Stop borrowing from your wives, she will remind and embarrass you – Kingangi

On the Thursday January 13th morning conversation, Maina asked women what they think of men who say that ‘pesa ya mwanamke haisaidii mtu’.

According to Maina, this is the conversation he had with a group of gentlemen who say you should never ask a woman for money.

A man called in saying it is true. He recounted how a friend borrowed from his wife, failed to pay back and then was denied his conjugal rights to teach him a lesson. The caller says a man who takes money from a woman is now referred to as ‘hiki’ as opposed to ‘huyu’.

Mwalimu Kingangi agreed ‘ujue ukikopesha pesa, she will keep reminding you about it’

Maina reminded him of a simple fact that ‘these are ladies who give you money to go and pay dowry, these are ladies who give you money to pay in a restaurant. She even gives you pocket money to go sit with your fellow men.’

Kingangi advised men to avoid borrowing or else she will keep reminding you of that fact and even publicly embarrass you if you don’t pay back.

‘pesa jitafutie kama mwanaume, sio yake, wacha hio ni pressure. Ebu niulizie wanaume walikopesha na wanawake wao na hawajalipa wako wapi?’

Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think? Pesa ya mwanamke inasaidie?

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Maina Kageni bids farewell to 2021 with encouraging message

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni i bidding goodbye to 2021 sharing his ovrview of the year.

He also revealed his optimism for next year in a video jogging and saying ‘Vile naingia 2022 at my own pace 😂, thank you everyone for the love and support and I wish you all a happy new year’

Makina has been golfing and relaxing as well as an mpesa message that fans laughed about.

Maina Kageni mpesa balance

We do know part of his 2022 plans include retiring from radio as he told classic 105 fans that he will be moving to Miami once he quits in December 2022.

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Maina Kageni’s plan to run a club in Miami

Maina Kagem and Mwalimu King’ang’i have been discussing about their retirement plans. For Maina, he plans to open a club in Miami as he things of what to do next.
Speaking on Classic 105 morning show, the presenter said;
“Come next year I am done.I am retiring from this job, I plan on running a club in Miami.”

Maina already has a house he bought in the US, where he will settle.

“I will be living in my condor. I bought it kitambo.

“I thought we talked about this and both of us after retiring?”

King’ang’i on the other hand says he doesn’t know what he will do after retirement as he hasn’t planned himself.

“I know we talked about it but mimi sikuifikiria sana. I wish I just decided to venture into vying for an MCA seat maybe I would have.”

Maina asked King’ang’i to give him a visit once he goes to the US.

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People live in loveless marriages just like that? Walk away – Maina Kageni

On the Friday November 26 morning conversation, the topic was about wives who go off their husbands for no reason.

Maina and Kingangi were puzzled after a woman had a long conversation with Maina telling him she had gone off her husband and its not a phase, that he disgusts her, and he has not done anything. ‘It been going on for two years and she can’t stand him, hajakosewa’ Maina told about the woman’s challenge.

Mwalimu Kingangi couldn’t understand how a wife no longer feels anything for her husband. ‘Where am I, what am I supposed to do coz sijakosea’. Maina laughed it off and opened the discussion to the audience asking

Ladies, do you relate with her? When you go off your spouse, what happens?

#MainaAndKingangi @Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni that is so me I was like that I felt nothing n all I wished was to quit n I did and am now single and happy

Ikifika hapo just say goodbye and leave.. no need of staying up where your feelings is not there. Else karibuni sana Kericho Maina. @ItsMainaKageni

Good morning Maina, There are two contradicting phrases that totally confuse ladies :
1) Fight For What it’s yours
2) DO not Force Issues.

Kama umeshindwa kaa na mama yako how many men are you going to leave for unknown reasons?

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I don’t have a friend like Mike Sonko who can expose me – Maina Kageni


Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been unleashing incriminaign videos implicating many people from Judges to women.

A woman has sought police protection, claiming her life is in danger in an ongoing feud between former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and some state officials.

Merry Nkatha on Monday went to Karen police station to seek protection saying she fears for her life.

She said she fears Sonko or his agents may harm her for refusing to cooperate with him.

She claimed Sonko has been seeking to have her as his witness in two cases against Governor Anne Kananu and Justice Saidi Chitembwe among others.

