Girls who drink and smoke are not marriage material

On the Wednesday conversation, Maina and Kingangi differed on young women smoking weed and drinking alot.

Maina told Kingangi it’s not a big deal for girls to smoke and drink, after all it’s her money, and she can spend it the way she see’s fit.

‘Yesterday I was having a whatsapp group discussion and what shocked me is the number of young women who smoke bhangi Mwalimu is saying young women today have changed’

Kingangi explained that ‘zamani bhangi ilikuwa ya watu wabaya now women are smoking that weed eh? wanaenda kwa club, zamani if you saw a woman in the club it was bad, nowadays its not a big deal to society’

Maina sided with the girls habit ‘I don’t know why people are chastitizing women. Yes they are drinking more, smoking more and drinking longer. I want to ask men this morning, is it your money they are drinking, how does smoking make them a bad person?’


Kingangi tried describing the situation ‘msichana anakunywa gin na chaser ni kupumua? weuh’

Maina laughed asking ‘why is it umizaing men that todays woman drinks and smokes? Mwalimu said there is pressure to not marry these girls.

The topic was opened up to the audience ‘I want to klnow does a woman who smokes and drink make her not marriage material?’

‘Yes’ shouted Mwalimu ‘I really pity fellas who have not yet married, zamani you would not find a woman in a club and if you did she a labelled, huoni kuna shida there is going to be a problem, who is going to marry them?’

Dear Classic 105 fam, does that make her a bad person, does that make her unmarriable? would you marry a woman who drinks and smokes?

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Bhangi is sold in kiosks – Maina and Kingangi told

Maina and Kingangi heard from multiple people that these days bhangi is not a big deal, it’s like cigarettes.

It’s sold in kiosks and that guy who sells smokies is a dealer.

In the Tuesday morning conversation April 19, Maina was told that bhangi and other hard drugs are easily available in your nearest kiosk.

‘So principals want to drug test children before accepting them in school. According to them, there is a huge problem’

‘I was asking what kind of drugs Kenyan kids do. They do cocaine and heroine, where do you get such drugs they are so expensive, where do they get them from?’

Kingangi was not clear about it

‘So basically bhangi imekua kawaida thats the bare minimum. is that it? bangi is almost like a cigarette nowadays, cocaine like ya pablo escobar? haiya imefika Kenya, ile kama chumvi? umesema bangi ni ya kawaida? Kingangi repeated

Maina responded that ‘ati that’s very normal. Back in the day being caught with a cigarette was a big deal’

Kingangi agreed repeating ‘yeah and we used to smoke in the toilet and hoping we won’t be caught’

‘If you are a young person, I want to know what drugs you guy use these days and if you are a parent, I want to know do you know your kid is using drugs.? Guys where do you get it from? And where do you get the money to buy it? Coke is very expensive na nani anawauzia’

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Women want my seed – Maina Kageni

Kenya’s richest bachelor Maina Kageni is in demand.

Maina Kageni, Mwalimu Kingangi, Rashid Badalla and Doctor Love are among the list of most sought after seed donors.

Maina told Kingangi on Wednesday that he has been hounded by several women to donate his seed because there is a quality in him these women have spotted.

He shyly told Kingangi that ‘you know me I was told I make a good *perm donor’

He earlier started the topic saying ‘did you know gentlemen that there is a type of woman called mwibaji mbegu, yani stealers of seed. Seed stealers. Do you know who they are? Did you know women look for a trait in you and they decide I’m going to have this mans baby and they do not want anything to do with you? They talk of men like Nick Mutuma, Ian Mugoya, those ones. They have seen something about you maybe it’s your height maybe it’s your skin tone and they actually go and have a baby with you, yet you think ni bidii umeweka, did you know that?

King’ang’i agrred saying ‘you know you cant force a woman to get pregnant they decide na wanaume wamepangiwa,’

A woman called in and gave her list of men she has targetted; Rashid Abdalla, Churchill, Maina and Doctor Love.

