I have been married for 9 months and it feels like a prison! Woman tells Maina

Maina Kageni introduced an interesting topic today about what wives really want from their men. The host narrated a story he had heard from a friend who told him that when he had asked his own wife the question, she had said, the simple phrase, “freedom”.

Maina wondered whether that statement held true among both men and women. The host felt that most men didn’t understand what their women really wanted and the answers he got from the callers showed that there was a huge divide between the genders about what freedom should entail is in the confines of a marriage.

One honest lady surprised callers when she revealed that she was already tired of her 9-month old marriage! She complained that the limitations placed on her had made her marriage feel like a prison.

I have been married for less than one year. To say that I am tired would be an understatement. Marriage is a prison. I have been married less than 9 months and I have no freedom to be myself. I can’t post anything online. Before he got married he was happy with me being an inde[pendent woman. I can’t leave the house without him asking questions. You just lose yourself when you get married.

Other comments from different callers are below:

What is a woman? She is a grown-up kid-Captain Kale.

There is nothing like freedom in marriage. The term wed-lock applies in this case-A man said.

Women need freedom to give their opinions and speak freely in marriage-A woman said.

When I say I want freedom, it means that I want develop myself with his support and encouragement. I need my space to become myself- A woman.

I am the king, why freedom for her-A man.

The freedom women want is to cheat and hang out with besties. That freedom should be left with freedom fighters-A man said.

We were abandoned by both parents 40 years ago. We were 7 kids! Woman tells Maina

They need the freedom of not going anywhere and not telling you. That’s the freedom they have but they shouldn’t use it to go to get other men-A man said.

She wants permission to hop from bed to bed-A man told Maina.

Marriage is a compromise. It isn’t a military camp-A man said.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Asking for freedom is like asking for the couple to break-up-A man said.

Freedom is letting us do what we want when we want it. 1. Especially with money. 2. Also when she wants to go to her parents. 3. I should decide what is in the home. 4. Freedom of a social life with limits-A woman opined.

There is no freedom in marriage-A man said.

I don’t understand what that freedom they want is? The way Captain Kale said, they are growing kids-A man said.

Women are just a bunch of hypocrites. If you get married to me you leave under my roof. If you don’t want it, divorce-A man said.

The moment a lady decides to do “Yes I Do”, that’s the end of freedom and the beginning of responsibility-A man said.

Giver her freedom and you will not have a home-A man said.

We will give them freedom the day we stop paying dowry for them-A hilarious man commented.

All ladies are the same. Trying to understand a woman is problematic. Just love them-A man concluded.

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We were abandoned by both parents 40 years ago. We were 7 kids! Woman tells Maina

Today’s conversation by Maina Kageni was a continuation of the topic that he started yesterday. The presenter wondered how it was possible that a woman could abandon her children and not look back.

Maina couldn’t comprehend how the mothers could leave their kids behind (especially considering that they hadn’t done anything wrong)!

He played an audio of a woman who had left her two kids behind and hadn’t looked back.

“Niliwacha watoto kwa bwana wangu. Nilimwambia ya kwamba wale watoto hawangefanya turudiane, haiwezekani! There is a point inafika kama mama, ni lazima uwache ule mzee. Niliwagawa kama mkate.”

Maina who was befuddled by her attitude opened the conversation to the gallery. Most Kenyans were surprised with her stance but there were some sympathetic sisters who could understand her viewpoint.

One particular woman spoke about her own interesting experience. It is below:

I wish someone walks in the same shoes I have. I left my kids behind. I got married at 19, at 21 I was a mother of 2. I was in a unfulfilling marriage. He would beat me and I went back to my mother who promised to take me back to school. It is not easy for a mother to do so. I left when the firstborn was 12 and the second was 8. I took them back after 4 years. I have never gone for any parental help from their father. I am doing well at the moment. My kids love me.

Some other comments from Kenyans are below about the conversation Maina had started;

That lady should stop watching telenovelas. She is acting like a snake-A man said.

When a woman reaches a point to leave her husband, then that man has given her a hell of a time-A woman said.

Most of our women are self-centered and their mission is to drain us-A man said.

Most of these men will never leave you with those kids, so you decide to leave them behind- A woman said.

