My husband stole 5k from my handbag for his mpango wa kando


Way too often couples avoid having transparent and open discussions about money because we assume that we’re on the same page as the other person. But we’re not. And by the time we figure that out, it’s too late.

A woman called in to contribute to the morning conversation about women and husbands and the tricky topic of money.

Maina Kageni wanted to know why wives give loans to husbands knowing very well, he won’t pay back. Ladies why do you lend your men money, Maina asked saying kama uchumi ni mbaya men should go out and hustle.

Eric Omondi, you made Mr. X dump me! Akothee says in birthday message

Her story is something that to this day she considers resentful.

Pesa yangu ilitolewa kwa handbag 5k na mtu akaenda umalaya, he didnt even ask, na mahali nilificha I can’t imagine how he found it.

I was out on my daily hustle and coming back I couldn’t find the money and he never came back over night, the following day I asked him why he took my money and he said ohh I will give it back,


That was three months ago, alienda kwa mpango wake na akasepend uko, aliniibia, who else could it be? I have asked him now ni matusi naitwa mpaka mbwa, so I just look at him, he doesn’t know what the kids eat, I don’t think he will ever pay me back, naachia mungu and I know the mpango knows he stole my 5k, she does an d she uses my cash, they will pay back all those who are hurting us.

Another woman also has an equally annoying tale of her husband

I married a broke man but I had made some money and so I told him we invest it, and he would run it.

What Nyce Wanjeri would tell her late mother were she alive (exclusive)

He misused all the money I had earned for eight years, even when I was going to give birth I had no money even to buy diapers, he had misused the money. I left him after he mistreated me, amekuwa mtu ovyo he has even gone back to his mothers house.

How much money is she talking about losing?

He misused 100k that’s what men do to us in the name of love because I gave him this responsibility, and I loved him, that’s why I gave him the money, amejua hajui,


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Maina and King’ang’i weigh in on Garissa women rep Subow’s abusive language


The obscene and foul language used by female Kenyan politicians has taken centre stage.

This is after Garissa woman rep Anab Subow called Raila Odinga uncircumcised.

In a video that has gone viral on Sunday, Subow is heard referring to Raila as a devil who is not circumcised.

Part of her speech reads

“Rebuke the devil….. this mzee called Baba and I don’t know whose baba he is. He is old but he is not circumcised. He might be baba but let him go to Bondo and be circumcised first. Whom does he think he is, why is he not getting old”.

Classic hosts Maina and Kingangi debated this on Tuesday morning conversation.

Maina was left speechless only managing to say ‘aki mdomo ya wanawake’, while Kingangi insisted that ‘they are showing their true colors’.

Kenyans have labelled the women leaders using verbal abuse as shameless.

The vicious slurs have been roundly condemned when listeners responded to Maina Kageni’s question if it is it the true representation of Kenyan women these days. Here are some views.

An upset man said,’ Can you imagine telling that woman to find your socks? huyo anawezakutafutia? But we are praying to God that all will be well, these career ladies have lost respect for men, they need to change because ile respect that was back in the day that is what we want.

A woman called and said, ‘huyu mwanamke amezaa? because there is no normal woman who can go to in public and talk like that. I think she needs a psyciatrist, coz no normal woman can talk trash like that in public, they are embarrassing women in Kenya,

another said,’ I am saddened by that woman’s comments’.

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Is it important for a woman to know how to cook in 2019 asks Maina Kageni

Ever heard a phrase that says, “Don’t marry a beautiful wife but marry a lady who can cook, for beauty fades but hunger does not.”

Maina and Kingangi in today’s morning conversation discussed if it was still important for a wife to know how to cook in 2019.

Maina posed the question: Are ladies still judged by their cooking? Where does she find time in today’s economy to cook?




Maina was of opinion that cooking is a hobby that should be done when one is ready to.

One response from a man was that women MUST know how to cook because,

when we marry these ladies we normally pay a lot of pride price and so when they come we expect them to know how to cook or they rather remain at their parents’ home.’

Another caller said,

If my wife does not cook and leaves the house girl that duty then its up to her because the house girl will be my cook and maybe my food in future. This comment left Maina wondering as to how one gets to live with such a husband.

Relationship guru Lisa Gaitho has a different opinion on relationships now

In the current generation almost all ladies are employed so like any other person they go out to work in the morning and come late at night and so they won’t get enough time to prepare food because both share expenses.

