Tembea Kenya collaborates with influencers to promote Kenyan Tourism

Tembea Kenya has through its brand Ambassador and renowned media personality Maina Kageni covered 33 countries.

The 33 countries were covered as of May 2022.

The initiative has seen tremendous growth in the Hospitality business with over 36,000-bed conversions from the 11,500 target in phase two as more Kenyans are now travelling local for leisure and business.

To reach the 54 Million Kenyans with this message, Tembea Tujenge Kenya™️ (TTK™) is partnering with Kenyan influencers within various industries [Entertainment, Media, Comedy, Travel, Etc] to carry out the excursions.

The collaboration was launched on the 3rd of June,2022 at the Empire Lounge & Grill in Kilimani – Nairobi.

Among those in attendance were Shix Kapienga, Oga Obinna, Karis Memes, among others.

Kenyan influencers during the launch of Influencer-Tembea Kenya Jenga Kenya collabo launch

The team together with on-boarded influencers will be set to start the collaborative trips to push the mission which is #TembeaTujengeKenya supported by the hashtags ##TravelLocal & #DiscoverKenya.

Tembea Tujenge Kenya™️ is an initiative aimed at promoting Domestic Tourism to impact Social-Economic growth within the 47 Counties, in partnership with industry stakeholders that was launched in 2015 for phase one and in 2020 for phase two.

The campaign focuses on documenting expeditions by unpacking the hospitality offerings and businesses within the sector to give Kenyans a virtual wholesome experience of the Country’s beauty and opportunities.

The ultimate goal is to foster patriotism and convert Kenyans to embrace

Tourism as a lifestyle and demystify travel as being for the elite. Kenyans are now travelling locally for leisure and business.

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Maina Kageni offers help to ‘deserted’ woman during the Morning Show

Maina Kageni defends Harmonize’s poor English, says parents speak Portuguese

I cried myself to sleep after my miscarriage,’ reveals Grace Ekirapa

Maina Kageni defends Harmonize’s poor English, says parents speak Portuguese

For years Tanzanian star Harmonize has been trolled over the fact that he cannot speak fluent English.

During the Morning Conversation, Maina Kageni finally revealed why.

Maina says Harmonize’s parents are very close to the border of Mozambique thus they speak Portuguese.

“Harmonize parents speak very fluent Portuguese.

They are close to the Mozambique border, It’s interesting to listen to them speak.” Maina shared

According to Wikipedia Mozambique and Tanzania have had cordial relations since Mozambique got its independence from Portugal. 

After independence, civil war broke out between the ruling party, the Front for Liberation of Mozambique(FRELIMO), and the Mozambique Resistance Movement (RENAMO), which were backed by Rhodesia and South Africa. 

Portuguese is the most popular language among Mozambiqueans.

Harmonize hails from Mtwara which is closest to Mozambique.

In a past interview Harmonize stated that as long as people understand him, he doesn’t care whether his English is fluent or not.

 “I am not a professional when it comes to the English language but when someone speaks I understand them. 

English is not our first language, the most important thing is believing in yourself.”


” I come from the ghetto, I dropped out of school in class 7, and I have not been to any English course.

According to him, his girlfriend has helped him perfect and master his English more than his ex-Italian girlfriend who also struggled with the language.

My girlfriend Briana has been helping me a lot unlike Sarah because her English was also not good)” he said.

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7 safety precautions spectators should maintain during the WCR Safari Rally Championship

Maina Kageni offers help to ‘deserted’ woman during the Morning Show

Where are young people getting their money from? Curious Maina asks

Maina Kageni offers help to ‘deserted’ woman during the Morning Show

We have in the past heard of men whose character changes once they start making good money.
Some demean women by bringing their side chicks into their matrimonial homes.

This is despite the fact their wives stood by them when they had nothing.

During the Morning Conversation, a woman confessed to Maina Kageni that her husband has been calling her a prostitute before the kids.

Below are some more confessions from women

*Fatuma says she was tortured emotionally, physically, and financially by her bae denying her support for their baby.

“I went back to my mother’s place after continuous madharau from my man.

I had gone back so that we could bring up our child together.

But for those 8 months we were together we were sleeping in different rooms.”
She says when he became abusive she chose to live

“It became physical forcing me to go back to my mum’s place.
For the 8 months, he never supported me or the baby.

Recently he called me to pay his Fuliza, yet I asked him for 500 cash which he refused.

But when visitors came he bought them alcohol.”

*Stella says her husband is never at home

“My husband was last at home 3 days ago, he comes picks his clothes and leaves the house.

I have three kids and he never leaves any cash. He started this behaviour when our marriage was 5 years old.

Currently, my youngest child is sick and I have no money, sometimes when you call him his other women pick.”

Maina offered to help the woman by sending her some cash

“Nitakutumia kitu ya kupatia watoto chakula na huyo mdogo umpeleke hospitali.
Why don’t you leave such a relationship? I will also get you some help to help get your mental health back on track.”

In a previous conversation, a woman had confessed to her husband bringing his side chick home despite her being pregnant.

She was made to sleep on the couch while the side chick slept on her bed.

