Former Machachari actress Joy Ohon stuns in new all grown up pictures



The latest photos of the girl who played Almasi’s sister on the TV hit show Machachari have blown us away.

Joy Ohon looks so good we can’t help but stare and even her fans are stunned saying she has grown into a beautiful young girl.

The teen actress quit Machachari when she was still young and has been working on her own brand.

 Joy is the daughter to Donald Ohon and gospel artiste Rosy Ohon. Here are responses to photos
na si unamea mbio
si [email protected]
Uliacha utoto ama umemea  nayo

joy ohon 1
Kwani joy aliwa mmama…wallahi narudi factory setting

Pritty sister joy, napenda kuenjoy… You really grown joy
joy 3

Huyu ni ule pretty sister joy

We are excited to watch her evolve. Go Joy.

Ex-Machachari actor Govi speaks on gay rumours after wearing high heels recently

Former Machachari actor Malik Lemmy popularly known as Govi became a trending topic the past week when he posted some photos showing off his new and improved fashion.

The thing that got many people surprised is that in the photos, he could be seen rocking high heel boots circa 1970’s fashion.

His style got many concerned that he might be living an alternate lifestyle, something that Govi was quick to shut down in a recent interview with Jalang’o.

He explained that the idea had come from his photographer and insisted that he is as straight as they come. “Mbona umeanza kuvaa nguo ya wamama?” Asked Jalang’o.

Govi replied; “We had a conversation with my designer, I told him give me sneakers akasema hapana chocha, onyesha watu wewe ni nani. Mimi naenda kupiga picha hivi na turn naangalia mguu iko na high heels…hapo Muma pix ashaanza kupiga picha and they told me hii itauza…Juu nikavaa kama Mwanaume, chini umama ikachukua.

Lakini its very funny ati mtu anaweza kaa chini aone at wewe ni Gay, am the straightest man you will ever meet. And actually I have never thought naweza kaa chini kuanza kuhave a conversation about mimi kuwa gay.”

Adding “Ndio maana mimi huambia mafans, unaweza jipata kwa mix up ya watu na wao wanapiga showbiz…because hiyo hate and love zikimix inakuwa success.”

He also explained that his exit from the popular Citizen TV show was supposed to be for him to grow out of the name Govi-which ironically he is still remembered for.

“…turuke hizo miaka zote tuingie 2019, when I quit my job, I wasn’t sacked…I left Machachari and I was never sacked…and that why I always appreciate our Chairman Dr. SK Macharia and his wife, Latiffah Ngunjiri and my producer Naomi Kamau. Mimi hukuwa nimewa-respect sana, because they taught us to be family. That’s one thing many shows lack in Kenya,” said Govi in part.

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Machachari’s Sofia opens up about daughter overcoming life threatening condition


Sharon Mutuku known by many as Sofia from kids’ TV show Machachari has for the first time revealed that one of her daughters went through hell when she was still a toddler.

The mother of two revealed that her second born daughter almost got one of her fingers amputated three weeks after birth.

Machachari actress Sofia's daughter
Machachari actress Sofia’s daughter


She also disclosed that she fought bronchitis.

You fought severe bronchitis at 3weeks old and survived a finger amputation, look at you now my love, my little fighter, my acting last born 😍😍 I thank God for you everyday Zamie!

Bronchitis is an infection of the main airways of the lungs (bronchi), causing them to become irritated and inflamed.

Acute bronchitis is often caused by a viral respiratory infection and improves by itself.

Symptoms of bronchitis include coughing up thickened mucus and shortness of breath.


…the thugs would chop my fingers! Baha of Machachari reveals!(exclusive)

Tyler Mbaya or as many of you know him, Baha of Machachari, spoke to us this week after the end of the show that made him famous, Machachari.

The man spoke and explained that he got the opportunity to act on the show after his mom convinced him to audition. At that time Baha had just finished acting on Makutano Junction, another popular television show during that period.

Machachari Crew
Baha of Machachari in a past photo

He related that the worst experience he ever had during the show’s run was when he was on a trip from Kangemi. He said that he entered a mat and later on between 20-30 boys entered from the Sodom stage.

Woiyee… Machachari’s Baha Reveals The Most Horrifying Experience About His Life We Didn’t Know

‘Those boys spotted me. Long story short is it ended up with me being robbed. It was so bad that one of the robbers warned me that he would chop off my fingers if I continued resisting!’ the actor shockingly said.


He added, ‘I reported the case to the cops but they refused to follow up, something that I still don’t understand today.’

Ex-Machachari actor Baha reveals exciting news about his next job

He also revealed the best memories during the period he acted on the show saying, ‘My best memories were the ones I had between 2010 and 2013 during the beginning of the show and the places that I was able to go to and the things that I saw.’

