I told my wife to leave after giving birth to another man’s baby-Man tells Maina

Today Maina Kageni spoke about a rather sad issue that has captivated the nation this week. The presenter’s topic was based on the recent murder’s of Joyce Syombua and her two kids.

Early reports point to Joyce’s ex and father of her 2 kids of allegedly committing the crime. The popular presenter wondered why people stayed in such toxic pairings considering that people who knew the couple had repeatedly told them to go their separate ways.

Joyce Syombua
Joyce Syombua

He asked, ‘It was a toxic relationship. What makes people keep in contact?

Maina opened the floor up to the gallery. One of the most interesting stories was from a police officer who gave his experience with a bad relationship.

He told Mr. Kageni;

I am a police officer and have dealt with this girl for over 10 years. We had 2 kids together. She got a group of female friends who were not good. I was deployed to Tana River for 7 months. When I came back I found she was 2 months pregnant. She wanted to abort but I convinced her not to. When she gave birth she told me what had happened. I then told her to leave my home and go to the man who made her pregnant. I told her that I will start afresh. Go on with your life and I will go on with mine.

‘Money buys me happiness’ shouts Maina Kageni on lifestyle

The man advised Kenyans to leave toxic relationships in the past and move on. Other interesting comments are below;

It is desperation. We are always optimistic that things will become better. It is now 6 years and I am still trying to get him back. We have one kid. For us mothers, we stay with the fathers for the kids. He has moved on but I will keep trying.-A woman told Mr. Kageni.

I give that police officer credit for his advice-A man said.

That man is a real gentleman. When you forgive her you are giving her psychological torture. We need other men to be like that gentlemen. It is good to let go-A man said.

It is not a must that people must get married-A man said.

I watched my mother beaten by my father and I refused to go through that myself-A woman said.

Ladies are committing themselves to men because of money-A man said.

I know someone else like that policeman. Watering this dead tree which many women are doing-A man said.

We have problems because the women aren’t being taught the right ways and even the men. Marriage will get destroyed if things keep on going the way they are. These problems are there because children aren’t being taught well-A man said.

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They cannot give up – King’ang’i makes a passionate appeal to the youth

Maina and King’ang’i had a very tragic conversation today. The two spoke about the news report by Sky News that revealed the identity of the man who died after stowing away on a Kenya Airways plane back in June.

Maina introduced the story by saying, ‘Paul Manyasi has made the news. After being a stowaway. He went until London. Temperatures are minus 60 degrees. It is 8 hours away. He fell from the sky just when the plane was landing.’

Kenya Airways direct flight to New York
Kenya Airways direct flight to New York

At this point King’ang’i interjected and had a passionate appeal for the youth who are desperate to leave the country. He said,

‘The opportunities that we need are in the country are still here. For him to take the risk to go to London is no joke. They(youth) should not give up. They cannot give up! This is where the future is. Wanaenda wapi? The leaders come and go. One day we will have good leaders.’

This prompted Maina to ask viewers whether they would leave the country for better economic prospects if they could? The answers were nearly unanimous with most responses showing the dire state the Kenyan economy is in.

One caller told King’ang’i, ‘Stop telling people that there are opportunities in the country. What can you do with 9k? He had nothing to lose.’

Another chimed in saying, ‘It is a hopeless case. Get me that Ausi VISA and I am gone.’ The final caller explained how living abroad was much better than being in Kenya.

We are in a hopeless mess! Kenyans tell Maina about Moses Kuria’s speech

‘I lost 250k trying to go to Canada. I decided to go to Dubai for 3 years. Everybody is asking me when are you going back? Everybody is chasing me. If you want to open a business in Kenya, everything looks horrible. I am a business administrator and everything I get I save. I have to leave my wife here cause I am earning a lot when I am abroad.’

What do you think?

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Maina and Kingangi weigh in on Kibra by election

Maina and King’ang’i today morning joined many Kenyans in sending congratulatory messages to the winner of the Kibra by election.



Jubilees Mariga lost to ODM’s Okoth, in a hotly contested by election.

Kenyans in awe after Mariga concedes Kibra race to Imran

The duo also spoke about the embarrassing scene where Boni Khalwale was photographed picking up stones while in a confrontation with voters from Kibra.

Boni Khalwale
Boni Khalwale

Maina and King’ang’i were appalled and said as much. ‘Should I get a stone for you? Tit for tat. A whole doctor! A whole senator!’ King’ang’i said.

