‘Why lie to my dad yet you have already killed me’ Beryl Ouma’s last words

It has been weeks since Beryl Ouma a clinical officer was allegedly killed by her husband Lyko Junior at their Kahawa Sukari home during a domestic squabble.

The couple who wedded in 2017 had been living together since Lyko returned from Qatar where he had been working as a taxi driver.

In a past interview Beryl’s father Douglas Ouma had said that the last messages his daughter sent were at very odd hours of the night and after calling back she never picked up.

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Douglas said his daughter sent him three messages asking him to call her back at around 4 am, but when he called back after some time, the calls went unanswered.

“I didn’t see the texts immediately, but when I called back, she did not pick. A few minutes later, her husband called to say they had an altercation,” Ouma said.

Beryl and her hubby

It has now emerged that before her death Beryl was able to speak to her dad though not one on one.

“When I finally managed to reach her husband after calling Beryl several times in vain, I heard my daughter saying in the background, ‘Why are you lying to my father when you have already killed me,”

When he heard my daughter complaining, he hung up the phone on me and never picked subsequent calls I made to his phone,” recounts Douglas

Beryl and her husband lyko junior osuri

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Beryl Ouma was strangled to death while she slept – Postmortem reveals

A postmortem carried out on the body of Beryl Ouma has concluded that she was strangled to death as she slept and hit with a blunt object.

Beryl was allegedly killed by her husband Lyko Junior Osuri at their Kahawa  Sukari home. He is still in police custody as investigations continue.

 The report also revealed that Beryl had serious head injuries as a result of being hit by a metallic object at least six times, but that was not the cause of death.
Beryl Ouma during her wedding day
Three pathologists – Joseph Ndung’u, representing Beryl’s family, Charles Muturi, representing the suspect’s family, and Government pathologist Peter Ndegwa – conducted the postmortem.
Beryl Ouma
Lawyer Evans Ondieki, who spoke on behalf of the family and the doctors, said that the pathologists were unanimous in their verdict that Beryl was physically strangled.
An interview heard by Classic 105 alleged Beryls death was not an accident
“The doctors said this could not be an accident or treated as self-strangulation, and that it cannot be self-inflicted,” said Mr Ondieki, who was present during the postmortem.
He said the conclusion was that Beryl was killed and that it might not have been done by only one person.

“We do not want to speculate; what we want is for the police to charge the suspect because the killers are known. Let them be taken to court and face the law. The family wants justice.”Ondieki said

Photos of Lyko Junior, man alleged to have killed his wife in Kahawa Sukari

Lyko junior osuri is a man under investaigation after he allegedly murdered his wife during a domestic squabble at their home in Kahawa Sukari.

Osuri and Beryl got married in 2017 in a colorful ceremony, attended by close friends and relatives.

Neighbors say they heard the deceased screaming during a fight with her husband, but attempts to get in the house were futile.

“We banged the door in an attempt to open it but it was locked from inside. The husband whose voice we could also hear declined to open,” said a neighbour who did not want to be named.”

Photos of Beril Ouma woman allegedly killed by her husband in Kahawa

Beril Ouma and her husband

Beryl’s brother Mark Ouma said the two have had many wrangles some which they tried to solve but all in vain.

“Her husband is a very violent man and even last year, we had a family meeting to solve it. Clearly, he never stopped.”

Preliminary reports at the hospital where Beryl was taken indicated that she died after being hit by a blunt object on the head.

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A conclusive postmortem is yet to be carried out to confirm the cause.

Here are photos of Beryl’s husband

lyko junior osuri

lyko junior osuri

lyko junior osuri lyko junior osuri alleged to have killed his wife in Kahawa Sukari
Lyko junior osuri,the man alleged to have killed his wife in Kahawa Sukari

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