Gay activist Makena Njeri speaks on why she left cushy BBC job

Former BBC journalist Makena Njeri has revealed the reason she left BBC. Makena worked at BBC for three years before she publicly announced that she had quit.

Through her social media platforms, Makena said the media house had built her as a journalist and challenged her to think differently as she talked to her global audience.

While at BBC, Makena said she achieved great excellence while engaging the audience in different platforms.

“This beautiful journey made me achieve great excellence doing stories that constantly hit the millions when it came to audience engagement on different platforms. I worked on a program BBC What’s New that inspires the youth in Africa to reach for the stars and everything is possible through the stories we told.

Michelle Ntalami reacts to Makena Njeri being cyberbullied over LGBTQ

We got nominated for the Emmys in 2019 such a great milestone for me as a journalist on the team.”

“Every beautiful story has a beginning and a powerful ending. This has been my journey working at the Beeb for the last three years! I have been built as a journalist in a way I never imagined. Challenged to think different and talk to a global audience in every story I reported on.”

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Makena said she had done all she needed to do at the international media house.

“It was my dream to work at BBC and eventually I got the opportunity. After three years, I realised I had done everything that I needed to do. There was nothing else I was doing differently in the media. There was no growth. I always do something that makes me grow.

She said there is no bad blood between her and her former employers.

“My relationship with the company is still good and I might go back. It depends.”

Makena is currently running her organisation ‘BeingBold’.

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“If it comes a time when I will need to introduce my wife, I will” Gay activist Makena Njeri

Makena Njeri has addressed rumours that she is dating Marini Naturals CEO Mitchelle Ntalami. She describes Mitchelle as one of her close friends and promises to introduce her partner when the right time comes.

“It is a very big mistake to say that Mitchelle Ntalami is my wife. My relationship with Mitchelle is that we are very good friends, when you go to my Instagram you will find I have posted very many people.

“I live my life very openly. If it comes a time when I will need to introduce my wife publicly, I will,” she said.

In an interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani, Makena dismissed reports that she has a wife.

“Let’s focus on Bold Network Africa. There is nothing like a wife right now, as long as you are in my inner circle, I appreciate my friends a lot.”

“I am gay, I am unique and this is my truth” Makena Njeri finally comes out

On leaving BBC, Makena said the time had come since she had exhausted her potential there.

“Like any other journalism student, I really wanted to work at BBC. When I got the opportunity, I worked for 3 years. After that, I told myself there is nothing different I can do on BBC.

In my heart, I felt I have reached the end. I can go back there, they are good employers.”
Makena also said she has dated a man but the relationship did not work since it did not conform to her true identity.

“Yes, I have. I keep on saying I don’t really like talking about it a lot because it was a very private relationship. Even when you speak to people from the community, the journey of your understanding and living your truth can either be a very easy journey or a painful one,” said Makena.

How did you feel about dating a man? Massawe asked,

“Like living a lie. The problem with living a lie is that you end up hurting people in the process.”

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I was trolled every morning for 3 months for living my truth-Gay actress Makena Njeri

Former BBC Journalist, Makena Njeri has been revealing a lot about herself this year. The stylish lady who came out as gay earlier this month has now opened up on her relationship with Michelle Ntalami that has been the subject of a lot of speculation by a section of Kenyans.

Makena Njeri with Michelle Ntalami

She explained this in a well-written post, with Makena narrating how Kenyans had gone after her for 3 long months for being herself.

“Off course this period can not come to an end before I thank the one and only Michelle 💎 Meehhnnn we have been through it all and just like I said I can never say the whole story on one post but slowly over time. I remember when I was trolled every morning for 3 months for living my truth and I was so scared of what the universe will say or do you were always there to remind me of who I am,” said Makena in part.

“I am gay, I am unique and this is my truth” Makena Njeri finally comes out

The former actress went on to say that their relationship and friendship had been questioned so many times.

“Our relationship and friendship was questioned so many times and you were dragged on the mud together with me so many times but not once did you fail to stand by me. Thank you for being a true friend through it all and when the idea of starting a company that will help other people like me to live their truth Boldly you were there through the discussions and when the time was right you held me down and who would have ever asked for a better person to come up with such a beautiful work of art a creative logo skillfully curated by you and a world-class website that many have praised since we launched,” shared Ms Makena.

She finished off by saying, “For sure everyone needs a solid friend like Michelle and today I raise you one 🥂. I celebrate you for who you have been to me and the footprints you have left with your beautiful heart towards people in the queer community. I thank you and @boldnetworkafrica will forever speak about you and remind generations of the person you are. Where you are today I salute you Michelle keep living your truth fiercely and I will always have your back.”