They concluded the early morning talk by praising the mature way in which Mariga had handled his defeat to Imran. Mr. Kageni said that despite the fact that Mariga was leading at some point in the voting he was still mature enough to concede when he realised he couldn’t win.


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We are in a hopeless mess! Kenyans tell Maina about Moses Kuria’s speech

The early morning conversation between Maina and King’ang’i focused on the horrific and revelatory speech that Moses Kuria delivered yesterday.

But while all might be fun in the studio, our economy is another thing with Maina playing the viral clip of Moses Kuria speaking about the state of the nation.


In the rather sad somber reminder of the state of the economy after Moses Kuria described how the political class (which he was a part of) had failed Kenyans. The MP was speaking during a public debate on interest rate capping and the country’s debt.

The Gatundu South Member of Parliament stunned many when he spoke on Kenya’s debt burden that currently stands at Ksh.6 trillion.

The MP, who sits on the parliamentary budget committee, admitted that the Legislature together with the Executive arms of government have failed in containing the country’s ballooning debt and have apparently been lying to the country.

‘We have lied to Kenyans and second thing is we have failed in our oversight responsibility. Since 2014, we have sold to Kenyans this romantic story that all is well because we believed in respecting the Executive and also since most of us are members of the ruling party.’


Maina asked why no one in government had responded to the damning allegation? ‘Moses Kuria gave this press conference that has shocked many. We have been committing treason for 7 years. No one has responded. No one has said anything, the host asked?

Some listeners called in and all their comments had one thing in; hopelessness. Some are below;

‘Our economy is already bad. We can’t go any lower. They should just resign. I am calling on all Kenyans to go and vote as spoilt votes. We will have spoken to the world and them,’ one woman told Mr. Kageni.

Another man told Maina, ‘As Kenyans we are better off dead than alive. After the defeat of the rate cap I can’t go for a loan anymore. I have no hope. They have betrayed us in every way, shape and form.’

‘The selfishness in Kenya is beyond belief. All our leaders care for their own stomachs alone. People are dying from cancer and all they care about is BBI!’ a man added.

What do you think?

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You are the true doctor of love! Maina tells Fred Obachi Machoka about wife

Today’s early morning conversation was a fascinating one where Maina and King’ang’i spoke about a variety of issues. The most interesting one was about Raila’s comments yesterday in Kibra while campaigning for Imran Okoth.

The former premier as is his nature, had the crowd in stitches when he spoke about how the Kamba community are honest in their support.

He said in Swahili, ‘Wakamba ni waaminifu, ni kama wamama, wakisema watakupatia, watakupatia! (The Kamba community is trustworthy, they are like women who when they say they are giving you, they do!’

Raila with Imran Okoth
Raila with Imran Okoth

The audience was visibly amused but there are those who complained bitterly online. Maina was at a loss for words as to why the statement by Raila was taken so badly?

One of his listeners called in trying to explain why his comment elicited reaction. He told Maina,’ The statement was fine until he threw the term mama. It’s like he disrespected the Kamba community by using the term women. Baba will always be baba. It’s never that serious,’ he finished by saying.

‘I miss Raila,’ Huddah Monroe astonishingly proclaims

The host also had some poignant words for Fred Obachi Machoka, the veteran radio presenter who has been a ficture on the airwaves from the mid-’70s.

Fred Obachi Machoka
Fred Obachi Machoka

Maina celebrated the relationship Fred has with his wife, Sophie Machoka, saying that the way he loves his wife has also infected his own son who shares that same love for his wife.

‘Fred Obachi Machoka. You have been a mainstay in our lives. The way you love your wife is so much that it has even sipped to your son, who also loves his wife that much. You are the true doctor of love.’

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Why are you blushing and you are so black! Maina tells King’ang’i on b/day

Maina and King’ang’i spoke about a variety of things today. One of them was the beautiful jacket that Mwalimu had decided to wear on his birthday. Maina clarified the suit colour for King’ang’i telling him that it was mustard.

The two also spoke about Hussein Mohamed whose last day on Citizen TV was yesterday. The presenters only had kind words for Hussein. Mr. Kageni said, ‘You have done well. You were the best in the business.’

Hussein Mohamed leaving Citizen
Hussein Mohamed leaving Citizen TV

Maina also revealed that he had thought of quitting in the past but King’ang’i challenged him telling him that it wasn’t easy to do such a thing. He said, ‘You keep on saying that. Do you know how difficult it is to move on to a new challenge?