“My daughter is turning 9 this month. I cannot imagine getting pregnant again. I went through a lot, When I was pregnant he brought another woman to our house I was forced to sleep on the couch.”

Carol says at some point the side chick also got pregnant, something that prompted her husband to bring woman no 3 into the equation.

By the time I was 7 months pregnant the side chick was 4 months pregnant.
When she got pregnant our man brought another side chick.”

Are they still together?

I am still with him, Where do you want me to go? Life is expensive. It will reach a point where I will bring another man into the house. When it’s time for a woman to revenge even the devil sits down to take notes.”

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Govi of Machachari gives details of why he loves older women

Fans react to Wahu’s pregnancy news

Where are young people getting their money from? Curious Maina asks

‘I will be in the delivery room during the birth of my child,’ – Maina Kageni

Radio King Maina Kageni has revealed he would love to be present in the delivery room when his kid is being born.

According to Maina watching a woman bring life into this world is something worth witnessing.

I would be in the delivery room. You are watching the creation of life and that is an amazing thing.

It’s a special moment how can you not want to be there?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i was however not impressed, he insisted the men should stay away from delivery rooms.

“Maybe I am the one who is afraid. There is something about me and hospitals. I do not even love how hospitals smell.”

In an interview with Mpasho, Classic 105 radio host Mike Mondo who is a certified nurse warned men against being in the delivery room.

According to him, the trauma some men go through is not worth it.

Men should stay outside the door and let their sister, your mum, your mum-in-law be there,” he said.

Mike said men are no use to their wives while in the delivery room.

“In most cases, they will end up being stressed out after the experience,” he said.

Some male callers shared their experience in the delivery room

*Mike says he was present during the birth of all his kids

That moment of me being there for the birth of my kids was beautiful.

I even lifted my kids and gave them my blessings.”

Some women were not pleased about their men being present during the delivery.

Liz Wanja shared,  “Sasa on today’s topic, My husband wanted to be in the delivery room when I was giving birth to our first born ati moral support kosokoso.ile mbio nilimtoa nayo kwa delivery room anaikumbuka hadi leo.

But he loved chewing it when I was pregos. ilukuwa moto fire.”

*Nelly says a man being in the delivery room doesn;t make the experience less painful.

“Men should not be in the delivery room. Childbirth is traumatizing! Hapo inakuwanga wewe, Mungu na muscles zako.” 

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Kenya male celebs who were in the delivery room when their wives were giving birth

I had to wear my wife’s shorts to satisfy her pregnancy cravings-Man tells Maina

‘I have no degree,’ Maina Kageni reveals

Maina Kageni shocked after man brings a side chick to his pregnant wife’s house

They say ukisataajabu ya Musa utayaona ya firauni and that was exactly what Maina Kageni experienced during Classic 105 Morning Conversation.

This was after a *Nduta confessed to having sired a child with her husband’s cousin.

At the time, the husband in question neglected his wife during pregnancy

“When I was pregnant my husband completely neglected me. He would never be bothered to get me medication whenever I was feeling sick. Luckily for me, his cousin used to live nearby so I used to send him.”

Nduta says she decided to get back at her husband by getting intimate with the cousin.

“You know what? my second child belongs to my husband’s cousin. He supports both my kids, we are still dating but we do not live together.”

*Carol says for her getting pregnant for the second time is something she cannot fathom.

This was because of the ill-treatment her husband gave her during her first pregnancy.

“My daughter is turning 9 this month. I cannot imagine getting pregnant again. I went through a lot, When I was pregnant he brought another woman to our house I was forced to sleep on the couch.”

Carol says at some point the side chick also got pregnant, something that prompted her husband to bring woman no 3 into the equation.

By the time I was 7 months pregnant the side chick was 4 months pregnant.
When she got pregnant our man brought another side chick.”

Are they still together?

I am still with him, Where do you want me to go? Life is expensive. It will reach a point where I will bring another man into the house. When it’s time for a woman to revenge even the devil sits down to take notes.”

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‘Watching a woman die during my wife’s delivery left me traumatized,’ Maina Kageni told

Simon Kabu admitted at a local hospital

Pokomo Princess denies dating actor Luwi Capello

‘Watching a woman die during my wife’s delivery left me traumatized,’ Maina Kageni told

A Kenyan man has revealed to Maina Kageni how being present in the delivery room traumatized him.

*Tony says the nurses had requested he bring cotton wool hence he unintentionally ended up in the delivery room.

He watched a woman in the same room with his wife breath her last.

He was contributing to the Morning Conversation on Classic 105 where a female fan asked how she can keep her man ‘engaged’ during pregnancy.

“That is my current predicament. We had a baby 3 months ago and I can’t imagine myself going down there even though she is interested. But I can’t even imagine myself straying.

My advice to men is that we should not go to the maternity room when she is delivering.
There was a lady who was also in the delivery room giving birth and she died, I saw it and I think I am traumatized.
I had been sent to get cotton wool for my wife by the nurses.”

*Njoroge says he did everything for his wife until the last minute. For that, he had a happy wife who in turn delivered a healthy baby.

