How to politely cancel a date you don’t want to go on


Do you initially agree to a date, then last minute back out?

In the age of digital, we all make promises we have no intention of fulfilling.
So we ghost the individual rather than being woman enough and telling him.

So if you want to know how to cancel a date, here are pointers to use next time and save boy child some heart ache.

1. Decide if you should text or call

Do you want to see the person you’re ditching again? If your answer is yes, call them and be nice about the situation. If it was someone a friend hooked you up with, Text them..problem solved.


2. Apologize
Make sure that you begin your text or call with some form of apology. It shows that you’re aware of the inconvenience you are causing someone else, and you validate that their time, that you have totally wasted (he could have been with someone else).

Keep the apology short, and simple, no need to rumble on, he doesn’t have all the time in the world sis. It’s last minute inconveniences.

valentines datenight

3. Explain
Explain why you need to get out of plans. Did your shoe break and you hated the thought of going back home, then leaving again? Tell him if you are truly interested in him.

Perhaps you can mention that it put you in a bad mood and would make a really bad date. Ask for a raincheck.

Mothers always told us honesty is the best policy.



4. Reschedule

Be intentional to go out with him this time round. In fact take the initiative to plan the next date, so he is aware you are emotionally interested. Otherwise, your crush might think they’re getting dissed, rejected, or ghosted.

Do you have other ways you politely handle your situashionships? Drop them below, we will share.
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Mens thoughts on why women should keep the fire burning in marriage

Every woman longs to be appreciated, respected, and adored, but when her needs aren’t met within her marriage, she could be tempted to walk away.

All week on Classic 105, the topic of why a woman as young as 35 would chose to move on from her marriage elicited mixed reaction.

Maina Kageni sought to know from listeners:

Guys what are you doing to your women that she doesn’t care whether you go or not?

What are you doing to your women guys because by the time a woman asks a man to get a second wife, what is happening?


On tuesday a 35 year old woman disclosed that she is tired of her husband and is ok with him getting another wife. She feels nothing and doesn’t care if they both go away. ‘All I want for him isto be open and say he has someone else’ she insisted.


Many male callers responded slamming women saying they should do everything possible to ensure they hold their marriage together no matter what.

For instance this man who doesn’t have the guts to sit down and tell his woman what he wants:


 Maina why are you insinuating we are doing something to them? Wakati we started dating she even used to come to bed with lingerie, she used to run to the office reception to get her roses. All those nice little things that you did matter, don’t take it for granted. She doesn’t care anymore it has become like two roommates. Us men are very receptive, we like what you used to do back in the day, we like it, even if you feel old just do it.


Maina interjected asking

Why is it always her responsibility to keep the fire burning? Why is it that things are falling apart because of things she is not doing? Who told you that?

Popular and no nonsense fan Rtd Captain Kale was of the view that

Wife materials never call on a national radio and yap that she’s ready for her man to marry, she’ll support her man silently if at all he makes a decision to remarry, but she’ll never push him to do so.


There was also this man, charles maina who is sorry..not sorry. He said

Ladies be appreciative and supportive!! This everyday complaints makes men look for peace elsewhere, kila saa kelele #mainaandkingangi

Felix Agola(Mr President) also noted that

Maina this generation’s women are unable to handle we men so they must unite so us to be able to handle us and thats where marrying more than one wife comes in and this days they become best friends






One thing i vowed in my life I will never do is begging “skirt”, I did that once ile humiliation nilipata kama amechoka well and good giathi ni kinene



maina women are like that ukiona hivo ako na mpango wa kando that’s why she doesn’t care anymore #MainaAndKingangi

Sheillah Bahati..

Unfortunately in Kenya, a good wife according to many is the one who doesn’t have a voice.

You keep quiet on everything the man does. Some don’t even give room for a conversation to solve their issues.

Whatever’s the weirdest reason you have we want to hear it. Tell us in the comments section.

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The 9 types of guys that slide in a girls DM

Girls don’t entirely dismiss these fellas. The one could actually be here and make you a wife. Diana Marua and Bahati’s relationship began in the DM, so why completely block off sliders right?

Here is our list of 9 types of men will find all of them in every girl’s DMs.

 The persistent man who won’t give up

He is super eager. This one will flood women’s inboxes with unsolicited private nasty pics and will only share illicit content he finds online. He is usually very relentless and always ends up getting called out publicly, cussed out privately, blocked or sometimes, he gets a furious combination of all three.

The ex that saw your IG story and wants info

He saw a quote and thought you are referring to him. So he quickly slides in and I can actually hear your sigh girls! Whatever he says in the DM will always be super annoying to you.

Hi typa guy

He won’t speak to you in person if you know each other. So what’s his deal? He just wants to say ‘Hi’, nothing else.


This one types all the time like he never has time to converse.

He’ll abbreviate even a two-letter word. He’s  the one that changes the word from ‘OK’ to ‘K,’ forgetting that OK is itself an abbreviation already!

Depending on the babe in question, though, this guy may not be that bad.

The guy who wants you to rep for him

Maybe he is a budding musician, poet or whatever field he is. Whoever he is, he wants something from you. He’s looking for help making money or getting Insta famous and he thinks that reaching out to you might be the best way to do it. You and the many other women he’s reaching out to on Instagram, that is.

The guy with the girlfriend, wife

Is he crossing the line are some of the thoughts that will cross your mind, more so if you are in the same social setting. How do you handle this?

 Boyfriend material

These are the guys that every babe expects when they say “you can slide into my DM.”

