‘Her ex broke all the car windows because he bought if for her’ Nancy

The morning conversation was based on whether parents are spoiling their kids too much, and in the process not teaching them life lessons, such as accepting rejection.

This was based on the increased murders in campuses and among the youth aged between 19 and 23.

Mwalimu King’ang’i and Maina Kageni for the first time agreed that it’s time parents learnt to teach their kids to accept that you will not always get a ‘YES’ in life.

One parent says

African kids haven’t reached civilization level as for me spare my kid in schoool but akifika home kiboko lazima itembee.

Naftali Kinuthia’s dad in court to support son after Ivy Wangechi’s murder

Another caller *Nancy* adds

Maina let me tell you of an incidence that happened today morning.

I was leaving my house and as I was getting into my car  I saw a guy with a rungu. Shortly after the guy started hitting a car that was within smashing it as hard as he could.

On asking the watchman what was happening he informed me that the guy had come to the girl he bought a car for and she was not at home nor was she picking her calls.


He broke all the windows and the headlights. So in my mind I was like why don’t you just take your car and leave.

He looked like he was in his 30’s or 40’s.

Maina he looked so angry I was tempted to just tell him to get his car and leave. My advise to women is that they should not accept gifts just like that because someone will get entitled to your loyalty for life.

I was so scared because I knew if by any chance she showed up he might have killed her.

Another parent adds

These kababa’s are the first product of a government that withdrew the cane, they do not know what rejection is and they do not know how to take it when it comes.

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‘My ex dumped me after I spent 3.1 million on him’ Cries Nairobi woman

Today’s morning conversation was based on why women do not harm men when relationships fail, inspite of having invested in them financially.

This came about after men called in yesterday justifying why they kill women once a relationship breaks, with the excuse of ‘I have spent money on her’.

Here is what one woman had to say

There is a day my ex told me that he had a farming project so I gave him Ksh 700,000 only for me to realize that there was no farm in the first place.

After that he left me went and married someone else.

I had already spent Ksh 3.1 million on him by the time tuachane. We parted after my family found out about the things he was doing to me.

Maina can you believe he still calls me begging me turudiane? His excuse is that his family is the one that forced him to marry the other lady he left me for.

He called me to beg me for cash after his wife gave birth and out of pity for the new born I gave him Ksh 35,000.

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu weigh in on Ivy Wangechi murder

Maina Kageni was so shocked and here is what he had to say

You gave him what?after the way he treated you .You know what just block that guy because he is a user.

Another adds

Can you remind ladies to stop taking boys and trying to make them into the men they want ,so that hii story ya kusema i made him into what he is.

If he has not discovered himself once he does he will move on and go with some one else and that person will not be you.

Acha maneno ya kuchukua mtu usafishe.

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Meet the faces behind the mic on Classic 105 – Photos

They are voices you know very well.

From the husky voiced Mike Mondo to the mellow Terry Muikamba, we reveal to you the faces behind the voices?

Here is a list of your favorite Classic 105 hosts.

1. Maina Kageni

He hosts the Morning conversation alongside Mwalimu King’ang’i. He is best known by his fans as ‘Mama County’ for his love and zeal in defending and supporting women.

Let’s not forget his infectious laughter.


2. Mwalimu Kin’gang’i

He is Maina Kageni’s co-host, buddy and the king of Kasheshe. He loves to talk about his wife Mwongeli, and how she drives him crazy. With him around your mornings can never be the same.

Mwalimu Kingang'i Kasheshe

3. Mimmy Khamis

The voluptious host keeps you entertained with her segment ‘Classic Cafe’.

She describes herself as a book lover and a people lover.

Mimmy Khamis


4. Terry Muikamba and Mike Mondo

The laid back damsel keep you entertained alongside Mike Mondo on ‘Classic Overdrive’.

Apart from being a radio host she has studied law so don’t be shocked in-case you bump into her in the corridors of the court one of these days.

Terry Muikamba and Mike Mondo

She refers to herself as Miss Sunshine and she is indeed sunshine to Classic 105′ s listeners.

5. Harriet Kinga

The petite and quiet damsel keeps you entertained on ‘Classic Overdrive‘ or on ‘Classic cafe’.

Harriet Kinga

6. Dr Love

We all love his deep husky voice but no one knows who doctor love is.Well I know who he is and I assure you that he is a quiet soul and a romantic at heart.



