Happy Ramadan: Here are 10 Muslim women rocking and slaying in hijabs

Muslims are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, and the ladies are really representing  with their hijabs which is  common  code of dressing.

Ramadan is celebrated around the world among the muslim countries, it is a period when the fast is intended to bring the faithful closer to God and to remind them of the suffering of those less fortunate.

Ramadan is a time to detach from worldly pleasures and focus on one’s inner self.

Devout Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk for the entire month of Ramadan. A single sip of water or a puff of a cigarette is enough to invalidate the fast.

The ladies below are among the most celebrated Muslim women in Kenya.

 1.Mwanahamisi Hamadi mwanahamisi-hamadi-4

2.Jamila Mohammed


3.Nyota Ndogo


4.Mwanaisha Chidzuga

5.Amina Mohammed





8.Najma Ishmael

9.Lulu Hassan






Check out Swahili anchors Rashid Abdalla and wife Lulu Hassan home

NTV Swahili anchors Rashid Abdalla and his beautiful wife Lulu Hassan shared a picture of their humble home.

What many of us don’t know is that Islamic teachings and traditions involve guidelines that have direct applications in the domestic sphere. They have three principles; privacy, modesty, and hospitality.

These three principles help to shape the architectural styles and use of space within Muslim homes in different ways.


“Home sweet home … county 002.” said Rashid.

The two lovebirds follow their Islamic teachings as they share their humble lifestyle.

As you know, Muslims live in the midst of their families and relations, eating a variety of foods and drinking different drinks that they desire.


The photo shows food on the floor. In Islam, eating or drinking on a dining table is discouraged. Eating is a chore just like any other and it has its own rules. Sharing is also important and so is unity.

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Quick Recovery Lulu Hassan! TV Beauty Recovering In Hospital After Major Surgery

Mpenzi mtazamaji, don’t be alarmed when you don’t see Lulu Hassan on your screens tonight.

Lulu Hassan is currently in hospital after undergoing a surgical procedure.

The TV beauty who anchors the Swahili news on Citizen TV together with Kanze Dena will be taking a break from the spotlight for a while.

Lulu says that she will be bedridden for a while as she recovers from the procedure.

Lulu Hassan

“I will be in bed for some time to recuperate. I would like to thank my family, friends, my boss who constantly reminded me that i needed to do something…Dr Thuranira i dont know how to thank you but you made me have faith with our medical practitioners and introduced me to one Doctor Mogire (He is God sent)…To anyone going through a tough time now…Be encouraged. It shall pass,” Lulu wrote in her Instagram.

The surgery is as a result of an accident Lulu Hassan was involved in back in April 19th 2010.

Lulu narrated the events of that gloomy day.

“I remember this day like it was yesterday…I was going for an assignment in Kisumu but on reaching Kapkatet it all happened so fast…i found myself at the Siloam hospital in Kericho first aid was being administered. Next thing I knew, I was in the ambulance on my way to Nairobi for an emergency theatre at the Aga Khan Hospital. The next few months would be tough. If you would have asked me then if I thought I would be able to walk or be on my feet again, I wouldn’t have imagine that was possible. But; Alhamdullilah !!! It’s been 7 years walking with a plate on my left femur.

Lulu continued, “On the 30th October, 2017 I finally gathered the courage to walk into theatre for a surgery to remove it… I had been relying on this Aluminium plate for the 7 years after the accident in 2010…. 7 years that saw my walking style and body posture change completely thus affecting my back and work not forgetting the excruciating pain i woud have to endure whenever i wanted to lie down…Alhamdullilah after the Monday surgery; the plate is out…i would like to donate the plate to any elderly patient who may need it and cannot afford it.”

Lulu Hassan

Lulu Hassan

Her fans wished her a quick recovery. Here are some of the messages.

miss.ndichu: God is Truly Faithful

winniekamau254: Amen Lulz… It was tough on you even in the office. Thank you for not giving up the faith. Wish you quick recovery and God Speed. No situation is permanent God does heal and hears our cries.

maghani_23: Wish you more blessing dear i love you they way ur honey.

likombe: Pole sana rafiki……Mungu akutangulie, akupe afya njema upone haraka. …

Mariamu: It is well darling. It is well. Get well soon

brownmula: Loulou, quick recovery and what a gesture, should teach people how to humble themselves. Very impressed 🙏🏾

See How Media Girls Graced TerryAnne Chebet’s Surprise Party (Photos)

While slay queens were busy choking on shisha and guzzling alcohol as if the end times were here, Royal media services female employees (both current and former) were having a reunion.

These top media personalities who always leave us glued to the TV and radio watching and listening to them tell us what’s happening around the globe, over the weekend made fashion headlines.