In other words cooking should also engage two parties both the husband and wife.

A female caller was of opinion that the modern woman should cook for their husbands. She went ahead to say that just as the way the woman finds time to go to the market to buy the cereals and all that she should also find time to cook for the family and if not then she should stay single.

Singer Akothee Shows Off Her Cooking Skills

Some of the comments were;

If a woman does not know how to cook then she should know how to gossips, she has to know one thing.

If your woman does not know how to cook don’t complain you are in a relationship not a restaurant. 

A woman who does not know how to cook is a scam.

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‘Stick to your ugali managu in 2019’ Captain Kale to slay queens when taken out on a date (Audio)

Maina Kageni was left flabbergasted during today’s morning conversation after a majority of men confessed that they prefer cost sharing bills.

He could not understand why men want to date a woman, yet they do not want to spoil her.

Who even goes out with a woman to Kempinsky with only sh2000 in his pocket?Maina posed.

Stinky mouths,broke men here are things that turn off women (List)


Here is what the listeners had to say

“When I reached an age where I was allowed to go mingle with the opposite s3x, my mother advised me to always have some cash in my pockets.

She further advised me to always order for something I can afford to pay for in case the man bails out on me, that’s the mantra I leave on up to date.

I have also advised my nieces to do the same, slay queens just want to eat what they do not know how to get.”

A couple on a date


Beauty with brains: Photos of the new Nairobi health CEC Stella Bosire

Captain Kale adds

“Are there women who still go for dates without carrying cash in 2019? Personally when I go out whether with a woman or with my boys we cost share.

Whatever we order the bills are written individually so that we don’t have ‘issues’ when it comes to paying.This is 2019 even if you are my wife, kucost share is a MUST.

Some ladies just want to eat things they have never seen in their life, kama umezoea ugali managu stick with that, this is 2019.”

Another adds

“If I am going out on a date I must have a backup, these men are not to be trusted anymore.”

Listen more on the audio below

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‘He sent 2K once for upkeep yet he earns a whooping 600K!’ (Audio)

Women have on several occasions been bashed for turning men into a money making scheme once they part irregardless of whether in good terms or not.

One is left wondering if the woman is really in need or if she just wants to make the man”s life miserable. Some women cant just let their baby daddies be.


During the morning conversation, listeners poured their heart out and below is what they had to say;

“As men we are suffering. You get a child with a woman and she moves on but she always calls you to ask for support.

You want to keep the child but she refuses because she knows once you take the child she wont get any money from you.

They use the children to milk money from us.”


Woman left dead after her fridge caught fire and exploded in Mwanzo estate

Another adds;

“Every time my baby daddy hears I am moving on he comes threatening me, despite the fact that we are not living together.

Its not only baby mama’s who get clingy, men do too. It was just a mistake and I do not want to live with him, being with him was my WORST mistake.”

Another male fan adds that the only solution to this problem is by impregnating the woman again if she keeps bothering you with upkeep.

“These people are really disturbing us but there is a solution.The more she keeps asking fro money, the more you should also ask for s#x .

They says dawa ya moto ni moto thus the more her demands the more the s#x so that you can add another baby and make her silent for another 9 months.

Sometimes its not that we cannot afford to pay them we just want to torture them, akiitisha pesa mimba mara hio hio.”


Revealed: Here is where Betty Kyallo got money to start her salon

Another says;

“The highest amount my baby daddy has ever sent me is Ksh 2,000 despite the fact that he earns a whooping Ksh 600,000.

To add salt to the injury I have to push him to send cash. My daughter’s school fees is Ksh 32,000 so what can 2,000 do.?

Listen more on the audio below


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‘If she doesn’t want kids she is just a prostitute’ Shouts city man (Audio)

During the morning conversation on Classic 105, a male caller angered women who do not want to have children by referring to them as prostitutes.

According to him, the sole purpose of women is to bear kids adding that if he wants 18 kids, there should be no debate about it.

“If she does not want to give me kids let her go. What’s the benefit of me living with her if she can’t give me kids.

I can’t live with her, she came purposely to be my companion and give me kids if she doesn’t want to she should just go, after all she is just a prostitute and not a wife.”