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5.Mike Mondo


‘In Makongeni kids become grand parents at age 24’ Shouts city man

Today’s morning conversation was an extension of yesterdays debate on whether parents are doing enough to talk to their kids about s#x.

Most parents argued that they are too busy trying to provide for their family in these harsh economic times, but others disagree.

One parent says

‘Parents should just work on being committed to their kids the same way they are committed to their work.’

‘My friends daughter died aborting after the son impregnated her’ – Nancy


Another adds

Maina ask Mwalimu if he remembers an area called Ololoo . There used to be place called Virgin Island where 12 year old kids were already parents.

At 24 these kids were grand mothers. the area was around Makongeni football pitch.

You live in a 10 by 10 ,you have 10 siblings .While some people were busy playing football others were busy getting ‘played’.

‘I took bribes from married men to let them sleep with my sisters’ City man

Another adds

Maina  sometimes sleeping around is a  personal decision.

I have a sister who was taken to the best schools,given the best advice  and even given the best medical care before she got pregnant.

We talked to her deeply on matters sex ,even gave her options on how she could navigate when  she decided to get intimate but all that fell into deaf years.

She got pregnant at 19 now we are left with the responsibility of taking care of the child.

Mothers are trying the best they can ,we even  taught her about contraceptives .

I advised her to use a condom if she ever decided to have sex but by the end of the day I have to take care of her given that I am the first born.

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‘My friends daughter died aborting after the son impregnated her’ – Nancy

Today’s morning conversation was based on whether parents are doing enough to talk to their kids on matters s#x, due to the increased teenage pregnancies.

Here is what one parent *Nancy* had to say

Maina I have a friend who lost both their kids due to them being to busy.

The dad was a doctor and the mother was a doctor so they were constantly on the move,most of the time they left the kids with the mboch and their uncle.

At some point the parents came back and noticed that the kids were craving for their attention but as usual they were busy.

Not long after that they found out that the sister and brother were sleeping together and that their Daughter got pregnant.

On being questioned the son calmly said

‘I love my sister because you do not allow me to interact with our friends.’

Photos of Governor Ann Waiguru’s look-alike has KOT amazed

She adds

The lady got pregnant again  and they forced her to  terminate it but she died in the process.

After the girl died the brother decided to kill himself because his ‘friend’ had died,he was admitted to ICU and sadly he passed away.

The dad was dying of guilt so the mother had to finally talk about it.

Another parent adds

If a kid has not raised well from 3 to 8 if we mess up there then as parents we have lost the plot.

Going for holiday tuition and church functions might help to keep this kids busy and avoid in them getting into such messes.

Another adds

If you go to most schools the parents wants their children to look se3y,good hair and modified uniform.

Some parents even compete on ensuring that their kids are the ‘sexiest’ in the school,how sad that is.Has the kid gone to study or to look s3xy?

Then they will come complaining yet they contributed to all this.

Parenting is a mess in Kenya,children are being brought up by mboches and most parents do not care about what happens to them.

Things that are being aired on out stations are also fueling these habits where under age kids engage in underage s#x.

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‘I got my wife after offering her free rides for a year’ Brags boda boda rider

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni was left in shock after boda boda riders confessed that they get women effortlessly given their line of work.

Many were unapologetic

Here is what one boda boda rider had to say

I am a boda boda guy in Kawangware and its not our fault its just how the women respond.

A woman will ask you for your number so that akichelewa unambeba.

Not long after she will get so used to you mpaka when someone else offers to carry her she will say NO.

‘We make them vibrate’ Boda boda guys reveal why women love them

shocked meme

Mazoeano ikianza you offer to buy her lunch and since you have created a rapport she won’t say no and that is when you start talking.

I met my baby mama while carrying her on my boda boda while she was in form four.

I started carrying her for free till she cleared school and now she is mine.I would give her lifts ,buy her lunch and pay off little debts here and there.

How else would I have been paid back?

When you put one gear ,1,4,5 the boda boda must vibrate and she will cling to you.When you get to a bump you brake so hard so that she can hold you tighter.

She is now mine.

Never: Eric Omondi reveals why he won’t marry his bae in a white wedding

Another guy who was a boda guy says

The vibration can only happen in a boda boda because you are sitting in the middle,the middle goes from the spinal cord to the brain.

I never liked married ladies but it can be tempting because the woman will start telling you how bad her husband is .

That is what makes the boda guys fall into the arms of these women.

