“Would you invest in your man?” Maina’s question sets Kenyans on edge

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation went viral today as the man brought up a deeply divisive topic, talking about Kenyan women investing in their men.

“Apparently, women of nowadays don’t invest in their men,” he added.

King’ang’i himself had this to say, “You have to invest in your man. Hiyo pesa ya chama si umpatie afungue biashara.”

The comments came hard and fast with very many diverse opinions that I can’t even summarise cleanly. Read them below:

Maina I see potential in my husband but I don’t see us going far because I earn 600k and he earns 100k, so I need someone who is in the same level as me.”

Letting a woman invest in you is a big mistake. You are handing over the ‘instruments of power’. You will be a puppet in your own family.

The fear that women have is brought about by their peers and the older female gender who always spill the negativity of their past relationship or marriages. Women will always look at the negative cause they can’t forget the bad but the good its easy for them to forget.

Ata wao watupige support,, they should remember that you are everyday’s breadwinner, whether you have money or not.

Most women believe that their money is only for them therefore they can’t invest in their men.

It’s hard for Kenyan women to invest in their men. This because nowadays a lady earning more than her man doesn’t trust him.

Ni Urimu.

The other gender – people who listened to a snake and brought this all sufferings in the world need not to support us. Ile kukutangaza watakutangaza village ata kuku haitakua na heshima having sex in front of you.

Your statement is contradictory. You don’t see any potential in him. Kuna siku utapoteza na wewe uchekwe

This woman is just nuts, coz that’s not love she has it’s like she’s there for money only.

Ladies need to be careful because hawa watu wanaweza kugeuka.

Absolutely true these men are chameleons!!Vigeugeu!

So because you gave him money and invited he can’t breath? If you help someone don’t be thinking he or she will do the same learn to continue doing what you used to do

It all depends on the trust in one another.

Sometimes it’s risky investing in men. My husband lost his job so I bought him a car ndio afanye biashara ya kuuza vitu nayo. Three months later he started treating me badly and I know he is making money. When I ask him for money, anasema hana pesa.

Don’t judge all men, not all the same, but it will depends mnapelekana na yeye aje na wapi . So your own marriage is all about both of you and not to other people out there.

I’ve heard that lady and she’s just speaking with anger and hatred. Before she got married to the man, how much did the guy spend on her? Those white candle 🕯 dinner amesahau how it costed him? Wakubali kulipa madeni later in life.

This is very scary! It’s very risky investing in these men!! Most of them are very ungrateful!!!

As it’s always been said, a man is most humble when broke.

Like I just said she will remind you till you die did you hear the last caller.

Investing in someone foolishly could be a waste at times, modern day relationships are so unpredictable, u wed today, the next day u find urself in a divorce court, it’ll better writing an agreement so that ur able 2 get back ur resources kukiharibika.

If only you treated us well right from the beginning,we would treat you like kings and even trust you with our ATM cards, but you treated us like crap from the word go. Don’t blame us.

Nowadays ladies please don’t cheat yourself ati treating them well utanyonywa mpaka ubaki.

Hiyo upus siwezi fanya…

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Hata kusalimia dem siku hizi ni pesa! Kenyan men mourn to Maina

Maina Kageni’s topic today touched on an issue that affects most relationships more than any other-that of money. As most know, money goes a long way in a man getting a wife in this county, Maina asked what most men were doing to make that a reality in their lives.

“The reality is mwanaume lazima akuwe na pesa. So as a young Kenyan man what are you doing to ensure you are financially stable?” the host asked. He followed up with the question about whether it was wrong for women to want money?

In a rare occurrence on the show, Mwalimu was in full agreement saying, “Wakati wa kukatia msichana kwa mto iliisha. Wanaume watafute pesa!”

The comments section was filled with both men and women agreeing about the power of money. Most women spoke of its utility in a relationship as a must, while most men begrudgingly agreed it was needed to get into a relationship with a Kenyan woman.

Read all the comments below:

Maina, it’s very WRONG and I don’t condone such tabia. There’s wanting money in a bad faith but I wouldn’t relent in giving it IF whatever the money is intended to do will be of great benefit and purpose not other kosokoso.

We all need money including women kwani sisi tunakula nyama na wao wanakulanga maweee.

Kenyan men mwenye hajaoa ako na shida ju hata kusalimia dem ni pesa.

They should also make theirs, not to over-rely on men’s.

Let them look for their money and love it, not follow what someone’s son toiled for

Maina tumezoea kuachwa kwa sababu tunahustle.

No money no woman.

Maina nani alizaliwa na pesa zikiwa kwa mkono? bure nyinyi mnao abudu pesa.

Not at all, as long as they’re willing to work for it.

Maina ukweli usemwe ata sisi wanaume tunatafuta wasichana wako na iyo pesa wanataka.

And what is the lady bringing in the relationship? Love & money go hand in hand. Men are also not stupid nowadays our status should equate. Tafuta pesa pia if you want to be loved.. the biggest noisemakers in a relationship are broke ladies dating wealthy guys.

Tunatafuta wale pia wako na Pesa pia.

Maina let the truth be said, a guy could be looking for a wife but the girl he finds is looking for a bank account

No one, hawa watu siku hizi hata kumwambia coffee date utamtumia fare ya kuja iyo date.

Ladies hate poverty! The reality is men have to look for money. Hiyo nyumba ikiwa na pesa you will be treated very well.

Maina Pesa Ni Sabuni Ya Roho. MAINA No Money No Love. Maina I am Proud My Beloved Wife Njeri Amenipenda Na Sidhani Kama Ataniwacha Because Nilitengeneza Pesa Mapema Men Invest While You’re Young No Shortcut!!!!!!!!

They should come in your life the way you are and help you with ideas on how to get more money. It’s good to have a visionary lady to help you get to where you are going.

The question is “Do men love poverty?” Wanaume pia SKU izi want independent women wasichapwe na bill zote.

Respect your woman and she will help you grow together. Sup pesa

I just want to tell Kenyan men to invest in businesses when they are young and work hard. There is no shortcut!

I just want to tell Kenyan men to invest in businesses is so cliché.

No one is allergic to money! Everybody wants to live a good life. Money in not everything but it helps to get things done. I have dated a broke man but I would never marry a poor man.

The world has changed and both man and woman are all providers and in this case they have to share responsibilities, if one side is left to look for money we put relationship at risk. Money is good but putting it as the basis and foundation of relationship is risky.

I will find that money and go look for hiyo wa mtoni koz they still exist and see how you will handle being pretty…broke and without a man to marry.

Maina pesa ya kuoa haitoshangi. You’ve got to marry when you feel ready as you keep building your future. Ukisema Ni kutafuta, utaishi kutafuta pesa.

