Ladies don’t want to get married, just want a sperm donor – Mike Mondo

Mike Mondo had an interesting discussion today concerning the reason he and Maina Kageni were still senior bachelors. The sultry-voiced presenter added another reason for his bachelorhood. He said many Kenyan women don’t want to get married and are only looking for sperm donors.

“Yesterday I and Maina were abused because we weren’t married. We became serious bachelors because many ladies don’t want to get married. Ladies just don’t want to get married.”

This anecdote from Mike led to his topic of the day. Why don’t Kenyan women want to get married anymore? The consensus answer among women was the easy line, “Men ain’t sh!t!”.

Mike Mondo in studio
Mike Mondo in studio

Some of those comments are below;

Ladies have more money than men. That’s why they just want donors-A man said.

I have been married for the past 12 years. I just recently got out of marriage. My husband was abusive, he is an alcoholic and he was a poor father. Now that I am by myself, I have found immense peace. I don’t consider getting married ever again-A woman said.

Many women are seeing their friends suffering in marriage and they avoid it-A woman said.

Marriage is a sacrifice. If you aren’t ready for the commitment, then don’t do it-A woman said.

Confirmed Bachelors? Maina Kageni and Mike Mondo’s reasons for being single

I am married. If I knew marriage would be like this, I would never have gotten married. My husband can’t even leave a shilling for the family. He can’t even pay for fees and he has 3 kids. I would advise my daughter not to get married-A woman said.

When I was growing up I saw the way my dad mistreated my mom, I decided to leave on my own. I don’t see the point of getting married anymore-A woman said.

Mike Mondo smiling
Mike Mondo smiling

We meet, have a good time and call it a day. Men have refused responsibilities. Everything they do is about “me, myself and I”. I have been married for 11 years. I left 5 years ago. My experience while I was married wasn’t the best-A woman said.

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Confirmed Bachelors? Maina Kageni and Mike Mondo’s reasons for being single


Classic 105’s Maina Kageni and Mike Mondo are single and not ready to mingle.

Maina and Mike have a nice car, a home and an income and are reluctant to consider marriage.

They are sworn bachelors who have refused to bow to the demands of their Classic 105 fans to settle down and marry.

Sharing is Caring: Prominent Politicians who have two wives

I kid you not. A woman called in January 21st, confessing how she is ready to wait until Mike Mondo is ready to marry.

She told him

establish yourself a a man, take your time. I will wait for you, get money, a car, and then come for me. I’m here, take your time, I will wait for you, don’t rush,

Wauuu, who can refuse such an offer? Mike responded’ sawa’.

‘I would marry Maina Kageni even if he was my domestic worker’ Nicole

Mike Mondo spoke on this defending himself and Maina on why they want to sow their wild oats.

I am 38 and in no hurry. They are jealous of us Maina, don’t listen to them about marrying.

Mike added

The pressure I get from Mwalimu Kinga’ng’i every year, it’s too much. You know I look up to  people like Charles Njonjo, why can’t you let me marry at any age? You keep disturbing Maina also. What is the hurry?

Research suggests that once men reach 33 or 34, the chances they’ll commit start to diminish, but only slightly. Until men reach 37, they remain very good prospects.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what is better: To first establish yourself or get married early when you are still young and grow with your wife?

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Babu Owino just showed us the type of leaders we have – Kenyans tell Maina

Maina and King’ang’i spoke about the can of worms Babu Owino opened after his gun antics that took place last week Friday.

The host said that what Babu had done was endemic of a bigger issue that the country was facing, that is a culture where leaders did as they please with impunity. “Kenyan leaders behave like they are above the law. It didn’t start with Babu. It is a consequence of a wider thing.”

Mr. Kageni even added that the first thing Babu said after his arrest was that he was going to support BBI.

Maina Kageni in the studio
Maina Kageni in the studio

King’ang’i agreed with the gist of Maina’s argument saying that the youth had no leaders to emulate and that is why they are behaving poorly.

