Luo’s how do you live filanga free without stress Maina asks

A mental health survey by ethnicity, states that Kikuyus are on top of the list of Kenyans with the most stress.

The list by the Bureau of statistics shows Kisii’s are second followed by Kalenjins in 3rd place.

Maina and Kingangi debated this on the Friday morning conversation September 17.

Mwalimu said it is understandable about Kisii’s because musician Embarabara has put them in the limelight “embarabara amewafikisha huko na bado hajatoa wimbo ingine”

Maina read the figures out again “1 in every 4 kikuyus is stressed. Ni nini mbaya? They are followed by Kisii’s  and third place is Kalenjins”

Mwalimu pointed out about Kalenjins saying “hiyo ni ya Ruto”

4th place is Luhyias and next the kamba. And then they are followed by the Meru then the Masai and then we head out to the Mijikenda.

Maina was so tickled and pointed out that the Luo’s are the least stressed in the survey.

He wanted to know what their trick was asking “the least stressed group in Kenya are the Luo. Let me ask a question how are you doing it?”

Mwalimu reminded him that “they are already there bana they can see canan” he joked

A man actually agreed with this and called to say that ” as long as baba is ok we are ok”

The question Maina asked was “Luos how do you do it? live filanga free without stress? maina asked. How do you just go with the flow? me I just love that. maybe we can learn something from you.

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We are on our own! Maina and Kingangi tell Kenyans about fuel prices

Dear Kenyans, you are waking up to rising fuel prices.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority said that a litre super petrol will retail at Sh7.58, Sh7.94 for a litre of diesel, and Sh12.97 for kerosene.

The authority said that prices are inclusive of the 8 per cent Value Added Tax (VAT) in line with the provisions of the Finance Act 2018, the Tax Laws (Amendment) Act 2020, and the revised rates for excise duty adjusted for inflation as per Legal Notice No. 194 of 2020.Budget.Money.Freelance.Career.BlackEnterprise.Large

Maina and Kingangi weighed in on the topic telling Kenyans to help each other with ways of surviving these tougher times.

On the Wednesday morning conversation, Mwalimu Kingangi wanted to keep this conversation alive and told Maina to ask Kenyans what they are doing to survive. Do you have any tips you can share?

Maina told him that “what has happened is that the Government has removed the covid 19 subsidies”

Mwalimu ranted that “We as taxpayers want to know hizo taxes zimeenda wapi? Na ya pili kama mzazai tutafanya nini? do you realize in the next two weeks tunafaa kulipa school fees tena hai! do you know we need counselling, achana na kutafuta kura za mount kenya, mafuta itauza the same kwa everybody”

A stressed mother and her child
A stressed mother and her child

He added “Parents ile pressure tuko nayo. Kwanza if you have more than two kids, na kuna personal loan, kuna digital loan tuko hapo tumejizika. Na hakuna mtu atatutetea ”

Maina sympathized but told him the reality is that we are on our own

“Yet our attention is still politics. how are you dealing with this economic situation? what sacrifices are you making. We are the biggest reason we are in this mess. Everything will go up, that is the reality. What things are you doing because literally we are on our own. MP’s are not gonna talk about it, and they are the ones who can remove the taxes and CBC haitolewi, so what are you going to do? Ain’t nothing changing even next year”

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Are you addicted to a bad man? Maina asks after Wema Sepetu admits loving being beaten


On the Tuesday morning conversation, the topic was about something Tanzanian beauty Wema Sepetu said. Over the weekend on her cooking show, Wema said she loves being beaten because after that the man has to bembeleza her.

Maina couldn’t understand this begging the audience to explain.

“She said she loves a man that can beat her once in a while. that she loves the process of pacifying her after”

“I remember when I fell in love with a certain man, he told me he would never beat up a woman. Then he beat me up,I enjoyed it. Being beaten by your baby has its own joy, especially when he starts pacifying you, But not being beaten like a thief, just a little. And should do just once, not daily.”

“We can’t all be the same, there are those that don’t like it but for me, it’s very healthy,” Wema said

Wema Sepetu on her cooking show (1)
Wema Sepetu on her cooking show (1)

Wema dated Diamond Platnumz and once accused him of beating her. Maina wanted to know from Classic audience why.

“Are you addicted to a bad boy? A man who disrespects you but you can’t leave him, ni nini mbaya? what is wrong?
Wema said she enjoys it because he will later have to pacify her a process that she enjoys, aki ya ngai these ladies” Maina added.