Mwanaume alikuwa akichukuwa dem anaenda naye mtoni alafu anamwambia,,” hii bahari yote,, ni ya babangu… Ukinikubalia,, utakula samaki Kila siku..

Kwani iliandikwa wapi pesa na mapenzi ni kitu kimoja

Maina, every woman dating a broken man, has a Sponsor somewhere who takes care of her needs.

Venye nilikua peke yangu bila pesa nikipata nikae peke yangu kuna shida kweli??? Must I have a girlfriend???

Money is the root of all evil. Some of us come from the most broken homes just coz of money. Brothers don’t be stressed out by these broke women. Find your gift, it’ll give you your value and people will always pay for value.

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Oolisikia wapi!? Lady tells Maina after asking why women don’t want to build with their men

The morning conversation today was one that many young men will thank Maina for having. It was a follow-up from yesterday’s conversation where most men where in general agreement that most women go for established married men.

Mwalimu King’ang’i himself asked, “Why can’t women of today start from scratch with their own man? Who are these young men going to marry?”

Maina himself asked the ladies the question, “Is there time to start from scratch?”

This is arguably one of the most commented topics that Maina and King’ang’i have brought up. Some of those responses are below:

The generation of ladies who have found their fathers making it big they forget that their mothers did help that man to be successful. They forget to ask their back history Kama wewe hujajinunulia hata simu ya mkono unaexpect aje kupata mtu ame make it in life.

Yes, I agree that money is important.. But as a parent would you encourage your 20-year-old daughter to be involved with someone over 40 or 50, we need to think about it that way.

The ladies starting from scratch with men were recently called “Bob the builders” that after building a future together from scratch the non-bob the builders will snatch them from Bob the builders cause they believe successful men like women who don’t know their struggles.

The lack of time to start from scratch for our young generation both boys and girls is the reason we have so many singles, it’s the monster eating our society from all angles. We need to talk to our youth to stick together for better for worse.

And that’s precisely where these young ladies miss the point. Whatever that sponsor has been amassed over a long period of time and his wife contributed incredibly. He’ll date you, buy you that palatial house and that sleek car but when things go south he’ll confiscate…

Maina, ladies want a shortcut in life, they are marrying those financially stable men for a reason and if one day those men will go broke they’ll run away from them cos hawana haja nao tena, they were after their money not love.

As if men are not marrying financially stable women this day?

…everything and throw you out of that house. And probably he has impregnated and infected you with HIV. But exactly the opposite we’ll happen when it doesn’t work with their wives. They’ll get divorced and share those assets equally. So who’s using who here.

Wacha nimpate na kimansion huko Runda na ki V8 tulie huko kuliko nimpate Githurai tucheke huko.

These men are unpredictable mutaanza na ye chini akiomoka utalilia choo.

Men should shine aways from earlier marriage and look for money…..koz after this ladies wamefika 28+ they will be looking for you not you looking for them.

Good morning,,,They want the good life without any struggle.

Maina ati start from scratch,how?yani niteseke Kwa nyumba ya wazazi wangu alafu niende kuteseka Kwa mwanamume,uliskia wapi?

Maina hii gender haina huruma, imagine savings ya 1yr anakam anakula in 1day.

We will marry the rejected ones.

From experience, nope there is no time to start from scratch.

Maina for me ni kutafuta pesa kwanza halafu kuoa baadaye. Sina haraka.

Women of nowdeiz can’t start frm scratch coz wanachochwa na mabeste zao wenye wana live fake life pale social media.

Oooliskia wapi? Wanataka kuchoka?

Maina I met a guy who was so broke and had rent arrears for months I paid for it. I am the first woman who took this man for dinner, I taught him how to drive but when he got the money I was thrown out to stay with the dogs.

Madem huwa wanataka wasee wako na kakitu boss.

Kama hauna pesa kaa na mama yako. Maina I am single na nataka mtu akona pesa. Maneno ya kustart from scratch iliisha.

Hawa wanaume wakipata pesa huwa wanachange. I was dating this guy for 7 years tulikuwa tunakula ugali na chumvi akapata pesa kidogo akaendea msichana wa form two. I left Maina.

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Stolen goods are sweet, especially if it’s your bestie’s or colleague’s wife – Man tells Maina

Maina Kageni spoke on a topic today that I think many heroic Kenyan men have been suffering with. The issue of single women intentionally targeting married men. “If you are the other woman did you strategically target that married man?” Mr. Kageni asked?

Mwalimu King’ang’i himself agreed saying, “Kenyan men are being targeted. These women admire your house, car and the schools your kids go to wanasema huyu ndio nataka. It’s a crisis!”

The comments came hard and first with many men agreeing with King’ang’i’s assertion:

Am not financially stable but kuna sister ya my wife amenisumbua and she doesn’t fear. Ako college and she is just 2km away from where we are renting. I remember a day she came visiting and forced a kiss on me. My wife is just dope n i love her madly.

Even science says unlike poles attract. She’s single, he’s married, boom.

So we personally as men, we are easy target for the ladies the moment we marry.

Maina men are rare species. Yaani we’re few that’s why women would love to share the portion of married men because they’re in infinite number.

All I can say that a tree without fruits no stones thrown at it.

Wanaume wenyewe hawasemi ukweli kama wameoa.

What happened to saying ‘I’m sorry, but I am married?’.

Some of these Men remove the rings.

Kenyan men like it easy things they’ll enter every hole hata ya nyoka.

Lack of insufficient capital among other factors.

It’s hard to say so. The lady will feel like” unamdharau”.

Maina that’s a golden opportunity and they can’t afford to miss it but instead, they will want to utilize it.

That phrase no longer exists,  if you think it scares them off you’re totally mistaken.

Sons of Herod will never say no to free escanunu.

Men are weak creatures me included..mm mtu akijileta napita na yeye kesi badae.

Watu wamekuwa fisi Maina…

A woman will ALWAYS go after a man who gives her attention and as men we will NEVER say NO…..A married man is a sign of a responsible person and every woman wants that.

Absolutely true Maina, in fact in a big crisis and the new normal nowadays for Kenyan ladies to date married men for economic gain only.

It’s not all married men but ALL RESPONSIBLE MARRIED MEN ARE UNDER SIEGE….they will forever be targeted because they a sign of good life and that’s what all women want and men being men they’ll NEVER say NO.

That’s the gospel truth. They always manhunt married men to take care of their needs.

Stolen goods are sweet, especially if it’s your bestie’s wife and or colleague’s.

Maina Huku Nje Nasumbuliwa Sana Sanaa. Maina Si Kupenda Kwetu. Its Something Normal.

Like that man has said women are their own enemies.

Ask any man who is married if they ever get a divorce if they can ever re-marry again.

99% will tell you know the 1% will be undecided or on mental state from being driven mad by there former spouse.

