Health: What happens when you sleep with make up on

Let’s be honest, sleeping in make up happens to a lot of us yes?

It is proven that sleeping with make up for one night may not have drastic effects on your skin.

We have highlighted what happens when you sleep with your make up on;




Clogged pores

Sleeping with make up is suicide to your pores.

Most of these make up products have products that are are very heavy on your skin hence when you sleep with your make up on, it just clogs up your skin.

Outbreak of acne

Acne is such a deal breaker.

And any product you put on your face has consequences.

Some of the consequences may be acne especially if you do not clean up make up after that long day at the office.

This may also be as a result of clogged up pores as highlighted in the previous point.

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Damage to your skin cells

Some products may damage your skin cells in big ways.

Let’s talk about fake make up, you know, those one that you buy in down town.

Yes those ones, so imagine putting that make up on and then sleeping with that make up.

Not only will you invite the aging god mother, your skin is about to go a whole 360 degrees turn for the worst

Premature aging

In all honesty, no one wants to have wrinkles at 20.

Sleeping in make up can increase exposure to radicals which may lead to premature aging that could harm your skin.

Take care of your skin so that it can take care of you.

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Leads to dried up skin

Cleansing wipes may not give you that clean no make up look.

Instead, it may lead to dried up skin which may lead to break outs and worse peeling of your skin.

Thus as you remove that make up, take care of your skin by using a moisturizer to even the imbalance after make up removal

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6 reasons to take a break from makeup

While growing up, some of us were not allowed make up until later when we could afford to buy it.

Sounds crazy right?

Wearing makeup can be a wonderful way to show off color, enhance our features, and express ourselves.

On the other hand, going a few days without makeup allows the skin to breathe and rebuild from any build up caused by makeup applied daily.

Here are reasons why your skin needs a break from make-up

1. Helps your skin to breath

A week or a while without make up helps skin to rebuild itself and also cleanse itself.

This allows your pores to exfoliate and to allow it to rebuild putting off blemishes and excess damage that may have occurred while you had make up on.

image-2019-05-13 (3) (1)

 2 .Saves time

People take almost an hours getting all those layers of make up on your skin.

Well taking a break saves you a lot of time that could be effectively used elsewhere.


3. Saves money

The reality of make up is that it is very expensive.

Getting all the products that you need may be a very costly affair and being off make up helps you save money.


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4. You Probably Don’t Need It

One of the main reasons why you should consider taking a break from your makeup is because you don’t need it!

I know you might hate looking in the mirror and seeing your acne and uneven skin tone. But you’re probably the only one who sees your blemishes!


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5. Reconnects with your younger self

Going makeup-free somehow brings you to a subtle state of mind. Something that’s totally liberating!

It reconnects you with your inner self something that is so relaxing

image-2019-05-13 (2)

 6. Prevents aging

Make up contributes to the last but not least. Aging

Many foundations , concealers and powders suck out moisture of your skin.

In short, Scrubbing all those products off everyday pulls at our skin and stretches it out. Not cute! Give your skin a break so that aging doesn’t strike early.



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The tips and tricks to help you fix your broken makeup within minutes

There is nothing more heartbreaking than buying a new powder, eyeshadow, blush or lipstick and cracking it into a million different pieces after just a few uses.

But there are ways to repair your broken makeup without having to throw it straight out.

From microwaving lipsticks to put them back together to adding rubbing alcohol to smashed powders, here are simple tips and tricks to help you to repair your favourite items – often within minutes.


Countless makeup artists and experts including Queenii Rozenblad swear by rubbing alcohol to help to fix their broken powders.

All you need to do is get a tissue, a coin or foundation stick, a toothpick, the rubbing alcohol and your broken eyeshadow.

Pour the rubbing alcohol into the eyeshadow and break it up a little more with the toothpick.

Then, place your tissue on top and use your coin or foundation to gently press down to re-set the shadow.

Checking on it periodically, you should make circular motions while you press down with the coin.

Finally, leave it alone for a few hours to ensure that the shadow is all back together.

If you don’t have rubbing alcohol to hand, there is another way.

Simply pour a few drops of micellar water onto the cracked powder and smooth it into the cracks before shutting the compact overnight.

The ingredients in the product reportedly help to reset your powders, meaning it’s easier to continue using your makeup.


Got a broken blusher powder on your hands?

Simply mix the powder with a few drops of salty water and smooth it back out with a knife to ensure it’s good as new.


Fixing a broken lipstick can be even easier than dealing with powders, if you have ten minutes to spare.

While some beauty bloggers swear by blow drying their products, others use the heat from a candle or microwave their product back together.

Other experts freeze the broken lipstick in their freezer for a few hours, which will help to bond the broken pieces back together.

If there’s a tiny scrape of lipstick left in your tube, scoop it out with a cotton bud and mix with Vaseline to make a moisturising lip balm.

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But these makeup lovers have taken their love of slap to terrifying new levels, with looks so dramatic they’re guaranteed to give you nightmares.

Some women plucked their brows into pencil-thin lines, while others went too far the other way and drew them on so thick they took up most of their foreheads.

From rocking acid pink lips to the woman with two sets of eyebrows, these women will make you think twice before reaching for the lipstick. One beauty enthusiast showcased a statement brow alongside a beauty spot which appeared to have been drawn on with a felt tip pen.

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