Woman Discovers Secret Weapon To Lure Men Into Loving Her

The scent we give off – chemicals known as pheromones – are believed to play a big role in attraction.

One woman has gone to extremes to put this to test: by using her own vaginal secretions as an aphrodisiac perfume to attract men.

After carrying out some research into how, writer Allison Ramirez discovered ‘you basically just have to stick a finger down there and then use said finger to dab your “natural perfume” on your pulse points.’

According to the history books, this was a method of seduction used by courtesans of medieval Europe, who spritzed their vaginal secretions behind their ears and necks and on their chests.


But Allison felt this was ‘a bit uncivilized’ and enlisted the help of a perfume maker to create her own personalised scent.

The ’20-something’ social media manager tested the product on a string of dates and was pleasantly surprised to find it worked. One romantic encounter ended with a smooch in a photo booth and another led to a text to meet up again.

Here she reveals in more detail all about her encounters armed with her ‘secret weapon’.

The Los Angles journalist, who carried  as part of an experiment for a Cosmopolitan feature, consulted with Saskia Wilson-Brown, the founder and director of the Institute for Art and Olfaction, who runs perfume making workshops.

She told her that essential oils rose, cinnamon, aniseed, and benzoin have aphrodisiac qualities and could work mixed with her womanly juices.

However, she warned that ‘body fluids and sweat are not stable, and probably wouldn’t do well in a formula’.

Saskia also informed her scents like pumpkin pie, lavender, licorice, and doughnuts have been found to increase blood flow to a man’s erection in a study carried out by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago.

In the end, Allison settled on creating a sweet-smelling scent of her vagina secretions mixed with cedar, rose and civette.

black-woman-socializing-pf-378x338Armed with her ‘secret weapon’, Allison then tested out her new perfume by going out on dates.

On the first night, she met up with an old friend and ended up sharing a drunken kiss with him in a photo booth.

‘Then all of a sudden, teeth!’ she wrote. ‘It was funny, but it also kind of hurt.’

She says he replied: ‘I can’t help it. It’s that scent you have.’

Allison added: ‘The rest of the night was a blur, but his comment and actions were a pretty good indicator that my perfume was working.’

The next day she reported reapplying the purfume and visiting a McDonald’s, where she says ‘the cashier was a little nicer to me than normal’.

‘He usually rings me up without speaking to me, and this time I got a smile,’ she explained.

Days later, Allison wore her scent for a date with a friend of a friend.

She revealed he didn’t say or do anything during the date to indicate the perfume had worked but he did text her later saying he had fun and asking her out again.


87-Year-Old Senator Marries A Woman Fit To Be His Daughter (PHOTOS)

They say age is just but a number and I agree with that.

An 87-year-old Senator Cyrus Nunieh recently married a younger woman fit to be his daughter (Rosemary  Ijeoma) in a colourful wedding ceremony that was held in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Cyrus Nunieh, who is a lawyer and former lawmaker left many wagging tongues after photos of his wedding went viral.

During their wedding day, Cyrus Nunieh confessed  that he was tired of being lonely since after his wife died in 1991 and that’s why he decided to re-marry at least to have a companion.

The old grandpa has come out to defend his wife after she was criticised for marrying him (a man older than her).

“I cannot continue to stay alone. I love her and she loves me. We understand each other and she is also intelligent. In marriage, there are advantages somewhere and disadvantages in other areas.

There is no limitation in age. Some may say you are old; you may soon die. But some were dead even before they were born. Some were one year or two years old and they die. Death is not always dependent upon a man’s age.

You know that rose is the best of all flowers and we have two Marys in the Bible; we have Mary, the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene,” he said in an interview with a local blog.

Cyrus Nunieh is besotted with his wife and he described her as an intelligent and charming woman.

“She too (Rosemary) is a believer of the Bible. But why are you particular about her age? She is not an infant. She is a very charming woman,” he added.

Here are photos from Cyrus and Rosemary Nunieh’s wedding


Cyrus Nunieh


Cyrus Nunieh


Cyrus Nunieh


Cyrus Nunieh



Cyrus Nunieh


Cyrus Nunieh


Cyrus Nunieh



Man kills self after second wife abandons him at first wife’s house

A jilted man in Piny Owacho village, Uriri subcounty, committed suicide in his first wife’s house after his second wife left him.

