My depression is slowly destroying my marriage – Man tells Maina

A husband who admitted he has been depressed for so long, described it to Maina Kageni that  ‘it’s like living in hell’.

He told of his agony during a discussion of the Kiambu couple who were found dead. The man shot his wife three times, after finding out she was pregnant yet he is impotent.

Maina wanted to find out why men never talk to someone about being depressed and a man called in saying he would rather die, than tell his friends he is crying

He told Maina he feared his secret getting out and having to be ridiculed about being weak. He said they will share and make fun of you

“That’s what we are doing nowadays. I pretend I am ok because no one can help. I was looking for some counselling they tell you they charge three thousand per hour, so if you don’t have it what do you do? you go home and pretend, nowadays hakuna friend wa ku open up to the kind of friend that you open up to the next day it will be published, so you just pretend and no one can tell deep inside you are dying, right now no one knows what I am going through, and I can tell you  I am going  through hell. I need some counselling”

Maina sympathized with the sad husband saying “let me do this. I can see your number here, I will get you help okay. Hang in”


Another called told Maian that husbands are smiling but deep inside they are dying owing to endless cost heaped on them.


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My husbands side chick called me crying about cheating on us with a third woman


A very interesting discussion on the Thursday morning conversation with Maina and Kingangi about wives and side chicks calling each other had many in fits of giggles.

Maina posed the question to wives and side chicks about why they call each other to discuss the cheating man. Maina wanted to know what the goal was, as his co host Mwalimu said no husband should even make himself present during such a tense moment.

“Men never do it” Maina said adding that “Let’s talk about you calling the other woman. When you call her what do you want ladies, ebu tuongee.”cheating-black-man

Mwalimu advised all men to remove themselves from such an awkward moment ” hizo simu they are not a joke. You don’t even want to go home, even the watchman asks you why you are in the car for so long, hutaki kuningia, weuh as a man you are finished by the time it gets to that aie you are finished”

A married woman called in laughing endlessly about being in such a situation.

“I am the wife in this case who got a phone call from my husbands side chick. So this one time, it was a ka Friday, I get a call from this number, this lady is crying because she saw my husband with another woman in a club. She tells me she is his side chick and he is cheating on her and me with another woman. She asked me where I was ati we go see the cheating, ati I want to show you he is with another woman and at that point I am wondering what the hell does she want. It was so funny I could not get angry because she was crying so hard. ”

Dear Classic 105 fam, what has been your experience? Share with us, we could learn a thing or two.

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Women are schemers! King’ang’i says as Kenyans debate Bill and Melinda Gates divorce

The Bill Gates and Melinda Gates divorce has been the trending topic worldwide, something that Maina Kageni capitalised on today.

He brought up the subject asking, ” Guys, do you pay attention to your wife’s behavior? Guys, what do you mean when say you never see it coming?”

Mwalimu Kingangi had his own answer saying that “Women are schemers.”

The answers came in hard and fast. Some of those answers are below;

There is no woman who imagines herself in her old age with you, she sees her and she sees her children, she doesn’t see you in those plans. Melinda didn’t just get up and decide yesterday and Bill Gates didn’t see this coming.

Hehehe, hawa ni watoi wakubwa itabidi unamkanya each and every time.

No matter how much attention we pay, we never understand a thing.

There’s one thing men should know, when a woman says enough enough, even God in heaven can’t change her mind and she’ll leave you in style, you’ll never 4get all ur life men r smart but women r smarter.

You have so much to do that it’s hard to pay attention to your spouse, to be sensitive when he or she needs some downtime, some solitude with the soulmate, a little smooching. But forget to pay attention often enough and forgetting begets forgotten.

Women check out mentally first.

Of course, you have to know her welfare even if she doesn’t speak about it.

A woman turns the world upside down to know the man inside out. She knows all your plans even before you disclose them to her.

You even pay rent to the house you moving next even for 3 months and you still there like nothing is happening, and pack everything and he doesn’t see.

Imagine am busy in doing everything to have a great future with her,red flag huezi ona,she is always on a mission to accomplish her exit plan,ptooh!!

A woman doubles what you give her …..not forgetting most women revenge when you old.

Those women who talk less, avoid arguments n behave so nicey nicey ogopa hao, even when hurt they say am okay, if they don’t leave you, Most definitely you’ll leave out.