They threw a surprise party for their ex colleague TerryAnne Chebet which many have mistaken for an early baby shower. The heavily pregnant former news anchor who is expecting her second child, has been keeping a low profile and this was the first time  she was appearing in public.

This came as a surprise to TerryAnne Chebet and she broke down in tears.

Well, from Lilian Muli to Lulu Hassan to Janet Mbugua, these media girls indeed made the event look better compared to most parties we have ever seen. It was a white and blue affair only. These sexy ladies donned some of the most expensive clothes, shoes and even designer shades with Janet Mbugua stealing the show. She wore hot pants, a pair of white sneakers and a fancy top leaving her ‘voted the best dressed’.

TerryAnne could not hide her excitement and she took to social media to thank her former colleagues for their act of kindness and love.


“About today. This is Love! Thanking all my girls for showing me what friendship and family really is about. Here’s to Life, Love and Family. ❤❤❤❤,’ she wrote.

Those who graced the event and Chebet’s followers also took to social media to congratulate her and we can’t wait to see her download..

Here are some of the reactions;

Lulu Hassan: Congratulations Tc 😚😚😚😚…we luv ya and all the best

Officialjanetmbugua: #Reunion ❤💕 Celebrating @terryannechebet ✨

Annekiguta: Congratulations TC.

Wanjiru: Congratulations TerryAnne,I’m so happy for you,,At least Imani will now have a sibling.Wishing you God’s blessings.
anneckorirGod bless and congratulations

Kunduhb: Congratulations sweetie, I don’t know what it’s for .. I just know whatever it is , my gal bauss worked it .. and you look gorgeous..😍😘

Jemutai_comedian: Awwwwwwww congratulations 😍😍😍😍@terryannechebet Wishing health, blessings and happiness from God

Vyoletjoyce: Congratulations dear,I wish you a safe delivery

Here are the photos from TerryAnne Chebet’s  surprise party



TerryAnne Chebet







TerryAnne Chebet


TerryAnne Chebet

TV Couple, Lulu Hassan And Rashid Ronald Pen The First Swahili Telenovela In Kenya

Lulu Hassan and husband Rashid Abdalla are the most coveted celebrity couple in Kenya.

Yaani, they are couple goals.

Most married people want to be them.


Here Are East Africa’s Showbiz Power Couples (Photos)

The TV celebrity couple is know for gushing over each other in public and this seems to be spicing up things in private. Anyhow, the old adage does say the family that works together stays together…yes, that includes praying together.

The power couple have been working on Kenya’s first ever telenovela dubbed Maza, depicting the unfolding intrigues and drama of a once successful family whose strong bond is crushed by a best friend’s envy in one night..

LOVE WINS! Here’s A List Of Famous Kenyan Couples With A Significant Age Gap

The show that is produced by Lulu Hassan features five main characters Dingo (husband), Lea (Wife), Maya (Daughter), Badi(Son) and Kate (Best friend to wife) through which the plot is realized using other supporting characters.

It flashes back 10 years ago when LEA, DINGO’s wife mysteriously disappears and never to be found or heard again. After years of an emotional roller-coaster, DINGO and his two kids MAYA and BADI must find closure; the court declares LEA officially dead but her cousin sister PILI suspects malice and she is not ready to let go of this matter that easily.

When LEA’s best friend, KATE visits, she is warmly appreciated and becomes the perfect replacement for LEA. Behind the scenes, the family lawyer, WAKILI and KATE have planned for years to settle for LEA’s wealth. Finally when the opportunity knocks, KATE wastes no time. But when she arrives into the mansion as DINGO’s wife, the dark aura that surrounds her – reveals itself. She is a dark witch…and so begins endless family trauma.

Maza is fourth of the 15 new local productions by Maisha Magic East to launch for the year 2017/2018.

Pastor angers man after printing new marriage rules for couples

TV’s Popular Couple Display Their Love Online: ‘Nakupenda Lulu Wangu…’ Rashid Whispers

Lulu Hassan is the envy of many Nairobi women. She has a job to die for and a cute hubby by her side.

To top that up, her hubby claims her in public, something we cannot say for many city women.

NTV news anchor Rashid Abdalla took to his facebook page to celebrate the eight years the two have been married. They have a son by the name Jibran who will be six years on the 9th Aug, a day after the Kenyan general election.

“Sasa miaka minane, moyoni umetulia

Kamwe hujawa mjane, manani hajaridhia

Alotaka mubanane, mkono nilipungia

Na wako akawa mimi, akajuta mwafulani

Leo wewe ndio mimi, natanua kwa yakini

Ninahisi kama jana, moyo ulivyouteka

Nami nikajitahidi, hasidi kutotucheka

Napenda kuliko jana, nikikumbuka mkeka

Sote si watimilifu, daima tunakanyana

Moyo kuwa mzoefu, tusichoke kupambana

Na tuwe waadilifu, tuepuke kutengana

Namshukuru Muliwa, kwa kunipa hii Lulu.”