I am a victim. My parents left me behind when I was 6. I grew up in the streets in Kangemi. Until today, I am 29 I have never seen them. A well-wisher took me to school. She brought me up until form 4. Then she left me to do my own thing. I have never felt the love of having a family. That thing bothers me-A man said.

When we fight with my wife, she leaves. She has left 3 times before and this is the last time she will leave me as I am not letting her come back. The kids are at my sister’s at the moment where I help them-A man said.

Leaving your kid, that is the worst thing a mother can do-A woman said.

We were left by both parents 40 years ago. We were 7 kids. My father and mother both remarried. They left us in the house alone. They never came back. We had problems like you never had. These women should stop giving out excuses, they should go back to their kids-A sad woman said.

Do women think about what treatment their kids will have if the husband remarries? I was mistreated when my mother married a step-dad. My mother treated me so badly, even taking my step-dad’s side. They even wanted me to leave the home and they would not give me food. The bond between mother and daughter was torn irrevocably. I can never call her mom in her presence. That thing ended.

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My mother abandoned me to go and pray at the church Kanyari started at – Woman tells Maina

Maina Kageni brought up an insteresting topic today as he spoke about mothers who abandon their kids. Maina who grew up the child of a single mother after his father died when he was very young, wondered how that could ever happen?

Maina noted that fathers could do it easily and that it was second nature for men. “For a woman, it must be hard to leave your kids behind. It is easy for a man to leave his kids. It is second nature.”

The charismatic presneter recited a story he had had previously of a single father who had taken care of his 3 kids after his wife abandoned them 9 years ago.

He lives a life that is hard to imagine. He is a single father with 2 boys and one girl. His wife left 9 years ago and they have never been in touch. She left and she is still around. And she has never called him. What would cause her to do this?

The man’s story befuddled Maina and he opened up the conversation to the gallery. The opinions shed a lot of light on something that rarely happens in mother nature.

Maina Kageni slams critics of Guardian Angels’ love life

One of the most interesting comments was from a woman who explained why she had left her hsubnad. She noted that she never ever planned on seeing her kids again!

I am from Nakuru. I left my husband with a 2 and 4-year-old. There is a point it reaches as a wife, you are so disturbed by the man that you want to leave the man. You try to leave with the kids but the man forbids you from leaving with the kids. I don’t have other kids and I have never re-married. I don’t plan on getting in touch with them. You go and go forever. I don’t think about my kids every day.

Some of the other comments are below:

Women are proper selfish. I lived in Tanzania for 3 years. The only thing my wife would do was come and check on the kids and then leave. She said that she couldn’t stay in Tanzania. So I decided to move abroad for her. Within a year, she divorced me and married a mzungu. But I am happy that she is close to the kids-A man said.

My mother left when I was in class 4. She contacted us and I have not heard from her since 1998. I don’t know where she is. I think about her. If she calls me, I would try to re-ignite our relationship-A man said.

There are just women with the guts. There are some who will never return depending on how she was treated. An example is my sister. She left her husband with two toddlers after she was nearly beaten to death-A woman said.

Motherhood is a sacrifice. No woman should never leave her kids. I just think there are some women who are just heartless-A woman said.

My mom left us, she was a single mother and she passed on in 2008. I was sent home for fees of 500 shillings. She left to go to church and I never saw her for a whole year. I had to pick tea and get menial jobs to support me and my sister. I had to go and look for her the next year after suffering so much. I went to Kitengela and saw her at the church that laucnhed the likes of Pastor Kanyari. Those churches where you pray so much until when the pastor is satisfied and releases you. I saw her praying so hard and I didn’t want talk to her. That promted her to come back. I went there in 2007 April and she died a year later. But for a long time I was very bitter with her-A woman said.

Women are very calculative. They can see into the future. They will not leave their kids to irresponsible men. These women leave their kids, not because they hate them but because they know their husbands will give those kids a better future than she can.

What do you think?

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Maina Kageni slams critics of Guardian Angels’ love life


It ain’t none of your bizniz, is the conclusion many celebrities have said about people trolling Gospel singer Guardian Angel for dating a much older woman.

Even Classic’s Maina Kageni weighed in on the matter saying  ‘let him make his love choices’ on Tuesday morning.