Mwalimu then added that he wouldn’t be surprised if Hussein was moving to the greener pastures of Al Jazeera or CNN. Mr. Kageni added by telling Mr. Mohamed, ‘Great work. Congrats and all the best. He more than deserves it. The world is your oyster.’

maina kageni poses with white shirt
maina kageni poses with white shirt

Maina finished off the early morning conversation by wishing his long-time co-host a happy birthday. He said, ‘It’s your birthday. Happy Birthday! Why are you blushing and you are so black! Happy birthday my brother!’

I miss President Moi so much!-Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni

Mr. Kageni then asked Mwalimu why he didn’t make a point of celebrating his birthday. King’ang’i responded by saying that after a certain age one celebrates a birthday on daily basis, ‘I wish I could throw away my problems like simu ya Atwoli. There is an age you fika that you stop counting. Liwe liwalo.’


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‘Money buys me happiness’ shouts Maina Kageni on lifestyle


Maina Kageni began the taste of the good life early in life.

He recently revealed he and his siblings inherited their late fathers property when he turned 21. The wealth was left to the late Kageni’s three children to avoid a succession battle, according to the confessions of Maina.

Maina’s father died when he was only two years. Read the story below.

Even my Dad was guilty’ Maina Kageni shares rare details 


While you spend days fulizaing, Maina has no such problems.

He told a seething Mwalimu Kingangi who was recounting how tough life is that

money buys me so much happiness it’s ridiculous

The highest paid radio presenter lives a good life, and the little snippets he shows us proves so.

He added about his wealth, leaving Mwalimu Kingangi envious and feeling sorry about his poverty

if your money doesn’t make you happy give it to me, I need to lean to appreciate it, you stay there saying money doesn’t make you happy


Maina Kageni responds to those curious about his dad (exclusive)

Besides cars, Maina has interests in real estate in Kenya and the US. He talks alot about the importance of buying property. .

He has worked with many brands raking in loads of cash, as he jets in and out of Kenya for work.

Dear Classic 105 fam, how are you making it in these harsh economic times?

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Maina Kageni speaks frankly about KCPE fears and telling his mum


Over 1 million students sit for KCPE from Tuesday, October 29th.

Candidates are under pressure and so are parents.

While it is a stressful time for candidates, Kenyans are sharing kind words of encouragement and assurances.

Classic’s Maina Kageni reminisced his time sitting for KCPE years ago, and the fear of telling his parents the results.

The pressure on kids to pass is so high that Maina spoke emotionally about his own experience.

His most traumatizing time was wondering how he would perform in mathematics, a subject many of us find challenging.

He said

I got a C, it was my biggest fear, that was my worst subject and I was not even asked by my mum. She did not ask me anything, she just wanted to know if I did my best.

Mazematics was my worst subject.

pupils at westlands school for kcpe
The Classic 105 FM man began his primary education at Westlands Primary School. From here, he moved on to obtain his high school education from Laser Hill Academy.


Mwalimu his co-host suffered a far worse fate, after failing in his exam. He recounted his terrible experience telling his parents his results.

‘there was not much expectation for me from my parents, they told me enda upambane na ulimwengu. 

Here are others whose painful experience lives  in their memories


Hello Maina. I failed terribly my KCPE Exams. I could not even make it to a public school. But through the support of my MUM and my high school Principal located in Dandora, I proudly stand-out as an Accountant by profession. #believeinyourself


Maina I had a major distaster in Maths, I didn’t do very well in my first round in kcpe but my parents didn’t even say I word about it, that’s when I knew the reason. But on the 2nd round I passed

Dear 2019 candidates, Classic 105 wishes  you the best in your exams.

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Maina Kageni’s kind words for new Safaricom CEO after harsh criticism by some

Maina Kageni and King’ang’i had an interesting conversation today with many topics covered by the two. One of them was about the way many Kenyans are broke at this time of the month, especially after the many holidays’s that the country has had this month.

Maina Kageni responds to those curious about his dad (exclusive)

King’ang’i even wondered, ‘You get so broke until you wonder whether you are supposed to be a lesson to others about brokeness. Unasota mpaka mende zinakuuliza whats up. Unasota mpaka unakula mandazi kwa gazeti.’


