I would cry like a baby to my woman about being stressed – Mike Mondo

Dear men, would you open up to your woman, and even go as far as crying about your problems?

It’s a TBT and on the morning conversation January 27, Mike Mondo urged men to open up to their wives and even cry about their stress.

He told of a friend he met at his local who confessed that he has been unemployed for the last three months and the wife thinks he still has a job. He wakes up in the morning, dresses up in his suit and leaves. He can’t tell her that kazi imeisha, that he can’t confide in her.

‘Sisi ndio tunaumia, it’s because there is a way you start looking like a weakling’ Mwalimu explained why to Mike Mondo. He added that ‘Women will use it against you, that is the reason we don’t tell them, ataenda aseme unalianga kam mtoto’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree?

‘I would cry na nimwambie stress imenishika sioni mbele wala nyumma,’ Mike told Kingangi

‘But does she open up to you? Mwalimu retorted to Mike about his madam, adding ‘ sisi tunaishi ki kitaliban kaa ngumu kama gumo’

‘so you sit there your heart is in pain and there is someone you can talk to?’ Mike asked to which Mwalimu asked ‘who?’

The discussion was opened up to the audience. one man @Davidwaflowers told Mike ‘the responsibility men have, is to take care & provide for the familiy and his wife not crying like a baby a man should stand firm even if the issue pressing him too much #MainaAndKingangi’

Another @gmukavana told Mike that ‘Real men don’t cry out to their women! They provide solutions! Good morning from OTC #MainaAndKingangi’

Another man disagreed with Mike about being a cry baby. @gmukavana said ‘Mwanaume ni kusimama imara Ile upuzi ya diaper Boys ishindweeeeeee!’

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I get counselling once every 3 months over – Mike Mondo

On the Wednesday morning conversation January 26th, Mike Mondo asked men why they don’t seek therapy for stress.

He wondered why men keep their emotions bottled up rather than opening up tot heir wives or even friends.

‘Me i cant keep quiet. I usually go to therapy once every three months’

Mwalimu his co host said men don’t open up because they fear being gossiped about.

Mike responded that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved. Why cant you talk to a therapist, talk to your fellow man and get it sorted out?’

Mondo opened up the discussion to the Classic 105 audience who told of their challenges.

A man called in and told Mike and Mwalimu that ‘men stay taliban. I tell you I only see therapists when i was doing biology mimi in real life they don’t apply. I became a young father at a young age, I agreed, so I’ve been going through alot, niko bedsitter, and the moment you try to open up to anyone that is opening a problem to another problem. there is no need to go to a therapist hata nisaidia, mwanaume ni kuvumilia’

A woman urged men to take their mental health seriously.

@jennykanyiri said ‘No wonder most men are committing suicide nowadays due to depression after things piles up till the mind can’t hold the pressure anymore,so sad’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you encourage your men to open up and take care of their mental health?

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A wife’s phone should not have a password – Mwalimu King’ang’i

On the Tuesday January 25 morning conversation, the topic of spouses accessing each others phones generated a heated discussion.

Mike Mondo was of the opinion that people should stay away from the others phone, while Mwalimu Kingangi told husbands that wives phones are public property, and should not have passwords.

‘It should not have a password in case watoto wanataka kucheza nayo, you shoudl be open especially if you are a married woman, I don’t think there is need to have a password on her phone hiyo nayo inafaa kuwa ya nyumba, simu yake ni ya kila mtu nyumba,simu ya jamii’

@fredric71756099 ‘No it’s coz we don’t want to die early na stress’

@NteereB ‘Ikuwe na password ya Nini? Ni simu ya watoto’

@Vetmurage ‘Women will do or try everything just to cry.. they don’t care about their happiness Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy leave your partner’s phone get peace Victory handDove of peace’

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Mike Mondo tells Kingang’i of his fear of an ‘oops I’m pregnant’ announcement

With all the birth control options availvble today, can a Kenyan woman tell a man that ‘oops I’m pregnant?’

That is the Monday January 23rd conversation with Mike Mondo and Malimu Kingangi.

How do you still have an ooops? Mik Mondo asked women to respond to the allegations.

