King’ang’i reacts to 13-year-old teen being accepted to medical school

Mwalimu King’ang’i has reacted to news of a 13-year-old girl being accepted into the University of Alabama School of Medicine. Alena Analeigh Wicker took to social media to share her joy after her acceptance letter.

“I graduated High school LAST YEAR at 12 years old and here I am one year later I’ve been accepted into Med School at 13. I’m a junior in college,” she wrote. “Statistics would have said I never would have made it. A little black girl adopted from Fontana California.”

“I’ve worked so hard to reach my goals and live my dreams.”

Alena also credited her mother for the success;

“Mama I made it. I couldn’t have done it without you. You gave me every opportunity possible to be successful.”

“You are the best mother a kid could ever ask for. You always believed in me. You allowed me space to grow and become, make mistakes without making me feel bad. You allowed me the opportunity to experience the world.”

King’ang’i said at 13, he was being taught things that eventually never helped him in life.

“There is a girl who is 13-years old. She has been accepted to the University of Alabama, medical school after graduating at 12 years. She’s the youngest black student ever accepted at medical school. She is currently finishing up two degrees in biological sciences at two other universities. At 13 years, I was wondering why trees are running fast when I’m in a car. This is what we need to encourage, not being taught the parts of a grasshopper.”

Mike Mondo added “That’s such an achievement, congratulations to her. At 13 I was still being taught how to do certain things, geometry was hard.”

Last year, Alena also made history for becoming the youngest intern ever at NASA.

She also enjoys watching movies, baking, and spending time with her friends just like any other teenager.

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Weekend Vibes! Maina Kageni looking dapper

Maina wa Kageni knows how to blow the minds of ladies.

The Classic 105 presenter shared a picture wearing a suit that fit to perfection.

He loved his look so much he captioned the moment “When duty calls on a Saturday!!! Yes I do clean up nice sometimes!!!!”

Posing sideways to show a different angle of the suit, the presenter smiled from ear to ear.

Fans could tell that he was happy with his look and commented as much.

Maina Kagjni May 21st, 2022

Maina doubles up as an MC-cum-influencer so the look explains his caption.

@mainawakageni kumbe mtu ni nguo

😍😍😍aki si you looking good 😍😍😍imebaki kidogo uanze kunipee sleepless nights you look eatable wuuii❤️happy weekend gaseremende 😘😘

Cleaning up nice you did! 🔥🔥🔥

Maina has also been showing us that he is lanes, hanging out with the who’s who in government and we are floored.

One of he things Main has said about 2022 is that it is likely to be the year he hangs up his boots on Classic as he kooks forward to other duties.

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Why do women stay in toxic marriages? Concerned Maina asks

Today morning, Classic 105 presenters Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i were discussing why people stay in toxic marriages.

Maina asked ladies why they would stay after regretting marrying the man they had married?

“You’ve realized you made a mistake, what is keeping you there?” he asked.

King’ang’i was quick to say that marriage is a contract;

“Have you ever heard about something called a contract. It’s for life that’s why you say for better for worse, why do you think its called pingu za maisha? You should’ve given your lawyers the document before you sign, you are legally bound, its a very powerful document.”

So, how do you fix it?” Asked Maina saying that he has never understood why people stay for kids in the name of raising them in a complete family.

King’ang’i added that it is not easy to leave as there are so many people and factors involved.

One listener said marriage is not a bed of roses while another one tweeted ‘As long as I am not being beaten, I will stay and find my own happiness.”

Another listener said, “Choices have consequences.”

King’ang’i asked Maina why he keeps telling ladies to leave “And go where? Is there a place you have created for them?”

Another listerner narrated how she had been in a toxic marriage for ten years, ‘I was married for ten years. I enjoyed the married for only six years, the other four he would beat me and chase me away at night. My sister’s heart enlarged and she died because of love stress, I said I will not die. He remarried and after two years he started looking for me. It has been ten years and I am happy.”

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What is our obsession with dead bodies – Maina Kageni

“It is creepy.”

Maina Kageni cannot wrap his head around the public viewing of the late president Mwai Kibaki’s body that is ongoing at the Parliament building.

Speaking on the breakfast show on Classic 105 Maina said, “I cannot watch TV because of the broadcast on the viewing. Why not drape the body in the National Flag and let people pass by and say a prayer?”

