‘Happy birthday the love of my wife,’ Rashid celebrates son’s birthday

TV sweethearts Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla’s first born child Jibran has turned nine today.

The excited parents celebrated him by sharing a photo of all grown son.

Rashid described Jibran as the love of Lulu.

He wrote;

“Happy birthday the love of my wife. Proud of you Jibran.”

He then appreciated his wife Lulu for bringing such a gift to their lives and promised to always pray for her.

A day like today you brought joy into our lives. I won’t stop praying for you my good friend @loulou_hassan . Prepare yourself for many more such days.”

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Lulu Hassan on the other hand described her son as her best friend.

Your existence has given my life a meaning and a purpose. Happy 9th Birthday son, my best friend, my Jibby and confidante.


‘The cooker was borrowed,’ Rashid shared a never seen photo of him cooking for Lulu

Rashid Abdalla celebrated another year in his life yesterday.

His wife Lulu Hassan described him as her favourite person.

My Favourite person was born today ❤❤❤❤❤,” She wrote.

Celebrities came out to wish the Citizen TV Kiswahili anchor all the best as he celebrated his birthday.

To appreciate all the messages he shared a throw back photo of when he and Lulu were just dating.

That was the day he first got into the kitchen to show her his cooking skills, perhaps, to show her how much he loves her.

Lulu Hassan with Rashid Abdalla smiling
Lulu Hassan with Rashid Abdalla smiling

“Nina zaidi ya ASANTE kwenu nyote mulioipa siku yangu ya kuzaliwa maana. Na kwa sababu hiyo nimeamua kuwawekea picha kipindi hicho mimi ni bonge la handsome wacha siku hizi nimechapa.

Nakumbuka vest nyingi hazikunitosha kwa jinsi Gym ilivyoitikia mwilini sababu iliyonifanya nikaacha mazoezi kutokana na ushauri wa madaktari kwani walihofia nikiendelea hivyo basi hakuna nguo zingenitosha. Picha hii ndiyo siku ya kwanza maishani kumpikia kope mkonyeza nyusi zangu @loulou_hassan msosi. Nakumbuka ilikuwa ugali lakini mboga nitazibana kwa leo 😂😂😂😂😂. Asanteni sana, sitosita kuwashukuru. Mungu awabariki na awalinde na madhila ya dunia. Picha na jiko vyote vya @girrimani (mzee wa data) lakini unga na kitoweo tulichanga 😂😂😂😂. PAMBANA KWA UNACHOKIFANYA KWANI KESHO YAKO INA MUNGU KUPITIA JUHUDI ZAKO, SUBRA NA DUA.


“This was the first time that I cooked for my partner Lulu Hassan. I remember it was Ugali but I don’t remember what the stew was. Thank you so much. I’ll not cease to thank you.

The cooker was borrowed but we contributed to buy Ugali flour and stew. Concentrate on what you do because God has your future, work hard, pray and be patient.

May God protects you,” he wrote.

The two are now married with three children and have become couple goals for many especially now that they work together on TV.

Check out more birthday messages;

owago Happy Birthday to your favorite person Shem
olyvaahtheHappy birthday to you Rashid ….house party iko wapi😂😂😂
hilderthekind Happy birthday 🎂🎈🎉 God bless you abundantly


Ladies your ovaries! See the beautiful daughter Loulou Hassan has kept under wraps

Celebrity TV couple Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah kept their pregnancy a secret until the cat got out of the bag. Having delivered her bundle of joy about a year ago, the couple decided that they won’t show their daughter’s face until it was time and that they were ready for it.

Alas! There it was, a moment we were all waiting for when Lulu wished her daughter birthday wishes for her first year on her Instagram handle.

She wrote, “Happy birthday to the sweetest one-year-old little girl we have ever known….❤❤❤”

Friends and fans were so elated and in shock when they saw the couple’s little princess, with many remarking she is a true copyright of her mom and dad.

TV personality Grace Msalame took to her comment section on congratulating the couple and wishing the baby girl a happy birthday. “Gosh what a beautiful angel you have❤️😍🥰Happiest Birthday to her Mama & Job well done👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾” She wrote.

Lulu Hassan and her husband gyrate to dancehall tune (video)

The  TV power couple have been anchoring news together since August 2018, after Rashid left NTV to join his wife at the Royal Media Services TV station. Ever since, the husband and wife, made history in Kenya for being the first couple paired to anchor news together. They have wowed many viewers with their on-set chemistry and presentation.

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Rashid Abdalla to anchor news with wifey Lulu Hassan on Citizen TV

Citizen TV launched their promotion video which revealed that presenter, Lulu Hassan will now be hosting Citizen Wikendi with her hubby Rashid Abdalla.

He is replacing Kanze Dena – now Deputy Government spokesperson.


It was shared and liked all over social media but one stuck out, that Abdalla and his wife Hassan would read the news together.


Considering the two are a couple, many wondered how they would work together if they had issues at home.

Others were thrilled by it.

The promo videos have elicited different reactions but Kenyans are looking forward to seeing how the couple will work together on TV.

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TV Couple, Lulu Hassan And Rashid Ronald Pen The First Swahili Telenovela In Kenya

Lulu Hassan and husband Rashid Abdalla are the most coveted celebrity couple in Kenya.

Yaani, they are couple goals.

Most married people want to be them.


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The TV celebrity couple is know for gushing over each other in public and this seems to be spicing up things in private. Anyhow, the old adage does say the family that works together stays together…yes, that includes praying together.

The power couple have been working on Kenya’s first ever telenovela dubbed Maza, depicting the unfolding intrigues and drama of a once successful family whose strong bond is crushed by a best friend’s envy in one night..

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The show that is produced by Lulu Hassan features five main characters Dingo (husband), Lea (Wife), Maya (Daughter), Badi(Son) and Kate (Best friend to wife) through which the plot is realized using other supporting characters.

It flashes back 10 years ago when LEA, DINGO’s wife mysteriously disappears and never to be found or heard again. After years of an emotional roller-coaster, DINGO and his two kids MAYA and BADI must find closure; the court declares LEA officially dead but her cousin sister PILI suspects malice and she is not ready to let go of this matter that easily.

When LEA’s best friend, KATE visits, she is warmly appreciated and becomes the perfect replacement for LEA. Behind the scenes, the family lawyer, WAKILI and KATE have planned for years to settle for LEA’s wealth. Finally when the opportunity knocks, KATE wastes no time. But when she arrives into the mansion as DINGO’s wife, the dark aura that surrounds her – reveals itself. She is a dark witch…and so begins endless family trauma.

Maza is fourth of the 15 new local productions by Maisha Magic East to launch for the year 2017/2018.

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