Co host Mwalimu weighed in saying “kuna ladies hata ukimwabia atoke hawezi toka even if you tell her to leave haezi toka. Everybody warns you against this man na bado uko huko”

“There are women addicted to nasty men, what keeps you there ladies and you can’t explain it that’s the crazy thing maina asked. ‘what is the attraction?’


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Ni vichwa ngumu, they will find a way – Maina after politicians banned from churches


The 6th Archbishop of the Anglican Church Jackson Ole Sapit, on Sunday6 September 12, ordered politicians to keep politics away from the pulpit.

Three politicians walked out of consecration ceremony of the 1st female Bishop of the Anglican church in Kenya Sunday eliciting debate about the ban.

And on Monday September 13, Maina asked for comments about the ban.

He wholly agreed with it, saying “lakini you know thee people they must campaign wataenda wapi? what’s gonna happen because these people don’t give up. so where will they go?

Co host Mwalimu Kingangi “sijui venye watafany, but it’s a very good decision”

Maina added “aki they all sat there yesterday like scolded children feeling bad. You know these politicians of ours they wont give up”

Mwalimu pointed out the reason for the ban saying “they never go for the sermon just to be seen, then the media take that place that the politician said not what the pastor said, sasa wakitaka wafanye kwa traffic jam euh I’m with the archbishop, his grace the most reverend, ama wakuje hapa ivi ushindange na hao classic

Maina said NEVER “ati hapa? never me I don’t do politicians”


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What do you remember most about visiting day Maina asks

On the Friday morning conversation Maina and Kingangi debated on jokes about monolizatiin in schools. Maina laughed saying ‘yesterday we talked to people who were traumatized and said visiting day was the biggest problem not even bullying’

Kageni added that ‘Yani some people were visited with goodies while others got nothing’

Mwalimu while recalling how traumatizing visiting day was told him

‘Do you know some peoples fathers used to come with a newspaper Kenya times na anakuuliza fare ya kurudi. Saa hiyo familia ingine zimekuja na soda makuku na wewe umeletewa sabuni ya was so bad. Unangoja your friend abakishe chap mkule kwa dormitory.’

What was visiting day like for you in comparison with your schoolmates? Maina asked the audience to confess their stories admitting that

‘I did not know that I opened up a can of worms in terms of horrific moments’

A man said ‘my mum used to bring yummy soft chaps and chicken stew I cant forget’

Another told ‘My grandmother used to bring me arrow roots and Maina. I cant get over that kind of love’

Mwalimu was so envious he said ‘do you know how it was standing at the gate like a monkey looking to see who is coming to visit you. And remember the time is going and that bell will ring soon

A man called in saying his parents skipped the day ‘it used to be bad. Watu wanaletewa city na wewe unabngojea mzazi na hakuji. Eish baba I dont want to remember ‘

Another said ‘sitawahi sahau. My mum alitumana mukimo kwa nyungu. Na mwenye alikuwa alete alisahau hio chakula’


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If I was monolized I would have died – Maina tells Kingangi after bullying story



Monolization was real for many Kenyans back in the day, and this was told to Maina Kageni on the Thursday morning conversation. Being a Thursday, Maina told audiences to recall their bullying experiences in high school for a TBT.

He told Kingangi that he was never bullied because he went to a fancy school, Laiser Hill Academy.

“Me I’ve never been bullied. If I was monolized I would have died”

Kingangi teased him about attending a prestigious school, describing how he encountered pure agony with a bully in high school. “yani we used to be told to take a bucket and go collect darkness na usirudi bila. Can you imagine some people were given a shoe and told to call their mum. Hapo ulikua unakutan ana mzee kimutgut kizima kiko na kindevu hahiki kitu daraani ako tuu, kiko tuu na viatu kuba unaona anajaribu kutoha ka viatu form one”

Mwalimu was so bitter about that TBT experience Maina sympathized “What did you go through when you were monolized coz it doesn’t happen anymore What did you go through? and did the teacher know and the headmaster?”

