The one thing President Uhuru goes without everyday


One of the things that we know about President Uhuru is his love of watches.

He has an insane collection with some costing as much as Sh25million. This particular one he wore during Mashujaa day celebrations in Mombasa in 2018, while dancing KOT spotted what is a black A Lange &Sohne datograph perpetual tourbillion watch.

He has also been spotted with a Patek Phillipe Aquanut watch worth 3million. And we can go on and on about the others, but today it’s about one thing that some Kenyan men also don’t have or chose to go without.

A wallet. Maina Kageni revealed that President Uhuru doesn’t carry a wallet with him, EVER.


“Uhuru doesn’t have a wallet, he stays like that”. This was during a discussion on Wednesday about men who always say they are broke when wives ask for money. So one curious person asked what Uhuru does when First Lady asks him for money.

Maina shrugged. But come to think of it, does Margaret Kenyatta even ask him for money?

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Why do ladies still go back to toxic men? Maina Kageni asks Kenyans

The morning conversation today focused on women who are unable to leave certain types of men. Maina Kageni was concerned that despite these types of men being toxic to these women they still went back to them.

‘This morning we’re talking about these men wenye “hawawachiki”. What is it about them?’ he asked.

Some of the comments from Kenyans are below:

Ukiachwa achika tu. Lakini ukiniona achiki,baasi kuna kalutu hapo…Nisiseme sana naeza haribu.

Especially mkiwa na watoto separation has no chance

It’s all about bed game.

The power of bedminton

They are good in bed,,wanapiga hii kitu kama ngoma

The secret is the services 

Maina listen to me some of them its not about money, wengine hujiuliza nawacha huyu niende wapi and maybe ulitoa huyo bibi muranga, that gender wont leave you, you cheat, you get caught and there she is ready to forgive you.

Tumejipanga with alot of caring

It’s due to the fact that they are logical.

They are responsible.

It’s about soul ties.

Spiritual ties. People don’t date individuals or souls, but spiritual self.

Cause their lives have touched the garments of their hearts.

Maina it’s called love and more so the kind of game these men play in bedroom matters maybe appeasing to the same ladies. What makes a relationship love and affection.

It’s because of love and they are responsible.

That I can’t tell,,, yenye Mimi nimepitia and am still there pressing on

The break up make up se3! That sh*t is real

Tuko na vitu za maana zakuongelea wewe,not all the time is about se3.

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Maina speaks about social media ills after Uhuru claimed he was cyber-bullied

Uhuru Kenyatta admitted yesterday that he had quit Twitter because of mean words on social media, something that Maina Kageni decided to speak about today.

He topic centred on cyber-bullying. “Guys, have you been abused on social media?” he asked. “You can never control what people think and say. Don’t let it hold you hostage!” he added.

Most Kenyans agreed that social media was a rough place where thick skin is needed for one to survive. Some of the comments are below;

Very true. Develop a thick skin and never let them comments bring you down.

You guys you’ll kill me one day  “Corona haitambui matako mkubwa!” I surrender, let me sleep.

Hii inaitwa social media.Ni mbaya.

It’s normal and huo Ndio utamu wa social media

I agree bullied on social hii ndio utamu.

Mimi sijawai tusiwa bado,,,lakini nimetusiana vibaya sana

Sasa comment kwa twitter inafanya mtu mzima akasirike na mwenye anakwambia ivo ata humjui

Mimi ni stivo simple bwoy alipost picha nika reply aki ilibidi aniblock ju venye nilikuwa nimempasha .

Yes and sometimes I clap back

Maina, whether you are good or bad people will talk. And they feel like they are entitled to your life and decisions that you make. When you make it, people think that you owe them everything hence insulting you on social media

And I don’t care I return matusi pia

Kuna wa kujibu na kuna wa kuwachana nao based on their content IQ.

Maina Kenyans it’s normal abusive language is a way of passing massage that should not something that bother anyone you should be used to it matusi ni mdomo

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My entire life my mom has pinched me only once-Maina tells shocked Kenyans

Maina Kageni shocked many today morning when he disclosed the shocking news that his mother had only disciplined him once in his life. And can you guess the physical discipline he got?!

“In my entire life my mother has pinched me once.” Maina told a shocked nation.

He asked Kenyans their experiences on how they were disinclined by their own parents and how they raise their own kids if they do have them?

