“I just wanted to be rich” Maina didn’t have dream career after KCSE


All Maina Kageni wanted after doing KCSE was to become rich, and he has done that, living lavishly.

Kageni revealed on Tuesday May 11th, that he had no idea what career to pursue unlike so many other candidates at his time who wanted to become doctors, engineers and other high achieving goals.

The revelation did not surprise Mwalimu Kingangi who said it was perhaps why Maina dropped out of college in the UK to do small small hustles.”wewe ulikula pesa ya shule”.


Maina told Kingangi “I didn’t even know what I wanted to be. I was to go to university but I didn’t report”

An embarrassed Maia insisted however that for him, getting money was his priority as he recalled skipping college.

He did not set career goals and achieve them because as he added “I had nothing specific. I just wanted to be rich”

Dear Classic 105 fam, are you currently doing what you studied for, or did life happen?

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“I have never heard it before” Maina says about mkono wa bwana

Club goers can attest to the fact that gospel songs hit different when enjoying a drink.

While the gospel song rules our airwaves, Dj’s in the clubs as well ensure they get the same airplay and revelers love them.

And Classic 105 fans were recently amused to hear Maina Kageni allege that he has never heard the song ‘Mkono wa Bwana’.

“I have never heard the song before, ati it’s popular? where? I have never heard it before”

An amused Mwalimu told him that “It’s the drunkards national anthem, they are a group from Tanzania called Zabron singers”

Maina responded sounding even more confused “ati zabron singers, ok, then. What do you want me to say?

A frustrated Mwalimu then indicated he was done “utanionesha maneneo hapa”

The song currently has 35million views and was uploaded in 2016. Classic 105 fans commented how much they love the song below:

Gakuru Racheal
thanks maina for that song mkono wa bwana at this tyme my dad is admitted at the hos we are hoping all will be well

Stella Kenyanya
Vile Mkono wa bwana hushika after third bottle,let me look for this one.

bet Kipsat™
Nimeona mkono wa Bwana
My favorite song in Club
Ikifka 7 30PM wanaanza kuweka kitambo ilikua ya 3AM

Dear Classic 105 fam, what other gospels songs are popular in clubs? Tumsifu bwana yesu.

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“Kamba men are also very romantic!” King’ang’i tells Maina in dispute about Nigerian men

Deputy President William Ruto over the weekend hosted his in-laws at his Karen home, during the engagement party of his first-born daughter June Ruto.

June is said to be marrying her Nigerian boyfriend, who alongside his family members visited Ruto’s family.

Maina Kageni tackled this topic of Nigerian men marrying Kenyan women in droves. He said : “Kenyan men don’t like spending money on their women. Nigerian men know how to treat their women,” he added.

“Why are Kenyan men hating on Nigerian men?” the host asked.

But Mwalimu King’ang’i had a contrasting viewpoint arguing that men from his Kamba community were very romantic. “The last time I checked Kamba men are also very romantic,” the comedian noted.

Check out some comments from Kenyans responding to Maina’s assertion below;

Kenyan men hawawezi fikia Nigerian men.

Let them go to Nigeria with empty fantasy lifestyle.

Roysambu and Kasarani has high number of gays, most of them Nigerians guys.

Kwa Pesa Wako Mbele, But When it Comes to Love Matter Kenyan Men Tuko Juu.

Kwani Maina wewe sio Kenyan man…keep praising hao niaja broke men.

There’s no poor Nigerian in Kenya, same case happens to Kenya men in outside countries.

If being bought for Alcohol and meat then going for a group fuck is what u call spending then my sister we can’t compare to Nigerians.

Wee ooliskia wapi mniger anapata 20k end month but nyumba analipa 50k.

Tunajua wanataka hao akina oga brothers but sisi ndio tuko.

Hahhaa if u haven’t worked with the oga men don’t even start talkin abt their romance n great love wueh these can buy the world fr a lady bt nakwambia wat happens later I pity our ladies coz hata their own don’t like them.

About the call for that lady regarding Kenyan men,I left my boyfriend dressing up in the bedroom,all of a sudden namuona akinifwata and he says he loves,na hajawahi niambia ananipenda asubuhi😂😂😂 kumbe kimtu kimeangusha nguo zote nimetoka kukunja😂😂

Nigerian men are smooth talkers and can thus pass their way through any tough fix. These Man are friendly, Caring, hardworking and respects their culture and tradition.

Especially if you get those Nigerian men who are matured and settled and established as June has done…my sisto..u are settled for life..the man will treat you like a queen you are..hutawai teseka.

Let them go and taste that love Maina but the problem is they are taking our top cream and we are just sitting and throwing stones to Igbo community.

Nigerian men are smooth talkers and can thus pass their way through any tough fix. These Men are friendly, caring, hardworking and respect their culture and tradition.

This easy wash wash money these Nigerians have is just for show and our ladies end up falling for it when in real sense they own NOTHING…..kenyan men are the sure bet for a long-term relationship full of investments from babies to assets.

I see no good in the so-called Nigerian men. I am a Kenyan woman I will go nowhere else looking for a man, if not Kenyan. It depends on the choice and how you handle each other. Hasara tupuuuuu.

Mimi nikipata Nigerian man wallai maina sitafikiria mara ya pili ,ntaingia na viatu Kwa box mbioSmiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes.

Nigerian men ni moto ya kuotea mbali hata mimi I generalize them even in EUROPE they do their shoddy deals and mistreat their own women mimi nikiwaona ni Miguu nitete.

Is Nigeria short of cute and sharp ladies? Why are their men running away from them? Then the culture Maina is talking about is for the high end, let’s discuss the common Nigerian man.

Maina even us we know it but no opportunity.

Tell them to go and be married by them…sisi hatujui mapenzi ndio tuko.

Nigerian men are loud and obnoxious. These are the same characteristics Kenyan women have. I guess they deserve each other.

Nigerian men nawajaka hucheza ligi moja kwanza akikaliwa chapati.

Such should have taken place at Sugoi home, not Karen DP residence.

These women drive Kenyan men crazy to an extent of Kenyan men being unromantic.

It’s only by much searching and mining, are gold and diamonds obtained, and man can find happiness from a woman he loves and she reciprocates,some women are looking for properties and not true love some of these marriages don’t last there are dramas.

Maina there are still romantic men in Kenya & not from western only as you say,and not all Nigerian men are romantic or treat their ladies.

My conclusion our Kenyan men are the best.

Kenyan women just go for monied Nigerian men. Show me one married to a broke Nigerian

The time your brought the Chairperson of Chamber of commerce to the show, the show was educative. The rest has always been mshene.