Rwandan model Alexia Mupede killed by their domestic worker (photos)


“My girlfriend of 1 year wants to abort our child.”Cries city man (Audio)

Here is what the listeners had to say

“I have seen white people living with their wives even when they cannot bear kids. I think that Africans get married for the things we want and not for love.

Even in a chance where a lady can’t bear children for natural reasons she gets divorced. It’s something tumezoea and it’s very sad.”


Another adds

“How can you settle with some one who does not want to bear you children? Is she going to just stay there like a flower.”

As if that is not bad enough another male listener says

“What’s the essence of marriage kama hakuna watoto? If a car cannot give you service, it’s not worth buying.”

Just when you think you have heard enough another male caller stated that the ONLY reason men marry is for procreation.

Last words of former YEDF Chairman Bruce Odhiambo before his death

Another adds that if a woman feels she does not want kids, she is better off not getting married.

“A woman who does not want kids does not understand what marriage is all about. Are you supposed to just sit there and look at each other?

We get married for procreation and to grow the society so personally I think if someone has already decided they don’t want kids, they should not get married.

And just to correct the man who called such women as prostitutes, they are NOT.”

Listen to the debate in the audio below;


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Morning Conversation: What’s your take on VAT on fuel products asks Maina Kageni

We need to have this conversation because this is the daylife will change forever starting today.

MP’s are expected to vote on President Uhuru’s recommendation slashing the 16 per cent by half.

There is no one who hasn’t been touched by the cost of living. Maina Kageni in his morning conversation asked listeners to talk to their MP about this emotive issue.

Mwalimu Kingangi dug in saying,

‘Ata nywelel za india zimepanda na hii kitu ikianza kesho, wacha kulia hakuna pesa, if you earn more money, the lesser you have.’

I want to know whats going through your mind, coz you’ve got to understand one thing, life will change starting today.

Do you understand the magnitude of this issue? Listen to the discussion on the audio below:


AKI YAOOO!! Here are Maina Kageni’s favorite phrases

Forget about the lingo spoken by millennials, the ‘xaxa xwerie’ craze.

Where, you literally can’t understand what they’re saying.

Maina Kageni has reinvented the wheel, on how you communicate to express extreme emotion, without using the queens language.

Today, we will help you decipher and break down some of the popular and most used phrases by the popular Classic 105 presenter, that you should definitely know.

After all, these are phrases that we hear each and every morning and they make us smile and even inspire us to use them.

Here we go!

1. Digehota

This phrase translated in Kiswahili means ‘siwezi’, and can be applied to situations where someone says a stupid statement, and you literally can’t believe they said such a statement.

2. Nie reke gwire

This in English means ‘let me tell you’, or better yet in Kiswahili it means ‘wacha nikuambie’. When you you use it, you must have some very sizzling hot news to relay.

3. Nie maundu maya

In Kiswahili it means ‘mimi hizi vitu’. It sounds weird trying to translate the phrase in English so bear with the Kiswahili version.

NB: You can also interchange this phrase with number 1 to show extreme puzzlement and bewilderment at a go.

4. Ici ni ngoma

In English this means ‘these are devils’ and in Kiswahili it literally means ‘haya ni mapepo’. You can exclaim in this manner when you don’t have words to describe the situation at hand.

5. Aki yaoo

It’s a short form of Kiwahili meaning ‘aki ya mungu’, but it’s shortened to ‘aki yaoo’..Get it?

6. Absolute nyugis/ This song will finish me one day

When a song soaks into your soul, feel free to use these phrases to describe how the lyrics and the melodies make you feel.

7. This bongo people will kill us one day

If you love the Bongo music scene, be like Maina Kageni and just exclaim, “This bongo people will kill us one day.” After listening to a hot track from Magufuli land.

8. That is why we have Tubonge Tuesday

When you love Jose Chameleone’s jams, you have to have a theme day when you let his chunes flow all over you. Hence why we have Tubonge Tuesdays.

9. Thie nakou

When a you want to politely dismiss someone who is being obstinate for the sake of it. Use this phrase, insert Maina’s voice for maximum effect.

10. Ni kii wee

When Kingangi expresses too much of his biased opinions to a point where Mains has to tell him, “Ni kii wee”.

What’s your favorite Maina Kageni phrase?

Do let us know in the your comments below.

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Father’s that return to their children’s life after they have succeeded are selfish says Maina Kageni

Tuesday’s morning conversation on Classic 105 was about when dads come back to your lives later on what do you do?