I was raised by a single mum na alikua anatuchapa now am a mum na my son anajua akifanya vitu mbaya he knows ile kichapo nitampe and i still talk with him anajua 

 I have four children and I don’t beat mine just talk to them & make time for them.

Sharing your problems with your wife is like sharing your malaria with a mosquito – Man tells Maina

I’m 19yrs old and I’m very rebellious in nature lakini ile kupigwa nimepigwa na mum. Both my parents beat me.

Maina my mother was a no-nonsense woman, she used to beat us irrespective of the size of the mistakes. It reached a time I wrote a note that I wanted to poison myself and die then she found out, I regretted that day.

Mimi nikimaliza wiki moja bila kuchapwa ni Mungu tu

I thank God for how I was brought up. My father was a drunkard but had a sober mind he never wanted me to be like him so nikifanya makosa he used to not beat but demolish me I was so disciplined he was never called to school ati sijui nimepewa suspension.

Woooiii I can only imagine and cant count how many times I was disciplined with both my parents cheeeiii…. Waswali husema “Samaki mkunje angali mbichi”

Maina kwa hivyo hujaonja nyahunyo kutoka kwa mathee

Heri wewe maina…ungekuwa wetu ungejua haujui…kuchapwa wacha tu

Mine were and are still countless.

No wonder uko mtundu!!hukutandikwa vizuri?

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Sharing your problems with your wife is like sharing your malaria with a mosquito – Man tells Maina

Today morning Maina Kageni spoke about parenting. The question the esteemed host asked men what would happen were they to die/immobilised?

His concern was whether wives were prepared to lead their homes in the absence of their husbands. “If anything were to happen to you today would your wife know where to start?” Maina asked.

The responses had a little flavour of everything

Some of the comments are below:

Maina I agree with you! Your first responsibility is your kids. When I get to work the first thing I do is to call the house girl and talk to my kids. You have to know where they are and what they are doing.

Yesterday after church where I live, there were kids playing loud music and they were drinking. We are facing a very tough time with these children.

I’m a single mother and I told my daughter akimaliza shule form four I will buy her a new phone and she had to wait. So hizi vitu zote ni mzazi.

Of course, my wife is my next of kin… All my details shall be available for her. But I can’t share my ATM pin with her completely. That’s a risky affair.

Am not a wife but I would hate to be stuck..most women are living their husband’s life and give too much they forget themselves in the process. I hope I get to live my own life. My wish

At one time we merged both accounts but one day yake ikawa nono zaidi, after I lost my job akakata network. Since then am less concerned with her earnings…imagine she even asks for fare to go to work and I always give Her.

Maina I would prefer letting my mum and children know to my wife

Bank will sort it out and for the phone nitaenda River Road. Acha wakae nazo Maina. Technology will work for us

Hio ni tricky Sana juu hakuna kitu anajua kunihusu juu akijua atanimaliza

Hata Kwa Dawa Maina Mimi siwezi kumwambie pin yangu.

There is an unclaimed assets authority.. Ama!!

Sharing all the problems with your wife is like sharing your Malaria with a mosquito and then you expect healing. It’s practically impossible.

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Who was the lady?! Fans curious as Maina Kageni shares rare TBT in London

Maina Kageni has lived a life that most Kenyans would be envious of. The man has ascended the pantheons of radio over the years and has become the standard for professionalism and class in the industry.

Added to that, his talents have brought him to kings and princes, making him a pretty buck along the way. But he hasn’t always had it all go his way.

After high school, Maina went for his university education in London England. Yesterday, the happy go lucky presenter shared a rare TBT of his life in London that thrilled many of his fans.

Check out some of the comments below:

#TBT….. attending a family friend’s wedding in London… I think I was in Form 4….. Ngai!!!!😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Wewe ndio ulikua the oldest form 4 guy there ama 😂😂

Ngai kwani wewe ni vampire😂😂😂 huzeeki.

Bro Hio Trouser Noma sana , Naiomba Please Kuna Photoshoot Nafanya 😂😂😂💯

Wueh! Also, who was the lady? 😁

Naona wewe uko kwa dynasty kutoka kitambo the Deep State pia

You look the same Boss🙌

Yaaani form 4 ulikuwa ushafika London 😂😂😂😂😂 Form 4 some of us were dreaming about Nairobi

Mr. Kageni has previously revealed that while he left Kenya for the UK to study, but as it turned out, he never set foot in a lecture hall.