Most of this men come with an excuse of “I’m with her juu ya watoto”, they even bad mouth the wife. Then later waki shikwa ana anza kusema she’s forcing herself on me, mimi si mtaki.

Maina tell this men to stop playing the victim.

If a man can afford it, then there is no problem. Be a Muslim about it and inform the first wife. No sneaking, no drama. Do it right.

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I was asked why I dated another girl before her – Man tells Maina of wife’s crazy question

Maina Kageni brought up an important topic today morning, that is how heroic Kenyan men respond to crazy questions that their wives normally ask them.

His question featured his own hilarious example below;

“I had lunch with a friend who got a text from his wife saying Kuja na testing kit ya Ukimwi’ How do you reply?” That prompted Maina to ask Kenyan men, “Guys, have you ever been asked an impossible question by your wife? How do you deal with it?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i had this response, “Wengine wanakuuliza ‘utaendelea kulipia Caro rent mpaka lini?”

One listener detailed how his own wife had asked him why he had bathed after coming back from a long trip while another explained how his wife had asked him why he had shaved?

Read some of the hilarious comments below:

My morning made… I won’t ask you to come with an HIV test kit nop… I will buy several brands of condoms…and give u several as I kiss you goodbye in the morning and make sure I keep some for myself.

Do you know vitu zinaendelea kwa marriage sae inafanya ss vijana tusikuwe na hope ya kumarry.

You reply just the same way you respond ukiambiwa ukuje na nyanya na kitunguu.

Mimi niliulizwa juzi after answering a call from my work mate,”Sasa Ni Nini umeambiwa yenye sijawai kukuambia yenye unatabasamu?”

Maina wacha nikuambie i kif up on marriage wacha watu single tukae singlei pity this married men.

Maina I am the wife to the guy who shaved. I just wanted him to wait for me because ni mimi huwa namshave.

I was also asked the same question by my personal barber I’m laughing hard knowing ain’t alone in this marriage journey hahaha tuko wengi and that gives me the strength to move on wololo.

These women’ll kill as one day.

Aki this gender….

It pains though.

I had travel for a long distance one day to and fro and she was aware about my journey,I came home and took a shower and I was asked. Mbona umeoga?

Maina the questions we are asked! I see my family like once a month because of the nature of my work. So one day I went home showered and shaved but now my wife started asking me kwanini nimeshave.

I was also asked the same question cause he’s my barber hahaha ety nany alikushave?

Ili iwe funzo to those who are single as C. Kirubi said marriage is a prison, ogopa kama kituo ya polisi.

Is that not a retoric question? Koz I will Never answer that it’s MY head why should I have permission to shave?

If you don’t shave on time they’ll start complaining how hygienically you’ve failed them…

Maina before bibi akwambie hivyo, lazima akuwe akona information. Mimi fanya chenye unataka lakini ujichunge.

Maina and King’ang’i, the other thing u must be careful about the question she asks coz it could be a way out of the marriage maybe she’s seeing someone else so you must be very careful and also think outside the box.

Anyway, if someone tells you to come with an HIV test kit, that someone has proof that you are cheating, in fact, don’t ask a quiz just go with the test kit.

Yeah and she is warning you to stop it

Maina the moment u hear that statement or that question asked to you, Know u are finished, she av all the information, so be careful on how you will handle it.

I was once asked why were my clothes dirty yet I left the house when they were clean, I continued to mind my own business.

Of course, if your wife tells you to bring an HIV test kit back home just know she no longer trusts you anymore! Just change your ways before it’s too late!

Wives don’t ask something they don’t av a whole story, they only want to see or hear your lies.

Aliniambia heri angeolewa na jirani i told her stongly if you feel like to leave me alone uko na nafasi nikienda job sibebangi nyumba na funguo na pia ata akiniacha atapatana na mwanaume Kama Mimi hakuna njia ingine.

Niliulizwa na mama watoto unanipenda kweli!!!

For me, I was asked why I dated another girl before her😂😂and to make the matter worse I didn’t know her then….

Silence is always the best answer to rhetoric question from ladies and she asks again come up a question of our own and u will leave happily thereafter.

Yes, I give instant feedback.

Maina, that’s a polite way of saying ‘it’s over between us’. Because honestly, that guy will never appear to that woman again.

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Can you stay with your hubbie if he gets a kid outside your marriage? Maina asks wives

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation today was about something some men live in fear about. That is their wives discovering that they had kids outside their marriage without their spouses knowledge.

He asked, “Apparently, men don’t hide children they have out there, they just fear telling their wives. Ladies, if you partner told you that he has a child out of wedlock, would you accommodate that child?”

The answers were largely split along gender lines with some of the comments having a lot of thought-provoking sentiment in them.

Check out the comments below;

If he got the baby before he married me, then I’ll accommodate him or her, but if it’s when am already married, ndingihota, that’s cheating.

Bwana yangu akona mtoto huko nje na najua kwa sababu huyo mwanamke alinipigia simu kuniambia analeta mtoto. Na nikamsamehea.

Why should you press a nuclear boom button and when it explodes you say it was a mistake. If a small matter in the house can escalate to even the neighbours want to intervene why maina why? What you dont know doesnt hurt.

Women can’t handle such truth, they’ll always cause chaos. I see no reason of telling her I have kids outside the marriage.

If he got the baby before he married me, then I’ll accommodate him or her, but if it’s when am already married, ndingihota, that’s cheating.

What men can do, women can do better. Mimi nimeletea bwana yangu watoto wawili na hajui because pia yeye akona mtoto huko nje.

Me am very choosey , not just anyone can be a mother to my children. Only my wife ,special species not for anybody.

If you see a lady admiring any other guy outside her marriage, that shows the lady is either never satisfied with her man’s love, never wanted to marry that man or is stubborn.

For me I usually say.. do all your dramas before marriage ..but when you marry stick to your marriage lane !!!

When I was 8 months pregnant a woman called me telling me she’s pregnant with my husband’s child na saa hii kuna mwingine pia. So I’m aware of two.

Hii baby daddy career its the new booming business in town I mean you can’t bring them home best kept secret we know we have them.

Let her love them because those two ladies doesn’t have mistake the one with problem is her husband.

This sons of Pharaoh Maina,,,,,

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Kenyan women leave incognito like evil spirits! Men tell Maina

Maina Kageni’s topic today was about women who run away from their men and are never seen again. He wondered how they are able to do it and what goes through their minds when they do it.

He gave the sad story below, “I had 600k in my savings account, then I asked my wife how we could save the money together. I told her hii pesa tusave kwa account yako because I had just relocated to Kenya. Right now as we speak, I don’t have a wife, alitoroka na kila kitu.”

Mwalimu King’ang’i added by saying, “Ladies, how do you manage to disappear without a trace? A man you can find him easily but mwanamke utamtafuta na hautampata.”