A female caller told him it’s possible citing her three month old son as proof ‘wacheni ujinga hizi mambo hufanyika, my oops so turns three months and i took precaution but it happened to me and I’m raising my son, it happens, it can happen.’

Mike was still wrapped aroudn the fact that surprise pregnancies happen to which Kingangi told him ‘si wewe ni babaa mtoto si lazima you step up’

Mike added ‘Ladies why do you tell us that babe there’s something we need to talk about? that oops situation and in this day and age can it still happen when in this day and age you have options.?’

A man said ‘the moment unenda kufanya kitu hiyo ya uoops inakuja kwasabaabu inafaa ukuwe mwangalifu, if you start a relationship you should know anythingcan happen’

A man told Mike that it happens ‘my friend ukiruka ruka what do you expect, ukirukrauka ovyo what do you expect as you enjoy the game enjoy the oops, the oops can happen that’s normal.’

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21 women have proposed to me – Eligible bachelor Mike Mondo says

Eligible bachelor Mike Mondo recently told that this is the year he is manifesting getting married. And that confession has landed him several marriage proposals.

Mike admitted that 21 women have proposed to him in his DM’s, saying he is shocked at just how bold Kenyan women have become.

‘What happened to men being the ones chasing? My God I have 16 women on Instagram and the others on Facebook and Twitter proposing to me. They have even described where they work and they are ready and willing to be my wife’

“Two weeks ago I said that I am finally going to get a wife this year and I want to cut out partying and minimize on sherehe. Right now there’s a total of 21 women who have proposed to me and some telling me they are ready to have kids with me”

Men called in and warned him the girls are only interested because he work ls for Classic 105 and has a heavy pocket. They told him that should anything happen and he doesn’t have a job, he would be dropped like a hot potato.

Cos you’re working on classic 105 fm uko na pesa
Kuwa musoto you won’t get a woman
They’re looking for money

another one said “Unajua wewe Mike unafanya kazi Classic na ukona pesa. So hao wanawake wanatafuta pesa tu.”

Mike Mondo returned that allegation, asking women to respond to the caution being expressed by men.

Mike though insisted that this year he is taking ‘someones daughter to his mother, and can’t wait.

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Women hiding loads of cash secretly in their homes – Maina and King’ang’i

On the Wednesday morning conversation, Mike Mondo’s topic was about wives hiding money in their homes.

Mike’s comments elicited reaction from two men who confessed they have stumbled on money stashed in their homes.

One told he found over sh300,000 as another found sh20,000. They were shocked because the wives had old them they were broke.

Mike, who is currently single told that this is not his struggle because he lives alone, laughing at men’s dilemma.

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I’m going back to the woman who put me in jail, I love her 90 per cent

A man who found himself behind bars after a domestic squabble has sworn t go back to her.

The husband told Maina Kageni in a discussion about unhappy husbands that the love he has for her is 90 percent and the rest is for the kids.

Maina Kageni asked gentlemen ‘Guys, What would you want your woman to do starting today for you to be happy

The husband then called and confessed that his wife put him in jail, in cirucmstances he cannot understand.

‘she reported me akaniweka ndani for three months now mpaka nashiwndwa what do women need? every basic need, we argued about a quarrel it wasn’t good anyway but finally I don’t know what happened. i was called and put in for three months, i have given her everything, we are almost back again, i am willing to go back to that woman who put me in jail for the children. if you have a family you can understand more of what i am saying, and when i go back to her i will not love her like before i love her 90 percent, the rest is for children, Maina if you don’t know how it is, coz you love your children and the end of the day the children will suffer, after giving her everything, and i don’t even have a side chick and all of a sudden we had conflict and is not good, and then I’m in jail, ni kama anafikiria vibaya and I’m still gonna go back to her’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you sympathize with his situation?

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‘Vichwa ngumu’ wives are the cause of troubled marriages – Men tell Maina

On the Monday January 17 morning conversation, Maina reminded Kenyans that this past Saturday was world happy husband day and no fuss was made about by wives.

He noted that social media didn’t have that buzz and asked men why they are unhappy in marriage.