After arriving in the UK, he chose to work rather than attend school as he later confessed. He began working as a truck driver and fish distributor for a Chinese firm.

His mother was not aware of the development and carried on with Kageni’s graduation celebration plans when the time was due.

“For the 25 years, my mum only forgave me last year.” He said in a Q&A with fans on YouTube.

Maina said his mother had so much faith in him and, unlike his brother and sister, he was given his school fees in cash.

“I ate all my school fees by living large in the UK.”

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Better than our own Canadian men – Woman praises Kenyan husband to Maina

Today morning Maina Kageni spoke about the state of relationships following International Men’s Day. The one question the silky-voiced presenter asked was whether Kenyan women respect their men. “Ladies, what does a Kenyan man have to do to earn your respect?”

A very pertinent question, I must add.

The questions are as one would expect with the answers split along gender lines with the women saying that Kenyan men demand more than they can offer with the men saying that the women don’t appreciate them.

Some of the comments are below:

We are so loving and caring. It’s you who demand more that we cant offer at that time. Just believe in us.

Kenyan men are global brand only our women who nag more than they love doesn’t understand us
Kenyan men are made from the same fabric tunajua hiyo.

Men should appreciate their ladies first b4 open the mouth .. at they are not appreciated with their ladies
“Maina Kenyan men are loving and caring. We should be handled with care.”

I have been to Rwanda and Uganda I used to tell the women there I will take them to Kenya and they get so excited.

The reason why most Kenyan men aren’t appreciated by their women is cause they are very disrespectful, they treat their women like trash but when they go outside the country they pretend to be the. Charity begins at home!!!

The pretense by most Kenyan men is what let them down

“I’m Canadian and I am married to a Kenyan man and he takes good care of me more than a Canadian man can.”
“I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and I can tell you one thing Kenyan men tumepewa heshima huko nje.”

Kenyan men just respect your women and appreciate them as they are.

I once dated a Tanzanian lady when she was in Kenya and she was always making positive comments about Kenyan men the way we’re loving, caring, understanding and romantic.

They need to respect their women.

Be responsible and be faithful. Stop running away from responsibilities and cheating

Women should submit if the man is providing for her needs, giving her good sex and gives her time and attention. A man has to just provide and play his bedroom roles right. All women need is security and Miti ni dawa.

Maina we are never appreciated in Kenya. Otile Brown alienda Ethiopia kuona mrembo wake because he is appreciated internationally. Hapa ata uhug transformer nothing will change.

I’m Canadian and I am married to a Kenyan man and he takes good care of me more than a Canadian man can.

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How can you appreciate a man who’s not good in bed? Woman complains to Maina

The conversation today touched on International Men’s Day. Maina Kageni was interested at whether Kenyan men were underappreciated, an issue that I believe we don’t talk enough about. Thank you, Maina for bringing it up.

The comments came hard and fast with the sentiment split along gender lines. The men felt like they weren’t appreciated that much while the women felt that only men who treat women well should be appreciated.

Some of those comments are below:

It’s so unfortunate that when it comes to men’s day, we get rejection instead of being embraced.

Absolutely true a woman will only appreciate a man who treats her well!!

Sasa hawa wanaume wanataka zawadi? We want to celebrate them but they have failed.

Mimi bibi yangu anapatanga notification ya birthday yangu kwa Facebook otherwise hajui.

I want to appreciate my husband he is such a nice man and he treats me very well.

This a day to celebrate Men na sio makasiriko… ladies

I’m here to support men and say that we should be celebrated ama namna gani

We’re all about supporting each other

Kama kuna gender yenye hainanga shughuli ni hii yenye inavaa skirt

Tuko tu sawa na mathikati zetu

Men are not to be appreciated. A foundation of a house is hidden, no one sees it, no one knows how much works it does in holding the house together. We will only appreciate the roofing, the wall paints, the décor, floor tiles etc but never foundation. MEN just be the foundation!

Today am celebrating my brother he has been there for me lazima hii weekend he go out 

How can you appreciate someone who is not good in bed because that is what I left my home to come for!

Very and that’s why they’ve lost hope in their women.