Another caller adds

Women love men who drive,whether you ride a car or a donkey a woman will fall for you.

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‘We make them vibrate’ Boda boda guys reveal why women love them

The morning conversation was based on whether boda boda guys are a curse or a blessing in the society and that they are responsible for 60% pregnancies.

Here is what one caller had to say

Maina I am a boda boda guy and all the things they are saying are true.

We put gear 1 so that the nduthi can vibrate and the women get excited and they start touching us.I am a young man but I can not even get married .

King’ang’i even if I carry your wife she will not even sleep at your house she will only want me.

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

boda boda 333

That vibration gives them a s#xual urge.

We putting big and puffy jackets is a non issue because eventually tutatoa helmet tukichukua pesa and she will be like ‘Oh my God so this angel was the one carrying me?

‘I pity you for being a bachelor’ Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni

Another adds

Maina these guys are a nuisance,my sister who is ion form two is pregnant for one.Can you believe he had even taken her to get an abortion,yet she is only 16.

Another adds

I am a former boda guy and I was called a professor because of the ease at which I got women.

The theory about boda’s creating a vibration for women is true.When you are riding in gear 4-5 there is a vibration and the whole thing creates magic.

I do not support those who are going after under age girls but for the married women its their choice.In two years I slept with 15 women repeatedly because they used to come back.

There was no attachment so I am not in communication with them anymore.

What’s your best or worst boda boda experience?Put your answer in the comment section.


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6 things that Maina Kageni does to retain his youthful looks – List

Maina Kageni is loved by many for his energy on radio but there are a few things that many do not know.

One of them is how he maintains his youthful looks.

Here is how he maintains the look

1. Working out

Many might not know this but Maina Kageni is a workout fanatic. He ensures that he puts in the work to maintain that trim body which many can only dream of.

2. Taking Vacations

Maina takes vactions at every chance he gets. His mantra being tumia pesa mpaka ikuzoee.

3. Eating a balanced diet

While me and you are busy queuing at Sonford to get a packet of fries Maina is busy enjoying a plate of Managu and fish.

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

4. Being a ‘therapist ‘for women

They say a problem shared is a problem half solved. Maina listens and shares solutions to his fans and for him this is therapeutic.

You have all heard his infectious laughter and that is one of the many reasons Maina hatazeeka haraka.

5. Giving back to society

Maina Kageni has been doing this by religiously helping those in need.

‘I pity you for being a bachelor’ Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni

6. Not getting married

In the past he had joked that if the kind of thing people say about marriage is what he endure then he is better off living as a single man.

From what you keep telling me do you think I will get married? I see the hell you are all going through. One of this days we should actually discuss what is the real importance of marriage.


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‘She dumped me after I paid her 1 year fee and got her a job’ – City man

A woman called called Maina Kageni and narrated how she got dumped by her husband of 12 years after she picked him up from being a mkokoteni guy.

She was bitter because she had educated him only to be dumped after being ‘used’.

Maina I can never again pick a man from the gutter. I once married a man with a vision after he actualized his vision he left me for another woman.

When I met him he was mkokoteni guy I took him to school and helped him through.

We later got married for 12 years had three kids aged 12, 7 and 3 respectively.


After he became wealthy after kunizeesha and kunitumia he dumped me. Luckily for me I was still stable so I have been bringing up the kids without an issue.

‘My pastor husband forced me to abort, beat me and raped me’ Cries Terry

Maina gave his fans a chance to contribute to the topic and here is what one caller had to say.

I know a guy who worked in a quarry, he fell in love with a primary school teacher and things were good for sometime.

Later he got a better job and he decided to pay six months rent and that is when all hell broke lose.

The wife found out about it and can you believe she had the guts of saying that she was the man of the house.


‘Oh so today is when you have realized you are a man ,I am the man in the relationship and you should have consulted me before paying six moths rent.

How many years have I been feeding you?she posed

Maina I think the question you should be asking this woman is what she did to end up being dumped after 12 years.

Another caller adds

I educated my then girlfriend for an year,sought a job for only for her to dump me for another man.

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‘My 4-year-olds classmate asked her for s3x’ Cries shocked parent

Maina Kageni was left in shock after learning children as young as 12 are s#xually active and their dads are not bothered arguing hio ni shida ya mama yao.

According to Maina it is scary to learn that most people learn about s3xuality in Sunday school. One caller left many shocked after admitting that she once caught kids getting intimate.