Kenyans Men Are Always Romantic, Mwalimu Ni Pesa Naleta Shida, Kama Huna Pesa Wanasema Kenyan Men are not Romantic.

The question should be, if they are so romantic as they put it, why don’t they then marry their own? Why come to Kenya or any other place??

Wenye wako kenya wako na pesa bana wacha wapate wale fukara wa chini tuone Kama hawatakuja hapa kenya mbio.

Lakini sisi ndio tuko.

Let’s check on Emmy kosgei she first test on Nigeria suitor anaeza kuwa na hushuuda tosha.

Wacha na hao,ni wivu tu.

King’angi’ wacha kujidanganya.

If a man doesn’t spend money on a lady or makes her a priority that’s a red flag na Hakuna kitu ya kuongelelea..

Absolutely,,,ni wagumu.kama mugumo tree.

Let me tell you maina..I feel bad for kenyan women..imagine their men dont spend money on them..and its written on their constitution that men should spend 75% of their salary on women. I think IG should start investigating this matter. Its against the law..really sad

Nigeria men just know the trap on Kenyan lady is money and that’s why they say Kenyan ladies are cheap nothing to compare here Maina.

Not really the case Depends on where the relationship lies.

A man never invests in a place he ain’t Gaining nooo.

Punda amechoka. Walisema we are equal.

Hakuna Haja Uharibu Pesa Bure

Mbona mnasema ukweli Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy #MainaAndKingangi

I love Nigerian men. These Kenyan men don’t even tell you they love you.

U don’t need to tell them. Hidden love is like a hidden treasure. We always keep them guessing. Nonetheless Kenyan women have much love, no need of reciprocating.

I can’t Be Your Slave Ndio Nikuonyeshe Nakupenda Kaaari Gani.

I want my mom to regret rejecting the love of my life! 32-year-old man tells Maina

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation today touched on a topic that is rarely spoken about but affects many people in relationships.

That is, the issue of parents rejecting a person that someone was dating. “Guys, have you ever taken someone home and your parents said no?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i himself said, “Parents see far! Uliza wale hawakusikiza wazazi wao kulienda aje?”

Comments from Kenyans who responded to the show are below;

My mum once told my brother not to marry the village lady he was dating, but he went forward and married her. Today, he still regrets why he could not heed my mother’s words. All that she told him came to pass.

For me, I really wish I listened.

It’s too late to wish.

Maina mambo, kwani ni mum anamlisha aiii wazazi nao.

Parents see far than their children see.

My mother told me not to marry my ex-wife but nikakataa then one year later what she was telling me came to pass.

These are same gender, usibishane, wanajuana, mothers have then final say even if you are blinded with love. Mother’s see far, I always follow her.

Angekwambia sababu na wewe unge reason pia haha.

Uku north rift there is a norm or let me call it an ancestral culture that there are some families whom you can’t marry from I meant they won’t stay at all. So when you are warned not to you have to adhere to it.

My mother warned me but I ignored her. I got married to this guy for 11yrs. I got 2kids. I went through hell for 11yrs. We eventually got separated. My mother reminded me why I should have listened to her. I regret to date not having listened to her.

I went to my parent nikawaambia now am ready to settle na nitawaletea Mjaluo. My mum stood up akaniambia wee sitaki mjaluo kwangu umezunguuka ukaona ulete mjaluo. Waah am tellin vita started there my dad never talked aliniambia talk to ua mother. The rest ni history.

I dated this girl for four years but my mother did not approve because she’s Kamba. So had to break up with her then I dated a Kikuyu pia huyo tukaachana na yeye.

Mimi Mum alikataa The Love Of My Heart So I’ve Decided Nitaishiii Hapa Kwake Nikiwa Single Hadi achokee. Na Mimi Am Now 32yrs Old Happily Single And Not Searching. She Has To Regret Rejecting My Spouse.

Do you know many men out here are suffering because of their mothers???

I think if you see man suffering this is caused by his own mother…

Mothers have an intuition plus sometimes they’re aware of people’s backgrounds than we do.


My mum she can’t control my marriage, I have a choice to choose what I want.

Your life lies on your decisions so let’s take time before rushing to marriage.

Let me tell you Maina, the senate will pass this bbi thing..even our mothers can’t do anything about it..I don’t know what to do…should I support my mother or go against her will!!!

This is a very serious story many people are married with people their family never wanted but life must continue love is for two and kids tosha.

Sometimes the mother is right, sometimes she’s not. The best thing is to get the reason for disapproval from her.

You should have married what your heart desired.

Kwani mama yake ndio wataishi naye milele…bibi ni wake ama ni wa mamake…

Mom can see your future.

Oa mamayako.


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You told Suluhu something naughty! Leonard Mambo Mbotela tells Uhuru

During Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu’s state visit to Kenya, she noted a few things about Kenyans.

And top most on her mind was our ‘terrible’ use of Kiswahili. She was amused that we have not mastered Kiswahili and even noted that

“We were every pleased with your decision to begin to use Kiswahili language in parliament .That is what makes me listen to Kenya parliamentary proceedings. I love your swahili. Your swahili has a lot of teasers .Those alone are sufficient entertainment.”


Now even President Uhuru who impresses most of us with his mastery of Kiswahili, has been faulted for saying something hat could very well mean a naughty thing.

Legendary media personality Leonard Mamabo Mbotela called in to the Classic 105 7am morning discussion to correct something Uhuru said about signing where he said ‘nitahakikisha wametia kidole’.

Leonard told Maina that ‘there is someone I want to correct when madam Suluhu was here. He said kutia kidole. “Nadhani ni kupiga signature juu kuweka kidole hio ni mambo ingine, kutia kidole ni mambo ingine jee huu ni ungwana ”

Maina was left in fits of giggles when he realized just what Mambo Mbotela meant.

Maina also took the moment to brag about Mambo Mbotela

“I can’t get over the fact that a legend called in. You are simply the best why lie. Weuh how many people can say that they were called by Leonard, eh? He said something very important that President Suluhu noted about our Kiswahili. That kutia kidole ni kitu tofauti kabisa, aki no wonder you are a teacher aki you have taught the President something very important aki,

” Aki Jayden, even you have learnt a lesson. We need to normalize speaking proper Kiswahili ”

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Will you marry the women you incite when they divorce us? Maina asked

Maina Kageni aroused the fires within many men today when he spoke about the recent divorce between Bill Gates and Melinda Gates.

