Makueni governor, Kivutha Kibwana impeached

Makueni County Assembly members on Thursday voted in favour of a motion to impeach Governor Kivutha Kibwana. MCAs voted 35 to 10 in favor of the motion.

Kivutha Kibwana’s fate is now in the hands of the senate.

Kibwana had began collecting signatures to dissolve the county government as MCA’s made threats to impeach him.

“A leader cannot bully the people by doing things against their will. The fate of the petition and that of elected and nominated leaders is in the hands of the people of Makueni,” he posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

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Is Konza City within Machakos or Makueni County?


A heated debate ensued in the Senate this afternoon after senators disagreed over the location of Konza city.

Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr. insists Konza City is in Makueni county

Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr says the area lies within Makueni County whereas others say it is in Machakos County.

The senate lands committee will now summon surveyors and Lands CS Charity Ngilu on the matter.