I was one of his 7 wives! Bitter woman tells Maina after shocking discovery

Maina Kageni had one of the most fascinating conversations on his show today. The topic concerned the issue of men who have multiple wives and keep them a secret, with none of the women knowing that they are dating a polygamous man.

The host referenced one woman who called yesterday who divulged that the man she had lived with for 30 years, had 2 other wives. Not only that, she was the 3rd wife!

Maina was befuddled at how the women in those situations could be that ignorant and puzzled at how the men who did this were able to manage those mean feats?

But more shock was to come when a certain lady called in saying that it wasn’t a unique story. She herself had dealt with a man who had had 7 different women, including herself! Her story is below;

I was married for 8 years and this man was everything every lady would want. He used to provide everything. I never suspected anything, he had a car. He would even buy things from the market for me. Shock on me when I go for maternity leave with our 3rd child. I get a call from a lady.

When I met the lady and she asked me if I was the wife. She had gotten the number on my husband’s phone. Apart from me and her, there were 5 other ladies with his kids and all thought that they were his wife.

When I confronted him, he said all the rest were lying. He would even bring me food when I was sick from the other women telling me that he had bought it from a restaurant! He had even taken two of those women for ruracio’s!

I later left but that guy still begs me to go back. I will never go back. That was 4 years ago. There are no men who are alone in Kenya. Let women understand. You will not be alone.

We used to  go for road trips, taking me abroad and he treated me like a queen. And all of us didn’t suspect. He used to bring me food from one of his other women. When the lady called she called me by the ladies name. There is no man who has only one woman.

Some of the other comments from listeners are below;

There is no way someone can live with someone for that long and not know. I refuse to believe that-A man commented.

Surely some women will have the intuition to notice that things have changed-A woman commented.

These men are ninjas. I dated mine for 1 year and after I got pregnant is when I realised he was married-A woman told Maina.

That man with 7 women is a legend-A man enthused.

Take time to know your partner before taking another step-A lady commented.

I got like 3 and none know the others. No one will ever notice. When she wants to have an issue, you just give her everything she wants. You can’t get everything from one woman. No one is loyal. If someone is taking care of you then be happy.

Our boyfriends cheat on us and we get to know. How is it that you can live with a man and you can’t know?-A woman asked.

What do you think?

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I knew my husband was poor but I LOVE him-Aisha proudly tells Maina

Maina Kageni had a vigorous conversation about house-husbands-men who stay at home doing the housework. He related the story of a woman that he knew from the Swedish Embassy who told him that she and her husband had that type of a relationship and had made it work.

He said that the lady told him that in Sweden was very common. She said that she would give her husband a house allowance from her and that when she retired they now lived happily with her husband.

Maina was of the opinion that it was a more common occurrence in Kenya mentioning that many men were staying at home with the excuse that the economy was doing very badly.

Kumbe I was the 3rd wife! Woman married for 13 years tells Maina

When the comments were open Aisha spoke and said that,

I knew that my husband was poor but as I said earlier love is blind. I know that the way he was from before. I don’t have a sponsor, I have my own business. I am a doctor and I feed my kids and my husband. He never leaves outside the house and I like it like that.

She added,

I have no maid and I do the housework myself. I wake up at 4 a.m and do all the work that is needed for my kids and my husband. And I can’t hire a maid so she can still my husband from me! Let the haters hate!

She finished off by saying that she valued peace over money. She said that she first met her husband when he was a mkokoteni handler and from that day they have had a wonderful relationship.

Other listeners chimed in. Some of the comments are below;

Me I just need my husband. Hizo shughuli hazileti hela! He has not had a job for a long time. We have had businesses. He helps me in the business. My husband is jobless. I live in a very good house. 35k a month. Let people talk the way they want to.-Aisha

‘Hata mahari yangu nilijilipia mwenyewe!’ Love-struck woman tells Maina

Michuki did a good job and was still demoted to another ministry. Men should not feel bad being househusbands. I myself have been a househusband for 12 years. Michuki didn’t feel bad even when he was given another job. Men should not feel bad-A male caller said.

