Aaaw: See Harmonize’s message to Maina Kageni on his 47th birthday

As Maina Kageni celebrates his 47th birthday today, Tanzanian artiste Harmonize took the chance to personally dedicate a song to Maina on his big day.

As you might know by now Maina and Harmonize are bff’s and it is not a shock that the man famously known as ‘Konde Boy’ by his fans would give such a touching gesture.

In the video shared on Maina’s social media page, Harmonize said,

I just wanna say happy birthday my brother Maina Kageni,I love you and I wish you more luck more life and more blessings.

Maina who was obviously touched by the gesture responded thanking Harmonize for his touching message in the caption below.

Thanks @harmonize_tz…. God bless you and your incredible talent always!!!!!

Jeff Koinange also gifted Maina with a bottle of Moet, after all, what is a birthday without some drinks?

Other celebrities who took the chance to celebrate Maina include Janet Mbugua and here are their messages.

willisraburu: Happy birthday @mainawakageni 🎉🎉🎉

officialjanetmbugua: @mainawakageni Happy birthday Maina!!

gicherefissh: Happy birthday kijani short yenye sauti ya simba na kicheko infectious😘😘😘… May God bless you with many more health yrs to keep rocking with that voice🔥🔥🔥. Hapo kwa Tz mpaka unaekelea kichwa tutaongelelea Nyuma ya tent please.

eric_one_wash: happy birthday

luingure: Happy birthday at the senior-most bachelor. …..may you never get a wife

talliaoyando: Happy birthday sweetie ❤️

joyceomondi: Happy Birthday, @mainawakageni!

nanawanjikugecaga: Happy birthday my friend ❤️❤️❤️

deejaykalonje: Happy birthday bro. Happy Birthday to my favourite celebrity!


‘Happy birthday my darling,’ Tina Kaggia gushes over Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni is turning a year older today and among those who have penned him birthday messages is Tina Kaggia who is a bosom buddy to Maina.

Taking to social media to celebrate Maina who is known to his fans as ‘Mama County’ Tina pens

Now where do I start with you. I love you so much. I started from being the girl who’s knees buckled the first time I met you mpaka I chucked my heels, to you being my boss, I eventually became a workmate in your eyes, to you becoming someone so dear and precious to me.

‘Let me tell you Maina Kageni…’ side-chic spills the beans

Maina Kageni

Tinah Kaggiah adds

I thank you for your love and friendship. I thank you for always having my back, protecting me, loving me and never walking away. You are a great human.

Today I celebrate you for being who you are and for your lion heart. Happy birthday my darling @mainawakageni. I love you.. You deserve nothing short of the best ❤️❤️❤️.

‘I was dumped for being too nice,’ cries Classic 105 host Terry Muikamba

maina kageni in the office

Shaffie Weru also took the chance to celebrate Maina on his big day praising him for being his mentor.

You are my mentor en supporter in every sphere of life. I am indebted to you beyond repayment and I wish you the very best on this special day……Happy womb escape day my G!!! my Bro My Day-One @mainawakageni 

Adelle Onyango also took the chance to celebrate Maina Kageni

Happy birthday big bro!

Thanks for the morning, compliments 😂 and love!

Wishing you a year of love, happiness, peace of mind and another FABULOUS trip to Monaco
with me of course!


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‘Stop investigating your men,’ Mwalimu King’ang’i advises women

Mwalimu Kingangi has a bone to pick with Maina Kageni over what he terms as negatively influencing women whose men are polygamous.

Maina on the other hand could not grasp how a man can have many wives and he is not courteous enough to inform the first wife.

The debate came after a woman confessed that she only found recently that her husband is married to someone else.

Maina I found out that my man was married the day he was to take me to their home.

The worst thing is that I have a child with him. We have been together for 6 years, he is a serial cheater.

Maina could not wrap his head around why a man should hide his marital status just because he is providing for you.

‘I pity you for being a bachelor’ Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni

Below are Mwalimu’s thoughts

Maina what is the problem? No one is complaining what is really the issues here?

Ati she has found out he is married after six year? That is not a problem.