The host then opened the conversation to the public. Some of the comments are below;

He is the same person who posted about Raila becoming the president either by ballot or by bullet – A woman said.

Babu Owino is crazy! That ni**a is crazy – Maina says

Babu just showed us the type of leaders we have – A woman said.

What if Nancy Barasa’s case happened today? She wouldn’t go home. The Jubilee government has failed Kenyans. In Kibaki’s government things used to work but under Jubilee things are very different – A man said.

The poltician
Babu Owino

Babu is at peace because he has supported the handshake and thinks it will keep him safe – A man said.

Whom can we run to when the leaders we support behave like this – A man said.

What do you expect when the government doesn’t adhere to court orders? – A man asked.

We have to stop voting for politicians but for leaders. I have been a victim before. Someone prominent tried to shoot me at Whisky River. I dodged a bullet – A man said.

In the 80’s one senior officer came into a bar in Ng’ong and shot his wife dead on the counter. This has been going on for a long time. You only become popular when you become a gangster – A man said.

Why do drinking joints allow people with guns anymore? – A woman asked.

Kenya ni kwa wenye pesa na wenye jina. Even when you go to prison, you can’t find rich people – A woman told Mr. Kageni.

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Babu Owino is crazy! That ni**a is crazy – Maina says

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i spoke about the trending topic that has consumed Kenyans over the weekend. The topic being Babu Owino’s recent gun drama that took place on Friday.

Maina had tweeted a cautionary message to the Embakasi East Mp telling him he should pray that the DJ he had allegedly shot should survive.

Babu Owino
Babu Owino

King’ang’i who brought up the topic gave his opinion on the whole kerfuffle saying that even if Babu was able to win in court, karma would get him. “I saw that you (Maina) told him something very important. Even if he wins in court. There will be karma,” King’ang’i said.

Mwalimu added, “When you are a politician, you don’t need to carry guns, the people who represent you are your guns.”

Maina Kageni warns Babu Owino after he allegedly shot DJ Evolve

This prompted a fiery response from Mr. Kageni who said, “How can you even do that? Babu is crazy. That ni**a is crazy. One tweet online was very deep. It read, ‘He shot that guy so calmly you wondered whether he has killed before’.”

Maina finished off by saying asking Babu whether he thought the system would protect him. “One word for Babu Owino. Do you think the system will protect him from screaming BBI? That is the craziest thing I have seen in a long time.”

The host in a red shirt
Maina Kageni in a red shirt

Listeners then called in with their views and opinions on the topic. Some of those opinions are below;

He is allowed to holster a gun in the club but we can’t carry our drinks there -A man said.

What goes around, comes around -A woman said.

Babu had a grudge with the Dj. The government has to seek justice. Hii ni kiburi because he is an MP and he knows the law -A man said.

The system might protect you but the blood will haunt you -A man said.

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Maina Kageni warns Babu Owino after he allegedly shot DJ Evolve

Maina Kageni normally speaks his truth about the issues affecting the country. The popular presenter has decided to speak out after the latest Babu Owino gun drama.

The Embakasi East allegedly shot Felix Orinda popularly known as DJ Evolve on Friday morning at B Club.

The deejay
The deejay

Maina has joined Kenyans in condemning the heinous act and Radio king Maina Kageni has shared his sentiments on the shoot out drama.

“Babu Owino….. that man was unarmed…. you’d better pray that he makes it….. then, prepare for karma’s knock at your door….. nanzenz….,” he tweeted.

The poltician
Babu Owino

CCTV footage from the shooting incident shows how the controversial MP whipped out his gun and shot the disc jockey, who was standing next to him.

Photos of the B-Club DJ who was allegedly shot by Babu Owino

DJ Evolve is currently receiving treatment at the Nairobi hospital and one of his friends Mike Likulu visited him yesterday and shared a video of him lying on his hospital bed. He looked frail.

“Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve who was shot by Babu Owino today morning is in critical condition and is scheduled for emergency surgery to remove the two bullets lodged in his neck at 3:pm today. He is responsive and was able to recognize me by my full names as I entered the room but is unable to move from the chest downwards. He also says he is in a lot of pain. His parents, relatives and close associates were also present. Prayers for our dear friend and may justice prevail,’ Mike captioned the video that has gone viral.

Babu Owino on stage
Babu Owino on stage

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‘He has inspired me’ King’ang’i’s touching words about Chris Kirubi

Mwalimu King’ang’i had some very kind words to say about billionaire businessman Chris Kirubi. Mwalimu revealed that he had read an article where Chris spoke about the lessons he had learnt during his fight with cancer.

Mwalimu King'ang'i
Mwalimu King’ang’i

King’ang’i told to Maina about Mr. Kirubi,

He has inspired me. Kirubi realised that everything is vanity, that without God, he wouldn’t be here. That is the beginning of wisdom. At 79 years he wants to build his dream house. Can you believe that?

While he was sick, he realised that God was most powerful.  He has also vowed to give his all for healthcare in Kenya. He is wealthy and that is why it was easy for him to access quality healthcare but he wants that to change for ordinary Kenyans.

In a previous interview with the Star last year, Kirubi narrated his experience with the dreaded disease, saying that it had been discovered by mistake.

Chris Kirubi’s encouraging message to Kenyans: ‘I beat cancer, so can you’

After various medical tests here in Kenya, Kirubi then flew to Boston in the US where doctors ran further checks and started treatment.

Chris Kirubi
Chris Kirubi in a file photo

Despite the challenges, the businessman never lost hope. He believed in God and the doctors who were treating him.

Once he recovered, doctors discharged him and the business mogul flew back home where he has continued with the treatment at home. Because his immunity is low, visitors are restricted.

“It has been a traumatic journey full of challenges. I encourage anyone fighting cancer not to lose hope. Pray but also seek treatment,” he added.


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Njaanuary: Maina Kageni FINALLY relates to brokeness like us


Anyone who knows Classics Maina Kageni knows he has deep pockets and the word Njaanuary is not in his dictionary.

However in a turn of events, njaanuary is not good to him.

Maina admitted that it’s a tough month for him, and co host Mwalimu was full of glee. Really? Maina is hurting like the rest of us?

During the Kasheshe segment on Thursday with Mwalimu Kingangi, Maina expressed frustration that the month is dragging and he can’t wait for February.


Mwalimu noted how fast January is moving ‘we are halfway through the month already’

To which Maina responded ‘really?’

Mwalimu added that ‘siku zinakimbia mbio mbio’ –  a Kenyan saying that days are flying/moving fast.

Maina is really feeling the effects of this super long month.

‘I’m feeling like it’s dragging along. or is it brokeness? he queried.

Guys if Maina is broke, what about the rest of us? Won’t we say we are in the pits of poverty?

Aii I’m feeling like imenivurutaaa said Maina.

It’s possible he spent way too much over the festive season, and forgot to budget for January?

‘Aki by the way maybe nilijibamba sana, maybe 

Dear Classic 105 fam, what are some of the things you are doing to survive Njaanuary? One of the things we were told is that the December Salary was meant for this tough month, but many of us don’t pay attention and it’s parte after parte.

Share your tips and help others out.

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I haven’t seen my mother for 10 years because of my wife – Man tells Maina

Maina and King’ang’i had an interesting discussion today. Their conversation concerned the phenomenon of wives having so much power over their husbands that they literally control every facet of their lives.

Maina was incredulous that grown men were so easily manipulated/controlled by their women. “Kwani wamerogwa? How is it possible?” he said.

King’ang’i meanwhile wasn’t as shocked and said that it was a common theme among many marriages in Kenya. “You will not see your family for 3 to 4 years and even friends you hustled with. I don’t know how they do it. But you just find that you aren’t seeing your family. It’s all about her and the children.”