“On Tuesday the world woke up to the shocking news that tech billionaire Bill Gates and his wife Melinda gates were getting a divorce after being married for 27 years. Leaving the fate of a $146 billion fortune and America’s largest philanthropic foundation up in the air.” the radio host said.

He then opined, “I believe every month your wife should be given pocket money. Guys, what do think your wife deserves?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i himself spoke on why most Kenyans chose to separate instead of divorcing, “No wonder Kenyans separate because divorce is so expensive,” he said.

Some of the comments from Kenyans are below;

I think she deserves 80 %. Tuongee tu ukweli. You find a clean house, a clean baby, food fit for a king eeee hiyo kazi yote, you wear clean clothes. Women do alot of work. Ok handOk handOk hand They deserve better.

What of what the man has to do to provide?

The only thing my wife deserves from me ni angoje nitoke achukue viti na tv atoroke nazo na watoto, and note ni atoroke, conducive environment gani na alioleka kwangu for what I have.

There’s nothing in this world like peace of mind, greatest wealth ever, stop putting pressure on men.

The only thing she will go with is HOPE juu sina any ya kugawa.

I think it’s lawful since most men get ideas of how to earn money from their wife’s so the split is necessary.

If they wannna leave…aende bila kitu .waende watafute wafeel uzito ya kazi …

Love , quality time and lot’s of attention.

As good as she gives.

Sasa you incite all these ladies wakiwacha hawa wanaume utawaoa?

We know all those rights lakini wewe unaincite saana. Your time is coming very soon.

Kuna wale wanaume wanatokanga na tunguo tu pekee.

Pocket money is good I mean I also give my wife some ata kama she’s employed just to make sure nmemlipia saloon a few dresses and shoes but hii ingine ya 50/50 let the will I will write be the final say!

I would advice every woman to get a married document don’t entertain come we stay that way it’s easier for them to get their share according to the law in case the marriage doesn’t work.

But it was ruled sometimes back that 50/50 is only allowed to what the couple made together. Not what s/he found the other with.

Pocket money for what for stressing me or?

I would suggest everything to be divided by the number of people. For instance if a man is married with three children. Igawanywe Kati ya watu watano. Man to ge 1/5 if he is not going live with the children. The wife to get her 1/5 plus 3/5 za watoi.

Women to be given money end month by their husband????? This is blackmailing. Men are also human beings & have feelings too & to be treated well. Maina why do people get married?

Behind every successful man there is a woman.

That should be scraped our mothers should replace that…Maina weka your mam there! Period.

The law of the land is harsh to boychild akiyaaoooo.

Most women don’t know their rights in Kenya very unfortunate.

Chris Kirubi is successful. Very for that matter. But he is not married. Who said behind every successful man there’s a woman? Then the woman is the mother not a stranger.

This is the reason we as men tuna andikisha plots na majina ya our mothers this wives at times are parasites.

Kwani aren’t they humans. I believe they should.

Men save yourselves from slavery …. #MGTOW

Aty pocket money every month, that’s blackmail.

Etii pocket money.

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Matiangi hana kazi kabisa! Maina told after plan to limit marriages within police force

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation today was about Interior CS, Fred Matiang’i’s plan to ban men and women serving in the National Police Service from dating and marrying.

“Moving forward, it will be illegal for a police officer to date or get married to a fellow law enforcement officer. If it happens that two police officers fall in love, then one has to leave the Service.” said Fred Matiang’i

Maina then asked Classic105 listeners for their take, even asking police officers who fell foul of the rule what they thought of it.

“How is this a problem? And if you are married to a person in uniform how will this work?” the host asked.

Mwalimu King’ang’i himself was in total agreement with the Interior CS’s plan saying, “I agree with Matiang’i kabisa!”

Kenyans chimed in with mixed responses, with some in support and some others not happy about Matiang’i’s plan to legislate where/when a person can fall in love.

Read some of the comments below;

This thing is not about marriage only Maina I think there is a big reason eg ranking and other delicate issues within the force.

Now the question is where are these people supposed to get girlfriends. This does not make sense. It means the job is important than love. It’s like rocket science hard to understand 🤷‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

I think it’s the right decision, I know of a couple, the lady dropped out of the force because the husband was in it too. The family is happy, the lady has explored other options and they are growing successfully from both sides.

This should be duplicated to other professions, coz if you marry from the same profession at a given time you both become bored coz of doing same thing/job and life turns chaotic na hapo dio mwisho wa hiyo doa.

With the recent cases witnessed I support the move. It will reduce the rate of sexual and domestic cases within the disciplined forces. We also call on him to extend the move to the health sector.

So we are looking forward to divorces in those forces. I think there will be a problem somewhere along the way. 🤔🤔🤔

Soon the ban will be effected on all Gov’t departments and private entities.

Yeap. I support Matiangi. Marriage is prone to chaos. Disagreement. What do you think will happen wakizozana na everyone is armed.??

It’s a good idea but how will it be implemented??? Will the same police be used to implement it or will he do it by himself 🤔🤔atakua akienda nyumba zao kuchungulia kama wameoana🙄🙄😫

There is no putting boundaries in love affairs the key point is control at work given period.

Hiyo issue ni kizungumkuti. Na wale wanaingia forces kutafuta love itakuaje.

Matiangi hana kazi kabisaa..

I support matiangi on this Maina, wasipeleke emotions kwa job na wako armed.

Imagine Maina umkopeshe dem wako pesa, unajua ile kitu umesleep nayo, hautamharakisha alipe! So it’s the same weakness having an affair or friendship with a junior officer, it will be hard to execute orders in line with the job…

This is nonsense. Allow people to mingle freely in the age, gender and profession of their choice.

An alternative solution should be brought in. Marriage is one of the unconditional rights in the constitution and limiting it to one is kind of infringing someone’s right.

How will young officers in the force get fiancees yet they work 24/7 imagine those posted in wajir and are kiks, kaus luos ,they can only marry fellow officer . here its only common sense and logic.

I think Matiang’i is right because police force is a very crucial department and when love matters come in for sure there will be underperformance leave alone killing each other.

So what about the relationship that is within them where will they take them, this is like telling pastors not to marry among themselves, this will now scare people from getting married to police

So this is one of the police reforms? Mediocrity in this country is at a unique level.

So now a police officer won’t be allowed to marry the love of their life if it happens to be a fellow officer! Fuck the system, that’s bullshit!!!!

Chances are, you’re going to end up broken-hearted, and when that happens, the consequences might be unbearable.