The topic that touched Maina’s heart concerned the new Safaricom CEO, Peter Ndegwa. He was disturbed that some Kenyans had criticised the hiring of Ndegwa.


One caller explained that Kenyans may be worried that the new CEO might bring in nepotism and cronysim into the company because of his ethnicity. ‘Typical Kenyans. What Kenyans don’t understand is that the CEO cannot make decisions without consulting the management. Kenyans thought that he will connect his people because he was the CEO. That isn’t true.’

Peter Ndegwa
Peter Ndegwa

But Maina was firmly in his corner and had a few choice words for Ndegwa’s critics while also delivering a heartfelt speech for the new hire. ‘How we all became experts in his management style was not great. Why isn’t he in government? I wish him well. Do great things as you start your tenure.’ the affable host said.

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Women can’t become successful without a man’s financial help


Is a man in any way involved financially in the eventual success of women?

The issue of whether a woman can’t be successful without a mans financial help caused quite a buzz on the morning conversation with Maina and Mwalimu.

Men called in saying women can’t make it on their own and that a mans wallet is the key to a woman making any wealth.

Mwalimu Kingangi said

Behind every successful woman there is a man crying somewhere. 

There is a man ameisha amekonda kabisa because of this, we are talking about suffering men, kuna mwanaume amenyonywa ameisha

Back in 2013, a study published online in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.suggested that a womans success hurts her male partners ego. The study involved 896 people in five experiments conducted in the United States and the Netherlands.

It all was ignited by a classic fan’s comments hitting out at women that

You know we are the capital, kwa pesa za mwanamke lazima pesa ilianzia kwa mwanaume, where do they get their money from 

If you traced the source of a woman’s wealth, is it possible that a man contributed by financing her along the way?


Maina dismissed these thoughts as coming from men with fragile egos, sentiments supported by his female fans who responded harshly

This is pure stereotyping……today’s woman is educated. That’s what this bitter men speaking are scared of. Let it choke them hard that today’s woman doesn’t need them to rise. They can do it. It’s not even debatable!
Women are hard working and many we have made it even without a mans help!This mentality of there must be a man behind a woman’s success is total nonsense!😡

Why should men underestimate our strength, we nowadays don’t allow you to think on our behalf ,please apply logic when you gotta disagree with this.We are independent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is not the era where women r sat on she has ideas to make money and a future for her family…..so e need to make herown money an its not contributed by any man she uses her hands and mind….men stop undermining women…..#MainaAndKingangi
The reason why most single moms are good financially is not because they are getting through men,its because of their hardwork since they can do several jobs to make ends meet because hakuna mwanaume atamkazia kufanya kazi flani bora n descent na inaleta chakula kwa meza.
Jennifer Kanyiri
kwani men think they’re the only ones entitled to have money and wealth? Today’s woman is educated and get her own money #MainaAndKingangi
The men saying that women can’t make it on their own are not only insulting hardworking women but men too who are a product of single mothers who singlehandedly raised their kids from scratch and never gave up. May God forgive them for their ignorance. #MainaAndKingangi
You mean if I wake up 2day&decide am doin this,I’ll get my first capital frm aman?thea soft loans I can easily get for heaven sake!
In this case men r tryin to say they’re the only source of money Stupidity of the highest order



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Maina Kageni responds to those curious about his dad (exclusive)

On Wednesday, Maina Kageni revealed a personal anecdote about himself that surprised many of his listeners. The man spoke about the way his father had left him an inheritance after his untimely death.

Earlier this week, Maina regaled listeners with the news of what his late father had left him. He spoke referring to the good example set by his late dad. He started off by saying,

Executors of wills always mess up beneficiaries. In most cases, these beneficiaries (children) are too young, and they are taken advantage of. When my dad passed on I was two. He left a will with very good executors who when we turned 21, everything was transferred accordingly. The executors my dad left absolutely loved him and they loved us. 

Maina Kageni TBT
Maina Kageni TBT

The odd thing about his admission is what he said afterward. Mr. Kageni explained that his father didn’t leave his entire estate to his mother, Rahab. He said,

How come it’s different when it comes to women’s property? Women’s property is never disputed. It’s very clear. How are they doing it? How have you organized your succession, coz men are totally useless at it? Why can’t you leave it to your wife to manage until they are of age?

He then added,

Even my dad was guilty why didn’t he leave everything to my mother?

