Lovy Longomba opens up about mother vanishing after fathers death

Many of us have grown up knowing Logombas because they gave us hit song after hit song in the early 2000’s.

Next thing we saw was that Christian Logomba was ailing and his brother, Lovy Logomba is now a man of the church. We did not know much about their life.

Sadly, Christian passed away after battling a brain tumor and Lovy came to Kenya in tribute of his late brother.

Prophet Lovy has opened up on how he and his four siblings were orphaned at a very young age.

The loss of their dad was compounded by the arrest of their mother in Pakistan.

“When I was a little kid, at the age of 8, my father passed away. Everything I knew about life that day changed, I understood immediately what rejection means and what hard times are.

My siblings were cashed, my mother lost everything her own journey is an interesting story she was framed for something she did not do, she was put in jail.

My mother was a businesswoman she travelled, this was a few months after my father passed away. So we are little kids we have just lost our father, mom has vanished at some point we just thought she has kinda left us. But it was not so, she was framed and put away.” Lovy revealed during an Instagram live.

His mother was released 7 years later when he was 14 years old and that is when they got to know what really happened.

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I have produced for T.I, Akon and even Justin Bieber-Lovy Longomba claims

Many Kenyans might remember Lovy Longomba for his days as part of the legendary Longombas music duo but what they don’t realize is that his days in the singing booth are in the rearview if one looks at his current career path.

The man is now a Prophet. Yep, Lovy who has been in the USA for the last 16 years also revealed that he had produced songs for some of the top international artistes while there.

In a recent interview on K24, the singer explained why he had ditched secular music for the call of God?

”I was still producing music. I produced for many American artistes you all know like Iggy Azalea, T.I, Akon, Justin Bieber, a lot of them. I have been Grammy-nominated a few times just for producing. But the whole time, Christian was also going through his illness and stuff,” he said.

I came back home in honour of my brother – Lovy Longomba back in Kenya

He said that even though he was making secular music with his brother, everyone knew that he would do ministry at some point.

According to the singer, this transition happened during the period when his brother was also battling brain tumor.

Lovy also foreshadowed seeing his brother, Christian’s death saying, “Of course I did. Other people think not. Mungu aliniambia. Kwaivo mimi nilikuwa prepared. But nilijua. I shared with people around… Si unajua mimi ni propthet. So, Mungu ananizungumzia.”

The well-dressed Lovy who has Congolese heritage also revealed that his ministry is doing very well, so much so that he claims he lives in a posh area called Calabasas.

He alleged that he was neighbours with Kanye, Akon and Chris Brown. He said that he bought his church with Ksh 874,000,000!

He went further to say that he’s not only depending on the church for money, but he’s also an entrepreneur who ventured into real estate.

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Lovy Longomba finally meets with old friends Nameless and Wahu after 16 long years!

Lovy Longomba lost his brother Christian mid this month, something that has spurned him on to come and visit a country they both called home for a long time.

Lovy and his late brother were the famous members of the group, the Longombas that dominated the Kenyans charts with their catchy rimes and tunes.

The two took a hiatus and left the country more than a decade ago, with many wondering what had happened to them? But after Christian’s death, interest in the group was re-ignited and Lovy decided to visit Kenya, something he said that he and his brother had purposed to do later this year.

Fans and Celebrities mourn the death of Christian Longomba

Upon arriving in the country, the Prophet took to social media and revealed that it felt so good to be back home. ”It’s good to be home,’ he wrote.

In his memory, Lovy has kept the promise and has been traversing the country meeting old chums and pals. Some of the bigwigs that the musician turned pastor met included the likes of music giants Nameless and Wahu on Monday, whom he visited at their humble abode.

Nameless shared their sweet reunion on Instagram, with his caption reading, “Meanwhile was good to see @prophetlovy of longombaz today after Sooooo many years!! Was so good to remember the good old days of Ogopa tours and stage performance competition amongst the artists…hawa longombaz walikuwa wanasumbua kwa stage 😅😅😅.”

Not only that, the camera-friendly Lovy also met with singer Colonel Mustafa, showing that despite the time and the distance apart the two still had much love for each other.

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I came back home in honour of my brother – Lovy Longomba back in Kenya

There was a time that the group Longombas dominated the Kenyan music scene with songs like “Vuta Pumz”, “Dondosa’’, “Piga Makofi’’ and ‘’Shika More’’.

That time was in the mid-2000s when the group that consisted of 2 brothers, turned to gold. But a few years later they were just a memory as they both relocated to the USA, a fact that most Kenyans became aware of after one half of the duo passed on mid this month.

Christian, who was the younger of the two, died after a long struggle with a brain tumour. His brother Lovy, has decided to visit Kenya after 16 years, days after the burial of his brother in Los Angeles, California.

“I came back home in honor of my brother Christian. This trip was supposed to be made by me and him at some point this year but God had other plans.’’

While in Kenya, Lovy will be meeting with family and friends to pay their respects to Christian as well as sharing details of Christian’s final moments and wishes.

“It’s truly overwhelming. I must confess that the love we have received is so far healing us. Christian stood for his love for God, family and music. His unique voice like my late father Lovy Senior will be in the hearts of Kenyans forever.” said Lovy.

Will he be releasing any music? “It will take me some time to work on music again because my partner is no longer here with me. I need to heal. Christian was still writing with me even when he could not record. We have so many songs, maybe at some point I will put them out.”

But he said that he would be open to working with other Kenyan artists when the time is right.

Lovy said he was proud of the legacy the Longombas built during a defining moment in the Kenya music industry, “We pioneered and changed the sound of local music. We raised the standard so high when it came to performing and stage presence.”

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