Kuna mtu amecheza na kitu ya Matiang’i uko kwa police service.

Be clear Classic. Senior police officers not to date or marry across other ranks (junior officers).

The arrogance with house girl akikatiwa na hubby is exaggerated, what about police from Kiganjo, Matiang’i is right. Most organisations have that law, jobs can’t move/done perfectly.

Ni kazi ingine hakuna ama why are we even having this shitty conversation..

How about dealing with corrupt leaders first.

Ni vitu cmerarukia matiang’i iyo n upuzi.

Maina.. hii haiwezi make.. matiangi ats afanye nini.. it can’t work.. it can’t

Geuka kijana ama nikuweke pingu,acha hao watu waoane

A tall order indeed.

What CS Fred Matiang’i is doing is not fair. Let them marry each other. They are also human beings.

The decision is not the best. May be transferring the officers to different stations.

Love is a word consisting of two vowels, two consonant, and two fools.

Waoane tu sisi raia hata hatuja complain, why is Matiangi forcing them on us then he must be aware they are “wild”. Naanzaje kukula serikali mimi.

Marriage has no boundaries let them enjoy.

In police training centers that’s where the problem is, can they be taught also life skills and how to manage their emotions, Not only brutal exercises?

The only problem I see is dating your fellow colleague kwa station .. but for all the other reasons I also need some explanation.

In the Bible when David loved the wife of a low-ranking officer, he organized for the officer to be on the front line of a battle, which resulted in his death and David took his wife. Matiangi ako sawa.

Banning marriages is extreme. They should put up a restriction on office relationships so that they can date out of working areas say a different town or different ranks as long as it’s not within your division …. **

I refuse to have this nonsensical conversation. It doesn’t make sense at all.

Can he talk more of gun galore how his people rent guns and uniforms

Matiangi is wrong.

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Would Kenyans elect a female president? Maina Kageni asks

’The morning conversation today touched on politics and not relationships as it usually does. Maina Kageni spoke about the rise of female empowerment and used the example of Justice Martha Koome who has been nominated as the next Chief Justice.

Maina then asked what would be the possibility of one day of waking up to the front page of the star reading madam president? He then asked, “Would Kenyan women vote for their fellow women? Are we ready as a country for a female president?”

Read Kenyan’s comments below

My dear brothers let us have faith in our ladies that they can also make great leaders out there and stop ridiculous ego that men should be the kingpin in every corner.

The country is always there and many would love to see a female president. Women should come up outstanding though they haven’t shown courage and determination, few that were entrusted have not given a prove that we can count on them.

Maybe TANZANIAN women wewe uliona Kenyan Women vile walionge kuhusu Madam president Salama Man facepalmingMan facepalmingnaata sio president wao.

We are ready for any woman who has the ability to be. Martha was not appointed because she is a woman. The job description and qualifications did not have a female aspect. It’s about a person who could do the job!

Too much jealous among us, it’s impossible unless we start practicing love and unity among ourselves for a better tomorrow.

These people hate each other… They can’t be genuine with one another how will they vote for her to take the big seat.

If your wife or mother cooked tea in the morning,you are not ready!!

It’s already been tried, Hillary Clinton, Remember?

Yes, we would. We’ve realised the strength in coming together for a common goal.

Whether we’re ready or not, this country desperately needs a fresh start!!

Yes,, very ready, it’s time for women’s revolution.

Women wako na chukua migi Sana among themselves.

We’ll see come next general elections. Ok hand

Women are their own enemies.

Maina Women are enemies of themselves so hiyo sahau. Secondly hapa Kenya having a woman president is next to impossible. Huku hakutakalika bwana we would be forced to seek refuge somewhere else labda Uganda.

Haha hyo species skuizi nkama haina gender.

Ladies will never support each other, that is the white truth.

Yes, I would coz why not!

Adui wa mwanamke ni mwanamke

Maina wale tukonao wamefanya nini? Hawa mawomen rep wamefanya kazi gain?

Maina He has asked a really important question apo kwa What has the current ones done… But there are few who have worked and has always fought for positive changes… Iron lady Madam Karua Smiling face with sunglasses…

Same goes for the men. They are not doing any worse than the men.

Yeah. They will just offer biased leadership. Hopes non comes to be president.

Enyewe, we have governors, senators, MCAs and Women reps who are women,,but still this country has got a problem.

Lord laro said women will rule this world in time to come .. Its time

Leo siko na wewe am with mwalimu..am trying to relate how it can be,wuuuui wacha ikae.

Aki wakenya.

Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat Nothing per say.

Why are Kenyan men bitter about Martha Koome being the next CJ? Tell these men to respect women.

Which men are bitter? Koome earned it. Wacheni ku-blame men in everything. Wtf! Sisi tuko sawa.

A change is as good as a rest but Kenyan men are scared of women leadership. Not bcoz they don’t trust ladies but they are afraid of tilting the leadership ladder. Change is coming and it’s starting with

Change is as good as rest, remember when Martha Karua tried to campaign for the presidential election men were not up to the task, we are all equal.

The idea of having two females who are a dedicated FIDA supporters holding so much power is disaster in a feminist country

Some very pertinent issues were raised by appeallant . That the law requires committee chaired by the DCJ Mwilu. That the law requires that the candidates declare their and family wealth before the exercise. Is it that the panel misjudged this or they were ignorant of it?

As men we are not worried only if she uses the powers as Wangu wa Makeri.

Woman power,,, congratulations to nominated chief justice Martha Koome

Its time Kenyan men accepted the fact that women can and will always make a different touch in everything they touch.. all the bile with men is just too much.

This was not stage-managed Martha deserved it congrats madam justice.

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A marriage sabbatical could save your relationship Maina advises

A horrified Mwalimu Kingangi could not fathom that couples can take a break in their marriage to go recharge, and all he wanted to know is where his wife Mwaongeli would go, and to do what.

This unfathomable thought was discussed on Tuesday morning in a conversation about marriage sabbaticals that couples are being encouraged to take.

Maina gave the example of his female friend who confessed to him that this break is what could save a marriage. Maina told a disbelieving caller on air that “you are still committed to him, he is still committed to her, you just take a break. She is on a marriage sabbatical and it’s working wonders. You will not fall in love with someone else because that’s not your intention” Maina said .

But co host Mwalimu wondered “aende wapi na afanye nini?Married
“I’m not encouraging cheating it’s just something that works” Maina defended after listeners told him he is complicating this thing.

Adding that “so you rebuild the heart, absence makes the heart grown fonder, would you consider going on a sabbatical?