The comments from Kenyans were a hoot with people giving their own anecdotes and comments on life. Check out the comments below;

I have a feeling this guy got married without doing some background check on the lady, like knowing her home and parents.

Good morning Maina, please tell these men that the only woman they should trust is their mothers. These other women are not related to them in any way, they are just strangers they tamed just for companionship.

Maina let me tell you, each and everyday this women sleep and wake up with a new plan. Na hizi kamati na bad peer groups advising them. They leave incognito like evil spirits. The world we live in.

Maina Akiyaao Me I can’t try That Game ,Ya Ku Save Pesa Zangu Kwa Account Ya Bibi, I don’t trust Any human being.

First the money was already safe in your own account until you started disbelieving yourself.

To me I don’t think there will come a time I Trust a Woman ..hv witnessed a lot.

This gender though!

That’s madness.

If I left my father’s house to be with you, what makes you think siwezi toka kwako? and why are they looking for us? because tukiwa hapo they don’t bother.

Poisonous relationships can alter our perception. u can spend many years thinking u’re worthless bt you’re not worthless……you’re underappreciated.

When you left your father’s place did you leave with his money or anything of value? Think before speaking id**t.

Mimi nilikuwa na mwanaume mwingine alikuwa ananitesa. Nikawambia kuna siku nitaenda na hutawai nipata. Nikitoroka mtoto alikuwa class 5 na saa hii ako form 4. Na niko hii Nairobi.

How do you tell the kid about his father whenever that question arises, “alikanyagwa na gari ya Moshi”

Maina How Can You Trust A Stranger With Your All Resources, Hawa Viumbe Hawaaminiki.

A woman don’t just wake up and run away. They plan do research and come up with the perfect place to move to, then when all is ready anaenda na kuchange kila kitu unamtafuta hautawai mpata.

Women are the most strategic people. Before they move out, they’ve even planned for their next man! Then You ask why you can’t see them¿

Maina the only place where someone can hide in Nairobi and not be found is slums. They hibernate there for some time before moving in to an estate.

Anahepa kwani kwao haijulikani , hii story ya kukutana Nairobi, you don’t visit her paroz home…is a recipe for disaster in waiting.

Exactly that where they go hiding like a month ,after she stabilize anatafta mahali pengine anaweza jificha.

Maina We Don’t know What A Secret Between The woman and Serpent in the Garden of Eden.

They are Invincible creatures, We Don’t Do What they Discussed with Serpent in the Gardens Of Eden

These men are the reason why we leave. Mtu analewa anafanya vituko surely? How can you stay with a man like that?

As men we cannot suspend our future plans and investments coz of a runway woman, if you gonna go, you must go, we always live with substitutes on the line waiting to enter inside, akiyao.

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Maina Kageni’s tribute to Kambua on death of her new born son “find strength”

Kambua is mourning the death of her new born son, days after giving birth.

On February 15th, Gospel singer Kambua announced on her Instagram the sad news and bravely spoke in a tribute to him.

Reacting to the sad news Classic 105’s Maina Kageni sent his condolences saying

“Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers because I don’t think there is anything harder for parents, Kambua tuko pamoja sincere condolences, we are together, find strength and we will say a prayer for you. Kambua and your husband and family and friends imagine their is strength in the Lord. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers”EuSA4FGWYAYB44f

Co host Mwalimu King’ang’i shared her pain saying “they waited for over seven years to have children, do you know how hard that is?”

Her courage and strength has won the admiration of Kenyans who commended Kambua while sending their condolences.


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Unataka wapeleke 50bob wapi, wanunue ndege? Maina told after asking about youth alcoholism

Maina Kageni spoke about the issue of men who drink so much that by 6 am in the morning they are already drunk.

He asked those men whether that behaviour wasn’t a big concern for them? “Today we are talking about men who are drunk by 6am in the morning. How do you wake up to go to the bar at 6am? Aren’t you guys worried? Guys, do you know someone who is going through this?”

King’ang’i’s take was terribly sad, noting,  “This is a very hopeless generation. Mtu anapata 50bob anaenda bar.”

The comments from some listeners are below:

Maina usicheze na kupandisha kokoto up to 18th floor, this manual workers deserves a little steam!! huku Ruiru as long as uko na 20 bob wewe uko sawa.

I know of a guy who is 27yrs and by 7 am is already drunk. Am a welder, the only job anaeza fanya ni kupaka rangi umpe 100bob akalewe. Even if you agree he should come in the morning, utamuona 1pm coz he was in the bar that morning.

It’s very sad, King’ang’i is right they are being sold kwa tu glasses kwa wines and spirits huku mitaani ukipita unapata men passed out at nine a.m.

My bro does, we tried rehab akasema hana shida ya pombe! Hata kumeza chakula ni shida kwake, twangonja tu siku yenye ataona yumo na shida!

Maina why are you now surprised kuskia kuna madem hulala kwa mtaro …these are the same women you empower ever morning. They are now misusing their independence.

If you can afford to work n drink,kunywa pombe.if ur jobless kaa nyumbani,kunywa ndimu na tangawizi uzuie corona.period,otherwise fombe ni fombe bora iaribu akili..tonduu nikiiii

It’s economy suppressing the youth, people are jobless and on top of that marriage stress

The question is where do they get alcohol in morning and there is Mututho law

That’s all drugs & alcohol do, they cut off your emotions in the end…..

Maina you can’t believe it I told my dad to quite alcohol but imagine how he told me,, he said even before I was born he was a drunker.

We ebu wachana na sisi…..mbona husemi vile politicians wametufanya tukuwe hopeless?

Wengine Wanapewa Kazi Ya Kusafisha Bar Wanalipwa Na Pombe Maina.

This is a man eat man society where the big feeds on small with no mercy.

Am a victim of this there is a reason for this.

Lost generation and rotten.

Coast vijana, madem wote wanachana miraa. Ni 7am na mtu ashaanza kuchonga

Ata 50/= huyo ni tajiri hiyo siku.. Wengi hulewa na madeni kila siku.

That’s a good prayer item.

Mtu anakunywa pombe Sura unakaa mkeka.

Unataka wapeleke 50bob wapi? Wanunue ndege? Ulitaka aende wapi….kuna ribs za 50 bob?

Mimi nikona kinyozi hapa Kirinyaga and I open by 6am nawakutanga wamelewa. Na huku ni mashosho wanakunywa. Pombe huku ni 30bob.

It’s time for all the stakeholders to come up and discuss this vice with the seriousness it deserves before it’s too late. NACADA, POLICE, ANTI-NARCOTICS you name them.

Pombe is good.

We send our grandmother money and then she gives it to my uncle na yeye anaenda kulewa.

