The 10 commandments for a real man, Bishop tells Maina Kageni

It’s Valentines day and lots of women are waiting for their men to buy them gifts and spoil them rotten.

On Classic 105, a listener called in and told men not to fall for the trap set by women. He announced that there are ten commandments that only real men follow.

Here are the 10 commandments. Do you agree this is what you must do to be a total man? Mwalimu Kingang’i says he is just speaking the truth.

!. You must drink alcohol

2. You must have debts

3. You must have concubines

4. You must have a son

5. You must have 40 years

6. You must be married

7. You must have children

8. You must have concubines (not a mpango wa kando, it’s a woman your wife knows and appreciates)

9. Provide protect and please (PPP)

10. You must have debts – The more debts you have the more manly you are


‘He’s a fatherly figure,’ Maina Kageni’s ‘son’ speaks out

Nyandarua teenager Antony Muchori is thanking radio king Maina Kageni for helping him complete his high school studies and being supportive.

The Nyahururu High School alumnus, who scored a plain B (66 points) in last year’s KCSE exam, told Word Is life hasn’t been easy, but he thanks Maina for lifting his soul.

“Maina is a fatherly figure, humble and down-to-earth. He doesn’t like publicity and is a kind-hearted man. Many think he’s a snob but once you approach him, you’ll be surprised by his humbleness,” Antony, 19, said.

Maina Kageni

After scoring 378 in KCPE, Antony was called to join Mang’u High School. He was unable to join the school because his parents could not afford the school fees.

“I joined form one at Keruguyo Boys in 2014 but left the school in third term because I owed the institution a lot of money. In 2015, I moved to a private school and my parents really struggled to pay my school fees,” he said.

“I also depended on bursary funds and would beg politicians to pay my school fees. At the end of form two, I left the school.”


Things became unbearable in 2016, and he was forced to stay at home the whole year. In 2017, a Good Samaritan, former Kipipiri MP Samuel Gichigi, came to his rescue, paying part of his form three school fees at Nyahururu High School.

The school’s principal, Andrew Karimi, was lenient and never him sent away for school fees both in form three third term and form four first term.

“Come second term 2018, I had arrears of Sh38k, which I was supposed to pay before sitting the main exam. With no one to help, I had given up and at one point, I told myself that it would be better if I study from home and show up at school just to sit for KCSE,” Antony said.

He thought about it for long and decided to travel to Juja, where his aunt stays, to try to reach out to his mentors to help him achieve his dream.

“I remember it was on a Tuesday morning early May when I left my aunt’s house at 3am, just to get to Nairobi in time and meet Maina Kageni before he left the studio,” Antony said.

“I visited him uninvited and immediately after his show, I followed him downstairs and narrated to him my story. He asked me details about my county government and promised to talk to them so they could help,” Antony said.

At the end of the day, no one communicated, so he went back the following day on Thursday and Maina promised him again that this time round, someone from the senator’s office would communicate before night fell. Still, he got no response.

The ambitious teenager said on the following Friday, he came fully dressed in school uniform and arrived early before Maina got into studio.

“I waited for him at the reception and when he saw me again, he knew I was serious,” Antony said.

“This was my third day visiting his workplace in a week and this time, he spared some time to go through my report forms. He promised to help the following Monday if no one from the county’s office reached out to me.”


The weekend passed and no one had reached out to him and he was ready to sell his mobile phone, the only asset he had, just to go back to school.

“I wanted to sell it at Sh7k so I could take some amount to school and be in class and revise for the exams,” he said.


On Monday, Antony left Juja fully prepared for school. It was raining heavily and upon reaching Maina’s workplace, the presenter was shocked to see him around.

‘”Kijana hujarudi shule?” Maina asked me. I told him no one contacted me and I just wanted to let him know I was going to sell my phone and would be unreachable,’ he said.

“But he told me, ‘Don’t do that’. He asked me to wait for him at the reception as he parked, and after a few minutes, he came and gave me Sh38k cash. He told me to go to the bank and go to school and bring the receipt when school closes.”

Adding: “I was so emotional I cried. Maina calmed me down and told me to go and study hard.”

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni and Antony Muchori

That same Monday before he went back to school, the governor called him to his office and paid the third-term school fees.