But Mwalimu wouldn’t hear of this suggesting “yani Mwongeli aende a whole year na simu anazima? mimi nakuambia hiyo story imeisha kabla ianze, ukingia kwa hiyo insitutution it is the only institution where you don’t graduate”


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Maina Kageni’s travels during his Tembea Tujenge Kenya tour have been epic!

Kenyans have been urged to embrace domestic tourism during this Covid-19 pandemic period. Tembea Kenya, an initiative of some top brands aimed at boosting local tourism, has asked Kenyans to sample the country’s attraction sites.

Local tourism, according to Tembea Kenya ambassadors, would break the boredom occasioned by the lockdown imposed on at least five counties.

The initiative’s Ambassador Maina Kageni urged Kenyans especially locals within Nairobi, Machakos, Kiambu and Kajiado uner lock down to tour tourism attraction sites within the four counties.

“Let’s embrace domestic tourism even as we continue to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the only way we can revitalise our economy,” said Maina.

Speaking in Machakos County during the launch of the Tembea Tujenge Kenya quarter three campaign, however, asked Kenyans to observe the Ministry of Health coronavirus measures in order to curtail the spread of the deadly virus.

“Tembea Tujenge Kenya’s mission is to inspire new strategies for positioning the sector for long-term sustainable growth,” Maina said.

“Domestic tourism provides an immense opportunity for contribution to national priorities such as economic growth, job creation and poverty alleviation.”

Maina spoke when his Tembea Kenya team paid a courtesy call to Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua.

Mutua revealed that his government had already set the stage for the development of domestic tourism in the county.

“In Machakos County, we lead while others follow. We have established modern places that support domestic tourism. Our County was also the first one to cushion residents and visitors from the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Mutua.

The efforts of Tembea Tujenge Kenya together with the sponsors is aimed at stimulating and accelerating the growth of domestic tourism.

So fa, Tembea Kenya has visited the counties of Kajiado, Laikipia, Nakuru, Mombasa, Bungoma, Taita Taveta, Kwale Kirinyaga, Lamu and Nairobi.

During the visits, the team has showcased the breathtaking diversity of the country’s natural beauty.

During the visits, the teams demonstrate how hotels and restaurants have adapted to changing requirements and best practice for the establishment of biosecurity protocols that reduce Covid-19 transmission risks in their establishments.

The initiative has also highlighted the improved roads infrastructure in at least 21 counties showing also the impact made to domestic and local businesses.

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Better to hold on to the devil you know…Maina told about leaving toxic relationships

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation today was a deep dive into a quote from Baba-A term Kenyans affectionately ascribe to politician Raila Odinga.

The former PM had spoken about terrible relationships where he said, “It is unfortunate that after winning their partner’s heart, instead of going on to cherish and love them, some suddenly turn physical. If you cannot reconcile, then, leave.”

This prompted Maina to follow up and ask, “If you are in a toxic relationship why are you still there? Guys, why is it so hard to leave?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i for his part had this to say, “It’s not that easy to leave. Unatoka unaenda wapi? Na mtaambia wazazi nini?”

Many Kenyans chimed in with their own anecdotes. Some said they couldn’t leave because of the kids while others said the fear of criticism from family and society was also a consideration.

Others said that they stayed hoping that their partners would change while other Kenyans said that their peace of mind was more important than keeping a marriage alive.

Some of the comments are below;

Sometimes people stay in toxic relationships because of; 1. The children lose a lot when parents separate. 2. Pressure from the parents, society, and at times the status quo.

Maina your life matters… your happiness matter….hawa wasee wa kuimpress family….what is my family my foot…endelea kuambiwa utauliwa…and you stay…will come and sing safiri salama… Your happiness matters matters…Period…walk away.

Marriage is different from dating unless you understand the two……..is when you can either stay or walkout.

Some people stay in toxic relationships because they feel that something will change. Their partner will finally listen to them, or their dynamic will eventually shift, or they will finally convince their partner to transform a toxic part of them.

They are afraid to stand out and say they made a wrong move hoping things shall change only to end up in the grave or time wasted.

Maina you should first show us your date or wife before you break someones…

True. You should just leave.

Don’t force love….. don’t force yourself in a marriage just pack & go.

Mine I left everything I had and started afresh.

I suggest they do away with the “for worse” part and “for better” remain. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Otherwise the worse is more you can wait “for better” to come and die before you taste it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Maina toxic is toxic. There’s no better way to sugar coat it. The problem with some of us is that we count material things instead of walking away. Until something bad happens is when you think of stepping out.

Don’t just walk away from marriages….rem you have a place u call your home but your children have nowhere to go….plz u r hurting us children.

Getting out of a relationship is not easy as you think, neither healing a broken heart too is not easy, so you can not basically believe that walking out is the best option.

There will never be a perfect human ata ukitoka hutapata anyone better than the one you leaving, hold on to the devil you know…

It’s so hard to leave when you’ve been together for a long time, achieved a lot together and children looking up to you, there’s a force that tries to convince you that he/she will change.

Only the faint-hearted ones find it hard to let go like their world revolves around their errant infidel spouses.

A lot of people stay because of the kids forgetting that once those kids grow and leave your house then WHAT?

Leaving is not the best solution, two parties should come together, sit down and decide the way forward.

People are crazy out there. Mimi naleft ata nikiwa na 10 children. Investments and society are not enough reason to sacrifice my peace. I ain’t Jesus y’all. People should normalize lefting toxic relationships in every sect.

People are afraid to be called single ….okay continue staying, we will be here to type RIP.

Toxic relationships don’t just weigh in your mind they show physically. That’s why so many men and women are walking around with stress bellies which are linked to diseases. Matambis don’t lie. Walk away from whacked-up relationships that weigh you down.

I’m not trying to make a divorce a ‘happy’ occasion, but I do believe that if you are in a toxic marriage, a divorce can be a happy occasion.

Utamu wa Ndoa ni kusumbuana Maina anapack anapenda wapi …..No marriage is 100% perfect…..

Why raise a kid in a toxic environment? If things aren’t working out…find a way to co-parent. Peace is essential in every person’s life.

Kids cement the bond.

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Tell my ex-bf who listens to Classic to return the boxers I bought him! Lady tells Maina

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation today was about the suffering many silent men go through-That of women who shout at their men!

He asked men what they would do if their woman shouts at them? But the conversation took an unforeseen turn after Mwalimu King’ang’i’s contribution saying, “Ladies, when you do something for your man must you remind him?”