I once came across two kids having s#x and when I asked them what they were doing they said they were doing what they see mum and dad do.

Another caller adds

Maina this things are happening.The other day my daughter aged four told me a boy in her class told her wafanye tabia mbaya.

The good thing I have had the talk with her and she knows no body can touch her except me.Talks about s3xuality should begin at a very early age.

Angry mother scolding a disobedient child
Angry mother scolding a disobedient child

These celebrities vacation with their current spouses and exes

Another caller adds

As parents we have a lot to teach our kids but parents nowadays are not stepping up to their responsibilities opting to leave it to other people.

The major problem is parenting.

70 % of the kids at Sunday school (Class 3 and 4) are sexually active because parents are too busy and they do not know who their kids hang out with.

Something needs to be done Maina.

‘She has cheated on me with 9 men, yet I keep forgiving her’ Cries city man

Another caller adds

As parents we have lost it in the name of being modern .What does a child as young as 6 year old need a phone for?

If its an emergency why not buy them a kabambe instead of a smart phone?My 9 year old has to ask for permission to watch TV.

In my house there is no TV from Monday to Friday ,they only watch on weekends and that is after they have done their homework.

What does it take to tell a kid no you can’t play with my phone pick a story book and read?So lets not blame the economy and everything else for how we are bringing up our kids.


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Is 16 years old enough to consent Maina Kageni asks

The courts have proposed lowering the age of s3xual consent to 16 from 18.

Three judges, Roselyn Nambuye, Daniel Musinga and Patrick Kiage, ruled that time was ripe for the country to consider changing the Sexual Offences Act, citing lengthy jail terms imposed on young men convicted of defilement. They made the observation in a case where they reversed a 15-year sentence slapped on a man who had impregnated a 17-year-old girl, according to the Standard newspaper.

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni posed this question of age of consent, asking if this is a debate we should have.

This week I was with  group of teacher who said I need to discuss this 

Mwalimu Kingangi wants to know why judge think 16 years is ok for Kenyan children to become s3xually active.

16 unajua huyo ni mtoto wa form two, you know when they are looking butt these things mtoto wa America ni mtu mkubwa lakini wa Kenya ni mdogo sana.

as a parent we are not having that conversation, 16 years ngai weh, that thing whatever they are trying to propose, wacha it should remain 18 infact 20 years.

What is your interpretation of the recommendation for the age of s3xual consent?

Is there a different reality on the ground? And must we accept that reality and what did the court of appeal judges see?

A male caller supports the courts recommendation saying

you know we are running away from reality the world has changed naona 14 would have been better, hao tunajidanganya

A female caller shocked Maina when she made a confession and said

I wouldn’t blame them because unfortunately actually kids even from the age of 9 are doing it, I am a teacher by profession and when we talk to them they tell us they know everything. we need to empower our children because when you tell them don’t do it they go and do it and find out. In my class I have thee nine year old’s who have already had s3x. so we need to empower them and give them knowledge.


Would you take a sabbatical leave from your marriage? Kenyans discuss

Today’s morning conversation was based on why Kenyan couples should take marriage sabbaticals or a break from each other to ease tension in marriages.

The debate was based on an article on the Star where a city professor Edward Kairo left his Kileleshwa home after his wife threatened to kill him and take over his wealth.

According to Maina Kageni, sabbaticals help one miss the other person and they are a necessary evil.

On the other hand Mwalimu King’ang’i is against it because he does not understand what a man would be doing for two months while the wife is on a sabbatical leave.

‘It had been years of pain’ Janet Mbugua speaks on battling endometriosis


Here is what some of the callers had to say about the topic

Maina please stop sugar coating infidelity in the name of sabbatical leave.

Another  caller adds

Taking a sabbatical leave in marriage is a no no because I do not trust myself. Look for me date me and do everything we did when we were dating.

If you are away for two months you cannot trust yourself.

‘My baby daddy killed my daughter and left me disfigured’ – Thembi

valentines datenight

Another caller  adds

This cannot work in Kenya because mafisi ndio wengi. I tried it once and it did not work.

A male caller goes on to add if a woman is ‘bad’  whether she goes on leave or not she will not change.

If a lady really annoys you even if she goes for six months or an year she will still annoy you. Kwama kwa hio marriage and everything will sort itself out.