I did everything for my pregnant wife. I would give her massages, we would enjoy our conjugal rights till the last minute and she gives birth to very healthy babies. I have no side chick and I have never even thought of it.”

*Elias says intimacy is important as it not only brings the couple together.

“In some communities, it is a way of confirming whether the child is his or not. If they get intimate and something bad happens to the child then he is not the dad.”

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Kenya male celebs who were in the delivery room when their wives were giving birth

Maternity room experiences for men are stressful – Mike Mondo

My midwife slapped me for being too noisy during delivery’ woman cries out

I had to wear my wife’s shorts to satisfy her pregnancy cravings-Man tells Maina

Ever heard of a woman fascinated by her husband’s sweaty shirts? That is what pregnancy cravings can do to a woman.

Pregnancy cravings can be very weird and in some instances, one might feel like the expectant mother is exaggerating.

Speaking during the Morning Conversation on Classic, Mwalimu King’angi says some women use the chance to get back at their husbands or boyfriends.

“They use the phrase’ the baby wants or the baby needs. They know someone cannot do anything much about it as you don’t whether the cravings are legit or not. The most amazing thing is how easily they forget the pressure they give you once the baby is born.”


“There is a man who was told to go and bring the smell from Sanford chips. How are you supposed to carry the smell? Mpaka saa hii the man is still looking for a paper bag. Another told her man that she wanted the baton carried by police inspectors under their armpits.”

According to her, she wanted to feel she was under authority.

Do you know you can only get that baton from the Police Inspector ama through Matiangi?”

Kenyans shared some of their cravings and the answers are nothing short of hilarious. Ken shared how he was woken up at odd hours over a flimsy reason

“I was woken up at 3:am saying she wanted to wash the bed sheets because she wanted the smell of a certain washing powder.”

*Njeri says her unborn baby craved the smell of Guinness

I had never taken Guinness but the smell of it excited me. I took it during my pregnancy but after that, I have never taken it.”

*Ole Lenku says his wife wanted liver from a goat.

I come from Samburu and we have goats. When my wife was pregnant she wanted liver from our goats, she never wanted liver from a butchery.”

He added,

“By the time she delivered, I had slaughtered 11 goats just to please her cravings. One day I was driving and she saw a goat and it was someone else’s goat. I had to buy it and slaughter it on the spot.”

*Tony says his wife forced her to go and bring her twin sister as it’s what the baby wanted

“My wife has a twin sister, so when she got pregnant during my leave she was to deliver in three months.
Around 2:00 am, she told me to get her twin sister as the baby wanted to smell her aunt
. We lived in Embakasi and the sister in Pipeline. And that was during the curfew times. I took a taxi and went to her twin sister’s place.
When she came my wife was very happy, they hugged and spent the entire night catching up. The cravings might be crazy but I love her.”

*Chris was forced to wear his wife’s shorts,

“When we were dating there is a booty short my wife used to wear and is used to entice me so much. During her second pregnancy, I was coming from the bathroom when she asked me to wear the shorts.”

As the man, he is Mike couldn’t imagine wearing the shorts.

The look on his wife’s face was however not very appealing,

“With my base and my beard, I had to wear the shorts. I even wore her bra, as she just wanted to laugh and be happy. When I wore them she laughed till she almost peed on herself.”

What were your cravings during pregnancy?

Reacting to the admissions Maina Kageni said

Hee I did not know this is what you guys go through? What happens if you do not fulfill these cravings?” he posed.

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I have no degree,’ Maina Kageni reveals

Ask Jamal: Kenya women advise Maina Kageni over Amber Ray romance

Maina Kageni orders 2 pairs of ‘destroyed’ Balenciaga sneakers

‘I have no degree,’ Maina Kageni reveals

Radio King Maina Kageni says he would never consider vying for a governor seat as he lacks the right educational qualifications.

Among the qualifications one must have is a degree from a certified university something that Maina Kageni doesn’t have.

Maina dropped out of school and opted to be a truck driver. Speaking during the Morning Conversation on Classic 105, he said,

“I have no degree so I cannot even look for that job (Governor). You cannot go and bring a degree form just anywhere and present it. You cannot buy papers you will be found out at some point.”

Mwalimu King’ang’i joked about it saying that at least he came back with something.

“At least ulirudi na kizungu, so you ate all that money na hio baridi yote? Most people look for Universities that are remotely located ndio Chebukati asiended huko.”

Maina’s mum found out about him dropping out after a year. Meanwhile, he would work as a truck driver and fish distributor for some Chinese firm.

Responding to his online Q&A session with fans, he disclosed:

“For the 25 years, my mum only forgave me last year (2021).”


“I ate all my school fees by living large in the UK. My mum found out and she was not happy with me until last year. She called me home and after dinner, she told me she had forgiven me for not going to university.”

Kenyans have reacted to Sakaja faking a degree and here are some of the reactions below;

*Tony says
“They knew very well that a degree is necessary when vying for a governor seat.
They go to very funny universities trying to fake papers, they want to cheat their way around and it’s disgusting.
They should give us a break and follow the law.”
“Many students have gone to school but they are struggling.
If a thorough investigation is done then there are many fake degrees.

