Why do men have such a tight bond with their mothers? Maina asks

Maina and King’ang’i had an interesting conversation about mothers yesterday. The topic was influenced by the news that Gladys Shollei had been accused of kicking out ex-husband Sam Shollei’s 90-year-old mother from their up-country home.

gladys shollei
gladys shollei

This according to court documents. This elicited two questions from Maina to men; 1. What is the one line that a woman can’t cross that would kill the relationship? 2. Why do you find it so hard to cut the umbilical cord from your mother?

King’ang’i had his own thoughts saying, “Rule number one, a man’s mother is more important than even the cars and the money. A man’s mother comes number one.”

Some of the comments from listeners are below;

Maina should stop dreaming. Your mother is number 1. The other woman you are living with is a tamed snake. Hakuna mwanaume anawezafanyia mwanamke vile mwanamke anwaezafanyia mwanume. How can you chase a 90-year-old woman from her son’s home. Just lose a little money, these women leave you – A man.

Joke with my mother and you will know the colour code of a livewire – A man

I believe some people are confused by women. They are multipliers. If they don’t like women they should leave them alone – A man.

I haven’t seen my mother for 10 years because of my wife – Man tells Maina

Maina drop this topic right now. We get it. That former caller amekaliwa chapati – A man

The guy who spoke last, he spoke well. Imagine if someone called his mother a snake? I value mothers because they give you blessings. Me and my mother-in-law we get along very well. It’s up to us as women to treat them the way we would like to be treated well. Treat them with respect and they will give you back. My husband respects me very much – A smart woman said.

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Mike Mondo told how bad Kenyan men gossip

Mike Mondo who has been standing in for Maina Kageni this past week has had some fascinating topics the whole week.

Today the affable presenter followed up on the topic of gossiping among women in chamas.

Are chamas for women just for mushene? Mike Mondo asks

The reports from some callers yesterday was that men were actually bigger gossips than most women, something that shocked and astounded Mike.
Mike Mondo in studio reading
Mike Mondo in studio reading

Mike put the thesis to the test and asked callers whether men were actually worse gossips than men.  Some of the anwers are below;

Si ututetee. Mimi nimekubali. Kwa lugha yetu inaitwa mehe mehe! Mushene tukonayo mingi-A man told Mike.

Men do gossip. They’ll gossip to your friends and colleagues about yourself. We have women in trousers-A woman told the presenter.

Gossip is good. When I kosana with my boyfriend, I give him a bit of gossip and we get back together-A woman narrated.

I am so disappointed that men are actually such gossipers-A man complained.

Mike Mondo in studio
Mike Mondo in studio

Wanaume wamezidi. Especially those ones who work at night. They spend their time during the day gossipping. Me I don’t like that behaviour and I try and avoid it-man

These ladies have started the new year with more problems. Tell them we will keep on gossiping. These women don’t want to get married and so their children see the way their single mothers gossip all day, then they become like that-Man said.

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Are chamas for women just for mushene? Mike Mondo asks

Mike Mondo, who has been standing in for Maina Kageni in the morning, had an interesting topic this morning. The sultry-voiced host spoke about what women normally do at the chamas they attend.

Mike referenced a conversation he had yesterday with a woman who said that the chamas are normally more about the mushene (gossip) than for business interests that they were created for. Mike on his part said that he and his boys chama meetings are normally business-focused and then when they are done, they can go for a drink later on.

Why are men leaving wives for their mistresses? Mike Mondo asks

The presenter then opened up the topic to the listening audience. Some of those comments are below;

One time I missed and I was the topic of discussion. I was a single mother and I had failed to pay on time. The other women who were married asked how I could afford to drive and I couldn’t pay on time. Us ladies we are our own worst enemies – A lady said.

Chamas are for mushene – A lady said.

You men are worse at gossip. My husband and his friends when they do their chamas they gossip more than women – A lady told Mike.

When you talk about mushene even men are doing the same thing, not only women – A man said.

Chamas are just for gossip. The break-up in those meetings is 50/50 for mushene and business – A woman told Mike.

Long time ago when women had not been empowered they could meet and do mushene. Now it is a different ball-game. I am a treasurer at a chama for women and they do their business very professionally. The only caveat is when they are not sexually satisfied, that is what they talk about – A man told Mike.

