‘I am living everyday like it is my last day’, Nameless pours out his heart

2017 was not an easy year for Kenyan artiste David Mathenge better known as Nameless after falling ill. He was admitted in hospital for a few weeks after being diagnosed with an “artery burst that caused a blood clot in his brain” that led him to be put under bed rest even after being discharged from the hospital.

Well, speaking to Classic 105 he talked about his medical condition and how it has changed his life to be a more positive person.

I don’t really know what it was all about, but apparently it happens that 1 percent of people in the world have this condition where a vessel in the brain just burst. For me, i was in a meeting a long board meeting and from nowhere, I just felt pain from my neck. I felt like I was suffocating, then it went through to my head, later an extremely painful crazy headache.

Nameless Speaks Out For The First Time From His Hospital Bed

Daddy Owen and Nonini were the ones taking me from the meeting holding my head and all i was thinking is I was going to die. At the hospital my whole life would flash  because I was thinking I cant go now, I need to look at my family, myself I have a young family to take care of.

The doctor I found there checked and explained to me what it was and luckily they just had to do some tests to just drain the blood from my head through painkillers, I even had some minor strokes in my head. My head was so tensed so the blood was not reaching the brain so well.

I have done my final test and they confirmed I am okay but I have a slightly more higher chance of getting it again but for me it has just transformed my life.”


He also talked about the transformation he learned from the illness that has totally changed his life.

“I realized that we take life for granted, like its very serious when we see that we are live, that we have to be reminded , don’t focus on these negative things that will put you down, we are breathing , we are talking with people

I realized I hold back so much, over thinking and so on. One of the struggles we have as artist who have been there fore long, is that we always want to release a hit. We have so much expectation, it stopped being that music is entertainment. I would struggle with that but going through that i can n longer think about how  that, just share and leave everything to God.

I am living everyday like it is my last days, so enjoy yourself because you do not know about tomorrow, live to the fullest.”

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Education trains you to be disciplined’, Nameless emphasize the need to have papers despite being talented(AUDIO)

For two decades now, music has been part of singer David Mathenge life, famously known as Nameless, to an extent we forget that he studied Architecture. He is a dad to two beautiful daughters too and a husband to songstress Wahu Kagwi

He is among the few educated singers in Kenya, and has always made a name for himself in the music industry more than in what he studied for at the University Of Nairobi.


Once in a while, he shares photos of himself in construction sites inspecting how work is flowing. One of the notable structures that can be attributed to Nameless is “The Hub Karen”, a massive structure in the leafy suburbs of Karen in Nairobi.

Well, during an exclusive interview with Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni, he emphasized that despite being talented like he is, one is required to have papers.
Maina congratulated him for setting a good example and finding it necessary to graduate despite getting money of his own through music while still in school.
“I think even when I talk to my daughter, I tell her that the things you are doing now will matter in time and will help you in terms of discipline and have a logic thinking. You can be a musician and still go through education so long as you have self discipline. This is what I was trained in campus. I even talked to my parents and they were happy because I was earning and the school fees would be paid through my earning, but they told me, so long as your studies are not interfered with, then we have no problem.”
He also talked about the opportunities he missed just to focus on his education.
“Sometimes I would be offered good money, but I would be doing my school projects so, I would opt not to do it after all, I will have all the time after school. The  principle I use in architecture is the same I use with music even now. Lucky for me is that they are both Arts and I followed my passion.
You know what Maina, entertainment is very erratic you can be big today, tomorrow you are gone. You can not predict about your brand, scandals you will have tomorrow hence the need to have your papers with you.”
Listen to the whole conversation below;