“They have been calling and threatening me and I can’t have peace. I feel in danger and that is why I have reported the matter to police,” she said.nkatha

She made the remarks at a hotel in Karen. Police protected the hotel during the presser.

She alleged she was blocked and kidnapped on Saturday in Karen by people she knows who made a call to Sonko and responded to ready made questions.

Sonko then recorded her. She was given a chocolate to eat which was “meant to make me relax”.

The recording has gone viral on social media. Sonko released the audio through his social media accounts in which Nkatha is heard responding to questions and implicating Kananu and other individuals.

Maina old Kingangi that he does not have a friend like Sonko to unleash his moshene, but Kingangi told him that sadly he does and there are many. The audience weighed in ont he topic below.

#MainaAndKingangi maina if I noticed I have such friends I give them a big big block I can’t entertain them in my life

Sure,most friends are not genuine, they’re friends of convenience

unasema huna friends like sonko na mwalimu ako hapo. Ile siku mtakosana tutajua your whole kwanza atazigawa na episodes Face with tears of joy Face with tears of joy

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The money a man gives you, is the value he places on you – Maina Kageni


Girls, Maina Kageni wants you to know that the amount of money your man gives you or doesn’t, proves how much he values you.

He advised men that they should strive to give their wives a monthly allowance, cash that is hers, and not for household uses.

He told this on the Monday November 22 conversation, that women should be valued, with a monthly allowance not just time and companionship.

‘A woman should be given half a million, and it should be hers alone, not for buying groceries or paying bills. Its hers alone’

Mwalimu Kingangi told Maina that the most a wife should get is his time because there si no money ‘many men would love to give their wives money, but there is KRA’


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Maina Kageni amused at men fainting over wives secret investments

On the Monday morning conversation November 15th, the topic was so interesting that men told Maina Kageni that women need to be feared more that hot porridge.they told of the stories of the ‘daughters of jezebel’ thoroughly amusing Maina.

The conversation was based on a story of a Kenyan woman whose husband was hospitalized after discovering that the apartment he had been paying rent for all along about 9 years, belonged to his dear wife. He had no clue and the news was so devastating he fainted and rushed to a medical facility.

Audiences responded to the question with different reactions:

siku hizi we women tunaficha mambo yetu vile mihadarati hufichwa #MainaAndKingangi

Women don’t tell what they have to their husbands, you only tell your sisters n parents. If you disclose that to your husband, he’ll assume you have money n neglect his provision responsibility. That’s how MAJORITY behave,

Aricha Palesa Saya
Sasa rent ni kitu ya kufaint? Anyway if you think you will ride on any investment I made when I was single then you are in for a rude shock. A man is a provider Sasa what’s that man’s problem?

That woman makes me fear women and also make me believe that Marriage is a big Scum…!!!
Lemmie tell you Maina..that is expertly what we call the power of a woman!

It depends on your man, the moment you tell a man about your investment that is when you loose it all, he will want to control and take over it and it wont last long before you loose it all

Men are not secretive, women are.And they will plan & scheme anything behind your back.
Hearing the story of the last caller makes me wonder why is the mother married to his father.Why hide all those big properties away from him.What if the son finally decides to spill the beans?


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Parents prefer boarding schools purely for economic reasons – Maina Kageni

Maina and Kingangi continued a second day of discussions of why there is rising school unrest in the 254.

Most Kenyans have been calling for boarding schools to be abolished, something that Mwalimu Kingangi rubbished saying students these days can’t handle a little pressure.

‘why fix what’s not broken? Tulienda boarding sisi wote and we never had such issues. Hii pressure wanaweka they need to change their mindset.

Main asked if it is time to do away with boarding schools ‘me from my observation it’s not going to happen’

Mwalimu told him ‘hakuna shida ya boarding school it’s their mindset. Mbona hatujasikia Alliance wamechoma?’

Maina weighed in saying ‘ parents don’t like having their children at home, that’s why they prefer boading school’

‘Wakae huko’ Kingangi insisted.


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Maina and Kingangi: Problems of arson in boarding starts from home

Tuesday November 9, the Classic 105 morning topic was of the increasing number of students burning their schools, citing the need to break for midterm.

Maina and Kingangi weighed in asking What are the questions we need to be asking ourselves? What’s the source all this chaos?

