‘I took bribes from married men to let them sleep with my sisters’ City man

A caller shocked many after confessing that he used to take bribes in form of money and goodies to let married men sleep with his sisters aged 13 and 16.

According to him they were poor and their mum was busy trying to ends meet so that was the only way of making some extra cash.

I used to take money from men to allow them seduce and sleep with my two sisters .They ended up being pregnant at 13-16

‘My friends daughter died aborting after the son impregnated her’ – Nancy

mum pregnant

I can never blame my mum because she was single trying to fend for us.We  are four and we needed to eat

There is a day my mum  came home late and my big sister had hidden a man in the bedroom they were waiting for my mum to sleep so that they could continue with their ‘love’.

This man is a married man so he had no place to take my sister.

‘Celebrate with the Heavens Mama’ Diana Marua mourns her mum

Another caller adds

Back in the day our grand parents used to talk to us .It was almost a taboo fro us to see people kissing but nowadays that is normal.

Parents nowadays say that s#x ni tabia mbaya but wait till their daughters come back pregnant is when they will know hawajui.

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‘Hurumia bibi hii kitu utaihitaji siku ingine’ Female Caller pleads with men who want many kids on Maina Kageni’s show

Children are a blessing  but the question on Maina Kageni’s mind after  word spread of a man with 11 kids and 5 grand kids at the age of 50 is are they really a blessing?

Kenya’s population has been on the increase due to people not taking control of their family planning responsibilities thus ending up in poverty.

During the morning show Maina and King’ang’i in the morning , Maina asked his listeners on what they thought about having lots of kids without the capability to take care of them.

Maina Kageni blasts Kenyan man who disappeared leaving his date to pay a sh37,000 bill


One caller said

“I am not rich and I have never worked for NYS,KPL nor any of the companies mentioned in corruption saga’s where you carry cash with a gunia yet I have 8 kids and 3 grandkids at the age of 45

He continues“Out of those 8, two have cleared campus, two are in secondary while the rest are in primary. Provided the wife is not complaining and you can feed them leave all other things alone.Even now if my wife says we add two i will gladly do,after all its easy work.”

“I am better than some people who have 2 kids yet they go round with bursary papers asking for help ‘He concludes

Another caller argued that having many kids help ensure the continuity of a generation and keeping the family names alive.

Mwalimu King’ang’i who himself comes from a big family argued that in this time and age where  Kenyans are dying of sugar loaded with mercury having many kids is the only way of survival .

Anne Kiguta leaves team mafisi heart broken as she celebrates her baby daddy, Jomo Gecaga on Fathers day

The last caller did not mince her words saying “I am married and I have one kid and I will strive to make sure she leaves better than i did.Kwani women are chicken where its expected once you lay 21 eggs you have to hatch all the 21,she posed”

she concludes

“Si hii kitu itararuka,Hurumia bibi hii kitu utaihitaji siku ingine.”



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This is the special lady Mwalimu King’ang’i thought Maina Kageni would marry

Having the best host and co-host is the best thing that can happen to we listeners.

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni’s mornings are always made by his hilarious co-host, Mwalimu King’ang’i.

I am sure you will all attest to that if you listen to them during the breakfast show, dubbed Maina and King’ang’i.

Well, the two joke around and do not fear going into each other’s personal life.

Maina Kageni reveals who he would marry between Huddah and Vera Sidika (Audio)

Recently, during one of the conversations, Maina Kageni revealed to his listeners that he has eaten out for more than ten years.

It was during this time that Kingangi said, ‘Taftieni Maina Kageni bibi Mluhya specifically, Unajua shida yako ukianza kufikiria bibi unafikiria Vera na Huddah.”

Picha Clear roadtrip
Maina Kageni. photo credit:courtesy

Then Maina said, “Me it’s either Huddah or Vera,

Well, today is Sheila Mwanyigha’s birthday and Maina being his friend took his time to wish her a happy birthday.

Maina asked Mwalimu, Mwalimu where is your Kayamba, we need to wish Sheila Mwanyigha a happy birthday today.

Happy birthday to her,

Mwalimu responded;

“Which birthday? Na mlikua mnafanya kazi na yeye, I thought at one point you are going to marry her, I dont know, I was just hoping and now that you have just remembered her…”

Maina responded laughing  “Keep hoping.”