I was afraid that the last caller was going to say John Michuki was a househusband. I don’t agree with his opinion. Tell the men who aren’t working that they are just lazy-An enraged female caller

Michuki wasn’t a househusband-A male commented.

I can’t allow a man to be a househusband unless he wants to see how hell tastes like-Woman told Maina.

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Kumbe I was the 3rd wife! Woman married for 30 years tells Maina

Maina had a conversation today about Rashid and Aisha’s relationship dynamic. Yesterday, Aisha had related to Maina how she was okay paying everything for her man, even her own bride price!

This was the topic of discussion with Maina asking his female listeners whether they had ever been that desperate? He was shocked that some women could be financing their men and not the other way around.

One particular lady called Maina complaining about the terrible history she had had with men, calling them evil. She told Maina her story, saying, ‘I was living with a man for 30 years then you come to realise that you are the 3rd wife! Just think about yourself and your children. Men are evil. They are a 3 letter word.’

Other listeners chimed in. Their viewpoints are below;

If men are a 3 letter word. What about women? Even they can’t have their own names-A male listener said.

I cannot put up with a lazy man-A female listener said

Afterall she is my woman. So everything she has is my property-Captian Kale said.

To snag a man, let him do the chasing – Classic fan Captain Kale advises

How can you pay bride price? Let him pay. It is his responsibility-A female listener said.

That is madness. It is like raising a baby. Why should I pay my own bride price? Women should stop paying bride price! Everyone has to work. I even tell African women the same thing-A female listener said.

Nowadays hakuna cha kupanda ngazi. Everyone must pay their own way-A female listener said.

When a woman helps a man it becomes international news for 6 months-A male listener said.

Aisha did it out of love. She didn’t do it out of desperation. Men spend a lot of money on women. A man might be sponsoring that woman who is, in turn, sponsoring the man she loves. Man eat man society-A male listener said.

What is wrong with Rashid? Maybe he is a house husband?-A male caller speculated

If you love a man, you should bring out the best in him. There is no love there from Rashid. Rashid should run for his life-woman.

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‘Wasafi records of their time’ Maina says about departed John De’ Mathew

Maina Kageni and King’ang’i recently had some interesting tidbits about the late John De’ Mathew who died on Sunday.

Maina emotionally spoke about the late singer saying that he had led Kikuyu artistes in general.

‘Thanks for the music. You left a mark.’ the host remembered.

He had sung 375 songs! 13 Facts about John De’ Mathew you didn’t know

He finished off with high praise saying that De Mathew was the Wasafi records of their time. Mr. Kageni also spoke about the recent theatrics by Neno Evangelical pastor James Ng’ang’a, saying,

I like James Ng’ang’a and his comedic value but I don’t understand how he could do this to the lady that he embarrassed. how does he do it and those guys keep on going to the church everyday? One day I will invite him onto Classic, we talk.


Reactions to Pastor Ng’ang’a shamefully humiliating a female congregant

King’ang’i also enthused about the recent invasion of the Chinese where some of their citizens were also brewing the traditional alcoholic drink, chang’aa.

As reported by The Star, the two Chinese nationals were arrested with 800 litres of methanol and over 3,000 litres of chang’aa and busaa in Machakos.

The two, Wang Yalan and  Wang Haijian were arrested in there residence at  Green Park in Machakos. Detectives from  Machakos made the arrest after a tip-off from the public.

The two Chinese nationals arrested with 800 litres of methanol and over 3000 litres of changaa and busaa
The two Chinese nationals arrested with 800 litres of methanol and over 3000 litres of changaa and busaa

During the arrest, several sacks of sorghum, rice, drums of sorghum mixtures kept to Ferment and several huge water tanks.

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‘Hata mahari yangu nilijilipia mwenyewe!’ Love-struck woman tells Maina

Maina and King’ang’i had an interesting conversation today about women dating men who earn less than them.

Maina was of the opinion that it was wrong for a man to be dating a woman who had more money than he had.

Meanwhile King’ang’i was of the opinion that love should be the prevailing and decisive factor for dating.