Many men had a lot to complain about with one woman shocking Kenyans when she said that she wanted her ex to return the boxers she had bought him when they were dating.

Check out some more of the comments below;

Wengine apa wanakubuyia socks pair mbili alafu wanaenda wakitangazia watu vile walikuinua kimaisha. Kenyan ladies apana

Not really, anything I give you is yours for the taking, if you leave, leave with everything I don’t wanna see anything of you, that will remind me of you.

Most ladies we do something expecting something in return be it adoration, monogamy, tu uzuri hapa na pale so if it doesn’t work makumbushano inaanza immediately.

These ladies are also forgetting what we men do to them. What if we also decided to expose them as they are exposing us. Maina waambie tumenyamazia mengi.

It’s women nature,….it’s in their DNA,….when everything is rosy and merry she will buy everything for you, wacha mkosane, that’s when ata majirani watajua ulikua unanuliwa boxer.

Ebu ask them Mwalimu. Tenda wema nenda zako!!!

Nashangaa pia… Ata akibuy hatukujua mbona atangaze wakipart ways????

Akikupea mwambie utalipa ndio atasahau.

Yes..men are very forgetful.

These are the generations of Lot’s wife..there so salty

Maina mimi ex wangu nilimnunulia boxers, nguo na watch. I know he listens to Classic 105 so tell him nataka anirudishie hizo vitu zote nilinunua.

Maina mmy kuna siku nilikataa gift then tukakosana kwenye aliland after break up akampee unfortunately walikosana tukapata now the lady alikuwa anaitisha ile gift.

I am a giver, I don’t expect you to return anything, you’ll take me for lunch or breakfast n I’ll be delighted to pay the bill, this is me.

Na wanaume wana nunua magari na wana nyamaza ,sasa saa na chupi ndio unatupigia hii kelele yote?? Wacha kujiaibisha.

Maina I hope now umeelewa these daughters of jezebel, you been having their backs but they really don’t deserve it.

I have a friend of mine, wakikosana na bibi yake. Bibi huchukuwa boxers zote juu ni yy hununulia bwana. Ladies what’s wrong with you? Fortunately, I don’t wear boxers so when I get married, and she happens to take all of them, it won’t affect me.

Someone bring me some JD, I need to fantasize this one well.

Akinunua anyamaze. Time ulimnunulia hatukujua, Sahi mmekosana unataka arudishe. Za nini?

Maina how comes they remember everything they have done on us while us when we part we even talk of that na wametukula pesa since day one ya kudate.

These things they buy for them are done out of goodwill as a husband and wife relationship, then why complain when things go her way.

This tells you why men no longer want to marry.

Women are just noisemakers.

If a woman shouts at you, she has reached her limit and out of frustrations.

Am lucky my woman doesn’t shout at me… Respect them, they will respect you.

They use what they bought for their Men to bully them, intimidate, settle scores and express their outrageous frustrations after realizing that these men cannot live to their expectations and provide to them what they had desired to have in her marriage life.

Personally, I don’t know how to shout but I wish I had the guts of such women. You shout to him once it becomes a warning ⚠️

I know several who shout to their significant other. Sema drama. 😱😱😱It’s a talent to live with a woman like that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

It is not our wish to shout at them but the pain we feel.

I mean raise your voice at me… And it’s that.

Never saw my mum shout at my dad, I can’t tolerate the same

Men should first create a peaceful environment if they want peace of mind!!You take your woman through hell then expect her to be calm? Shame on you!!!

You give her shit, that’s exactly what you gonna get in return

Ukimwambia ni loan hawezi kumbuka. Atangoja ulipe.

It’s pain that she has been exposed to by the guy Maina. Being there for him in his thicks and thins alafu on getting the job anamistreat publicly. #Women won’t die in silence.

Women will never assist you and shut mouth, men don’t allow themselves to be assisted by ladies,

Women are wicked and they will die like that.

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If we break up, then the next man you date should take care of our child – Mwalimu King’ang’i

The conversation Maina Kageni started today concerned the issue of men taking care of their kids after they have split from the mother of the child.

He asked, “Guys, how do you expect another guy to take care of your child?” Mwalimu King’ang’i for his part said, “Tukiachana ni hivyo pia huyo mwingine asaidie.”

This prompted Maina to ask Kenyan men, “What makes you think that your responsibilities end when you separate as a couple?”

The comments to this topic were largely split along gender lines, with many men supporting King’ang’i’s viewpoint. Check out the comments below;

It’s a good investment the man will take a mature kid after 18 good years. Investment will have reached maturity.

What if the mother to the child never wanted to let me have the child to take care of…..akaamue kwenda Na yeye?…. Mwingine asaidie pia.

They should learn to stick to one woman not just roaming around with different women then instead of being responsible wanasema eti ni biashara…How now?

Their mothers go with them. Out of sight out of mind.

Am married, with 2 girls but the man of house doesn’t care what we eat, clothes hata school fees I pay for them n he literally has no time for his kids yet they all look alike.

It’s unfortunate but 90% of men worldwide think like King’ang’i. The loser is the child who, often times is never part of the transfer deal.

A true man is measured by his responsibilities. If your union ends with the woman, it does not end with your children. a good man takes care of his kids regardless of their relationship with the woman.

It’s just simple.. I’ll assist my kid if he/she is in my house… How am I even sure if I send the support kitty my son/daughter enjoys it to the fullest without the other man’s kid depending on the same kitty??

Kabisa Mwalimu!! Mkiachana Ni hivyo don’t go bothering someone, Kwanza wakiona umeanza zero Tena with someone else and you happy ndo wanaanza kurudi wakitumia watoi. Songa kusonga na usiangalie nyuma otherwise you’ll end up like Lot’s wife!!!

The best thing to do is the woman should just send the bank slips and other bills for the kid to the father. It appears desperate but for the man to be satisfied let him pay the bills himself so he knows it’s his role. But most women want to pay it all without involving the man.

It’s the responsibility of a man to take care of his child or children until they are adults

How do you impregnate ladies once you leave them they are married somewhere and you refuse to take care of your kid?? That’s your blood and that can’t stop you to support the kid. Guys take your responsibilities coz you started it.

Maina if you impregnate a girl then take responsibility for that child please na ikiwezekana oa yeye that’s all.

Watoto ni wa mama it’s her who knows the true father. Umeskia wanatumia kibiriti. So any letter telling me to pay child support should come with +ve paternity test.

They forget that the kid will recognize the other person as their father, even when they are all grown up. They will never recognize you coz you weren’t there.