Of course.. boyshaud is always undersiege 

…like you are a lady mscheeeeeew…Lakini

Do these ladies bring food on your table? 

You have teamed up with ladies to underappreciate your fellow men.

Experience is the best teacher wewe hujui vile nimekipitia na hawa creatures wengine

Tricky question Maina just paraphrase it pls 

Why are you against Men? MAINA I lack Words.

Very much

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Thank you Maina Kageni for believing in me – Akothee says in hearty post

Musician Akothee, born Esther Akoth, is one of the most recognisable people in Kenya. The mother of 5 has become the poster child for female empowerment and can-do attitude.

Her personality has gotten a fan for her in Maina Kageni, who has tried supporting her and Kenyan music in general. The singer decided to salute this fact in a post that saluted Maina Kageni for always supporting her career and always believing in her.

Akothee with Maina Kageni 2

Using her Instagram page the singer shared a photo of Maina Kangeni followed by a lengthy message thanking him for looking out for her.

She said that the Classic105 presenter had always been cooperative, looking to endorse an artiste, her way and at the same time applauding her for being an amazing person to work with.

“Let me take the opportunity to thank this gentleman @mainawakageni for believing in me. Maina I have seen your praises being preached. I have received five feedbacks from five different companies. By the way, I did not even know you love, support and believe in me that much,” she said.

If I was able to commit suicide in 2017, I would have – Akothee reveals dark thoughts

She, however, asked Maina to at least call her to personally laud her or at least pick her calls. She isn’t the first popular artiste to thank Maina publicly for the impact he has in his life.

Akothee with Maina Kageni 1
Akothee with Maina Kageni 1

Mr. Kageni got Diamond full of mirth when he recently released the song Cheche when a video of him dancing to his hit song went viral.

The clip was shared by the Bongo star on his Instagram page as he showed his excitement at watching a Kenyan celeb appreciate his craft.

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I am in a chama and I’m the only guy in that group the rest are ladies-Maina told

The morning conversation was very interesting with Maina Kageni bringing up the topic of chamas. His angle was to ask why women were able to sustain them while men couldn’t have them for a long time.

“How come women can save in a chama for a year na hawakosani? Why can’t Kenyan men get together and save? Ladies what’s the secret?”

Kenyans commented on the topic with some it emerging that some men actually participated in chamas. Some of those comments are below:

I am in a chama and I’m the only guy in that group the rest are ladies. We have been saving for 7 years .

I’m happy the way this man has performed. Mungu amubariki kabisa and may God continue guiding him.

Maina ukiona chama ya athuri imesurvive kuna pastor, evangelist na church elder hapo.. otherwise ata mkuwe na katimba ya chama kali kuliko ya Uganda. kuna Judas kati yenu. atapewa pesa atoke chama na atafute lawyer. give your wife money asave akugawie baadaye 

Wanawake na pesa ni kitu kimoja. They go where there’s money. Ask men who are broke watakwambia.

Lack of trust amongst themselves,what if and jealousy is what is making men not to save together

The only difference between men & women chamas is: Trust and Vision.. Women surpasses men in trust and vision in chamas.

This only thing they agree because gossip got no limit there

men wamejiinvolve kwa raha nyingi ndyo maana kustick kwa chama ni ngumu na unapatanga kimsee kinaretire bila kitu

Wewe wanaume wakikosana mmoja huhepa na pesa za chama

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I trust my niece but not my wife, I even send her to the bank – Man tells Maina

Maina Kageni stirred the hornet’s nest with his morning conversation today asking men whether the women in their lives knew their personal financial details.

Maina asked, “Guys, does your wife know your ATM pin and your Mpesa pin number. Why don’t you trust your wives?”

The responses came hard and fast, with many men saying that they could never show their women the money they have, with many citing trust issues as the reason.

Some of the comments are below;

Hata yangu asijue Maina. Kwanza ave never showed him my payslip for the last 15 years.

But people are different Maina. When my twin sisters hubby passed on, I was surprised she had the ATM pin.

On the contrary side, she knows my mpesa, both atm pins and I have nothing to worry about. Hii pesa tunatafuta ni yetu wote. I also happen to know hers.

MAINA only my mom knows my ATM CARD PIN.

Mke wangu ni mwizi!!