Marriage ni kuzoeana and kuvumiliana. Instead of going for two moths just take a break for four hours and come back otherwise taking a sabbatical leave in marriage is a No! No!.


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Mwalimu King’ang’i to start a committee to help Maina Kageni find a wife

Maina Kageni is still trying to collect his jaws from the floor after Mwalimu King’ang’i and Wakanai candidly told him that his bachelor status worries them.

According to Mwalimu he is constantly of whether Maina has eaten or not or whether he is feeling well in instances where he is sick.

As a way of finding a solution to this ‘problem’ Mwalimu has volunteered to start a committee to help get Maina Kageni a wife.

maina kageni in the office

Sharing his thoughts on the Today’s morning conversation Mwalimu says

I will create a committee and in an effort to help you get a woman even if it is an intern here at work.

The other option is that we can go to Muranga and get you a woman who you will marry.

Better tumfunge na kamba kwa gari yako.

‘I pity you for being a bachelor’ Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni

According to Mwalimu a man or a woman who is single is like a car without number plates. Such a car cannot go around because it will be stopped by authorities.

Maina on the other hand could not understand why a woman needs his name to validate herself in the society.

Icio ni goma.Who said that a woman needs my name to be respected in the society ?. Its all about your happiness ladies its not about the kids.

If you find happiness in marriage fantastic.If marriage is driving you early to your grave you need to think twice about it.

You do not need a man’s name to be important in the society.

A caller says

You can drive a car when its new till its 50 and even when its old you will still cherish it but you cannot go to a showroom and buy an old car.

Love is a sequence and you have through dating,marriage,honeymoon and all that but despite all these this challenges the other person is there.

THere is nothing easy you must put your effort ,the woman aweke effort .Don’t lie to the women gari ni licence na number plate being caller Mrs Kageni or Mrs King’ang’i is something to be proud of.

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Tips 101: Maina Kageni’s advice on how to deal with dead beat dads

Maina Kageni is never shy to point out that he does not support dead beat fathers who wine and dine without caring how their families are fairing.

Today was no different especially after Kenyans called in to narrate what they have gone through at the hands of their irresponsible dads.

Maina narrated how a friend of his is married to a dead beat who is fond of ‘kuchafua meza’ yet he never takes care of his family.

To prove that he is not a dead beat dad Maina Kageni responded to a fan who inquired if baby Nathan (Maina’s son) is taken care of by strongly stating yes.

“Yes Nathan is well taken care of.”Maina responded

‘Dad is worth 150 million but can never spend a dime on us’ Cries city man


Here is what Maina thinks women or kids with dead beat fathers should do.

1. If he is employed go to his office and say you want to see his boss and report him.

2. If he is the boss you can still go to the office scream shout and cause drama if need be.

3. Find out where he drinks with his boys and make sure to cause drama

4. If you know where he lives go face him and if it proves hard cause drama.

5. If all fails just go and leave the baby at the reception.

According to High Court Judge, Justice Jesse Njagi a man cannot escape parental responsibility by virtue of unemployment and that in case his partner dies, he must take full responsibility of the child he sired.

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‘Dad is worth 150 million but can never spend a dime on us’ Cries city man

A Classic 105 fan left Maina Kageni in shock after confessing that his father is worth a whooping 150 million shillings, but has refused to pay for his daughter’s school fees.

This is despite the fact that the fan recently lost his mother who was the sole financial support. Speaking about his experience he says,

“Maina I am aged 28 and my father has never spent a dime on me or my sister.

Last year, my mother passed on and during the burial a friend  of mine told me that his dad had talked to my dead beat father and asked him to man up and take his responsibilities now that our mother was dead.

A request he quickly agreed to but it never came to materialize despite the fact that he promised to pay my sister’s school fees.”

‘We tried bearing a child without success for 5 years’ says Raila Junior


He adds

“After the burial my sister approached him about her fees, he bluntly told her that he had an issue with his cars (more than 20) and that he had to take care of it first.

Maina this man has flats and owns more than 20 matatus with North Rift he comfortably rakes in Ksh 20 million in rent every month.

The sad part is that all his kids went to high end schools but they are all drunkards,On the other hand God has been gracious enough and despite the struggles we went through I am now working.”

‘Acoustic neuroma, a non cancerous tumor paralyzed my face ‘- Raila Junior

Asked whether whether he knows where his dad lives, he says he does but he is waiting for the right time to get his revenge.