Eric Odii was pronounced dead on arrival in hospital on Friday.

His brother, Landi Oganyo, said he confessed to taking poison when they found him writhing in pain. He refused to reveal which poison he had ingested.

Area assistant chief Juliet Atieno said the first wife found the cup which her husband is suspected to have used to take the poison.

The Star/Manuel Odeny

Love Is Blind! Kenyan Woman Narrates How She Fell In Love With A Chinese Man..Very Beautiful!

Tribalism, racism are just some of the major challenges people face especially when it comes to relationships.

Many are forbidden by their families from marrying from different tribes and even races but as the days go by, it seems things are changing and our families are becoming more open to intermarrying from different cultures.

Well, a Kenyan lady recently left many shocked after she revealed how she fell in love with a Chinese man.

According to the woman, just like any other woman, the idea of marrying a Chinese man never crossed her mind but one day, things happened.

Here is here full story;

“The idea of dating or marrying a Chinese man never really crossed my mind before until when they came to our area. That’s probably the last thing you expected to hear from a Kenyan woman, but it’s true.

I draw a blank on Chinese men, apart from one simple thing. I assumed they weren’t dating material for me, and I wasn’t alone.

It made sense to me. I had only ever forged friendships with foreign Asian men at the university, feeling romance was never a possibility and had yet to move past “Hello” with any of the Chinese men at work, who almost never noticed when I smiled or waved at them while passing by. I never saw black women dating Asian men on television or in the movies. It was as if the universe decreed that there was a racial and cultural line that I was never meant to cross if I wanted to find love.

But a little over a month after this Chinese company settled in my area, Yao came into my life, I remember that day he was dressed in a black leather jacket. When my heart raced after our first dinner together, I thought it was just another youthful crush, a mistaken flirtation. Yet as Yao and I spent more time together, I realized that I loved him deeply – and that he reciprocated my feelings.

My relationship with Yao didn’t last, but he ultimately opened my heart up to the possibility of marrying someone from China. It took me a couple of date nights to realize that my assumptions about dating a Chinese – about dating Asian men overall — were a lie.

My relationship with Yao taught me that love can happen anywhere, as long as you let your heart entertain every possibility of happiness, even the happiness least expected.

Of course, dating and loving a Chinese is a different experience from Kenya. I’ve discovered that, when it comes to loving a Chinese man, actions matter much more than the typical ways that Kenyans show their love. Unlike in Kenya, where it’s common for couples to bond over swapping “war stories” of past relationships, my husband prefers not to discuss my past or his. I’ve found that meeting the parents, something that sometimes never happens in Kenya is a big deal in China and means you’re serious, which is why my husband waited over a half a year to take me home with him. These differences remind me that there’s not necessarily one right way to love someone, and they’ve opened me up to new perspectives on what it means to be in a relationship and a marriage.

By the time I met Jun in 2016, I had already imagined a Chinese husband in my future. After all, I had never felt more alive with anyone than a Chinese man or anywhere than in China, a country that ignited my passion for foreign languages and writing. I realized that a new reality made sense to me – calling someone from China my family. With the encouragement of a mutual friend, I found myself falling in love with Jun’s gentle personality, his handsome looks reminiscent of the famous Chinese diver Tian Liang, his interest in existential philosophy, his dreams of a future in service to humanity, and the way he made me laugh again and again. He was perfect for me and still is.

Sometimes, the best things in life come about when you’re willing to transcend your past and embrace a completely different future…or husband.”

This article originally appeared HERE


A list of things spouses would change about their partner

Wives want to change four things about their husbands… but husbands would change SIX things about their wives!

A survey of married couples found that mood swings were the thing wives would most like to change in a partner.

A survey of married couples gave a revealing insight into the daily gripes couples share with each other, including men being less grumpy and wives being more affectionate

A survey of married couples gave a revealing insight into the daily gripes couples share with each other, including men being less grumpy and wives being more affectionate

However, it seems men have a longer list of demands. Given the chance, husbands would change an average of six things about their partners, while women would only change four, the poll reveals.