The radio host continued, “Here is what bothered a lot of people. I don’t know maybe is it time for us to change some things? Now, what are those people doing in parliament? What is our obsession with dead bodies?

I was bothered even with the Moi one, I felt like I could not watch TV. It is morbid, it is creepy. The queues are long. Why not sign a condolence book and say a prayer for the family?|”

Mwalimu Kingangi asked Maina to let people be.

“There is something called African traditional beliefs. Before colonisation, they came and found us doing our things and we will maintain that, we have to go and pay our last respects. You have to go see him and let him see you.”

He added, “In fact, there is a suggestion for the organising committee of Kibaki’s funeral that they don’t fly his body to Othaya but that they take him by road stopping by on various places for Kenyans to pay their last respects.”

Mwalimu said Maina has his own issues that stop him from partaking in the ritual of viewing the body. “Maina uko na uzungu mingi you need to get that out of the system.”

For emphasis, Mwalimu added that “you cannot see people are fainting? So far over 10,000 people have viewed the body, I also want to go there.”

Maina defended himself.

He said, “What are they doing in parliament? What are they looking at really? Answer that. I have never viewed a body. I do give my respects in my own way. For the late President Moi, I went to Kabarak and signed the condolence book, we prayed and sang a hymn and that was enough.”

Maina continued, “Is it just me that I find it morbid, people are obsessed with dead bodies even in an accident scene people just go there and crowd there. I would rather remember you the way I knew you than see your dead body.”

The official public viewing of the body of late president Mwai Kibaki continues at Parliament Buildings between 9 am and 5 pm. The same will continue tomorrow.
Members of the Diplomatic Corps and other dignitaries wishing to visit the family may do so at the Kibaki’s Official Office in Nyari, off Redhill Road Nairobi between 9 a.m. and 12.00 noon on Tuesday, April 26, and Wednesday, April 27.

The body has been conveyed at Parliament Buildings with the casket being draped in the National Flag.
Kibaki will be accorded full military honours and protocols, which include, the conveyance of the body of the former Head of State under escort in a Gun Carriage, accompanied by Military Musical Honours and a 19 gun-salute.

The official signing of the condolence book of the Third President will be launched by interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangí this morning at Harambee House.

The condolence books will simultaneously be availed at Kibaki’s Office, Parliament Buildings, Supreme Court of Kenya, all ministries offices, Council of Governor’s headquarters, all Regional and County
Commissioners Offices across the country, and in Kenyan High Commissions, Embassies and Missions abroad.

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King’ang’i is handsome, I want his child, caller tells Maina (video)

Today on Maina and King’angi, there was a discussion about how women can look at a man and desire to have their child.

According to Maina that is stealing ‘Mbegu’ from men.

He said;

“We are talking about seed stealers by women. They look at you and when they see a certain trait in you, they have your baby and baby,” Maina said.

King’ang’i on the other end said he overheard some women saying they would want to get a baby with midnight presenter ‘Dr love.’

A listener called in and told King’ang’i to take care as she is hunting him.

“I will get you and I have been eyeing him for quite some time. He is handsome and his IQ is on top and he is funny. What else do you want? Kitambi we will deal with it. That dark complexion is the best. I don’t want light men. I am tall and he is dark and handsome like King’ang’i to give me a child.”

Listen to the whole conversation;

Women want my seed – Maina Kageni

Kenya’s richest bachelor Maina Kageni is in demand.

Maina Kageni, Mwalimu Kingangi, Rashid Badalla and Doctor Love are among the list of most sought after seed donors.

Maina told Kingangi on Wednesday that he has been hounded by several women to donate his seed because there is a quality in him these women have spotted.

He shyly told Kingangi that ‘you know me I was told I make a good *perm donor’

He earlier started the topic saying ‘did you know gentlemen that there is a type of woman called mwibaji mbegu, yani stealers of seed. Seed stealers. Do you know who they are? Did you know women look for a trait in you and they decide I’m going to have this mans baby and they do not want anything to do with you? They talk of men like Nick Mutuma, Ian Mugoya, those ones. They have seen something about you maybe it’s your height maybe it’s your skin tone and they actually go and have a baby with you, yet you think ni bidii umeweka, did you know that?