Maina Kageni on the decks
Maina Kageni on the decks

One listener stunned Maina when he revealed that he hadn’t seen his mother for 10 years because of his wife’s interference.

I got married when I was in campus so when I was in school, my wife stayed with my mother. So I finished and got a job. Then my wife told me she cant stay with my mother. I had to quit my job and that was it. I have not seen my mother for 10 years.

“I have spent 10 years without seeing my mother. Every time I plan to go, I end up spending the money on issues that my wife brings up. My mother hasn’t seen my two kids since they were born.”

Some of the comments from other listeners are below;

Last year we buried my mother without my brother attending the funeral. His wife had turned him that much – A man said.

After death, fear women. They have certain powers over men and it is too gradual to realise – A man.

How can a grown man call a radio station saying that he hasn’t seen his mom for 10 years. That is his own responsibility – A woman said.

Let them obey their women -A woman said.

How much power does Meghan have over Prince Harry? Maina asks

The start of family divisions start with women, then in-laws – A man.

I don’t know when you will ever wear a man’s shoes. When I tell her I want to see her my parents, issues pop up but when it is time to go to her family, then the finances come up. It is all about her. I stayed for 1 year and 4 months without seeing my mother. Every time I tried, something came up – A woman said.


These men are outrightly shameless. This is sad to say so. To those that still have their mothers don’t take them for granted – A man said.

How can a grown-ass man claim that he hasn’t seen his mother for 10 years? These men are blaming women for their own choices. You know where your mother leaves, go there and visit them – A woman said.

Men wamekaliwa chapati. The moment you get married you have to spell out rules and regulations. A man is the head of the house and the woman should follow. The men we have are viatus – A man said.

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‘We can’t put up with this’ Maina Kageni on landlords refusing to rent to single mums


Maina Kageni is back in the studio after the Christmas break. The man had an interesting story that he discussed today concerning single mothers being discriminated against in Kenyan society.

One area that he commented about was, in particular, the way some apartment owners refuse to rent or lease their houses to single mums.

‘Has it happened to you? Where was this coz we need to name and shame we can’t put up with this. What is wrong with being a single mother he asked

‘Sisi Wote Wajinga’ Maina and Kingangi react to King Kaka song

Below are some comments from the listeners who called/texted in;

charles maina The same married men ,who come out with such useless policies are the ones who made innocent girls single mothers because after impregnating them, they ran away from responsibilities

Felix Agola(Mr President) Maina I don’t think landlords are to be blamed for the treatment single mothers are given. They give in to the pressure of married women with unfaithful husbands staying in their apartments

Loise Njoki Karma is a biiiishhh victimise single women today you never know what will happen to you tomorrow or to your child in future…careful how you treat others

Arsen Gidraph Singles discrimination is worse than Racism;!! #MainaAndKingangi i saw a lady being humiliated at a school n was hurting

Classic 105 Kenya Caller: “I needed money to pay for my child’s school fees so I wanted to join a chama but these women refused. All because I’m a single parent.” #MainaAndKingangi

Patq Masud! Why are we deviating from the actual discussion that’s the actual grounds behind these rules, we can’t just assume they are discriminatory……..’ati because am a single mother’ is not the entire story

Don🇰🇪 I used to differ until last weekend when i witnessed a single mother i know very well ruin someone’s marriage..
It’s real Maina #MainaAndKingangi

Felix Agola(Mr President) Maina I think such rules are placed in apartments by a team of married women who pressure the landlord because their have untrustworthy husbands

justiceIBRAHIMMARUTI There are serious single mums with substantial focus…(achana hutu tusichana twenye tumaringo eti i dont need a man in ma life’ serious single mothers have survival decency&are blessed hence some crooked men dint manage to keep them due to ‘phobicmen’syndrome-irrespnsbl men…

joackhim platnumz Even Men especially this Nairobi some places u cant rent a house if u don’t have a wife.

Miriam 😂😂😂😂😂 The stupidity in this is on another level

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‘Unforgettable’ Maina Kageni reminisces late Bob Collymore on birthday


The late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore would have turned 62 today.