This thing is very simple. Women should let go of the kids once they part with their baby daddies. After all, mtoto ni wa baba.

From the moment anakuacha ni kama ata anakuambia huyo mtoto sio wako,hivo mbona nishughulike? Let the new guy shughulkia that kid from there

Tukiachana tumeachana unafa kwanzisha maisha ingine kwenye umeenda mm nisahau

I can’t speak for the rest of the deadbeat but a real man takes care of his children no matter the relationship is with the mother of his child/children.

I think it’s better if both the couple contribute half each of them than men alone, for child’s upkeep.

Maina kama mtu anaonyesha your child’s another man wamkol daddy then wasaindiwe na huyo

These laws confuse me more than Embarambamba

Alaaar!…si mtunyonge bas!

Maina When Take Over The Company You Inherit Both The assets and liabilities,,,,

I was married to three women. The first ex doesn’t want me to see my child so how am I supposed to take care of my kid?

If she refuses you to see your child’s then eikarie atige waaaana.

Don’t take care for smbd you are not allowed to see. That’s how I also stopped taking care of my other kid. Don’t.

Women are being favoured, everyday new tools new law

This is the problem of boys being fathers. If the relationship between the two of you is not working why compromise the relationship between you and your child?

Don’t confuse the child with two different dads. Kama you got married again and you staying with the man let the kid get used to him, they might end up disrespecting your husband coz anajua uyo si babake when the kid is older explain everything let them decide.

Mimi Kenya sihami that’s why I love this country with all my heart

Kenyan men need to know you are not related to your wife but your child is your blood. Take care of that child because one day you will regret why you were not in your child’s life.

They have to take responsibility. But what if the child’s mother hid the child totally out of your sight?? How would you as a father take the responsibility??

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“Aki I love you to the moon and back” Maina gushes about Cess Mutungi


Classic 105 is about to get seriously lit for fans of Cess Mutungi.

The famous celebrity joined Classic 105 officially on Wednesday April 21, co hosting alongside Mike Mondo in the afternoon.

And to welcome her officially, Maina Kageni gushed about Cess revealing how much he adores her.

Maina even told Mwalimu King’ang’i he is thinking of kicking him out to be replaced by Cess “man that would be a good show” to which Mwalimu said “no, afadhali nienda kwa Gidi na Ghost, can you imagine how good that show would be?”

Mwalimu noted that “It’s gonna be the biggest thing in Radio, kwanza hiyo kicheko ya Cess”Mike Mondo and Cess Mutungi poster (1)

Maina revealed more about his closeness to Cess paying glowing tribute to her.

“Kayamaba to Ces. Aki si I love Cess and her laughter she can make you laugh, ama si you go to Mike Mondo and I take Cess maina told mwalimu who said “sasa fadhali niende kwa Gidi na Ghost”

They joked heavily about such a trio hosting a show on Radio Jambo with Maina saying “aki no, just stay with me”

Cess and Mike congratulations, make sure you catch them everyday from 3pm on the drive show.

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Maina, my husband cries everyday in front of me and my children – Wife complains

Maina Kageni spoke about the unspoken issue of men crying, something that society generally frowns about. He quoted a certain wife who bemoaned her husband’s behaviour saying, “Maina my husband cry’s everyday in front of me and my children.”

Mwalimu himself noted that children should never see their father cry. “Things are tough but your wife needs you to be strong,” he noted.

“Guys, have you ever cried in front of your woman?” Maina asked while also quizzing the ladies about what they would do when a man cries in front of them? “Is it okay for a man to appear weak or overwhelmed once in a while?” he asked.

The comments were mixed with some opining that it was O.K for a man to cry while others said it was anathema. Check them out below;

Maina you will never understand why men cry coz you don’t know what struggling is. It’s weird for you, but men have real problems out here n its either they cry it out or keep it inside n commit suicide when overwhelmed.

It’s not wrong to cry, especially when your things fall apart,,, Miradi, lose of money, pass away of parents, child even wife😭😭😭cry as much as yu can.

Men also have got emotions and it depends how a particular man controls it. Kama huyo mwanaume imemfikia hapo, let him do so, it’s alright but let it not be a habit.

I’d so much rather have him cry or breakdown than have him shout at us due to some bottled up stress.

To all ladies out there, it’s better you see your man cry than see him “taking things ki mwanaume” coz when they don’t show their emotions, there is a high chance you might loose them to suicide.

Cheki niwaambie Maina mi nililia ile siku nlipata message ya MOH ya kunipea kazi…kulilia msichana wa watu ni tabia mbaya… 

What’s the state of his mental health? He is literally crying for help.

Men are also human and they have feelings to but kumbembeleza ndio citaweza Alie tu alafu anyamaze.

For a man to cry it means that something bad has happened. We need to be strong and face challenges in life. Sasa baba akilia mama aanze kulia watoto wasindikize na kilio nani atabembeleza mwingine.

Even Jesus wept , so whom r u?

Me personally I have never. Ati sasa nilie mbele ya hawa daughters of Jezebel. How? Most men have that control to emotions no matter how heavy it could be.

Crying is a sign of love and caring, but when life is so hard DO NOT CRY like you have no option. Think!!

First of all how do a man start crying in front of a lady, when did that start surely, never should I do that.

I did that, she laughed, I made sure she did cry. I can’t repeat that madness again.

I just hug him so tight. It’s okay for him to cry in front of me but ikifika Ni kulia mbele ya watoi Sasa iyo inakua overreacting…

The amount of simping in this thread is appalling.

Mimi siwezi jifunga nalia tena naanguka chini mpaka aone amekosea.

Only one woman alive can make me cry in front of her.

Never, why should I cry? No matter how life is hard I will only struggle instead of crying.

Crying is a sign of no option.

Just walk away and let him deal with emotions…

While is it perceived that men are emotionless. Whether am strong or not when something overcomes my emotions NITALIA. Ill explain later.

Its very ok for a man to cry,once in a while getting emotional is allowed! Crying doesn’t mean you’re weak, it’s a pain reliever and can also be tears of joy.

Acha iyo once in a while ata akiskia atalia Kila siku so long as it makes him feel better I’ll be there for him…

I used to be impressed by a guy crying coz I appreciate someone that can be vulnerable, but now , naah, it’s fake , they cry to get something , So it’s fake and nonauthentic. Maybe not for all bit rn I’d take a crying man with a pinch of scrutiny.

Gai but sio wote they are some who do it for real.

Crying is a SIGN of PEACE. Those who do not CRY, might be doing it internally, & when it will explode on the surface someone will be hurt or killed.