No part of the marriage experience has ever been hard for men. No unpaid labor at home, no childbearing. They live in the bliss of service and obedience that they don’t see when the woman is stressed and eventually tired with their behavior. Then they’re surprised wakiachwa.

It’s A talent Given To This Daughter’s Of Jezebel,,,,They are always A Step A Head of Us Men. Utapigwaa Kisses Mingi Asubuhi Kumbe Jioni anakuachaa.

Mm nilimwacha kwa nyumba na tukaongea the whole day kurudi jioni nkapata ashapack vitu zake na ameenda….. Asharent na akabuy vitu za nyumba bado akiwa kwangu….. N never suspected anything.

Aki these daughters of jezebel are real schemers!

Zile kisses mtu hupigwa hata utatoa nguvu wapi ya kuona utaachwa.

The silent fart is the one that stinks, like wise the quiet women are the most dangerous ones.

I have tried leaving my husband thrice and I keep going back because of the kids but once they grow I’m out. If you want to live a comfortable life you have to plan while you are still with him.

Your husband is not God… move out and trust in Jesus.. he is the author and the finisher.

She failed to say she is leaving for another man.

Men should see these, and understand it intimately. Men are considered slaves after you have worked and given all, you are left alone to die.

Hiyo ni kamuti imemweka hapo.

These men take us for granted,, they keep on hurting us thinking we are fools by forgiving them,,roho inakuanga ishatoka kitambo.

Women are always good at shifting blame, stay aloof to her mind games and never be dragged into her own conflicts. Men will always be wrong.

Wakwenda ataenda tu n the truth is we will never know exactly why kama umueachwa achika.

That shows marriage is a scam where one party fulfills its own obligations and abolish the marriage. Bill forever is too long.

Maina leo umelearn mke si pesa inafanya mpendane hadi mwisho? Bedination 10% , food 10%, Uongo 80% haya tu ndio dawa yao.

They also believe we gonna die 1st, hawa watu aki.

Men are the hardest people to leave. A man has been fighting the wife day and night. This woman woke up yesterday and told the husband she’s leaving but believe you me the man is lying in the mortuary because he burnt himself from that shock.

This is very true. That is why it’s important for a man to have an old age back up plan and the plan MUST not be the wife because you are not in her plans either.

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‘Forget spaghetti and pizza’ Older men advice about being stamina daddy


The topic of why younger men are increasingly using the blue pill to bed many women attracted the attention of older men who advised that it’s their lifestyle that makes it hard to last in the sack.

So young fellas if you want to impress your main bae plus your side chicks, stop consuming spaghetti and pizza as it doesn’t improve your stamina.

Maina and Kingangi while making fun of the use of blue pills by young men, noted that possibly womens incessant demands have prompted young men to use the pill to avoid shaming themselves.



Maina noted that “The crazy thing id that alot of young men are using these nonsense, they are bedding alot of women dying in beds that don’t belong to them, ni nini? Who told you there are women who want you to go on for five hours?”

To which Mwalimu cheekily added “blame it on women, unaweza aibisha your tribe so ni lazima ushike bendera uwakilishe, personal best ni riadha, you are performing infront of an empty stadium”

Ladies is it you who expect so much from your men Maina asked.

Two male callers said it’s not women to blame but young men who live flashy lifestyles that make them poor in bed.

One said “they are eating chips, that is not the way to go. If you want to  go on for hours and show off to your woman, eat cassava, but no you eat spaghetti and pizza, kula yams. Me I ran for almost one hour and I’m still going strong, si kujisifia”

Another agreed advising young men that “eat veggies, because they need to please their women.’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree that eating clean is the way to go rather than risk your health using the blue pill? Drop your comments below.

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Tuko Sherehe! Gengetone blamed for kichwa ngumu teens

Naughty parties, sleepovers and other sherehe’s being hosted for teens across the country have alarmed citizens.

And in a discussion on Classic 105, Maina and Kingangi tackled the topic of whether Gengetone has had a negative influence on teens, making them ‘kichwa ngumu’.

The cartel detectives want you to know about in drama over missing teens

People were split on the opinion whether Gengetone is making our teens watoto ambao hawaambiliki.