The discussion was opened up to the listeners and one really shocked and disturbed Maina. The lady is called Aisha and she described her relationship to Rashid, her husband.

She told Maina that she took care of him and that they had four kids. Her revelation is below;

You want to break our marriages. When you start putting money into the equation then you are spoiling our marriages. My Rashid ako jobless. Hata mahari yangu nilijilipia mwenyewe. When I look back, I am glad that I have Rashid. I take care of everything in the home. Women should care about love more than money. Him not having a job does not disturb me. Our first son is in form two and we have four kids.

Why we fake it on social media – KOT tell Maina their secrets

Other comments from listeners are below;

Love respects no economic class-A male listener said.

I want to have a voice in my home and that cannot happen if I have a woman who is financially better-A male listener said.

Safisha mwanamme at your own risk-A female listener said.

Is Mwalimu serious? These men will leave you when the get success-A male listener said.

That man you are calling broke is someone’s son or brother. Love is about the heart-A male listener said.

Title of the man of the home is reserved for someone who is providing-A male listener said.

Where do you get a ready-made man in this Kenya? That is why women are nyemelearing older men. How do you compare love and money? Even you have refused to marry. How are women supposed to find husbands?-Wakanai told Maina.

I have been married for 2 years to a man who isn’t financially stable. He beats me even though I am pregnant. I am financially stable and I drive a better car than him. I did not know that he wasn’t financially successful when I met him. I can’t say if there is anything that he has done for me. I didn’t think I will be with a man who is abusive at my age.

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Maina Kageni speaks to Nameless and King Kaka about MCSK controversy

Maina Kageni interviewed Nameless and King Kaka about the issue of MCSK paying Kenyan musicians peanuts for all the work that they do.

He spoke to the host and revealed that he used the 2.5K he received to pay for a jet ski.

He also revealed that the situation was very frustrating for him noting that,

The solution is at the board level and that level of leadership is very important. I feel the leadership is lacking. People are refusing to work together. We need to be real as artistes and be honest. We need technocrats and only 3 musicians on the board. So that we get people who have the business savvy to get control of the situation. 

Wahu in the arms of her husband, Nameless
Wahu in the arms of her husband, Nameless

Maina asked if it was fair that established musicians were being paid the same amount as artistes no one knew about.

He replied,

We are supposed to be paid for the rotation but things aren’t like that. They are many artistes who will not be earning if they were paid just for the play that their music receives.

He’s A Cancer Survivor: The man Maina Kageni admires the most (EXCLUSIVE)

Nameless finished off by saying that he did not see the terrible situation changing anytime soon. Maina also spoke with the musician mirroring Nameless’ sentiment.

He told Maina,

We are been taken for a ride. Writing music is not easy and shooting music videos is very expensive. I feel that they are not transparent. There is no way that these guys only collected Ksh 37 million.

King Kaka
King Kaka

Maina interviewed Nameless and King Kaka about the issue of MCSK paying Kenyan musicians peanuts for all the work that they do.

King Kaka added that he was disappointed that the organisation’s administrative costs were estimated at between 60-70 % of what they collected!

He said the solution could come after they seat down with MCSK. Adding that, they could even disband the current MCSK and start another one of their own.

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He’s starting his own label – Maina reveals Harmonize is leaving Wasafi

Maina and Kingangi spoke about a few interesting topics on Kasheshe this morning. The two had interesting banter about various issues.

One of the things that Maina spoke about was the disputed issue about whether harmonize is leaving/has left Wasafi record label that was founded by his mentor Diamond.

Diamond-Platnumz-with-Harmonize in a file photo

Maina confirmed that Harmonize was in the process of leaving Wasafio, saying,

He is starting his own Conde Gang label. he has found a young brilliant producer.

He finished off by saying that the ‘Matatizo’ singer will do well by himself.

Harmonize donning the hairstyle
Harmonize wearing the Kenyan flag

They also spoke about controversial pastor James Ng’ang’a’s recent viral clip where the clergyman struggled to say the word, ‘mathematics’. In the clip, Bishop is heard saying,

‘Hakuna mtu wa mazimatic! Hakuna mtu wa mazimatic!’