King’ang’i agrred saying ‘you know you cant force a woman to get pregnant they decide na wanaume wamepangiwa,’

A woman called in and gave her list of men she has targetted; Rashid Abdalla, Churchill, Maina and Doctor Love.

‘Me I want 3 men. I want Loulou Hassan’s husband, doctor love, and you and Churchill. I have targeted all these. I will get them. Don’t mind how I will do it. I have targeted Loulou Hassan’s husband for three years, I am sure I will get him Don’t worry how I will do it. I will have three children by three of them, wewe huoni vile kubebe hio mimba ni tamu? You are so happy for that pregnancy, and praying for the day to pass to rush to the labor room,’

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Maina Kageni buys sh28k concert ticket for Hawaii birthday plan

Maina Kageni has grand birthday plans for his birthday in June.

He will be turning a year older in Hawaii attending a concert by RnB singer Babyface.

While playing a song on Wednesday March 30, Maina told that he is excited beyond measure and has always dreamed about doing a babyface concert.

‘I have already bought the ticket. It costs 250 dollars, and my American friends will take me’ he gushed.

That is sh28,725 Kenyan shillings. What is money!!

That’s gonna be such a highlight of my life’ Maina confessed about buying the ticket that confirms he will be in Hawaii.

Happy birthday in advance Maina from the Classic 105 fam. We may be or may not be having FOMO.

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Video! Maina Kageni tells why he keeps his family private

Radio king Maina Kageni has opened up on why he keeps his family away from social media.

The Classic 105 host says he loves keeping his life private. Speaking exclusively to, he shared,

“You will never see me post my family or my friends, I chose this life they did not choose it.


“I am a great fan of Diana B, but hio life ya Bahati I can”t. How do you expose yourself that way every day. That’s just not me. I cannot live this life. But I love Diana B.”

Maina has always kept his mum away from the public, having lost his dad many years ago.

He also keeps his friends and extended family private unlike most celebrities.

The reason why Maina Kageni is still single at 48

Radio King Maina Kageni has opened up on his relationship status.

Maina says he does not have the perseverance to sustain a relationship.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Maina shared,

‘Through my Morning show, I have learned not to judge. I have also learned that relationships thrive due to perseverance.

If you cannot persevere don’t get into a relationship. I do not have perseverance.

I have also learned that you can never have enough freedom in a relationship, so if you love your freedom and you can’t persevere, stay single.”

Adding, “You know currently I can just wake up and decide to travel to Dar es Salaam on a Friday morning and I do not have to ask anyone for permission.

It’s the best feeling ever.”

Asked on whether he is single, Maina responded, “It depends on what you call single. Single is not having any sort of relationship. You can be almost taken but you are not taken.

Every woman has a guy she calls for booty calls. Lakini hiyo ya Kanisa na mambo ya akina Nadia na Arrow Bwoy hapana, never.”

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Smart ways to get money from a stingy man – Maina Kageni

Maina says husbands should give wives an allowance.

On the Friday March 18 conversation, Maina freely gave advice to wives how to get money from their stingy husbands if he doesn’t give her an allowance.

He was of the opinion that every man must give his woman sh100,000 as an allowance.

He was sympathetic for broke wives who never get a coin from their husbands and told them smart ways to get money.

He told that one way is to steal from his wallet when he goes to shower. He told wives not to feel guilty because what other choice do they have?

A broke wife called and told him she is desperate he doesn’t carry a wallet, so how do I get his money?’

Maina told her that his money is on Mpesa but shd told him that he doesn’t part with his hone ‘he carries his phone everywhere he goes. I know his Mpesa PIN and phone password, but he doesn’t leave his phone’

Maina told her ‘when he is asleep, take his finger and use it on the phone, then remove mpesa. Don’t suffer, take his finger when he’s asleep’

Another woman told how she found out her man hides cash in the fuel tank for his vehicle.

She took the money and he has since been wondering where the money disappeared to, but she maintains silence.

Dear ladies, tujichanue, how do you get money from your dude?

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Red flags to avoid in men at all costs – Maina Kageni

What are some of the red flags to avoid at all costs in men?

Maina Kageni on Wednesday March 16 advised girls what to watch out for in relationships.

He was referring to a case in which to women were charged for failing to pay a bill of sh147k in a club.