Mwalimu told him nothing could be done “afanye aje? The teachers and Headmaster were scared coz the bullies were big men, wana vitambi. They will burn his house those bullies were grown up men with vitambi they have repeated school, the school coudn’t do anything”

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Yani you’ve never told me what you are going through with CBC? Maina asks

In the Wednesday conversation it was all about the things parents are being asked to do with students in the CBC system. How are you as a parent supposed to make compost material. And who decides this homework? Maina posed

‘Ni curriculum’ Mwalimu told him. ‘When did you last use scissors? Yani the pressure. Shida si walimu ni stipulated curriculum. You are supposed to bond with your child doing these things. Mtatuua. Yani you have pressure of homework, mshwari imekuja sasa ile pressure iko unafaa kuniona nikinunua manila paper. Unakumbuka crochet? Weuh homework mta ua wazazi wanajenga corset with the help of your parent’ he addedpupils at westlands school for kcpe

Wha do you go through? Let’s talk coz if we dont talk we will die Maina urged parents.

Kingangi kept ranting about his experience ‘Wazazi wanalala offisi. A whole accountant being asked to take a picture of a mosquito sleeping at night. Surely’ Mwalimu ranted.

A mother called in to complain how she looks crazy on the side of the road searching for bottle tops to make shakers and put them together with a string ‘Hii kitu nishida nimetoka job nafikiria school fees na mtoto ananiambia shakers are needed in the morning’

A laughing Maina sympathized saying he would pass along to Education CS George Magoha the challenges parents are facing.

The horror parents are going through became even more apparent when a man from Kayole told Maina that he was once expected to make something from red soil which he can’t get from Kayole. He told ‘yani Maina ilibidi I go to the Chinese road construction to beg for soil. Imagine Muga3be kama mimi nikibeba soil’

Dear classic 105 fam, what are you going through with this system of education?

 Man proudly tells how he had baby fever moment in adorable confession


Do men get baby fever like women? Apparently some do, as told in a confession by a classic 105 fan.

The man proudly proclaimed how he was yearning for a bay almost five years ago and made the decision to hunt for a woman to bear his child.

He called in on Monday September 6, to tell Maina that he desperately wanted a child but not marriage.

“In 2015 I had baby fever. As a man I wanted a baby so bad, I got a woman, a potential woman who would make a good mother. I approached her and I did it. Na yeye mungu akacheza kama yeye na nikacheza goal goal. Unfortunately we are not together anymore. I have never let her down. We are not living together, but I try my best to provide for the child. I  support my kid financially. Saa hii ako grade one but for example with covid people are not making good money sometimes I would survive on one meal a day so that I pay school fees. I  have not figured out the marriage thing all I know is I just wanted a baby. When I got this woman I never told her I didn’t want marriage, all I told her is I want a baby with her and from that day I have never let my child down. I provide. Unajua hii kitu unangojea iende chini ya maji I waited until things were thick then I left her, but my child I will always support hata kama ni clinic I take my child personally”

Mwanaume kamili!!!

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Tell your children the truth about their deadbeat dad – Maina Kageni

It’s a feel good Monday and the conversation was all about a controversial statement made by Gospel singer Lois Kim on Instagram.

She has urged mothers to tell the truth to their children when fathers abandon their children and abscond their responsibilities. Maina and Kingangi weighed in on it, with Maina Kageni saying he agrees 100 per cent.

“What do you tell your children when their fool of a father is not taking care of them? There are alot of women raising their children with fathers not knowing what goes on”

Mwalimu Kingangi disagreed protesting “wanambiangw vitu mbaya, usianze hizo vita Lois Kim. Usichomee baba kama mtoto ni mdogo, you shoudl nottell them anything wewe ngoja baba atarudi he will come he will be back. wacha kuweka mtoto hizo vitu mapema”

But Maina blasted Kingangi saying there is no sympathy for absentee dads.happy-black-couple-2

“Why are you lying to the child? Mwambie mtoto the truth. Tell your children the truth that your father doesn’t even know where you sleep, he doesn’t even know which school you go to, be truthful to your children otherwise they grow up thinking their father is a superhero working in London because the first thing when that child meets the father is disappoint the child, because he has such high expectations about the father that he will be letdown. tell that child that he doesn’t even know your shoe size, he doesn’t even know if you sleep on a bed”

But Kingangi insisted that such fathers have intentions of coming back to their child’s life later, it’s just that there is a delay in doing so

“You know fathers always come back. Atarudi, do you know we never know why he left in the first place, we have no idea, women are very good at mobilizing their children against their father” mwalimu added.

Do you agree with Lois Kim?