Pastor Nganga body shames women in church with a big tush

The awesome twosome laughed as they enjoyed the ‘man of God’ who they said that they loved on numerous occasions. Maina said, ‘We love Pastor Ng’ang’ a.’

Pastor James Ng'ang'a
Pastor James Ng’ang’a

The two also spoke about the recent controversy with the way the MCSK has been paying Kenyan artistes. They were both flummoxed at the way the organisation was paying hardworking artistes. King’ang’i said,

While the president was away MSCK paid artistes. Money that was not even able to pay for groundnuts and soda. How are you supposed to pay for rent? Gidi Gidi has been in the industry for 20 years and he received 2 g’s alone!

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph bitterly complained about the payment he received from the MCSK

‘They are saying that 70% is going to international bodies.’ Maina interjected. The host also added that MSCk should become serious saying that his heart goes out to Kenyan artistes.

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What King’ang’i thinks about Kenyan newspaper headlines (Audio)

Maina and King’ang’i had an interesting conversation today that concerned the choice of headlines on the front page of newspapers each day.

Mwalimu King’ang’i was passionate that our headlines are chockful of politics with names like Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and William Ruto hegemonising them.

King’ang’i spoke about the 10,000-seater state-of-the-art facility, Kigali Arena, which is a historic indoor arena and is a first of its kind in East, Central Africa.

He wondered what was up with Nyayo National Stadium and said that he had heard that Maribou Stalks are running roughshod on the stadium.

Mwalimu Kingangi reveals why he is upset with Laboso’s husband Edwin

Mwalimu added that that was the news that was front and centre in Rwanda and something that Kenyan media houses should emulate.

‘When development news dominates the headlines, that is when our country will progress. At the moment we can’t move forward if we keep having politics as the mainstay in our newspapers.’ A rueful Kingangi said to the notable agreement of Maina.

If we can spend a week not dealing with politics we can progress as a nation. The two spoke about the county officials that aren’t being paid after the current stalemate between the counties and the central government over revenue allocation.

What do you think of his solution? Does it make sense? A phrase that closely correlates to the advice Mwalimu gave, was delivered by Earl Nightingale where he said,

‘We Become What We Think About Most Of The Time. We become what we think about most of the time, and that’s the strangest secret.’

Check out the video below;

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1 in 3 Kenyan women go on dates just for FREE FOOD – Maina reacts to study


Wait just one minute! Does this mean that Kenyan girls who post Instagram pics of food while on a date are there for the food?

A study suggests that women go on dates just for the fee food.

The 30 percent women are not interested in the man just the FREE FOOD.

The researchers at the Azusa Pacific University tried understanding the concept of ‘foodie calls’ where an individual intentionally goes on a date to enjoy free food and is not romantically interested in the other person. In fact, it can happen when the person is broke or is simply tempted to try a new restaurant. This study was published in the ‘Society for Personality and Social Psychology’ journals and was done on two different groups of women.

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni says the research is shocking.


Maina reacted saying

To me that’s crazy ladies, women you’ve been used of being extremely cheap, ati on the first date you will go to a room

Maina posed this question

Would go on a date just for free food?

A female caller response surprised Maina

It’s true. Kenyan women are the cheapest with 10k you can have as many women as you want. Ukiwa na 2k unabuy mzinga na pesa ya gari asubuhi ( With 2,000 bob you buy her alcohol and money for a ride the next day) 

A certain allegation was also made by a man who shared his story of meeting a girl on Facebook, and their first date. He said she agreed to go to a room after the date


Men responded that they believe Kenyan women go on dates for free food, and alcohol.

‘ I go on a date knowing I will take pictures for snapchat’ another woman confessed to Maina.

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Why we fake it on social media – KOT tell Maina their secrets

We are all familiar with the phrase that you fake it till you make it.

But are Kenyans taking things a little too far.

Classic 105 host Maina Kageni posed this question to KOT, who responded with their thoughts and personal experience.

Maina sought to know how long do you intend to keep up the lie on social media?