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Ask Jamal: Kenya women advise Maina Kageni over Amber Ray romance

Do women wear make-up for men? Maina Kageni asks Kenyan men

Ugandan journalist roasted by Netizens after comparing herself to Maina Kageni

‘Never leave a man for cheating,’ Mwalimu King’angi advises

Kenyan men have blamed their wives and girlfriends for making them cheat.

According to a majority of men calling in Maina Kageni, they would not cheat if their wives were submissive and give them their conjugal rights.

The men justified themselves by saying they stray searching for the ‘love’ they are missing at home.

*Mike shared
“On behalf of Kenyan men, we do not cheat.
When we cheat we do so because of women, when you stop giving me what you used to give me while we were dating I will go look for it elsewhere.”

*Njoro says
“We do not cheat we go where we are welcomed more and accepted.
Mwalimu King’ang’i says women should be lenient with men who stray
‘Never leave a man because of cheating, it rains everywhere. Sometimes we get trapped.”

*Rose called in very furious.

” How can a man say they cheat because of women?
If the same energy you are using out there is the same energy you used in the house we would treat you right.
Men should evaluate themselves.
You cannot treat your side chicks well and then come expecting to be treated like a king.”

*Stella told men to stop bragging because women also cheat.
“Men should stop feeling like winners because we are also can cheat.
If you stop giving me when we were dating, I will go get it from elsewhere.”

There are different reasons why people cheat and these include;

  1. Adventure

Some women cheat just for adventure, they want to feel if the other man will satisfy their sexual fantasies.

2. Lust

Believe you me, even women are lustful and it’s not something to be proud about.
Women sometimes cheat because they want to experience the thrill, like men they also want to hit and run.

3. You definitely like different qualities in both of them

The two of them are so different, but both have qualities that spark your interest.

One of them may have the best sense of humour; the other may be incredibly witty and smart.
One may have the best butt; the other may have an impressive beard. (Hey, aesthetics matter to girls, too).

When you’re seeing two guys at the same time, they’re rarely similar. That’s what makes the situation attractive: They’re great in opposite ways.

4. You like both men so much, but you can’t bring yourself to pick just one.

This makes you want to cry.

At the same time, you’re so incredibly happy to have two people who make you feel so good. Your shame is palpable, but your indecision will always outweigh any guilt.

5. The fear of missing out (FOMO)

That ever-dreaded plague, the thing that keeps you wrapped up in both relationships: FOMO.

You keep up the charade as long as you possibly can, hoping that the world will decide for you. You’re terrified of missing out.
You don’t want to choose wrong and end up with nothing.

You don’t want to look back on this time in your life and think, “Wow, I really messed up when I was so close to finding love.”

6. Boredom

The saying ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’ applies in this case, when a woman is bored she might be tempted to stray and sample that guy who has been hitting on her since college.

7. Loneliness

We all know that most women crave love and attention, let no one lie they don’t so when as a man you ignore your responsibilities your woman may be tempted to stray.

8. Revenge

It’s said that what a man can do a woman can do better and some women have taken the statement literally.

Some women opt to cheat as a way of revenge if they catch their men cheating.

9. Shetani (It’s the devil)

We always blame the devil so why not blame him when we cheat?

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Kenyans overwhelmingly praise Wajackoyah to Maina

Why can’t Kenyan men imagine their wives cheating on them? Maina asks

I got a child with my side-guy despite being married for 12 years-Maina told

The topic of today’s morning conversation was prompted by a conversation that Maina Kageni had with a lady who said that every woman has got another man apart from her husband.

That assertion bothered Mwalimu who complained that Maina had now spoilt his day, “Maina I was in a good mood now you’ve ruined it. Who is that man surely?”

King’ang’i wasn’t the only man who got troubled by the subject as other women would soon chime in with their own stories.

One female caller even told Maina that although she had been married for 12 years, she had another guy after she got married. She added that she had a child with the man but she could never leave her husband because she loved him very much.

Another caller agreed, saying, “Whatever people are saying is 100 percent true. When you see a woman smiling in the house just know kuna mtu anamufurahisha na si bwana yake.”

Another female caller said she had another man as her hubby was very busy for her. “My husband is always busy but this other guy cares for me kabisa and I can’t explain it. I love him but I can’t leave my husband. Maina I am crazy about this other guy.”

Classic105 listeners also opined about this most-disturbing topic. Read some of the comments below

Gathanju John Njoroge Dear single men’s let’s us keep been single. In the mean time wanjacoya for president ✍️

Djoro Saint Weeee maina charger ndio sisi upeana sio socket sawa

Samtech 🚥☠️💉 Pia sisi wanaume itabidi tutafute mwigine wa kutupea comfort.

ItsJohari🇰🇪 What am hearing, me I give up on marriage. Wacha ikae.

