Morning conversation: “Would you wash your man’s boxers?”

Whether or not, you would wash your man’s boxers was the conversation this morning on Maina and King’ang’i. Well, Classic105 listeners came out to give their personal experience and opinion on the matter.

One lister said it is the man’s personal responsibility to cater to his personal hygiene and that she would never do it.

Another one said it is every woman’s responsibility to make sure that her man’s boxers are clean and well kept.

“I do not tolerate any kind of laziness and uncleanness,” tweeted a listener

Another listener said he is free to wash his woman’s under-garments without fear of being judged.

Morning Conversation: Kenyans have this habit of giving unsolicited advice

Captain Kale, a die-hard fan of Maina and Kingangi in the morning said,

“How can a man wash his woman’s underwear? There are some things a man should never do. The moment you start doing these things, you are done.”


“A woman who is a wife material will never be told to do this and this, that’s why I paid for you to come to my house, I paid the dowry.”

“If you give the housegirl that job, she will become your co-wife. I wash her underwear as who? Those are not men, they are boys.”

“She should be able to even buy and bring the boxers to her”

My husband takes my phone if I obsess over his whereabouts


Men hate it when women ask where they are going.

That’s a fact many of them revealed to Maina and Mwalimu during the Wednesday morning conversation.

If you feel like you need to know the whereabouts of your partner 24/7 then you may likely have serious trust issues.

For a woman taking an interest in their day and life is one thing, but monitoring will only push your partner away. They will feel suffocated, untrusted and controlled. These are not the basis of a healthy, happy relationship.


A wife obsessed with her husbands daily activities sounded off on this topic.

She confessed how mad she makes him and what he does to stop her obsessive compulsive disorder.

Mwalimu advises that ‘the best thing is not call’.

The woman began her experience saying

‘Actually hakuwa anataka nimcall I know where he is, and when he is travelling I ask him if I can call and ask him to confirm where he is. He tells me that this phone of mine is the problem, so he would take it and go with it, and tell me at least I won’t be busy to know where he is. 

It got worse with the husband abusing her for her behaviour.

‘This phone is the problem, I see kiherehere inakusumbua sana, you can’t stay without asking where I am, case closed. You don’t have to know where I am. 

So now that he has gone with the phone how does she handle her desire to know his whereabouts?

‘I stay at home close to the door, and I don’t sleep incase he knocks in case you don’t open the door he will give me a hard time, sometimes I sleep at the door and he didn’t come home. I don’t have a good nights sleep and my back and neck hurts. But I can’t call him. 

Dear Classic fam, is it wrong for a spouse to ask where you are going, and what has been your experience?

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‘Stop blaming the devil for everything’ City woman blasts men who cheat

Today on Classic 105, the conversation was about how men allow other women to ruin their marriages. This discussion rose up after a man named Joseph Kori and his side chic were accused of killing Kori’s wife, Mary Wambui Kimangara.

Mike Mondo asked listeners to please call and give their take on why men let other women ruin what they’ve worked for years to build.

He said;

Let’s talk about men and our marriages. You meet your wife get married, spend years building an empire through thick and thin and then someone comes to the picture and as men we are so ready to let that ruin what we have worked so hard to accomplish. What makes me wonder is why are we so weak, what are we lacking?

Mwalimu King’ang’i says that the devil himself is working because it doesn’t make sense how you’d ditch your wife for another woman who has come to destroy what you and your wife have built.

“It’s very short Mike. Ni shetani, because what do you call that? You know this is the wife you have hustled together kutoka huko chini mkiishi pamoja Mukuru kwa Njenga, mmeuza scrap metal. What do you call that? Si huyo ni shetani? Because as men we cannot explain.

One of Classic 105 listeners called and said that men should not blame the devil for everything and take responsibility for their actions.

Stop blaming the devil for everything because you guys are greedy, selfish na tamaa itawamaliza. You see this you want it. Hamtosheki. Even when you have a beautiful woman, you will still want another woman. Please stop being so selfish, greedy and self centered. After you mess up you start blaming the devil. Just blame yourself for messing everything around you. Nimeamua I’m not getting married to a poor man. Because we start with you when you have nothing and when you make it, you leave me hanging.