Usisahau song moja ya samidoh. It’s called “addiction ” and it’s so hard to evict it. So sad indeed.

We need to do something about this matter!!!

Your son can either graduate from University or graduate to this group before they finish university.

Maina u need to visit some of the wines and spirits within town this early morning, it’s their breakfast.

Alcohol is harmful to your health!

I know of a certain driver who says he won’t be able to drive before tasting liquor..and its very true anatetemeka.They are soo many.

kwani uko dunia gani pombe ziko kwa wingi ,kwanza kwetu inauzwa usiku na mchana. This is terrible we are losing a generation in small way,but it will have a very big impact in future.

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Juma Jux promises to host an only womens concert in Nairobi soon

Tanzanian crooner Juma Jux hopped onto the Classic 105 studio Friday February 12th for an interview with Maina Kageni about the much anticipated Valentines show.

The hunky singer excited his female listeners and he came with gifts for all including tickets to the show.

Regina Hit makers Juma Jux ft Otile brown will be performing live on Sunday at the Royal Gardenia Garden Centre. See the poster below.

Maina welcomed Juma saying  “karibu sana nyumbani” to which he responded “thanks”.


Juma revealed he has prepared adequately for the Sunday show saying

“I’m ready for everything. I have prepared for the show, it’s gonna be crazy. For me Nairobi is like my second home, they support everything I do; my brand and my music since the first day since I came here, it’s my first big show and I have put my all in it. I have a new song mapepe that came out today so Kenya will be the first audience to hear it when I perform it for the first time. The Valentines show will be big, we have arranged a good performance with Otile Brown. Mapepe came out this year. I don’t know how to put it in English, it’s basically about mwamamke ambaye hajatulia, hajasettle inabidi awache mapepe, it’s a different sound, diff visuals na ni tofauti sana, it’s like old 90s music”

In December 2020, Juma Jux had a successful ladies only show. He explains the cute reason behind it

“You know most of my fans are ladies, they support me in very different ways,  my brand my merchandise and when they come for my shows in high heels in stadiums it’s hard for them, so I thought what can I do for them separately and find a proper venue and have nice drinks wear clothes and heels and see me? So I said ok king of hearts no men, ladies only, so I was happy there was a huge turn out, every lady wanted my attention.  I would love to do the same for Nairobi women.”

So girls are you down for an only women’s concert? Remember it’s hunky Juma Jux, do with this information as you please.

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“My brother is 41 and still stays with mum. Pesa anapewa bado na mama” Maina told

Maina Kageni brought up a subject today that many people might not is an issue occurring in many Kenyan homes.

The topic he brought up concerned men over 25 still living with their parents. He asked, “Guys what are you still doing living in your mother’s house? What’s your plan? Ladies, do you have a brother who still lives with your parents?”

Mwalimu King’ang’ihad the following opinion about the whole affair, “The parents are the ones who keep insisting that the children should stay.”

The comments were shocking to say the least with many revealing that this was a common occurrence in many homes while others defended the decision to stay at home as being financially pragmatic.

Some of those comments are below:

We have those who seem functional, They stay at home and work or do business but when they are paid they drink mpaka zero shilling. Until the next business payment. They don’t invest in anything. They know they will inherit.

My uncle 48yrs old n married eats at his mother’s house to date… He leaves his wife’s food to go eat the mothers’… At some point I think the wife may be the problem coz this is abnormal

My parents won’t allow me to leave the house.

Nairobi rents take up more than 30-50% of income. If you can save on that amount because you have parents with a home, please do…

Men don’t pressure yourselves coz Maina is asking. Stay until when you feel to leave, as much as no one is looking you funny. Marry there. Maina is rich. Your mother loves you, she is a woman too, she would understand better when you over stay.

Ooh my God!! Those kinds drinking early in the morning are miserable. Mtu anakaa na mamake alafu asubui amelewa, ata hawa wamama wamevuka mipaka. Mtu atolewe teketeke ekajitafutie.

Maina Mimi Niliondoka Kwa Wazai Nikiwa 17yrs , Hii Mambo Ya Kuita Watoto Ka Daddy Ndio inaleta Hii Shida.

Nyumbani hatutoki kamwee…… When u look at the house of my parents u wander nitoke nende wapi
5bed rooms nikitoka nani atalala kwahizo zengine.

90% of men who chew miraa they don’t live in their parents house.

Yes, I have one..He always says he will move at his own time not by pressure.

Sasa kaa hiyo ndoo kupenda mtoto acha ikae. Wahustle. Sasa hiyo ni maisha gani. What future does that young man hold!!!?

How parents raises their kids matters alot in the future of these kids.. Maina there are parents out here who still pamper their old kids, i heard a certain mum akisema mtoto wake hawezi teseka akiwa hai..

I once visited my aunt .. she is wealthy .. I asked her “bado kamaa ako huku na Kuna place Kuna kajob anaeza fanya” she told me “mtu huenda kutafuta ju ya shinda na Kama Hana shinda nampea kila kitu shinda ni Nini” I just kept quiet most parents are part of it.

Maina I have a cousin who is now 45yrs. After he graduated in medicine from India. He came back home and selected a favourite spot at his mum’s living room where he is absent only when sleeping. His mum even bring him snacks.

My uncle is in his 60’s and he still lives at my Grandma’s house not even talk about my brother in his 40’s ….I wonder what wrong with them.

Maina there’s another kajamaa hapa Jirani who comes at curfew hours and start knocking his mother’s house akiitisha chakula … Na mamake anafungua anampa chakula na anamuuliza amechelewa wapi.

Maina, I recently cleared my college. Last year to be precise and awaiting graduation. I got an internship in brookside and I’m now moving out and I was given the opportunity to work here and guys from 30 should grow up.

My brother is 41 and he still stays with my mum. Pesa anapewa na mama yangu.

Those are cool kids sisi wengine afta kumaliza highschool atmosphere inabadilika pole pole unaona hufai kukaa uko.

Hawa vijana wako hivi juu ya kubembelezwa na wazazi. I don’t know what’s wrong with these men. Hapa Kangemi wanakunywa pombe!

My uncle is in his 60’s and he still lives at my Grandma’s house not even talk about my brother in his 40’s ….I wonder what wrong with them.

Shida iko wapi ulitaka a stay wapi.

A friend of mine has been at home doing nothing from 2007. Kazi ni kukunywa tu and he is 35 years old.

We’re proud to be with my mum……age doesn’t matter.

My cousin is over 40 Na anakaa Kwa mamake food anapewa Na mamake pesa yake niya pombe tu.

Those are cool kids sisi wengine afta kumaliza highschool atmosphere inabadilika pole pole unaona hufai kukaa uko. Unbelievable!

It’s because of mummy’s love.