Michelle responded with an equally touching message writing,

“There is no other way to love other than deeply and boldly, and @boldnetworkafrica is a true testament to this. To have my touch in it forever is a true honor. Soar with it, and let love be your guiding light. I will always walk with you. 💎”

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“I am gay, I am unique and this is my truth” Makena Njeri finally comes out

Media personality Njeri Makena has finally come out to reveal that she is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. She did this in a video posted by international media platform, TedX on behalf of TedX Parklands.

The former BBC employee explained that it had taken a long time for her to accept herself. “I remember for the first time in my life after very many years, I looked at the mirror and said to myself ‘I am gay, I am unique and this is my truth’,” she said.

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A post shared by Makena (@makenanjeri)

She also spoke about the first day when rumours about her orientation hit the internet, after a girl had vandalized her Mercedes Benz alleging that she had cheated on her.

“I remember that cold morning of July 2019 when I woke up and looked at my phone. I had over 1,000 messages and over 500 missed calls. My blood went cold. I knew something was wrong,” she said.

Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri spark relationship rumours with sultry messages

She said that family and friends who already knew about her orientation deserted her because they would be judged for associating with her.

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A post shared by Makena (@makenanjeri)

She said that she was battling depression for 3 months that followed and had few people to turn to. The former Tahidi High star explained that as a gay woman living in Kenya, she has faced a lot of hateful comments and negativity online.

“I believe that gender identity is one’s personal experience and perception of self,” she explained. Makena is now focused on building her organization Bold Network Africa that is where she is the CEO and founder.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Makena (@makenanjeri)

Her organization will be used to serve as a voice for the underserved and disenfranchised people in the queer community to be proud and bold through storytelling.

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Michelle Ntalami reacts to Makena Njeri being cyberbullied over LGBTQ


Marini Natural CEO Michelle Ntalami has been on vacay in the Coast and keeping up with your online shaming.

The rude comments and outright insults targeted at Makena have saddened Michele and Chiki Kuruka who have each sent a message of support to Makena Njeri.

“I was drunk and lost control of my tongue” Racist apologizes to David the Student

Makena is being cyber bullied with all sorts of negative comments criticizing her for her choice of life. She reacted in a lengthy post on Instagram that

Think about your disgusting behavior and remember you might be killing someone at the end of your comment.


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Makena (@makenanjeri)


Makena shared screenshots of the hurtful comments to put trolls in their place. as Michelle and Chiki comforted her. Michele mentioned that she has been dragged into the cyber bullying after making comments about loving Makena, that she insists were taken out of context.

chiki suppors makena(1)
Chiki Kuruka to Makena
michelle to makena abotu trolls(1)
Michele Ntalami reacts to Makena Njeri bullying


Folks, we’ve got to do better and let Makena be.

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This world will always be quicker to rip apart a good thing, than to applaud it – Michelle Ntalami

Michelle Ntalami celebrated her 36th birthday last month. The Marini CEO who encapsulates beauty and brains had a lovely time with her close friends as she ushered in a new year.

While she might have been focused on that romantic milestone, other Kenyans were more curious about the nature of her relationship with close friend Makena Njeri.

Michelle Ntalami with Makena and Patel
Michelle Ntalami with Makena and Patel

The issue came to the fore after Makena posted a series of messages to Michelle that not only raised temperatures but also eyebrows.

Michelle Ntalami sets record straight days after fueling lesbianism rumors with Makena Njeri

The messages by Makena were numerous with the common theme among them being the love she had for her friend Michelle, something that caught many Kenyans off guard prompting claims that the pair had more going on than met the eye.

Makena Njeri with Michelle Ntalami

But it seems that the speculation has reached a point that has made Miss Ntalami have to speak on the affair. In a long post on her Instagram page, Michelle insisted that her friendship with Makena and Patel was based on those people who rode with her the strongest and not the people who had known her the longest.

Adding that Miss Patel and Makena had come at a time in her life when she was lost and confused,

“I don’t ride with who I’ve known the longest. I ride with who rides with me the strongest!
@makenanjeri @niyati.patel10 ⁣⁣⁣Bless the Universe the day I met both of you. Both at a time where I was so lost and confused, and had my serious doubts about friendship. You walked with me and healed with me. But you have proven that your love for me remains on top no matter what.”
Michelle Ntalami with Makena and Patel
Michelle Ntalami with Makena and Patel
She then went on to address the rumours swirling around the nature of the friendship saying that it was no one’s business.
“It doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks about us, that will never be our business. This world will always be quicker to rip apart a good thing, than to applaud it. What matters is the bond we share between us, and the commitment to holding each other’s hands through the storms of life.⁣”
Michelle Ntalami in yellow
Michelle Ntalami in yellow
The end of her message asserted that she would be loyal to her friends and that their friendships would never end because of something she had done.
You both know I am loyal like a dog, when I choose to go hard for someone it’ll hardly ever end because of me! So I hope y’all are ready for the ride of a lifetime with me! 🐶😉 ⁣I love you both, and thank you for Queening me and giving me the best Birthday ever! 