“He gave me a cheque of Sh34k. I informed Maina about it and he was happy,” he said.

From there, Maina kept tabs with him and whenever he came back for midterm or after closing, he would meet him and show him his report cards. “He was always impressed and encouraged me to work hard,” Antony said.

He said he was motivated and Maina is going to pay his college school fees (graphic design course) before he joins university in September.

Antony Muchori

Antony, who is now a trained photographer, says the tough challenges he has gone through in the hands of the administration have inspired him to join politics. Come 2022, he will vie for Kipipiri parliamentary seat in his constituency.

“I want to represent my people so that no needy student goes through what I went through. I will ensure the government is keen on CDF disbursements and fights poverty through educating my constituents,” he said.



‘My dad told me to prostitute myself and earn some pocket money ‘Cries city woman

During today’s morning conversation on Classic 105, female fans called in to confess what caused a rift between them and their fathers.

The debate was brought about by Mondays topic on why men and women favor their mothers more than their dads.


‘Every time he beat my mum my heart broke’ YY on abusive dad

The confessions were heart breaking and below are some of them.

“I was about to do my KCSE exam so I went to my dad to ask him for cash to go register for the exams, he blankly told me to go to hell.”

Another says

“My dad was a chaotic, he used to beat my mum senseless. I only learnt how it feels to sleep in a bed when I joined form 1.”


As if that is not heartbreaking enough, another caller narrates how her dad threw her out with a one month old baby

“My dad took me to college, along the way I messed up and got pregnant. After delivering my baby, I stayed for 2 years without getting a job.

He came back one day feigning anger prepared to throw me out. When I questioned him, he slapped me so hard that I fell on the floor, my baby was only a month old.

Up to now I have not found a job and I am still struggling to pay rent and for that I will never forgive him. I feel if he never threw me out I would have had a chance to look for a job.

He told me to go out there prostitute myself and pay him back all the money he had used for my school fees.

He calls me but I do not receive his call because the pain of what he put me through is still there.”

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‘My 65-old-dad was caught in bed with our house help’ Cries city woman

A female classic 105 fan shocked many after confessing on live radio about how her mother physically beats her dad, without a tinge of regret or remorse.

According to her, things have always been like this ever since she can remember adding that currently her dad is nursing a broken arm.

‘I’ve been married for 18 years and my mother-in-law does not know where we live’ Brags city woman

Speaking to Maina Kageni she said,

“Maina, my dad is going through terror at the hands of my mother, and it has not started now. He is currently  nursing a broken arm which my mum broke.

The reason being that she found him in bed with our house help. Truth be told my dad loves women, he can’t keep off yet he is 65.”


‘We all have mother’s, we were not picked from a shamba’ Women to men who have refused to detach from their mothers

On being asked whether the help is still working at their home, she sarcastically says

“She is no longer here. She received such a thorough beating from my mum before being thrown out.”

The confession by the woman above put men on the edge with a majority of them calling to defend themselves on why they sleep with house girls.

Below is what they had to say

“Hata paka mzee hunywa maziwa’ so sleeping with these girls is a part of life and you can’t change it.”


Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

Another adds

“Maina you saying that these house helps should be given leso’s is a waste of time because even if you dress them in sacks, these men will still go after them.”

Another male caller who seems to be a member of team mafisi says

“These house girls seduce us and as you know men are weak, we just find ourselves giving in.”

Just when you think you have heard enough on such a beautiful Friday morning another caller adding;

“If she denies me s#x as a man believe you me I will even lay her sisters, as men we produce millions of sperm per day where does she expect me to take them?

Women should learn to give men some freedom.”


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‘We all have mother’s, we were not picked from a shamba’ Women to men who have refused to detach from their mothers

The debate on whether men in their 30’s and 40’s should still live with their mothers has been rife, putting men and their wives at logger heads.

During yesterday’s Morning conversation on Classic 105, a majority of men made it clear that they cannot even fathom the thought of keeping away from their mothers.


Perfectly Imperfect: Check out Kiuna’s daughters and their kids (photos)

Here is what fans had to say on men who REFUSE to detach from their mothers

“Tell these ladies we are not compromising our love for them we just have set the majority of the love for our mothers. Just like as for our wives they have to earn the love.”

