‘Most are fake and can’t help you,’ Govi on why he does not hang out with Kenyan celebrities

Former Machachari actor Malik Lemuel alias Govi says the reason he does not hang out with Kenyan celebrity is that most of them are fake.

Taking to his Instagram, the former actor wrote;

‘Many of you have asked me why I don’t roll or share friendship with our Kenyan celebrities; Answer is simple, most of them are fake, weird and they can’t help you even when they are in a position to. Baass. I hope that clears the air now.

In a different post he wrote;

‘Friends who can’t help you when you need them=cancelled.

If you practice this, trust me you won’t have to worry.’

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Govi of Machachari
Govi of Machachari

Speaking during a past interview, Malik said one of the biggest mistakes he made in life was to turn down other opportunities in favour of the Citizen TV show.

“I thought that by staying in Machachari I would make it big. I would get calls from Belgium, South Africa and even the UK, but I would decline. I regret that,”

Exclusive: Ooh no! Read Papa Dennis’ girlfriend tribute to him

The late Papa Dennis ex-girlfriend Martha Wajero says she is still in shock over the death of her ex boyfriend, Papa Dennis.

Martha, a former actress at Machachari says they have been in touch and have been communicating on a daily basis.

“He kept on apologising and wanted us to meet,” she said.

The two have been friends for over five years and that is where the attachment started.

Even on the fateful night, Martha and Papa were on a conversation and promised to meet him after she was back to Nairobi.

“I am currently in Kisumu but I would have met him after I am back,” she said in an interview with Classic 105.

Papa Dennis was found dead on Saturday morning.

Martha says she is hurt and feels guilty that he passed on before they met.

“Maybe if I met him, I would have given him hope to be alive. That makes me feel sad because he always shared his problems with me,” she said.

Her tribute to Papa is that she will always miss him.

“I knew you for 5 years you have been a very loving caring and tender soul. You battled depression despite me being there. You have always been a shining star amongst many you had a bright future ahead of you because you were always hardworking and ambitious.
As you served God in your songs and touched many souls may God comfort your soul and may you rest in peace you have been a legend, a role model to many and a star. May you fly with angles I will always remember you and I will miss you,” she said.

Check out their photos hanging out;

Papa Dennis with Martha Wajero

22 33 44

Amazing! Mama Baha of Machachari shows you how to rock shorts (photos)

Wanjiku Mburu  is a TV producer and an actress, who plays the role of a patient humble mum on the TV show Machachari.

In one of the interviews, Wanjiku revealed that growing up, she looked up to her elder brothers for guidance and over time she acquired a lot of attributes from them. This, she says, led to her becoming the tomboy she is today.

Because of this background, femininity has been a bit of a challenge for her:

“Until today, I have not embraced my feminine side; I am trying to; but I only see it coming through as ‘Mama Baha’ on Machachari. Once I am done playing the role, I get back to myself.” Adding, “Msichana saa ngapi?”

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Even in the show, acting a motherly and feminine charaacter was a bit of a challenge.

“I see my feminine side to be somehow boring; people expect me to sit, behave and talk in a certain way… Sina hiyo time.”

Well, that has been proven by her love of for itsy bitsy shorts. She is one woman who has on most occasions been spotted she steps out dressed in shorts.

Check out some of her pictures;


m baha 1


m baha


m baha 7


m baha 6

5.m baha 3


m baha 9


m baha 2

Woiyee… Machachari’s Baha Reveals The Most Horrifying Experience About His Life We Didn’t Know

Life can be tough at times, but only the strong ones survive. Talented Machachari actor Tyler Kamau Mbaya aka Baha is among those who have not had it smooth growing up.

His life has been a bumpy road and the darkest moment was when he lost his mother in May 2013.

Beth Nyambura Mbaya, popularly known by her screen name Wanade, who acted in Mother-in-law died after a long struggle with cancer leaving behind a widower, and two sons; Baha and Mungai Mbaya (commonly known from Junction Juniors).