Maryann Ythera (Gatundu’s finest) Maina Not all ladies kama mi siezi

𝑫𝒐𝒖𝒈 𝑶𝒏𝒂𝒍𝒊 𝑪𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒉𝒊𝒎𝒂 Tunatumiana #MainaAndKingangi hii 2022

Bonnie Mejja🇰🇪 Tunaogopa sana usherati😎

M.U.N.G.A.I If she has a man outside that marriage.,. Ata biblia humuita A pro.

Joe Njihia Maina these creatures really know how to keep secrets. I can’t say it’s not true they can do anything behind your back and come seducing your mind off

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Nairobi men tell Maina Kageni why they cannot tell a woman, ‘No’

I will jail men who don’t pay child support – Maina Kageni

‘Maina, unalipwa pesa mingi sana!’ King’ang’i

Kashehe today was quite hilarious as Mwalimu King’ang’i complained about the amount of disposable income Maina Kageni has considering his great job and ‘lack of responsibilities’.

King’ang’i said that Maina was being paid so much yet he didn’t have to pay school fees or even take care of his own mom.

“Wewe unafaa kufanya kazi Saturday na Sunday na upatiwe show ingine ya usiku! Hiyo pesa unalipwa ni mingi sana! Na hata haulipi school fees! Hufanyi nini, mama yako hakuitishi pesa!”

King’ang’i even told Maina that he had sometimes pondered whether he should give him his debts so he could pay them for him.

“Hata saa zingine nakuangalianga nasema labda nichukue madeni zangu nikupe usonge nazo mbele.”

Mwalimu went on to bemoan the fact that Maina doesn’t have the responsibility of taking care of his kin back home the way King’ang’i does.

“How does that make you feel? That your mom has more money than you? Wewe unajua zetu zinaishia ushago kabla tuanze kuzitumia huku Nairobi?”

Check out some comments below;

Esther Muriuki 🇰🇪 Ama atuadopt

OtienoFelixOtienoz🇰🇪 🤣🤣🤣Aki Maina yuko sawa kabisa. Heri yeye…

Regina Thiongo Really 😅

Many Kenyans have already heard that Maina is very well-paid with different guesstimates being postulated. One thing we do know for sure is that he deserves every single cent he gets.

Listen to the clip below;

Read more stories below;

Esther Musila should give Guardian Angel her salary – Mwalimu King’ang’i

King’ang’i almost leaves studio after a disagreement with Maina

Esther Musila should give Guardian Angel her salary – Mwalimu King’ang’i

Apparently, Kenyan women never submit to their men. Mwalimu King’ang’i told Maina Kingangi on the breakfast show today, “Submission starts financially. I commend those couples that have one bank account. If you are earning more money you should give your husband that money for him to plan for the family.”

He continued, “Submission starts by realising there has to be a head in that family. The control comes through money, and that money needs to be given guidance. Give your man your salary, that is money for the family. I encourage couples to have one bank account, If you are going to submit do it utterly and completely.”

Mwalimu then warned Maina not to go against this school of thought.

“We are a family, we are one. Maina usiharibie wengine (don’t spoil for others), especially if she is earning more money than her husband, she should give it to the husband, there is wisdom that a man has in planning his money for the future.”

He then pointed out, “Kama unafanya UN leta hizo pesa (That includes everyone even those who work in the UN)”

This referred to Gospel artiste Esther Musila who works at the UN and is married to the award-winning star Guardian Angel.”

Mwalimu shouted, “Esther Musila utoe pesa yote patia Guardian (Esther Musila give Guardian all our money). He will give her guidance don’t make it a difficult thing Maina, I can see where your argument is headed.”

Maina Kageni echoed Mwalimu asking, “Ladies do you fully submit to your man? You will be a mad woman to give your man your money!”

A caller called in saying, “My wife earns over a million and every month she shows me the pay slip and every bit of money I get I give to her in her account we never argue, we holiday together, I put into her account hata nikipewa Mpesa ya 200 (even when I’m given Ksh 200) it goes to her account.”

He added, “What are you people creating if you are true to your woman she will be true to you those who do not understand that you are lost. For anything above 5k I have to tell her what I spent the money on.

Another called did not agree with that position said, “Pesa zangu ni zangu na watoto wangu. Wewe leta yako.”

Another caller added: “Hao wenye wameficha pesa waulize kama wameendelea? The best thing is to combine both our salaries that way we can build something for ourselves.”

Here are some reactions from KOT.

@MANUJOMANUJO2: If we really Inlove why not share everything we have…. Caro, I really miss you 🙈 Turudiane haki ilikuwa shetani alileta Wairimu kwangu Ile day.

@athman_melly: If our forefathers wakes up today and you tell them our wives earn some salary yet we cannot touch it…there will be a third world war.

@jennykanyiri: Joint bank account? Do it at your own risk and who said money is the parameters of submission

@Stevemulwa9: soma maandiko vizuri..
1 Timothy 11:
A woman must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness,
12: But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man but remain quiet.

That’s God-fearing wife material, may that family be blessed, if as a woman you trust your husband as the CS of treasury your family will stand, ata kama ni pesa ya chama wee leta i will fix the budget…

@NtheiValerie: It depends on the kind of man you have…some will squander the money outside mbaki mkilala njaa…if that’s what’s called submission acha ikae.