‘Me I want 3 men. I want Loulou Hassan’s husband, doctor love, and you and Churchill. I have targeted all these. I will get them. Don’t mind how I will do it. I have targeted Loulou Hassan’s husband for three years, I am sure I will get him Don’t worry how I will do it. I will have three children by three of them, wewe huoni vile kubebe hio mimba ni tamu? You are so happy for that pregnancy, and praying for the day to pass to rush to the labor room,’

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I’m bringing business into politics – Richard Ngatia

Mr Richard Ngatia was in the Classic 105 studio Monday April 11, to share his vision for Nairobi as a frontrunner for the county government leadership.

Maina asked him to outline his vision from licensing, to water provision, security, hawker problems and the boda boda menace.

Mr Ngatia ‘it is not about politics, but about fixing our city, fixing our Nairobi and bringing business into politics’

Maina ‘You had a rally in Kangemi and it was a mammoth rally’

Mr ngatia said ‘First of all, I know before I’ve gotten there, I also wanted people from home Kangemi to bless me. To be able to bless me for the work that I’m going to be doing and let me tell you Maina I was surprised, more than 10,000 people came, it was impassable, What people don’t know is that I was born in kangemi, and that’s my gishagi,’

How will he bring business into politics?

‘If elected Governor one of the things I must do is bring in that business and making sure the environment of business is conducive. I remember in the private sector if business does not thrive, , then it trickles down to common mwananchi and therefore we want to fix things. We have seen how things are not moving, we want to come in nd make sure there is better governance’

Maina asked ‘Have you identified a problem?’

Mr Ngatia responded ‘Look at water and sanitation, there is a big problem, right now we are speaking you may want a glass of water but there are people whose taps are dry. They can’t get water. We need to fix the pipes, we need to make sure there is adequate water for Nairobi. We must make sure people can access adequate water, the environment must also be clean, we must have a green city, but of course, we must give credit, now when we talk about better living, we are talking about public health. How can you be able to access public hospitals? We must do more. We must make sure every ward has a level 4 hospital that people access healthcare. We want to make sure at the county level people have access to drugs,. We must make sure we have enough staff, but also encourage the staf currently employed to make sure they don’t divert their energy and put competition on the county. We are aware that some of them go to seek for business out there while they should be working mainly because of the salaries they are getting. e will see what can be done about that.’

Maina sked ‘do we have enough water for everyone in Nairobi ?’ Mr Ngatia told of the challenge to this question

‘No we don’t. The problem we are having is that currently the pipes ae old, the infrastructure we are using are since independence. I don’t think we clean them regularly. They have burst, everywhere you go water is sipping, and remember it’s serving a huge population, the population has grown to 4.7million, and so the same water is serving the population. it’s not possible to serve all these people with water. We must be deliberate, we must rehabilitate our pipes, every ward must have a bore hole and that way we can manage that problem,’

Maina noted his experience as the KNCII President ‘the thing is that you bring alot of experience, what are you bringing from your business background to running city hall? Cox people at city hall don’t work’

Mr Ngatia told ‘It has alot to do with governance and corporate leadership and if you don’t understand that it becomes difficult to manage your staff. And let me say this, we may not have a problem with the staff it may be the executive. Who is the executive, and how do we manage people, how can we be able to look at the by laws and those not implemented. How can we change so that it can resonate with the current today? We must make sure there are policies that will support . There are currently 2 permits while we should have one. And we don’t have information centers to tell people about these permits. First off all we must reduce the number of business permits and we must educate workers, askaris to handle people well, like hawkers, because these are people who you are collecting revenue from. I will set up a system to collect more than 300m a day. One, you must understand that security is very important so that you don’t have calamities like Gikomba market fires. You must understand that business people must do business in a secure environment. You must have an environment where you don’t have calamities for example Gikomba fires. We must have fire engines, ambulances for every station. We don’t even have one. So how do we contain this? At 5pm, you find business people shutting down they they are not secure. Hawkers also can’t leave their goods where they are because it’s not secure. They are taking goods with them because you don’t know if you leave them will you find them tomorrow. Corporates spend so much money to secure their compounds, we must provide ample security to everyone’

What are your plan for boda bodas?