Maina believes that deadbeat fathers should not be forgiven and its selfish for fathers to come back to their children’s life after they have succeeded. His father passed when he was a toddler and he says,If for some reason he was still alive and I find him at the reception, I will walk past him like the wind.”

A 28 year old man called and said he has not seen his father for 25 years. Maina gave him a chance to assume his father was listening and asked him to talk and this is what he said, “I’m a very bitter son because for me there is something I understand what you had between you and my mum was not between me and you and the part I never understand is at least you knew where mum comes from, so why have you taken this long?”

King’ang’i however had a different approach on the topic and thought it was ‘mafundisho ya mama’ and that they should accept their father’s back and the important thing is that they are back.

Maina and King’ang’i social media pages went crazy and here are some comments;

Sarah Muthoni. I was raised by my mum for 30 years if he came back I would never accept him I hate him with a passion.

Blessed mum: My brother chased my deadbeat dad after abandoning us for many years and he later died and we didn’t bother to know where he was buried and what kill him.

Tony: Its better dead than absent.

Listen to the whole conversation below;

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It’s not easy to forgive and forget an emotional wound insists Maina Kageni (AUDIO)

During the Tuesday morning conversation at Classic 105 Maina asked how long it takes to forgive and forget and if there were things that were unforgivable.

One listener twitted and reminded people that the point of forgiveness is not to forget but it is to let go of the pain/hurt and moving on with life emotionally unencumbered.

A young man of 24 years called and said his dad beat his mum when he was a young boy in the presence of children.. He said his mum almost had a miscarriage and she had to ran away when she had her third born. The father did not care for them and was never in their lives even when he got sick and slept in hospital. He noted  his painful life experience by saying “ Out of sight out of mind, ‘mimi nimemsamehea kule ako’ but never should he show his face.”

Kingangi wanted to know from listeners how long one plans to live with the bitterness insisting that people should learn to let go. He says it is easy to forgive and forget.

Maina on the hand claims that it is not easy to forgive an emotional wound despite how many times we are reminded by our parents, friends and even pastors.

Irene twitted and said “It is good to learn to forgive even if they don’t apologize it is for your own peace the only way you’ll know you are a strong person.”

Listen to the whole conversation below;

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‘I don’t care what my wife does out there, as long as she is a good mother’ declares frustrated husband (AUDIO)

Girls, what would you do if the man you are married to stops giving a damn about you, and no matter what you do, even cheating on him, he doesn’t care?

That is the challenge facing one Kenyan man who confessed that he has stopped feeling anything for his wife and confessed that should he ever find her in bed with someone else, he wouldn’t get mad.

One man described his situation, telling Maina, ‘whatever she is doing out there it doesn’t matter, as long as she is a good mother. It becomes a big problem when the man stops caring about what you’re doing out there. Honestly Maina if today I walked in on her doing something with someone else, I would cover her up and tell her when your done come for a cup of tea’.

Seems crazy right? Well not to this man and many others who have stopped loving their wives, but don’t leave them.

When he stops caring girls, what do you do? When your still together as man and wife, you’re both playing your role, but you don’t give a damn what the other person is doing out there?

Read more here

Many listeners shared their experience, agreeing that this is the reality in many marriages. Listen to the crazy stories below:


How Big Of A Role Does A Husband Play In Making A Womans’ Career Decision

In today’s morning conversation on Classic 105 with Maina and Kingangi, Maina Kageni posed a question:

“If a woman gets a job with the United Nations and the post is in New York City, should she move or leave the job? Keeping in mind it’s a huge chance of a lifetime.”

Mwalimu King’ang’i started off by asking:

“What is my role as the husband? Kazi ya bwanake ni nini? Usiniambie ni kukufuata nikikubebea handbag!”

When it comes to married women making a step career-wise, it becomes a bit tricky. What should the man do?

One man on twitter asked Maina;

“Kwani nimeoa career ama bibi?”

Most men who gave their feedback were really against it. They find it hard to support their women if it meant moving to another country. Reason being (according to one caller) when a woman gets money she becomes hard to handle and everything goes wrong with the family since she feels superior. Every decision a woman makes she has to consult her husband even where her career is concerned.

Some men wondered how can she go without him? Even if she is traveling every now and then and comes back home once in a while it is still a huge problem. Their reasoning being she is his property, God created woman for man not vice versa. They felt that it is better to be poor in Kenya rather than to travel to New York and leave him back home.

