If it was Githurai, you’d be mteja!  Cristiano Ronaldo’s mum told


On Saturday this past weekend, Man Utd’s Cristiano Ronaldo debuted for the second time for the team.

The Portuguese superstar scored twice as United ran out 4-1 winners over Newcastle at Old Trafford.

His mum however stole the show. Dolores Aveiro, was spotted crying by a fan, who took the picture of the moment she was overcome with emotion celebrating his first goal back at Old Trafford.

She has been with her son throughout his career and rise to the top of the sport, often pictured with him during trophy celebrations.

This time round she had a phone in her pocket and KOT had alot to say about it referencing Nairobi’s notorious phone snatchers.

Mama Ronaldo angekua Githurai angelala mteja

12 pro kwanza io ni kaploti uko kamakis

Hato hapo kama si venye ako VIP angekuwa mteja
If Mama Ronaldo would be in Githurai. It means Ronaldo wasn’t born and she lived in Githurai. Angelala mteja cause aliiba simu na ameenda Jela.

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“I love you Wangui” Maina tells King’ang’i that his mum loves his show


A mother who supports your hustle is to be treasured. Are we together?

And we found out this on Tuesday September 14 when Maina Kageni told his co host Mwalimu Kingangi that his mother Rahab Wangui is his biggest fan.

“She listens to my show every morning”

He told how proud he is of his mum to an envious Kingangi “She is on the way to a doctors appointment and is listening to me. She listens everyday”

He lovingly added

“Wangui, I love you. Enjoy your appointment we will talk later. Anaenda Aga Khan Hospital, kuona daktari wake”

Kingangi reminded him how lucky he is to have a supportive mother and Maina agreed

“ai you are lucky imagine mama yako anaskiza station ya kizungu wale wengine wako inooro na mbaite yeye anaskiza ya kizungu”

Maina laughed away agreeing that he is lucky. The proud son gushed “hahaha ndio yeye anaskiza ya kizungu”

Kageni and his mother have the same birth date and June is a very special month they celebrate together.

Dear Classic 105 fam, cherish your parents.

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Are you addicted to a bad man? Maina asks after Wema Sepetu admits loving being beaten


On the Tuesday morning conversation, the topic was about something Tanzanian beauty Wema Sepetu said. Over the weekend on her cooking show, Wema said she loves being beaten because after that the man has to bembeleza her.

Maina couldn’t understand this begging the audience to explain.

“She said she loves a man that can beat her once in a while. that she loves the process of pacifying her after”

“I remember when I fell in love with a certain man, he told me he would never beat up a woman. Then he beat me up,I enjoyed it. Being beaten by your baby has its own joy, especially when he starts pacifying you, But not being beaten like a thief, just a little. And should do just once, not daily.”

“We can’t all be the same, there are those that don’t like it but for me, it’s very healthy,” Wema said

Wema Sepetu on her cooking show (1)
Wema Sepetu on her cooking show (1)

Wema dated Diamond Platnumz and once accused him of beating her. Maina wanted to know from Classic audience why.

“Are you addicted to a bad boy? A man who disrespects you but you can’t leave him, ni nini mbaya? what is wrong?
Wema said she enjoys it because he will later have to pacify her a process that she enjoys, aki ya ngai these ladies” Maina added.

Co host Mwalimu weighed in saying “kuna ladies hata ukimwabia atoke hawezi toka even if you tell her to leave haezi toka. Everybody warns you against this man na bado uko huko”

“There are women addicted to nasty men, what keeps you there ladies and you can’t explain it that’s the crazy thing maina asked. ‘what is the attraction?’


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Maina Kageni’s Shiru is in town

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni revealed on #MainaAndKingangi that his friend Shiru is in town.

“By the way, Shiru is here, she is home. She landed, she spent time with her family. And she’s back in Nairobi.” He told listeners.

King’ang’i insisted that he needed to see Shiru tell her that ‘this thing’ (The Wedding) has taken long

“I need to be there to tell her that, we don’t have time to waste. This thing is long overdue. Shiru, welcome, we have been waiting for you.”

maina and shiru

Maina Kageni hints at possible wedding to cute Shiru from Miami

Shiru made headlines when Maina posted her while on a trip to the US, the two were roommates.