Men are just as bad as women in the gossip section. They are also meeting to talk about others – A lady said.

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I got a back-up after my hubby cheated on me for 10 years-Maina told

Today, the morning conversation touched on relationships between men and women. Maina asked whether a recent report that claimed 50% of ladies have a back-up partner in mind just in case they break up or have issues with their relationships.

King’ang’i contributed by hilariously quipping that those men who were back-ups were the super subs, saying, ‘A guy is doing warm-ups on the touchline waiting for the right time.’

A list of sneaky ways girls save their clande’s phone number

One woman regaled Maina with a story about her own life, telling the presenter that she had had to get her own back-up after her husband relentlessly cheated on her during their 10-year marriage. She said,

‘These people(men) are bad. For all the years I have been together, I always catch him(my husband) red-handed. Recently I nearly contemplated suicide. But I got a back-up and I feel good. He is plan B and he knows I am Plan B. I almost want to call my husband’s clandes to call my man more so that I can get time with my back-up.’

The presenter opened the floor to the gallery. Some of the comments are below;

I am told if she(wife) doesn’t comment on your post on social media, then her back-up man is a mutual friend-A man told Maina.

Stima ikipotea, lazima uwe na generator-A woman told Maina.

I have like 3 back-ups for about 7 years. I need them when things in the house are not working. We don’t do anything physical-woman.

In everything you do in this life, you must have a back-up just like you have a side-hustle in case you lose your job. My husband doesn’t even know-A woman said.

‘I’ve Had Three ABORTIONS With A MARRIED Man I’ve Dated For 3 Years And I Still Love Him’ Confesses a Kenyan Clande (AUDIO)

Without a backup in life as a woman, you are done-A woman told Mr. Kageni.

The bottom line is that these days no one is faithful-A man said.

Backup is very necessary. I have had a backup since 2013. These men started it. You get a man to lean on or cry on. If your man cheats on you, I don’t feel it anymore. I don’t feel bad about it-A woman admitted.

A woman cheats emotionally while a man cheats for the physical-A man added.

What do you think?

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He paid for my university but I still dumped him-Woman proudly tells Maina

Maina Kageni had a question for men today? He wanted to know why many men took offence to a man paying for their women to go to university or get their Masters?

The man asked? ‘Why do men have a problem paying for a woman’s education and then they leave? It is just university. When men pay your fees. You are intimidated by a learned woman. Who told you she would leave?’

You’re wasting time with a man who won’t marry you  – Maina 

But King’ang’i was having none of it and went ahead to resolutely defend the Kenyan men’s honour. He said,

‘A man pays for a woman then she leaves. That is the most ungrateful thing I have ever heard. He pays for her university and even dowry. It is very bad. That is using someone. Ladies’ fees should be paid by her parents. She leaves you with matharau. We should see statements from accounts departments for who is paying the Masters program for them.’

One caller responded to the conversation saying that she had gained a lot from the man she was seeing, saying,

‘Why are you so angry. A car and a home you can repossess but a degree you can’t take back. He bought 2 cars for me. I told him to pay for my degree, which he did. He paid for my tuition and afterward I left after 6 years. Stop complaining and he also got something from me. That man is a stepping stone.’

Some of the responses from other listeners are below;

What do you mean they don’t owe you anything. They do-A male listener retorted.

I don’t pay even for my wife. What she has is enough-A man said.

I take care of a cow, then after all those years, someone else comes to take the milk. Are you the government of today. You educate someone and then they tell you that you are not of my class-Wakanai told Maina.

You are the true doctor of love! Maina tells Fred Obachi Machoka about wife

I will only pay for my children-A man told Mr. Kageni.

The worst mistake you will make is investing in a woman’s education-A smart man told Mr. Kageni.

I want to challenge these men. It doesn’t mean that because you educated me, I owe you. There is no way you can upgrade a woman without you upgrading yourself-man.

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Maina Kageni’s kind words for new Safaricom CEO after harsh criticism by some

Maina Kageni and King’ang’i had an interesting conversation today with many topics covered by the two. One of them was about the way many Kenyans are broke at this time of the month, especially after the many holidays’s that the country has had this month.