Many husbands called in complaining that their wives are vichwa ngumu, and it puts them off. But Maina asked them why they don’t communicate, leading to silence from men.

Respect!! respect!! Mtu kichwa ngumu siwezi kaa naye kaa kwako ni kae kwangu if i need you ntakuita period…

Good morning….. Ladies waache kuwa vichwa ngumu, they should be a mans peace and he will always run to you, but be a headache and no matter how much you bring to the table he will hate being around you!

Respect!! respect!! Mtu kichwa ngumu siwezi kaa naye kaa kwako ni kae kwangu if i need you ntakuita period…

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‘It’s a gentle reminder’ Woman defends broadcasting loan given to husband

On the Friday January 14th morning conversation, Maina returned to the previous days conversation about women loaning men. who never refund the cash.

Kingangi on Thursday told men to avoid getting money from women because of the shame that follows being reminded to pay it back.

Women told Maina that they bail out men because they love them, but men are ungrateful for the loan, because later on they forget the good deed his wife did.

A wife called Maina and said ‘ukiona mwanamke akiongea amekwazwo. I gave my man sh70,000 to bail him out of jail and to date he has never returned the money. He doesn’t care the hardship I went through to get the money. We don’t broadcast about the loan, what we do is remind them, not broadcast’

Many other women told Maina the same thing that men don’t like to pay back the loans, and this is what annoys wives that they feel taken for granted.

Maina simply advised women not to give men money.

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Stop borrowing from your wives, she will remind and embarrass you – Kingangi

On the Thursday January 13th morning conversation, Maina asked women what they think of men who say that ‘pesa ya mwanamke haisaidii mtu’.

According to Maina, this is the conversation he had with a group of gentlemen who say you should never ask a woman for money.

A man called in saying it is true. He recounted how a friend borrowed from his wife, failed to pay back and then was denied his conjugal rights to teach him a lesson. The caller says a man who takes money from a woman is now referred to as ‘hiki’ as opposed to ‘huyu’.

Mwalimu Kingangi agreed ‘ujue ukikopesha pesa, she will keep reminding you about it’

Maina reminded him of a simple fact that ‘these are ladies who give you money to go and pay dowry, these are ladies who give you money to pay in a restaurant. She even gives you pocket money to go sit with your fellow men.’

Kingangi advised men to avoid borrowing or else she will keep reminding you of that fact and even publicly embarrass you if you don’t pay back.

‘pesa jitafutie kama mwanaume, sio yake, wacha hio ni pressure. Ebu niulizie wanaume walikopesha na wanawake wao na hawajalipa wako wapi?’

Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think? Pesa ya mwanamke inasaidie?

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I pray for my husbands downfall every morning – Woman testifies

Many wives pray for their husbands not to succeed financially because they know their men will change for the worse.

These confessions were made on the Tuesday morning conversation with Maina and Kingangi. The topic was a continuation of Monday where women told Maina that their husbands don’t consult them when running for office. The women also added they would never give their men the support they need to achieve their political dream, and infact women pray the men don’t win.

So on Tuesday a wife told Maina that she gets down on her knees every morning for her husband not to make it financially.

She told an amused Maina that it’s because he uses the money to entertain others out there ‘anaendanga anasma ansikia baridi analala inje’

The wife described how one day her husband got 50,000 shillings, and she prayed he would lose it. True to her prayer, he got robbed.

‘akipata pesa atatuacha, when he has nothing he is very good, but let him make something anaazna kuona hizo matuta zako sio nzuri he goes out there/ I actually pray for him not to succeed, why should he? Hr wont even raise the kids well. kila siku naomba asubuhi na mapema before atoke, I pray akipata pesaa ipotee, there is a time he got 50k, alipatana na wakora, I laughed at it, nilifurahi, otherwise ingeona mtu,’

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I’ll never give anyone even five shillings to run for politics – Maina Kageni

If you have any political ambitions this year, forget asking Maina Kageni to chip in financially. Morally he will, but moneywise, forget it.

He revealed his thoughts in the morning topic of whether wives are consulted by husbands who want to give politics a try. He also wondered if the same wives would give money to support his political dreams.