Another adds

“I love quoting the bible and clearly states that ‘A man shall leave his mother’ so hii tabia ya men wanting to stay with their mothers ni za watu wa Nairobi.

In the rural setting, young boys detach themselves from their mothers at a very young age by building a small house away from the mum.

I don’t know where this is coming from, hizi ni tabia za vijana wa Nairobi hii mambo ya cerelac and weetabix ndo inaleta all these things.”

Young man dating an old woman

I have carried out 5 abortions, unknowingly killing my twins in the process

An agitated female fan called in, blasting men for thinking that they don’t have parents as well.

“Why do men feel like their mothers are perfect? No mother is perfect and don’t even forget even those wives have mothers as well. Or do you think the wives were harvested in a shamba like you would  harvest maize?

Men keep bragging about how their mothers cleaned them, breastfed them and did a whole list of things for them, it makes me wonder did they expect their fathers to breastfeed them?

A woman was ordained by God for this purpose so give us a break already.”



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How Classic 105’s Mwalimu Kingangi identifies his neighbors

Terrorists who killed people in the Dusit attack lived a normal life in Ruaka.

No one knew he was on a deadly suicide mission.

News that one of the killers of the Riverside suspected terror attack lived in Ruaka, has shocked many.

Neighbors say he was even in the whatsapp group, and did not talk much. The only person he spoke to was the watchman.

For the longest time the government has spoken about nyumba kumi.

Maina Kageni in  the morning conversation challenged listeners to name five of their neighbors and their careers. Not many could do this.

Mwalimu Kingangi knows one of his neighbors as ‘that guy aliyeniibia vest’. He says we know our neighbors by the things they do eg, the guy with the noisy subaru, or the one with many children etc.

kuna moja wacha nikuambie. aliniibia vest, na nitakuja kumwabia ebu toa shirti nione vest. 

How does he know the neighbor stole?

‘unaona vile zinamfinya. vest anakuachia zile zimetoboka, 


Do you know you could be living next to the biggest killer in Africa, Maina posed this question.

Do you know your neighbors full names? You cannot know someone by the name Baba sweetie. Do you realise the importance of knowing your neighbor?

One female caller echoed Kingangi’s thoughts saying

Actually I only know my neighbors by their children’s names. I know mama Kate, but I don’t know her full name. I know my landlords name because we pay through the bank account.

Another said

Ata mimi najua Wambua anaitwa Wmbua baba ngonyo jina lingine sijui, na yeye hufanya hii petrol station. Najua mwingine anaitwa Kariuki, lakini si jina kamili.

Maina is challenging Kenyans to do the know your neighbor challenge, and report back.

‘Living life prepared for the worst is like living in a cage’ advises Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni is living the good life, and photos of him prove so, but he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his house, and just like many other Kenyans he had humble beginnings which taught him the value of hard work.

He wasn’t born into wealth and privilege, he actually has worked his way up.

He took to his Instagram to encourage his fans who might be going through a tough time just to remind them that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t too far away.

KU student arrested for impersonating Ndegwa Muhoro dies in prison

He wrote

“Most people struggling to overcome their fears have had an encounter with disappointment so great that every dream they can conceive is contaminated with the toxic anxiety of failure. When your mind becomes cluttered with the possibilities of “what if,” there is no room for faith. Living life prepared for the worst possible outcome is like living in a cage—it’s not freedom. Over time, you will recognize the difference between guarding your heart and restricting it. You’ll learn to stop talking yourself out of the good things God has promised to all who live according to His purpose.

You, my survivor friend, will not settle for a life dictated by insecurities or previous experiences. You have access to power that is capable of working within you to free you from any mental and emotional bondage that has convinced you a better life is not within your grasp. We cannot tap into that power and hang on to excuses at the same time. Your heart, mind, and hands must be free to lay hold of all that is ahead of you.”

He goes on to share a few tips on how to attain personal growth

“Shedding excuses is a discipline that must be practiced with our thoughts, communication, and actions. There is only room for language that declares: I will! Growth occurs when we confront our personal experiences and how they’ve changed us. You can create a new pattern and move forward with determination like never before, but you must learn what’s stopped you in the past. If the challenge to heal and become whole has been issued by people other than yourself, then your journey will always require permission before progression.”