Maina added his thoughts that he believes we are all hiding behind screens saying

Are you always happy on social media, do you look like your profile picture.

Is that how you inspire yourself?

Kenyans on Twitter spoke out below:
@Classic105Kenya maina we have to fake it until we make it. It’s the name of the game.

Village Elder™..
Men also pose with V8s that does not belong to them to woo women. Guys, we are living a lie. “Sacrifice and commit to the end, there is nothing like fake it till you make it” said

charles maina…
@Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni maina, Some women are very beautiful in social media but when you meet them face to face,,my brother you will give your life to Christ! #mainaandkingangi
Athman Melly..
@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya Social media became a platform of LIKES and COMMENTS. the number of likes and and comments determine your beauty. So people will lie to earn comments. #MainaAndKingangi

@ItsMainaKageni people are living a lie nowadays.. Photography is the booming hustle in Kenya,shoots kila weekend
Ng’ash Kung’u 🇰🇪..
@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya I act rich on social media and if u know me in real life…please keep quiet 😐😐😐 I can’t be poor offline and online😁😁😁😋😋😋 #MainaAndKingangi


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Man SHAMED FOR CRYING to Maina about being dumped by wife

A discussion about men being deadbeats got one Kenyan man all up in his feelings, and spilling major tea about his relationship.

Classic 105 host Maina Kageni for once was left speechless and never responded. He was hammered for taking sides with women who label men as deadbeats.

Maina sought to know from the ladies this question below to counter the accusations

Ladies: Why do you keep these children away from their fathers? Or is there something they did that you just can’t stand their presence?

This touchy subject led one man to break down in tears, while confessing his emotional life story.

He started by complaining that

She’s a totally different person from the one I met


I met her when she was pregnant for someone else. I took her in because I love her.

He was so boo’d up he overlooked all the signs there for him to see it wouldn’t work out

she was four months pregnant for another man, she gave birth and then after that she got another child, and started showing signs she doesn’t love me anymore. She left me and moved to Mombasa, but I went there to fight for my family.


The ‘marriage’ he had envisioned was no more as realization she had used him set in

She got a job, and left with everything, she took everything, her mother took my children, and told me she wants the kids to go and stay with her for the holidays, I have not seen my children. I have not heard, Maina I want to talk to them, she blocked me, and told me If I go back to Lanet I will be shot.

This apparently was a big issue for him as he tearfully reached out to Maina

It is now two years since, I want to see my children, even what I am getting something small nikule na watoto, I miss my children, right now I am alone, I need my children I don’t know where they are, it hurts I want to talk to my children

What would your advice to this distraught man be? Drop your comments below Classic 105 fam.

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Man MOANS about ‘deadbeat’ ex for not taking care of their child

In an angry tirade, a single dad overwhelmed by bringing up his child alone, complained about the mother of his child being a deadbeat.

He said she has refused to be involved in the child’s life, and moaned to Maina Kageni what his experience has been.

deadbeat kenya

On Friday, the on air discussion was about deadbeat’s and men responding to the accusations.

A Male caller traumatized Maina when he recounted his horrific experience with a pregnant college student

I had an affair with a lady in College who was pregnant for me. When she was due I am jobless and because she was jobless I told her I would take complete care of our baby.

Can you guess what happened next?

She left for school after deliverying. I thought maybe she needs to study, so once a month she would come back to see the child.

Basically he is very salty about his situation

I used to wash the nappies, buy food. Maina let me tell you at 19 months they came back for the child, Maina do you know that she went to the Childrens court who allowed her to take the child. The worst thing ni amechukuwa ule mtoto not to be with the child but to take to ushago, now the baby is two years, and I have only seen the child once, she abuses me on SMS, and I decided it’s not worth going crazy because of being abused,


Finishing his tirade he said

I stopped going, I decided never to go back, maybe I will heal if I think I don’t have a child anymore, let me tell you one thing about women, they are good at talking, not like men, some of us men are suffering

Dear Classic 105 fam, is this man the epitome of ‘made your bed, lie on it’?