Poor parenthood is the cause of all the dramas that are happening in our schools…I remember at our time… Ulikua unapigwa unalia, na unapigwa kwa sababu ya kupigwa unakosa kulia na pia ukilia unapigwa unyamaze..weeee…..!!! I love how we were brought up
Kuchoma shule is a sign of communication… Lakini sometimes I won’t blame students shule inakuaga jela… I remember nilipigwa back 2015 juu ya kuekelewa makosa.. Have never recovered… Nowadays kamama na kababa ndo wamachoma shule our time hungefikiria Hata… Good day maina

Sasa watoto wakija holidays wanawatch akina prison breaks, kuchoma shule na kuambia principal ati watamtext haitakua shinda,
All what I know dispiline start at home

Most of these kids are immature in their thoughts and they end up doing what hits their mind,Saizi ata ukiwauliza sababu ya kuchoma shule hawawezi wakajibu!!

Maina mi nimemaliza highschool just the other day and I can blame the parents for poor parenting ,, Hawa wanafunzi ata wakiwa Nyumbani wazazi hawana time Yao , utapata wamejaa huko clubs na wazazi hawawezi wauliza. #MainaAndKingangi

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The difference between wills written by Kenyan men and women


It’s been quite a week, from Kenyans learning that the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth has a secret wife and son, who has been included in his will.

To Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko encouraging ladies to expose politicians they have children with. This has proved quite a tricky issue.

Maina and Mwalimu debated this topic, after Mwalimu accused women of deliberately leaving men out of their wills, while expecting to be beneficiaries in their husbands.

Women called in to challenge Mwalimu, and brought out the stark differences between a man and a woman’s will.

The only listed beneficiary in a woman’s will is her children, while in a husbands last testament comprises of side chicks, secret children and countless other people.

Do you agree with this?

Read the confessions below:

Maina started with his advise to women while answering Mwalimu’s question.

He said

A man who makes you cry, a man who cheats on you girls if he is in your will, remove him today shouted maina.

A woman narrated

heheeh I have four kids, I’m a manager, my kids are beneficiaries, weuh if I die he will use my wealth with another woman. Then my kids are left suffering, let him get his own wealth, and leave mine alone to my children, ati make him a beneficiary?NEVER, he is only next of kin, let him hustle for his, you know in the event that he dies I will be left taking care of these kids, plus mimi nikikufa I am very sure one month atatafuta mtu, so awachie zangu kwa watoto

Another woman concurred saying

How now tuwaongeze kwa will how now? Look here you can give him money alafu aende kufurahisha mwingine ! That’s why my money is for my kids only..

So girls, is your husband a beneficiary in your will?

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What’s the one thing you like President Uhuru for? Maina asks

President Uhuru Kenyatta is celebrating his 60th birthday today and in the Classic 105 morning conversation, Maina and Kingangi wished him well. They paid glowing tribute noting his happy nature has endeared him to Kenyans.

Kingangi started off with a kayamba for him

‘As a person, Uhuru he is a very good person kwanza if you invite him to some nyama choma. I have a feeling he will surprise us next year before the elections.  Na pia kayamba ya kufungua hii kitu ya curfew. He is a very good person’

Maina Kageni noted President Uhuru’s good nature ‘he had to deal with devolution. He found this monster called devolution waiting for him. Aki there are some jobs me I can’t do’

‘What I love most about him is his vibe, his connection. Mr President you have done well. Many more happy returns and just remember there is a place up there for people like you’ Maina added.

Maina asked the Classic 105 audience to wish Uhuru a happy birthday.

‘What’s the one thing you like him for?’

A woman noted something interesting about Uhuru


From the Classic 105 family, happy birthday your excellency.

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‘I want to be an Ambassador next year’ Maina hints about next move


Your favorite radio presenter Maina Kageni made a confession this morning in a discussion about next years career goals.

Maina and Kingangi were discussing how comedian Felix Odiwour is vying for the Langata seat in the 2022 forthcoming General election, and Maina dropped a bombshell on a stunned Kingangi.

Maina wished Felix the best in his political ambitions, noting that next year ‘Me I’m going to be an Ambassador’.