Reacting to nasty comments about the relationship between a younger man and an older woman, Maina told critics to ‘leave his love life alone. and let love win. He concluded saying ‘there I said it’.

Much debate has been held online after the Gospel singer and his new catch been publicly displaying their affection by rocking matching outfits and working out together.

The 50-year-old Musila is a mother of three aged 29, 26 and 22 as she indicates on her social media platforms.

Well, Guardian Angel says he is proud of himself as “Love wins”.

While some of his fans think it’s okay to stay where you feel loved, some feel like he should be dating someone within his age brackets.

‘I am proud of myself,’ Guardian Angel respond to haters criticizing his relationship with a 50-year-old

In a post on Instagram, the Hadithi hitmaker shared a quote that read;


“Sometimes the most difficult sacrifice is to abandon the comfortable mediocrity of who we are and embrace the beautiful fear of what we’re meant to be.”


Dj Mo added his love is beautiful comments saying

Hapo sasa keep going ….. ❤️ wins always

Maina is always up for a good love story and responded after Guardian Angel thanked him for being so positive about his relationship.

Ah!!!!! Me I love you guys!!!! Have a great, blessed, warm day!!!!

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I drink a ka-quarter every morning – matatu driver confesses

When it comes to disobeying the law, Kenyans are notorious and proved so during the Monday morning conversation, where Maina Kageni asked people to respond tot he question of why we obey only when forced.

He asked:

Do we ever do anything without being forced. Some people are not wearing their mask, washing their hands.

Ni nini mbaya na sisi wakenya? Do we ever do things because its good for us? #MainaAndKingangi

To which many responded citing instances when rules are broken or why they simply don’t care for laws put in place to protect us.

One man who coincidentally sounded drunk owing to his speech, confessed that he has to have a quarter drink before driving the matatu. He knows all too well that anyone there is a law advising people not to drive when drunk, but he doesn’t care.

He said ‘mimi lazima kila siku nikunywe ka quarter kabla nipeleke gari. It’s the only way I feel I can handle the day. Nikiona polisi ndio najifanya’.

Another man admitted to always breaking rules about ‘usikojoe hapa’. He fortunately – no I didn’t make a mistake saying this- he learnt the hard way as Kenyans always do. He describes the one time that made his learn some manners.


“Maina mimi na marafiki zangu tulienda kujisaidia pahali pameandikwa ‘usikojoe hapo’ hatukujua kuna wire ya stima. Tulijione mambo!”

So why are we such hard headed citizens who don’t care for rules? Here are some comments that may just annoy you.

A caller said ‘Maina Kenyans ni vichwa ngumu naturally, hawapendi kuambiwa kitu and we have accepted ourselves that way aki

Another admitted tot he same thought adding ‘it’s called testing the waters ,maina why are you surprised ? Uwezi toa ukenya ndani yetu’

@ItsMainaKageni Kenyans are crazy, they always break those rules and say inside them ‘kwani watadu?’


Why should we wear a mask? Our leaders are preaching water yet they drink wine. Tulichoka zamani sana

Our leaders are preaching water and drinking wine. They serve as role models

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Matheskos! Things you need to know before dating an older woman

Younger men (mostly in their 20’s) had alot to confess to Maina Kageni about the appeal of dating older Kenyan women.

The older woman are called matheskos and are tough as nails, but irresistible from the tales told on Friday morning conversation.

Wedding bells! Wema Sepetu divulges little-known details of unknown lover

What is it about older women? Young men who understand the attraction to mature women told their stories below after Maian sought to know why women are bankrolling the lifestyles of these ‘boys’.

What a conversation we had yesterday about budeskos. There was a fellow who called in yesterday and we need to talk about matheskos. Cos I was told matheskos exist, there is this breed of women who exist who take care of their bodies and you see them at the gym, you see them at karura at jafrees lavington. So Mwalimu is trying to wonder where you hook up with these women young men?