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Kwani wanafungua server? Kenyan women prosper after their husbands die (Audio)

On the Classic 105 morning conversation, Kenyan men were put on blast for not appreciating and celebrating their women.

During that conversation one lady commented that widows prosper when they lose their husband.

The hosts Maina and King’ang’i  were left outraged and couldn’t wait to get the truth out of it from women

Maina asked widows if life is better or do women sometimes wish their husbands were dead.

A lady insisted that men don’t like it when their women prosper more than them.

She added that it doesn’t have to be that the man is dead but also being separated from a man makes a woman prosper because they use their full potential to make in life without being ‘kaziwad’ by the man.

This were words said by a lady who spoke her heart.

“Our Kenyan men are very selfish they don’t want us to succeed.”

The lady said that men would prefer their wives to quit their jobs just for them to be superior than their wives.

She also added that when a man dies, a woman focuses on her family and puts her mind on how she will care for her family unlike men who just think of moving on by marrying another woman thus forgetting their family.

Listen to the full conversation.

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Why men deny pregnancy from their ‘Mpangos’ asks Maina Kageni

This is not a surprise to us women, many men deny pregnancies even when they know its 100 percent theirs.

Have you ever pranked your boyfriend or lover, and told them you are ‘pregnant’ and they still deny it even when they know they are the only person you are messing around with? Well i have and the guy was already changing the topic and denying it.

For the past few days, the conversation has taken an angle on deadbeat fathers and many women complained about how men always leave them when they are pregnant and later on in life start to look for their kids.

Yesterday’s morning conversation on Classic 105FM the discussion was about men deny pregnancies.

Maina and King’ang’i had a different opinion as Maina wondered why men ‘lenga’ their own babies, while King’ang’i said that women don’t prepare men psychologically and emotionally.

King’ang’i got a lot of support on Twitter from men.

Maina says that Kenyan men always turn the situation into women’s fault.

A man called and said that women trap men with pregnancies. He said they don’t deny pregnancies but rather wait to see if the child claimed to be theirs is really theirs. He also mentioned that women should not confuse love and lust.

Listen to the full conversation below.

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What Kenyan women tell their children about their deadbeat fathers (AUDIO)

On Monday the morning conversation on Classic 105 was about how Kenyan women don’t name their children after their fathers who are absent from their life.

The conversation continued into Tuesday, with a twist to it as Maina and King’ang’i thought it was important for children to know who their deadbeat fathers were. King’ang’i asked this to women,

“Hawa watoto mnawambianga baba zao walienda wapi?”

A lady called and said that she will not lie to the child if he asks about the father. She will tell him the father denied the pregnancy and left, but she will never give her child his name.

A man however called and said it is important for the child to know the truth because if they find out the truth it can bring problems between the mother and the child.

Twitter went wild as many contributed to the discussion. Here are some of the comments.

Sarah: They is no need since the father is a dead man for me although he is alive bring up ur own children without stress I have learn from my mother experience

Sammiel: single mums start lying to their children that their fathers were killed by stray lions from Nairobi National Park. Others have been lied to that their fathers were run over by speeding miraa,mungu anawaona Kenyan women.

Purity: you dump me during my pregnacy and you expect me to tell my child you are still alive haha not me i will even tell my child you were killed by a stray bullet during riots in nairobi period!!

Jacob: Maina if you are broke then ulikongwa na gari, if you are rich unapelekwa kotini.

Listen to the full conversation below.

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Would you name your child after the father even in cases of absenteeism? asks Maina Kageni

Deciding which last name to give your child can be a tough choice, and this formed the morning conversation on Classic 105 with Maina and King’ang’i,

They wanted to know if it is important to document and name your child after the father, even in cases of absenteeism?

Maina and King’ang’i had different views. Maina thought that a child whose father has not been in his life or responsible should not have any right to be on the child’s name while King’ang’i thought that it is important a father’s name to on the child’s name as a sign of identity.

A lady who had named her daughter after herself called and said that the father of the child doesn’t provide and the daughter doesn’t even know who the father is. She added that the guy in her life at the moment is the one taking the place of the real father because he cares and takes responsibility of her daughter.