Maina Kageni to fly to Tanzania for Juma Jux’s party

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni is flying to Tanzania this weekend to attend singer Juma Jux’s birthday party. Asked about his weekend plans, Kageni told Classic 105 website that;

‘My weekend plan is Zanzibar, I’m going for Juma Jux’s birthday party”

Jux and Kageni have been friends for a long time and have been celebrating each other.

Maina also added that his friend Shiru is landing this weekend and are set to hang out.

‘I’m no one’s role model,’ Singer Barnaba reveals why he’s wearing skirts and dresses

#MainaAndKingangi: Kenyan men react to the last time they took medical check up

As always the morning conversation on Classic 105 was quite interesting. Maina and Kingangi received mixed reactions from Kenyan men after asking the last time they visited a doctor.

“We are covered by the blood of Jesus. Ujue hiyo kitu unaenda kutafuta utapata!” Mwalimu King’ang’i reacted to the topic

From the callers, many have spend years before seeing a doctor or going for a check.

One caller told Maina that;

The debate went through to social media and this is the reaction from our Instagram lovers;


Tutangangania joint za mitura, ama kujua why the blood is moving anticlockwise and not the other way around. Bora uhai as long am breathing ever good to go.


Usipojikausha utalishwa na nani, na unategemewa?


Checkup for what… Mi ni gari ati naenda service? 😂Kama nakula natembea na siumwi pahali… Hospitali naonea kwa news mimi


#MainaAndKingangi sisi wanaume uprefer kuishi kijeshi, hii maneno ya kwenda hospitali ni ngumu unless ufeel kabisaaa kimeumana….even the covid morality statistics zinashow high numbers of men being infected or dying of the desease


As mwalimu says…why bother to go look for something that’s not there…which is usually a big mistake and that’s why we are losing men at a high rate..Ignorance😢😢

MainaandKingangi! Who should set the amount demanded for child upkeep

‘Ati 10k, you’ve got jokes’ Maina tells rich men sued for child upkeep

Wealthy Kenyan men being sued for child support have the entire society talking.

The latest case of a rich man being sued for child support is the late Daniel Moi’s grandson Collins Kibet who is in a dispute with his baby mama demanding sh1million in upkeep.

A few days ago it was House of Grace Bishop Muriithi who told that he is willing to pay 10,000 a month.

Maina touched on the issue saying these men can afford to even pay sh3,000,000 a month.

He encouraged women to ask for more saying

‘aie ladies atatoa hio pesa kari kii. Me I would be at his office everyday, aki si you guys have got jokes’maina monday (1)

Mwalimu argued that it’s unreasonable but Maina insisted ‘ati 10k, you’ve got jokes”

Infact Maina told Collin Kibets baby mama that she should have demanded for sh3,000,000.

‘You should have asked for 3million. Do you know the quality of life is what you must maintain? You can’t remove that child from St Andrews Turi to go to karigito school. The maintenance of your child depends on the lifestyle ulikua umeazoesha, it’s Moi’s grandson ako na pesa, there is another man saying he can only afford 10,000. What do you do with 10k? If you give me that money naenda tuu kwa bar, watoto wamezoea shule nzuri so now you want the children to downgrade because you are no longer together? Who should set the standard and what should the standard be? me if you are a relative of a rich one imagine you will remove alot of money. Ladies stop demanding little money. the standard of life that you had with her is the standard you will demand for life’



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I will marry in 10 years and have 2 kids only – Sanaipei Tande declares


Singer Sanaipei Tande has responded to fans who keep asking when she will get married, citing age as a reason.

In an interview with Bikozulu on the #singletonseries, Sanaipei told that she will not yield to societal pressure to marry and will do so in her own time.