Maina: Can a 4-day work week work? Kenyans react

Radio King Maina Kageni asked Kenyans on his breakfast show with co-host Mwalimu King’ang’i if they are ready for a 4-day work week.

This is based on other countries that have managed to pull off that system.

Around 85% of workers in Iceland are currently, working four days a week instead of five. Workers reported feeling less stressed and at risk of burnout, and said their health and work-life balance had improved.

Maina asked, “Can a four-day working week work in Kenya?”

One caller said: “We should work from Monday to Thursday juu kusema ukweli hakuna kitu huwa tunafanya on Friday.”

Here are other reactions by Kenyans on Twitter.

Kelvin Mutwiri: In Germany, people work 40hrs/week

Kip’ngeno Skei: Mimi niko day work alafu usiku naingia night shift,hutowezekana kenya hiyo .

Ngurë Dävid Kê: Na hii economy alf pesa kidogo … We work 7 days….to cater all expenditures…
Hii haiwezi Kenya

Nelson Serem: Maze na ii pesa haiwezi

Hillary Adonten: It can work but not possible for the private sector… Maama mboga for eg. atalala 3days akule nini…each day counts

Shiro Sonnie: Unless we give Wajahkoya hii kiti…kwa wiki ata kazi itafanyika siku mbili

@Conomore: My jobs in the last 16 years have had Friday as half day. Leave work at 1230. That could work in Kenya. On Fridays you prepare for Monday . #MainaAndKingangi

@MayakaTheRebel: Friday eti mnakuanga mmechocha,monday mnaingia kwa ofisi na hangy so you guys work on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday

@Stevemulwa9: In fact we’re overworking…..alafu juu ya hangovers on Monday unaingia kazi saa nne hadi 3pm 🤔

Moses young: Yes it can happen why not like now Fridays most of us usually go to office to pass time while waiting for noon time saa ya kwenda party after party 🎉🎉🎉 aky yawa #mainaAndkingangi

@ochauro: It will not work! Kenyans tuko na hulka fulani ya kutaka zaidi… It will be a waste of human resources. #MainaAndKingangi
Michuki Gavana

@MaworksWazimu: Tutalewa Sana

@maxwell_mitei: This can’t work here. With this kind of economy wacha tubaki na zetu tano.#MainaAndKingangi

@Duncanm2017: That one is not possible, only for civil servants

@Joshtety: Siku izi ata watu hawafanyi 5 days.
In almost every job I had it’s 6 days with a funny 24 hours off somewhere in the week.
Huku nje watu wanatumiwa.

@ADriplets: holiday inakuanga ata sahi..the only people who don’t recognize it are the self-employed. The employed sherehe inaanzanga Friday.


KOT reacts to Uhuru’s statement on single parents

Today on the breakfast show on Classic 105 with radio king Maina Kageni and co-host Mwalimi King’ang’i they tackled the issue of single parenthood and why the trend keeps growing.

This comes after President Uhuru Kenyatta on his last national holiday said that the number of single parents rose from 25 per cent in 2009 to 38 percent in 2019.

Mwalimu King’ang’i said, “This is a national matter! Today’s women lack respect na umangaa ni mingi. Kwa marriage mmoja ni kichwa mwingine shingo.”

Maina then asked his listeners, “Whose fault is it? Who is responsible?”

A caller told Maina and King’ang’i, “There is nothing wrong with being a single parent. In current times marriage is overrated. it has lost its meaning so why bother. People love the idea of being married but are terrible in their marriages. Don’t force things! If marriage ain’t for you then don’t go into it.”

Here are more reactions by Kenyans on the single parent topic and whose fault it is.

Esther Jackie Agung: It only takes a single mother to understand another single mother’s story coz the rest will only judge you based on the results which is seeing kids without fathers. My question is who will speak for the primary school kids, high school and college girls being made pregnant by adult men others Even made pregnant by their own fathers. Young girls take care of yourselves coz the society will not understand you. If you cannot abstain use protection.

Finny Balor: Maina I can tell you for free and am not protecting men. This narrative of’ a girl child’ women tend to take advantage in marriage. you get someone you call a wife then they start propelling their behaviours…they just cant submit in marriage…yaani wanaanza umanga. You cant even tell someone something…later on a man is supposed to either use violence or walk away.this is the reason why the graph of single mothers keeps rising every time.another point is violence …a man gets a good woman anaanza kumtandika usiku …wanamke anatoroka na watoto. drug abuse is another major factor.

Wilfred Gichuki: Virtues of torelance, humility, respect and faithfulness lacking among many spouses…

Julius Mukuru: People must agree to stay comfortably with/without love. Honesty makes ppo stay together for long.What’s love anyway???

Milkah Kimethu: A whole generation took time to empower women but failed to educate men to live with empowered women!