Another one narrated how she met her man living in a mud house and everyone in her family thought she’s been bewitched because she wanted to be with him. But she held on to him. He later on got a job with Sarova, then went abroad and came back with money. But he started entertaining slay queens and when she says something he gets mad.

What do you think is the problem with men and entertaining other women yet they have wives?

Listen to the full conversation below;

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‘You can only smell my cookie but you cant touch it’ Women tell on why they deny men conjugal rights when they go broke (Audio)

Ever been given a cold shoulder when you so badly want to ‘Read the constitution’ in the bedroom? Here is why women do that.

During the Morning debate on Classic 105 women were asked what is the correlation between s#x and money.

Many women confessed that when they are broke all emotions go out of the window.

“Nothing humbles a man like being denied his official wife, nothing hurts as much.”

‘How does he expect me to go out and not cheat yet I am so beautiful!’ Shouts city woman (Audio)

Another says;

“How do you lay down with a poor soul?And then after that ,Life is not all abut s#x.

Sometimes we need money to buy miscellaneous stuff such as soap for bathing. There is no room for broke people.”

A male fan calls and hits home by stating that some men are being punished for the mere fact they refused to pay dowry.

As you know necessity is the mother of all inventions thus the women have subscribed to the ‘pay as you eat’ way of life.

Wakanai calls and as expected his response is crazy.

He says;

“This period is especially crazy for some men, if you have no money for Christmas.

Right now men are being told ‘You can only smell my cookie but you ain’t touching it.’

Listen more on the audio below


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Kenyan woman threatens to expose a media personality for using her and dumping her

Today during the morning on Classic 105 with Maina and King’ang’i, the discussion was about people who don’t want to move on after the relationship has ended. Mike Mondo, who is sitting in for Maina shared with King’ang’i how a lady caused fracas when he told her that he can’t do long distance relationship.

Mike’s ex was living in Mombasa and he was in Nairobi and when he broke up with her, she caused fracas and till date he has a scar on his hand after the lady bit him. He asked the listeners to join in the conversation and share their experience.

One lady shocked everyone with her story after she revealed that a media personality used her and left her high and dry. She vowed that soon and very soon she will make sure she exposes the personality because he really hurt her.

King’ang’i, who always defends men, was shocked by the lady’s confession on radio.

Listen to the full conversation below;


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Mike Mondo opens up about losing his dad at a very tender age

Classic 105’s Mike Mondo is standing in for Maina Kageni who is away for a bit.

This week, the conversation has been about how long the women can stay without the presence of their husbands.

Well, today’s conversation is about how long a woman should take before she can re-marry if her husband dies.

Mike narrated how life without a dad was and being raised by his mother.

Exclusive: Classic 105 Radio Presenter Mike Mondo Shares His Journey From Being A Nurse To Becoming A Radio Presenter (Video)

mike mondo

“My dad died when I was 13 years and today I am 36 years. However my mum did not get another man to call a husband. I had a converstion with her and asked her why she decided to live alone for all those years since my dad passed on.”

According to Mike, he says that he wished she would have looked for a husband after that.

His mother however told Mike she is very okay.

Mike Mondo

Well, King’ang’i thinks otherwise saying that life has to move on even without a husband.

“Mike these things of quickly moving on especially when you are a woman is wrong, ati baba anaenda alaf mam anakuletea baba mwingine, yani baba wa mkate.”

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The different times Classic 105’s Maina Kageni has slayed in suits

When he is on air, Classic 105 morning host Maina Kageni can usually be spotted wearing a tee shirt and jeans to work. And let’s not forget his shoe game.

