Dress to impress! Mama Baha shows you how to be young and hype in short dresses

Wanjiru Mburu is a TV darling to many. She is known as Mama Baha for her role in the TV show Machachari.

A while back, the interwebs killed Mama Baha and she had to come out and dispel the rumours of her death “which were greatly exaggerated”

“First of all I want to thank you for your continued love and support through all these years. I write to dispel malicious rumors spread by rudimentary minds that I am dead. I am appalled by individuals who use death to try to grow their bases or gain in some way,shape or form. Social media should be a place where we grow and interact and most importantly build people up not tear down and spread rumors that have far reaching effects. This primitive nature should stop Juu maze Si poa kutake watu for a ride Juu ya story ya kifo. Once again nawashukuru Sana Kwa kuwa loyal and true. Niko alive and by God’s grace I still have a lot to do as I fulfil purpose yangu.Thank you.#onelove #nikotuusawa.”

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Since Mama Baha is very much alive, she has been stepping out in cute short dresses that accentuate her figure.

Check out her photos rocking the stylish short dresses.






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I tested positive for Covid-19, Machachari actress Mama Baha says she in quarantine

Machachari actress Mama Baha aka Wanjiku Mburu says she tested positive for Covid-19.

Announcing to her fans on Facebook, she shared a photo of herself in a robe and with her mask on and urged her  followers to be vigilant as the disease is getting stronger and spreading even faster than before.

“So my results are in and I have tested positive for COVID-19. I am good today and in self-isolation. If you have any symptom, please go get tested and continue to wear your mask, wash your hands and keep social distance,” she wrote.
Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha posing on safari
Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha posing on safari

She also went live on her Facebook page and thanked fans for praying for her.

“I want to thank God for his mercies that has been true every day. Those who have called to check on me.

I tested positive for Covid-19 and the last few days have been trick but today I did some chores. I want to thank you guys and your prayers and may you be blessed and may you be Kept under His wings.

I would like to tell you that one I was sick.

Why I went for the tests is that other than the headache I felt some tightening in my chest but my temperature was always 36.

I never lost the sense of smell. My mental state was also very good.

Mama Baha – I will be walking to State House for this sad reason

Wanjiku Mburu, the former Machachari actress popularly known as Mama Baha, isn’t afraid to break boundaries as evidenced by the photos she shares on her Instagram page. I will give you a hint, body positivity is a theme of her photos.

TV beauty! take a cue from Mama Baha on how to be young and hype in short dresses

The actress is set to do something bolder this month with news that she will stage a walk to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s office on the 28th of January.

Mama Baha aka Wanjiuku Mburu
Mama Baha aka Wanjiuku Mburu

The reason for her walk to the president’s office from Nairobi West is to try and attract the president’s attention whom she had visited earlier, to ask for help to bring back her brother who was kidnapped in 2013.

Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha posing on safari
Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha posing on safari

She wrote the information on her Instagram page. The caption is below,

“On 28th of January is my birthday and on this Day I walk for my brother Georgie. Please walk with me, together we will walk far. #bringgeorgehome #bringbackgeorgy #blood #brother #abduction #mogadishu”

Mama Baha's post
Mama Baha’s post concerning her brother

The issue has been percolating in Mama Baha’s heart as a few weeks ago. Mama Baha shared a video highlighting the government’s futile attempt to bring back her brother who is being held hostage in Mogadishu for the past 6 years.

“In hushed tones I was told, I’m in a meeting I’ll call you later, this went on for a while until they no longer bothered to pick my calls. See Mr President my brother was kidnapped and it’s now 3 years since and there’s nothing from you or your office. After everything has been said, it’s been said but nothing is done” read part of the letter to the President which she wrote on 12th August 2017.

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Machachari actress Mama Baha’s struggle to trace kidnapped brother in Mogadishu

The festive season is usually a time for families to come together and catch up.

But for the family of TV actress Wanjiku Mburu, best known for her role as Mama Baha in Citizen TV’s Machachari, this time of the year is a painful reminder of their missing relative.

Wanjiku’s brother has been missing for five years since he was kidnapped in Mogadishu in January 2014.

George Mburu had jetted off to Somali to work as an engineer when he was abducted together with his cousin. To date, the family has no clue as to their whereabouts.

Two years ago, in 2017, Wanjiku penned a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta asking him to help find George. In the letter dated December 27, George’s birthday, she wrote:

“Dear my President…I was told not to write to you, others said I should follow [the] chain of command, which I did and after a few attempts to seek an audience with the relevant people we had our 1st meeting and everyone was happy to see ‘us’.

“Well that’s until we told them why we were really there and no sooner did they hear us, there were promises of immediate action…there was “call me 1st thing in the morning…” which I did and this was the narrative…in hushed tones I was told…“I am in a meeting I’ll call you later…” this went on for a while until they no longer bothered to pick my calls…

“See Mr President my brother was kidnapped and it’s now 3 years since and nothing from you or your office…after everything has been said and done, it’s been said and NOTHING done.

“So this is me hoping with everything going on, your reelection, Githeri man rising to fame, you will get to read this and bring my brother home…3 years, I think he has done his “time”.

His children need their father, his wife—a husband, his parents—a son and me—MY BROTHER.

It’s been five years with no word from the government. The actress recently upoaded a 15-minute video in which she narrates her family’s pain.