She declared that it may happen in the next 10 years. Sanaipei was asked where she see’s herself in 10 years and responded:

Describe your life ten years from now

“Hopefully married. Let me just pout a disclaimer there. Marriage is not the ultimate goal in life let it be very very clear. I  think I get alot of that from the fans and they are like oh you should be married now you are old and it’s  sad, it saddens me because I’m thinking is that all that is in your mind? You’re  still living in that period of time? where have you heard that if you’re not married that you’re not successful? Its very sad. Again marriage is not my ultimate goal but it will be wonderful to be married to have somebody to take care of because apparently I hear husbands are your first born children. It’s alot to deal with and I want to be a mother of two. I’ve picked the number, trust me if they come out twins, I’m done”


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Rayvanny and Alfred Mutua excited about joint birthday concert

Bongo singer Rayvanny and Alfred Mutua have a double birthday concert on Sunday August 22nd.

The two dropped by the Classic 105 studio’s where they excitedly spoke about the anticipated concert.

Mutua said “they’re shooting a video we are going to release a birthday song. I realized these guys are so talented in between making songs he is also writing new lyrics for another song. He is walking around humming tunes for another song. These guys are talented. It’s pure talent”

Rayvanny thanked the Governor saying support for young talent is important.

“Nashukuru mweneyezi Mungu na sasa tuko na President Suluhu who supports us. I did a song for her and she came for the concert and gave me money, so we good our leaders wanatusaidia sana so Mutua is the next level family na tunamkaribisha sana so we are happy and we also invite him to Tanzania”

Alfred Mutua also revealed how he hooked up with Rayvanny and the plans they have for youth more so in music.

“They have asked me to be the patron for next level music. You know we are one. East Africa is one tukiungana ni vizuri it’s an open market, let young men and women make money we are brothers and sisters. I noticed we share a birth date and so I called a friend who called him then he called me and that is when I went to Tanzania then we hooked up . We like similar things and sadly the concert is private because of covid restrictions. So please don’t come if you don’t have an invite . We are adhering to covid measures so only 100 people. But you can catch it on our social media. you can watch the concert live”

He added “I’m excited Rayvanny could come for this double birthday. I am really impressed . There is alot he can teach Kenyans with his team”

Rayvanny was sad because Maina will miss the concert owing to a prior commitment. He told that “I’m excited for the concert ” as he serenaded a woman who won tickets to the concert.

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Are Kenyan men being set up by women Maina Kageni asks

On the Wednesday morning conversation, Maina spoke about something  that men claim is happening alot – blackmail.

“Yesterday I met a couple of gents, two of whom have been set up by women. How do these set ups work? Blackmail of the highest order is now becoming a major source of concern. Because men are now being blackmailed left right and centre. Cases like these cannot be on the rise for no reason. And what of the blackmailed men? How much did you make ladies? And how do these operations work?”

Co host Mwalimu Kingang’i said “That lady accusing the Senator of rape has not reported the case, and the one’s who are poorer are put for mchele”



Huyo Senator alikuwa anaongea na uchungu sana… Nadhani alisetiwa for financial reasons

I was blackmailed by a lady once…all she wanted from me is to have a kind with me with regards that I’m handsome😂
Lakini nilicheza kama mimi

Even your own wife’s will blackmail you. Did you hear of a man who paid rent for ten years kumbe it belongs to his wife. Wacha tu

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“It was a setup” Mithika Linturi tells Maina about rape drama


Meru Senator Mithika Linturi spoke to Maina Kageni about the alleged rape claim lodged by a woman who says he entered her room when her husband was not there in a complaint about rape and indecent act with an adult.

The Star reported that Linturi insisted he was stripped naked in a top hotel room, details that he repeated to Maina.

It was claimed by the woman that he entered her room while her husband was away, and attempted to rape her.

He told Maina how he was enjoying his usual drink at the hotel before things went south.

The incident reportedly took place at Maiyan Villas Resort Nanyuki on January 29 this year.

The woman claimed that later that night she retired to their room but she did not lock the door because her husband was still out.

At about 3 am she heard the door being opened and since the lights were switched off, she assumed it was her husband.

The man entered her bed and started touching her in a very unusual manner.

However, according to the woman, the man she thought was her husband never uttered a single word while he inappropriately touched her and later they both fell asleep.