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“He’s made it” Maina says about Diamond being hired to sing Happy Birthday


Diamond Platnumz over the weekend briefly jetted into Kenya. He didn’t say what his visit was, but by video we understood it was work related. This is because he had with him, his official DJ, his photographer and bodyguard.

It has now emerged that he was hired to perform at a private function, a birthday party. Diamond on his instagram shared pictures in a private place, as seen below.

Maina on Wednesday reacted to this saying

Diamond Platnumz has made it. He was hired to sing Happy birthday at a private event. Aki yao you know you’ve made it when this happens”

While the identity of the lucky person remains anonymous we must say they are monied.

That individual took the humble birthday party to a new level.

Dear Classic 105 fam, if you could afford it, who would you hire to make your day memorable?

The biggest names in the music business usually charge anywhere between $600,000 and $1.5 million, depending on who they are.

Among the most popular to hire are Jeniffer Lopez, Beyonce, Elton John, Drake etc.


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“My mum gave televangelist Benny Hinn sh500,000” Maina Kageni says

What is the obsession Kenyan women have with pastors?

A confused Maina brought up this topic for a second day in a row because of all the incredible confessions made on air during the morning topic.

Mwalimu cheekily answered Maina that ‘ndio Baraka ziingie ndani ndani ndani!’

*if you know, you know*

Maina also revealed that his own mother Wangui has also fallen victim to this behaviour.

He told Mwalimu who wasn’t surprised about it that

“My mum gave half a million shillings to pastor Benny Hinn when he came to Kenya. Ngai Sh500k”

His comments provoked one city woman to disclose that she has bought her pastor a tv, given them office space and regularly buys them clothes from Dubai.

A shocked Maina exclaimed that

“What is it with ladies love being chief financiers of their pastors?”

Mwalimu chimed in saying in kiswahili that ” my wife Mwongeli is like that even when the pastor calls she tells me to keep quiet, ati ni kama vumbi ya Kitengela unaambiwa wewe ngoja ipite”praying woman

World renowned televangelist Benny Hinn toured Africa several years ago, and Kenya was one of stops where he ministered to thousands at Uhuru Park.

At the time he was popular for his healing miracles and at his crusades it’s alleged that he cured attendees of Aids, cancer, blindness and deafness.

Have a blessed day dear Classic 105 fam.



Men will tell their pastor how much they earn but not their wives! Maina told

Today’s topic was one of the hottest we have had this year, with the comments section filling up. Maina Kageni spoke about the divisive topic of tithing in churches.

He asked, “Guys have you received one of these payment slips in your church? And does your pastor know how much you earn? I am not a churchgoer but I have my own relationship with God and I tithe in my own way”

King’ang’i saw tithing as something great saying, “Hiyo inaitwa kusema asante for what God has done in your life.”

Kenyans were split on the raging issue. Some of those comments are below:

Am a Catholic goer, in my church there are envelopes for tithes (not demand notices), it is voluntary to tithe, you can choose or not; to identify yourself.

Yes I know those bahashas very well but I don’t want to fall victim like this woman.

God is above all and bigger. You can’t keep boxing people and picking sole verses to con money. People should open their eyes. ”My people perish for lack of knowledge, the Bible says..

It seems like now a days churches are just businesses…so saaaaad.

Yes but what I know only 10% of faithfuls give exact tithe majority give what is opposite of their earning.

I stopped going to church when the pastor started lecturing us about tithe.

No pastor or man of god will ever get my hard earned coin, watafute kazi wafanya sio kungoja kupewa. ata yesu wanayeomba alikua seremala na mvuvi.

Tithe is not about Pastor is biblical, i have tithed faithful and i have seen the blessing

Yes it’s asante but eaten by wrong people,,,,l think Tithe should be used to help less fortunate in the society but some pastors misuse it.

Maina tangu this corona ikuje sijaingia church, reason no job no money

Tithing is a command, read your Bible well.

I know a church where congregants hulimia pastor shamba free…It is what it is Maina

And it’s not funny to find out that the congregants haven’t tilted their shambas

This is like commute allowance and compensation for the talk or sermon. Same way you pay to listen to a motivational speaker.

Sio lazima bcz siku hizi pastor wengi ni fake wako biashara

Kanisa lazima rent ilipwe.

Kabisa ni biashara.. . Tithing is in the Old Testament in the law of Moses ….Jesus ended that law, Christians are under the law of Christ.

Tithing isn’t mentioned in the New Testament, Jesus never mentioned tithing. Jesus said let your right hand not know what your left gives

Mimi ni mzee wa kanisa & this is my take regarding tithe. Tithe is 10% of what one earns, it’s meant to help the church run its programs. These programs are widows, oprhans, choir members, the pastor, the needy & anyone who needs financial assistance.

It could be…but the problem is how they ask for it .. putting it like it’s a must.. demanding..to a point where they’ll follow you to ask or remind that hujatoa io pesa.

The 10% tithe should be from Gross or Net of what one earns? With Net I mean what remains after all bills are paid…

Ni kama Branch reminding you ati hujalipa ile loan uko nayo na deadline ishapita.

Siku hizi kanisa zimekuwa biashara. Maina mimi hiyo tithe siwezi toa. Utatoa hiyo pesa they go and live like kings and queens. Na siku hizi kanisa huwezi toa coins ni manoti.

Tithing is very important and healthy for building our faith and also covering our properties and wealthy but the problem is those mafisi pastors en priest… Soo do as you from your heart umpendeze mungu pekee Up pointing indexUp pointing indexUp pointing indexUp pointing index.

We tithe from the heart and in support of the church and our faith. And in return God blesses us abundantly.

Well said… If you sincerely give what you think is worth from your heart then you will always count the blessings Collision symbolCollision symbolCollision symbol

leo umeongea kama wanawake watatu wa njuri ncenke uko kwetu meru

There is a difference between tithe and offering. A tithe is a specific amount (10% of your income) that you give first, and an offering is anything extra that you give beyond that.

Malachi 3:8 Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.3:9 Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.3:10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, ………..

2corinthians 9:7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

Yes. Bt again, the church leaders have the role to remind the congregants that they have to give becouse bila kuambiwa hawaezi jua kutoa . We need to help the church that’s true.

Maina nowadays hakuna kanisa ni biashara tuu mapastor ni washerati ….stealing in the name of the Lord…mmmh siwezi enda church yeyote yangu ni moyoni.

Tithing & giving out gifts should be involved by 2 parties, Oneself & God. That’s one of characters of burnt sacrifices. Hiyo ingine ni show off.

I am also watching live sermons. I stopped going there a year ago. Pesa siwapei.

I remember one time man if God stopped the congregation and lectured us that we should give currency notes and not the coins he was hearing tinkling as tithes in the baskets.

I think tithing is not mandatory,,,it’s jus willingness to give.