‘I think its to have an intubation center let u have a conversation it you,. I will make sure we provide that environment for them. Let them have a conversation with us but also let them understand you must follow certain ways of doing business. We must make sure those people are registered and that say I know that i was with this boda guy, and he is registered that is a good way of making people comfortable, but we also can’t harass them, we need them coz our population is growing day in day out, we need them to be organized, let them understand that’

How do you intend to address pending bills?
‘As a Chamber, one of our pillars is advocacy to remain the voice of our members MSME’s. In terms of pending bills we have fought hard with the legislature to see SMEs will be paid within 60 days and if not 60 days, then they get paid interest. But you will find certain organizations, we keep accumulating these bills year after year, you will find the county govt using public money because by the time you go to deliver your goods they keep your money they are utilizing your money. They don’t say you will get your interest and therefore the county govt must prioritize and pay the pending bills, but as a chamber we are continuously making sure we support SMEs and make sure they are paid. i know people complain that when pending bills come to be paid, there are those who take priority,’

‘The first thing I’m going to do is have a task force and I will give them two weeks to get issues pertaining to water, and I will make sure I make it a priority and within 100 days I will make sure people have running water. I will make sure we concentrate on cleaning the system’

What about a 24 hour economy?

‘In most cities in the world this happen, but in Nairobi it is not possible. It costs alot of energy here in Nairobi it’s quite heavy. In terms of security, it’s another problem. So as a county we must work with relevant hand in hand with security, We used to have alot of tourists walking around the city at night, but not anymore. Why? They have gone, there was ample lighting, security, you could see them walking around the city. We must bring order to the city. We are tired. We need to fix our city, we need to make sure we can leave our homes, I can take public transport. We must be able to have pathways, that any time of the night. We have seen NMS doing a brilliant job but now we must extend them ,connect Kimathi walkway to the highway, connect them to hurlighham to encourage people to walk. That is decongesting the city. We must encourage more of that. In terms of 24 hours, we must attract FDI’s, we must bring tell youth we have alot of production studios but they are never utilized, so that Maina you should be able to leave here and go use those studios.’

What about sorting out Dandora dumpsite?

‘We can have a recycling plant right there. You sort garbage and one thing you can do there is recycle. You can make that place an industrial park. We will have an organized way of cleaning up our city. We will also eradicate completely people coming to collect food from Dandora. This food is contaminated. We will bring back the bin and we will make sure it is free. We should even clean out our roads every morning, we must have a green city,’

What of the licensing of bars in residential areas?

‘First of all we need to look at policies. When you are putting up your bar, who gave you that license. It’s the city planning dept. How can they giver you a license knowing area is demarcated for homes? So if they give you a license, and a business person invests and then months down the line, the residents complain, we must have conversations with residents. We will involve residents in that area, and tell them our plans for their area. Have conversations with residents. We must deliberately do that so that we don’t run into problems. But we must also support the business. Make sure you soundproof and you must have that standard of making sure you soundproof you must consider you may haver children and schools in that area. So you must make sure residents cannot identify that place as a bar,’

Mr Richard Ngatia concluded that he is ready ‘we are going to bring change, we are going to bring business into politics. I will be your servant, i will work for you’

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Women have darker pasts than men – King’ang’i

Ladies if your man knew your deep secrets, can he handle the truth?

If your man knew the truth about you ladies, what would happen? Can he handle the truth? Men if you knew everything about your wife, can you handle it?

This w as the interesting question Maina Kageni had for ladies in the Friday April 8th conversation about women and keeping secrets.

Maina told that women hide children from a new man and wondered why and how they do this.

Kingangi told Maina that while men can be found out about cheating or secret children, it is not easy to find out about women. he said they hide so well their lives.

‘why do you hide your children with mathee ushago? It’s 2022. what is the problem with telling your men I’ve got 2 or 3 children out there, and men why do you find women with children a no go zone? in 2022? Me I’ve met women and are single mothers and have got the most beautiful babies ever, I don’t know why you feel the need to hide them’

Kingangi agreed tyhat women should open up ‘Tell men I aborted 1, ni kuambiana tuu ukweli, kwa nini hutaki huo mtoto mwingine, tell me the truth.’

‘can you handle the truth?’ Maina queried. Kingangi retorted ‘tutajua hapo mbele, we realized we hardly know them, it is a given a man will be found out, but you will never know your woman’

So ladies, can your man handle the truth about you?