Mithika told Maina he was abducted, stripped after having a couple of drinks calling it a coordinated attempt.

“Being a state officer I admit that my life is open to public scrutiny, Maina I would want to give the facts to the people the listener to be able to give judgement, because all the cases i am reported are case here i am the first complainant. the incident that I am in in todays paper occurred on 29 January on the even of the BBI meeting in Sagana. I checked into Maiyan, that day I was very happy I had a friend who had come in, and I was on diet I had to be served at 6 oclock and I was served after having my drink very late in the night characters who are not known to me and i had taken a drink quite an amount and I am being honest because i dont believe in telling a lie, character abducted me”

“it is all extortion. It’s a clear case of extortion of a criminal gang that extorts money. They are trying to finish me on account of my political affiliation and I  am determined to move forward. If there is evidence4 please call me”

He ended telling Main and King’ang’i that “I am not bitter. I am determined to move forward I am determined to serve the people of Meru. I am accountable tot he people I am not immune to criminal proceedings”

I have so many questions Maina said after the call.

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“I would have smashed my Tv” Maina complains about not welcoming athletes


Team Kenya arrived back in Kenya on Wednesday with no fan fair.

The lack of not recognizing our Kenyan athletes upset Maina Kageni who said he did not watch the arrival on TV last night because if he dis “I would have smashed my TV, thank God I did not” he told Mwalimu.

Our athletes were not officially welcomed and Kenyans complained online while comparing the heroic welcome Ugandans received from their President Yoweri Museveni.

On the Thursday August 12 morning conversation, Maina and King’ang’i were upset our champions saying we lack priorities “you know why are we like this? No one received them yani they came like normal passengers”.

Kingangi was also disappointed saying “it is so embarrassing we have a problem, why don’t we celebrate each other, hata Eliud alipita kwa fence, you know we are teaching our children tabia mbaya. They will see no reason for patriotism”eliud barrier

Maina again weighed in “the reason why we don’t progress as a nation is because we don’t have any gratitude even celebrating the small things that work in this country. Eliud when he goes to London, he finds a battalion of security because guys are waiting to get an autograph, there are things that work in this country and we cannot appreciate them”

He opened up discussion to the audience to give their opinion.

“What are the things that work in this country and what is your message to our athletes, can we celebrate the things that work in this country for a change? We can’t complain all the time”

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Is it pride you don’t have? Maina blasts men looking for sugar mummys



On the Monday morning conversation, Maina and King’ang’i for the first time were speaking the same language.

And it was all about young Kenyan men intentionally and aggressively seeking much older women to date in exchange for money.

Maina prompted sharp reactions after giving the example of a musician – pictured above- who held a placard seeking an older woman for love.

“I don’t know if you came across him this weekend. He is called MagBee in town holding a placard. He is lookin for a sponsor, qualities a big woman, with a big behind driving a big car with a v8 engine, he even give his social media handle and telephone. what’s up with young men of today? you know you could never have seen this even ten year ago. you know what? is it pride that you don’t have?”

Mwalimu told Maina that young men “are growing kiki, we are growing some kiki, as a man you shoudl never, ushinde ukitafuta mama harrier, there is a new mazda that they want so anakimbizana na hawa wamama, they are ready to surrender everything foir this, you know there are so many nowadays Mwalimu said, they don’t care unataka mam a uji eh?”

Maina declared such men are used “how can you be so brazen, is it the easy life you want as a young man and let me ask you, don’t you feell ashamed goign with her in public? Are you not ashamed to walk with them in public, are you such a young man and what do these young men tell you?”


Here are some reactions from Classic fans about the hotly debated topic.



This cerelac boys are just lazzzzy. They want fame without earning it! They want to wake up at 9, tweet and post their photoshoots while relaxing on their beds then brag while make entries in clubs with big machines

Most thz young are deceived by socialite lives. They want to imitate every aspect of them lives. Which is all false.#MainaAndKingangi

These men are after money. I am married but my boss takes care of me. Ni yeye analipa rent, anabuy nguo and you expect me to leave her aje sasa?