But he does own suits that he dorns when out and about. I’ve put together a few photos of the times he has been sp.otted wearing a suit in public

Lamu County’s Chief of Staff Mohamed Galgalo is in hot soup for allegedly marrying a minor

Just recently Maina caught many off guard when photos of him emerged rocking a suit during the 50th anniversary of a local company whose gig he was hosting. Fans took note;

dvyne_jackson…Your stylist has now graduated… Looking good

khaendekris….Wooow, you clean up pretty well

jimmykamande…You guys rock


[email protected]…. Sema Kung’araaaaaa!! Nzuri kabisaaaa @mainawakageni

nalekem….Maina uko mhandi na hio suite

shikukambugua…Waaaoh.very sharp

njarambafaith…You look stunning in that suit Maina

vickmuriuki…Maina kumbe you can put on a suit and look that sharp!!

susan.nyambura.393950….Wow looking good.. kungara nayo

kevinayiera…Absolutely stunning.

Here are the photos

dvyne_jackson…Your stylist has now graduated… Looking good

khaendekris….Wooow, you clean up pretty well

jimmykamande…You guys rock


[email protected]…. Sema Kung’araaaaaa!! Nzuri kabisaaaa @mainawakageni

nalekem….Maina uko mhandi na hio suite

shikukambugua…Waaaoh.very sharp

njarambafaith…You look stunning in that suit Maina

vickmuriuki…Maina kumbe you can put on a suit and look that sharp!!

susan.nyambura.393950….Wow looking good.. kungara nayo

kevinayiera…Absolutely stunning.

Below are photos of Maina rocking suits. Which look do you like?




Hawk eyed Netizens did not miss this sharp looking guy with many complementing him for his good looks urging him to keep it up. Although this was not the first time he was rocking a suit, we must admit he was looking more dapper.


‘My eight girlfriends were impregnated by other men ‘hurting city man cries



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Maina Kageni reveals who he would marry between Huddah and Vera Sidika (Audio)

We all know Maina Kageni is a foodie, who also enjoys eating alongside his dabo dabo. So it’s expected that he would want a woman who can cook right? Wrong!!!

Wanatosha mboga, according to his the Classic 105 presenter.

Well, today during the morning conversation Maina raised this topic of why men cannot marry women who do not know how to cook.

Julie Gichuru yesterday posted that her father thought she would never get married because she never knew how to cook.

She wrote on her instagram page;

“My father was reading the newspaper but stopped to contribute to a debate I was having with my mother.

He interjected firmly, “But Julie, you must learn how to cook!” He was perturbed but I could tell it came from a place of love. So here’s the low down. I was a teenager & I had pointedly refused to learn how to cook.

As the only daughter in the family it was obvious & apparently a source of social embarrassment. Indeed, in an African – Asian home this was unheard of, girls should know their place & the kitchen was part of that. But I was adamant, I was disinterested in the art of cooking..

Well, the discussion was lit and had mixed reactions from the listeners.

Mwalimu King’ang’i’s view was that he cannot marry a woman who can’t cook adding that she should not be just a cook but a good cook, Si ‘kupika mashakura’.

Maina responded by reminding him that a man can eat out or better yet hire a chef. After all who will marry these girls studying catering?

It was during this time that Kingangi said, ‘Taftieni Maina Kageni bibi Mluhya specifically, Unajua shida yako ukianza kufikiria bibi unafikiria Vera na Huddah.”

Then Maina said, “Me it’s either Huddah or Vera,

He added that he has eaten out for more than 10 years and doesn’t know the price of a packet of unga.

Listen to the whole conversation below;




Why don’t men appreciate their women when they are still alive?

This past weekend was all about the late Winnie Mandela who passed away on 2nd April.

She was laid to rest on Saturday and many attended to celebrate her life.

In the morning conversation on Classic 105FM, Maina Kageni pointed out how women are not appreciated when they are alive and the only thing people see are the mistakes they do.

Despite waiting for her man who was in prison for 27 years, many focussed on her mistakes particularly when it was claimed she had a one time affair.

Maina felt that men rarely appreciate and celebrate their women yet they sacrifice a lot for them.

A lady called and was a 100 percent supporting Maina’s sentiments. She said that women are judged solely by their behaviour.