Mwalimu was adamant that the dirty music has definitely influenced teens to do terrible things like partake in alcohol and orgy’s.

what are they saying in the songs, you know they are talking to themselves, ni nini wanasema hatusikii, do you realizee they are teaching themselves tabia mbaya, now when you start putting things in there hakuna mzazi anaelewa. that is the basis of watoto waambaye hawambiliki,  kuna vile there is a movement against us parents coz wanaimba vitu hatusikii

Maina insisted that it is parents to blame for not raising their children well and not music.

“So how is that to blame for your child being kichwa ngumu? If you are like MWalimu and you blame gengetone wrongly, kama  hujui wachana na gengentone, if you can’t understand what makes you think it’s bad? maina asked himsmoke-city-mat-696x418

Dozens of school-age youth have been arrested in sex, drug orgies since the pandemic hit.

Kenyan teens have over the lat couple of days been arrested after being busted in parties where alcohol, bhangi and other activities carried out. The children – 26 boys and 18 girls – were aged between 14 and 17 years and were all in primary and high school.supplied drugs and alcohol to the teenagers

They had 55k for a trip! Things to know about 44 teens busted at party

The house parties were alleged to be arranged through an Instagram invite. There are also cases of teens going for sleepovers and parents worrying about their whereabouts.

A story published in the Star says that last week, 39 schoolchildren aged 12-22 years were arrested during a party at an estate in Muhoroni.

The publication further alleges that on July 4, 35 teenagers were arrested during a sex and drugs party at Sange estate, Homa Bay Town.


The 20 girls and 15 boys aged between 13 and 17 were found drinking alcohol and smoking bhang, according to police who recovered used condoms and brands of alcohol.

On June 20, police in Kisii arrested 38 youths aged between 14 and 20 during a party in which used condoms were also recovered.

Dear Classic 15 fam, should we blame music for our children being kichwa ngumu or have we compromised on our responsibilities as people who should mold the manners of our children and not society?

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My lazy mother won’t let me work and swindles her siblings to pay my bills


On a scale of one to ten, this story is simply out of this world.

A discussion of how relatives take advantage of siblings led to a college going girl exposing her mother for a swindler.

The girl described to a stunned Maina Kageni how she is told not to get a job because her aunties and uncles will take care of her financial needs.

What mother does that?

Maian was of the opinion that ” you must draw the line between helping and being exploited by families”.

The girl narrated that

“I’m in my early twenties and my mum is heading to her 50s and still dependent on her siblings to take care of me and my younger sister. Anytime I’m called for a job she refuses me to go claiming that I may go and get bad stuff and that people will do bad things for me. So I don’t work because of her plus I’m still in college but anytime I’m free I can’t go for a job, and I don’t know why she is depending on her siblings. She claims she is not a good decision maker. My aunties and uncles have been paying my bills since I was in primary school.  So I’m asking you, who is the problem here, is it my mum or her siblings for still giving her money or not helping her get a better job? It’s really tough for me coz I can’t go to work coz she says nitapata mabaya, or people will take advantage of me,. “


Dear Classic 105 fam, what has been your experiencing with relatives who expect to be helped financially. Is it an issue with your spouse and how have you handled it?

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Are Kenyan ladies willing to finance a man’s life? Maina Kageni finds out

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i spoke about something that happens worldwide but is normally frowned upon by most in society.

What? The subject of women who sponsor the men they are sleeping with. Maina said, “It turns out, there are a number of women who are bankrolling young men. The men say ‘Women with money are targets and they can take good care of us!’ Ladies, you are willing to finance a man’s life?”

Most Kenyans who called in were candid and said that the phenomenon does happen but is normally kept well-hidden by the practitioners.

Some of those comments are below:

My campus classmate never lived in a hostel. He had this woman who lived in a big mansion with the kids. The kids were actually the same age as this guy and they got along just fine. Problem was, the woman was very possessive. She even chose clothes for him. He loved the life though

Ata nikiangukia metre I can’t. No not a grown ass man….

A Rich and a powerful woman would prefer a younger man who is less intimidating and somehow submissive to her. Rich women prefer to dominate but also to show off their young lovers to society.

Am looking for that sponyo and should be below 45yrs and she must be rich enough.