Vijana wa siku hizi they want to live an easy life,they don’t want to struggle. Ndio wanaitwa slay kings.

Boys of Current Generation want to eat from Big SPOON.

No matter how much this issue is sugar coated, the rate is so high and it’s not cool. Many men have lost their manly instincts.

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Kenyan women don’t love, they manipulate. How true is this Maina asks

On the Friday August 6 morning conversation, the topic revolved around the claim that love is a scam.

A gentleman called in on Thursday and said love is an absolute scam. Maina told about a friends thoughts

“I met a man yesterday and he said that Kenyan women don’t love, they manipulate their men”

Mwalimu King’ang’i wholeheartedly agreed “You know that thing is a gift. Msichana mdogo anasaumbua a whole CEO, kasichana kanachanganisha CEO, mnashindwa ni nini?”relationships

Prompting Maina to ask “Gentlemen how do you feel that your wife probably doesn’t love you, they just manipulate you, and they are very good at messing with your head. Ladies is it true you know what buttons to push, that you don’t know how to love, you just manipulate?”

Mwalimu wasn’t done and slammed women that “they can even make a whole CEO wear dreadlocks ama aanze kukunywa Gilbeys na jeans za kusag kama Shaffie. na huto tu Nike”

“Ladies do you do this on purpose Maina posed. “Can you imagine unapata mdosi wako anakamatia chini kwa club unashindwa utajificha wapi na ni kwa bar, amekamatia chini unashindwa uende wapi unampata pale inje anakula miraa” King’ang’i added



Here are some responses from Classic fans:

Imagine hii kumanipulate huwa in both, aki you fall in love genuinely na your partner is just there not decided and when he get to decide umeshachoka #MainaAndKingangiWhy-Men-Love-A-Side-Piece

@Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni #MainaAndKingangi A woman in a Matatu you have boarded can make you travel to Kanairo and you were just going to your child visiting day in Kabartonjo

Women just know how to play with our minds mnajua mbebeba all men’s weaknesses alf mnaamua kuzitumia

Si ni ukweli siku izi mnaagalia what ama bringing at the table if am not offering anything love ends

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Is love worth dying for? Maina asks men in wake of spousal killings



On the Thursday morning conversation it was all about the story of the Kiambu man who shot his wife dead after finding out she was pregnant yet he is impotent.

Kiambu man was impotent but never told wife who later got pregnant

Johnathan Mukindi, 42, didn’t want children and Philomena Njeri, 30, became desperate for a family.

He never told her he was impotent. They even tried IVF. He knew it wouldn’t work. When she became pregnant, he knew she had a secret lover and he couldn’t live with the knowledge of betrayal.

Maina asked “Is there a love worth dying for?”

Mwalimu said “Leave if it’s not working”Spouses

Why is it so hard to walk away? Maina added” His friends never saw anything was wrong with him? he had suffered for years. That’s nuts. Mwalimu agreed adding that “If it’s not working then walk away. Hakuna haja” He told Maina.

Several men called in noting that men are weak and can’t handle such pressure. One told that “Do women know how weak we are? Na ndio unaona boy child amelemewa, nobody supports the boy child yet men are very weak even the highest, do women realizew e are very weak, only the smallest provocation andw e are finished and you keep pushign us to the corner”

Another told that “men are so weak we are like kids. Ask them if they know when their men are crying, but they don’t cry tears but anaeza ongea, and you are there pushing him to the limits”

Another had the same opinion “baba zuri hapa chairman wa south b, whatever mwalimu is saying is very true, we men are the weakest of all, men are o much depressed men have so much to carry”



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“I would never pay” Maina says about ridiculous school fees demands


The fees structure that Kenyan parents are paying to send their children to school was the subject of angry condemnation from Kenyans who slammed schools for taking advantage and including unnecessary items.

One such angry parent told Maian Kageni that her child’s school is asking for a motivational fee for teachers.

She provided proof as Maina objected saying this is exploitation and would never pay. In fact he says he would protest and rally others.money-family

Malimu King’ang’i told him that parents have no choice but to pay otherwise their children will be bullied by school administration.