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MainaandKingangi! Who should set the amount demanded for child upkeep

The men caught up in child support cases  say they are being extorted and that women are weaponizing the issue.

On the Friday morning conversation, the topic was on Collins Kibet. He is the late Daniel Moi’s grandson. He is being sued by Gladys who is demanding sh1million a month for child upkeep.

Mwalimu Kingangi dug in saying ‘hiyo pesa haiko, it’s becoming a habit. Mkikosana na a lady she decides this is how much she wants to get from you when you tell her you can afford 20k she goes to court to say she wants 1million. do you ask the man how much he can afford?’

But Maina Kageni disagreed saying these men can afford that money.

“You should have asked for 3mil do you know the quality of life is what you must maintain after she has gone? the maintenance of your child depends on the lifestyle ulikua umeazoesha’

Who should set the amount and what is he offering to pay?

The discussion was opened up to the audience who said

That’s why nowadays men don’t want to get married coz watakaliwa kama chapati #MainaAndKingangichild support agreement
#MainaAndKingangi you must maintain my kid’s life! We aint downgrading give them same life you have always given them! Dont torture them because of our differences!!

The guy has got money, atoe even one million is little

Now days it is 50/50 after breakup. And is strictly on kids and not her, the man may pay fees food and clothing and not necessarily money you can take the shopping and fees paid directly to school

no wonder hawa ladies are richer than their men. Marriages especially hawa wako na pesa it’s definitely a business as usual. #MainaAndKingangi

If i happen to leave you with kid’s you’ll give them the same life they were used to!I don’t need ur money,just take care of your kid’s!!

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Are Kenyan men being set up by women Maina Kageni asks

On the Wednesday morning conversation, Maina spoke about something  that men claim is happening alot – blackmail.

“Yesterday I met a couple of gents, two of whom have been set up by women. How do these set ups work? Blackmail of the highest order is now becoming a major source of concern. Because men are now being blackmailed left right and centre. Cases like these cannot be on the rise for no reason. And what of the blackmailed men? How much did you make ladies? And how do these operations work?”

Co host Mwalimu Kingang’i said “That lady accusing the Senator of rape has not reported the case, and the one’s who are poorer are put for mchele”



Huyo Senator alikuwa anaongea na uchungu sana… Nadhani alisetiwa for financial reasons

I was blackmailed by a lady once…all she wanted from me is to have a kind with me with regards that I’m handsome😂
Lakini nilicheza kama mimi

Even your own wife’s will blackmail you. Did you hear of a man who paid rent for ten years kumbe it belongs to his wife. Wacha tu

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Are Kikuyu women only after money? Maina Kageni asks

Kenyans could not get enough of the breakup of Lilian Nganga and Alfred Mutua.

The two split and released statements and Kenyans went crazy. Maina wanted to know ” kwani they are the first to get separated? Why can’t we mind our own business. Us and moshene ni nini?”

On the Monday morning conversation, it was all about the generalization going on about Kikuyu women and money. Maina asked “and I don’t like it. Wameachana and they all boiled down to something, that kikuyu women are money hungry and it emerged that all this stuff starts with  their mothers. There is something they ask their daughters before marrying a man. ena kanyamo ako na kitu?”

Co host weighed in saying “my friend told me that kanyamo before his daughter takes him home she is ask3ed if he has money by her mother that ena kanyamo. Their mothers and their aunties are the problem”

What is this perception that kikuyu girls are all about the money? maina asked, adding ” there is a generalization that kikuyu women are only after your money. Are kikuyu omen only after money”

The responses were from men. Bob for instance said Kanyamo is not necessarily money.

“mimi nimefanya uchunguzi nikakumbuka back ata kisii our place before msichana aolewe kuna watu wanatumwa wachinguze huyo jamaa kama ako na kanyamo, kanyamo sio pea, ni kitu. wewe unajua kwanini mwanamake akiolewa kwetu hatoroki? mtu ako na kanyamo, mkisii we are rated as number one, hata ukiuliza kwa Classic ufanye poll, tuko na kanyamo, na mtu kama kingangi sifa yake inaingia kwa umbali, tuko na hiyo kikombe kutoka 1975, sasa lilian anakanyamo apeleke kwakinyamo”

Goodmorning maina,,,I knew the word kikuyus had to come up Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy,,lakini ata kama tunapenda kanyamu ,si governor alikua nako…
audit ni lazma ufanyiwe ukitaka kubeba shiru ama shiku ,,Good day

ladies from Central Kenya don’t love money they love a man with money it’s difficult to fathom

Athman Melly
@Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni My friend was told to give 50k so that they open the gate for Rurasho .. He was disappointed and we left and came back home #mainaandkingangi


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‘You cannot find love at 50’ Mwalimu King’ang’i tells women

On the Friday morning conversation August 13, the idea that women are now waiting to fall in love in their 50’s didn’t sit well with King’ang’i who told Maina as much.