Mimi nikifiria tu nalala na mtu age of my ma’am. Hataguvu ya kuamka uisha na pesa pia nitarudisha .

Poverty leads us to them from darajani kibera slums listening

It’s the kind of life in this country ndo Inachangiaa


Tudem maskini ndio tume-camp hapa waki-polish tukucha wakisema can’t be me

Sijui huwa wanapatwa wapi, na mbona sijawai patana na mmoja

Woooooi!!.  I can’t…

Where are this women?! And how do you stay 15 years with a woman sponyos and you don’t have a say over your life decisions?!

Gudmrng Maina, de world we r in now is a messed up one. The love for money has made pple to forget about morals. Imeandikwa wapi kwa Bible dat de woman will provide for de man? I’d rather stay single dan 2 keep a man unless he’s my hubby & he’s sick or disabled.

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“You are just a glorified housegirl” Men’s reasons for not officially marrying

Girls are you living with a man who hasn’t made things official? Well according to arguments made on the Tuesday morning conversation, Kenyan men would rather live with you without that marriage certificate.

As one man aptly put it to Maina Kageni that “Once these women have that marriage certificate, ni hivyo you feel like you are in prison.”

Another pointed the blame on women insisting that “Some ladies don’t make any effort to convince you that it’s time to marry her.”

Really fellas!

Maina weighed in saying “A case that made the papers over the weekend was of a woman who was married customarily to her man for 11 years and when he died, she went to court to ask for his property be distributed equally with his first wife. The presiding judge told her, ebu tembea, and said you can live with a person as long as you want to but it doesn’t meet the threshold of a marriage. My question to you guys is why do you live with these women without marrying them? What is so hard about taking her to sheria house and signing a piece of paper? Ladies, make sure he marries you now, mwambie by Monday we need to go to the AG’s otherwise you will waste your life.”

Mwalimu Kingangi protesting that Maina as usual ‘anachoma’ sipendi vile unawachochanga, I don’t like it. Ile kuchoma unachoma hata hujui


A voice note sent to Classic 105 further reveals why men would rather do a come we stay than make things official. ‘I know my lady is listening to you. I have seen a message coming in that we need to talk, because that issue has been brought up. Maina, see umeharibu maneno.’

Another male caller launched an argument with Maina about how his former relationship was so bad, he will never marry

:’I have lived with my mrembo for over seven years and I have no plans to marry her. I had another relationship that ended badly and I swore to never. My work right now is to eat and sleep. From my bad experience I will never marry. I don’t need to marry her and I cant marry her, because my ex taught me a lesson,”

Is it the ladies to blame for staying with a man who won’t marry her or where does the problem lie? Drop you comments below.

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‘Kenyan mothers let teen daughters dress inappropriately’  Man calls out parents


The fashion choices being embraced by female Kenyan teens was heavily debated on the Classic 105 morning conversation after one man castigated mothers for letting them dress provocatively.

He was of the opinion that Kenyan mothers never look at or question their daughters decision to wear some items,

‘What are we buying these girls? Are parents paying attention to what they buy? Their breasts and backsides are always displayed. How many times do you go to a club, see women only to find out later they are underage? 

He was also of the strong opinion that teen girls emulate how they mothers dress and behave towards men. So if a mother dresses provocatively, her daughter will pick up queues that she should also do the same.

Diamond mom under fire after referring to Tanasha’s son as “Kichwa Kikubwa”

‘These girls physique is deceiving, they look older and even when they are with their moms, people ask if they are sisters’.

This thinking elicited mixed reaction from Classic 105 fans who either called in or tweeted tagging us online.

A caller said

Maina don’t blame it on the single mothers and the kids too because the moment you give them money hujui atarudi kama amenunua nini. What we can do as parents is, the minute your children turn to teenagers have a sit down and have that conversation.

Another listener added that

We live in generation where kids are in the club more often than in the church. This has nothing to do with the parents, its the society. We need to stand together as parents and figure a way forward.”

Maina,blaming single mums achana na wao they are special. I have been brought up by a single mum and my three sisters are to the point. They are good and sijawai ata ona any of them akiwa amevaa hivo mnasema. Single moms lecture their girls and are caring to their kids

I will always be grateful to Sheila Mwanyigha – Prezzo confesses about ex-lover

#Mainaandkingangi don’t blame kids let’s start from mother’s coz wao ndio ununua hizo nguo..