“What is norma about these charges? what are these costs parents? and why don’t you ask what they are? ati motivation fee, I cannot wrap my mind around that” maina said

Mwalimu said “those ones in kindergarten pay more fees than those in parallel degree programs. Parents cant object they are told if you cant afford the fee take your kid somewhere else, if you cannot afford basi toa mtoto uende umsomeshe, kenyan parents are finished, hakuna ya kuwatetea, and do you know there are some things included in the fee structre that are not there”


Dear Classic 105 parents, do you just pay the money to avoid your child being victimized? Or are you a problematic parent who raises their voice to ask tough questions?

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“It all started with that terrible uniform” Maina told about losing in Olympics


The issue of Kenyan athletes not giving a thrilling performance at the ongoing track and field races in Tokyo is very much on the minds of citizens.

They are upset and giving their opinions online.

Maina Kageni on the Tubonge Tuesday conversation, asked why Kenyans feel entitled to winning all the time. olympics lit (1)

“why do we have this sense of entitlement over everything? The hullaballoo about not winning the 3k steeplechase, suddenly it’s blame game and this sense of entitlement extends even to other regions, it extends to our neighbors and you wonder why Tanzanians don’t like you

Maina asked “Which other areas in our lives do Kenyans have sense of entitlement?

“You would have thought the world came to an end yesterday, the most unappreciated bronze medal in the history of Kenya, we almost forgot Benjamin had been training so hard, what if the others were just better than us? what is wrong with that?”

He run his heart out, my heart goes out to him, the most unappreciated bronze medal in the history of Kenya
, are out athletes suddenly useless? even in other spheres we disrespect our neighbors”

A depressed woman told Maina that Kenyans deserve medals and nothing less “aki ya mungu I’m feeling pain kwani you have never lost something in your life yani unaona tuu ikienda, I’m feeling pain, there is something wrong something needs to be done, it’s very very painful, it is not our right but it is something that we know, surely ni kama ile deal unajua imeivana then ukiendea inacrush, I feel very angry it is shameful”track kenya (1)

The disappointment was told by a man who said the losing streak all started with that terrible uniform.

Another man said “sasa hii watu wwa atheletics kenya wanatuletea aibu shida ni athletics Kenya, wakiendelea na hizi vitu wanfanya mtaona haki ya nanai

Either way we are proud of all athletes for giving their best and  representing the 254.

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Ladies when you know your man is a thug what do you do Maina asks

On the Monday morning conversation, Maina wanted to know if ladies are asking their husbands crucial questions.

He began saying “there is a lady I met and she told me her husband is a conman., a fraudster, you read about them in papers and she wanted me to ask others if they deal with these kind of men or is she alone . Ladies is your husband a thug and if you know what do you do? ama it doesn’t matter? she told me it really haunts her, she just knows it isnt legal. Ho do you stay with a mkora a thief a conman? ama it doesnt matter as long as the money keeps coming?”

Girls do you ever ask you man where he get his money and if you know ni pesa ya ukora, what do you do with this information? coz one day when he is picked up, you will be picked up.
@AngelaM87677375 described to Maina such a situation

“My friend told me a story of how she came across a bullet as she was cleaning her husband’s travelling bags, who had told her he’s a teacher in Lodwa! She knows he’s a criminal.they still living together, ndaramaka. Ndingihota!”

A man called in and said wives need to know just to protect themselves in the event of drama “they are putting their lives in danger. ni stress kama mme amepigwa risasi na anakuta anaitwa polisi hajui what he has done. It tis important fpor wives to know also men please come clean wewe unakufa unawacha familia ikipigana”

Maina agreed wholey with him, adding “all the time he is being picked up by cops, ako station fulani do you know what your man does for a living for sure? ladies let’s talk”

A man claiming he is from the stingy men association claimed that wives don’t care where men get money as long as he has money.

“These ladies don’t care where you get money  from hawataki kujua”

Girls, are these accusations true that you overlook some of these things as logn as your husband provides financially?


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