Machachari Crew
Machachari Crew in the past

After those glory years, the actor said that losing his mother in 2013 and his father in 2016 was tough for him and hadn’t been as good as before.

He explained that acting through the losses of his parents was also a hard experience but that he had to endure and push through to give out a quality product on screen. ‘At the end of the day, I am an entertainer and I have to bring a smile to my viewer, irrespective of what is going on in my life,’ he added.

Tyler Mbaya aka Baha
Tyler Mbaya aka Baha

Baha also noted that he had learnt some valuable lessons when on set. One of those was how to deal with people from different cultures and backgrounds and working with them despite those differences.

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Former Machachari star Baha and identical twin bro release catchy new single

To say that Tyler Mbaya isn’t a hardworking young man would be a lie. The young man who started out on the hit TV series Machachari in the role of Baha has used the fame and connections he got on the show to parlay into other money-making ventures.

From making short movies to becoming an influencer, the man is working hard on his dream to become a secure father by the time he is 22. He also launched his own TV show which airs on his YouTube channel titled KM_TV.

Tyler Mbaya posing
Tyler Mbaya posing

But Baha can still shock you. Yes, the actor who is almost always smiling and looks like a happy soul revealed that he and his identical twin brother have released a collabo!

Yes, you read that right! What I find shocking isn’t the new career venture that he has embarked on, but that he has an identical twin brother! Why don’t we see more of him?

…the thugs would chop my fingers! Baha of Machachari reveals!(exclusive)

His identical brother is called Mungai Mbaya and unlike Baha is dreadlocked. The two released the song “Wale Wabaya” which premiered on all music platforms on Wednesday, June 17.

Tyler Mbaya with his brother
Tyler Mbaya with his brother

The song follows the gengetone formula that has taken over the Kenyan music industry the past few years. The two share a lot of chemistry together and it is evident from their new jam, which has wowed their fans on social media.

The siblings lost their mother in 2013. She was also a thespian whose real names were Beth Nyambura Mbaya and acted as Wanade on the Citizen TV show Mother in Law.

Tyler Mbaya with his brother
Tyler Mbaya with his brother

Mungai studies in Glasgow’s Caledonian University, in the United Kingdom. Check out the song below:

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Former Machachari actor Almasi tattoos his feet showcasing his Hindu faith (video)

Former Machachari actor, Ian Nene popularly-known as Almasi is an intriguing character. The man who went abroad for further studies not only got a degree but emerged with new belief systems.

Recently, the actor posted an image that showed that he will not be unbowed with what other people say concerning how he lives his life.

Almasi aka Ian Nene
Almasi aka Ian Nene

Almasi revealed that he had tattooed his feet with two lotus flower tattoos on his feet. The tattoos are a confirmation of his conversion to Hinduism that happened back in 2018 and has been vocal ever since about his dedication to his faith.

Have you forgotten it is your father I sleep with? Almasi tells fan

The thespian who resides in the UK showed off the new ink on his Instagram page and while some people fell in love with them, others could not help but get apprehensive.

Some of those comments are below:

west_simon_ke Mama yao umerudi 😂😂😂

doneljones5 Hahaha nasikia mama yao amerudi

syline_okindo Kwani uko na gout

myblackisbea09 May God have mercy on you

eseme_vincent Radako mseeee…nowadays umekuwa nguna🤔🤔🤔

og029l You are geh

naomyngure 😘😘😘

shabir_shaban Unafai viboko ww ni dem

Ian has been dancing to his own tunes since he moved to the UK. Not only has his liberal fashion where he has worn dresses and skirts raised eyebrows but so too have some of the posts he has made with some of his male friends.

Ian Nene aka Almasi
Ian Nene aka Almasi

Some of those posts have raised questions as to his sexuality, something the actor has ignored, at best being facetious with his answers.

Ian Nene aka Almasi posing with his friend
Ian Nene aka Almasi posing with his friend

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Machachari actress Mama Baha’s struggle to trace kidnapped brother in Mogadishu

The festive season is usually a time for families to come together and catch up.

But for the family of TV actress Wanjiku Mburu, best known for her role as Mama Baha in Citizen TV’s Machachari, this time of the year is a painful reminder of their missing relative.

Wanjiku’s brother has been missing for five years since he was kidnapped in Mogadishu in January 2014.

George Mburu had jetted off to Somali to work as an engineer when he was abducted together with his cousin. To date, the family has no clue as to their whereabouts.

Two years ago, in 2017, Wanjiku penned a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta asking him to help find George. In the letter dated December 27, George’s birthday, she wrote:

“Dear my President…I was told not to write to you, others said I should follow [the] chain of command, which I did and after a few attempts to seek an audience with the relevant people we had our 1st meeting and everyone was happy to see ‘us’.