Maina laughing
Maina laughing

That comment astounded many and was carried by many blogs around Kenya. Did he really mean what he had said? I spoke to the presenter and asked him to expound on what he meant by the comment.

Maina Kageni dares Radio Africa CEO Patrick Quarcoo with this challenge

Maina told me that people should stay out of his life, stating, ‘I am not talking about my personal life!’ That was his short and sweet answer, which is his right! Sorry guys, we already get a lot out of him, let him keep some things to himself.

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

Back in 2013, the radio host spoke in glowing terms about his father, writing,

I never knew my father… he passed when I was barely out of my diapers… but Mum raised two boys and one girl with courage, set the standards and we never lacked anything… she encouraged us, nurtured us and was and is still there for us when we lost our way or tumbled in this road we call life…

Happy Father’s Day to you, Mum… Muturi, Ciku and I love you for being the best Mother AND Father to us!

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‘Even my Dad was guilty’ Maina Kageni shares rare details 


How should families handle inheritance disputes? A dispute by the Odinga family versus their sons widow, has captivated Kenyans.

Ida Odinga and her daughter Winnie filed a case in Milimani Law Court, Family Division, opposing the granting of the rights of administration of the late Fidel’s estate to his wife Lwam Bekelle.

Ida and Winnie said Fidel had twins – a girl and a boy – with another woman. They said the twins are legally his dependents.

Ida said Fidel had twins with Phoebe Akinyi Ogweno who are legally his dependants.

Who is the lucky girl? ‘Hallo Nairobi girls, Maina Kageni is finally ‘taken’

Classic’s Maina Kageni waded into the issue of inheritance and why men leave problems with who gets what.

He spoke referring to the good example set by his late dad.

Maina and his siblings did not enter a fight over who would inherit his millions.

He started off by saying,

Executors of wills always mess up beneficiaries. In most cases these beneficiaries (children) are too young, and they are taken advantage of.

When my dad passed on I was two. He left a will with very good executors who when we turned 21 everything was transferred accordingly

5 facts about Maina Kageni that you need to know as he celebrates his birthday

He added

The executors my dad left absolutely loved him and they loved us. 

Pesa Otas! Maina Kageni Receives a Birthday GIFT Worth Sh19,000 From Mwalimu Kingangi (PHOTOS)

Maina also noted that he has never heard of disputes for women’s property, and wondered why his father never left the entire inheritance to his mother Rahab.

How come it’s different when it comes to women’s property? Women’s property is never disputed. It’s very clear. How are they doing it? How have you organized your succession, coz men are totally useless at it? Why can’t you leave it to your wife to manage until they are of age?

Maina then revealed

even my dad was guilty why didn’t he leave everything to my mother?


Back in 2013, Maina opened up about his late father in a heartfelt note online

I never knew my father… he passed when I was barely out of my diapers… but Mum raised two boys and one girl with courage, set the standards and we never lacked anything… she encouraged us, nurtured us and was and is still there for us when we lost our way or tumbled in this road we call life…

Happy Father’s Day to you, Mum… Muturi, Ciku and I love you for being the best Mother AND Father to us!

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Why is it only families from Murang’a? King’ang’i asks Maina

Maina and King’ang’i spoke today concerning a plethora of issues. One of them was about the disastrous loss by Arsenal that occurred last night.

Maina was delirious with joy at the news even though his own Man United team had barely scraped through with a draw against Liverpool on Saturday night, a fact King’ang’i made sure he reminded him off.


Mwalimu then brought up perhaps the most interesting part of the conversation when he spoke about the property and tussles in court at the moment.

Late VP Michael Wamalwa’s children in bitter feud over inheritance

He asked Maina why the tussles only happened to prominent families from Murang’a, a place that Maina also hailed from? He said,

‘The rich also cry. John Michuki only had six kids. He was organised. The property that he left has brought some serious problems. Even JM Kariuki bado the widows are fighting 40 years later.’

He added,

‘All this money and they can’t divide it. We never hear Indians having an issue with their properties and they have a lot of money. They are few and the money is a lot. Hata nilikuwa nimesahau Kirima!’

Then Mwalimu related what his father had left him when he passed on; Debts and his own mother to take care of. ‘Mimi nilachiwa, take care of your mother. I was left for debts alone. Don’t forget I was a young man at the time!’

