utajiri Wake Ndio Nimgombanie Na Naamini Mtoto Agombaniwi Na Kama Mama Kaongea Basi Hakuna Haja Yakupima DNA Mimi Nimekubali Alicho Zungumza Mama Inatosha Na Mimi Nasema Sio Mtoto Wangu Kwa Roho Moja Kabisa” added Mzee Abdul.

Kumbe that’s not his father! Diamond Platnumz’ mom reveals star’s real biological dad


“Kwanza Sio Kwamba Ni Taarifa Za Msiba Kwahivyo Sio Mbaya Na Mara Nyingi Kumekuwa Na Hizo Story Lakini Mungu Mkubwa Katika Wasafi Nikasikiliza Nikasema Sawa Kwasababu Nimepata Uhakika Na Sio Mbaya Nashukuru Na Mimi Kweli Sio Baba Yake Ndio Kitu Pekee Nilichotamka Sikupata Mshituko Sana.”

He went on to say that Diamond Platnumz should refrain from identifying with the name he gave him, that’s Naseeb Abdul Juma or else he will take legal action against him.

Mzee Abdul also pointed out that the revelation came as a shock to him because all along he knew he was the biological father to the WCB President.

“Yamezungumzwa Hayo Lakini Mimi Nafahamu Kuwa DIAMOND Ni Mwanagu Mia Kwa Mia, Ni Mwanangu Kuanzia Mimba Maisha Tuliyoishi Pale, Nampeleka Hospitali Nakuja Kumpokea Tunarudi Tunaanza Maisha Mpaka Nakorofishana Na Mama Yake Anaanza Form One Mimi Niko Nae, Na Sijawahi Kusikia Kipindi Chote Kutoka Kwa Mama Yake Akimwambia Kuwa Huyu Sio Baba Yako Mpaka Leo Ilivyokuja Kutamkwa Kwa Mdomo Kabisa Ndio Naamini Mimba Sio Yangu Lakini Mimi Naamini Mimba Ni Yangu” said Mzee Abdul Juma.

He also went on to warn Diamond and his mother to be mindful with their words. He also said that the information has helped understand why Diamond and his mother are always reluctant to help whenever in need.

”Anasema Mimi Ni Baba Mlezi Af Pia Anasema Mimi Nilikataa Mimba Nilimlea Vipi? Hebu Fikiria Hayo Maneno Yanakuja Vipi? Maneno Hayo Mawili Tofauti Yanakuingia? Itakuwaje Nikatae Mimba Af Nimlee Mtoto? Mimi Kama Mimi Naimani Ndio Mzazi Na Kwanini Nasema Hivyo Kwasababu Anatumia Jina Langu Katika Vitambulisho Vyote Naamini Hata Pia Katika Mikataba Yake Yote, Na Kuna Watu Wanasema Maswala Ya DNA Lakini Siwezi Nikalazimisha Kitu Wakati Mama Ndio Anayejua Na Yeye Ndio Kila Kitu Siwezi Kuforce Kupima.”

Diamond's father
Diamond’s father, Abdul

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Where does Diamond go after his mom announced that Abdul wasn’t his bio-dad?

As many of you well know, Diamond Platnumz’s mother dropped a bombshell yesterday that the man we thought was his father, Mzee Abdul was his biological father.

She said that Diamond’s real father was called Salim Idi Ny’ange and that she had taken care of Chibu without any help from Abdul.

Backing up those sentiments was Diamond’s brother Ricardo Momo who had earlier on appeared in an interview and confirmed that Abdul was not Diamond’s father as the two had one dad identified as Salim Ny’ange.

For a long time, I have maintained that the reason that Diamond has so many problems in his relationships with women is the poor example his parents gave him.

I thought that both his mother and father both played a part in his messed-up perspective on relationships but I have to drop Mzee Abdul based on this new information.

In effect, Chibu has been raised by a single mother who is a pathological liar. A woman who has hidden (this assumption is based on the fact that the singer didn’t know about his real parentage) this truth from her own son for all this time?