One man said ‘The ones who drive harriers keep keep these young boys in check, but let them enjoy’

Another said ‘maam wa harrier very wealthy spoil their boys, whose work is to give good service, they have bloti maguta maguta’

bado these are young ladies wewe,matheskos huvaa Kong Kong open shoes,with gold rings na ni wakali kwa Ruben 10s #MainaAndKingangi

Jacque Maribe and I broke up and we don’t talk, Jowie opens up

A not so shy man said ‘I dated this woman for three months and she even bought me a phone but when we broke up alichukua simu.’ #MainaAndKingangi
There was a time last year I almost fell into trap of a Mathesko who we worked together for a Month and he used to tell me how her mzee is not interested in her of late. I ran away like Joseph of Bible.
@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya #MainaAndKingangi
They’re very open and give you freedom .. provided you agree with terms and conditions of the contract #MainaAndKingangi
They walk in holiday towns like a mother and an elder son but you can always see the chemistry between them as long as he is doing it right. Secondly, they don’t always go for poor men, some target married and working men. #MainaAndKingangi

I sit at the reception just to see your face – Woman tells Maina Kageni

bado these are young ladies wewe,matheskos huvaa Kong Kong open shoes,with gold rings na ni wakali kwa Ruben 10s #MainaAndKingangi
she is 49 and I am 28 and i love her more than life. We get into such relationships thinking they are much younger because they have nice bodies, only until you find out. I cant think of opting out. matheskos ni wamama wa harrier very wealthy with alot of plots, but they control you,


most matheskos are divorced and go for young blood, they pay for our rent where they drop by for good times, ni malsay shosho.

man caller : ni kitu iko, like most of our friends are searching or them, mbaya sana i am 24 and i am searchign for one to pay bills, niko na shida and im willign to do anythign for her, why not? i brgngn to the errlationship everythignshe want si will do, as logn as im also benefitting liek she is.

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I sit at the reception just to see your face – Woman tells Maina Kageni 

Maina Kageni coldly rejected a love offer from two women on Wednesday.

One of them confessed to stalking Maina to his workplace, where she admitted she sits at the reception area in anticipation of seeing him and then feeling happiness from it.

Yikes! What was Maina’s response? ‘Are you crazy?’

9 Things to always remember when falling in love with someone new

The two women said this during the Wednesday morning conversation about women DM’ing men because they are tired of waiting for fellas to hit on them.

Does the chase matter anymore ladies Maina asked because the number of women fishing for men online is rising.

Co Host Mwalimu was shocked and wanted to know what happened to women who waited to be chased? Zamani getting a lady was no joke, we worked hard, Mwalimu noted, sasa hawa ndio wanakuja kwa vijana? aie Mwalimu added, I thought there is fun in the chase.



Well Maina spoke too soon as he got a taste of what it’s like to be hit on by a woman. The two women called in and urged him to date them. The first brazenly told him

you sound surprised Maina. Fungua DM zako I have sent you something. I have been dyignto shot my shot at you but you have blocked me Maina  fungua tu siwezi slide in, nataka Maina 

The second woman told him

unatufungulia ama hutufungulii hizo DM zako? Why are you rejecting me Maina? You are pplaying hard to get and I want. . I have been to Lionsplace. Nakuona nasikia roho imetulia ndio nikuone tuu maina, tufungulie maina usikie mzuri, from jan to dec tufungulie,

But sadly for them, Kenya’s most eligible bachelor wasn’t having it and shut down their advances.

Why do you refer to my husband as white? Nyota Ndogo complains


‘My chandelier swayed during the tremor’ Maina Kageni amuses King’ang’i 

An earthquake was experienced in Kilindoni area of Tanzania on Wednesday night, reports The Star.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake had a preliminary magnitude of 5.9.

Residents in Nairobi and parts of Mombasa had a moment of anxiety after experiencing a tremor around 8.13pm.

The tremor rattled the nerves of Classic’s Maina Kageni who narrated the experience to his amused co host Mwalimu King’ang’i.

Maina watched in horror as his chandelier moved wildly (and he swears he wasn’t exaggerating) to which Mwalimu said he didn’t feel any tremor ‘the only tremor I feel is when Mpesa on my phone’.

Maina insisted it was so scary

‘There was a tremor, you didn’t feel it? I can’t believe you didn’t feel it. It was there, it was so violent haiya, you should have seen my chandelier, it almost feel through the roof, I cannot believe you didn’t feel it,’.


earthwuake tanzania and kenya
5.9 magnitude, 12 km depth Kilindoni, Pwani, Tanzania causes tremor in some parts of kenya

Di you feel it? Drop your comments of the experience below Classic 105 fam.