And for those who think that poverty and lack of growth is determined by family and friends family he tells them this

“Don’t allow your destiny to be determined by a democracy. Your immediate circle may not know how to coach you through your heartbreak or, even worse, they may need the company of your misery to distract them from their own need for healing. Avoid the temptation to make your healing contingent on approval and validation from other people.

The bridge from who you once were to who God has ordained you to be is created from bricks of vulnerability, humility as strong as mortar, and a master plan so perfect, even the things that once hurt you will serve in making you better.”

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Maina Kageni ‘beats’ AY like a Burukenge, AY speaks out (video)

Maina Kageni loves music. This is something that he always spoken out about during his breakfast show Maina and King’ang’i on Classic 105, in the morning.

Maina also loves touring Tanzania and has made so many pals from bongo land.

Over the weekend, he visited Tanzania for Ali Kiba’s wedding which he announced on air that he would attend.

Kwani Inakuja na Ugali? You won’t believe how much Maina Kageni spent on ‘mutura’

Well, he met his pal, AY( who also wed earlier this year). The two engaged each other in a game of table tennis, and Maina beat AY.

Maina wrote; Kenya Vs Tanzania… Maina Vs AY… @aytanzania revenge is best served cold!!! Get Innnnn!!!

AY responded;

unaningoja nikiwa maji…game irudiwe @mainawakageni


Check out the video;


Tandale to the world! Diamond Platnumz talks about his side hustles before fame and money

He is a great example of going from grass to grace.

Diamond Platnumz

Born a talented artiste, Diamond Platnumz ventured into singing after completing form four but all wasn’t rosy. In yesterday’s exclusive interview with Maina Kageni on Classic 105, the Tanzanian singer talked about his life journey leaving many in awe.

“After form four, I tried to find a record label to sign me but it wasn’t easy. Everywhere I went, I didn’t manage to get someone to sign me,” he said.

Diamond added that:

“I joined a chama and when my turn came, I was given Tzshs. 20k. I went to a studio and recorded a song but the producer wasn’t good enough and the song didn’t hit. But I was happy to hear my voice and told myself ‘Yes I can sing'”

Diamond did not give up and at one point, he sold his mother’s gold ring at Tzs60,000  (Sh2,701) and visited a different studio to record his second song.
” I had my mother’s gold ring and a friend advised me to sell it. I went back home and told her I had lost in. I paid producer TZs50,000 and remained with TZs10.

I went ahead to record my second song but it didn’t hit because I had no experience but it helped me get someone who helped me record an album. I started realizing singles but unfortunately my sponsor started experiencing financial problems,” he told Maina Kageni. 

Also, read:

‘It hurts financially but I will survive’ declares Diamond Platnumz after his ‘dirty’ songs were banned (AUDIO)

Diamond Platnumz then resorted to photography where he would take photos even at weddings so as to make money.

“Nilirudi mtaani kutafta shughli zengine. Nilikuwa photographer napiga picha passport size pia naenda harusini napiga picha nikiuza,” he explained.

“I got a new job where I used to work at a factory and used to be paid 2k a day used to work from 8 am – 4 pm. One day, I was chosen to be supplying tissue papers in shops but after some time, I quit.

At a point, my mother used to feel that I was unlucky. And I really wanted to make her proud,” said Diamond.


Diamond Platnumz

“I later then started selling mitumba with my friend and made shs1,000 a lady. While selling clothes, I met a producer who encouraged me to continue with music but things didn’t work out.”

The Utanipenda hitmaker never gave up and continued to hustle hoping to become a great man in life.

“I got a job as a petrol attendant. I used to fuel cars and that was my favorite job before I became a professional job.”

Diamond Platnumz was fired by the petrol station manager accusing him of having stolen money but later, they found out that it was a young boy who used to camp at the station. He went ahead to try his luck in music, and one day, he met someone, who changed his life completely thanks to his prowess on the screen.


So far, Diamond Platnumz has albums and his songs: Number 1, Mbagala, Nasema Nawe, Sikomi, Utanipenda just to mention but a few, are always dominating the local airwaves.