Machachari actor Almasi responds to haters who judge him

After Wanade’s death, her family was affected and Baha had to switch from Nairobi School to Chania boy’s in Thika where his brother was so that they could comfort each other and sail through life.

In a recent interview with People Daily, Baha confessed that life became hard for the two. Baha was forced to take up the parental responsibilities at a tender age. The award-winning actor and his brother, who is 2 years older than him, had no option but work hard in the acting industry at least to make a living and take care of their ageing grandmother who he revealed is their guardian.

“When mum passed on, I was a Form One student at Nairobi School. I immediately transferred to Chania Boys High School where my brother was for moral support so that we could grieve and overcome our mum’s death together. However, in my fourth year, I joined Ufanisi Senior School where I sat for my KSCE.”

Despite their mother’s death, Baha did not give up on life and went on to more acting gigs where he has now managed to create a niche for himself in the local acting industry. He is without a doubt the best teen actor in the country.

Baha Machachari

But surprisingly, Baha’s father was not in Kenya when his wife and sons used to grace the screen. He was away in the US until 2011 when he was deported in his fifties. Baha revealed that their father could not get a job in Kenya and so it was upon him and his elder brother to take care of the family.

But unfortunately, their father died two years later after their mother’s death.

The bright student he is, Baha worked hard in school and managed to score a B+.

“I finished high school aged 16 last year. This is because I demanded to be taken to school when my brother, who is two years older than me, started schooling. I did not want to be let alone. I was able to act and at the same time continue with my education because I was always allowed to have one weekend off to attend the shoots.”

Baha’s fans have been moved by his story as many didn’t know what he hides beneath that broad smile. The 17-year-old has great hopes for the future and he says he wants to pursue journalism and cinematography.

The youngster is besotted with his grandmother and for the first has introduced him to the online community.

Baha Machachari
Tyler Mbaya aka Baha of Machachari with his grandmother

Baha shared the above photo and captioned with the sweet words below.

“I love this woman very much. Always been there for me. Cheers to our bond Shosh.”

Below are photos of Baha and his elder brother Mungai Mbaya, go through


Baha Machachari




Baha Machachari


Baha Machachari


Baha Machachari


Baha Machachari

Machachari actor Almasi responds to haters who judge him

Ian Munene, popularly known as Almasi from the childrens’ show Machachari, has finally opened up about his life. The teenager has been grabbing headlines of late because of his dress code and posing with flowers on his head, leaving many questioning his sexuality

Almasi, who is studying marketing in the UK at the University of Kent in Canterbury, says he left Machachari because he wanted to focus on his education. In an exclusive interview with MPASHO, Almasi says he doesn’t care about what people think about him.

“My photos have meanings. I feel like with every picture I post on social media, I want to create an emotion and I have my own reasons for it regardless. Me putting on a flower is like it’s like a liberation of art. We are getting to a place where expressions vary and you can use any form of expression that you want as an individual. So that was just me and I worked with really good photographers to see the different aesthetics I can do.”

Almasi has been criticised on social media but that hasn’t deterred him from doing what he loves most.

“People are quick to judge and the fact that I don’t respond, they will say anything. I don’t feel like I am entitled to talk about my personal life with anyone, so whatever people say, I just allow it. Because at the end of the day, they will judge me regardless. Even if I correct them and tell them who I am, it’s not going to change anything. People I work with know who I am. I don’t care what the rest say.”

Almasi also clarified that the photos of him smoking were not of weed as many claim but tobacco, and this was just a photoshoot.

“We were invited to an event to make it have a particular look. People were quick to judge, thinking that’s my lifestyle. That’s not my lifestyle, I do my own things the way I like. What people said or saw doesn’t define my life!”

The youngster, who is currently on holiday, says his mother is his greatest pillar.

“She supports me a lot and understands me. She knows who I am.”

He revealed that he was working on various projects and would update us soon. Almasi is looking forward to teaching drama and says his role as Almasi in the local children’s programme “changed my life and taught me a lot”.