Maina said ‘you know there is something I think ladies you owe each other some pointers today coz yesterdays conversation of ladies stranded witha bill after being left by men who had invited them.’

He added ‘let me ask you ladies the red flag that if you see this sign ran for the hills coz if todays man can invite you for a date and abandon you with a bill and feel nothing, what else do they do? seriously, what can’t they do? if a man can’t take care of you on a date how can he take care of you and your family?’

So Maina revealed his red flags to help ladies figure it out:

‘if on the first date he asks you to contribute to the bill, RUN me that’s my red flag. Or if he asks you for money in the first one year RUN. there is no helping each other here, infact run, get out of that house’

Dear Classic 105 fam, what are some of your red flags?

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I’m still the head of the house even if you to pay rent – King’ang’i

We must share bills, but I remain the head of the home, Ki’ngang’i told women

Men want to share the financial costs of running a home, but warn wives to remember that he is the head of the house and should be respected.

This harsh comment from Mwalimu King’ang’i upset Maina Kageni who told him that women also have an equal say in the home if she is made to pay bills.

Maina told men that ‘you can’t call yourself the heard of the home if you are always borrowing’

He added ‘let me ask you ladies the red flag that if you see this sign ran for the hills coz if todays man can invite you for a date and abandon you with a bill and feel nothing, what else do they do? seriously, what can’t they do? if a man can’t take care of you on a date how can he take care of you and your family?’

King’ang’i retorted ‘maisha ni kusaidiana, Maina you have lived in America when it comes to bills, what happens when you do go out? You go dutch right?’

Maina agreed but insisted Kenyan men are stingy ‘does she have equal authorityin the house if she pays bills?’

Kingangi said ‘NO’ ‘We are in Africa, not America’

Maina added ‘who will you marry if he’s asking you to pay on the first date? nie ma mkisaidiana does she have as much say in the house? You can’t have your cake and eat it’

Kingangi remained defiant ‘No, the man is the head of the home, I am still the head of the house even if i ask you to pay rent or borrow money from you’

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I budget sh10,000 a day for entertainment – Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni has blasted men who invite women out on dates, then dissapear when the bill should be paid.

He labelled them cheapskates, who will make terrible husbands when they marry.

Maina cited the case of two women were on Monday charged with enjoying Sh147,000 food and drinks and failing to settle the bill.

The pair, identified as Delilah Raila and Evy Cheptoo, are also accused of causing a nuisance at Black Stars Lounge.

They allegedly ordered food and drinks worth Sh147,250, which they refused to pay.

Delilah Raila and Evy Cheptoo in Kibera court on March 14, 2022

Maina blasted the men who invited them ‘there is no way they could consume 147k alone. Never. You know what this habit is? This is tabia ya wanaume, you go out with your friends, you see women, munasema acha tushikanishe meza, then the bill comes and you start disappearing. When you take me to B club and I order a Gin at 1800 for a single, you are the one who took me, its not my fault that the club charges ten times the amount, you are the one who invited her there, she didn’t say she wants to go to Kempinski’

Maina Kageni further said ‘I am an expert in fine dining’ Do you know what my budget is for expenditure? Me I budget for 10k a day. It is gum men who run away from bills’

Maina also said he frequents places where samosas cost sh2,000.

there is a place I go here a portion of samosa’s is 2k, 2 thousand shillings, men who are cheapskates men without money how do you invite her out. It’s an embarrassment as a man’

He added ‘If I invite you for lunch I am buying. What happened to a man who could invite you to date and take charge? how do you marry a man like this and expect him to take care of your home?’ Maina asked

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Maina Kageni’s cute moment with adorable ‘son’

Tembea Kenya brand ambassador Maina Kageni shared a cute moment with a young man in Kitui, and the moment let’s us know he would make a great father someday.

On his Instagram, Maina sits holding the hands of the boy, smiling away. The young man also looks relaxed

k_aywhite_clin…Kama baba kama mtoto🔥🔥🔥😂

jahazi_mahaba_huba…..Mkuu na prince 🔥🔥🔥

tinakaggia…Lots of love and hugs to our baby Nathan❤️

carolynembithekyengo…..Maina luking lit…with son😍😍

michellinekamande…Huyu mtoto niwa maina juu anampeda sana

cayokin…Mukaanza kufanana😍

mwangimainas..Gaka ni gaku baba🙌

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Only a mad woman would leave her children behind

Ladie, would you consider leaving your child/ren with your man instead of fighting him endlessly for upkeep?