The lady also added that she noticed that widows tend to do better in life after their husbands leave.

She also went ahead and quoted Meghan Markle who had said that women don’t need a voice but the world must listen because women already have a voice.

Maina Kageni ended the conversation applauding the lady for speaking the truth and giving the right facts.

Listen to the full conversation.

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Kenya’s single women talk about how they trap married men with pregnancy

Todays morning conversation on Classic 105FM was very interesting and single women couldn’t hold their opinion back.

What’s going through your mind when you are having a baby for a married man? You know he will never leave his wife, you know he doesn’t want added responsibilities so by the time your thinking of having his baby what are you thinking.? Men ask Kenyan women.

Maina said that women are not at fault because married men are the one’s that go for the single young girls.

Why men deny pregnancy from their ‘Mpangos’ asks Maina Kageni

Twitter was on fire as most women gave the reason why they prefer married men.

Joan: Married men are the only cute wants. Single ladies we want cute kids. That’s why we stick to the married men like cellotape.

Monique: That lady has answered you very well I don’t even need to add salt,let them continue to be squeezed dry,then go back to their wife’s with nothing!!Stupid men,What ladies want is their money, nothing more!!They are being used,only wise men stick to their wife’s!!

Keysha: Married men are better lovers and again wanapenda vitu fresh

Kimmss: Maina today men have gone mute and sitted somewhere listening to women tell it as it is!!Naked truth,they need to wake up,wipe their eyes and see from a distance.Women are wiser than men and if they want something,they go for it no matter what!! How i wish men would be wise too!

Adrian: Because it is only married men who have the experience of taking care if kids and family! Oooooh and it goes without saying that they provide security in old age! Now you know you spoilt woman rep!

Mumbi: these married men also know how to take care of our needs as women so there is no worry having a kid for him

Listen to the full conversation below.

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Our wives give their single friends a ‘through pass’ admit Kenyan husbands (AUDIO)

Girls, you could be unknowingly giving your single pal an opportunity to get intimate with your husband, if the thoughts expressed on Classic 105 are anything to go by.

Several male callers blamed their wives for ‘unknowingly’ hooking them up with their single friends, and said the ‘through pass’ is a blessing they can’t say no to.

One man narrated how his wife gave her pal his phone number so that they can do biashara together. innocent right? I mean so many Kenyans do that. Sadly, the husband claims that his wifes friend seduced him into a relationship and worse he could not say no. He even left his wife for the female friend.

Why do married couples fear single women?

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni wanted to know; how paranoid can one be that their now single friend is not good to hang out with?

Just listen in as callers describe why they avoid their now single female friends, or what happened when they ‘unknowingly’ became friends with single female friends.



Men,Do Not Dictate To Your Wife What She Should Wear(AUDIO)

Yesterday during the morning conversation On Classic 105 with Maina Kageni, there was a lady who called in and said how her husband changed her in everything she did after she was so submissive.

She said that she was submissive to her husband and according to him submission was dressing in a certain way, doing her hair in a certain way, addressing her in laws in a certain way, not painting her nails in a certain color and in a duration of two years she was totally changed and she was no longer herself.

Well, today in the morning, Maina Kageni paused a question to the ladies and asked them to contribute to the discussion by telling him if their men can dictate them on how they should dress.

Mwalimu said that marriage is an institution, and should be honored.

The discussion was a gist and mixed reactions were given where some called and said that they would only be dictated on what to wear if the men have bought them the clothes.

Another woman called in and said that she would really appreciate if her husband corrects her dress code rather than when you go to a place and you are not comfortable even when sitting.

On the same discussion, a man confessed and said that in his house, his wife can not put on fake hair styles while she herself has her natural hair which she can maintain and look much better. He also said that his wife can not wear high heels.

Others contributing to the discussion said that as a woman, one needs to understand what to wear and when to wear.

Listen to the whole discussion below;



Listen As A Woman Confess To Maina Kageni That Her Husband Has Not Shown Up To The House For A Month

A woman will never react violently for no reason.

That is a fact.