Good morning Maina, I was shocked yesterday that my first lady knows my first 3 digits of my mpesa pin yet I’ve never showed her,sai I’ve changed mpesa pin and phone passwords ndo nione hii maneno yake

Watu wa bank na wa saf waliniambia pin yangu siri yangu

Flip the question …do I have her pins to ATM and also Mpesa?

We all have the same pin number for both ATM and Mpesa

Hapo kwa ATM pin na Mpesa pin bro, acha iwe kesi.

Hakuna kitu kama hiyo walai my pin is my pin 

That won’t happen bro hio ni ngumu

Tunawapenda lakini kutrust man…kasheshe!

Hiyo ni kujichimbia kaburi

Ati nini, never ever.

First get your own wife and give her access rights to your millions in your accounts then come back in one year with full disclosure of how much you trust her!

“My wife used to have my pin numbers but alikuwa anatumia pesa vibaya so I changed it. Siwezi mwambia”

“If anything happens to me my daughter I will handle it. She knows all my pin numbers and she’s just 16. So if she wants anything I just give her my card.”

“I trust my niece but I don’t trust my wife. I even send her to the bank. Nilipatia bibi yangu 35k aniwekee when I asked for the money alisema hajui ilienda wapi.”

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When I die, nataka my account iwe zero, mbona niachie pesa bibi akule – Man tells Maina

Today morning the conversation touched on the various fathers who spend their money frivolously while their families are struggling.

Maina Kageni asked, “How come when it comes to having a good time men are very generous? Pesa ya pombe huwezi kosa. Ladies do you have such a guy in your life?”

Read some of the comments below:

Wanaume wa ache ujinga put your families first.

Maina umeguza pahali mbaya. Jana I was the one getting my contribution for the chama. Nikatumia bibi pesa, ingine nikalipa loan. Hiyo ingine sijui ilienda wapi. Saa hii ile pesa niko nayo ni six hundred

Maina men are men and you should leave them to enjoy themselves because they work hard to get money. We must appreciate ourselves and celebrate with each other. Kama pombe ingekua mbaya serikali ingefunga 

I never take Alcohol, I take care of my woman she is the most amazing creature on earth she must live her best I love her 

Wisdom calls to differentiate between priorities and luxury. No one who has cursed men, the reason for this it’s because they lack a budget that is able to guide them on how to spend their money.

Kuchafua sio mbaya but you should have plans on how you do it…..ukiacha nyuma iko sawa na uende uchafue, no one will ask you

Hehe lakini si maisha ni mafupi ama aje, mbona niachie pesa bibi akule na wanaume wengine nikikufa. When I die, nataka my account iwe zero

Wisdom calls to differentiate between priorities and luxury. No one who has cursed men, the reason for this it’s because they lack a budget that is able to guide them on how to spend their money.

It’s just simple, what value addition to you see in your family against your friends. Nowadays your family will not ‘worship’ if you don’t have money, acha upate ustruggle they start introducing themselves sijui sister ya cucu wa cucu, but friends stand with you all the time

For real I had a house party from Friday to Sunday, am looking at my hesabu am ashamed of myself from the conversation, this was enough deposit for the Safaricom land. Mimi na pombe tumewachana..

A real man puts his family first before anything else

Maina si kurogwa, I can’t see my brother suffering and I have something,
Let’s eat and then the lord will provide. It’s better tukikosa wote. For better for worse chances come once in life.

Good morning Maina… I think the problem is the men we hang out with…men want to compete when they are buying drinks. They want to show other men how much they have…but at the end of the day they go back to the house with zero cents. Soo bad. 

Personally, I need a financial manager. Kupanga hii pesa imenilemea kabisaaa. Hebu send one my way please. Nitaisha

Tukikataa kutumia unatuchomea, tukitumia unatuchomea sasa sisi unataka tukae aje #MainaandKingangi

Pesa lazima kutumika 

Maina mwanaume ni familia

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Mimi nikona mimba na nataka kukaa kwako-Maina told by desperate woman

Today morning Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i engaged Kenyans in a topic that has potent touched many Kenyans.

That of the stressors that are affecting most Kenyans? Maina asked, “What is stressing you right now and how are you handling your stress? I know if you go through social media no one looks like they are struggling.”