For that man to stay with the ‘secret’ for six years he needs an award because women can spy on you in a week.

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

Well here are conditions that Mwalimu Kingangi feels a woman should walk out of a polygamous marriage/relationship.

1. If he is not providing yet he is married to many women.

2. If he is mistreating you.

3. If he is physically abusing you.

4. If he is always away from home

5 .If you are suffering

According to Mwalimu men should do things chini ya maji .

He dedicates this song to Classic 105 fans who want some convincing.


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‘My three wives don’t know of each other,’ brags polygamous city man

A Kenyan man shocked Maina Kageni after he confessed that he has three wives and they do not know of the existence of each other. However, his family is aware.

Shocking as it may be, there are men who are proud polygamists.

The man in question confessed to his secret life after a woman confessed that she found out that her man was married with a kid yet they have been together for 6 years.

He says,

Maina I have three wives and they are all known by my family but they do not know each other.

‘Pay dowry or give us back our daughter,’ Diana Maruas family warns Bahati

Below are some of the reactions on the man’s admission

As the other woman do not be excited about meeting the wife. The wife will pretend to be nice but before long the horns will come out and you will see the other side of her.

She knows you are there let it stay that way.


Another fan adds,

If you get to a habit of marrying another wife utaoa tuu. If you are brought to my house I will beat sense into you because you are trespassing.

My advise is, let them live away from me, To the man do not show the first wife your affairs.

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‘If you can afford Jameson then pay dowry,’ shouts Mwalimu Kingangi

Mwalimu Kingangi has revealed why he does not look forward to dowry traditions in Kenya being overlooked.

He says that the move will help erode this treasured culture.

The admission came after Maina Kageni confessed that a friend of his was recently asked for Ksh 1 million as dowry.

According to Maina, this is absurd but according to Mwalimu 1 million is OK.

The same way he gets money for Jameson is the same way he should look for dowry.

Ruracio is the Court of Appeal when it comes to marriage.

The problem with young people is that they want shorts cuts but they do not understand that shortcuts do not work.

‘I pity you for being a bachelor’ Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni

Mwalimu adds that its time people respected efforts put by parents on their kids.

You need to realize that this woman has been brought up by a village. Harambees have been held to educate her to become the doctor she is.

Mwalimu Kingangi adds,

You think that by giving her a space at Whisky River that is enough to make her your wife?

Marriage is not a joke so go out there and look for dowry.

Men how much would you pay as dowry for your woman?

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Why do women insist on living with men who don’t love them? Asks Maina Kageni

Today’s morning conversation on Classic 105 was based on why women insist on living with a man even when it’s obvious he is not interested.

The debate came about after a woman stabbed the husband.

This after is he made it clear that he is not interested in her or their marriage anymore.

Here is what one fan had to say

Maina what’s the need of staying with that man who feels nothing about you, don’t appreciate you, don’t respect you?

This is been desperate pack and go peacefully if it was never meant to be it was not meant to be.

Another fan adds

I can’t stay where ain’t loved and not appreciated!I’ll leave early morning,you can’t force love!!How do women stay with men who don’t show love surely???

Another caller adds

when you love and trust much you becomes weak in making crucial emotional decisions.

Another caller adds that matters of the heart are a complicated affair.

Maina love is a feeling that can’t be forced. Bad characters also makes it fade away.

Going by the above comments it is easier to walk away when a man/woman turns you down.

After all you have to kiss many frogs before finding the one.

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Maina Kageni wonders how congregants are okay with Pastor Nganga’s rants

Maina Kageni has confessed he would have peed on himself if he was in Pastor Nganga’s church during the service where he was ranting and calling his bishops names.

Maina added that he was shocked how people have normalised this type of behaviour from their church leaders.

Which other pastor talks like this? When did things change? Someone told me, that is how we are talked to by our pastors.

Some ladies were telling me they even fearing looking at Pastor Nganga. If I was in that congregation, I would have peed on myself.

I was very shocked by the reaction to this video

‘Getting babies is not enough to pin a man down,’ Captain Kale advises

Maina adds,

I am not an adent church goer. I go to church on very few Sundays since kitambo so all this is shocking.