Drop your comments below.

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He’s A Cancer Survivor: The man Maina Kageni admires the most (EXCLUSIVE)

Maina Kageni is probably the most recognisable radio personality in Kenya. The man who has built up a cult following over the years as Kenya’s premier radio host seems to get better as he ages.

‘She had all the time for you’ Maina Kageni reminisces meeting Joyce Laboso

How does he do it? That is a question for another day. But one we can ask him at the moment is which person he admires the most? I spoke to Maina yesterday and he was very forthcoming.

Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni
Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni

And who could that be? Drumroll please…That person is lawyer Fred Ngatia. For those of you who do not know, Ngatia heads his own law firm called Ngatia & Associates and is considered among the top lawyers in the country at the moment.

Fred Ngatia waving
Fred Ngatia waving

Two months ago, international agency Chambers and Partners regarded him as the best lawyer in the country. Its report stated;

Top litigator Fred Ngatia of Ngatia & Associates is considered a heavy-hitter and the go-to guy when you want to get things done. He produces brilliant legal arguments in court. In addition to significant commercial cases, he is frequently instructed on public interest cases.

Fred Ngatia in court
Fred Ngatia in court

Ngatia was also among the team that participated in the abolishment of the mandatory death sentence at the supreme court last year. Ngatia was also part of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legal counsel in the 2017 presidential election petition.

And why does Maina admire him that much?

Because he is a strong individual. He also knows the meaning of networking. He has the best contacts and that he is a cancer survivor!

Maina Kageni
Maina in studio

What wouldn’t Maina leave his home without? He quickly replied by saying that it’s his phone.

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I was just a sperm donor to her! Aggrieved caller tells Maina

Maina Kageni had an engaging conversation today that concerned absentee fathers coming back into their children’s lives when they (their children) hit it big.

He used the phrase, ‘When he comes up for the glory, and he wasn’t part of the story.’ His question referenced Jeff Koinange’s JKL show yesterday night where his 3 female interview guests all said that they were been raised by their mothers alone without their fathers being involved.

When he opened up the conversation one particular man had a very troubling story. He told Maina about how he had had an affair and that the relationship had produced a kid that he still hadn’t seen 4 years later. He said;

Sometimes you piss me off. This woman kicked me out of her life after she had gotten my kid. She blacklisted me online even though I wanted to take care of my own child. My daughter is 4 years old. I have never met her. When my daughter starts looking for her father, what will I tell her? She wants your kid but when the child comes she runs away. Stop always complaining about men.

It’s rude to remarry before your wife is cold in the grave – Maina

Another female caller had a concerning story detailing how the man who had fathered her 3 kids had never spent a dime on them She told Maina;

I am a single mother of 3 kids. I tell them to go to their father. He has never helped my children. There is even a day that I made sure that they went to him with slippers so that they could be bought for shoes. But in fact, they came back with torn slippers!

But other listeners had differing takes, with some complaining about deadbeat dads and others explaining why absentee fathers shouldn’t always be blamed.

Some of their comments are below;

I am sorry for that man who was a sperm donor but his story does not fit -Female listener.

I will never recognise a father who comes back into my life later on -Female listener.

I don’t like what the absentee fathers did but I don’t like that the mothers have poisoned their kids -Male listener.

There are men taking care of step-children. Some of these women cause the drama and use the kids as bait -Male listener.

Shame on you. How do you even sleep at night? There are many women that are keeping biological children from their fathers -Wakanai.

If a woman says that you won’t see your child, you won’t see that child! -Male listener.

‘He did the right thing’ Maina Kageni on Sonko revealing Ken Okoths ‘secret’

I can’t get along with the mother of my kid. But I do everything he needs. I can’t see my son unless he is in school and it has to be on weekdays. There is always a way to help your kid even if you don’t get along with the mother -Concluded a male listener.

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It’s rude to remarry before your wife is cold in the grave – Maina

Why do Kenyan men remarry so quickly after being widowed?

And how long should men wait to remarry after death of a spouse asked Maina during the Wednesday morning conversation.