Maina we live in a world where every negativity is blamed on single mothers, some have raised up good kids who are good role models to upcoming generation but some are a disgrace though


Parents are to blame here. They are soo busy doing nothing in social media themselves and by them giving kids smartphones, they want the kid to be occupied with it so as not to disturb them.

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‘She lets me drive her Range Rover’ 21-year-old man brags about dating older woman


Men aren’t the only ones who date younger people, and the idea of a “cougar”, an older woman dating a younger man, has become a part of the public consciousness.

A young Kenyan man confessed his love for his cougar, that elicited sharp criticism from Classic 105 fans.

He admitted that

“I’m 21 years old and I’m dating a woman who is 45 she bought me a new car and the latest iPhone. Sometimes I get to drive her Range Rover. I live a very good life.” #MainaAndKingangi

He will hold the biggest bash for Tiffah and Nillan! Source reveals about Diamond

The odds are high that some people are going to disagree with your choice in romantic partner no matter how perfect your relationship is. The young man made an effort to explain why he’s in love with her and not with her age.

Mwalimu King’ang’ surprisingly avoided making any comments and just grunted along whenever people responded.

Here are some reactions to his love story.

Where do they get those rich ones please. I need one o,
Let’s stop this mediocrity, pretence and hypocrisy, women as young as 20yrs are dating and even marrying guys as old as 70yrs. But a boyshaod can’t do the contrary? What’s the logic in it?/

couple pics
couple pics

My previous tweet confirmed by that gentleman young guys chase old women for cash I’m sure that guy has a girlfriend who he loves. #MainaAndKingangi
Kwangu miaka sio shida kama anakupenda pita naye.
Maina, this world is very complicated, it needs fumigation, imagine that woman is somebody’s wife, somebody’s mother, mama wa kanisa dating a 21. I’m shocked rudely, Si Dunia isimame tushuke akyaaaaaooo Person running Person running Person running Person running Face with tears of joy Face with tears of joy

“You repeat boxers even when I give you clean ones!” Diana Marua shades Bahati

I know it’s ONLY money he’s enjoying. Let him enjoy before he attains the age of 25. It’s usually short-lived.
I hope huyo janaa apart from having an iPhone and a new car ako na akili pia ya kujipanga ndo at least siku yenye atawachwa he will still have something of his own
He need to know what comes easy goes easy…. Cant encourage that!!!
That’s not good life , sponsored life is not a long term guarantee if that woman finds me your life will be really bad.
When you sponsor yourself that’s the good life, any small mistake utakufdead Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

Boychild have been suffering, alot when this old gooks.snatch our young girls because this got everything,,,,hii round hapana tambua ,,twanga kitu ilale,,,,kwani hiko nini,,,,,

The only problem is when He doesnt utilise the opportunity properly. Ile siku things will go south, ndo atabaki na nguo akonayo lwa mwili pekee

#MainaAndKingangi Mimi wangu hana hizo pesa mingi. Bt i enjoy her cooking &cookie. She’s an expert in both.
Can this guy connect me to that mathe’s friends
How lucky are you my brother,driving a range at that age and we are past that age we have never drove our own bikes??i think i was you

Hehehehehe I am not eating my mother to God forbid

Wives are community property until they turn 40 – Man sensationally claims

I understand 40’s is very hot but in a few years???
Huwa mnatoa wapi hawa wamama Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing
At that age uko yeye alikua kama sanitizer kila mtu alikua anatumia #MainaAndKingangi

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Wives are community property until they turn 40 – Man sensationally claims



A woman will never really settle down and be a wife until she turns 40 years old, was a confession that stunned Maina and King’ang’i during the Thursday morning conversation.

A guy on called in and said something incredible as we talked about office husbands. He said a woman is only committed to her husband once she hits forty. Once interests in her starts going down then she concentrates on you as her husband, but as long as there is still interest in her out there, she is never yours.

At times the pain will be unbearable – Robert Burale’s heartfelt message to Anerlisa (Exclusive)

Once she starts ageing, that is when she settles down to truly be committed to you. Before that guys you need to accept that she is never your alone.

She is a free agent, Mwalimu asked?

