Maina Kageni ruined a perfectly good proposal on air 

Maina Kageni is surely a hot cake waiting to be snatched up by Kenyan mafisilets.

He is rated among the most eligible bachelors, and one woman on Friday February 21, saw it fit to tell him she is considering being his wife and baby mama.

She was so confident she can trick Maina into marrying her by saying

 kwanza you Maina, you are always taking trips bragging about your money. Do you know I will show you how to spend your money. Mwalimu Kingangi, let’s plan this we see how I can trap him (Kageni). I can kimbiza him apate jasho, because Maina has zubaad, Maina you need two kids to kimbiza you, to laugh like you,

Co host Mwalimu encouraged her saying he will help plan how the two can marry. He said

I can’t wait for a woman to show up at the office with your kids at the reception. I will be so happy we will put a billboard,’

The discussion arose from a morning conversation where Kenyan men were accusing women of using the Children’s court to revenge.

Many men said they felt courts favour women in their child upkeep judgments, when the woman called in to give her opinion.

Maina however turned down her marriage idea saying

‘Who me? Issa lie, never ever, you’re all mad’ was his reaction

Who knew Maina was this scared of marriage?

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‘It’s like buying land without a title deed’ Men on dating single mum’s of boys


Men avoid single mum’s raising boys, according to confessions made on Classic 105 Tuesday February 18.

The reasons range from not wanting the boy to inherit property, to him going to look for his biological parent later in life, to mwanaume proper hawezi excuses.

Maina’s morning conversation was on why a majority of men don’t like dating and marrying singe mums of boys, and the responses were swift.

Saumu Mbuvi hints she might be pregnant with second child

‘Why would I raise another mans son only for him to go look for his real father later in life?’ was one reason a man gave for avoiding single mum’s of boys.

Another said ‘dating mums of boys is like ‘buying land without a title deed, adding’ who does that?’


Another added ‘Do you know he can even kill you when you argue with his mother?’ 

Maina how would you feel driving and maintaining a car you can’t drive? Another wrote on Twitter.

Maina wanted to know where this insecurity is coming from.

I was depressed and regretted dating Diamond – Tanasha reveals

A man said ‘its genetically wired in all male species, look at Lions for instance it’s just insecurity.’

Another man also called in with an analogy that ‘Who ever said that water in a toilet cant cook tea? We grew up knowing that and the same way we have learnt that if you marry a single mum of boys is trouble.’


Dear single mums, how does it make you feel to hear this asked Maina.

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Maina Kageni defends Huddah and Vera Sidika from trolls


Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika are undoubtedly living the glam life online, and are the envy of many.

Girls want to be like them, and the guys, well…they just want to hit it.

They are also subject to online trolls slam them for a life that seems to be funded by ‘sponsors’ (their words not mine).

Huddah posing in white
Huddah posing in white

The extent of the online trolling they receive has been noticed by Maina Kageni.

Maina Kageni reveals who he would marry between Huddah and Vera Sidika (Audio)

Maina is taking on trolls saying

do you even know what they do for a living? why do people call them names,verasidikainreddress


Vera and Huddah have earned a huge following posting photos wearing designer items, and somehow some of the fans provoke them into responding to all sorts of online abuse.

The two are shamed for their lifestyle which Maina says is no excuse for bullying

Must you assume that there is someone paying for their lifestyle?

Trolls and haters are an unfortunate fact of life on the Internet.

Other celebrities who are constantly forced to defend themselves are Anerlisa Muigai, Akothee, Dj Pierra Makena among others.

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Is there a problem with parenting today asks Maina Kageni

“Male teens need a dad to be the anchor that stabilizes their youth as they are pulled in every direction.” was the resounding theme on Classic 105, as hosts Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi debated the topic of absentee dads.

This follows a third video shared online of a Kenyan boy spilling all sorts of vitriol. No, we will not share the clip here, search for it online using the hashtag #consolata.

The idea that there may be a parenting issue in Kenya was discussed on Classic 105.


Mwalimu sought to know from listeners, who the father figure is, in households where single mums are raising male teens.

He also gave his take saying

‘They were chased away by the women, and alot of men want to come back in their lives but the doors are ‘locked’.


He added

most men were chased away and are not allow to see their children

Mwalimu went on to suggest that women are sacrificing their families for careers, something that Maina quickly responded to

so should ladies sacrifice more? Where are the fathers of these children? You know your boy is 11 or 12 and doesn’t it worry you that he is growing up without a mentor?

Where are you guys, why are you blaming single mothers, where are the fathers to these boys?


Mwalimu noted that the best way to resolve teen problems is

They (fathers) need to be recalled, you know that’s a very critical age for boys between 11- 16 years

Where do you think the problem lies? Drop your comments below.

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‘I touched something very cold’ Man whispers to Maina about a leg


A man who ignored the advice about not letting social media fool you is regretting it.

His fascinating story begins on Facebook where he said

I dated a chick kwa facebook and I told her I want to know more about you. She said we meet for a date in town.

It all seems innocent right? Wrong!!

The man met the girl and was blown away by her beauty. The two Facebook friends met and after the ‘nice date’ they moved to a lodging for some good time.

So after meeting, I saw she was physically disabled and didn’t tell me that, so when I met her face to face I was taken aback. We went to the room, and she told me to switch of the lights and we started romancing

Maina wasn’t impressed and shouted back ‘Yani, the first time you met her, you took her to a lodging, oh my God what is this?

‘First of all. never take a woman to bed on the first date’ Maina Kageni interjected before the sorrowful man went on with his story about being completely blindsided on social media.

The man was not ashamed one bit and repeated ‘Yes I took her to the room, kwani’

He goes on to add

I touched her then I felt something cold like air, I panicked and asked myself is that real, I felt metal (machuma) I was scared to death. She told me she didn’t have one leg, I was scared I asked her are you a human being, let me tell you Maina I was in shock, so Facebook is all about lies


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