Collymore died in July 2019 after a long battle with cancer. His death continues to be felt countrywide.

I could tell him send me Sh 1k’ – Juliani says of Bob Collymore

Classic’s Maina Kageni has paid glowing tribute to the late Collymore noting he is ‘unforgettable’

Maina Kageni wrote that Bob as he was affectionately referred to is ‘Unforgettable and forever in our hearts. Happy Birthday Bob Collymore!’

Collymore’s wife Wambui has moved many to tears with her emotional tribute on Twitter where she counted down how many days it has been since he left her.

6 months, 13 days, 22hrs 20mins since I last saw you. Happy Birthday

‘I’ve given up. Just take care of Wambui and my kids’ – Bob Collymore told Uhuru

When he was still alive in January 2019, Collymore penned a happy birthday message to himself, revealing to Kenyans his journey with Cancer.

He wrote


That particular post (above) elicited many comments with many praying for his healing, sadly this did not come to pass.

Bob passed away on 1st July 2019.

Happy Birthday Bob from the Classic 105 family.

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He’s a cancer survivor: The man Maina Kageni admires the most(exclusive)

Maina Kageni is probably the most recognisable radio personality in Kenya. The man who has built up a cult following over the years as Kenya’s premier radio host seems to get better as he ages.

‘She had all the time for you’ Maina Kageni reminisces meeting Joyce Laboso

How does he do it? That is a question for another day. But one we can ask him at the moment is which person he admires the most? I spoke to Maina yesterday and he was very forthcoming.

Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni
Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni

And who could that be? Drumroll please…That person is lawyer Fred Ngatia. For those of you who do not know, Ngatia heads his own law firm called Ngatia & Associates and is considered among the top lawyers in the country at the moment.

Fred Ngatia waving
Fred Ngatia waving

Two months ago, international agency Chambers and Partners regarded him as the best lawyer in the country. Its report stated;

Top litigator Fred Ngatia of Ngatia & Associates is considered a heavy-hitter and the go-to guy when you want to get things done. He produces brilliant legal arguments in court. In addition to significant commercial cases, he is frequently instructed on public interest cases.

Fred Ngatia in court
Fred Ngatia in court

Ngatia was also among the team that participated in the abolishment of the mandatory death sentence at the supreme court last year. Ngatia was also part of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legal counsel in the 2017 presidential election petition.

And why does Maina admire him that much?

Because he is a strong individual. He also knows the meaning of networking. He has the best contacts and that he is a cancer survivor!

Maina Kageni
Maina in studio

What wouldn’t Maina leave his home without? He quickly replied by saying that it’s his phone.

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Kwani unaoa? Kenyans ask Maina Kageni after wearing glamorous suit

Maina Kageni is one of the most celebrated radio hosts in the country. What some might not know is that he is also one of the most respected MC’s around.

The host in a red shirt
Maina Kageni in a red shirt

Yesterday, the Classic105 host emceed an event at Marula Manor. The man getting married was Dr. Maina Gatonye and some of the guests were the likes of Dr. Dan Gikonyo, Mwai Kibaki’s personal doctor. Mr. Kageni shared the message on his Instagram page. His message read;

With the Groom Dr. Maina Gatonye and Super Doctor and Karen Hospital Director Dr. Dan Gikonyo…. That was a SPECTACULAR wedding!! Dr Gatonye opened Miami up for me, and for that, I’ll forever be grateful… Happy days, my brother from another mother…. You deserve an amazing future with Mary…

Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni
Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni

Many fans were impressed with the dapper suit that the presenter wore and quickly pointed it out in the comments section. Some of those comments are below;

wangui_wambeca Wow you looking gorgeous men 🙌

suzzy_kahaki Wow I thought it was your wedding ❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂

gitongajoseph Congratulations, you are looking great in suit.

ithankgodeveryday22 Ok I’m confused here…who’s wedding and who??

ngenyi You clean up well my friend!!!

guidougue Looking good Maina

martha_k_jane Looking good in suit

prijazmin Guys looking dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥

gachanjachristopher Smart and Sharp.

eriqueowino You look great my brother @mainawakageni.. Merry Christmas to you..

esskeym You looked dapper @mainawakageni 🙌

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Mwalimu Kingangi’s advice for couples who fight ALOT


Classic 105 co-host Mwalimu Kingangi has advise for couples in emotionally draining relationships.

