Singer Majirani promises to be bigger in new album ‘Adventures of Majirani’

Former Grandpa record singer Majirani has released his album ‘Adventures of Majirani’.
Majirani says the album consists of all the songs he has done since 2013.
Speaking about the album, he has also promised to fully take control of his music and produce more.
‘A number of  you have been following my music life on this platform since i begun back in 2013 , there have been times you guys knew i wasn’t okay,  I also never stopped showing u when i was happy it has been 7 years of mixed fortunes
Exactly a year ago on a day like this u all remember i had gone back to the streets scavenging for food, some cried and offered their help, most of u wanted me back on my feet am happy things worked out for me, my come back has seen me release two big songs.
Chepukati ft sailors saa ngapi ft babu gee the songs are doing well thanks to you.
He added;
Today am writing this while sitting here on bed thinking about you, i have never been so happy in my life, imagine this , writing big songs  topping music  charts and when asked about how much your music is making you are like “i will ask my agent” i mean u don’t even know and the same agent  doesn’t care to let u know the progress , he cant give you access to your your royalties and any other earnings …this is the only reason i stopped writing music forget the rest of the stories u hear ..i mean how will u be putting your energy where u cant havest ? It just never worked out for me ..i had to quit
Am so happy to let u know that from today i have officially taken over the full control of my music and with  your support i can guarantee you a good year ahead as my fan , you will see growth your support wont go in vain , scroll down here and listen to my ep containing all Majirani songs that u missed 

Why Sailors song ‘Chebukati’ featuring Majirani was removed from YouTube

Sailor’s new hit with Majirani ‘Chepukati’ has been pulled down on Youtube.

The song was trending at number 12  with more than 100,000 views on YouTube.

Speaking exclusively to Classic 105, Majirani, says he has no idea what happened, as he had already paid for the collabo.

“Manze it’s crazy ’cause we did not approach Sailors directly. So we have a contract with K-letta and Mwalimu Rachel and we paid them a lot of money. All of that is because we wanted them to appear on the song,” he said.

Majirani says K-letta told him that Black Market Records (BMR) which the group is under, was just supposed to distribute Sailors music and nothing more.

But a few days later they received a text saying they worked with their artists without BMR’s consent.

“In short it is an in-house conflict and there is something they are not telling us.” Majirani said.

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The Sailors group
The Sailors group

According to Black Market Records manager, Mr. Dankez, he says that they were not notified about it by Mwalimu Rachel, K-Letta and Majirani.

“After that we told them to just have credit of Black Market Records on Youtube and make sure the song has BMR logo on it.


So we actually warned them even before uploading the song that if they are gonna upload the song without our logo we’ll just take down the song,” Said Dankez.

He says they went ahead and uploaded the song without doing any of that and they were forced to act accordingly.

The song won’t be back up on Youtube until the group does as per they were instructed.

This was a comeback song for Majirani after being away for a while and almost falling into depression.


Kenyan Artiste Majirani’s heartbreaking experience in jail leaves him in tears

Hivo ndo Kunaendaga star Majirani has been on the low for a while but he finally spoke up about his life in Prison and what he went through in an interview with Classic 105.

Speaking about it he says

It wasn’t a good experience and I would not wish prison on anyone. Even lice in prison is considered government and you are not supposed to even touch it.

Prison teaches you many things for instance, you need to respect people.

It also hardened me, making me realize that people are suffering while locked up there. So when you get that freedom it is more priceless than money and everything else

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When asked about the hardest time he had in prison he was hesitant before narrating how he was almost sodomized.

He says

I was attacked while still in prison by a group of homos3xuals and it was the hardest thing I had to go through while in there.

However I thank God that it did not happen. 

However I had to fight them and that led to an extension of my time in prison for I could not afford the cash bond that had been set of about sh. 200,000.


Majirani is known for his famous collaboration song with Kenrazy named “Hivo ndo kunaendaga” but fell out with record label leading to a break in his music career for 3 years until 2019.

Meanwhile during that break he was able to give back to the community by opening a football club that ensures growth of talent from the youth.

I came up with the idea of starting a football club to help curb tribalism in our area which is in Eldoret.

We brought young people to play football every evening to play and as they went home tired, they wouldn’t fall into vices including stealing and also to being union among the people to curb tribalism.



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