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‘Kahush was balling’ Maina Kageni weighs in on partying past curfew video

CS Mutahi Kagwe and his son Kahush always seem to trend online together, partly due to his sons shenanigans.

A video of Kahush at a party past curfew trended and Kenyans asked hard questions about it. A journalist even asked the CS about it during a scheduled covid 19 press briefing on Monday Aug 10th.

The CS told Kenyans that’ I do not have a son in my house with less than 18 years old which means he is an adult, you can follow them and ask them’.

The remarks upset KOT and the backlash was swift.

Maina Kageni weighed in on the drama saying

‘Ok Kahush went and did what he did, and man was he balling, I saw the drinks being dispalyed and the pictures were not looking too bad. CS cannot tie his son with a rope and keep him in the house. So what was Mutahi Kagwe supposed to do about his son? aki we made it such an issue, it was almost his fault and I think it was an example of personal responsibility. I would love to hear from you about this matter’

‘It’s time to take care of myself and put myself first’ Ben Pol speaks amid breakup rumors



Callers slammed Mutahi for asking Kenyans to be responsible yet his son is breaking Government rules.
The son is an adult,why should kagwe control him?He has an I’d and therefore can be taken to a court of law for any fault.

Maina, he is a public figure who should be in a forefront observing the mph guidlines….he asks kenyans to behave normally when his son is behaving abnormally, therefore he has no audicity to control millions of kenyans when he can’t control his son’s behaviour

mutahi kagwe

He should start giving Corona updates at his home before giving it to the public #MainaAndKingangi #MutahiNewbroom

when they are doing good they are his sons, but when they are on the wrong; they are over 18. Typical Kenyan father.

17 Signs you’re in love with a commitment-phobe (Aki Pole!)


These people acting holier than thou should ask themselves do your over 18 sons and daughters do everything you tell themThinking faceThinking faceThinking face? As long as Mutahi is acting in the way he is supposed to hao wengine ni wakenya kama Mimi na wewe kichwa ngumu wote.

People out here blaming CS Mutahi and their 3years old sons are not obeying them smhFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

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Maina Kageni reveals details of that picture of chopper during lunch date


We were blown away years ago when a photo of the private chopper that flew Maina Kageni for a fancy lunch date in Naivasha went viral.

And we all knew that was possible because he hangs out with the who’s who. So he has all of a sudden decided to open up about his lunch date.

That was in 2015, and you can read the story below.

Maina Kageni Spends Almost a Million Shillings Over Lunch

 He is finally revealing details of that fancy lunch date. It’s not Naivasha but in Karen. Yes, there are Kenyans who aren’t feeling the pinch of life in these times.
He wrote on Instagram while sharing a TBT moment.


This is a Kenyan’s home in Karen…. he and his wife are some of Kenya’s biggest wheat and barley farmers….. they have 3 helicopters 🚁… one is used to take their 2 kids to school, one for his wife to travel to the farm and his is basically for fun…. tukisema Kenya hakuna pesa, ebu we speak for ourselves….. Have a great, inspired day…. mimi nimeenda…. #TBT….

Maina even told Mwalimu Kingangi on Friday about wealthy people saying ‘go checkout my friends compound uniambie’.

Check out the fancy home and the chopper parked in the front.


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Man shouts at wife about being ‘a gold digger’ as Maina Kageni listens in



Hiding assets in marriage is more common than most women expect.

Could your husband be hiding financial assets?

Sneaky ways men hide financial assets from their partners in the event of a divorce or death was discussed on the morning show.


An angry husband called in and instructed his wife to listen in as he confessed to Maina that he hides money and assets from her and she won’t lay a finger on it – EVER.

‘Maina let me tell you, she is here listening, siwezi mpatia kitu.’

According to experts, this is the highest form of infidelity in marriage – not being open about money.