Sometimes its okay to be weak. Weakness reminds us of our human nature, its just like sin. We fall and rise stronger.

Crying is an expression of emotions and men are also emotional beings although it’s not ethical to cry Infront of your children or wife depending on the stimulus.

Appear in the hiding..alone but not in front of those who have put their faith and hope on his leadership and providence…he must be a symbol of hope not despare..so lilia kwa choo but come out smiling…

But of course, men are human too…

Indeed coz we’re all human but simply the best thing someone can do is to control yourself.

Mwanaume nikukauka.

It’s ok….he is also a human being and he has got emotion alaaaa.

This is very okay as African men we try to be strong but our hearts are full of pain that is why we will die young na vindoda za tumbo if “jesus wept” who are you?

A real man can ONLY cry akikata kitunguu.

For mi yes is okey.

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Women feel impressed when they see their man cry


The belief that men don’t cry was discussed by alot of men on Classic 105 in the Wednesday morning conversation when Maina castigated men for shedding tears infront of their wives and children.

He said

“your children should never see you cry as a man at all, your woman looks to you for strength, and yet you keep telling them shingo haiwezi pita kichwa, how!! do you have a cry baby int he house ladies? do you hug him and tell him sorry babie?”

But a man called in alleging that women prefer men who cry.

He insisted to Maina that women prefer emotional men and that wives find it attractive.

“When men cry this shows they are in touch with their emotions and feelings, look at biblical times even our President has cried and your woman and children will see the human side of me, yes I would cry in front of them you show your human side you’re feeling pain you are feeling sorry so you shed that tear, let no one come here say h a man crying is embarrassing and showing he is a weak man

I think woman are impressed when they see their man crying, don’t underestimate the power of a cry coz it means alot to themcrying

This fascinating view was held by multiple other men who said they would cry infront of their wives and children to show their human side.

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Ladies just take care of your men, ni venye saa hii kuna corona! Mwalimu King’ang’i says

In today’s morning conversation, Maina Kageni spoke on an issue that is little spoken about in Kenya-The subject of women who support their men financially.

“Today we are talking about women who provide for their men,” the host said. Adding, “It’s a hard time for everyone you can wait for your wife to feed you na wewe uko tu kwa nyumba.”

His co-host Mwalimu King’ang’i himself said, “Ladies just take care of your men, ni venye saa hii kuna corona.”

Mwalimu’s response prompted Maina to ask why men would give up so easily? “Why do men give up that easily? and ladies how pissed off do you get when you see that behavior?”

Read the comments from Kenyans who responded to his question below;

Let’s be honest which woman wouldn’t support a man she loves? Many are doing it under the table.. now this pandemic time it’s diff.. even the most responsible men have found themselves not able to fulfill their duties . Why would I not step in? I am a helper right?

Mwalimu mmi nikae mtaa mama Ani providie,. Ziii I can’t. Cz utaishi kuimbiwa iyo kitu till last minute yako.

Maina nikubaya…am talking out of experience…if you loose a job hapa nje ni ngumu kupata hustle ingine… Wakati corona ilianza I stayed jobless for 3 months, na sio kutafuta sikuwa natafuta, ata mjengo haipatikani, I had no capital to start even a small hustle.

A man should; 1.Provide 2.Protect & 3.penetrate ruthlessly. Etc

Hizo siku zingine sikuwa tunawalisha? Sasa si pia yeye anilishe. Kama mimi nikulala tu nangoja atafute pesa ya chakula.

It’s interesting men should man up tafta kazi ata kama it’s not your profession feed your family not the other way round only allowed if you are so sick or unable to work apo ndio unapata most families break up due to circumstances of lazy men.

It’s not advisable for a man to stay n be fed by his wife not unless you so sick or unable to work due to different circumstances if you able to work at any situation kazi ni kazi no so man up na muache upuzi apo ndio unapata wife na mtu na uwezi Fanya anything.

This man is not jobless. He can make a very good comedian. He’s sleeping on his talent.

Mimi nilifanya kazi for one year yeye akiwa tu hapo. I tried my best mpaka akarudi kwa mama yake akalishwe uko. Mimi nilishindwa.

Vehemently lies Maina, a woman who can’t feed her man for more than one month and still have heart again to continue, I totally disagree.

Do your research. There are women with big hearts out there.

A man should provide for his family no matter what! Lazy corona men will say hakuna kazi but a man who’s determined to provide for his family will even go an extra mile and do any hustle however little he gets, women respect them.

Pesa ya bibi ni tamu family wakitumia so don’t blame men saaaana.

Aki shida ni mtu hataki kuonekana amerudi chini labda aliongea vibaya kuhusu the side hustle jobs.

Every woman who has such a man can we look for a place, lock them in alafu tuwapee nyahunyo until they can’t use their sitting apparatus.

If the wife is earning nothing wrong her providing.

It’s in order, tulikula kiapo for better for worse 24/7, so let the wife feed his family.

Mbona mnaona boychild kufeediwa na wife ikiwa tricky but vice versa ni normal.

The only woman who can feed you and not complain or tell the whole world is your mother! I as a man can only feed myself and my mother!

Maina I said it before and I will say it again, is it so hard for a well-off brother to help out 3 unfortunate brothers. Unfortunately, those who are well-off wait for the opportunity to snatch the wives and families of their less fortunate counterparts. Men help Men. That’s it.

Nairobi imegeuka shamba la wanyama.

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How a man picks your calls is a sign he is done with you


The Friday morning conversation on April 16 was quite an eye opener for Maina Kageni ho said he had no idea that how a husband talks to his wife on the phone is a major clue he is done with his wife.

Maina prompted responses from men, when he described how horrified he was after eavesdropping on his friends conversation with his wife.

Maina said the man sounded so cold, and when asked about his behaviour, the pals told Maian that ‘he is done’

Callers gave Maina examples of how they respond rudely to their wives on phone that should tell a woman her man no longer feels her.

1. Sema: Maina wondered what kind of a husband greets his wife this way when he picks her call. Seriously, don’t we only talk to bothersome people this way?

2. Nitakucall back: Many male callers argued that a man who loves his wife never tells her this when she calls him. They insisted this kind of response is a clue he is done.

3. Kiasi: Another response that is so rude according to Maina who wondered why a man even bothers with a phone call.

4. Kuna shiuda? A husband who picks up a call and asks this instead of saying something like hi sweetie is a major clue.

5. Tutaangalia hiyo maneneo: Girls if your conversation goes a little something like this, that mans feeling for you are off.

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