Maina Kageni responds to those curious about his dad (exclusive)

King’ang’i even wondered, ‘You get so broke until you wonder whether you are supposed to be a lesson to others about brokeness. Unasota mpaka mende zinakuuliza whats up. Unasota mpaka unakula mandazi kwa gazeti.’


The topic that touched Maina’s heart concerned the new Safaricom CEO, Peter Ndegwa. He was disturbed that some Kenyans had criticised the hiring of Ndegwa.


One caller explained that Kenyans may be worried that the new CEO might bring in nepotism and cronysim into the company because of his ethnicity. ‘Typical Kenyans. What Kenyans don’t understand is that the CEO cannot make decisions without consulting the management. Kenyans thought that he will connect his people because he was the CEO. That isn’t true.’

Peter Ndegwa
Peter Ndegwa

But Maina was firmly in his corner and had a few choice words for Ndegwa’s critics while also delivering a heartfelt speech for the new hire. ‘How we all became experts in his management style was not great. Why isn’t he in government? I wish him well. Do great things as you start your tenure.’ the affable host said.

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Is it true that Kenyan women live beyond their means? asks Maina

This question riled Mwalimu Kingangi who could not fathom how a women will spend 10k on her nails.

Living beyond your means for women is pretty easy to do in Kenya, owing to the sponsor culture. dded to this is the availability of accessing mobile lending apps.

Womana re borrowing to to finance their impulsive purchases, and feel no shame doing it. Read the story below about their confessions.

‘I’m the chairlady of CRB’ woman shouts about addiction to loans

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni posed this on Tuesday

I was told to ask you ladies by gentlemen:

why do Kenyan women live beyond their means? They want to look great on instagram but why must you have a weave worth sh100k?

A shocked Mwalimu Kingangi was astounded

this life honestly how are we supposed to maintain that kind of lifestyle?

Fans responded with mixed reactions below:

Its painful to accept that women can’t have it all at the sametime. A social life, a flourishing career, & money. Personally, I’d blame my folks cos they r the ones that ignite pressures that cause one to live beyond their means
Maina they do live beyond what they have,u find a jobless woman who looking so good but you can’t see the source of money.But again wako na jamo wa make up,Douglas wa nguo,maina wa kiatu,kingangi wa nywele,wakanai wa road trips
maina Most ladies are suffocating under huge debts living beyond their own means, spending money they don’t have just to please other women #mainaandkingangi
I am 99% Kikuyu because the other 1% I refuse to by a 40k wig ama 4k on gel nails. Btw, Mimi huslay na dustcoats and doing my farming thing on my gram. Wacha kusema hatuko…twikuo muno. Enda uone matharu, waru, na ng’ombe hapo..
Maina Women are naturally expensive and the best part of it we spend our very money ata Kama tunaomba fare

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I was called ni**a! Maina speaks about the dreadful racism he faced in the U.K

Maina Kageni has lived a life that would make for a great autobiographical movie. The man who is Kenya’s top radio personality recently spoke with Mwalimu King’ang’i concerning the issue of racism and revealed aspects of his life while in the U.K.

They spoke about Romelu Lukaku who has been the subject of racial abuse in Italy.A commentator called Luciano Passirani, 80, was slammed for his ill-judged comments on TopCalcio24 where he said the only way to stop the Belgian strike, ‘Was to throw 10 bananas at him’.

Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku

Station director Fabio Ravezzani quickly apologised live on air, and Passirani was shown the door soon after. He has since attempted to clear his name and set the record straight, revealing that he has struggled to sleep and eat following the incident and stressed that his multi-cultural background means he can not be deemed a racist.

Outrage over Lord Sugar’s ‘racist’ image tweet of Senegal’s World Cup squad

Maina then expressed what he would do were he to be in such a position. He told King’ang’i;

I would have killed someone if I was there. I don’t understand how black footballers play in Italy. You know that they believe that all black people are monkeys.

Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku

Maina then recalled his experiences while in the U.K, saying, ”When you are in their place(country), I have been called ni**a many times and there is nothing you can do.’


King’ang’i waa shocked at Maina’s confession with Maina reiterating the experience he had working as a truck driver in the U.K. He added;

I have been called ni**a by my mzungu bosses and you need the job you are going nowhere. You can do nothing, you need the job.