“I have never thought of a political seat, never ever I can’t even think about it. CS I can do me what I want is to become a Kenyan Ambassador to another country, me don’t take me to Gabon. My plan is to be an Ambassador”

Kingangi was not sure he heard right and asked him ‘unawacha kazi?’ and also begged him to take him along to the new job, but Maina told him he is dusty.

“I want to become a Kenyan Ambassador. I want to go to Switzerland or US aki please don’t take me to Gabon, my plan is to be an Ambassador and I need to be appointed before Uhuru leaves, hii maisha”

He told Kingangi he can’t tag along because ‘do you have diplomatic skills. Wewe  hujajipanga after next year?”

He didn’t answer when Kingangi asked ‘unataka kuwacha kazi?”


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Wives must abide by husbands rule, sio sherehe and cheating – Kingangi

On the Friday morning conversation October 15th, it was all about mandem and sherehe.

The topic excited Maina who said ‘there is a certain kind of lady we need to discus today because your men don’t know how to deal with you – madem wa sherehe’.

Mwalimu King’ang’i faulted these women’s behavior using the lyrics of a popular song ‘hata wakifunga tupige sherehe’.

Maina reminded him ‘but that is todays women. It’s not that the rules have changed it’s that they have evolved. More and more ladies are doing road trips’


King’ang’i said ‘mpaka bonfire have a package for ladies wanaitwa squad, at what point do you top sherehe , how do you detach yourself from such a squad? This lifestyle has to stop. There are rules these women should follow. The man being the head of the house is not outdated. You being humble to your husband is not outdated, you being submissively is not outdated, w e are going through a very difficult time as men, hiyo tabia’

King’angi’s warning was supported by many men who said women who like sherehe over the weekend must be submissive or else.



Mwalimu King’ang’i said there are limits to a woman enjoying herself over the weekends.

@Classic105Kenya Any woman in my house has to leave by my rules because I’m the man..If she can’t she should exit leave alone outside there alone. How can you be going out as the man and the woman is going out no way #MainaAndKingangi @ItsMainaKageni

We need to understand the meaning of marriage bana… And understand what comes with going to sherehe.. It will end in machos.. Single mothers sawa.. But married people 95% will end up single . that’s where ladies start comparing men

Shida ya hii gender imegrow baze ni ngumu sana ku reform…..kila weekend lazima watafute form #MainaAndKingangi

Alafu wanataka vile ulimnunulia simu mpya ukimkatia kila wakati simu mpya ikitokea umnunulie as if pesa ni za simu pekee nkt


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Close your eyes and imagine your wife in another mans arms –  Maina


Why is the idea of a woman cheating unforgivable to many Kenyan men? Maina Kageni posed to upset men.

The minute Maina Kageni began this morning conversation, men told him he doesn’t understand the dynamics of marriage. Maina told men to close their eyes and imagine their wives in the arms of another man!

On Wednesday October 13, Maina and Kingangi discussed the topic of women straying in marriage and why men can’t fathom it.

An excited Maina reminded men that they stray weekly, actually he insisted it is daily and expect forgiveness but if a woman does it, men struggle to forgive her.

“Why is it that men struggle when women stray in relationships? you do it all the time but when she strays once you struggle, why? why is it unforgivable when she strays. why cant you forgive her thew ay you expect her to forgive you and you guys do it on a weekly basis. Girls, even the thought that you have strayed it almost kills them, ni kashetani kaimingia they say”

Mwalimu King’ang’i told him it is shetani who makes men ‘teleza’.

“jembe inaeza kondeshwa lakini sio shamba. Men ere designed differently. Ati Mwongeli – his wife- amestray? Siwezi fathom hiyo’

Fellas, can you imagine your woman in the arms of another man?

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Ali Kiba to host party for Kenyan fans after dropping new album


Ali Kiba dropped by the Classic 105 studio Friday October 8th, a day after dropping his much anticipated album ‘The only One’ in an exclusive listening party for his celebrity friends in Tanzania on Thursday.

Ali Kiba told Maina that his party in Kenya is an appreciation for the love the 254 has shown him in his musical career.

‘I am the King. Mfalme huwa mmoja lakini pia nimeinvest sana time and talent yangu. B the way I have another album ready, I m just waiting for fans to listen to this new one, mpaka watu washibe hii kwanza.’

The party is at the Trademark Hotel this afternoon and he advised that ‘you should come dressed to impress’.