Maina Kageni
Maina and Kingangi today had a vigorous conversation about the power a mother-in-law has over her son’s decisions in life. Maina referenced

Fashion 101: Here are five unique ways you can rock ankara


In the viral video Pastor Nganga warned,

I hear people are talking a lot. If you climb a tree I will cut it down and make you fall .

I want to talk to bishops in my church if you do not respect my wife I wont care who you are I will kick you out of my ministry even if we were born together.

To women if you do not respect my wife you can leave my church and go open yours and change the name,Fools.

You found me in this church with my wife and it is in my church that you got rich stupid,arrogant.

Kenyan Artiste Majirani’s heartbreaking experience in jail leaves him in tears

Nganga continued his rant,

You met me while I was riding a mkokoteni when your wives had knots in their heads and you were in rags ,useless people,trash.

The devil is fighting me.You think you can come with your wife and circumcise me.I want full respect.When I cough I want you to respond.

Listen more on the audio below

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See how Nairobi women propositioned Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni has in the past been questioned on why he is yet to settle down.

Well, recently he escaped narrowly after women offered to be the ‘one’ for him.

Maina innocently posted a photo of some mouth watering chapatis and asked if there was anyone willing to make him such at a fee.

Someone just sent me this pic! Aaaakiyao… where can I find some good brown chapati???????

‘I pity you for being a bachelor’ Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni chapo

s you might expect the responses were many from Nairobi women with some even offering to cook for Maina, for free.

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

Below are some of the responses.

queensharon_h: I can make them and send them to you

beckynjokimburu: Can make that 😍😍😍

suzziemalo: Kujia brown chapo tano Maina

markabez: Apa unapewa bibi na ujui

janetkatuto: I make them, please MPESA I proceed not too late though😂😂😂

deluna_mothoni: Next time you want some coool chapos DM at a sister 😉

Well we are not sure whether Maina took up any of the offers. One thing we are sure of is that the offers to be the ‘one’ to be cooking him chapo ziligonga mwamba.

Maina is still a single man and the most eligible bachelor man in Kenya if we may add.

Until he calls people for Uthoni in Muranga just know he is not taken.

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Maina Kageni reveals one thing he can’t tolerate when he gets married

During the morning conversations on classic 105, couples have on a few occasions stated that they stay in toxic marriages to provide a ‘stable’ family for their kids.

Funny as it may sound, most parents think it’s okay for a child to grow in a toxic family with abusive parents rather than grow with a single parent.

Maina Kageni doesn’t agree. He says

Its painful to hear stories of people who say they stay in a marriage because of the kids.

No matter what is said I cannot understand this narrative.

I cannot tolerate such nonsense.

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

Maina stated the above after a Classic 105 caller narrated how he has been in a ‘situation-ship’ kind of marriage for the last 17 years.

‘Maina I met my wife 17 years ago and she was a church girl. She was even singing in the choir and everyone vogued  for her.

I had even abstained for almost four years before we got married. When we finally wed she infected me with STI’s more than three times.

At some point she got a job and that is when she showed her true colors.

‘I pity you for being a bachelor’ Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni

 I had had enough of her drama but just when I wanted to throw her out, I found out she was pregnant, so I let her stay for the sake of our baby.

It has been a bumpy ride but I am still with her for the sake of the kids we currently have.

I am just buying time so that they can study.

I grew up without a father and I do not want the same for them.

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‘I would marry Maina Kageni even if he was my domestic worker’ Nicole

Days ago we carried out a poll on whether women would want to date Maina Kageni if he was just the guy next door roasting maize in Muthurwa.

This was after a Classic 105 fan stated that women only drool on Maina because he is a wealthy bachelor.

Maina if you were roasting maize in Muthurwa no one would look at you twice. Also if Mwalimu King’ang’i was a mkokoteni puller no one would entertain you.

Men should just know there is no true love in slay queens and second wives.