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Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri spark relationship rumours with sultry messages

Former Tahidi High actress Makena Njeri and Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami are heating up the internet with rumours about the nature of the relationship.

Makena started the tongue-wagging after she posted a lot of sweet-nothings with words like “Beautiful”, “Gorgeous”, “Sexy” and “Queen” in her 3 Instagram odes to Michelle.

Makena Njeri with Michelle Ntalami

Makena was writing the messages to Michelle on her birthday and didn’t spare an emotion going all-in with poems about the CEO that would make Greek poets blush.

‘I love Michelle Ntalami,’ Mombasa actor Dan Sonko opens up

Makena wrote,

Michelle darling 😘I don’t know what I did right in my life to make the universe bring such an angel into my life, but I’m definitely going to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you make me feel.

Makena Njeri with Michelle Ntalami


How long has it been since the first time we met? It may have been just a few years but to me it feels like a blur. I guess that’s what happens when you’re having so much fun with someone you love that you completely lose track of time. Happy Happy Birthday, today is for the woman who has been with me through it all and still loved me unconditionally.

Another part of her messages spoke about the immeasurable joy she felt about her relationship with Ntalami;

Whenever your birthday comes around, I breathe a silent prayer of thanks to all the forces of the universe that brought you and I together because our story is one for the books and I will forever look forward to celebrating all your birthdays with you . I love deeply happy birthday darling ♥️.

Makena Njeri with Michelle Ntalami
Makena Njeri with Michelle Ntalami

The BBC producer went ahead to gush over the young CEO, labeling her ´a sight to behold´ with whom she desires to spend the rest of her life and forever make happy.

Michelle matched Makena’s long messages with her own short one, saying, “The spice you’ve brought to my life! Words can’t describe! You put all of this together for me and I’m so blown away! You’ve made sure I’ve been smiling literally all of June! I’m so happy to be crossing my birthday with you! We’ve not yet even began the real fun.. let’s do this baby! I love you! ♥️”
Makena Njeri with Michelle Ntalami
Makena Njeri with Michelle Ntalami

The messages were received with a lot of positivity with some fans celebrating the love the two had for each other. Some of those comments are below;

wa.nyakio Your friendship is just 👌👌👌I just pity the man who will try to date either of y’all. He needs more than courage and self esteem
sassy_nimo U have avery beautiful girlfriend😩🙌🙌
samanthang304 Who needs a man when you can have someone like Makena? Hii straightness hainisaidii😂😂😂😂having second thoughts
wilkisterwanyika Men have you seen tips of treating a Lady😂😂😂😂😂? Happy birthday to her❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
priscaanyango1 Mtaachana tu 😂😂😂
iamtriciepiper_the_original Damn gir you are so romantic and loving kuliko some of our men😂😂happy bday mitchy😍😘
ubora_house_cleaners This is love this is loooovee😍😍😍
chrismiyoyo_254 Mapenzi ni tamu with the right person😍🔥

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‘I feel I am in season 5 of my life’ Makena Njeri responds to cheating scandal

Makena Njeri is the toast of the week and all because of some images that have been doing the rounds on social media.

It is alleged by many blogs that her Mercedes Benz was vandalised by a lover.

The car that was vandalised
The car that was vandalised

‘Makena cheater’ was written on the side of the car with black spray paint and on the bonnet, an angry expletive.

The car that was vandalised
The car that was vandalised

The allegation is that she was cheating on her lover. The ex-Tahidi high actress has been quiet about the scandal but not anymore.

The car that was vandalised
The car that was vandalised

She posted an Instastory that alluded to the scandal. The BBC producer wrote;

I feel like I’m in season 5 of my life and the writers are just making ridiculous sh*t happen to keep it interesting. 

Makena Njeri screenshot
Makena Njeri screenshot

These words match the comment she gave out to Kiss100 when she was called her to respond to the cheating scandal.
She shut down the rumors claiming that she knew nothing about her car being vandalised yet the car she bragged about owning a few months ago match the number plate of the vandalized car.

Makena Njeri
Makena Njeri seating on her car

Many Kenyans went to her Instagram page to comment about the scandal. Some of the comments allude to her se3uality. Others encourage Makena and tell her to ignore all the noise and move on with her life. Some of the interesting comments are below;

xtiankaby; Hope you are well.. Don’t mind the Drama you are strong
wakandanz; Welcome to team mafisi…we welcome you with open arms…
coolest_madness; The open face of cheaters 😂😂😂

What do you think of the scandal?

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