Diamond will never have a blissful marriage until he deals with his daddy issues

And why would she reveal this information at a time like this? Not only is it embarrassing but will also have a lasting effect on her children’s futures.

But how does this affect Diamond? I don’t think it will. Why? I think the man is too far gone, adopting the narcissistic habits that his mother used to survive.

This changes nothing for him. He already had a poor relationship with the man he thought was his sperm donor, so this will even make it easier to cut ties with Mzee Abdul.

But I could be wrong and this new info could affect Chibu in a terrible way. His only solution would be psychotherapy. And he might need to get a bit of distance from his mother for now because her pathology is a very dangerous one, methinks!

But what do I really know…

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Kumbe that’s not his father! Diamond Platnumz’ mom reveals star’s real biological dad

I have always criticised Diamond Platnumz for the poor quality of his relationships with his baby mamas. Great at getting them pregnant, but the below-par after-care the man shows the women ending up with inevitable break-ups.

And I have always maintained its because of his crazy parenting-An overly dominant mother and a weak/albeit not present father.

And it seems that my hunch is proving out. His own mother dropped a bombshell yesterday when she revealed that Chibu’s father wasn’t Abdul Juma, the man we had always thought was Diamond Platnumz’ biological dad.

The reason Diamond Platnumz’s mom will never blame him for his relationship failures

Apparently, Mzee Juma was the man she moved on with after Diamond’s biological dad distanced himself from the pregnancy; but even with this, Mzee Juma did not spend a cent on the now successful African singer.

Mama Dangote says that she hustled her way to feed her children and pay their school fees; something Mzee Juma did not take part in.

This comes at a time when fans have been criticizing the singer for neglecting his old man; but clearly, there seems to be more to this new drama.

The mum, posted on her Instagram page photos of a man identified as Salim Idi Ny’ange who she claimed to be the biological father of the Wasafi records owner.

Backing up those sentiments is Diamond’s brother Ricardo Momo who earlier appeared on an interview and confirmed that Abdul was not Diamond’s father as the two had one dad identified as Salim Ny’ange.

The post attracted more questions than comments as majority wondered why the information was released now and why was this man kept away from the limelight.

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Pray for her! Diamond Platnumz’s mom has been hospitalised (photo)

Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Sandrah Kassim aka Mama Dangote is in a spot of bother at the moment-This according to images she posted on her Instagram page recently that showed that she had been hospitalised.

The image she posted was of her hand that had an intravenous drip attached to it as she received medicine. Mama Dangote herself hasn’t yet revealed the reason why she is in hospital and many can just speculate as to the reason.

Mama Dangote
Mama Dangote

Her hospital visit comes a week after her own daughter Esma was hospitalised for unknown reasons. But at least her stay in hospital has been full of support as her daughters, her mother and a couple of celebrities came to visit her.

Esma also said that her illness, which she did not reveal was the reason she did not go to see Diamond Platnumz’s kids Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan who had jetted from South Africa to Tanzania for a visit.

Diamond leased the BMW he gave Esma for her wedding gift – Ex hints

A week ago, Esma revealed that she is yet to fully recover.

Her husband is currently in South Africa where his two other wives are based with Esma claiming that she is now single and her husband saying that they are still dating.

Esma confirmed on social media;

‘Ndio, nimeachika, i am single’ she wrote on Instagram (yes, we are not together, I am single.)

Either way, I pray that both Mama Dangote and Esma fully recover from whatever illness has been assailing them.

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This kind love! Princess Tiffah leaves grandma in tears during birthday

July 7th is Mama Diamond Platnumz’s birthday. Well, her granddaughter, Princess Tiffah surprised her with a  birthday song. Mama Dangote, then took to social media to express her joy at  how Tiffah always remembers her birthday each year.




Her husband, Uncle Shamte gifted her a designer handbag and wrote;






Last year a time like this, Mama Diamond and Tanasha threw a major joint birthday as they share the same born day. They were both gifted cars by Diamond Platnumz. The event was a Gatsby themed occasion.

