Woman burned alive by her husband dies of respiratory complications

Lucy Nyira a mother of three who was receiving treatment for burns at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital has died from respiratory complications.

The 26-year-old mother was taken to the facility on Sunday and died at the facility on Friday morning after her husband poured parrafin on her and burned her alive.

Mburu said that Lucy Nyira sustained inner respiratory complications after she inhaled hot air before being rescued from the ignited petroleum fire.

“The mother of three had at least 25 per cent burns especially on her face, arms, legs, neck and head. Nyira passed on at 6 o’clock in the morning while receiving treatment at the facility,” said Mburu.

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Lucy Nyira

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Nyira, had traveled to Nairobi on Friday, September 28 to purchase goods for her business and returned on Saturday evening.

Nyira said that she had explained to her husband that she would arrive home late since she was stuck in traffic.

Bernard who is detained at Nakuru Prison as a remandee, had been taken to the facility for treatment since he also sustained minor burn injuries on his hands

“I had sent her to Nairobi to buy stock but arrived back home late. I asked her why she was late and started a bit of a quarrel. I’m not sure where the fire started from.

However, I had had bought the petrol when she travelled to Nairobi and was doing some work with it in the house,claimed Benard

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