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Never tell your wife about secret children – Kingangi

Some things are better left unsaid Kingangi told Maina about having secret children and not telling your wife about it.

On the Thursday April 7 conversation, Maina told Kingangi that they have a common friend who has secret children and his wife found out about it.

Maina asked men why they don’t just tell the wife before she finds out, Mwalimu told him ‘never tell her’ . He added ‘wacha hio maneno’

Maina added ‘she found out that her daughters best friend in school is her husbands child. The husband has never said anything about it he is still trying to digest the fact that his wife found out, .The thing is guys, do you intend to tell your wife about the other children? How do you plan to introduce them to your wife?’

‘Never’ Kingangi responded.

‘wewe unataka kuasha moto’

Maina told men that having secret children is ‘betrayal like Judas. Here you are as a woman planning for your family, then you find out this baga ha children out there, nie ma aki the things you see, how did you find out about the children your man has out there ladies?

Kingangi again told ‘it’s not easy Maina, because there is a period of preparation, there is a period you need to break the news’

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Men tell Maina the benefits of dating mumama’s

On the Wednesday April 6 morning topic, Maina referred to a story on K24 about a 25 year old man confessing he wants to marry an 85 year old woman.

‘it’s madness but here’s the thing, forget about the 85 year old woman, young men ni nini? how old is too old surely? and where are the young girls in this mans life? where are the young ladies in your life young gentlemen?’

‘What is it with these older women?, and as a young lady when you hear stories like this what goes through your mind?’

Kingangi had a theory to explain ther age gap ‘young girls wana taka pesa na hawa vijana ndio wanfanya kazi ya kutafuta pesa’

One man told Maina ‘the pressure young men are facing is what makes us go for these older woman, unajua maina wasichana saa hii wanatupea pressure, they want to go to Dubai they want to ebe done for things young men are notcapable of. Wamamas there is no pressure’

A second man told he is a makanga who dates older women who take care of him. ‘hawa wamama hatuwawachi maina wasichana ni kama piki piki ya loan, msichana mdogo anataka pesa mingi. Im 21 and i have gone out with an older woman, me I’m a makanga. She is 30 to 40 to 45. She tells me she will cater for all my expenses, she told me to leave my donda job to play with the PS. Wamama wazee we will never leave them,’

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I’d die if asked to do ridiculous pregnancy shoot – Maina

On the Tuesday April 5 morning conversation, men told that pressure from their women makes them do ridiculous pregnancy shoots.

Maina wanted to know why women make it a big deal ‘it’s a modern disease and ladies I need you to explain to me because I have never been comfortable with it, kuanika your personal life kwa mtandao, let’s be honest ladies you are normally the guilty party, you make your man wear shukas to document your baby shower, your anniversary, your man, your children, you know there is a committee there just waiting kamati ya wataachana tuu, coz it’s causing heartbreak like you can’t believe. i need to know why you need to anika everything out there, why you need to post pictures of your husband man crush Monday, on weekends it’s couples goals, when you are pregnant you have to go for photoshoot half nVked and you tag it coming soon, happiness loading’

Kingangi said women do it all because ‘hiyo ni pressure ama ni fashion?’

He told about how our parents never clout chased ‘coz I can’t imagine my father holding my mothers hand. I cannot even imagine how contact was made between them. He never laughed, he never cracked jokes. I can’t even imagine how I came around, the only romantic thing ni kusimama straight,’

Maina opened the discussion ‘explain this to me ladies, and the pregnancy thing, and then the photoshoot, help me understand that tafadhali because when you go out there with your couple goals thing then things go wrong. Kabi wa Jesus, ebu give me a call, I need to understand how you live your life’

Maina told of his horror if he is ever asked to do this ‘what is the thinking behind all these pregnancy photos, aki me I want to hear coz me I don’t know how you live your life, coz me I would die of sttress’

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Maina and king’ang’i differ on Employment amendment bill

Maina and Kingangi differed on the need for a Bill seeking to block employers from contacting staff by phone or email outside working hours.

On the Monday morning conversation, Maina read out parts of the Employment Amendment Bill outlined below. saying ‘because of some very mannerless bosses’.