Does King’ang’i’s analysis pass muster? It does to a certain extent that inheritance battles from the region characterise a large portion of the disputes in court. Some of the families involved in property tussles are; the Koinanage’s, the Karume’s and the Kanyotu’s who are still fighting for their late patriarch’s vast fortunes.

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How do you get wet for a man with dry pockets-Woman tells Maina

The discussion we had today on the morning show was fire. Maina brought up a conversation about women helping their men with money referring to a female caller who had said that, ‘A man without a job is a disgrace to his woman. You have a useless man in the house.’

Mr. Kageni agreed with the statement and gave his thoughts saying, ‘A man should get any job he can. When she bails you out or helps you, it is a favour or a duty. Your primary responsibility is to provide and protect. It is a biblical responsibility.Don’t give a man money, give him food, yes, give him a warm bed he can enjoy himself in, I agree. Clothe him, money no.’

‘She is beautiful’ Maina Kageni addresses Lucy Natasha dating rumors

King’ang’i, as usual, disagreed with him and told Maina to stop spreading the hate speech, telling the host, ‘We are one. We are an item. Stop telling these women that it is a favour. We are not mistreating them when sh!t hits the fan, she can also help.’

The comments from listeners are below;

So only jobless men should be hanged. Nonsense-A man wrote.

It is so true. Men up your game if you don’t want to be considered useless-A woman said.

I don’t know what you ate or smoked Maina but you are saying bad words. If she wants to give me money, let her. Those women going to talk about their men to other women, messing up their relationships. This is a temporary situation. No situation is permanent-A man told Mr. Kageni.

Isn’t Sonko mad! He is an African Trump – Maina tells King’ang’i!

My woman gave me 140k for an investment. You stay there saying that-A man bragged to Mr Kageni.

Men are givers by default while women are takers. You give him money he gives to another woman who showers him with praise-A woman commented.

Prophet of doom. The same women who say that Eliud is handsome. Their minds are only on money. You want a man to steal so that he can make a woman happy. Then when you get in trouble they leave you for another man-Wakanai said.

How can you get wet for a man whose pockets are dry? Get out of the house and do something. Let them go outside and get something. We don’t need so much. We will appreciate that effort. I can never give a man money.

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Ati what! Did you hear about King’ang’i and Huddah rumours?

Maina and King’ang’i always have fun when in the studio. Today was no different. The hosts spoke about the early rains that met most Kenyans early today morning with King’ang’i wondering what time people in Gachie and Kinoo would reach their workplaces considering the muddy treacherous trails that they often use.

The hosts also spoke about the humbleness of Eliud Kipchoge jetting back into the country without much fanfare. Mwalimu enthused that had the runner being a man from the lakeside, his entry would have been very different, even demanding to see former US president Barack Obama. ‘Eliud angekuwa Onyang’o, he would have come back very differently. He would have had pacesetters for his jet.’

Eliud Kipchoge on the plane
The marathoner on the plane

The part of the early morning conversation that really got my ribs cracking was when King’ang’i spoke about people who gossip in matatus.

I miss President Moi so much!-Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni

The man acted out an imagined scene for Maina that had the host chuckling uncontrollably. Mwalimu related how those great gossipers are so good that one doesn’t even want the person to alight from a matatu, as the stuff they are talking about is very juicy.

‘Watu wana udaku kwa gari mpaka hutaki ashuke. Ulisikia Maina na Reverend Natasha. Ati King’ang’i alikuwa na Huddah Monroe. Ule mtu alinipa his story alikuwa anaishi ploti yetu. Ulisikai juu ya Kamene Goro na Mike Mondo. Kwanza hao.’ the comedian said.

Huddah in blue
Huddah in blue

King’ang’i concluded by warning those gossipers that, ‘Mushene itawaua.’

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Isn’t Sonko mad! He is an African Trump – Maina tells King’ang’i!

Maina and King’ang’i spoke today about a plethora of trending events. One of those was about Lucy Natasha and Maina Kageni dating.

King’ang’i took some playful jibes at Maina with Mr. Kageni telling Mwalimu to lay off and relax. ‘Leave that Lucy Natasha story. You don’t know how she feels. If that is your plan, you will fail.’

Lucy Natasha in her study. Image credit/ Instagram/revlucynatasha

King’angi didn’t back down and insisted that he had to get saved, insinuating that dating Lucy was a way to accomplish that goal.