“This story has become like a nightmare for me and my family. It started off like a bad dream on January 5, 2014,” Wanjiku says in the YouTube video.

“Today [December 27] is my brother’s birthday. Every year, me and my sister we write to his Facebook profile and we write messages to his memory [with] the hope that he is fine.”

She reminisces about her brother’s favourite catchphrase. “He would always tell us, ‘No problem!’.”

Former Machachari actress, Mama Baha shares rarely seen photo of mom

The actress says the government has been mum about the issue.

“They told us two things; that the government does not negotiate with terrorists. That is fine, I watched Captain Phillips. But you would everything you can to bring back Kenyan citizens,” Wanjiku says.

“The second thing we were told is to keep quiet about this. It has been six years. Enough is enough and I’m not keeping quiet about this. We have been patient about this. I watch my mum and dad break down every day.”


Machachari’s Mama Baha hospitalized for ‘severe illness’


Mama Baha was reportedly forced to check into hospital after what she calls ‘a weird feeling in the stomach’.

She posted a message on Instagram saying

Today,was an ordinary day.spent the day in doors sewing my mat…you know pretty ordinary day.later in the evening went for swimming and did my 100 laps then went home and prepared for the night, pajamas and all…cut to around 9pm I felt weird in my stomach and decided to go to hospital for a quick check only to be admitted..yaani life changes in an instant and thank God I listened to my body because according to the doctor I am critical..sigh.

She has been experiencing sever stomach pains and the hospitalization was an awakening as she added

But who’s report will the believe, I am going to believe the report of the lord.
P.s my 1st time admitted


Wanjiku made her fans freak out when she announced she has come down with a serious bug. They flooded her inbox with get well messages:

Pole Sana, Get well soon 🙏


Quick recovery dear

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Former Machachari actress, Mama Baha shares rarely seen photo of mom

Former Machachari Actress, Wanjiku Mburu, gave us wonderful memories when she was on the recently-ended Citizen TV show.

Break-up rumours in the bin as former Machachari actress Sofia shares TBT of hubby

The actress who shares a lot about herself online shocked social media when she shared a photo of her beautiful mom.

Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha posing on safari
Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha posing on safari

In the photo shared on Instagram, Mama Baha and her sweet mum were seen seated outside their house relaxing. As the saying goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree as the actress is more of her mother’s photocopy.

Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha posing
Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha posing

Mama Baha was dressed in a red hoodie customised with her image and accompanied it with blue jeans. On the other hand, her mum was dressed in a long African wear dress enjoying the mom-daughter moment.

Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha posing on safari
Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha posing on safari

Her caption read;

Mother and I…..
#motherdaughter #home #myheart #spiritualauthority

Below are some excited comments from the fans;
mbecah The apple does not fall far from the tree. No need for a DNA test🙌

jamesruithakarubiu You both look good🙌🙌

muniumario Your mother taught u no manners🤦‍♂️

carl_dynamoo Dopest

venessabraxton Seems like i have seen your mother before..is she Susan??

wesleymetine Lovely 😍😍😍😍😍

shickspurity Wowww….beautiful mom , beautiful environment .

iamfridakarambu Wow….I wanna Glow like this with my mom everyday

hezronmombo 👏👏👏hw I wish angekuwa my in-law.😍😍😍

Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha posing on safari
Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha posing on safari

It is the first time that the celebrated actress is revealing her mother’s face to the public. Since the cancellation of the Machachari drama, the beauty queen is yet to reveal what she has been up to.

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A list of Kenyan Celebrity TV moms we look up to

The role that TV moms play cannot be understated. Be it local or international, these actresses have a way of bonding with viewers and make the role believable.

Here are some of the TV actresses who have taken the same roles our real mothers take in our real lives.

1. Mama Kayai

Mary Khavere who people know as ‘Mama Kayai’ is a well known personality in the theater and acting world.

She acted alongside the late Mzee Ojwang’ in the famous local show ‘Vitimbi’.

Fans all over the country admire her role as a TV mom.

Huddah Monroe also acted as Kayai in this local show.



2. Mama Baha

Wanjiku Mburu famously known as Mama Baha on the local show Machachari is known for her strict and also subtle role as a mom in the local show.

Mama Baha is not only famous for her strict role, she is also known for gentle way is raising her family in the show. Her personality is one to admire.


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3. Mrs Charity Mwamba

Elizabeth Wanjiru alias Charity Mwamba is a house hold name in Kenya for her assertive role in Kenya’s local show ‘Mother In Law’.

“Mrs Mwamba” has shown us the day-to-day lives of an elderly woman who as to deal with live in in-laws and ‘gossipy’ workers.

Charity’s Mwamba’s role has showed us the essence of a mother in law and the impact they have in our lives.


Woman reveals how pregnancy and motherhood has changed her life forever

4. Patricia McKenzie

Helen Keli alias Patricia McKenzie plays the mum in ‘Selina’, as mother to Nelson and his sister.

Her character is a woman from a moneyed, well-connected family.

We can see the sense of love that she has for her children through out the Kenyan drama series.


5. Wilbroda

‘Wilbroda’ aka Nyaminde acts in the popular television show known as ‘papa Shirandula’. She acts as the wife to papa Shirandula.

Wilbroda, known as the mother of Naliaka and a naive wife who does not understand the business that the husband does.




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