“He lives in Eldoret but I do not know the exact house.

I am just waiting for him to die I will not let them bury him without a fight. My mother was too quiet and she never loved drama but I will take up that role and fight for what is ours.”

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Aaaw! Women Maina Kageni is celebrating this International Women’s Day

Today as the world celebrates  International Women’s Day Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni is not left behind in celebrating the women in his life.

International Women’s Day is a public holiday in some countries and largely ignored elsewhere.

In some places it is a day of protest while in others it is a day that celebrates womanhood.

Some people buy their pastor a car yet they don’t own a pair of shoes

Not many men celebrate the women in their lives but Maina Kageni is different .

Taking to his instagram he shared different photos of him and the women he is celebrating with the caption below.

“This is because I am blessed to have such amazing women in my life.Heavenly Father, I just want to say thank you for them.

9/9  #InternationalWomensDay#HappyInternationalWomensDay #Flashback

Here are the photos of him and the ladies he is celebrating on this special day.

Makina Kageni and Jahmby Koikai
Maina Kageni and Carol Radul
Maina Kageni and Carol Radul

‘He broke our engagement after I refused to be penetrated from behind’, woman cries


Safaricom chief customer officer Sylvia Mulinge

Maina Kageni and Tinah Kagia

‘My mum was raped and killed despite her pleas’ Narrates Kenyan actress

Maina Kageni with his mum
Maina Kageni with his ardent Classic 105 fans
Maina Kageni with his ardent Classic 105 fans

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Kenyans excited as photo of Maina Kageni’s biological son emerge

Maina Kageni has introduced his son to social media and his fans cannot keep calm given that most of them had no idea he was a father.

Sharing a photo of him and the son Maina wrote

“Twinning with Nathan.. Took him for his first haircut… Keep smiling…. #JoysOfLife…”


Revealed: Beryl Ouma was pregnant before her alleged murder

His fans can’t keep calm and here are some of their comments

jacklinenganga80: Haiya nice baby daddy

iam_tonny_: Haha, slay queens should learn now…. This boy has been danganyaing you all these years, ladies learn 😂😂😂

shiko.shaniz: Sasa tutaambia watu nini??

@dynawamaitha: akiiioooo daktari wikuo muno

iam_tonny_: Haha, slay queens should learn now…. This boy has been danganyaing you all these years, ladies learn 😂😂😂

[email protected]: kuja hapa my crush ako na mtoi 😂😂

julianamuriera: Congrats Mr.Maina, respect you for that.

djnickd_rambokanambo: Whaaaaaaaat🤖 Kaka brasa waitwa baba kumbe 🤔makubwa haya 😁

[email protected]: 😢😢😢 ameenda hivyo tu but ni sawa tu😂😂😂

dynawamaitha: Maskio ni yako🤣🤣🤣 according to our culture we check on the ears to confirm the DNA..

nayomi_kui: Please @mainawakageni dont disclose my identity to the world…. Let no one know am mama Nathan 🤣🤣

magalinemuringi: Heart broken with another 1m

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‘Nathan lives a good life’ Maina Kageni brags about son

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni dropped a bombshell on his Instagram, sharing a picture of a cute boy, he referred to as his son.

He wrote:

Twinning with Nathan.. Took him for his first haircut… Keep smiling…. #JoysOfLife…

Maina confessed to thsi writer that he has been keeping him a secret because he didn’t feel the need to share publicly.

The boy is two years old.

‘Kwani you guys like moshene how?’ he posed. Prodded a little further, a beaming Maina opened up saying he is the best father ever.

maina kageni poses with white shirt
Maina Kageni in studio

‘Nathan lives a very good life, surrounded by love, he added.

And who is the baby mama, seeing as he has never talked about that?

‘No comment’ he insisted, but I wouldn’t let it pass.’

He admitted a few details saying; ‘That’s my family. You know I don’t belong to you people like the Royal family. You don’t have to know about her.’ He finished.

Fans were surprised and commented;
getinsane_with_nickworkouts..Thitima ghai ghai Maina ako na mtoi…🤣🤣🤣

Haha, slay queens should learn now…. This boy has been danganyaing you all these years, ladies learn 😂😂😂

shiko.shaniz..Sasa tutaambia watu nini??

julianamuriera..Congrats Mr.Maina, respect you for that.

allan_mmoja…na ukafanya beshte yangu ashinde single juu Ata Maina hajaoa.