Her reaction is normally triggered by reasons that would make a sane man run insane.

Men, here is a tip, treat your lady with respect and she will reciprocate the same to you.

Today, a lady called Maina Kageni on Classic 105’s breakfast show and explained the  reason why the generation we have of men are not respected.

She shared her story of how her husband has not shown up at their matrimonial home for the last one month. She has been married and they have a kid with the husband who is a driver.

She added  that the husband has not been providing for the family for the last one month.

When asked by Mwalimu Kingangi why that has been happening, she explained that it is not the first time for him to behave in that manner.

She is working on when to move out because she can not put up with the husband any longer

Listen to the whole conversation below…

Men, You Are The Provider Of Your Homes, Period!!!!

Today women took it very personal  to remind men to play their roles at their homes after a Nigerian man called Maina Kageni on Maina and King’ang’i in the morning show.

Men should not look like they are being neglected but instead offer what they need to offer to their women. How you treat your man depends on how you relate with them,”confessed a caller.

On the same note the lady added that our ladies should also not stress the men by asking them things that we are sure they cannot offer. Live a normal life and be men.

Another woman also reminded men to play their roles and appreciate their women.

She said that the roles of women is not to provide but to give birth, nurture the children and not providing for the family.

Listen to the full conversation below:

Meet Wakanai aka Big Poppa – Classic 105’s Biggest Fan

We all know Wakanai aka Big Poppa, especially if you are a fan of Classic 105. He is one of the biggest fans of the celebrated Classic 105 Breakfast Show hosted by#MainaandKing’ang’i which commands a huge following among Kenyans.

Wakanai, who regularly calls in to the show to respond to the morning conversation, is never afraid of speaking out his mind. He has managed to gain both ardent fans and haters due to his controversial views on the hot topics discussed on the morning show on Classic 105. His comments often leave women mad at him. Well, today Maina Kageni introduced him to the online community leaving many wagging tongues.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Wakanai… Big Poppa Pumping…. Daddy Wa Murio!!!!! Kari kii!!!! Tundu wa kii!!!! Kinako!!!!!” he posted accompanied by the photo below



Maina Kageni accused of inciting women on his show

Maina Kageni received a call yesterday during the morning conversation from a man who accused him of inciting women against men on the show. The gentleman insisted that Maina always supports and favors arguments as fronted by women even when they are dead wrong. The man even threatened to get fellow men to gang up against Maina at his local to teach him a lesson.

This morning, Maina opened the phone lines for the men to state their case clearly and the women could not stop attacking them. “More than 75% of the men who call you believe that a prudent wife should be dumb and blind, married life is tough…I applaud you immensely for providing a shrink avenue for us,” a Classic fan named Anne said in a message.

But the men are still complaining saying that the women have all these people fighting for their rights including; FIDA, Maendeleo Ya Wanawake and Maina Kageni while the men only have Maendeleo Ya Wanaume under Nderitu Njoka and according to the men he is not representing them that well.

We posed the same question on Facebook and below are some interesting comments

Harrison Buluma Mr Maina, one case scenario, when ladies call to say that they are having mpango wa kando, you always laugh your head off n then wish them well (that’s a pat on the back!) but when a lady calls to say that her man has mpango wa kando, you always advise her to walk out of the marriage (that’s double standard!)

Wairimu Kihara they are jealous becoz u are every woman’s dream husband to be…..u r emotional and caring….other men dont have these qualities…….maina you are just one in a million …..

Timothy Ishmael Kariuki Maina unataka tukaliwe? We are African men and nothing will change our attitude towards women. Women are there to be seen and not to be heard or make any decision.

Tracy Sam I think sometimes back Maina made it clear and said “I will never ever seat here in studio and see women been intimidated by men who have just nothing to offer in the house coz there work is only to add child yet they provide nothing” Okey!!! So please maina keep the fire burning and protect the women…let them know the truth

Laura Sheldon You don’t Maina,you just are honest with your feelings & respect for women..Rem men will never accept thier flaws..I respect you for that…

Listen to the very interesting discussion below