King’ang’i responded by saying, “Ile pressure Wakenya wako nayo saa hii. We have a lot going on in our minds. There is no money, watoto ndio hao wako kwa nyumba.”

The comments from Kenyans started rolling in and it showed that many people are really going through a lot right now with the biggest issue being that of financial constraints.

One respondent who claimed she was pregnant was so stressed she even asked Maina to let her stay with him! “Maina please nisongee kwako tukae na wewe. Mimi nikona mimba na nataka kukaa kwako juu hakuna stress,” she said.

Some other comments from Kenyans are below:


Mimi stress yangu ni nikiamka nitakula nini? Maina kazi iliisha.

Bwana yangu aliniwacha after I lost my job. Alienda na akaniblock kila mahali. I can’t find him.

Hello maina and kingangi, stress tuko nayo ni ya pesa tu aki….we are approaching Christmas but haikai hata…msooto

My 4yr old son is driving me crazy at home. I just take a novel and read coz if not I’ll cane him every min

Good morning Maina, Stress is just a mindset that negatively affect mind and its very dangerous if it advances to depression, so for me I’ve learnt to just live a stress free life and accept all that life gives me.

Forget social media Ita fake like…it’s like an exam you need to keep proving yourself everyday…You are a failure in person but successful in public…life of a lie.

Hello maina and kingangi, stress tuko nayo ni ya pesa tu aki….we are approaching Christmas Christmas tree but haikai hata…msooto

Maina am an ice cream and ice pop seller product from Lyons maid …now the biggest stress I have is when there is no sun can imagine I have to provide for my family sort out my chamas ..everyday and I also need to save for future and invest.

Kitu inani stress now ni Pesa to lakini Kuna ngine Sasa kubwaaaaaaaa kuliko stress cjui inaitwa aje?? Kuna mke wa wenyewe amekatalia kwangu. Maina Maina Maina Maina nitakufa Sasa 

Such opportunities are rare man…relax and enjoy.

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create. That’s what I believe 
Maina stress ni mingi. Hizi manyumba za Nairobi wanalipisha vyenye wanataka. Hapa Bahati 1 bedroom ni 16k na bado wanaleta barua za kuongezea na hakuna kazi. Nyumba yenyewe hatutoshei. Utakosa stress aje? Tumechoka.

Maina mi niliamua sitarudi kujiekelea stress nishikwe na ulcers bure, I tackle everyday as it comes. I change what I can and what I can’t change I accept and move on. Watu wa loan walibeba vitu but I don’t have a choice, I know when things will get better nitabuy zingine bora uhai.

Being unwell and the fear to go to the hospital.. especially now that you are not sure about NHIF..

Saa hii stress ina adamana na mashinda,all we’re left with is hope and prayers

Hakuna lingine

I can’t be broke offline and online too,

Everyone is rich online but vitu kwa ground ni different.

Police cars revolving lightFIRE BRIGADE Fire engine DANIEL MACHARIA Ambulance

Financial Crisis Knocking Door Every Morning #MainaAndKingangi

Nimeshindwa ata kulipa fees ya my daughter life is hard #MainaAndKingangi

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Maina is impressed with NMS county leader Badi but Kenyans are still a divided bunch

Today morning Maina Kageni’s conversation was a deviation from his regular bit on relationships. The man brought up the topic of the performance of Major General Mohamed Badi.

The general has been running Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) since Sonko’s deal with Uhuru in February this year and Maina has been very impressed.

“Badi is the new sheriff in town, is getting things done and he has been in office less than a year. Guys, tell me one person who comes close to Badi in terms of development?” Maina asked.

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

The majority of Kenyans praised the military man’s performance but some weren’t as keen on his performance and thought it was all hype.

Comments from the Kenyans are below:

I’m happy with the way this man has performed. Mungu amubariki kabisa and may God continue guiding him.

I want to tell Badi congratulations for what he is doing. These leaders need to work hard for their money

Let’s be honest he has done a lot. Nairobi ilikuwa inakaa vibaya sana. Badi is doing an amazing job.

What is all this hype about Badi? Whatever he’s doing is just PR! Iko wapi hosipitali amejenga?

If we have people like him in the barracks they should come out because he is doing a great job.

Not close yet there UHC medical professionals that have not been paid for over 4 months
What is he doing about it ..