Maina told that even if Mwalimu Kingangi was running he would not give him a cent.

It’s political season, and I know a number of men saying ground inaniita. Me I would never contribute to your political campaign I dont care, I wont give you a penny, iI would not even give you five shillings. What I want to know is there are very many aspirants this year, have you consulted your women, ? and ladies would you contribute ot your mans campaign, uende bank utoe pesa uicontribute to his campaign?

Mwalimu tried to convonce Maian that it’s for the good of the family, but Kageni brushed him off saying never.

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Kingangi endlessly mocks Maina over ‘failed’ relationship with Shiru

It’s a new year and time to make new goals.

Mwalimu Kingangi returned to work Monday morning January 10th and the first thing he did was to mock Maina about his supposedly failed relationship with Shiru who returned to Kenyan for the holidays.

Kingangi told Maina to shower and return to the streets, promising to help him find ‘the one’.

Maina was tickled and told him ‘no thanks’.

Mwalimu told him that maybe he needs to take a different approach, and he is here to help his firend achieve that goal this 2022.

Maina said ‘my holiday was great. I was pretty much around. I played so much Golf, and I made alot of money, let me tell you that,

Kingangi congratulated him asking what his resolution for 2022 is. Kageni thought responding ‘My resolution? I didn’t make any’

So Kingangi reminded him about Shiru saying he ‘failed’ to make any meaningful moves, adding that ‘naeza kukutafutia’ Shiru alilipa fare akuje hapa, na hakuna kitu?

Maina laughed it off, movign on to another conversTION.

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Men don’t trust telling wives about wills for fear of ‘disappearing’

Fellas, have you written your lastwill and testament?

Apparently many won’t even contemplate it, according to confessions on the Furahiday topic with Maina Kageni.

Maina referred to the will left by the late Sir Charles that clearly stipulated what he has and who gets what, and Kageni asked men why they don’t do this to avoid lots of drama about their property.

‘they made their wishes known, and will be implemented. How can you not tell your family what you want done with your property when you are gone? We are not going to live forever . Does your woman know where your money is?And does she know how you want it distributed? Why do we dear writing wills in Kenya? Tunaogopa nini and you know we will not live for 500 years? Why do we find it taboo? We are all going to go, hakuna mtu atakaa hapa kaa mawe’

Several men responded that they fear their wives will kill them.

‘i am married and no I do not have a will what for? My wife is aware of only 20 per cent of my property, the rest is known by my parents and siblings. You don’t tell these idiots anything,’

Another man told Kageni ‘what happens is that when you tell your partner some things change, anaeza enda nazo, these things are complicated ebu imagine unandikia will alafu when you die , anaenda nazo,’

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Mike Mondo disagrees with petition seeking to extend men’s paternity leave

 A petition has been filed before the labor court seeking to grant men a 90 day paternity leave.

On the Wednesday Janaury 5th conversation, Mike Mondo asked Kenyans to weigh inon the plan.

Mike laughed saying it is absolutely insane to give men those many days.

‘I want to find out whether or not you agree with dakatari. I’m sitting here wondering what am I going to do in the house for 90 days? hmmm’

Many Classic 105 audiences said it is too long, and men need to be out there getting paid not sitting at home. One man wondered whether he will be also breastfeeding.

Mike that’s a loophole for men to avoid work.

Sure, this happens in most countries around the world. Its also a way for fathers and newborns to bond.

Absolutely insane and not a thing for kenyans where majority are hustlers.Again it would be to much nagging to be with her at home for 90 days,mtazoeana na sio mimi nanyonya.

Noooo that’s unacceptableGrinning face they can extend a hand in the evening, after work.

90 days paternity leave look good until by the time it ends your wife tells you she’s pregnant again.

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‘Kwani ni mkate’ Mike Mondo tells spouses about not loving each other 100%

On the Tuesday morning conversation January 4th, Mike Mondo weighed in on the topic of debate on Twitter about percentages and love’

That apparently, spouses allocate the percentage they love their wife or husband.