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The ultimatums Kenyan women have given ‘lazy’ spouses


Women have revealed their thoughts on unemployed spouses and it’s pretty harsh.

Mwalimu Kingangi on Friday started a very interesting conversation about role responsiblibites in terms of money, noting that ‘a woman will rememeber the first time she gave you 50 bob.’


He was upset that many wives have been bragging about paying bills and outing men who are unemployed. He figured that women are not understanding that unemployment is a temporary situation, and this men should be respected.

Mwalimu said

You will never hear a man say how he paid bills but when a woman does pay bills for a man, she will announce it to the world, t will be front page news, you are telling the entire world how you are helping your husband, why do women have to announce. Do you know you would rather take money from a shylock than ask a wife for money. 

So Maina sought to know from ladies: why are you like that? Is it that you feel unappreciated, is it that you feel that you do so much for this man and it’s not appreciated?

Let’s have this chat ladies, and be honest. Women opened up with all sorts of accusation you need to read below:


Woman caller: God did not say women should provide and that is why we complain, we are not bragging, she is saying you are just another bugger, if you are useless man one day you shall be called bugger


Another woman concurred noting that

we are living with Kenyan men that are bums, we are paying all bills and they they have nothing to say because they are doing nothing, why should I be paying his bills? I have a man I supported for ten years. I left the bugger,  I  took him to school I paid his fees, I paid the mortgage and all he does is wear a nice suit, buy nyama choma, and entertainment friends, what will he say he did for his family? Nothing!!!

Dear Classic fam, are these women being petty or are their grievances justified? Drop us your comments.


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Radio Africa reaffirms its position as Kenya’s leading radio network

Radio Africa has reaffirmed its position as Kenya’s leading radio network.

In the latest Kenya radio listenership numbers published by international research firm, Classic FM, Radio Jambo and Kiss FM are the most listened to radio stations.

Classic leads with a general listenership of 1.5 million people from 6 am to 12 midnight from Monday to Friday, followed by Radio Jambo with 1.18 million people and Kiss wraps up the top three positions at 1.12 million people.

Maina Kageni in a red shirt
Maina Kageni in a red shirt

The results released in August indicate that Classic FM’s Maina and Kingangi in the morning remains the most listened to breakfast show.

This is followed by Radio Jambo’s Gidi na Ghost breakfast show with the famous Patanisho feature.

unnamed (9)


According to the results, Radio Africa now commands 48 per cent of listening with its six stations targeting different markets – Kiss FM, Classic FM, Radio Jambo, East FM, Gukena FM, Smooth FM and Homeboyz Radio – which recently joined the media group.

Radio Citizen comes in the fourth position with a general listenership of 1.1 million people follo

Radio Africa Group General Manager Martin Khafafa said, “We are relentlessly committed to the vision of delivering a relatable, relevant and fun listening experience for our listeners. We continue to be the home of Kenya’s most talented communicators and superstar”.

 According to Khafafa, RAG is planning to relaunch the KISS breakfast show this month with the controversial and hard-hitting Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro in a show that industry analysts will shake the market.
Maina laughing
Maina laughing

Insisting his mission is to hold position 1,2,3 and 4, Kafafa said, “It is expected that after the new KISS breakfast show goes on air, Radio Africa will relaunch Homeboyz Radio.”

Khafafa said Radio Africa has once again demonstrated complete dominance of the radio market.

He said the company’s values remain centred on innovation, customer service and quality which continue to pay off and it will not relent in the quest to give advertisers audiences that give them an instant connection with their brands.

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‘Focus on your marriage let others be dumped’ Maina blasts angry man


An argument over why women are deserting their marriages early in life had one man very worried.

The man called Maina Kageni attempting to convince him to ‘cheza chini’ (leave the topic alone) but Maina would have none of it.

This comes after a women told Maina she feels emotionally drained and doesn’t care for her man anymore, she had given him permission to search for a second wife.

saa zingine maybe he needs to get another wife, a sample so we see whether he is the problem or it’s me, to see if he will improve or appreciate the first wife better.