Happy marriage Abdalla Rashid and Lulu Hassan.

On the same note happy birthday in advance Jibran Abdalla .

Urembo Wa Kweli! Kanze Dena Has To Be The Prettiest News Anchor Without Makeup (PHOTOS)

Kanze Dena is no doubt a jack of all trades.

The beauty is not only Citizen TV’s Swahili news anchor but is also a news director, a role model, a mother and one of the most celebrated and hard working journalists in the media industry.

Sema Kutoka Mbali! This Photo Of Kanze Dena BEFORE The FAME Will Leave You In Awe

She hosts the weekend bulletin with co host, Lulu Hassan, and their team work is just incredible, attracting a massive viewership from Kenyans.


Kellen Beatrice Kanze Dena is the proud mother of an 11-year-old son, Amani, and has been steadfast through it all, despite being a single mother.

Love Of a Mother! Kanze Dena Dedicates a Heart-warming Birthday Message To Her All-Grown Cute Son

However, this was not her first child. Kanze Dena once revealed that she had a daughter, Natasha, some years back, but sadly, she passed away at only 3 months, a scar that has healed with time.

The stunning news anchor has been through a lot of pain, as it happened that in 2007, her dear mother passed away but God brought a blessing in her life, by giving her a bouncing baby boy, Amani, the same year.


Well, Kanze Dena is doing well and has been an inspiration to many ladies, not forgetting her God fearing nature. She recently shared a cute photo with her son, after a fun sports day at their school, and her look without makeup is just impeccable.

Ndio sisi hao na medal yetu ya dhahabu..in the near future tunaweza kuwa kasarani under 18 champonships!! Had mad fun making noise with fellow mothers..thank God there was evidence of our hecking..(ata kama blue house tulifanyiwa kifumba macho! .🙈🙈) Shout out to all parents!! Uzazi jamani si mchezo.

It’s very hard for Kenyan celebrities to show off their natural faces without makeup and the few ones who do, well, some of them are not as beautiful, but Kanze Dena has proved that her beauty comes naturally.

Check out the photos below with Kanze looking ravishing with no makeup on.






Sema Kutoka Mbali! This Photo Of Kanze Dena BEFORE The FAME Will Leave You In Awe

Kanze Dena is one of the most loved and down to earth media personalities in Kenya, and over the years, she’s become one of the top Swahili news anchors in the industry.

The TV presenter is a single mother of one, a son who recently turned 11-years-old, and his celebrity mother had nothing but praises for the boy who is all grown up now;

Happy Birthday Amani Nasikitika siwezi kuwa nawe tusherehekee…kazi kazi Kazi!! (Mama got to bring the bacon) #feelingblessed


The beautiful journalist and her co-presenter Lulu Hassan make the best TV duo with their fluent Swahili, delivering news in the most eloquent way, not forgetting their eye-catching beauty.

Love Of a Mother! Kanze Dena Dedicates a Heart-warming Birthday Message To Her All-Grown Cute Son

Kanze is also a God-fearing woman who always shares motivational and encouraging posts for her fans on social media.

Though many of her fans don’t know this, Kanze Dena’s mother passed away back in 2007 and every year, she pays tribute to her with touching and very moving messages;

Maa! how did you manage to touch of so many lives.be involved at every function..still have time to bring us up single-handedly and work…our home was nicknamed ‘Boarding’ there was always space you would say..Stern woman you were and VERY loving and accommodating.. Always had time to listen…to anyone who wanted an ear..We miss your singing at weddings (we dont attend as many anymore) sumptuous meals.  You taught us never to look down on anyone because we don’t know tomorrow. A motto we have lived by.


Kanze Dena has however managed to stay strong and has worked hard to become a successful woman, but things have not been so rosy and easy for the media girl, and at some point, she worked at KBC before rising to become a big media shot.

Beauty And Brains! News Anchor Kanze Dena Gives Women Tips On How To Love Their Men

She recently shared a throwback photo while working there, wearing sports outfits with fellow workmates. Kanze Dena looks slimmer in the photo, but her face is pretty as always;

Once upon a time kulikuwa na sports event called the ‘safarico media challenge’ where all media houses would come and compete..and mingle mingle. We were representing ‘Mama yao’ KBC CHANNEL 1 . kupiga kelele tu!!! Tuliweza (si mimi priss)

Check out the old photo below, can you spot Kanze Dena?



Gorgeous! See How Media Personalities Are Rocking That Hijab This Ramadhan

First of all, Ramadhan Kareem to all Muslim brothers and sister.

One thing that stands out in the fashion world is how hijabs, a veil that is used by Muslim females to cover their head has transformed.

From getting kitenge hijabs to mixing and matching it with the buibui, Kenyan media personalities have proven that hijabs are not only a static custom but one that has changed over time.