Mike was worried about this trend asking ‘a lot of people today and I even asked a married woman how much do you love your husband, she said I love him 60 per cent and 40 is mine. and the argument is you are doing it it for sanity. what are you talking about, kama uko na mtu mbona usimlove 100 per cent? like why why must there be percentages?

ile percentage unbaki nayo what is it for? Can you imagine if Christ loved the church 60/40? Kwani ni mkate umepende 60/40?

A man called in the rest of the per centage ni ya kupiga damu. ‘I tried with my partner I almost died, I give her 60/ 65 ni yake the rest ni ya kupiga damu.

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Side chicks will kill you with stress, go back to your wives – Maina Kageni

On Tuesday December 14, the conversation was all about some things men are complaining about and they want to know why, especially around Christmas time..

Maina began by saying a friend of his, who has a side chick is stressed out ‘there is something that has changed and I don’t think alot of people are aware of this and I’m talking of the other woman. This man is a full MD, and if I tell you where he works you will know. He has a side chick in her late twenties, 27. That woman stresses that man. Ile stress anapea huyu mtu. Here is the thing the other woman was a stress reliever from the mama nagging. But how have you started nagging, girls what is it that you are doing to these men, you used to be their peace, you used to be the person he could go to unleash their stress, that he gets from home, how have things changed and you are now the stress giver, and this guy can’t take it anymore stress yake inatoka from one person – the girlfriend, he can’t take it anymore. so ladies why have you changed?

Mwalimu Kingangi joined in agreeing that ‘na wanapenda kustress wazee sana na wazee kutoka huko ni ngumu, na ni stress, mzee mzima amepotelea mirema’

Maina was amused at their situation telling them they deserve it ‘ladies you used to be their source of comfort, you used to be their refuge, what has changed when did the equation change, and why are you pressuring these men, is it that they are not doing something is it that their expectations are not being met, demands left right and centre. what changed? maina added

Kageni shamed men saying ‘mtakufa uko, go back to your wives. Young girls are now stressing the hell out of old men these days. Back in the day, the mpango wa kando was the mans peace, that she was someone he could go to an inhale, relax and release all his troubles, but it changed, they are being stressed and all from a 27 year old girl’

Dear Classic105 fam, do you agree?

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‘I voted for Kimani Ichungwa because he has dimples’ Woman tells Maina

The race for diferent politcal seats is heatign up and today Kenyans will be watching ODM’s Raila Odinga at Kasarani stadium in the much hyped azimia la umoja convention.

Thaty formed the basis of Maina Kageni’s Friday morning conversation, where he was told that women are not interested in politics.

This follows a confession from a colleague that she is upset all TV stations are covering the event and put off normal programming.

‘all tv stations are live from Kasarani. All. There is a lady I work with who told me women don’t give a damn about politicis. Apparently day time tv dramas have been suspended until the convention is done. And that is the whole day. Do you care for politics? how much does it mean to you?’

Mwalimu Kingangi said women voted based on looks ” ile politics wanakuanga nayo ni kwa nyumba’
that is her politics, her home, you think she gives a damn about Wetangula and so and so, wana penda doshi,waonyeshe doshi useme unasimama, they will vote for you’

The topic was opened up for the audience to contriobute to.

One woman blasted the media saying ‘yani maina nimenunua tv only kuletea ati anga do, yani I don’t care what is going on at Kasarani. Who caares ni pesa nitatafuta ama ni Tv nitaona ya ati baba nani? Why are you pushing ti down our throat? i am not interested in politicis, kwanza na hii mvuaiezi toka ka nyumba tv yangu ad iko kigocho’

Then one woman admitted to voting based on a male politicians looks. She cited the case of Kikuyu Mp Kimani Ichungwa, whom she claims was overwhelmingly voted for because he is handsome and has dimples to die for.

‘ladies don’t care like huku kikuyu kwetu we just voted for Ichungwa because he has ndonyi, he is handome and has dimples. I votef for Ichungwa because of dimples, also tulienda kuvote senator juu he is handsome, wanawake huvote hivyo not politics. We look at how he looks, not the manifesto, hatuna time ya manifesto, tulimpendea dimples’

see his dimples below from his Instagram


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