This guy says hi in a decent way and strikes mature and smart conversations. He’s witty, makes you laugh. Drops good comments on your pictures, sends funny memes to you, but also educational ones and posts about stuff he thinks you may like.

Many times, they’re so sleek that you’ll be the offering your Whatsapp number, and asking for a meet up.

This doesn’t end well all the times though.

 He is just Persistent

It does not matter how many times you say no to this one, he won’t go away. He has decided, just by viewing your Instagram feed, that he loves you and he wants to date you.

No matter how long or how hard you say no, he won’t be dissuaded.

 The angry guy

He gets angry when you refuse to reply his messages or say yes to him. He switches up from the good guy act he had when he was hopeful of a relationship and begins to call you names and all sorts the moment you reject him.

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Pilot intentionally crashes plane to kill wife at baby shower



– Charl Viljoen is said to have stormed out of a club house and stolen a small plane

– He allegedly made fly-pasts and a threatening phone call leading guests to flee

– Footage showed the plane crashing in a huge fireball, in which he died

A pilot died in a horrific fireball after crashing a plane into a club in Botswana in an apparent bid to kill his wife after a row.

Charl Viljoen, a pilot with Kalahari Air Services, is said to have stormed out of the club house where his wife was attending a baby shower before stealing a small aircraft.

He allegedly made a number of threatening fly-pasts and a menacing phone call to someone at the club, prompting guests to flee for safety.

Footage showed the plane flying barely above the ground before it crashed into the venue near Mochudi, Botswana, close to the country’s border with South Africa.

The pilot was killed but his wife, Natasha Viljoen, and other guests were unharmed after they had grown suspicious and left the club house.

One witness told The Citizen: ‘They had a party at Matsieng, a baby shower, and that’s one of the Kalahari Air Services pilots and he had a fight with his wife there.

‘He actually hit his wife, and everybody told him to f**k off because you don’t treat a woman like that.’

The Matsieng flying club in Botswana said the pilot had been an ‘uninvited guest’ at the function in its aerodrome.

They said he had made ‘a number of low level fly pasts’, sparking fears for the guests’ safety and prompting them to evacuate the club.

It is also claimed he had called a friend at the party while he was in the cockpit and asked if his wife was still there.

He then made an ‘extreme low level run’ in which the aircraft crashed into the club house, destroying the building and traffic control tower and killing him.

The club added that they believed the pilot ‘had no permission to fly the aircraft involved.’

The fire resulting from the crash also destroyed 13 vehicles which were parked nearby but nobody else was injured, the club said.

The plane involved was described as a 2016 Beechcraft Kingair B200 aircraft A2-MBM.


How man plotted to kidnap, kill mistresses unborn baby after she became pregnant by another man 


A married Harvard-trained cardiologist has been accused of having his mistress’ baby killed after she became pregnant by another man.

Dr Vignendra Ariyarajah has been charged with criminally negligent homicide, manslaughter, and assault.

He allegedly hired two people, whose names have not been released, to trap his mistress Paul Marie Raymond, 30, in a Brooklyn home and torture her for days.

The co-conspirators, a man and a woman, allegedly starved Raymond and gave her water only through a syringe on Ariyarajah’s instructions.

Sources said they induced Raymond, who was seven-and-a-half months pregnant, with fentanyl and PCP in their efforts to kill the baby boy.

Meanwhile, Ariyarajah and his wife were on a ski vacation in Montana, according to the New York Post.

Raymond suffered through a prolonged labor for four days before the baby was born alive on December 24, 2016.

The boy died hours later of an infection and lack of medical intervention, according to the autopsy report.

The child tested positive for both fentanyl and PCP.

Authorities believe that Ariyarajah was in contact with his co-conspirators throughout the horrific ordeal and instructed them to administer the drugs.

He also allegedly told the pair not to give Raymond ‘any food and to only administer juice or water through a syringe’.

On the night before her child died, Raymond briefly managed to flee the apartment.

But one of the co-conspirators followed her and forced her to return.

The next day they called 911 after realizing her condition was rapidly deteriorating. Ariyarajah allegedly forced them to cancel it, but the paramedics still showed up.

By that point Raymond had already given birth and the newborn baby boy was lying on the bed. His umbilical cord was still attached.

Raymond had chemical burns to her face and torn-off fingernails. There were also marks to her arms and legs suggesting she had been bound by a kind of rope or cord.

Ariyarajah was charged last month after one of his co-conspirators began cooperating with authorities.

The cardiologist, who supported Raymond financially, was allegedly very controlling.

When she left and became pregnant by another man, Ariyarajah pressured her to leave him, a law enforcement source told the Post.


Mombasa man commits suicide after stabbing wife severally

A Mombasa man hang himself, after stabbing his wife multiple times all over her body.

Police in Changamwe area in Mombasa are investigating the incident that took place last night.

Confirming the incident, Changamwe Police boss Peter Omanwa said it was due to a domestic dispute but are investigating further on the incident.

The woman is nursing injuries at the Coast General Hospital as the body of the man was taken to the mortuary.

Wife cuts off cheating husbands cassava, beats him with frying pan



Body of missing Nation employee found at city mortuary

Omanwa said that

“We were called by residents and on reaching the scene we found a woman who had stab wounds all over her body due to a domestic quarrel.

The man who committed the crime was only  identified as Dan.

She was taken to Coast General hospital later we received reports about a man who had committed suicide.


On reaching the scene we found out that the same man who had assaulted the wife was the one who had died.

We took the body to the mortuary but we are still trying to investigate why Dan  stabbed his wife and why he took his own life in such a cruel manner.

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