I’m 35 and tired of my husband, he can get a second wife – city mum shouts

The man perhaps wasn’t being honest saying

why do you want to spoil for us? I’ve been married for 15 years and I’m 35. my wife isn’t tired coz she would have left, why would she leave me? Why are you spoiling for us men? Why should a woman leave a marriage, why are you encouraging them to. There is someone who could be listening to you and leave their marriage

Maina shut down this man in the most cheeky way

If a woman is tired of her marriage, she should go. What is she remaining to do? Is your woman tired of you?

wewe chunga boma yako, unaogopa nini ati bibi yako ataniskiza atoke? wachana na wengine waachwe, what are you so worried about?

Chills for who? A fan was thoroughly amused and shared his comments below:



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Why Kenyan women want men who earn six figure salaries


Do you watch the dating show Perfect Match on Ebru TV? Some episodes are so cringeworthy, and it’s all because of what the girls say.

The demands by the young girls to the fellas makes many upset. From wanting a man who drives a Range Rover, to wanting a tall, light skinned man.

Young women are not shying away from declaring that they won’t date a man without a car, or one who doesn’t earn six figure salary.

They have no time for a man who can’t provide for their needs.

Mike Mondo and Mwalimu Kinga’ngi discussed this on the morning conversation.

Mike described why he wanted to open up discussion about slay queen dating demands.

I want to share with you Kingangi, yesterday I went to my child’s school today and I meet these young ladies who were having this conversation that was so interesting it got heated.

They were saying they want a man to have a job, to make six figures, I want him to be driving, to be paying a mortgage.

I was listening and I asked them what about you. So you want all these from the men, what are you bring on the table. We got into this conversation. Isn’t it time men start making lists about women?

Yes you are pretty but aside from your physical attributes what are you bringing?

Those expectation that you put on men, what is it that you are putting on the table?

He opened up discussion to listeners and most who commented were women.

A woman said:

ehh tunaleta watoto so we are like the shamba you cultivate it uweke manure ukiweza fertilizer we carry your babies so that its the main thing in a marriage, we brign children. the key thing in a marriage children are very important, so he has to have everything a woman wants and she brings children, that’s why we are looking for men with six figures, and those who drive big cars na waende shule poa in fact I should go in that house with a leso only.

Another said:

‘I you see its been made for women to get tot that im talking froma point of experiecne you come in you support your husband you help him in everythign you build an empire you have property at the same tike you are a woman you are carryign children and then along the way ehen the an feels comfortable because you hae been supporting thim he goes for another women than he goes for a younger woman. what have men given back aothe than mpango wa kando 


Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think. Drop your comments below.

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‘Should the other woman meet the wife?’ Maina and Kingangi discuss

Maina and Kingangi today spoke about the experiences the ‘other woman’ deals with when first meeting the wife of the man that she was dating.

Maina was shocked that the ‘other woman’ would be comfortable meeting the wife of the man she was dating. He could not understand the rationale behind it. This was echoed by Kingangi who felt that the real skill lay with the man who was orchestrating such a meeting, calling the man a ‘hero’.

Maina and Kingangi speak about men who are serial cheaters

Maina opened up the floor to comments from listeners. Some of the comments are below;

We, women, are our worst own enemies. I am not happy meeting the ‘other woman’-A message from a female caller.

Some things people talk about! No wife wants to be seconded-Read a message from a man.

I have 3 wives and they are all known by my family and they don’t know each other-Read a message from a man.

Are women happy with polygamy? Maina and Kingangi discuss

Wives are better investigators than the CID. The ‘other woman’ should never meet the wife. Wait till the sh*t hits the fan-Read a message from a woman.

Don’t show me the ‘other woman’. It will not be good-Read a message from a woman.

If you want to meet the man’s wife, then you have no brains. Eat your cake with some manners otherwise, it will choke you-A message from a female caller.

We have two groups of women; One is hardworking. Then we have the lazy ones who just get married for money. I am married and I will never allow a second wife and if he gets another wife he should hide her-A message from a female caller.

As a Muslim, I am allowed 4 but it isn’t my religion that allows me but my wife. But I also have my side-chicks who I keep them hidden-A message from a male caller

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‘Why do men lie to their women?’ Maina and Kingangi ask

Maina and Kingangi had a fascinating conversation about why men lie to their wives/significant others. Kingangi defended men saying that men don’t lie and that women should leave their men’s phones alone.