Maina Tithe hailazimishwi,it depends on yourself hata ukipeleka 10bob si pastor anakuona it’s God.
But huku kwetu we normally remove 10% of our salary and it’s a must.

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That’s why salons don’t have radios-Maina told about women gossiping their husbands

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation was about gossip and how women gossip about their men to other women. “Why are Kenyan women comfortable talking about their men with other women?”

Ladies, has any woman ever given you advice that has actually worked?”

The fiery topic drew a hilarious question from Mwalimu King’ang’i, “Why do you form WhatsApp groups to talk about your husband’s?”

Most men agreed with Maina’s contention and said that the women were sharing their personal issues 

The Bible itself states a wise woman builds her home(an empire to enjoy) but a foolish one destroys it with her BOTH HANDS. One tool that ladies have used to ruin their marriages unknowingly ni hii udaku ya kuongelea bwana zao in the name of “kutoa stress”. 

These women don’t even have control of their tongues, I once took my sister’s daughter to salon n I had to walk away cz the topic they were talking waaah.. imagine one of the women said that his man can’t even last For a minute.

That’s the headquarters of mushenee, wivu, kiburi and all negativity you can think of. Very few women mean well for other women and their husbands.
That’s the reason why you’ll never find a Radio in Salons ..because of the kind of conversation they talk about their men.

Naturally, women are good at gossiping so they can share anything.

Coz others fake to make others feel like hawafiki bei, so hawakosangi kitu ya kuongea.

The women who do this are always wicked.

Mimi bwana yangu alikata marafiki zangu wakuje kuniona kwangu. If I want to see them I have to go meet them elsewhere.

What I know about my man remains with me, what I don’t know remains outside my mind. Why would I discuss my man with other women? Where were they when we started?

You suppose to be a guest speaker in your upcoming women’s conference.

Remember am the head of the family, Ata mimi marafiki wangu hawakunjangi kunitembelea.

That man should be among the speakers in our next men’s conference, familia haitaharibika ukiona.

Na yeye na wake, huwa wanakuja? Aache double standard.

True, you don’t have to involve outsiders with your private matters, as that’s where some will get the topic of the day after you have left. 

You just need to choose who to talk to wisely.

True.. the problem is not even sharing only that some ladies lack the gift of discerning.. they don’t know what,when and who to tell some issues.

Maina sharing your relationships issues to a third party might lead to the collapse of your marriage coz you might be given bad advice and not everyone is happy that you are married.

Maina we share to reduce stress. The reason why these men die mapema is because they don’t share.

That’s the reason men cheat with their best friends then they start blaming men. What do you expect if your best friend knows all my weaknesses and strength.

Nawaseme pia wanapotezana, ukiskia mwingine anaachiwa thao na wewe unaachiangwa soo unavuruga hiyo nyumba…

I agree with you but I usually say don’t compare yourself with others ujui nini inaendelea kwa hiyo nyumba.

Share what ! Shida za nyumbani Maina wewe.

Mwanaume ni kukaa ngumu kaa cement ya Bamburi.

Good morning Maina, my lady is on another whatsapp group called Married Women Association and she tells me they normally discuss men, why they do so, I don’t know.

Sharing is caring Maina & u become stress free. If u keep it to yourself u die of stress.

Kikuyu alisema, “muti utari matunda nduikagirio mahiga ni ihii barabara ini” .. If you know you know

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Her man used to cook, clean the house and clothes (even panties) – Maina told shocking story

Maina Kageni’s topic today was about men who have been sat on by their significant others. The conversation was a fiery one with many men responding with their crazy stories.

He asked, “Today we talk about ‘wanaume wenye wamekaliwa’. Ladies, are you overly harsh on your man? because there has to be a reason.  Do these men marry devils or do they create devils?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i said, “Wanaume wengi sana wamekaliwa.” #MainaAndKingangi

The comments came in hard and fast. They are below:

Hatujakaliwa ni kupenda amani bwana.

The men contributes so much in this behavior from their ladies from time they get married. No man gets married to a lady who he knows atamkalia chapo.

In marriage, RESPECT should be paramount. If FEAR dominates then know all isn’t well. A man shouldn’t never fear going into his own house.

Some ladies will visit friends and neighbours, see something good in those houses then they come back and put pressure on you to buy. It becomes a point of attack.

Maina, in today’s topic. There’s alot of toxicity in marriage institutions.  People get into marriages with past issues and problems and subject them to their partners. And hence leads me to say both men and women are responsible

…… Are responsible for what happens in harshness and high level of mistrust and control. We’re all responsible. It’s sad. I’m not yet married. It’s evidence of how things started and where they’re headed.

Kuna like 5% of men wamekaliwa literally whom hakuna dawa but the 95% problem is you let her call the shots occasionally, eventually inakua the norm and she convinces herself yeye ndio kusema, to avoid conflict you let her be unavumilia, what keeps men in the marriage is the kids!

There’s nothing like ‘kukaliwa’That’s toxicity! Alot of women out here are toxic, narcissist but we don’t address it! Society has groomed toxicity in women they call it ‘kukaliwa.’

Kukaliwa starts when u start pulling a chair for her in the name of being romantic

Majority don’t know wamekaliwa, outsiders wanaona, they mistake it for romance…..

It’s we men who let our women kalia sisi. It’s how we treat our women that makes them revenge on us..

Ukiona mwanaume ana complain amekaliwa jua tu yeye ndo shida.

How does a lady sit on you??

Hahahaa kweli tumekaliwa si uongo.

As a man, I cannot be bossed around by my wife…
Ephesians 5.33: Wife, respect your husband, PERIOD!
…that’s the standard the Bible gives to every [email protected]

Wanawake wengine hukalia mabwana zao juu ya hizi vikundi vya wamama. Nilienda kujaribu hizo vitu on my husband and it almost ruined my marriage.

I have NEVER approved those wanawake chamas coz they are recipe for marriage breakups…..if men knew what happens in those chamas they would collapse and DIE, kwanza if it’s leaders are legendary divorced ladies kwako kutawaka moto.

This lady should be invited to this year’s MEN’S conference coz she has earned our respect, kayamba kwake
Some do it because of the in-laws kwanza kama ukona in-laws who are always after your Hubby’s money trust me utamkalia.

But why would a man accept kukaliwa for heavens sake.

Marriage/relationships last longer when you don’t tell people your business.

I have been married for 11 years and my husband cooks his own dinner. I still follow the advice was given by other women.

There is also that group of men who like that sort of treatment..they love being dominated by their wives coz it gives them pleasure.

This thing called marriage is so problematic. Not unless you stop listening to what people say and do your s h I e t how you want them done

And she will never see that plot unless ajinunilie. Ukiona mwanamme amekubali kukaliwa ako na plan, the moment his timings will be right, huyo mwanamke atapiga simu hapa tu kusema all men are dogs.