Senators have backed the bill seeking to bar bosses from calling or assigning duties to their staff outside the agreed working hours.

They have unanimously supported the Employment (Amendment) Bill, 2021, putting Kenya on the way to become the first country in the region to allow its employees to disconnect from work.

The lawmakers argued that most employees have been forced to work round the clock, including odd hours, as result of phones and emails from their bosses giving them assignments.

This, they said, has led to fatigue of the workers as they can no longer rest or have quality time with their families.

“Technology has led to employees being called late at midnight and yet some of them are non-essential staff. Most of these issues have led to break-down of families and lack of quality time,” Nandi senator Samson Cherargei said.

As a result of bosses calling their junior at odd hours, Cherargei said, many families have been broken.

“When your boss calls you at night – especially if it is of the opposite gender – you might need to give a proper explanation to your spouse as to who that person is,” he held.

Kingangi asked ‘honestly dotyou think it’s practical?’ Maina told him yes, ‘It needs to be, your boss can call you at night’

Kk,ingangi was oppossed saying Kenyan behavior of skipping work when given an opportunity.

To answer that Maina wanted to know ‘Are Kenyans able to work unsupurvised? Me I like this bill, na ipitishwe haraka’

Kingangi pointed out ‘They come back late from lunch, On Friday they don’t want to work, ati it’s ruining families? If you give Kenyans a chance ni kuzurura kwa ofisi. We cannot operate without supervision. Kenyan do something called time wasting. They frustrate you’

The audience was asked to give their opinion ‘what’s your experience with your boss? Do they call you after hours?

Kingang even gave his own experience ‘mike mondo is called at 2am, ati mike maina amekwama amboseli, na mike amelala anajaribu kutengenza mtoto, na mimi naona simu ati munaingia na mike mondo, hapa unapigiwa any time,

Does your boss understand when it is your time off?

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When you don’t look good, he strays – Maina Kageni

A good physique completely matters to your man.

If he tells you he likes the way you look, that is a lie Maina Kageni advised wives. They don’t love you the way you are he added in a heavy discussion about how wives look after marriage.

He advised women to workout, keep in shape because ‘if you don’t do that you are finished.

On the Friday morning conversation April 1, Maina told about the ban on feedign bottles and a woman called sayign she has changed her mind abotu having a bay, over sagging b00bs. Maina wanted to know

‘Why are Kenyan women obsessed with perfect bodies? The men are saying they love you no matter how you look’

Mwalimu agrred, but then maina had a change of mind encouraging women to hit the gym. ‘ebu go for that perfect body do not be cheated the day you sag huh utaona wewe’

Maina added ‘your men will tell you they love you the way you are, but I promise you when they go out there and see a light skin chick with nice tittie* and a nice bu*t they will go after her, so do not be cheated’

Maina even provided the example of how men are oggle at Akothe

‘ladies workout, the day you slacken up or you sag ama you grow that pot you are finished, I promise you, look at Esther Musila how good does he look? Never jiachilia even he tells you. But do it for yourself,’

‘go to the gym ladies, work on your body because the day you slacken up you are finished’

Kingangi disagreed ‘no maina yeye ni mama watoto she is fine the way she is’

Maina added ‘if you know your mans side chick what does she look like? Tuambiane ukweli because they are here telling you I love you the way you are but the day he see’s a lightskin , you are finished, ladies go to the gym,’

The conversation was opened up tot he public ‘does how you look matter, doesnt Akothe look amazing? Coz your men are cheating you, coz Ii promise you ladies if you don’t work on yourself he will go outside and cheat

Kingangi nodded saying women make it worse when they go to bed ‘wanavaa nguo sita unashindwa kwani hiyo upande ya kitanda ina baridi aje? unasema haidhuru what are you supposed to do?’

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Davido featured in the World Cup theme song

His fans are undoutedly excited calling him the King of Afrobeats.

Davido featured in the FIFA Official Soundtrack for the 2022 World Cup later this year in Qatar featuring Aisha and Trinidad Carona.

Snippets are available on Apple, but more details will be made public later.

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Wealthy men undergo vasectomies – Maina and Kingangi

Kenya’s wealthiest men undergo Vasectomy.