The husband continued saying that

I am in my house and wife is here you should see how she is looking at me, we were listening to you talk about financial assets.unachoma maina, let me tell you Maina, last week we went to bury a guy who had passed on, he had a first wife who had deserted him with kids, so he married a second wife and she took in the kid for the first wife, and when the guy died the first wife came back after she learnt there is possible compensation, and she says she doesn’t recognize the second wife who has been taking care of the kid she took in six years. If you have wealth keep it a secret, my wife is hearing me say this, it is not a secret because these peole are here purely for what you have, sasa kama huyo alirudi after six years so women are there because of what you’ve got in your pocket, I feel nothing that my wife is here listening to me tell you this, she deserves nothing’ 

The opinionated husband stunned Maina who exclaimed, ‘Ngai ngai ebu listen to this mad guy’.


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‘I was indisciplined but not alcoholic’ Mr Nice on end of music career

A week ago, word dropped that Tanzanian musician Mr Nice had returned to Kenya, as he struggles to revive his music career.

The Legendary singer Mr Nice dropped by the Classic 105 studio on Tuesday morning where he opened up about his failing music career, his love life and more.

He spoke about how he was doing tours and earning some income before covid struck.

‘Since August last year, i have been doing some tours in and around Tanzania. I was also in South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi just before corona became a problem and I was forced to cancel the tours’

Tell Mr. Nice this – Maina Kageni makes emotional promise to struggling singer

Big money and fame came to a grinding halt as he was accused of lacking self discipline and alcohol affected his chances at global success.

Lucas Mkenda aka Mr Nice defended his drinking habit to Maina Kageni saying

‘I have never had an alcohol problem. Yes I enjoy my drink but watch it, it has never affected my career’

Back in 2015, he was repeatedly accused of being an alcoholic and he even admitted that he would sleep in the bar drinking, in an interview with EA tv Planet Bongo. Mr Nice said

That’s why I am getting drunk alot, because i have alot of money. It’s my money so I drink so I drink all the beer I want to’

He added that

‘Whoever accused me of indiscipline must have done something to me to behave like that’



Mr Nice also indicated that the end of his music career stemmed from the fact that people wouldn’t work with him because he did not have a management team and cartels that ‘finished some musicians’.

‘You know bro, there is alot of difficulties in the Tanzanian music industry. The fact that I didn’t have a management team affected me musically alot. There were powerful influential people and disagreeing with them landed me in problems and it’s not just me, there were other musicians who are afraid to talk. i decided not to fight them, and came to Kenya.’

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‘I’m disciplined’ Maina Kageni fires at drunk politician arrested during curfew


Maina Kageni has called out Kenyans breaking Government orders requiring social distancing and curfew, just to drink with friends.

Kageni in the Monday morning wondered if the Government should consider banning the sale of alcohol like South Africa, in order to instill discipline in Kenyans breaking curfew.

we saw all this drama in bars this weekend, I even learnt of a bar in Kilimani I have never heard of, ladies lounge, and they are fully packed. Friday we had a high profile case, the problem is wakenya if they are not drinking in the bar they are drinking ta home with friends chomaing nyama and defeating social distancing, Why can’t we survive without alcohol? He asked

A video of a drunken lawmaker went viral this past weekend, and detained on the night of Friday, July 17 at Kilimani Police Station, Nairobi.

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja created a scene and can be heard saying to someone

‘Don’t get into trouble with me. I’ll fight this thing myself, just go,’.

Police in a statement later said he was unruly and resisting arrest.

‘Today at around 1 am the Kilimani orderly officer received information that one bar within Dennis Pritt Road was still operating. On visiting the said place, he found about ten people seated outside drinking amongst them Senator Johnson Sakaja.In the course of his arrest, others escaped. While in custody, he was asked to be given a freebond but refused to leave cells threatening to transfer all officers within 24 hours,’

johnsn sakaja

Maina weighed in saying

me Im’ very disciplined. Me I can stay without alcohol, me you will never see me breaking curfew hours ati being arrested. We can’t have our leaders being busted drinking and can Kenyans survive without alcohol? and ladies as a maried woman when your husband invites friends to drink at your home what are you thinking, we should ban this thing because alcohol is the only thing brings Kenyans together, if we ban the damn thing can Kenyans survive? 

Dear Classic 105 fam, should the sale of alcohol be banned to reign in Kenyans who aren’t social distancing, and perhaps spreading covid?

Drop your comments below.