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Nyashinski Reveals Three Songs That Have CHANGED His Life So Far, Spoiler Alert: MALAIKA Is Not One Of Them

Former Kleptomaniax singer Nyashinski has wowed Kenyans with his undisputed talent over the last few months.

When he finally came back to Kenya after a long musical hiatus, Nyashinski made the biggest comeback fans have ever seen, after dropping two new singles ‘Now You Know’ and ‘Mungu Pekee’, after collaborating with Nameless in LETIGO.

After taking a break for a few weeks, Nyashinski real name, Nyamari Ongengu suddenly released two surprise songs, Malaika and Aminia, sending the entire music industry into a frenzy.


But before he released the two official videos for the songs, Nyashinski had given Maina Kageni the Malaika audio which he officially debuted exclusively on Classic 105’s popular breakfast show.

OH MY! Maina Kageni EXCLUSIVELY Premiers Nyashinski’s New LOVE Song. His Reaction Is Just PRICELESS! (AUDIO)

Behind the success of the songs is a producer by the name Cedo real name Cedrick Kadenyi, who did the magic to Mungu Pekee, Malaika, Aminia, which have been the biggest songs in Kenya so far.

Cedo has also worked with other Kenyan artistes like Dela, Sauti Sol, Kristoff and many others.


During an interview with Maina Kageni, Nyashinski revealed his best songs since back in the day when he sang with Collo and Roba as Klepto.

“Si You Will Kill Me” Maina Kageni Gets Excited After Nyashinski Reveals That He Wants To Work With Jose Chameleone

At the same time, the two also talked about former Ogopa Deejays producer Lucas Bikedo, and how they would love to work with him in the near future.

Interestingly, Malaika, which is the biggest song in Kenya right now, was not on top of the list of songs that have changed Nyashinski’s life. Find out which songs have inspired him over the years so far, from the audio below.

“Should Women Get Half Of The Family Wealth After a Divorce?” Maina Kageni Asks (AUDIO)

There is a proposed amendment to the Constitution seeking to scrap a law that says wives are entitled to half of a man’s wealth if and when they divorce.

This would mean that in the case of a divorce a woman would not receive 50% of the family property as it is at the moment, having in mind that she is the one who will leave with the kids and be responsible for them.

Quite a shocker isn’t it?

This formed the basis of Classic 105 conversation this morning with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingang’i, who sought to know the views of listeners. Image Number: 78630827

Maina Kageni sought views from married couples asking them if they are in favor of this proposed amendment.

For some reason, most Kenyan men who called in said that they would want the bill to be passed because women don’t deserve all that money or property, coming out as selfish.

On the other hand, most women expressed disappointment at how the men don’t respect them to the point of not wanting to give half of the wealth in unfortunate case of a divorce.

Listen to the audio below as Kenyan men and women go head to head in regards to this proposed amendment.




“Why Do Some Wealthy Men Abandon Their Families For Younger Girls When They Grow Older?” Maina Kageni (AUDIO)

Did you hear of Jackson Kibor’s saga where he shot his son who wanted to invade his farm after they demanded he shares part of the property with them?

The prominent farmer claimed that he attempted to shoot the son so that he can defend himself, which led to the police impounding his licensed firearm. Kibor apparently has four wives and is currently living with a young woman, who is the fourth.

From this family drama, Maina Kageni could not help but discuss a few issues;

“One, parents who hang on to what they’ve worked for, yet don’t share or divide the wealth with their children. Two, men who when they grow older abandon their first family. You build all this wealth with your wife and children and then when you grow older and get rich, you desert them and get a younger woman.”


The other issue that really bugged the celebrated radio presenter was the young ladies who date men way older than them yet they know they have families, or become second or third wives and even get children with the old folks.

The other thing that he talked about was parents who have a lot of wealth yet they let their children struggle to make ends meet more so if they are growing old and more than 70 years.

The main question from Maina Kageni was why some wealthy men abandon their first families and end up with younger girls who end up controlling them and discouraging them from sharing their wealth with the other family or the children.

Listen to the audio below as Kenyans discuss on this sensitive issues.



Kenyans Reveal Their Worst Bullying Experiences Back In High School, Some Of Them Are Too Hilarious! (AUDIO)

We have all heard of the shocking details of bullying at Alliance High School, one of the top national schools in Kenya.