Douglas Adaka: Women don’t use pregnancy or having a kid with a man as bait so that he can marry you…
Also, learn how to differentiate love from sex, us men we are good at that
Otherwise, your role will be giving birth to kids with different men

Nyambura Kanini: Aty unaoa dame akiwa Rihanna baadae anakua wahannah 😂😂😂😂

Beatrice Wanjiru: Men because irresponsibility is their life style

Sofia Akwima: Maina… Alot is happening inside that institution of marriage and both parties contribute to the cause of breakages. Otherwise women are embracing single life na wengine wanadanganya watoto their dads died, wengine Ni wale wa kuchota tutoto tu😜🏃🏃

Faith Muthoni: Nothing like love today,,hata wewe watu wakulombotov ndio tutaita bwana🙅,,king’ang’i tafsiri haya

Peninnah Mueni Kyalo: Don’t marry until you are ready to settle in marriage.. It’s better to marry when you are 50 and settle kuliko hapa na kule marriages

Mwangi Kibaaka: The problem is govt itself, the cost of living has been too high making the cost of sustaining these women expensive..how can u sustain a simple woman earning for example 30 k like you 😂😂??, attempting so nowadays it’s like trying to commit suicide. Besides that, we have a constitution allows one to live the way he/she wants. we should enjoy our rights silently. if u truly feel u can’t stand a marriage,pliz pliz stay in your mother’s place or in your own house till u die being happy. we r tired of these noises.

Mirriam Katendwa: We can’t stay in a toxic marriage… I can’t tolerate ujinga. You get someone who will never understand, respect or change…

Kabaka James: In 10years to come, only 10% of marriages will still be standing

Mamake Elam: With this breed of children marrying each other too early unapata bibi ako 17yrs bwana ako 22yrs,2yrs later they part ways

Rispah Kwendo: Sasa mtu uoane na hawa watu wa shembeteng, na kulombotov mtaishi kweli, this generation pthoo

Janet Chemu: Engagement ring?wedding ring then comes the suffering…….hahaha

Javan John: Sasa vichwa ngumu mbili itaweza ishi pamoja kweli?

Oliver Jumba: Beauty may lead you to marriage but mannerism will drive you out of that ndoa.Akili kichwani

Valentino Iriho: The bassed gender balance bill were passed in parliament we should pass the same “bassed gender balance in responsibilities”

Wanjohi Wanjau Wanyiri: The fault is with the government giving to much emphasis on one gender while neglecting the other


Kenyans narrate how house helps character developed them

On Maina and King’ang’i in the morning, Kenyans shared their experiences with their house helps. This comes after Shelmith Kiprono a househelp accused of stealing Sh104 million from her employer’s house in Lang’ata, was on Monday arraigned in a Kibera Court.

According to police records, only Sh2.5 million was recovered out of the Sh104 million she allegedly stole.

Maina asked;

How much do you trust your house manager?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i added: “We leave these people to take care of our children, mama wakufua unamuachia funguo chini ya door mat. Have you ever been given character development by your house help?”

A listerner called and said “I don’t really blame that woman because we really treat our house help badly.”

Check out fans’ reaction;

Rose Wangui: Just treat your house manager well mpende like one of your families and I promise you mtakaa Kwa hio nyumba mpaka uboeke Thise is for wamama…..wacheni kutreat watoto wa wenyewe Kama hawafai

Nickson Sirma: Morning maina and king’angi nowadays we only pray God to quide us,househelp akiamua utashangaa, hio nyumba itaandikwa vacant huwezi pata kitu kwa nyumba

Nancy Lagat: Mimi wangu alipewa nickname ya konjestina.she used to beat people hadi mwalimu wa Sunday school .one day she lifted up an old lady just because she saw her daughter(of the old lady) being given a lift by my hubby akamwambia huyo mtoto wako anataka kuharibu ndoa za watu.wah when I fired her the whole mtaa was sherehe she had terrorised them without my knowledge.

Do women wear make-up for men? Maina Kageni asks Kenyan men

Kenyan men believe that Kenyan women wear make-up to lure them into relationships. Women don’t think so.

Maina Kageni said that the Kenya beauty industry is worth billions a year and the men just don’t seem to care.

“Did you know that the Kenyan beauty industry is worth Ksh.100B per year? And to add to that, men don’t care about it?”

A caller said, “Maina, who tells you we do it for the men? We do it for ourselves to look good and feel good. We buy our own makeup. I’d still wear lipstick and put on a mask. Where do the men come in then?”

One female caller pointed out, “I don’t know what men want, if you apply it is bad, if you don’t they say you are not beautiful. What do they want? I’m natural from head to toe but if you want to apply, do so, you are doing it for yourself. Let no one tell you anything.”

Maina agreed with her sentiments, “Different strokes for different folks.”

Another lady called in on the breakfast show with Maina and Kingangi adding, “That lady who called to say that they don’t do it for men is lying! They cannot admit it! Why are they always out here with an umbrella-like Michael Jackson?”

Here are some reactions from KOT to the heated morning discussion.