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I don’t want to see my wife as my sister! Maina Kageni says about marriage

Maina Kageni is a high-value male. Simply put, he is one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. Women are constantly pining for the wealthy Classic105 morning presenter.

The constant refrain is when will the host get married, something I don’t understand. But whether I like it or not the sentiment doesn’t seem to die down and Maina has to constantly address the issue on his morning show.

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

Thing is that Mwalimu King’ang’i his co-host doesn’t help matters as he also champions the marriage battalion on their show mentioning it constantly as they playfully banter.

Maina has addressed the issue again but now the 2020 variation of an answer he has been giving the past few years. The charismatic radio personality said that because he knew what “trash” women go through in life he wasn’t willing to put someone’s daughter through that.

Thank you for being there for her and our family – Anerlisa Muigai praises Maina Kageni

He told Mwalimu that in his opinion marriages get stale and that people start looking at each other like siblings,

“Never ever, so that I end up staying with someone who is like my sister? The things women go through just to look good for a man only for him to say he sees you like a sister!”

Maina Kageni on the decks
Maina Kageni on the decks

Maina had no kind words for his own gender saying that men were selfish and that is one of the reasons he will never get married.

“I find it crazy. Men are the most selfish people in the world. Why didn’t they say it from the word go that such things happen? They should so that someone can know what they are getting themselves into.”

And he might be right. Marriage isn’t what it used to be in the past-airtight. A man like Maina has a lot to lose in marriage and little to gain in my opinion, so his stance is financially prudent.

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni


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My wife feels more like a sister to me – Men confess about marriage


Confessions about the challenges men face in marriage prompted Maina Kageni to declare he will never marry.

What is this problem that is so bad to scare away Kenya’s most eligible bachelor from walking down the aisle?

The fact that husbands lose s##ual feelings for their wives and now look at them like his sister.

Maina couldn’t fathom that asking his co host Mwalimu to explain how’ it gets to a point your wife becomes like your sister. How? Explain yourself!!’

Mwalimu simply told him, ‘she sleeps with a shirt written Equity, so you get to a point where emotions fade, it comes naturally that’s why you hear they are advised to add spice to the marriage. Men go through so much Mwalimu added.

Mwalimu hit a raw nerve with Kenyan men who admitted as much to Maina online and in studio.

Caller: hio ni hivyo, it just becomes a situation where she just becomes the best person in your life you feel like you were born together, and she just becomes your sister and there’s nothing else, si kwa ubaya it’s a horrible situation, actually I think she still remains a wife or a partner but she is a sister, I can’t see her as a lover any longer, no longer

Another man added that

you know what what do you do when someone doesn’t show you love back, doesn’t care, you argue sometimes about small things alot, sometimes like a man you want to touch your woman but sometimes it’s like weird between you guys, because there is no connection, the connection is long gone, the thought of touching her is immoral its like your sister, I have been here so many times, I am still with my wife, when I look at her is see my sister

A third man tweeted Maina with the same problem


The problem is though, that as much as I love her I’ve lost that s33ual feeling for her. I can’t bring myself to have se3 with her. Not because I don’t love her but because she feels more like a sister to me than a wife and it doesn’t feel right to make love.’

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Thank you for being there for her and our family – Anerlisa Muigai praises Maina Kageni

Anerlisa Muigai has probably faced the toughest year in her life. The Keroche Breweries heiress lost her sister Tecra Muigai in tragic circumstances a few months ago.

Tecra’s death is still a mystery even though the police have stated that they have enough evidence to charge her late ex-boyfriend.

Anerlisa Muigai with Tecra Muigai in the past
Anerlisa Muigai with Tecra Muigai in the past

Since then Anerlisa has allegedly got married to Tanzanian singer Ben Pol as they were planning to get hitched shortly before the death of her sister.

Losing one’s family member can be a very tough experience and having a firm support system is advised by medical experts.

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa for her part had her family and friends to support her during that tough time. One close friend people might not know had helped her was popular radio presenter Maina Kageni.

So cute! Anerlisa shares best photos of her with hubby Ben Pol (Photos)

According to the Nero Water CEO, the MC has been a great friend and support for her family. “🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Thank you for being there for her and our family,” She said this while responding to a message Maina made on his Instagram page while posing with Anerlisa’s mother.