Mwalimu also spoke about Eliud Kipchoge’s recent historic run giving listeners a comparison of what he had achieved, saying, ‘Kipchoge can run from Thika to Nairobi in 2 hours. His problem is that he can’t pass Githurai with those shoes.’

The marathoner smiling as he crosses the line
Eliud smiling as he crosses the line

The last snippet was memorable as Maina played a clip of Sonko discussing Nairobi affairs with Simon Mbugua. The host was shocked at the Nairobi governor’s antics, enthusing;

‘Aki Sonko, really. This guy is just unreal. For entertainment purposes he delivers. If he ever becomes president, he shall settle his political scores using phonecalls. This guy felt nothing. He recorded this phone call while in the toilet of his hotel room. Yaani he even flushed the loo. Aki Sonkoree!’

Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko in a file photo

Maina added incredulously;

‘Kamanda usikaribie City Hall. Isn’t Sonko mad! He is an African Trump. He will reveal the mushene everyday. He will be the most ridiculous president ever! I cannot believe that guy. You are on a toilet. he was talking to Simon Mbugua. One day you wake up and he is the president.’

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‘She is beautiful’ Maina Kageni addresses Lucy Natasha dating rumors

A photo of Maina Kageni and Reverend Lucy Natasha prompted a man to challenge the Classic 105 presenter to confirm or deny rumors they are dating.

First of all, when did this happen? Has anyone seen the photo? Please tag classic 105 when you do.

Exclusive: Rev Lucy Natasha reveals the kind of a husband she is looking for

Maina laughing
Maina laughing

The man alleges there is a picture of the two and their fans have questions that need to be answered.

He said, ‘Ulishare picture na Lucy Natasha,

Maina shut down the rumors laughing it off

I don’t know Lucy Natasha.  I don’t know what he is talking about. I’ve never even met Lucy, she is beautiful I agree but I’ve never met her, there is nothing on my twitter handle with Lucy Natasha.

‘You pray and slay’ Things you didn’t know about Rev. Lucy Natasha

lucy natasha
lucy natasha

He cleared things up saying it is fabricated on social media

I can tell you for free there is absolutely no truth in it?

Where did this story come from?

A couple months back, the beautiful reverend made it known that she is single and searching.

Kenya’s hottest female pastor Lucy Natasha is searching for a bae

So did all these stories prompt someone to crop pictures of Maina and Lucy?

Tell us the single Kenyan men who would make husband material for Lucy by dropping your comments below.

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Maina Kageni dares Radio Africa CEO Patrick Quarcoo with this challenge

Maina and King’ang’i spoke had an interesting conversation today that mostly centred on Eliud Kipchoge’s massive achievement and rightly so.

The two praised the runner and were enthusiastic about his record run. King’ang’i even made fun of Maina who had said that his slogan for life is ‘Parte after Parte’ while Kipchoge’s is ‘No human is limited’.

The marathoner smiling as he crosses the line
Eliud smiling as he crosses the line

King’ang’i even spoke about Kenyans wanting a pacesetter now that Eliud had one but he burst their bubbles telling them to, ‘pambana na hali yako’.

Some Kenyans were unhappy with the way Kipchoge had hugged his wife after his record feat. One caller had a very fascinating response saying, ‘For those Kenyans saying he didn’t hug his wife well. I challenge them to run 1km and try to hug someone. They will struggle.’

The marathoner hugging his wife
The marathoner hugging his wife

King’ang’i was also very disappointed with our National Football Team losing yesterday to Mozambique. He complained, ‘Harambee Stars shouldn’t be playing when Kenyans are winning. They should play mid-week. They are like that child that comes when you have visitors, that embarrasses you. They are dirty and they have no shirt on with their skin looking poor!’

Mwalimu King’ang’i gives fascinating reason he would never join politics

As running was the general theme of the early morning show, Maina dared Radio Africa Group boss Patrick Quarcoo to do something he has not done in years all for a good course.

Radio Africa Group CEO Patrick Quarcoo and talkSPORT's Rob Tomalin after signing a deal to broadcast EPL matches live.
Radio Africa Group CEO Patrick Quarcoo and talkSPORT’s Rob Tomalin after signing a deal to broadcast EPL matches live.

According to Maina, Radio Africa boss, Patrick Quarcoo cannot escape. Maina dared his boss to register for this year’s Standard Chartered Marathon.

Standard Chartered Bank will this year host the 17th edition of the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon. We can only wait and see if he will head to the call or he will freak out.

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