@Sue254mwituria: I do makeup but in the simplest way possible, foundation, pods, lipstick ad eyebrows and I am done
Me, stick on nails, bleaching, fake eyelashes is a no for me

@petermutie380: Hizi make-up zinaaribu bedsheets mbaya nakuacha
Birthroom ikikaa bafu za ushago ladies angalieni mkipaka mnaaribu the inner beauty

@ClydearCosta: Mtu akioga uso soil erosion ina fanyika anarudi handsome 😂😂

@Kkimkarey: Men are just self-centred…out here thinking everything is about them..brooooooooo…this look is not meant for you😂

@KiongoziWa2030: Why don’t you apply it when you’re indoors all day? Only when you’re stepping out of the house? A clear indication of low self-esteem but fortunately we love you ata mkiwa nashoroo

@DanM_ke: I don’t think to make up has got anything to do with a man leaving or being with someone. A man will always leave that untameable woman cos we can’t compete for supremacy. CHARACTER BABY!

@HiramKei: Kienyeji is the real deal; no makeup, 2 piercings and no tattoos period.

@ottymetho: Maina nataka huyo amesema ni natural na hana mtu

@SeniorScientis7: Ati for yourselves? So you don’t like your looks you must cover them with makeup to make yourself happy? Doesn’t make any sense


Ask Jamal: Kenya women advise Maina Kageni over Amber Ray romance

Kenyan women have always been team Maina Kageni. And now, they want to advise him on the rumoured romance with Amber Ray.

The Classic 105 breakfast show host was photographed with controversial socialite Amber Ray and the interwebs went crazy.

Here are some reactions from his loyal listeners to the rumoured romance.

Daniel Magiri: Maina is the only radio celebrity who has succeeded in keeping his private life as such.

Afumah Sherry: I guess Maina has seen beautiful ladies in all shapes. So nothing new about amber that can make him change his principles. Labda tu amber aende kitui.

Vique Mc’Ndalo: Doctor Love where are you? Uko na advice gani kwa Maina?

Kenzy Mpenda Amani: Maina this is your year surprise us..but make a good decision and make a good choice…And good wife comes from God.

Annie N Mockford: Maina Kageni my brother run ama utashinda ukiamikwa ohhh Maina alikuja good morning ate ohh Maina anga hizi drama za online ashana nazo.

Beldinah Heavens: Wooooiii Maina, huyo ni hatari ebu jaribu Sanaipei tena

Carolyn Jeruto: Maina unatuchocha kwa radio tuwe single kumbe kwa ground…

Jackline Mutheu: Kenyans ar very JEALOUS….wachaneni na Amber apendwe

Maxim Gorretti: Maina umeisha

Anna Annabelle: Let me tell you Maina 😂😂 I am waiting for this movie I swear ctashindwa kubuy popcorns

Esther Muriuki: Hiyo nayo hatutaitikia nooo

Delirious Danco: let me tell you Maina wacha kuchoma bet 🙄

Eva Jane Bundi: 𝙇𝙚𝙢𝙢𝙞 𝙩𝙚𝙡𝙡 𝙮𝙤𝙪 M𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙖 𝙬𝙚 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚 you 𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙖𝙨𝙠 𝙅𝙞𝙢𝙖𝙡

Servantmakau Kimanzi: Ati curvy lass? Wueh!!


‘Let me tell you Maina!’ Fans react after photo with Amber Ray

Yesterday evening, Amber Ray excited Kenyans when she posted an Instagram image of herself being held tightly by the one and only, Maina Kageni.

The mother of one posted a light-hearted caption mimicking how Maina’s call-in guests on Classic105 normally begin when giving him ‘Tea’.

Her caption read, “So, today I met one of Kenya’s icons and let me tell you Maina😅…..4th will be limited 🥳🥳 ELDORET we are coming.”  

“🔥🔥🔥wuuwwiii😍,” was all a happy Maina could say in response to Amber’s post.

Kenyans meanwhile weren’t as tongue-tied as Kenya’s most famous radio presenter, going all in in the comments section.

While some warned him about Amber’s ‘charms’ others encouraged him to shoot his shot with the curvy Amber.

Read some of those posts below:

ca_ssandra Lemmi tell you maina Juju man is there11 

pascarlian Let me tell you maina we can’t miss😂😂ama uchukue tu hii Mali uchunge bro😂😂

savage__k.i.n.g.d.o.m Shoot your shot legend😂  

dennis.momanyi. Na mbona ukupost mkiwa na mulamwah…..ama juu ni mweusi?10 h1 likeReply

top5adventureskenya Maina songea vizuri sio sideways 😂😂😂

The reason Kenyans are warning Maina to watch himself is based on the past allegations that the socialite uses juju to bewitch men.

In fact, earlier this year singer Nicah the Queen went all out attacking Amber and accused her of using juju to get people’s husbands.

” A lot of people are going to witchdoctors (to get other women’s husbands) and that is the point I trying to put across. It is happening left, right and center,” she said in a past interview with Mpasho.Amber Ray with Jimal Roho Safi in a file photo
Image: Instagram

While Amber Ray has always denied the accusations her ex-husband, Jimal Rohosafi provided a staunch defense of her when they were still married.

Writing on Instagram in April last year, the businessman said that claims that she had used juju on him, were unfounded. 

“Allow me to put this matter to rest. @iam_amberay is my legal wife that’s the truth. She has not used any juju on me as it’s being claimed,” Jamal said.