No one,wasted resources with the benchmarking governors,who have done nothing. Thumbs up to the guy.

Unless he addresses roadside dumping in eastlando we aren’t seeing things done

Hamna kitu huyu jamaa amefanya. PR mamenos.

Kidero never performed, he was not replaced by army men, this is tribalism

What exactly has he done so far? I’m still seeing garbage everywhere, pot holes in my hood, insecurity bado iko, ni nini amefanya?

He has done absolutely nothing


This shouldn’t be a topic. NMS is an illegal entity and anything they shouldn’t be praised by any Kenyan of sound mind.

No Badi.

I like how the city is now clean& a little decongested!
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They demand maternity fees for their wives and hate you like satan – Maina told about toxic relatives

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i spoke about a topic that affects most Kenyan homes. That of relatives who pocket watch and expect you to give them money when they need it.

Maina asked, “Today we are talking about toxic relatives. Relatives who open WhatsApp groups to talk about you, who think your money is theirs. Guys, do you have toxic relatives and how do you deal with them?”

King’ang’i felt that one’s duty was to help their relatives when they needed it, saying, “Its your duty to help your relatives na wakikuja kwako kukaa wakaribishe.”

Most Kenyans however agreed that they had met toxic relatives, some of their experiences are below:

“Relatives are the worst kwanza side ya bwana. They think you are millionaires hao wako ushago hawajui venye nyinyi mnasurvive. You can become poor because of these people.”

Toxic relative’s will even demand for maternity fees for their wives and if you don’t they hate you like satan. It’s like you’re the owner of the pregnancy. I know one he even says his sister’s hate him cause he’s poor

“Generational debt is what’s pulling people down that’s why it becomes hard for people to succeed because you have an entire clan to feed.”

There is a time to help and a time to step back and let them experience their own consequences. It’ll be incredibly painful to watch and they may even try to guilt you into “helping” them.

This is where you need to implement boundaries and stay firm. “My wife and kids come first the rest can wait. Mimi kuniweka WhatsApp group nitatuma 50 bob hakuna shida. I want to urge people to put their families first.”

Some relative’s can be very toxic!! They will even destroy or misuse what you’ve sweat for in the name of “ako na pesa atanunui ingine”!They demand everything like they are your first priority.

Relatives some of them are full of burden and toxic the only person I can do anything for her is my mum and my brother the rest watch my back I don’t entertain nonsense and evil minds.

You have to say enough because this relative can make you die and they start saying alipata pesa nowadays amekua na maringo

“Maina toxic relatives are there! Helping is part of life but know it gets to a point you become enemies because they start demanding for things. They think you don’t have priorities.”

Relatives some of them are full of burden and toxic the only person I can do anything for her is my mum and my brother the rest watch my back I don’t entertain nonsense and evil minds.

Most of them make you feel like you owe them…do they even know the struggle of earning that money?

Today am even unable to changia to the topic.. i have lots of lazy cousins especially side ya my dad.. the most annoying thing is that no one is lame ..they all can work but kuomba omba kwanza end month is on another level kwanza they lack manners they demand

Nothing good like having such pipo, dawa yao avoid & stay far away from them. 

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They drink Jack Daniels like a man! Maina told about bibi mang’aa

Maina and King’ang’i spoke about wives who create chaos and suffering for their very loving husbands. The host was shocked that women like this (mabibi mang’aa) existed.

The presenter wondered how this could take place in a country where the men were reported to be the heads of homes. King’ang’i explained to him that it was happening more than people actually knew and that the husbands of these women were normally some of the coolest men out there.

I know my wife is cheating with many men and I can’t leave-Man tells Maina

Comments from listeners are below;

I can’t remember the last time I got home before my wife-A man sadly said about his bibi mang’aa.

Some times you visit someone and you see the way the wife behaves, I tell myself that I would like 10 minutes with that woman so that I can deal with her and make her a good wife-A man said.

Don’t such women know that they are inflicting fear on men who want to get marrie?-A woman asked.

Those kids called kababa are doomed. You are the head of the home and should behave as such. This women start by testing you. How can a man confess that his woman is seating on him? Leave her and go to another one that you can handle. Whether you are a billionaire, all women love an authoritative man-A man said.

Jacque Maribe’s father tenderly comforts distressed-looking Jowie(photos)

They are the first generation of women after the Beijing conference. That is why they are behaving like that-A man told Maina.