He told Maina that “do you know Maina when you get to 50 years the govt inaanzanga kukuangalia sana hata bank hata insurance”

He declared that such an old woman doesn’t stand a chance.Young man dating an old woman

“It’s impossible. Just look at their age mates in ushago. They are very old hakunaga makeup, haha 50 years is alot of years hata Kenya haijafika hivo, ati 50 is when you want to settle down?”

Maina brushed him off “who told you they want love? Ladies, do you think because you want to settle down later you will find love? ladies you told me you want to settle down later in life. Give me a call”

He asked a question “is it possible for a woman in her 50’s to find love?”

To which many men said No.

A man said “You see how hard it is to call classic in the morning? That’s how hard it is for them to find love when they are 50. kupiga simu ni ngumu kuchukua hiyo simu ni ngumu so hiyo mapenzi ni ngumu”BLACK-WOMAN-DATING-facebook

Another man bluntly said “Ai Maina nowadays even giving birth they opt for CS not normal, alot of ladies want the soft life so when they get to 50 they won’t find what they are looking for, coz when a lady gets married at 50 when will you get your kid? coz you peers would have gone far”

Another told Maina “unapoenda kule ushago muranga unapokutana na ule msichana mlikua na yeye class moja, they are old. They get older than men. They apply the rukle of diminishing, when a woman gives birth her body inaisha haraka, let these young men go for a woman in a reaosnable age, the young men wamechanganikia wanatafuta pesa na pesa ndio imeharibu kenya yetu, going for money from old women haitawork”

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Once you hit 40’s as a young lady, what’s your game plan Maina asks

On the Wednesday morning conversation, it was all about the choices made by young men and women of today.

Maina for a third day straight wondered “and it obvious that you are poles apart coz the young ladies today don’t want you coz you don’t have money”

He added

“This morning I would like to talk to the ladies of today. What is your end game? You have got no intention of settling with these young men of today, you have a good life you have a good job and probably an old man paying your bills, but what is your end game? that man will get old and when you get to your crucial year, what is your end game, ama you believe that older man will marry you as a second  wife. what is the plan? you don’t want these young men because you have standards they cant meet”

Mwalimu keenly listened and weighed in “ni kama Arsenal kulilia Messi, and we know you need him but you cant afford him” he added

“Ladies, when you hit 40 where do you see yourself then? Yesterday you told me you have a lifestyle that they cannot meet, so when you hit 40 what is your plan?”

Mwalimu added “hao vijana wote wako CRB, boy child hawana pesa”

A woman called Maina and said young men “have no vision, plan, they only want to party”


The responses from men and women elicited even further debate

We shall cross the bridges when we meet then. What matters in life is one’s happiness, in your youthful days live happily, and when older, choose your happiness! Don’t squeeze yourself too much to meet the society expectations

Am just happy n contented with the phase that am in n when my devine mate will be revealed, I’ll swiftly move on

Maina I gave up on my agemates a long time ago …ndikwenda stress nie

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Pick the girl you can afford – Broke men advised about dating 



Young men of today are in so much trouble and all because of being broke. They can’t date young girls who want a lifestyle men can’t provide so they resort to older women who pay them in exchange for a good job.

The money the young man gets from the older woman then is spent on the young girlfriend at Whisky River then he is forced to once again return to the older woman to make more money. The frustration of this was discussed on Classic 105, where men lambasted young girls for pushing them into the arms of willing older women.

Mwalimu sympathized with broke dudes saying “Kijana anapeleka msichana sherere siku mbili kijana anaisha nguvu. Ananyonywa pesa kanaisha kama balloon”


However many gave the solution to this. Stick to girls of your class and leave the expensive ones alone.


Men are just giving themselves headache. If what he earns genuinely isn’t enough for his and my needs too, let him Pick the gal he can afford. Lazy men are the ones picking older women, we are not the ones pushing them there.