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

Well here are some of the responses

Nicole Julius Mkenya :Never!!That’s an honest observation but for his good heart, I would.Even if he was my domestic worker.I like people who are down to earth and work hard….

Anyoso Getry:Wooooi,sauti ya Maina, kila dem angekuwa anabebewa handbag kwa mkokoteni.there are things lady’s search beyond money.

Peter Kiarie:Hawawezi ata utatafuta bibi mpaka u give up huwezi pata wallet ikiwa empty, dem ama bibi bila doo huwezi kubaliwa

Rechael Mayeku :Yea love doesn’t ask questions

Sarah Sarah :With his good humour and good public address we would still have noticed him. Go go Maina u were made to entertain and market. And yes be Noticed

Linah Soulah: If i met him anywhere I’d marry him,,,I have a 10 long year crush on his voice alone

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‘My friend gambled Sh700,000 meant for the church’ Shocked city man narrates

Betting is always frowned upon but for some Kenyans this has been a saving grace given that it has enabled them build houses,pay school fees and even rent.

One man shared his experience with Maina Kageni sharing that he has won more than 1 million on different occasions. To him betting is a necessary evil.

Maina please don’t talk ill about betting because it has enabled me. I have won 700,000, 400,000 and on a different occasion I won 150,000.

What I do is that I do not bet around my wife Whenever she starts talking about how people who bet are idlers I strongly support her.

‘My friend makes 100K per month from betting,I am so envious’ City Man

If only she new I am a betting fan hangeongea. You bet when you are alone ama with the boys.

When I play and lose I just persevere given that its a phase which will come to pass.

Another adds

Maina gambling is not a very good idea. A man I know used money from his wife’s account nearing 700,000. He took it in two bits.

Sadly pesa ilikua ya kanisa so the wife had to ask for a loan so that she could pay back the church.

Soon after the deductions started coming and she had no salary to her name. In the end they could not even afford to pay rent and the husband was less bothered about it.


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Kenyans weigh in on whether Mengi’s young wife should keep all his wealth

The morning conversation was based on whether the first wife is aware how much her man spends on his second wife/other women?

The debate was elicited by the death of Tanzanian billionaire Reginald Mengi, 75 who was married to Jacqueline Mengi, a 39-year-old woman.

According to first wives, they are disgusted when their men do this, leaving property to women who joined his life when he was already established.

Meet the beautiful wife and kids left behind by billionaire Reginald Mengi

Reginald Mendi during their wedding anniversary
Reginald Mendi during their wedding anniversary

Here is what one caller had to  say

Mengi said Jacque was the reason he was  age is just a number and true love conquers all. Let the woman be.

The 29-year-old set to marry Nigerian billionaire Ned Nwoko – Photos

Another male caller adds

It does not matter when you are dead, what matters is the wife you had before your death whether you had millions or billions.

Whether he had money or not Jacqueline was his wife and she gave him happiness and that will not change now that he is here no more.

We cannot call her a gold digger just because he is dead  and she was young. Jacqueline is in the right place and the property is rightfully hers,after all they were officially married.

Reginald Mengi with his wife and kids in a past photo
Reginald Mengi with his wife and kids in a past photo

Just when you think that Kenyans are done with the matter another caller says

Maina I am waiting for a mega contract I am supposed  to sign and once I do that I plan on leaving my wife.

I can’t enjoy that sweat with her, I have talked to my lawyer and she does not know. You cannot live a life where you only come to see the kids.

I am planning on taking the kids to Mombasa and explain to them what I am about to do.

I have worked hard for myself, She has been running around and she won’t enjoy a thing.

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Maina Kageni’s response to Diamond Platnumz’s comments about him

Maina Kageni is set to appear in Diamond Platnumz’ upcoming video thanks to their close friendship.

According to many, the feeling is too surreal.

I shall be addressing the public shortly.

When a global megastar intentionally asks you for advice by dropping your name in his latest hit!!!!!!! Aaaakiyao …whuaaat??? …and yes, my brother @diamondplatnumz sent this to me. Humbled …yet that swahili is on another level, aye?



Check out the video below.