Maina was flummoxed at the behaviour of many men and asked women the most egregious lies that the men in their lives had told them? Many listeners tuned in and gave their views about the topic.

Most of the men said that lying was a necessity for a relationship while many women admitted that men change their behaviours once they have gotten married.

Some of the comments are below;

Why can’t men tell the truth? Change the marriage vows- A female said.

Which woman wants to be told the truth?- A written message from a man.

Ladies fake it till they make it. What is wrong if we do the same?-A written message from a man.

He will treat you like a queen when you date but differently when he marries you. A woman reflects how you treat her-A written message from a man.

I found out my boyfriend had a wife the day we were supposed to go to my parents-A written message from a woman.

Why did the dating stuff stop after we got married? It was campaigning just like our politicians do- A man explained via phone call.

If a man lies, he lies with a reason. He does it so he doesn’t spoil the home-A written message from a man.

We lie for convenience not like women who lie to hurt you-A written message from a man.

Women should stop putting on makeup and Brazilian hair if they want men to also stop lying-A man explained via phone call.

Men lie. A man I knew already another family elsewhere. We had to break up although we had a kid. We had gone out for six years. We dated for 3 years and lived in the same house for 3 years- A woman narrated to a shocked Maina.

Men lie, women lie better. A man lies to get himself out of a problem. Women are devils. They don’t even blink when they lie. Even maybe giving birth is not that painful. They just lie-Wakanai said.

Even for one to get a job, you must lie-A written message from a man.

If you want a second wife how do you get one without lying-A written message from a man.

Even we ladies lie. I have had two kids and they are not for my husband. Men are also dumb-A female caller told Maina.

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Maina and Kingangi debate why husbands are calling their wives beasts!

Maina and Kingangi spoke about an interesting topic today on the relations between the genders. Maina was concerned after a male caller had previously said that Kenyan women (wives) are animals in general. He even added that the women are beasts.

Maina asked how it was possible for men to sleep in the same bed with their wives and still call them animals? How was it possible for the men to have such cognitive dissonance?

Kingangi said that Kenyan women putting mchele in a man’s drink was a sign of how bad things were. Maina opened the floor up to comments from the gallery. Some of the responses are below;

Word of advice for newly married men. Eat from the same plate as your wife-Written message from a man.

Men should know that there is no woman as dangerous as one who has been messed with-Written message from a man.

Let not these men be too judgemental. It is pathetic-Message from a female caller.

They are beasts, they are so evil. Even devils fear them. Only fear one woman, your mother.-Wakanai said.

The worst thing that a man can do is trusting in his wife-Written message from a man.

A woman will put poison in your food and still look you in the eye while you eat it-Written message from a man.

We deal with devils. How can you grind a steel wire in someone’s food and give it to them to eat-Written message from a man.

Hatukatai tuna demons but these animals come because of the men. And it is because they lie. Men are the ones who lie. They frustrate us-Message from a female caller.

Satan and women are friends-Written message from a man.

Why marry someone you don’t trust-A woman asked via text message.

I sleep with my eyes open-Written message from a man.

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‘Never lay a finger on a woman’ Maina Kageni reacts to Wajir Woman rep assault


A photo of Wajir woman rep Fatuma Gedi’s swollen face after being slapped by her MP counterpart in the precincts of Parliament has elicited mixed reaction.

Women are outraged, and men want to know what she dd to him to land a slap.

fatuma gedi crying

Maina Kageni on Classic 105 on Friday, asked listeners if Kenyan women are safe and why men always ask what a woman does to be hit by a man.


It’s amazing how men have rallied around this guy and they are asking this question: What did she do to deserve this? That is really pissing me off, said Maina.

To him that was not right at all to even lay a finger on a woman.

Serena Williams vocalizes domestic violence conversation should expand to men-particularly young boys

‘This women get beaten up by their husbands at home but you will never hear about it. Why is it that it becomes a problem when beaten in public? That should not be an issue at all to be discussed because she might have made the MP upset.’