Deep down, most women feel that men on their own are needier than women in similar circumstances, emotionally needier, and in greater need of conjugal support bringing up a family.

On Wednesday morning, Maina and co-host Mwalimu debated the matter.

This follows a question that arose after the burial of Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso.

One of her girl pals begged her husband to wait and honor her memory.

Maina sought to know: Why don’t Kenyan men cherish the memory of their late wives: why do they remarry in a month or two?

Mwalimu defended men saying there is pressure from society to fill that gap

We are weak, the people around us don’t give us peace, inakuanga ngumu to say it honestly the support mechanism makes it hard, like when you are invited for drinks by other men that’s when it starts, you know people are pushed, some women just throw themselves at you and you are not ready, so stop comparing men and women we are very different

Maina wasn’t convinced saying ‘Kenyan men mlirogwa’

how can you in such a very short time, bring another woman? Why do Kenyan men remarry so quickly, it’s like forget her she is gone? Have you no shame, it’s a matter of honor and respect, ladies you need to ask your husband today, how long will it take you to remarry if I die today?

The argument didn’t stop there over the matter, and Maina had his last word

It’s rude to remarry before your wife is cold in the grave, Maina shouted

and can you imagine the impact on the kids you have with her?


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The difference between wills written by Kenyan men and women


It’s been quite a week, from Kenyans learning that the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth has a secret wife and son, who has been included in his will.

To Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko encouraging ladies to expose politicians they have children with. This has proved quite a tricky issue.

Maina and Mwalimu debated this topic, after Mwalimu accused women of deliberately leaving men out of their wills, while expecting to be beneficiaries in their husbands.

Women called in to challenge Mwalimu, and brought out the stark differences between a man and a woman’s will.

The only listed beneficiary in a woman’s will is her children, while in a husbands last testament comprises of side chicks, secret children and countless other people.

Do you agree with this?

Read the confessions below:

Maina started with his advise to women while answering Mwalimu’s question.

He said

A man who makes you cry, a man who cheats on you girls if he is in your will, remove him today shouted maina.

A woman narrated

heheeh I have four kids, I’m a manager, my kids are beneficiaries, weuh if I die he will use my wealth with another woman. Then my kids are left suffering, let him get his own wealth, and leave mine alone to my children, ati make him a beneficiary?NEVER, he is only next of kin, let him hustle for his, you know in the event that he dies I will be left taking care of these kids, plus mimi nikikufa I am very sure one month atatafuta mtu, so awachie zangu kwa watoto

Another woman concurred saying

How now tuwaongeze kwa will how now? Look here you can give him money alafu aende kufurahisha mwingine ! That’s why my money is for my kids only..

So girls, is your husband a beneficiary in your will?

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‘We will see our children when we feel like it’ men tell side chicks


If you are a mpango wa kando stay in your lane ladies.

This was the message men asked Maina Kageni to pass on to Kenyan side chicks who feel they should be paid attention, just like wives.

Their message was

Please tell our ladies with whom we have children out there that we shall come into the lives of those children when the time is appropriate, don’t force the agenda,

That could be when they start schooling, that could even later in their life, don’t rush us.

Maina Kageni turned this into the morning conversation asking ladies if they were comfortable with the message.

Do you agree with them that men you have a child with and he is married with a family of his own, that his time is not your own, atakupimia masaa,

Do you understand where they are coming from ladies?

Several women called in responding with their own life stories with married men

One female caller shocked Maina when she said

It’s true, they will jipanga their time. Like for me nilipata ball and I never knew he was married, he came to see my child when he was two years and from then he comes when he feels like, he sees the child counted times, like four times in five years

And does he support his child financially?

No, maybe when he comes he says maybe nitalipa school fees, unamuwacha tuu, the first time when he say our child was when he was two years, you can’t force him, he will come when he feels like and say where is my daughter?

Another woman also concurred with her story

I have my man and he isn’t bothered being ther emotionally and financially, he has never seen our child. MMy baby is two years now, he has never seen her, he says when the time is appropriate, and when I was pregnant we were together, na kuzaa alikuwa, ehe,

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