Maina Kageni with the Keroche Breweries CEO
Maina Kageni with the Keroche Breweries CEO

Maina’s caption read,  “The true definition of A STRONG WOMAN!!!! They’re trying to break her but they have no idea that this woman is made of steel!!! Tabitha Karanja, you are literally inspiration personified…. #TBT at a Keroche event….”

The radio presenter might be referring to recent events that have faced the Keroche Brewery with the KRA slapping a hefty tax bill on them.

Anerlisa seating with her mother
The socialite seating with her mother

Maina and the Keroche’s are such great friends that the Classic FM presenter was chosen to MC Tecra’s private funeral and he gracefully oversaw her final farewell.

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Tell Mr. Nice this – Maina Kageni makes emotional promise to struggling singer

Maina Kageni is one man who has influenced the radio industry in ways that will still be felt long after he retires. The Classic105 colossus has been a fixture on many Kenyans minds and one reason for that is his empathic character especially on issues that they are concerned about.

Not only will he speak about issues he is passionate about, but he will also put his money where his mouth is. Today morning the presenter reminded Kenyans of that trait when he spoke about veteran Tanzanian musician Mr. Nice.

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

Maina said on his morning show today that he would be willing to help the struggling artiste get in the recording booth on his own dime. “If you know where Mr. Nice is, Maina Kageni is looking for him. He says he will pay for studio time. He will help him work with Lizer, Cedo and Magix Enga.”

This comes after news that the singer was in Kenya after a two-year stint in Uganda, according to reports. In 2018, Mr. Nice allegedly moved to Uganda, where he tried to work after he claimed Tanzanians mocked him.

Mr. Nice
Mr. Nice

He indicated his strong feelings on Instagram at the time, saying, “I prefer staying where I make money. Or do you (Tanzanians) prefer I stay home so you keep laughing at me? That is not appropriate, our President John Magufuli urges us to continue working hard and stop gossiping.”

‘Let me close the door’ Maina Kageni’s moshene excites Mwalimu Kingangi

He recently moved to Kenya and lives in Kitengela, where he intends to keep away from the public. Mr. Nice was the biggest thing in East African music in the early 2000’s.

Mr. Nice
Mr. Nice

His real name is Lucas Mkenda. Mr. Nice came into the limelight in 1999 when he released his album Kidali Po. In the year 2002 he released another album titled Rafiki. Some of his tracks are Fagilia, Kidali Po, Rafiki among others.




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Maina Kageni reminisces not being bullied in posh school Laiser Hill

While the rest of you were being bullied as mono’s in high school, Maina Kageni can’t relate.

Classic 105’s Maina attended Laiser Hill Academy, aka Group of Schools as it has come to be known to Kenyans.

Group of Schools are those where you don’t eat githeri, you are not monolized and other brutal forms of initiation into high school.

Ken Mijungu discloses new path after losing his job at NTV

He disclosed this to co host Mwalimu King’ang’i while speaking about how Form Ones will have to once again be bullied, after Education CS Magoha said students will repeat their classes again come 2021.

Mwalimu was saddened as he was subjected to bulling by a pot bellied student named Kite.

He said’ Spare a thought for Form Ones, because they will still be monos in 2021 and bullied all over again’.

Kinga’ngi is so traumatized by his won experience he told Maina he still has bad dreams to date about the bully who made his life miserable.

‘Monolization was bad, a fellow called Kite was a bully, he looked like an old man with his beard and pot belly. We used to joke that he looked older than our teachers.’You couldn’t eat your food in peace, if he heard you chewing it was over. Yani you couldn’t even report the bulling to the teacher ‘.

Maina Kageni
Maina in studio

What kind of a student was he? Nerdy, obnoxious or quiet? He refused to divulge this.

Luckily for you internet dwellers, you have me to tell you just how posh his school was.

Usain Bolts newborn daughter is named Olympia Lightning

Maian relived these special moments saying

‘I was in Lasier Hill and no one bullied me. I would have ran to Mrs Browns office to report you. We also had a discipline master called Mr Armstrong to deal with issues.’

Mwalimu and the Classic 105 audience responded saying how privileged he was to not suffer bullying and added that Maina’s  testimony proves he was in a Group of Schools.

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