This is according to a top lawyer who told Maina Kageni that 83 per cent of his male clients have chosen the medical procedure to protect their wealth.

Maina noted that unlike the wealthy, a certain segment doesn’t get the importance of Vasectomy ‘Once you cross a certain economic line it’s like you have entered a different planet,’ Maina added. ‘it’s not even something they would consider’

On the Wednesday March 30 conversation, Maina and Kingangi differed on Vasectomy. Maina supported it saying ‘ 83 per cent of his male clients have had a vasectomy, 83 per cent that’s staggering, why don’t e get it, what do they see that we don’t?’

A scared Kingangi asked ‘unakata pipe?’

Maina corrected him about what the procedure entailed adding ‘it’s to protect their wealth and with those super rich you never see those women who come to funerals with children,’

Kingangi retorted that ‘bibilia inasema endeni mujaze dunia, wacha mambo ya kukata. ukikata hizo wire unajua over 40 already kuna pressure, already ukiwa over 40 hizo wire zinakataa aie alafu ukate? kuna vitu hufai kuguza,’

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I repeated after failing KCPE – King’ang’i

‘I’m a repeater’ Kingangi told Maina about his disappointing KCPE results years back.

Maina and Kingangi on Tuesday March 29 reminisced on the morning after the announcement of KCPE and the tension at home.

Kingangi amused Maina after telling him how he failed and repeated class over his dismal performance. Kingangi told that his father was so disappointed he chased him, the siblings and his mother out of the house in anger.

‘back in the day the results used to come out on christmas day, when everyone was in a happy mood, then you get the results, I don’t know why my father had so much hope in me’ Maina laughed a Kingangi joked adding ‘na unajua nilirepeat’

Maina was so sorry for Kingangi asking additionally what happpened after.

‘this morning there is alot of tension in alot of households , aki there is tension, aki ya ngai, nyumba mingi sana. Why? coz of kcpe results, and I want us to go back in time when your results came out, where were you and what did you do?’

Kingangi added about his hilarious story ‘ah mama yangu aliniambia niende tokeni hapa nitawapiga nyinyi wote. I have never seen my father that disappointed na mtu’

What was it like for you on a morning like today?

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It will affect the central bank – Kingangi on male birth control

A new male birth control pill was 99% effective when tested on mice, say scientists. After human trials, it could one day be the first such pill approved for men. Unlike most contraceptive pills for women, it does not target hormones and thus avoids many side effects.

This formed the basis of the Monday March 28 conversation on Maina and Kingangi.

Maina asked men if they would help their wives with the responsibilities of family planning, and King’ang’i answered ‘No’.

Kingangi argued ‘ati baby wacha nikunywe hii? as a man? I cannot even imagine na hizo vitu zinaweza haribu mtu. kitu ya kuaffect central bank? women are made for this thing, imagine a whole man taking those pills. zinaeza kuaffect, already you are affected at 40 years, then you take more problems? hapana. leave anything that can affect the central bank hio ni kitu intaka kukumaliza, wacha, especially if you are over 40s usikaribie, hio hata utaisha before battery imeisha utaisha wacha mambo ya pill’

Maina disagreed saying

‘you already pop viagra and cialis, you people buy those blue pills every Friday you guys are being told instead of dying in public, you are being told to replace with the ones that are clinically proven’ Maina tried to convince men

Mwalimu added ‘a whole man drinking pills before bed like he is sick?’

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Men in endless debt over multiple side chics – King’ang’i

On the Wedneday March 23rd, Maina wanted to know why men seem unable to pay back the money they borrow.’

‘On Monday w were talking about mobile digital loans. and it came out clearly hamlipi, and there is one thing that came out clearly, Kenyan men are not paying back the loans while women are. Men you are known hamlipangi madeni’.

Kingangi and many other men confessed that it’s because they feel the need to finance the lifestyles of so many women.

Maina agreed ‘kenyan men will owe you money from here to timbuktu and they feel nothing and it’s not the app alone even their friends. Why don’t kenyan men pay their bills?’

Kingangi said men are generous ‘you know the pressure our women put us through we have to take risks. Wanaume wa Kenya ni kubalance vitu. We set things’

Maina reminded him that’s why their wives sit back and watch husbands suffer rather than help them out.