She can entertain attention elsewhere as long as it it there Maina said. So before you get to 40 years guys, does a man have to accept that she is not yours alone?

How true is that? And guys are you ready to accept that before 40, she is not yours alone?


Classic 105 fans seemed to agree with one saying ‘The age between 20’s and 40’s is the most active for a woman, kama hauna uwezo as a man utabaki hapo tuu. Some women when they hit forty is when they become more beautiful and that’s when they start hitting on younger men.’

Another said ‘bitter truth, for your information there is no woman who is yours alone, they operate when there is need, when she is yours use her’.

List Of 5 Concrete Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dating A Staunch Football Fan!

A male caller disagreed with this sentiment saying ‘They become hotter at 40, and this is the time when they look for young guys. So you find women this is the time they start life, because the man is down when it comes to bed matters. My wife is 37, so I’m not worried. What I’ve seen before is women at 40 used to approach me when I was younger, and they want me to do things. Yes Maina that is when they showing signs of kutongozana. This thing is bringing havoc to young men.’

Another caller said ‘From 40 is when they start kuiva. Sasa walewameiva at 40, hao ndio wanasumbua’.

Another man called and said ‘They approach us and tell us they are in love. I don’t know hwy they are doing this, anakuita my son I want to be with you, sasa they confuse us.


This seemed to be a resounding idea with more men admitting they are being ‘disturbed’ by women over 40.

Perhaps the shocker was a young mans confession saying at 21 he drives a Subaru. ‘She bought it and it is in my name. I’m 21 years old and I’m dating a woman who is 45 she bought me a new car and the latest iPhone. Sometimes I get to drive her Range Rover. I live a very good life.’


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‘You’ll infect people in ushago’ Kenyans tell citizens fleeing Nairobi


You could unknowingly be taking the virus to people upcountry.

The reason why Italy is the hardest hit is because citizens disregarded instructions from the Government, and traveled countryside leading to a nationwide spread of Coronavirus.

Zari finally gets Maina Kageni’s advise about Diamond Platnumz

Now the same situation could very well end up the same way, according to Classic 105 fans who called in to persuade travelers to rethink their decisions.

The conversation with Maina Kageno on Wednesday was all about Kenyans fleeing the city, to go ushago because they think it’s safer there.

If we travel to mashamani where there is no exposure, we risk taking the disease there, but its difficult to convince Kenyans not to travel, Maina said.

How can Kenyans be convinced not to travel to ushago over coronavirus? asked Maina to which listeners responded with their thoughts below:

Bien Aime had a ‘good’ budget for his wedding to Chiki

A female caller said ‘I think there is something people need to understand those of us in Nairobi will risk if we go ushago, there is less risk in ushago and if we go we take the problem there,’

A man called in and said ‘tunaenda nyumbani ni lazima isemekane hakuna kutoka nje alafu utafanya nini? Watu waende nyumbani, ni kuzuri maisha ni mazuri huko, twende ushago hii maneneo ya corona ikisha turudi’.

Sharon ShanienTwo hearts/…Am staying here,I cant go home,lemme just be mindful.Who knows I might hav the virus or contract it on the way,coz we literally don know who’s +ve despite the 4 known cases. My fam back in shags am not comin! I need them safe

Willis Raburu encourages Willy Paul’s wife to finish him

Kelvin Mwangi..Kenyans got this believe Covid 19 is just around the city only.

Felix Agola(Mr President)..maina now the corona cases have been reported in Nairobi,those who have panicked have sought to travel to shagz where they might be a litte bit safe

Steven Ngugi..Maina if its true there are departures from Nairobi, the gava need to lockdown Nairobi, we can easily contain corona within Nairobi lakini wakiipeleka ushago it shall heat us bad once our foodbasket is affected

@AmozKipchirchir..Good morning Maina, mine is to just caution those pple traveling home from Nairobi & advice them to go self quarantine themselves for 14days. For those we’ll be running the city please let’s always take the outlined precautions.


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‘Tulisema tusikimbie studio’ Mwalimu Kingang’i reacts to Kamba Kolona song


Yes the Kamba musicians have gone and done it again.

What am I talking about? One Kamba musician Danny Mboka has released a song about the Corona Virus. It is trending and got the attention of Maina and Kingangi on Friday March 6.