“Well that’s until we told them why we were really there and no sooner did they hear us, there were promises of immediate action…there was “call me 1st thing in the morning…” which I did and this was the narrative…in hushed tones I was told…“I am in a meeting I’ll call you later…” this went on for a while until they no longer bothered to pick my calls…

“See Mr President my brother was kidnapped and it’s now 3 years since and nothing from you or your office…after everything has been said and done, it’s been said and NOTHING done.

“So this is me hoping with everything going on, your reelection, Githeri man rising to fame, you will get to read this and bring my brother home…3 years, I think he has done his “time”.

His children need their father, his wife—a husband, his parents—a son and me—MY BROTHER.

It’s been five years with no word from the government. The actress recently upoaded a 15-minute video in which she narrates her family’s pain.

“This story has become like a nightmare for me and my family. It started off like a bad dream on January 5, 2014,” Wanjiku says in the YouTube video.

“Today [December 27] is my brother’s birthday. Every year, me and my sister we write to his Facebook profile and we write messages to his memory [with] the hope that he is fine.”

She reminisces about her brother’s favourite catchphrase. “He would always tell us, ‘No problem!’.”

Former Machachari actress, Mama Baha shares rarely seen photo of mom

The actress says the government has been mum about the issue.

“They told us two things; that the government does not negotiate with terrorists. That is fine, I watched Captain Phillips. But you would everything you can to bring back Kenyan citizens,” Wanjiku says.

“The second thing we were told is to keep quiet about this. It has been six years. Enough is enough and I’m not keeping quiet about this. We have been patient about this. I watch my mum and dad break down every day.”


Machachari’s Mama Baha hospitalized for ‘severe illness’


Mama Baha was reportedly forced to check into hospital after what she calls ‘a weird feeling in the stomach’.

She posted a message on Instagram saying

Today,was an ordinary day.spent the day in doors sewing my mat…you know pretty ordinary day.later in the evening went for swimming and did my 100 laps then went home and prepared for the night, pajamas and all…cut to around 9pm I felt weird in my stomach and decided to go to hospital for a quick check only to be admitted..yaani life changes in an instant and thank God I listened to my body because according to the doctor I am critical..sigh.

She has been experiencing sever stomach pains and the hospitalization was an awakening as she added

But who’s report will the believe, I am going to believe the report of the lord.
P.s my 1st time admitted


Wanjiku made her fans freak out when she announced she has come down with a serious bug. They flooded her inbox with get well messages:

Pole Sana, Get well soon 🙏


Quick recovery dear

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Break-up rumours in the bin as former Machachari actress Sofia shares TBT of hubby

For many years, Machachari TV show on Citizen TV produced so many stars that when one coughs today, Kenyans are still interested in finding out more about them.

One of those is actress Sharon Mutuku also known as Sofia. The actress whose marriage has been rocked by rumours of infidelity and mistrust but it seems that her marriage woes might be a thing of the past.

Sharon Mutuku with her hubby
Sharon Mutuku with her hubby.Courtesy/Urbannews254

Why do I say this?  Sharon shared a past memory of herself and her husband, Ben during the happier years. The photo was from a few years ago when she was pregnant with her second child.

The past year Sharon has been private about her marriage with nary a whisper about what was going on despite the rumours that her man might have strayed.

Sharon Mutuku and hubby
Sharon Mutuku and hubby in the past

The usual bae and boo appreciation posts suddenly fizzled into thin air and the actress lost interest in lettering overly honeyed love letters for her husband.

…the thugs would chop my fingers! Baha of Machachari reveals!(exclusive)

In 2018, the beauty declined to address the issue of her man being spotted not once, not twice but many times getting smoochy with another lady at local drinking dens.

Despite being married for five years at the time, close associates of Sofia’s hubby claimed he no longer hid his well-kept secret.

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A list of Kenyan Celebrity TV moms we look up to

The role that TV moms play cannot be understated. Be it local or international, these actresses have a way of bonding with viewers and make the role believable.

Here are some of the TV actresses who have taken the same roles our real mothers take in our real lives.

1. Mama Kayai

Mary Khavere who people know as ‘Mama Kayai’ is a well known personality in the theater and acting world.

She acted alongside the late Mzee Ojwang’ in the famous local show ‘Vitimbi’.

Fans all over the country admire her role as a TV mom.

Huddah Monroe also acted as Kayai in this local show.



2. Mama Baha

Wanjiku Mburu famously known as Mama Baha on the local show Machachari is known for her strict and also subtle role as a mom in the local show.

Mama Baha is not only famous for her strict role, she is also known for gentle way is raising her family in the show. Her personality is one to admire.


These celebrity moms will celebrate Mothers day for the first time

3. Mrs Charity Mwamba

Elizabeth Wanjiru alias Charity Mwamba is a house hold name in Kenya for her assertive role in Kenya’s local show ‘Mother In Law’.