Many women called Maina Kageni Wednesday March 2 to say they would never. That the children go with them and she will find a way to care for them without the mans help.

Maina Kageni wanted to know from ladies if they would ever consider such a move, as Kingangi encouraged the women saying men are ready for the responsibility.

‘they are reluctant to give you child support so umuachie watoto wewe uende. Which woman in her right mind would allow her children to be raised by another woman? think of your children right now ladies,’ Maina pleaded

a woman called the studio saying a woman should never ever leave her kids behind, ‘he doesn’t want to hear anythignt o do witht hem. Siwezi achia manaume watoto, these men let me tell you Maina, I have a nine year old, kuwachia mwanaume mtoto is not a good idea’

Ndio maana with such a mind huwezi achia baba mtoto… Most women know what they’re capable of doing!! #MainaAndKingangi

@Lucypau43921191·8mReplying to @jairus_nyakagwa @fredric71756099 and 47 othersAm with her 💯% siezi kuachia watoto #MainaAndKingangi

@Essiegachege·[email protected] leaving your kids back for your hubby is like leaving your peace 🕊️ back they ,,we women kids are our proud #MainaAndKingangi @Classic105Kenya

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I borrow money from my man to give my boyfriend

Maina was this morning stunned by swindling stories.

This follows the discussion about Rose Kemunto who was swindled sh1.8million by a man she met on Facebook.

Rose called Maian Kageni to recount the trickery that she fell for. She described the swindler as a good Christian man and never believed he could do wrong.

‘I didnt give hom money the frist night we spent together. It was after several weeks when he asked for sh500,00.’

The confession led to another from a woman who told Maina that she is also swindled by a side boyfriend, and to come up with the money, she borrows from one boyfriend to give the other.

‘Maina it’s called puppy love. You want him to stay with you. I borrowed 10k from my husband to give my boyfriend after he asked for money to sort something out’

Kingangi was impressed at how men ae getting money from women because according to him, Kenyan women cannot easily part with cash, even his wife Mwongeli.

‘ati she borrowed money for this guy? First of all this man needs an award. To get money from a lady? And not once but several times to a point she borrowed to give him? hehe huyo jamma lazima alikuwa na kiswahili ingine. and that man is a kenyan? anaishi Bomry, unadanganywa na mtu ya Bomet? akina kiptoo amekua wajuaji?’

Ladies, if you were to be honest, how much have you ever given man? what have you ever told him to give him money?

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Juma Jux hits the studio with Bien ahead of album debut

Juma shared some exclusive footage from their session in Kenya

Juma Jux has confirmed rumors he is/has worked on a collabo with Kenyan musician Bien, for his latest upcoming album.

Jux dropped by the Classic 105 studio Friday February 18 for an interview with Maina Kageni, where he said he is excited for the collabo.

‘Musically my album is coming this year, that’s why I am her ein Kenya. I came for a media tour. I have done a song with Bien, so I just came here to finalize some plans. Alot of things are happening, just to make it poa zaidi, it’s gonna be a package, there are other Kenyans I working with I won’t say who -it will be a surprise- I want it to be exclusive.’

Juma on Thursday February 17 teased videos of the two working, sparking a possible collabo rumor. The footage of the two was muted.

Juma told a curious Maina that Kenyans will love what he is working on with Bien, asking for patience.

‘I will be back to perform in Kenya soon, there is alot of things this year, mungu anisaidie this year my album comes out, and you -Maina- have heard that song, please don’t release it until I’m ready’

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‘Life can teach you a lesson’ Maina Kageni humbled at get well prayers

Maina Kageni returned to studio on Monday February 14, and everyone was excited for his return.

He took time to thank fans for their prayers for the weeks he was away from work.

Reflecting on his time away and being sick he told that there are times and things you go through that teach you a lesson.

‘there are some things you take for granted when you are predisposed, the days that I spend with you every morning truly are the sweetest moments. Thank you for the love and prayers. I will never take you for granted.
these dasy that we spend every morning I will never taker for granted ever again’

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