A follower on twitter said a very important statement about the topic. he said,

“It is not important at all, if you can’t remember your responsibility as a father what makes you think your name should be anywhere connected to that child any man can father a child but it takes courage, commitment and sacrifice to be a loving and caring father.”

Would you name your child after your man left and didn’t take responsibility for the child?

Listen to the full conversation.

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Do Kenyan men cheat because their wives relax after marriage? (AUDIO)

You can bet that on the Classic 105 FM morning conversation with Maina and Kingang’i, men and women will always have differing opinions on cheating. On Friday was no different as men shared with Maina why they cheat on their wives. They defended their actions by saying:

“Please tell our wives this, these other women feel a certain gap in our lives.”

Maina asked King’ang’i if it is true women can’t satisfy their needs and King’ang’i spoke on behalf of most men saying that they their wives cannot satisfy their every need because they can’t be everything.

A lady called and said that sometimes women are not to blame because they try to satisfy their husbands needs but they do not appreciate their efforts. She gave an example saying that her husband is the one that doesn’t satisfy her needs.

This conversation however turned tables since Maina expected most women to have a different opinion but instead some sided with King’ang’i.

A man called and poured his heart out saying that women relax after marriage and when they go to other women they don’t cheat but they try to make themselves happy. He also said,

“The problem with ladies is that when they get married they relax, so when they relax their are some things they don’t do for us and if they don’t do this things for us wee end up with other women.”


Listen to the full conversation below.

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Does your man ogle at other women in your presence? asks Maina Kageni


On the crazy Monday pullout there is an article about men with wondering eyes who stare at other women even in the company of their lovers.

Apparently that went down over the weekend at Muthaiga Gold Club.

But here is the thing guys, why are you oogling when in the presence of your woman? How do you expect her to feel?

Mwalimu says men like to appreciate other women because it is normal. He says men are visual creatures.

Maina Kageni wanted to know how men would feel if the shoe were in the other foot. Guys, how would you feel if she stared at another man?

Is it rude and mannerless?

Ladies, has he ever done it in your presence? How did it feel and how did you deal with it?

A male caller stated that ‘kama mtu ameoanda shamba au amejenga nyumba mzuri’ si unaangalia? But what if he is with his wife nd she is staring? ‘Mbona unaangalia and unayako?

‘ and that’s the reason why hawa watu tulipewa wawe maua. unangalia hiyo maua unasema nitafanya hivi.’

Carole said ‘it’s normal to see guys do this nowadays, and when you complain he says I am being petty. I am used to it. Yani it’s normal, we are in another era now, if someone is beautiful she is beautiful, surely you just have to understand it’s their nature.’

But why do men only look at one area of a body. How come they don’t stare at her fingernails, or her hair Maina wanted to know.

Women called in admitting they oogle at other men, but the difference is they do it respectfully, unless he has ‘matharau’.

Stella said; ‘If you look at another women walking by, I will do the same. And you know what I will do? I’ll let’s say if my guy is potbellied, and short, na anapata guts ya kuangalia mwanamke mwingine, I’ll even look at a better one, and say ..ngai ngai ngai..those abs..’

Listen tot he audio of the differing views between men and women over staring

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Man Cries To Maina Kageni After He Shared How His Wife Embarrass Him To His Neighbor (Audio)

Yesterday after the morning discussion, Maina Kageni met some male friends who told him that he will never hear a man talking ill of his wife in the presence of his friends, yet a woman doesn’t see anything wrong with talking ill about him.

Ladies if you are angry with him why don’t you just talk with him privately?

Mwalimu said that some women abuse their men even at the salon places. He told ladies that they should respect their husbands because those men are the fathers of their children

He added whatever the kind of man your husband is, you should not go telling everyone that he is that especially if he wakes up everyday to go work hard and look for money to sustain his family.

A woman called in and contributed to the discussion saying that before a woman insults a man, that means the man is not playing his roles well.

Another said that men and women are totally different and therefore men need to understand that.

She said that sometimes women feel so offended when husbands know they need to pay some bills but don’t but instead go out with friends for drink. Ladies can’t fight physically but they feel better when they vent as opposed to the men who act.

Listen to the whole conversation below;


Listen as Maina Kageni stands his ground while man shouts out his anger at Kenyan women (Audio)

Things got heated this morning on Classic 105 as Maina Kageni and his co-host Mwalimu Kingangi discussed a rather topical issue.