For the last one month, Classic 105’s Mwalimu has been spitting some pretty good advice, and we are loving it.

Known for his controversial thoughts about women, Mwalimu shocked Maina on Monday morning about what feuding couples should do.

The comment drew an ‘Amen’ from Maina and you also will agree.

Here is the one thing couples should leave behind as the world welcomes 2020.

Grow each other or let go

Mwalimu’s deep thoughts about relationships are rare. He continued

you can’t be like that desk that doesn’t move, if you haven’t grown or changed anything between you two for a whole year, you have to be strong enough to let each other go so that you can grow.


Dear classic 105 fam, how much is too much in a relationship, and when do you call it quits? Drop your comments below.

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Majority of Kenyan women getting abortions are married-Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni had a fascinating conversation today that touched on a report that was featured in The Standard this week. The report stated that most abortions are procured by married women in Kenya!

This stat shocked both Mr. Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi, with the two wondering how such a thing could happen?

Many listeners said it was par for the course as many wives were cheating on their men and as such couldn’t keep the ‘fruits’ of their affairs.

I borrow money to show off I’m rich like Maina Kageni

But one doctor had an interesting take proffering that the kids being aborted where actually not from cheating women but were for their husbands.

He told a shocked Maina;

‘I am a doctor is Eldoret. Just yesterday, a married woman with her husband visited me. She is in her 40’s and she has 6 kids and pregnant 5 months. I told them to go and talk first because after 5 months is no joke. 10-15 Kenyan women come for abortions per month. Of that 10 are married and they come with their husbands. Tusilaumu wanawake pekee, the husbands are the ones leading them.’

We don’t marry the woman or man of our dreams, Kenyans confess to Maina

Other comments from other listeners are below;

Married women are unfaithful and do their stuff raw. That’s why they have to keep on aborting-Man said.

Some do it because some wives are cheating more than their husbands-Woman said.

How many men know if their women have aborted. Boy-child is under siege. We need to know-Man said.

My friend was pregnant and the husband didn’t want the baby. The husband gave her money to go and abort. Others are cheating and you don’t know who is the father, so they have to have the abortions-A woman said.

That article is true because most women who reach out for favours are married-A side dude said.

If a married woman is having an affair with a China man, how can she lie to her husband when the baby comes? You are having twa twa without protection, do you think you will get a smart TV? A man asked.

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Only preacher Moi endorsed – Maina and King’ang’i talk about Mr. Bonnke

In the early morning conversation today, Maina and King’ang’i remembered the popular German-American Pentecostal evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke.

King’ang’i regaled listeners with tales of how the man had been received in the early 90’s, with such huge crowds attending his events.

Mwalimu King'ang'i
Mwalimu King’ang’i

‘He was a phenomenon. I have never seen so many people. When he came to Machakos there were so many wheelchairs at the crusade. JB Masinde was the translator for Reinhard Bonke.’ King’ang’i said before Maina interjected with a question.

‘JB was the translator. I didn’t know that,’ Mr. Kageni said before King’ang’i went on about Mr. Bonnke’s visit to Kenya.

‘Demons came from the mountains. That is the only preacher that Moi actually endorsed. He even attended the event himself. He died at 79. He made 79 million give their lives to Christ. In one crusade in Nigeria, a reported 1.5 million people attended.’


Maina finished the segment by praising JB Masinde and wishing the late Mr. Bonnke peaceful rest. ‘JB Masinde you inspire me so much. There are times that I have listened to you and you helped me. RIP Reinhard Bonke. You have run your race.’