According to reports, bullying has been rampant to the point where some boys tortured form one students and forced them to lie on graves at the school compound.

The chilling details revealed that the bullying and torture were meted out on Form One students by their seniors at the school. More than 10 students have reported being beaten up with sticks and electricity cables, slapped and forced to forced to lie on the graves of the school’s founders.

More than 10 students have reported being beaten up with sticks and electricity cables, slapped and forced to forced to lie on the graves of the school’s founders for hours and even ‘swim’ on grass.


In regards to this, Maina Kageni took the opportunity to talk to his listeners to ask them to share their experiences from being bullied back in the day.

As it turned out, a lot of men and women have gone through bullying but there is a very big difference between being bullied back in the day and the modern kind of bullying.

According to the listeners, bullying in the past helped one become tougher and strong unlike nowadays where bullies only make other students scared, intimidated and weak because they involve beating, torture and scary experiences.

Kenyans called in to give their share of experience, which was more hilarious than scary, with some saying that they could be told to do thing like; ‘cheka ni kama unalia’, climb a mango tree and come down with a banana, or you are given 1 shilling to go buy bread and bring back change and more.

Listen to the hilarious experiences on the audio below.









NO ROMANCE WITHOUT FINANCE? Kenyan Men Reveal How Their Wives Are More Into Money Than Love (Audio)

A day ago, men listeners called in to justify why they don’t talk to their women or have deep conversations with them, because they don’t have time for that, taking into consideration that they are the breadwinners.

This prompted Maina Kageni to ask Kenyan men why they think love and money are inseparable:

“What makes you think that all a woman wants is money and not your time and love? And why do Kenyan men think that love is all about the money and can never separate the two?”

According to Maina Kageni, most of these women met their men when they didn’t have money and were broke and rugged and still loved and supported them, so why does it change years down the line when the money comes?


The celebrated radio host emphasized on the need of men giving their wives attention and holding deep conversations with them at least once in a while, insisting that it’s not always about the money for Kenyan women.

However, this is something most Kenyan men totally disagree with, saying that Kenyan ladies are all about the money and that there can never be any romance without finance in any relationship or marriage.

The men called in, ranting about how their wives can’t stand them without money or how it’s hard to find a woman who will love you without money, with others saying that money and love are like twins for women.

Listen to the short audio below as Kenyan women complain about how their women prioritize money to love.



Check Out Maina Kageni’s Latest Ride- Photos

Classic 105 breakfast presenter and number one Manchester United fan, Maina Kageni has a new ride. Maina who is the official Chevrolet ambassador in Kenya received a brand new red branded vehicle with the Manchester United logo splashed all over it.

Chevrolet are the official kit sponsors of Manchester United after signing a record-breaking deal in 2012 which is worth a reported $559 million.

Mwalimu King’ang’i who is a diehard Chelsea fan is not so happy about Maina receiving the car and even disses his previous branded blue Chevrolet saying that it might as well have been a Kenya Power gift. He has a plea to the Chelsea sponsors in the hilarious conversation below

Maina had previously received a blue Chevrolet in November 2014. There are definitely perks of being a vocal and loyal Manchester United fan. Check out the car Maina Kageni was driving to work this morning

20150914000825 (1)





Maina Kageni Hangs Out With Jose Chameleone (Photos)

Jose Chameleone is undoubtedly Maina Kageni’s favorite artist and a very good friend of his. Chameleone was in Toronto Canada for his Wale Wale tour and he jetted in Monday night for Coke Studio Africa 2015.

Jet Lag wasn’t enough to stop the Ugandan music king from hanging out with radio king Maina at Code studio.

maina and chameleone

Maina posted the photo below with the caption, “With my brother from another mother!!! @jchameleone you are a real super star inside and outside… I’m so proud to call you a true friend…. Karibu nyumbani… Chapa job kwanza Tubonge jioni…”

And it seems Maina is not the only one excited that Jose Chameleone is in the country, Anyiko Woko the Grapevine presenter and Sauti Sol publicist also uploaded a photo with the music king with the caption, “From Toronto with love! @jchameleone has arrived in Nairobi, Kenya. #CokeStudioAfrica 2015 here we come! Love this guy’s work ethic.”

anyiko woko