The crux of this story was, women should not try to downplay their goals or play at being dumb for a man to feel comfortable in her presence. A healthy man will celebrate their strength not scorn them. One lady posed a question;

“Do men enjoy when women stretch out their hands asking for money to buy food everyday? She is just trying to make it in life.”

Mainas last wise words were;

“Ladies there is informing, if he is not supporting you move on with your plans and self fulfillment. I am not saying you leave him compeletly but make your own decisions.”

Here is the audio of the interesting conversation;

Ladies, How Do You Live With Man Without Ambition? (Audio)

Todays morning conversation on Classic 105 with Maina and Kingangi, Maina Kageni brought up a discussion about a lady who is happily married and her husband does his best. But this is where the problem is, they have never moved even a single step in terms of quality of life, since they got married 9 years ago.

They still live in the same one bedroom apartment he was living in before they got married. He has never bought a car or shamba and he still has the same job.

According to Maina;

“A man must have ambition, you must move ahead in life, take a step in the right direction, you cant stay in the same place you were 9 years ago and your happy!”

But with Mwalimu Kingangi, his thoughts were;

“We cannot all be Richard Branson or Chris Kirubi, kama mtu ametoshe na pale ako ni sawa and since they are happily married the lady should not complain.”

It can be so sad and annoying to have a man who has no ambition. They are so content with what they have no matter how little it is.

According to one caller the thing that contributes to man without a vision is because the ladies are not pushing their men. In other words the ladies are the problem. He even went ahead and quoted the famous quote ‘behind every successful man there is a woman.’

Others on social media claimed that everyone’s vision is not the same, there are those who are happy having food on the table others owning a plot. Some say they are trying but because they have mouths to feed they have nothing left to save.

Though later on, there is a lady who called saying;

‘Unaweza pata punda haitaki kuskumwa, unaisukuma na haiskumiki. Imekula na imekunywa maji but haisukumiki ama kusonga.’

Listen to the audio of the entire conversation below;

Read K.U Student reveals to Maina Kageni How He Snags Nairobi Chics For Sex (AUDIO)


‘My Daughter Tells My Wife When She Is Going To Have Sex’ (AUDIO)

A parent called in on Friday during the morning conversation on Classic 105 with Maina and King’ang’i and said his son comes home every weekend from campus, and he brings along with him many girls. The man says he buys his son condoms because he knows they are doing it in his house.

He also said he buys extra condoms so that his son gives to his friends in school.

Maina Kageni asked  this, “Should we as parents give our children contraceptives and condoms to protect them?”

Mwalimu said it’s wrong, and children should be encouraged to wait until later in life.

“Parents, you cannot bury your head in the sand, you are supposed to teach them about these things,” Maina Kageni said.

He also asked if it is unAfrican for parents to give their children contraceptives.

Well, during the discussion, a parent who is male called in and was so okay with the children being given condoms and for the ladies being given contraceptives.

The man said that he is married and they have a daughter who is in University. What was shocking was when he said that his daughter even informs her mother when she is going to have sex and they have no problem. He added that the girl is always given contraceptives because they know she will automatically go out there and have sex.

Listen to the whole conversation below;

K.U Student reveals to Maina Kageni How He Snags Nairobi Chics For Sex (AUDIO)

There is a guy who called in on Wednesday during Maina Kageni’s breakfast conversation on Classic 105 saying, “I am 26 years old, not married and so far I have slept with over 20 girls.”

He said it is not a wonder and that is why he is unwed.

Well, Mwalimu was astonished how he manages to do that.

“How comes that the young guys who do not have money can manage to sleep with such a number? Ama ni kamutii?’ Mwalimu asked.

Maina Kageni asked what this guy tell the girls because by the time a chic agrees to be with a man, you have to had invested so much.

Well,the conversation was heated with mixed reaction from Classic 105 listeners calling in frantically.

A man called in and told Maina that those are not fake stories. He said he used to leave in a place near Pangani where hostels are all over.

A college guy who was his neighbor, could bring different ladies. He could bring at least three different girls to his room per day.

Maina requested that University student who have different story to him and clear the air.

Well, a K.U student called in and said,

It all about the game ile mchezo unacheza, I am 21 and have had sex with about 32 girls so far.

