No Diggitty – SWV Is In Kenya! Exclusive Photos…And Let’s Not Forget Black Street

SWV  is in Kenya, and in case you didn’t know, they are the Sisters With Voices, and to make it even super awesome, they are accompanied by Grammy winners,  Blackstreet.

These ladies are known for releasing best-selling RnB selling hits during the 90’s  and Blackstreet is joining them. These ‘boys’ are known for their singles ‘Don’t Leave’… 

It’s sure to go down at KICC tonight!

As usual, we’re on top of the game, and photos are a must…

Check out these awesome pictures of the legendary artists while on Kenyan ground…;


Maina Makes 20.2 Million Shillings For The KNH Children’s Cancer Ward

Today October 30, Maina Kageni was in studio longer than usual in order to raise 10 Million shillings needed to support the Kenyatta National Hospital Children’s cancer ward, who are in need of specialised equipment used in treating needy children.

The urgently needed equipment includes Chemo Ports, Infusion Pumps and Chemo Chairs all valued at 10 million shillings. Alongside buying the equipment, the money raised will be used to give 350 families NHIF cover for one year which will help ease their financial burden.

Well the good news is in , as at this afternoon he had raised 20.2 Million shillings towards the cause under the hashtag #mainas10millionmission. We would like to thank everyone who participated and we appreciate whatever amount that you contributed.

4 successful Kenyan male media personalities

Success comes from hard work, patience, commitment, determination and other things. Most successful people do what others are afraid to do and go the extra mile to get what they want.

Here is  a list of some of the successful men in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

larry mado
– Larry Madowo – Image from

Larry Madowo is a broadcast journalist, writer, blogger, and describes himself as a technology evangelist.

He is currently Online and Technology Editor and News Anchor at NTV Kenya.  He hosts a popular Friday night show #theTrend and NTV Weekend Edition.

His journey to success started at his home Siaya Barding village, he wanted to become a priest initially, then later a lawyer. But he ended up a journalist instead.

At one time, he had to work as a sales man in a supermarket to help pay for his education.

After high school he joined Daystar University after which he joined KTN and worked for 3 years before he moved to NTV where he is currently.

Dj Adrian – Image from Zuqka

Adrian Wasika DJ Adrian began deejaying as a hobby in 1996 waiting his turn on the turntables when his deejay friend and business partner Pinye was playing.

A good friend of his had bought turn tables but then went out of the country for studies and entrusted his equipment with him. Adrian then used the opportunity to better his skills and start off what would be a budding career.

He started off playing at house parties for friends, birthdays and at local clubs and slowly built a reputation for himself. He later joined Capital FM in 2001 after winning a contest and landed his own show.

He is one of the most accomplished entertainers in Kenya with a career spanning over 13 years. He also owns a DJ academy that nurtures new  talent. He still has six shows on Capital FM

Jalango – Image from

Mzee Jalang’o Mwenyewe – Born Felix Odiwour but commonly known to the masses as Jalang’o is one man who is the perfect example of success from rags to riches. Born and raised in Kisumu, Jalang’o had his early primary education up until class 8, after which he dropped out due to lack of school fees.

If you have ever attended any of the events where he is the MC or seen interviews he has done, he acknowledges his humble beginnings and says that he is a graduate from the school of hard knocks. He has lived in various slums and has trecked to Nairobi’s industrial area to seek employment.

He fell in love with acting and would often visit the Kenya National Theatre to try out various roles. It is here that his talent was discovered and together with his friend Kazungu Matano were handed roles on Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula.

His comic side seemed to open doors for him as he was later involved in various TV ads. With no college or university degree Jalang’o has become one of the highest paid MC /Event organisers in Kenya and is currently the C.E.O of Arena Media. He also hosts the show Jalango with the money on KTN.

Maina photo

Maina Kageni the king of radio has a career spanning over ten years. His first brush with the media life was while he was still a student at Laiser Hill Academy where he was called by Catherine Kasavuli to do a screen test for KTN. He didn’t get the opportunity to work on TV but lady luck seemed to be on his side.

His career on radio started off at Capital Fm in the late 90’s where he worked for three months.  He then moved on to Nation FM in 2000 where he worked for a year and a half before joining Kiss FM.

He then later moved on to Classic 105 where he still is years on. Besides radio he is an MC and  business man with interests in real estate.


Maina Kageni pays Shaffie Weru 10k for losing a bet (Photos)

Maina placed a ten thousand shilling bet with Kiss fm’s Shaffie Weru for the match between Manchester United and Chelsea played on Saturday 18th April.

Initially the bet was to be five thousand shillings but Maina, an avid Manchester United supporter  increased the amount to ten thousand because he was sure that his team would beat Chelsea.

While collecting the money  Shaffie said that each of the ten notes represented the Chelsea team players.

The game ended Chelsea 1- Manchester 0 with a goal from  Eden Hazard.

Maina Kageni counting the money
Shaffie Weru confirms the amount
Shaffie picks one note after the other while mentioning the players names
Maina gives away 10k for losing the bet
Shaffie shows off his winnings








“I will not apologise to Zari”, Maina declares

Classic 105 morning presenter Maina Kageni is appalled that people have created a mountain out of a molehill simply because he stated that well known Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan who happens to be dating bongo artiste Diamond  is 41 years old. 

According to Maina, the matter is of no consequence.

“I don’t know who Zari is personally , all I know is that she is 41 years old and is dating Diamond and so what’s the issue if I say that?” he said when probed on the matter. 

A number of Zari’s fans were up in arms after Maina mentioned Zari’s age soon after playing a song by Diamond during his Morning show. 

Zari claims that she is 34 years old and proud of it, but many people and mostly bloggers from her home country Uganda vow that she is well over 40, and Maina agrees with them. 

“I can understand why Zari and some of her fans would be up in arms over the remarks, but the fact remains that most women hide their real age, I just don’t quite understand the logic behind hiding one’s age. I mean aren’t all humans supposed to age at some point in their lives? So where is the shame in that?” Maina wondered.

Maina is adamant that he will not give in to demands for him to apologises for his remarks. “Why should I?  My apology will do nothing for her age” he said. 

Below are some tweets between Zari and her fans on the matter.


Maina’s weekend trip to Zanzibar (Photos)

Over the weekend Maina was in Zanzibar and seems to have made the most out of it.

He resided at the Sea Cliff Resort, and as the name suggests it’s right by the seaside. 

Seems he had so much fun that he missed his flight and as a result failed to report for duty on Monday morning.

Check out the photos he took below.

reef hotel
The golf course
reef hotel2
Various angles of the beach
reef hotel3
Local food

Maina Njenga pays dowry for his late wife

Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga has paid his murdered wife’s bride price ahead of the burial on Wednesday.

Grace Wairimu will now be buried  as  Njenga’s rightful wife at his Laikipia ranch.

In accordance to Kikuyu traditions a man is not allowed to bury his wife without paying the full dowry.

Wairimu’s mother Elizabeth Nyambere recieved the dowry on Saturday at a lowkey ceremony at her Njiru home.

Njenga was escorted by his elder brother, Peter. A goat was laughtered and shared among guests, this was as a sign of togetherness.

Later on he called a meeting at his Karen home and said that the maasai in Kitengela has forgiven him and that he has been allowed to bury his wife .

-The Star