A tickled Maina played back the song several times to encourage Kingangi to respond wittly.

Danny P Mboka

Mwalimu while shaking his head agreed Kamba’s remain undefeated.

I try to defend some people lakini hawasaidiki Mwalimu said and I thought we had discussed about this tukamaliza tukasema tusiongee juu ya hii kitu, tusikimbie studio, musifanye kitu just when you thought it was oka, ahhh there comes a song



Arrrgghh Mwalimu said, na nilisema tutafutiwe wakamba wawekwe pahali aieeee tulisema tufunge studio, watakuja kurecord na nilisema mkisikia wakamba wamenyamaza kuna kitu pahali

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‘It’s like buying land without a title deed’ Men on dating single mum’s of boys


Men avoid single mum’s raising boys, according to confessions made on Classic 105 Tuesday February 18.

The reasons range from not wanting the boy to inherit property, to him going to look for his biological parent later in life, to mwanaume proper hawezi excuses.

Maina’s morning conversation was on why a majority of men don’t like dating and marrying singe mums of boys, and the responses were swift.

Saumu Mbuvi hints she might be pregnant with second child

‘Why would I raise another mans son only for him to go look for his real father later in life?’ was one reason a man gave for avoiding single mum’s of boys.

Another said ‘dating mums of boys is like ‘buying land without a title deed, adding’ who does that?’


Another added ‘Do you know he can even kill you when you argue with his mother?’ 

Maina how would you feel driving and maintaining a car you can’t drive? Another wrote on Twitter.

Maina wanted to know where this insecurity is coming from.

I was depressed and regretted dating Diamond – Tanasha reveals

A man said ‘its genetically wired in all male species, look at Lions for instance it’s just insecurity.’

Another man also called in with an analogy that ‘Who ever said that water in a toilet cant cook tea? We grew up knowing that and the same way we have learnt that if you marry a single mum of boys is trouble.’


Dear single mums, how does it make you feel to hear this asked Maina.

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‘We will end up in a hole we can’t get out of’ Kenyans cry over corruption

Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa is in the spotlight over suspected fraudulent dealings, however, details are still scant.

Echesa was arrested on Thursday and taken to the DCI Headquarters located in Kiambu Road.

His vehicles have also been impounded including a Range Rover.

He is facing charges over fake tender firearm deal amounting to Sh39 billion.

This case seemed to accelerate anger Kenyans have towards the handling of corruption cases.

Classic 105’s Maina and Kingangi opened up discussion about corruption frankly asking Kenyans:

we are talking about corruption, the monster , and if you are a parent with a child, when you think about your child when they are 18, what kind of a country will they inherit? they will blame you parents, no one else, coz what we are doing right now we are eating their future,

Hizi cases tumeona hazitaisha (these corruption cases don’t seem to be ending) , Mwalimu chimed in with Maina adding that ‘we should investigate, arrest and remove from office immediately. Are you guys worried, or do we adapt to it and become like Nigeria, coz Nigeria is just a mess or are we already there? 

Maina even added his experience last Christmas in Rwanda, where corruption is non existent.

I met a policeman there in Rwanda over Christmas, and I asked him if I give you 100k will you take it? The cop told me no, why should I, did I wok for it?

Unbelievable right? Phone lines were opened up for Classic listeners to give their opinions. They aired their frustration at what they call a system that doesn’t work.

and convicting laws because they know they will be the first to face the noose..The system has been curved to rig bright minds out of it and let garbage flourish. Even in churches. There’s need a clean from top to bottom. Not the other way round.

Unfortunately DCI strategy is reversed: i.e arrest, remove, investigate.

Name and shame

Hard Time Kamiti… Only detergent… And get rid of all these Corrupt Judges.

Voters are the ones who vote in corrupt leaders because they easily sweet talk them during election campaigns

Mimi naona kama enzi ya MOI, if someone is not performing news za 1pm zinapita na yeye. Kesi baadaye

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My nieces call me to buy them food because their parents are lazy



Are you being financially exploited by your family members, who sit back and expect you to foot all their bills?

This is the nasty experience of one Kenyan woman who painfully narrated to Maina Kageni how she pays bills for her siblings who are too lazy to work.

‘He gets too cosy with women’ Bahati’s reason for beef with Peter Blessing

She adds that the reason for bankrolling her siblings families is because of guilt.