This is what one of the male caller said. They felt that women at times took advantage of them especially if they knew your weaknesses. They were of the opinion that if at all the women rep was assaulted, then it was because of something she did to offend him.

Bobby Brown to open domestic violence shelter to honour late daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown

Maina wondered about all the comments that were coming from the men’s side. He wondered whether those were the kind of men and fathers in 2019 or 1890. One women callers asked,

What do these men gain after beating us, do they gain a kilo? As they ask what the women rep did to provoke the MP they should also ask what the MP did to her that made upset also. Women don’t rant without a reason’ there has to be something.’ 

Other comments were;

Sometimes one slaps keeps stupidity out of a woman.

Sometimes these women can really push you off to limits. They should mind how to control their mouths because we are tired of being shouted back at!!

These Kenyan are tough headed and they deserve to be beaten. Why is it only in our parliament and not in other countries? They should control their yapping to avoid such violence!!!

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Is it important for a woman to know how to cook in 2019 asks Maina Kageni

Ever heard a phrase that says, “Don’t marry a beautiful wife but marry a lady who can cook, for beauty fades but hunger does not.”

Maina and Kingangi in today’s morning conversation discussed if it was still important for a wife to know how to cook in 2019.

Maina posed the question: Are ladies still judged by their cooking? Where does she find time in today’s economy to cook?




Maina was of opinion that cooking is a hobby that should be done when one is ready to.

One response from a man was that women MUST know how to cook because,

when we marry these ladies we normally pay a lot of pride price and so when they come we expect them to know how to cook or they rather remain at their parents’ home.’

Another caller said,

If my wife does not cook and leaves the house girl that duty then its up to her because the house girl will be my cook and maybe my food in future. This comment left Maina wondering as to how one gets to live with such a husband.

Relationship guru Lisa Gaitho has a different opinion on relationships now

In the current generation almost all ladies are employed so like any other person they go out to work in the morning and come late at night and so they won’t get enough time to prepare food because both share expenses.

In other words cooking should also engage two parties both the husband and wife.

A female caller was of opinion that the modern woman should cook for their husbands. She went ahead to say that just as the way the woman finds time to go to the market to buy the cereals and all that she should also find time to cook for the family and if not then she should stay single.

Singer Akothee Shows Off Her Cooking Skills

Some of the comments were;

If a woman does not know how to cook then she should know how to gossips, she has to know one thing.

If your woman does not know how to cook don’t complain you are in a relationship not a restaurant. 

A woman who does not know how to cook is a scam.

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Maina and Kingangi ask whether wives should help their husbands financially

Maina and Kingangi had a fascinating conversation this morning regarding men asking their wives for money. Maina felt like this was a grave offense and that men should be self-sufficient, saying, ‘a man’s money is for the family, while her money is hers.’

He was scandalised that modern men had no shame asking their women for money, claiming that if the women did so, they would be the defacto heads of the homes. Kingangi meanwhile saw the sense in men asking their wives for money.

He said that these men also help their wives when they (wives) are in need. Why shouldn’t they get the same treatment. When comments were opened opinion was nearly split down the middle among the genders; with the ladies agreeing with what Maina was saying while the men largely agreed with Kingangi.

Some of the responses are below;

Huwezi sema mtu hana pesa aende akufe. Ulisalimia Mungu ndio upate pesa, Ananipatia pocket money – an enraged male caller telling Maina that it is o.k for his wife to help him.

What’s wrong with a that – Male response via text.

I will not give you any pocket money so you can drink with your male friends -Female response via text.

How do you give a man money to treat other chipos? – Female response via text.

I always give my wife money, when I don’t have, she should give me – Male response via text.

Till death do us part – Response from male caller.

Who said we need her money – Response from an enraged male caller.

My pride and ego do not allow me to deal with such men. My face will put a stop on them – Response from a proud female caller.

I once gave my man the man, thank God he didn’t take it cause I was dying inside -Response from a female caller.

I will give you business ideas and not pamper you money – Response from a female caller.

The Constitution or the Bible does not say that a man cannot be given money by his wife – Response from an enraged male caller

If you are broke forget about marriage. There is no way that I can give you a child and pocket money – Female response via text.

I have no problem helping men, equality – Female response via text.

I will never give my man anything – Response from a female caller.

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