“Mrs Mwamba” has shown us the day-to-day lives of an elderly woman who as to deal with live in in-laws and ‘gossipy’ workers.

Charity’s Mwamba’s role has showed us the essence of a mother in law and the impact they have in our lives.


Woman reveals how pregnancy and motherhood has changed her life forever

4. Patricia McKenzie

Helen Keli alias Patricia McKenzie plays the mum in ‘Selina’, as mother to Nelson and his sister.

Her character is a woman from a moneyed, well-connected family.

We can see the sense of love that she has for her children through out the Kenyan drama series.


5. Wilbroda

‘Wilbroda’ aka Nyaminde acts in the popular television show known as ‘papa Shirandula’. She acts as the wife to papa Shirandula.

Wilbroda, known as the mother of Naliaka and a naive wife who does not understand the business that the husband does.




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Ex-Machachari actor Baha reveals exciting news about his next job

Former Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya also known by his popular stage name of Baha, surprised us last week when he revealed that the show had come to an end.

Many Kenyans were sadenned by the news about a show that had been on Citizen TV for 13 years and much of their childhood would be no more.

Machachari Crew
Machachari Crew in the past

But after the 5 stages of grief that many suffered (yes I am being dramatic) the actor has come out with exciting new information. Baha has hinted that he is soon set to host his own show.

Oh No: Machachari cancelled on Citizen TV

In a post on his Instagram page, the thespian said he and former castmate Sharon Mutuku are planning to blow up the television scene with what they have cooking.

Like an excited kid, Baha told his fans he cannot wait to unveil what he and Sharon aka Sofia have been working on. As usual, his supportive fans applauded him as they congratulated the actor on dusting himself after the whole Machachari controversy.

The sentiment was that the actors had outgrown what was supposed to be a childhood show, which technically was an honest critic of the show.

Machachari Crew
Machachari Crew

Baha’s on-screen brother Malik Lemmy also known as Govi disputed the claims. He said, ‘Guys have been asking what happened to my previous show, I do not know what I can tell you but I left the show in January and you guys should stop believing the lies going round out there about the show being cancelled because we overgrew, please do not listen to such.’


Whatever the case, we are happy that Tyler is back to work with something new and hopefully captivating.

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Oh No: Machachari cancelled on Citizen TV

If you loved the kids’ show Machachari, sorry.

The show will no longer air on Citizen TV again.

The show has been under criticism over the age of the characters, with many claiming that they had outgrown the show.

Machachari aired on Citizen TV every Friday at 7:30pm for 13 years.  The show revolved around the lives of young children and teenagers but even after most of the teens transitioned to adulthood, it became irrelevant to the target audience.

Johari will now replace Machachari but will be airing every Friday at 6:30pm on Citizen TV.

Other shows such as Papa Shirandula, Tahidi High and Inspekta Mwala on Citizen TV have been moved to weekdays at 6:30pm.

Well in a Q&A session with his fans on Instagram, Baha, one of the pioneer actors of Machachari said it wasn’t easy to take the news.


Machachari's Baha

Talking about what it takes for one to become a great actor, he said,


Machachari's Baha

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Machachari actor Almasi graduates from University of Kent

Former Machachari Almasi, real name Ian Nene, is now the proud holder of a degree.

The controversial actor graduated from the United Kingdom’s University of Kent this past Tuesday.

Almasi aka Ian Nene
Almasi aka Ian Nene

Ian was very proud of his achievement and shared countless photos from his graduation, while thanking God for seeing him through.

Almasi expressed his joy with his captions, a clear indication he could not wait to finish school. The actor did not reveal which course he graduated in but sources intimated to the actor graduated with a degree in marketing.

Ian Nene aka Almasi graduates with family
Ian Nene aka Almasi graduates with family

His caption read;

Was All Smiles All Day Haha!

Some of his follower’s comments are below;

kadhusafari Congratulations 🎉🎁
felo_marshall Congrats…yoh outfit for the day🔥🔥
glen_gee1 So happy for you. Congrats🎉
immabe12 Congrats bro 💯🙌 Congratulations
wako_munyua Congrats bro
aaminahramirez Congrats babyyy🤪🤪❤️ _mwangiemir 😢👏
official_remmyfadhil Congratulation🔥❤️

While many may want to concentrate on the controversial parts of his life, I see the parallels of his life path to that of international actress Natalie Portman.


Ian decided to go to school even though he had the clout and fame as leverage to enter the nascent Kenyan film industry and work immediately.

Ian Nene aka Almasi with his classmates
Ian Nene aka Almasi with his classmates

He like Natalie decided to focus on his studies. Natalie became a huge star on Star Wars in the early 2000s but didn’t let her stardom stop her from going back to Harvard University, where she got a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

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