Then usikie some aunts pressuring sons of Abraham to get married. Nefa efa…

These are the kind of things that makes young people hate marriage! 

According to our tradition that’s a taboo.

Ask them why they’re being kaliwad they won’t answer coz wanajua hao ndo shida.

I know of a couple where the wife was the one controlling her huzy’s money mpaka alikuwa na his ATM so the man lied how much he earns and wud do m-banking, she was dramatic but funny enough he used to bembeleza her mum nyamaza.

Maina this gender is weak and they respond to how men treat them..we respond to how they treat us.

Maina this men claiming vile wamekaliwa are devils themselves vichwa ngumu sana don’t think the wives are mad nivile ameonyeshwa.

Men go through so much in silence! We love our women but they tend to take advantage of that fact!

Men create devil in their women. I personally know of a man who wakes up takes kids to school with his own car after the wife sold the kids school car and there is nothing he can do shopping ye ndio huendea soko.

I have been to many chamas,for more than 10 yrs,na sijawahi sikia kitu kama hiyo. Ama ni chama gani are they talking about?

Maina the men contribute so much in this behavior from their ladies from time they get married. No man gets married to a lady who he knows atamkalia chapo.

A lady was telling me that his dude would cook, clean the house and clothes (even panties) simply because he used to come over on weekends and the lady was working.

One day the lady found the guy with another lady in this house

In marriage RESPECT should be paramount. If FEAR dominates then know all isn’t well. A man shouldn’t never fear going into his own house.

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My sponsor’s wife would make him sleep on the sofa at his home – Side-chick tells Maina

The morning conversation today was about women who belittle their men. Maina Kageni addressed the issue that has plagued many honourable Kenyan men.

Maina wondered why our women belittle us. Mwalimu King’ang’i had his own opinion about it saying, “Imagine you are a lawyer, doctor, accountant but ukifika kwa nyumba bibi anakudharau making you feel useless and worthless. Ladies, why do you belittle your men?

The comments section was littered with comments by men who had suffered at the hands of their wives. Some of those responses are below:
It happens and those men saying they’re speaking for their friends should stop lying, we know it’s their own stories… So sad.

“I was a side chick to a very rich man. Alikuwa ananiambia akifika kwa nyumba, analalanga kwa kiti.” 

Now that’s disrespectful,,,the man is still the head of the house no matter how developed the woman is.

It depends with the choice of words, voice tone and attitude of the woman when saying it.

If it was said,”Please hun, help me get the utensils to the kitchen” -why not. Unlike, “Peleka vyombo jikoni”.

I don’t know what to say but may God in heaven forgive her coz she don’t know what she is doing or saying…



Oooh… We lost another ‘man’ there. Some daughters of lucifer. I guess vile kunakuanga na house wife, hii ni omuhasband ya nyumba.

It’s psychological and emotional abuse that makes a man feel worthless, empty and dismissed, they are ever confused with low self esteem, while their abusers feel more powerful. 

Maina what I have heard is very sad but Men should also know that they are the head of the family, The moment that is left to a woman what do you expect, most men abdicate their duties to women in the name of being jobless, hapo ndio mwanzo wa such stuff.

A man should be the head of the house never allow to be controlled by a woman that shows you are very wicked,mimi kwangu nikikohoa kila mtu anaitika.

Ladies it’s now time for us to respect our men……coz hakuna mtu mwenye ako perfect…

Maina it’s not the wish of a man to be stepped on by a woman but these women they use kamotee..

Yap it happens. 

Hi, maina, some things women say can seriously break down a man once heard mwingine ameambiwa ‘you should have been swallowed wewe’ men’s day should occur more often.

Basically if a Woman is richer than her Husband then, she can do everything she want to that Man…Maina wewe unajua mwanamke akiwa na pesa zake plus awe amesukwa Nywele, ametoa pesa ya chamaa kwa bill yake…Huwezi mwambia kitu.

“My boss is a billionaire and do you know that akifika kwake anatoanga viatu.”

Whats the big deal there?? I mean!!!!!!hapo kukaliwa iko wapi?? Does it mean that the caller gets to the house in dirty shoes?? Nie maundu maya Man gesturing okMan gesturing okMan gesturing okMan gesturing ok.

Being humble means u r filthy rich… God loves humble men its His ideal nature of humankind,

Kwani coz ni billionaire anapaswa kuingia kwa nyumba na viatu?

Everyone is acting King nowadays, no wonder most marriages are breaking

Unajua men wenye hujisifu vile wako wakali huku nje wakifika kwa nyumba wao huzimwa kama koloboi.

Men go through hell in the hands of women….hell has no fury like a woman’s scorned.

Submission comes automatically when love is in the equation, GIGO from basic computer works for women… The difference is they take in garbage, give flowers until they run out of flowers and start giving out the garbage they have received… treat her well you get it back.

I usually say if men love their women unconditionally and women to treat their men in dignity, respect and submissiveness .. this world would be nice.. unfortunately neither is willing to do so.. in marriage wisdom is ALWAYS more important than knowledge!!!

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Kenyans go gaga as Maina Kageni and running legend David Rudisha meet

Maina Kageni has been touring Kenya over the weekends as the Tembea Kenya ambassador. On his visits, the man has seen interesting people and things, always remarking about it on his popular Instagram page.

This past weekend Maina was touring the Western part of Kenya and one of the people that the Classic105 host met was the legendary runner David Rudisha.

Just a quick reminder for those of you who forgot who he is;

David Rudisha is a legend in distance running with the 800m being his speciality. He won gold in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic and is also a two-time World Champion (2011 and 2015), and is the world record holder in the 800 metres.

David_Rudisha_ISTAF_Berlin_2010 (1)
David_Rudisha_ISTAF_Berlin_2010 (1)

Rudisha is the first and only person to ever run under 1:41 for the event, and he holds the three fastest, six of the eight fastest, and half of the twenty fastest times ever run in this event.

Now that we are re-acquainted, back to the article. Maina had the good fortune to meet the legend on his tours, posting a photo of the two together.

His caption read, “Radio meets Running….. You are such a superstar, @rudisha800m…. Big smile, great family, even bigger smile…. 👍👍👍👍👍👍”

Maina’s fans were thrilled at such an auspicious meeting and said as much. Some of those comments are below:

Our Champion 😍


Lovely photo. The best 800m athlete the world has ever seen. And a fun human being too… @rudisha800m

When will we see you on the track again? @rudisha800m

@rudisha800m very humble guy we mingle in Eldy na haringi 👏👏

Rudisha a very humble guy have meet with him several times and he goteas wasee bila haraka Hadi mnapiga moshene hapo 🙌 jah bless sir rudisha


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