‘Listening party is tonight. Come support me. To be honest wakenya hawajawahi niangusha’

Kiba told Maina that he always delivers on his promise to fans to bring exciting projects.

‘lazima ujicommit uchukue time yako kitu kama album needs time and diciplien. You don’t need similar sounding songs Rank yako inaeza kuwa inapanda so kiukweli nimejitahidi mimi na team yangu tumejitahidi to create a production team. I am motivated and changes int he music scene and I go with the flow I change with it naeza kuona opportunities and change automatically. I have discipline and it’s  business that has season’

The hyped singer says he has much to look forward to in 2022 especially concerts if conditions permit.

‘2022 nintamani . I am open and ready’ he concluded

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If it was Githurai, you’d be mteja!  Cristiano Ronaldo’s mum told


On Saturday this past weekend, Man Utd’s Cristiano Ronaldo debuted for the second time for the team.

The Portuguese superstar scored twice as United ran out 4-1 winners over Newcastle at Old Trafford.

His mum however stole the show. Dolores Aveiro, was spotted crying by a fan, who took the picture of the moment she was overcome with emotion celebrating his first goal back at Old Trafford.

She has been with her son throughout his career and rise to the top of the sport, often pictured with him during trophy celebrations.

This time round she had a phone in her pocket and KOT had alot to say about it referencing Nairobi’s notorious phone snatchers.

Mama Ronaldo angekua Githurai angelala mteja

12 pro kwanza io ni kaploti uko kamakis

Hato hapo kama si venye ako VIP angekuwa mteja
If Mama Ronaldo would be in Githurai. It means Ronaldo wasn’t born and she lived in Githurai. Angelala mteja cause aliiba simu na ameenda Jela.

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“I love you Wangui” Maina tells King’ang’i that his mum loves his show


A mother who supports your hustle is to be treasured. Are we together?

And we found out this on Tuesday September 14 when Maina Kageni told his co host Mwalimu Kingangi that his mother Rahab Wangui is his biggest fan.

“She listens to my show every morning”

He told how proud he is of his mum to an envious Kingangi “She is on the way to a doctors appointment and is listening to me. She listens everyday”

He lovingly added

“Wangui, I love you. Enjoy your appointment we will talk later. Anaenda Aga Khan Hospital, kuona daktari wake”

Kingangi reminded him how lucky he is to have a supportive mother and Maina agreed

“ai you are lucky imagine mama yako anaskiza station ya kizungu wale wengine wako inooro na mbaite yeye anaskiza ya kizungu”

Maina laughed away agreeing that he is lucky. The proud son gushed “hahaha ndio yeye anaskiza ya kizungu”

Kageni and his mother have the same birth date and June is a very special month they celebrate together.

Dear Classic 105 fam, cherish your parents.

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Are you addicted to a bad man? Maina asks after Wema Sepetu admits loving being beaten


On the Tuesday morning conversation, the topic was about something Tanzanian beauty Wema Sepetu said. Over the weekend on her cooking show, Wema said she loves being beaten because after that the man has to bembeleza her.

Maina couldn’t understand this begging the audience to explain.

“She said she loves a man that can beat her once in a while. that she loves the process of pacifying her after”

“I remember when I fell in love with a certain man, he told me he would never beat up a woman. Then he beat me up,I enjoyed it. Being beaten by your baby has its own joy, especially when he starts pacifying you, But not being beaten like a thief, just a little. And should do just once, not daily.”

“We can’t all be the same, there are those that don’t like it but for me, it’s very healthy,” Wema said

Wema Sepetu on her cooking show (1)
Wema Sepetu on her cooking show (1)

Wema dated Diamond Platnumz and once accused him of beating her. Maina wanted to know from Classic audience why.

“Are you addicted to a bad boy? A man who disrespects you but you can’t leave him, ni nini mbaya? what is wrong?
Wema said she enjoys it because he will later have to pacify her a process that she enjoys, aki ya ngai these ladies” Maina added.

Co host Mwalimu weighed in saying “kuna ladies hata ukimwabia atoke hawezi toka even if you tell her to leave haezi toka. Everybody warns you against this man na bado uko huko”

“There are women addicted to nasty men, what keeps you there ladies and you can’t explain it that’s the crazy thing maina asked. ‘what is the attraction?’


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