She feels guilty if she neglects her nieces and nephews’ financial needs yet their parents couldn’t be bothered to work.

‘It reaches a point nobody is paying school fees, and when I say no the kids call me telling me auntie sijaenda shule, I am educating 3 children, and my sister used to work but now she is not working, she just sits in the house, and I pay rent for her,’

This abuse in the hands of her family has seen her own children chased away from school for lack of fees.

‘I’m a single parent and my daughter was today left by the school bus, and I have other  because I haven’t paid school fees yet I also pay for others. My child is suffering because of this’

Her generosity is abused to the extent that her her siblings lie about looking for work

‘I ask her her plans for life and she says I don’t know she will look for a job even if its a househelp job, then in two three days she calls back saying they don’t have food, and her children are hungry. I see texts then I start thinking about the small children then I buy food, Maina even in my house when we don’t have food, I try saying no but it’s not working, I’m so heart broken,’

Ommy Dimpoz – I lost 30 kgs after I was poisoned

Trying to hold back tears, the woman also added that pressure from her mother doesn’t help the situation

‘the painful part is the children who come back to me saying they have not eaten. Surely will you sit back and watch them, my mother calls me and tells me it’s my responsibility, it haunts me it pains me, it’s so hard maina,,

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Why do men have such a tight bond with their mothers? Maina asks

Maina and King’ang’i had an interesting conversation about mothers yesterday. The topic was influenced by the news that Gladys Shollei had been accused of kicking out ex-husband Sam Shollei’s 90-year-old mother from their up-country home.

gladys shollei
gladys shollei

This according to court documents. This elicited two questions from Maina to men; 1. What is the one line that a woman can’t cross that would kill the relationship? 2. Why do you find it so hard to cut the umbilical cord from your mother?

King’ang’i had his own thoughts saying, “Rule number one, a man’s mother is more important than even the cars and the money. A man’s mother comes number one.”

Some of the comments from listeners are below;

Maina should stop dreaming. Your mother is number 1. The other woman you are living with is a tamed snake. Hakuna mwanaume anawezafanyia mwanamke vile mwanamke anwaezafanyia mwanume. How can you chase a 90-year-old woman from her son’s home. Just lose a little money, these women leave you – A man.

Joke with my mother and you will know the colour code of a livewire – A man

I believe some people are confused by women. They are multipliers. If they don’t like women they should leave them alone – A man.

I haven’t seen my mother for 10 years because of my wife – Man tells Maina

Maina drop this topic right now. We get it. That former caller amekaliwa chapati – A man

The guy who spoke last, he spoke well. Imagine if someone called his mother a snake? I value mothers because they give you blessings. Me and my mother-in-law we get along very well. It’s up to us as women to treat them the way we would like to be treated well. Treat them with respect and they will give you back. My husband respects me very much – A smart woman said.

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Mike Mondo told how bad Kenyan men gossip

Mike Mondo who has been standing in for Maina Kageni this past week has had some fascinating topics the whole week.

Today the affable presenter followed up on the topic of gossiping among women in chamas.

Are chamas for women just for mushene? Mike Mondo asks

The reports from some callers yesterday was that men were actually bigger gossips than most women, something that shocked and astounded Mike.
Mike Mondo in studio reading
Mike Mondo in studio reading

Mike put the thesis to the test and asked callers whether men were actually worse gossips than men.  Some of the anwers are below;

Si ututetee. Mimi nimekubali. Kwa lugha yetu inaitwa mehe mehe! Mushene tukonayo mingi-A man told Mike.

Men do gossip. They’ll gossip to your friends and colleagues about yourself. We have women in trousers-A woman told the presenter.

Gossip is good. When I kosana with my boyfriend, I give him a bit of gossip and we get back together-A woman narrated.

I am so disappointed that men are actually such gossipers-A man complained.

Mike Mondo in studio
Mike Mondo in studio

Wanaume wamezidi. Especially those ones who work at night. They spend their time during the day gossipping. Me I don’t like that behaviour and I try and avoid it-man

These ladies have started the new year with more problems. Tell them we will keep on gossiping. These women don’t want to get married and so their children see the way their single mothers gossip all day, then they become like that-Man said.

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