‘she could have ten million in the bank but she will watch you suffer. Kenyan women pay their bills, why can’t you?’

‘Who bewitched us Kingangi said about men ith loan ama we are very generous?’

Mwalimu added ‘yani sisis ni huduma centre that’s why we were voted the most faithful in Africa’

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Maina and Kingangi appeal to voters over political differences

Maina and Kingangi are calling for calm due to whipped up emotions arising as politicians campaign over the next five months.

On the Monday morning conversation March 21, Maina and Kingangi urged Kenyans to talk and address heated polticl discussion abiotu the otucome of the fothcomign General election slated for August 9th.

Maina and Kingangi are concerned tat people are taking things personally yet the election is 5 months away.

‘we need to discuss before it gets out of hand. these rising political temperatures and we are still so far from voting, and you know politicians- the only thing they are good at is matusi, matusi tuu, they are whipping up emotions’

Kingangi agreed and urged for control

‘that needs to be managed now, if we don’t deal with the elephant in the room there will be pressure,’

Maina grred adding ‘

that is the thing, people are taking it so personally. People are fighting in bar, and don’t imagine their preferred candidate can lose, wote ni the fifth’

Kingangi advised ‘as a voter when you start taking things so personally and you have been told told usiweke kwa roho’

‘the crazy thing is the pressure is among voters, not politicians’ Maina added

‘We need to start having these discussions of accepting your candidate can lose, because the way we are going, hehe hata in school not all of us could be number one, we have to accept one of them will lose and be in the opposition. these temperatures are crazy. are you worried? Do you see your candidate losing?’

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Husbands who are gym instructors and Dj’s make wives paranoid

The professions many of us are in may be making our spouses unhappy.

This came out in the Friday March 12 conversation with Maina and King’ang’i.

Kingangi insisted that women are suspicious if their men are gym instructors, tai drivers and bouncers.

‘women are paranoid about their men being bouncers and gym instructors’. Then King’ang’i spoke about how gym guys help women clients stretch and that can make wives uncomfortable thinking about it.

Classic fans also told Maina that KDF are also notorious ‘hio uniform matches to their hearts’ Kingangi added.

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Men are insecure about some jobs wives do – King’ang’i

Masseurs to radio girls and waitress jobs make men insecure

On the Thursday March 10th conversation, Maina and Kingangi debated whether certain jobs make men insecure.

Maina told that ‘Ladies I need you to come here because there are some things that you need to choose carefully and that is the kind of work you go into. Choose the kind of work you go into very carefully otherwise you will be single forever. I had an interesting conversation with gentlemen and they said there are jobs you need to avoid, like masseur. or you will remain single forever. There is no man who can be comfortable knowing you are going to a spa, yet he also goes there and knows what goes on. If you are one of those ladies who gives men head and back massages, you will be left. ama he will never marry you. Those ladies at the Barbershop are very important to your man, he even knows when it’s her foo days and will wait until she comes. That is why he doesnt want you to have the same job. Those are harzadous jobs for women’

King’angi also gave another job example ‘ama a lady dj. unajua kuna kazi anajieka kwa frontlien ya battle kukutana na temptation koso koso, if she is a waitress shd is being slapped around, ni kazi mingi men have problems with, zile zitakusumbua, zile makazi unaona hapa ako endangered species and the men ataleta shida’

Maina understood what Kingangi was saying teasing him ‘the men dont want to imagine his wife goign through the same thing, how do you cope?’

Kingangi also added anotyher job ‘ata radio jobs, hapa tuu si uangalie how many are married, kazi ni mingi wanaume wako na issue nazo, wanaangalia hivi wanaona competition, men don’t like competition, ako frontline lazima ako ukraine kwa border, weuh’

Maina asked him ‘so what do you want these ladies to do they need jobs? where is the insecurity coming from? what is wrong if your wife works in a lounge? shida iko wapi?’

An offended Kingangi painfully told Maina to stop jokes and it hurts to think about it ‘hii kitu unaonge kama jokes, inakua ngumu imagine your wife is a waitress and we men spank these ladies, so another man is doign the same to your wife’

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