My grandfather once told me that there are no good women-A man told Mr. Kageni.

A woman has become like the men she is supposed to marry, drinking and acting like men-A woman told Mr. Kageni.

Those crazy women are there. Wanawake visirani wako. They should learn how to control their emotions. You don’t want to deal with one-A woman said.

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A man without money does not deserve love! Kenyan women tell Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i spoke about a big topic in most people’s relationships-money. Maina asked Kenyans whether it was true that a man’s relationship worth is determined by what he has?

“Apparently, there are women who look for men without money. Ladies, what are you going to do with a broke man?”

What did Kenyans have to say about this sentiment? Many agreed. Some of those fascinating comments are below:

“Maina wacha wanaume watafute pesa. A woman left me because I had no money and from that day nilisema nitatafuta hiyo pesa. Right now I’m doing so well.” 

“A man without money does not deserve love”

How your the man should lead aaaiii?

Money should not be a determinant factor in a relationship. One can have it today and tomorrow it’s gone, will that be the end of that relationship?

As a man if you don’t have money, enough to cater for the needs of your wife and children, you are doomed
MissNjogu( Mum Fiddy And Rita )

First things first, in this case, money and love are intertwined. Mwanaume ni wallet na si wallet tu, I mean good wallet 

Tell women the truth and you will end up making love to yourself – Man tells Maina

If you lack the 5M’s fix yourself oooohhhh money is included

Pesa Kwanzaa mapenzi baadae

If only your were mother dated Bill Gates and the likes otherwise they are just stories.

Don’t allow loyalty to keep you in situations, when common sense is saying… GET OUT!!!

Pesa muhimu kwani tutakula mapenzi,,hakuna sufuria za kupika mapenzi

We are a cursed GENERATION.

Pesa ni muhimu Tena sana, love itafwata.

Money can buy love…huh…

Replace money with vision

Are there broke women in society??

What makes men think that it’s easy to get wet for a broke man. It is a major struggle soo men should look for money be4 they look for love. 

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Tell women the truth and you will end up making love to yourself – Man tells Maina

Maina Kageni brought up an interesting conversation today that concerned men who lie to women while dating. The man was incredulous at the lengths to which men will go to get women they are dating enarmoured with.

Maina asked, “Kenyan men! Why do you borrow someone’s car and lie that it’s yours, live in a house you can’t afford? Why can’t you be honest with your women?

He also asked Kenyan ladies whether they had been with men who had lied to them only for the truth to come out later?

The answers were illuminating with both genders confirming that lying was indeed a feature of modern dating.

Some of those comments are below:

They don’t like the truth. If you don’t have money don’t tell them, let them find out the truth on their own. We are living a life of deceit! So we must lie to them by the time the find out wako ndani already.

Hiyo ni utoto…. You should let the lady know you from the beginning.. Let her know umeweka mattress chini unalala hapo, let her know you survive with one meal, let her know everything about you coz when she realizes later you lied your personality she will end up leaving you.

Lie until it becomes a lie no more, they also cheat on us, waende uko,, ikijulikana God anaingilia na anakutetea.

Women are told what they want to hear.

Tell them the truth and you will end up making love to yourself entirely!!!

I don’t agree with the caller hao watu lazima wadanganywe.

Tell us the truth we will love just they you are…. I believe when woman loves she loves for real good day

Fake It till you make that’s what they say

Women love lies.Tell the truth and never get married

Maina wanajua hudanganywa,that’s why as their daughters grow up they tell them usidanganywe haraka na mwanaume

The same way women fake themselves. maina av you met a woman who has faked her look with makeup??u sleep with Agnes u wake up next to steve. And being a man ain’t easy,Can u imagine someone daughter needing your money urgently??? Women av commodified themselves.

I was dating a guy who didn’t have money and I had my money so I was the one doing everything and when he gets money it was his. He was selfish and stingy. He wanted me to buy him a car and build him a house.”

I’m married and I lied to be with my wife by the time she realized the truth it was too late. Fake It till you make that’s what they say

Women love lies. Tell the truth and never get married

My boyfriend once told me that too. And am still in for it like a fool😂😂😂😂🙆‍♀️

Doesn’t make sense, to live borrowed life in the name pleasing another human being,

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