Maina sought to know from listeners if it’s right for girls to drink with their fathers and at all if it leads to sex between father and daughter.

Yesterday, a lady called Maina Kageni explaining to him how she finds it weird that Kenyans judge and come to conclusions when they hear that daughters go out to drink with their dads.

Is it dangerous for a daughter to drink with her dad, Maina asked thereafter.

The lady said “When girls drink, they become touchy touchy. This will therefore be the same case when daughters go to drink with their fathers,”she added.

The lady who had started the discussion called in again and made it clear, saying that she was mad at those who were condemning her for her opinion. She went ahead and said she has not been brought up in the village and therefore she is not guilty at all for drinking with her father.

An upset male caller joined in the debate shouting, “If you respect your parents as an African, you ought to respect your father you cannot go and drink with him. This is washing away our morals.

“If you want to drink, go drink with your colleagues and not your father,’ He added before Maina chimmed in with his thoughts.

Get the whole conversation below;




Kenyan Women Reveal That They Can’t Trust Men With Their Money Because They’ll Spend It On Other Women

This week on Maina Kageni and King’ang’i in the morning, the discussion has been about women and money. Men recently revealed that women waste so much money in Chamas, yet they don’t spend the benefits on their family.

Maina’s lady friend recently revealed to him the truth about why they don’t give men access to their money.

So it happens that these ladies would rather keep their money to themselves because they fear that if they give their men, they will go spend that money on other women. They simply don’t trust their men, especially with money they haven’t worked hard for.

Men decided to give their take on this issue as women contributed and got candid on why this happens. Listen to the interesting discussion below.


‘Should Men Have A Say When It Comes To Abortion?’ – Maina Kageni

Maina and Kingangi’s morning conversation has been all about abortion this entire week, with female callers revealing that they procured abortions more than once.

Surprisingly, it turned out that married women are among those who are terminating pregnancies in the society, and even more shocking, was the fact that some of their men/husbands were helping them abort.

The issue of family planning not working also came into the discussion, with some people claiming that when that happens, it’s necessary to abort. This is something that flabbergasted Maina Kageni.

The question that popped up regarding this was, should men have a say when it comes to abortion or is it a woman’s choice to decided what she wants to do in the case she gets an unplanned pregnancy? Listen to the interesting conversation below.


A Kenyan Married Man Reveals How He Allows His Wife To Keep In Touch With Her Ex-boyfriend

This issue of keeping in touch with exes is still on people’s minds. This comes hot on the heels of Prince William’s visit to Kenya where he also attended his ex-girlfriend’s wedding in Isiolo last weekend.

A Classic 105 listener revealed on air that he has no problem with his wife keeping in touch with her ex-boyfriend, as long as he doesn’t cross set boundaries because the guy is still obsessed with her and even follows her to her workplace and home.

The male caller apparently allows them to keep in touch because after all he is the one who won her heart and eventually married her. This comment sparked a lot of reactions from other male and female callers during the morning conversation with Maina Kageni and King’ang’i.

Listen to the audio below to hear their opinions.


‘Women are like ‘donkeys’ they need a little push

What you missed on the morning conversation with Maina and King’ang’i; A woman called in yesterday in support of dictatorship in marriage.  She says that she agrees with the notion men are the heads and women should be submissive. The woman describes the men who don’t take any questioning from their wives as real men.

She tells off women for complaining that there are no real men any more. She claims women nowadays want a man who will let them stay out as long as they want then go ahead and complain that the husband is not protective and loving.

She argues that submissiveness is one of the most beautiful traits a woman can have and that authority is what women crave for in their men.

Maina Kageni however is of the opinion that there is a difference between arrogance,  total disrespect and love. A caller even said women are like donkeys who need a little push on the buttocks. Listen to what you missed below

Mwalimu Kinga’ng’i’s birthday in pictures

Youtube video courtesy of mpasho.co.ke

Mwalimu King’ang’i celebrated his birthday on Thursday as colleagues and co-host Maina Kageni joined in wishing him good tidings. King’amg’i marked the day with a twelve cake celebration with colleagues at Radio Africa Offices. Below are the photos.