Maina si lazima ukue na pesa unamtongoza like u katia her, take her to my house, lodging or anywhere.

This week, I have had sex with about five different women who are both my college mates.

If the girl is from outside college, I get them from different social media like Instagram and Tagged. Sometimes I use protection because siwezi kula kila siku na paper.”

Maina was so saddened to hear this.

Listen to the whole conversation…

‘Utamu wa Mwanaume Ni Kuonja Onja’ Man Tells Maina Kageni (Audio)

Drama has not seized at classic 105 morning conversation, the stories brought about leave everyone talking and their mouth aghast

There was a man who called in yesterday and said he has only had two women in his life. And he is 40-years-old.

He said, “Mimi mwanamke wangu wa kwanza nlikua 24 years I married her and took her to college, but unfortunately we did not make it so I divorced her and married another woman from Tanzania, who is now my second woman.”

This man started dating at 24 years. He is now 40 years and says he has only has two women in his life.

According to Mwalimu, that man sounded like a kamba and to him that was impossible. He says that that man was lying because men have so much experiences since their childhood, and there was no way this man has only been with two women in his entire life.

Maina Kageni was so shocked how the society think that this is unbelievable to everyone.

He asked a question, are there men of virtue left in this country?

Maina further added that the society is morally low when such things are shocking.

Well, a male caller cleared the air by publicly disowning that man.

“Which man has had two men in his whole life, even in a gold mine there is an excavation if one wants to reach for gold.

You can not go in a market to buy an  avocado and pick one and that’s all, you have to select several before deciding on which to settle on.”

He also added that he can not marry a virgin.”My wife need to be experienced ,we need to both contribute in bed, akifanya kazi mzuri kwa bed namwambia tano tena.”how do you start teaching her mambo ya bed?, akuje kama amejifunza.

A female caller also was not left behind because she revealed that her husband married her when she was still a virgin at 28 years.

Listen to the whole conversation below;


‘I’m 26 with a body count of 26 women,’ Kenyan man stuns Maina Kageni in public confession

A married lady called in yesterday and confessed that she talks daily to her five exes. Her dear hubby knows because according to her, hiding these details from each other will create problems in a relationship.

She said, “My husband used to get calls from his former girlfriends, but wouldn’t answer until one day when I told him to pick up the calls. I have five exes and they are my best friends. When I got my first child, the first person to come see the baby was my ex, I even told my husband my ex was coming to see me.”

Adding, “During my dowry visits, my exes also came, they are the only people I invited.”

This set the pace for today’s Classic 105 morning conversation.

Mwalimu said as long as he concerned he is the second man in her life, her number two.

Most men think they are either number two or three – sexually – in their wives life.

The discussion was so interesting and heated from comments made by those who contributed to that discussion.

A caller said, “I spoke to a colleague of mine who told me ‘Hiyo number ni kidogo sana’. What? Turns out young men have relationships with countless women, and what’s worse is they often can’t remember your name or face girls.”

Well, that premise was shut down by his fellow man who confessed to have only one ex. He said that those men who sleep around with different ladies end up getting children who do not resemble their father.

According to him, he is 40 years old and has had only one ex, with whom he got a child with but parted ways after he took her to college and things seemed not to work out.

Currently he has a wife and two children who he claimed, completely resemble him.


Now listen in and hear about the man who has a body count equal to his age.Listen to the whole conversation below;



‘I can never employ a relative to work for me,’ Maina Kageni reveals

Today, the discussion at Classic 105 morning conversation was about employing your relatives to work at your firm and even giving them money.

Maina Kageni said, “I can never employ a relative to work for me, because they are not grateful and they think it’s their right to work in any of my firms plus relatives will be lax.”

He added that nowadays, marriages have broken down because of giving money your relatives who think that it’s their right to get that money.

In the discussion, Maina revealed to his listeners that the only person he can give money to – even without asking to know how she wants to spend it – is his mother.

The rest need to work to earn a living.

Maina further asked the girls how much their husband are spending to feed their relatives

The discussion brought in reactions from the listeners. One lady called in during the discussion and testified how her late dad used to help some of his relatives. The relatives would spend days, even month at their home and he would feed them.

Unfortunately, when her dad passed away, the relatives no longer show up or even visit.

According to her the relatives were so ungrateful.

Listen to the whole conversation below;