Among other celebrities whose names have been named in songs include Caroline Mutoko,Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe, Kalekye Mumo, Akothee, Amina Abdi among others.

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans

ms_gichuhi_j:You have made it boy child😂😂😂

kahi_ambuku:Haaa!! Akiyaaaooo! Wa Kageni, you have a patency for that name? Our Manager is also claiming it!🥂

sonyasoraya57:😂😂😂😂😂is it Maina or Marina? 😂😂😂lol a brother right away Maina, imegensi yake may be more urgent than it sounds

alex_mwakideu:Hands up my brother! 🙌🏽

[email protected]_b:so Maina won’t let us rest, it’s gonna be his anthem the whole month

Well we cannot wait to see how this new video will be.

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‘Her ex broke all the car windows because he bought if for her’ Nancy

The morning conversation was based on whether parents are spoiling their kids too much, and in the process not teaching them life lessons, such as accepting rejection.

This was based on the increased murders in campuses and among the youth aged between 19 and 23.

Mwalimu King’ang’i and Maina Kageni for the first time agreed that it’s time parents learnt to teach their kids to accept that you will not always get a ‘YES’ in life.

One parent says

African kids haven’t reached civilization level as for me spare my kid in schoool but akifika home kiboko lazima itembee.

Naftali Kinuthia’s dad in court to support son after Ivy Wangechi’s murder

Another caller *Nancy* adds

Maina let me tell you of an incidence that happened today morning.

I was leaving my house and as I was getting into my car  I saw a guy with a rungu. Shortly after the guy started hitting a car that was within smashing it as hard as he could.

On asking the watchman what was happening he informed me that the guy had come to the girl he bought a car for and she was not at home nor was she picking her calls.


He broke all the windows and the headlights. So in my mind I was like why don’t you just take your car and leave.

He looked like he was in his 30’s or 40’s.

Maina he looked so angry I was tempted to just tell him to get his car and leave. My advise to women is that they should not accept gifts just like that because someone will get entitled to your loyalty for life.

I was so scared because I knew if by any chance she showed up he might have killed her.

Another parent adds

These kababa’s are the first product of a government that withdrew the cane, they do not know what rejection is and they do not know how to take it when it comes.

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‘My ex dumped me after I spent 3.1 million on him’ Cries Nairobi woman

Today’s morning conversation was based on why women do not harm men when relationships fail, inspite of having invested in them financially.

This came about after men called in yesterday justifying why they kill women once a relationship breaks, with the excuse of ‘I have spent money on her’.

Here is what one woman had to say

There is a day my ex told me that he had a farming project so I gave him Ksh 700,000 only for me to realize that there was no farm in the first place.

After that he left me went and married someone else.

I had already spent Ksh 3.1 million on him by the time tuachane. We parted after my family found out about the things he was doing to me.

Maina can you believe he still calls me begging me turudiane? His excuse is that his family is the one that forced him to marry the other lady he left me for.

He called me to beg me for cash after his wife gave birth and out of pity for the new born I gave him Ksh 35,000.

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu weigh in on Ivy Wangechi murder

Maina Kageni was so shocked and here is what he had to say

You gave him what?after the way he treated you .You know what just block that guy because he is a user.

Another adds

Can you remind ladies to stop taking boys and trying to make them into the men they want ,so that hii story ya kusema i made him into what he is.

If he has not discovered himself once he does he will move on and go with some one else and that person will not be you.

Acha maneno ya kuchukua mtu usafishe.

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Meet the faces behind the mic on Classic 105 – Photos

They are voices you know very well.

From the husky voiced Mike Mondo to the mellow Terry Muikamba, we reveal to you the faces behind the voices?

Here is a list of your favorite Classic 105 hosts.

1. Maina Kageni

He hosts the Morning conversation alongside Mwalimu King’ang’i. He is best known by his fans as ‘Mama County’ for his love and zeal in defending and supporting women.

Let’s not forget his infectious laughter.


2. Mwalimu Kin’gang’i

He is Maina Kageni’s co-host, buddy and the king of Kasheshe. He loves to talk about his wife Mwongeli, and how she drives him crazy. With him around your mornings can never be the same.