‘He loves drama’ Maina and Kingangi weigh in on Sonko’s arrest

Mr. Kageni also spoke about the current issues facing Nairobi governor, Mike Sonko. Mr. Kageni asked whether the court cases facing the governor were his last hurrah?

Sonko arrest
Sonko arrest

Most listeners believed that we were witnessing the final act in Mr. Sonko’s political career. Some of those comments are below;

I think it is the end of an era-One listener said.

His election to be Governor of Nairobi was a problem-Another listener said.

Which type of city is it where veggies are being sold in the CBD. We don’t have a governor or a deputy governor. He was the worst mistake Nairobi ever made-Another added.

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‘He loves drama’ Maina and Kingangi weigh in on Sonko’s arrest

It is not a secret that Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko loves doing the most. He is so extra, that he publicizes what he does frequently on his social media.

The latest has been snaps of his gold dining table, that was a few days later followed by the most dramatic arrest of a public official Kenya has ever seen.

Classic’s Maina and Kingangi discussed this on Monday morning asking listeners to give their take on the arrest.

Maina prompted this with his own verdict saying.

What you saw on Friday was the tip of the iceberg. Expect alot more drama without a doubt

Mwalimu appeared to be amused adding that

his support on the ground is huge, adding that he was the third most voted Kenyan in the last general election showing how popular he is on the ground.

sonko arrest

He can been seen refusing to get into the chopper in Voi, and made it an issue. Many Kenyans on Twitter wondered why he was resisting yet other Governors have been subjected to such treatment.

Starehe MP Jaguar wrote
Nothing is permanent…..All will be well Gov.

Meanwhile the Governor is urging followers to remain calm and not politicize the matter.

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‘I was in debt I wanted to die’ Maina confesses


He lives the lifestyle of the rich and famous no one would think he has ever been in the deep end of things.

But Maina Kageni was once in debt, just like the rest of us and sadly contemplated death.

He confessed his deep thoughts to Kingangi saying

‘There was a time I was in a debt cycle you can die.

He sighed adding that

Bro have you ever been in a debt cycle you feel you can die? Kwanza now big debt cycles 

Kenyan men don’t like talking about how much in debt they are and it’s not any different fro Maina.

He shied away from saying how much in debt he was just shaking his head and deeply contemplating his life.

‘Big debt cycles, you know in the next two weeks someone is waiting for Sh1.5million aki eh, blood pressure so you take from Peter to pay Paul. Heeeh it’s a horrible way to live.

And when was this he was in debt because he has worked for a long time earning big bucks?

‘It was when I was young and stupid, he finished before moving on.


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Maina Kageni praises Bahati for pledge to blind singer Denno


In an episode of their show ‘Bahati Reality’ in November, Bahati promised to buy gospel singer Denno a car.

Denno, is a visually impaired artiste who came into the limelight after collaborating in ‘Mbona’ alongside Daddy Owen.

And true to his word the EMB CEO gifted him a Nissan.

This move has caught the attention of Classic’s Maina Kageni who lavished praise on Bahati.

In another episode Bahati said he thinks Denno will win a BET or grammy award.

If we do our part as EMB, or if I do my part as Bahati, on the platform given to me by God, and then Kenyans support him…he can bring the next BET Award,” he said.

“One thing I’m ready to do is to push Denno until he brings this BET Award or a Grammy in Kenya. Wait and see.”



Maina is impressed by all this and said ‘wow, I love this about Bahati’

Before buying the car, Bahati had asked Denno what his transport mode is. Denno said he uses matatus and that it’s challenging.

“Sometimes you agree to meet someone but you stay so much in traffic and the other person can’t understand your predicament,” he said.

Speaking on his reality TV show ‘Bahati Reality’, Bahati promised to help Denno until he is back to the top again.

“I will do the best I can to see that you have gone back to the top,” he said.

“As long as God has kept me on top, I will help with the little God has given me.”

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