DECENT AND CLASSY! 5 Reasons We Love Kambua’s Elegant Fashion Sense And Style PHOTOS)

 Here are media personalities that have rocked that hijab just fine, giving it perfect justice;

Lulu Hassan

Amina Abdi

Saida Swaleh

Mwanaisha Chidzuga

Jamila Mohammed

Najma Ishmael

Mwanahamisi Hamadi

Love Of a Mother! Kanze Dena Dedicates a Heart-warming Birthday Message To Her All-Grown Cute Son

She is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and celebrated media personalities in Kenya, but Kanze Dena is more than just a renowned news anchor.

The Swahili news reporter, who co-hosts with Lulu Hassan, is not only a successful TV girl but is also a doting mother to a handsome boy by the name, Amani who recently turned a year older.

Kanze Dena once revealed that she first got pregnant when she was in college but sadly, miscarried when she was only three months pregnant, but God later blessed her with another child.


The soft-spoken anchor gave birth to her son just after losing her mother in the year 2007, which was the most painful time of her life, but with time, she was able to pick up the pieces and move on with her life, embracing motherhood.

Kanze’s son, recently turned 11 years old, which is one of the happiest and most touching moments of her life, just seeing her child grow up in good health, being her pride and joy.

Though Kanze Dena is yet to settle down after heart-breaking relationships from her past, she is a God-fearing woman who is always encouraging young ladies and those troubled, with scriptures and motivational talks and posts.


There’s no doubt that she makes a good and responsible mother, and to show appreciation to her son, she jotted down a short but very heart-warming message for him as he crossed over to a new year;

Yaani siamini… Its 11yrs…naona Kama Juzi mwanangu. Twapigana ..twacheka.twazungumza….ujana ndo mwanzo wabisha hodi!! Nakuvunjia kidole…. Faraja ya moyo Wangu. Happy Birthday Amani Nasikitika siwezi kuwa nawe tusherehekee…kazi kazi Kazi!! (Mama got to bring the bacon) #feelingblessed

It’s hard to imagine that such a young-looking woman is a mother to an 11-year-old! How incredible and sweet. Check out Kanze Dena and her number one fan, son Amani, below.



BEAUTY AND BRAINS! You Have To See These 5 Breathtaking Photos Of Stunning Citizen TV’s Lulu Hassan

Lulu Hassan is no doubt among one of the most beautiful and elegant women in the Kenyan media fraternity but has over the years stayed humble with a sense of simplicity.

The celebrated Citizen TV Swahili news anchor makes the best duo with her co-host Kanze Dena, with whom they have a good rapport and friendship over the last couple of years.


Other than their eloquent and captivating news reporting and anchoring, the lovely ladies also attract viewers with their popular relationship segment where they candidly talk about deep issues in marriages, with problem-solving Bi Mswafari.

Lulu Khadija Hassan is no doubt a household name but away from the glaring eyes of the public and screens, the gorgeous journalist is mother to two cute sons, Jibran and Irfan, and wife to NTV reporter Rashid Abdalla.


The two met while they were still working at Radio Salaam and their chemistry was instant. Abdalla married Lulu in a glitzy and colorful wedding ceremony back in 2007 and have been love struck since then.

Her hubby recently shared a sweet tribute to his lovely wife, with this touching message; “Ukiniuliza @loulou_hassan ni nani kwangu daima upata ugumu kutoa jawabu kwa sababu yeye ni zaidi ya kila jibu langu. Mpenzi mzuri ni anayefahamu mapungu na udhaifu wako kabla kuzingatia ubora wako.”


There’s no doubt that Lulu Hassan is at a good place in her life and continues to stay down to earth despite being one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya, and to celebrate her, why not share a few pictures that prove that she’s a beauty to behold.

Check out theses breathtaking photos of Lulu Hassan. Isn’t she lovely?








Eye Candy! This Is The Stricking Man Replacing Lulu Hassan And Kanze Dena On Citizen TV

The combination of Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena on Citizen TV’s Swahili news bulletin every Sunday, has been one of the most exciting and watched news bulletins in Kenya.

Kanze Dena and Lulu have been working as a team for years now and have garnered a legion of viewers due to their popularity, but now, the beauties are exiting and paving the way for someone else to take over.

Citizen TV has now added a new talent, Salim Swaleh who will take over presenting the Sunday news, starting June 19.

Salim Swaleh previously working at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) as a senior editor for eight years.

According to E Daily, Swaleh was also a radio presenter and a special analyst on African news on IRIB’s Press Television.

Swaleh, who is an alumni of Kenya Institute Of Mass Communication and Tehran University, will host the show ‘Nipashe Jumapili’, and he certainly has big shoes to fill to keep the standards that Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena established.

Check him out below.