Mwalimu Kingang'i Kasheshe

3. Mimmy Khamis

The voluptious host keeps you entertained with her segment ‘Classic Cafe’.

She describes herself as a book lover and a people lover.

Mimmy Khamis


4. Terry Muikamba and Mike Mondo

The laid back damsel keep you entertained alongside Mike Mondo on ‘Classic Overdrive’.

Apart from being a radio host she has studied law so don’t be shocked in-case you bump into her in the corridors of the court one of these days.

Terry Muikamba and Mike Mondo

She refers to herself as Miss Sunshine and she is indeed sunshine to Classic 105′ s listeners.

5. Harriet Kinga

The petite and quiet damsel keeps you entertained on ‘Classic Overdrive‘ or on ‘Classic cafe’.

Harriet Kinga

6. Dr Love

We all love his deep husky voice but no one knows who doctor love is.Well I know who he is and I assure you that he is a quiet soul and a romantic at heart.



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5.Mike Mondo


‘In Makongeni kids become grand parents at age 24’ Shouts city man

Today’s morning conversation was an extension of yesterdays debate on whether parents are doing enough to talk to their kids about s#x.

Most parents argued that they are too busy trying to provide for their family in these harsh economic times, but others disagree.

One parent says

‘Parents should just work on being committed to their kids the same way they are committed to their work.’

‘My friends daughter died aborting after the son impregnated her’ – Nancy


Another adds

Maina ask Mwalimu if he remembers an area called Ololoo . There used to be place called Virgin Island where 12 year old kids were already parents.

At 24 these kids were grand mothers. the area was around Makongeni football pitch.

You live in a 10 by 10 ,you have 10 siblings .While some people were busy playing football others were busy getting ‘played’.

‘I took bribes from married men to let them sleep with my sisters’ City man

Another adds

Maina  sometimes sleeping around is a  personal decision.

I have a sister who was taken to the best schools,given the best advice  and even given the best medical care before she got pregnant.

We talked to her deeply on matters sex ,even gave her options on how she could navigate when  she decided to get intimate but all that fell into deaf years.

She got pregnant at 19 now we are left with the responsibility of taking care of the child.

Mothers are trying the best they can ,we even  taught her about contraceptives .

I advised her to use a condom if she ever decided to have sex but by the end of the day I have to take care of her given that I am the first born.

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‘My friends daughter died aborting after the son impregnated her’ – Nancy

Today’s morning conversation was based on whether parents are doing enough to talk to their kids on matters s#x, due to the increased teenage pregnancies.

Here is what one parent *Nancy* had to say

Maina I have a friend who lost both their kids due to them being to busy.

The dad was a doctor and the mother was a doctor so they were constantly on the move,most of the time they left the kids with the mboch and their uncle.

At some point the parents came back and noticed that the kids were craving for their attention but as usual they were busy.

Not long after that they found out that the sister and brother were sleeping together and that their Daughter got pregnant.

On being questioned the son calmly said

‘I love my sister because you do not allow me to interact with our friends.’

Photos of Governor Ann Waiguru’s look-alike has KOT amazed

She adds

The lady got pregnant again  and they forced her to  terminate it but she died in the process.

After the girl died the brother decided to kill himself because his ‘friend’ had died,he was admitted to ICU and sadly he passed away.

The dad was dying of guilt so the mother had to finally talk about it.

Another parent adds

If a kid has not raised well from 3 to 8 if we mess up there then as parents we have lost the plot.

Going for holiday tuition and church functions might help to keep this kids busy and avoid in them getting into such messes.

Another adds

If you go to most schools the parents wants their children to look se3y,good hair and modified uniform.

Some parents even compete on ensuring that their kids are the ‘sexiest’ in the school,how sad that is.Has the kid gone to study or to look s3xy?

Then they will come complaining yet they contributed to all this.

Parenting is a mess in Kenya,children are being brought up by mboches and most parents do not care about what happens to them.

Things that are being aired on out stations are also fueling these habits where under age kids engage in underage s#x.

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