As for men please choose your class when it comes to the ladies. Settle and date your type don’t impress anybody.

As a man go for a woman you can afford!!Go for your class and stop blaming us for your decisions!#MainaAndKingangi

Exactly date someone class yako otherwise you’ll end up regretting #MainaAndKingangi

Yes. Sometimes they demand a lot but mtu anasonga tu kwa mwenye anaweza afford. After all, mtu hujikuna ajipatapo and there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Fellow men, let’s date or marry someone who will fit to your standards. Stick to your lane!!!!


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Would you work with your spouse Mike Mondo asks as he confesses


On the Monday morning conversation with Mike Mondo and Mwalimu King’ang’i, the topic of working with your spouse was debated as Mike confessed he experienced it.

Mike told Mwalimu that he has noticed several spouses working successfully together citing the case of Loulou Hassan and Rashid Abdalla and Wahu and Nameless.

“I noticed the other day of people working with their spouses. I noticed Wahu and Nameless, Loulou Hassan and Rashid Abdalla. Congratulations to them. Why is it alot of people don’t like working with their spouse.”

Mwalimu told him it’s nonsense saying “kwanza mimi niko na hiyo condition, naeza choka, you know if you are gifted in that area you need a kayamba because..aie kuna wale huchoka haraka”

Businesses can now do all transactions conveniently using Straight2Bank
Businesses can now do all transactions conveniently using Straight2Bank

Mike admitted he has worked in the same office with an ex “I’ve dated a lady I used to work with I used to see her everyday Mike confessed, why are people so scared?”

“That is very hard Mwalimu said “mnakuja pamoja, tunashinda na yeye kila saa, weuh mimi hiyo siwezi, aie ni ngumu”

The question was posed to listeners who were split about it. But many insisted ‘lazima mtakosana”.

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Does the focus and attention of wives shift after childbirth? Mike asks

The Friday morning conversation elicited mixed reaction from listeners from men and women.

Men felt they are neglected immediately wives have a baby.

They accused many wives of intentionally diverting their attention from husbands to children. Even King’ang’i insisted so. “the love is transferred, Kwanza kama ni kaboy, baaa wewe jua umeisha” King’ang’i added.

Women disagreed insisting the process of childbirth is draining.

“We don’t neglect you guys we love you. Its just that taking care of a child is draining. As my husband you should help me and take care of me.”

Mike added his opinion noting that

“Maybe I’m an idealist coz normally a baby should bring them together, why do so many neglect their husbands”

Here are other thoughts expressed during the show”
Even us men we reduce that love to them and attention to a baby so

Some people get married not because they love each other but because of circumstances!
When a baby comes, then it cements the security! So life doesn’t exist
The man joins boy’s club and business club come on #MainaAndKingangi

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“Sharing your marital bed with babies is wrong” King’ang’i blasts wives 


In the Thursday morning conversation, Mwalimu King’ang’i was not happy with wives insisting parents sleep with babies.

He told his opinion in an argument about it’s drawbacks with a wife on air.

The two went at each other if a new-born should be kicked out. The woman told Mwalimu that

” ati mzee anafaa kufanya nini? ndio mzee apumzike alale? nilitengeneza mtoto huyo peke yangu? tunaenda na shift. Ati mzee alale?’

Mwalimu responded that it was only fair to let the man sleep because their baby s cry is irritating.

She told him off adding ” until the baby is old enough to hold a munyonyi himself, the first month ako kwa kitanda yetu na tuna amka na shift, ati unalala nini? kwani nililatengenza mtoto peke yangu”

6117-07999883 © Masterfile Royalty-Free Model Release: Yes Property Release: Yes Couple sleeping in bed in the morning
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Couple sleeping in bed in the morning

When is the right time Mike opened up the discussion leading to more confessions from parents split over the decision to kick out the baby.

A man described how bad it was for his friend because their child was 6 years and unfortunately walked in on them.

Another woman said her new-born isn’t going anywhere. She said “It’s not about the baby leaving the bedroom, my baby sleeps in our bedroom but on his cot, I will never let him go, the baby is  breastfeeding until he is one year, But King’ang’i repeated that a child belongs in their own room. ” do you know that you can wak4 up and go to the other room to feed? you have the whole day to bond with the baby we don’t need the child in our room, toa mtoto kwa hii bedroom wewe, that crying is too much”

Dear Classic 105 fam, what’s your opinion about co-sleeping?


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