This year, the two have celebrated separately as Tanasha broke up with Diamond and came back to Kenya from Tanzania, where she had been living with the singer.

Just like old friends! Zari and Mama Diamond make fun of Tiffah in pleasant exchange

Diamond mom under fire after referring to Tanasha’s son as “Kichwa Kikubwa”

Diamond Platnumz has probably the most famous mother in East and Central Africa. Sandra Kassim has earned herself a lot of fans and followers since her son became the most popular artiste in East and Central Africa.

I believe she deserves every cent of the praise in molding her son into the star he has become. Despite that, I feel her overbearing presence in his day to day life has been a detriment to his numerous relationships with women. But that is a story for another day.

Diamond, Mama Diamond, Zari and-Zaris-mother in a file photo
Diamond, Mama Diamond, Zari and-Zaris-mother in a file photo

This week Mama Dangote who is most oftentimes in the news for her relationship with her much younger lover came under scrutiny for some comments that she made regarding her grandson’s appearance.

‘I want to be Diamond’s 4th baby mama’ Amber Lulu ready to fight Zari for singer

Sandra called Naseeb Junior, Kichwa Kikubwa after her daughter Esma Platnumz had shared his photo with a caption saying that she missed him.

“I miss you Tom Kaka 😘😍,” wrote Esma, to which Mama Dangote responded with the words, “KICHWA KIKUBWA.”

Naseeb Junior
Naseeb Junior

Her statement was taken as an insult by some of her fans who tried raking over the coals over it. They felt that she had made the comment because she had differences with the boy’s mother, Tanasha Donna.

“@mama_dangote Jamani mbona umtusi kichwa kubwa ata kama umekosa na mamake💔💔😭😭Dunia Ina maneno dah ata kama nikumfurahisha Zari hii sio vizuri😢Mungu amlinde huyu Malaika jamani,” said a fan called Khaltuma.

Diamond with his mother in a file photo
Diamond with his mother in a file photo

Mama Diamond was quick to clarify what her comment meant explaining that it wasn’t an insult but a term of endearment for her grandson and that she used to call his father the same when he was a kid.

“@khaltuma12 jamani mbona mnaumia kumwita kichwa kikubwa ndio tushazowea kumwita hivyo toka udogo wake ndio maana tuna mwita Tom kaka mdogo kwa sababu ya baba yake pia alivyokuwa mdogo tulikuwa tuna mwita hivyo ndio nayy nimezowe kumwita kichwa kikubwa,” she responded.

Tanasha with Diamond's family
Tanasha hanging out with Diamond and his mother

Although Tanasha has blamed Sandra for some of the issues she had in her relationship with Diamond, I believe Mama Diamond’s statement was true. She loves Naseeb Junior despite the differences (if any) she might have with its mother.

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Are you enjoying your marriage? Diamond’s step-father questions

Uncle Shamte is married to Mama, Dangote, Diamond Platnumz’s father. The two have kept their relationship in public and have been showering fans with love quotes on social media.

Well, the lovebirds are too in love with Uncle Shamte asking fans whether they are as happy in their marriages as he is.

‘Sijui kama wote walioingia kwenye Ndoa wana enjoy kuoa kama mimi? Najiuliza alafu majibu yanasema ndoa ni daraja tu ila kilichokufa kwake ni moyo wangu ulionasa ukanasika,’

In response, Mama Dangote repiled by saying that she loves himmore than he could imagine

Nakupenda mume wangu zaidi yako hakuna (I love you more, there is no other)

When they first started showing their relationship in public, the two were forced to show their marriage certificate on social media due to fans’ criticism.

Mama Dangote was also slammed for dating a man much younger than her but they say age is just a number.

Both had kids of their own before marrying each other.

Uncle Shamte recently revealed that none of them had been married to their previous partners.

Uncle Shamte has kept his kids private while Mama Dangote’s kids are music mogul Diamond Platnumz and business woman Esma Khan.

Diamond celebrates mom and his baby-mamas in hearty Mother’s Day message