For women, 35 per cent would make their partner less grumpy, while 30 per cent want them to be better listeners. Putting an end to bad habits is on the wish list for a quarter of wives – and the same number would like their husbands to become more appreciative.

For men, the top request for almost one in four was for their spouse to be more affectionate, while 22 per cent wished their other half was happier. One in five wanted their wives to be more adventurous in the bedroom. Overall, while the majority were happy in their marriage 13 per cent said they were unsure if they had ended up with the right person.

‘It appears that men would be less grumpy if they were given more affection and more adventurous sex, while women would be happier if men listened more and stopped their bad habits.

‘Regardless of the difference in complaints from both genders, the old relationship rules still apply – to try to listen to each other, to meet in the middle, and to show each other kindness, patience and respect.’

The survey of 1,500 couples by polling firm Ginger Research found that men wanted their wives to ‘dress sexier’, stop watching ‘bad TV programmes’, be more into sport and forget obsessing about their weight.

Women, however, wished their spouses would drink less, help more with chores, get rid of their beer belly and put the loo seat down. They also wanted to change their husband’s height, facial hair – and table manners.

Read more: dailymail

Bebe Cool’s wife shares a favorite moment from their wedding 14 years ago

It’s been 14 years since Uganda ragga singer Bebe Cool and his wife walked down the aisle to say ‘I Do’.

The couple shared a sweet throwback photo from their wedding, and the simplicity of the ceremony has impressed their fans.

The two love-birds tied the knot in a prviate event attended only by their bestman and maid of honor. The couple didn’t have the fancy attire we see many celebrities wearing for their nuptials today.


One can see Bebe Cool sporting his dreadlocks, while Zuena his wife was also wearing an ordinary dress.

Read whats he posted for their walk down memory lane and see photos of their big day, that will prove to you love is real.

bebe cool tbt wedding pics

bebe cool tbt wedding photo


Before the kids was us….Musa & Zuena.12-09-2003 was the day we said i do at Crane Chambers in a civil wedding,we are celebrating 14 years in marriage and we can’t hide our excitement.

We were so young but this Rasta man guided me to the right path and groomed me to the wife & mother i am today.
My Rasta man promised heaven on earth and am glad he has delivered 90% of what he promised,most of all this Rasta has protected me,taken care of me in all aspects and he’s one person i know that can take a bullet for me.

Am the kind that will complain on unnecessary spending be it on myself but when it comes to me he’ll do anything to put a smile on my face.

He keeps telling me he wants another wedding with me in a proper gown 👰🏻🙈 but we’ll see about that.
As we celebrate 14yrs in marriage with 5 kids & another on the way,all i ask Allah is to keep guiding & protecting us,grant us good health,lead our children in the right path of praising & serving Allah & most of all grant us long lives on this earth.

Ps.check out my matron Nelly Blossom & his best man Rama P all in our casual outfits 😂😂😂

Happy Anniversary my love Bebe Cool


Pepo Mbaya! Kenyan University Student Commits Suicide After Suspecting Her Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her (Photos)

On 10th September, the world marked the annual Suicide Prevention Day and since then, we have lost more lives.

Many including motivational speaker Catherine Njeri, fitness trainer Jame Mukami came out to share their horrifying stories hoping to reach out with a positive message to those with suicidal thoughts, but it seems a lot needs to be done. As a country, we need to create awareness on this special day.








Well, a  22-year-old Kabianga University student Hellen Nyambura Kinyanjui has committed suicide in a suspected love triangle. The fourth-year student was on Wednesday found hanging from a rope tied to the roof of her rented house at Chepnyogaa trading centre, Kericho county.

Kabianga University

Ms Nyambura, who was pursuing a degree in Communication and Public Relations, suspected that her boyfriend was cheating on her hence she decided to commit suicide.

“She was emotional and easily moved by happenings”, said Nyambura’s close friend who didn’t want to be named.

Ms Mary Masitsa, an alumni of Kabianga university who lives in the area where the late used to stay, told the Nation that Ms Nyambura left an unfinished meal thought to have been prepared before she committed suicide.

“She was a first born in a family of four and a mother of one girl”, said Ms Masitsa.

Adding that Ms Nyambura has been suicidal and she first attempted to take her life while still in second year.

“She is said to have attempted suicide while in second year.”


The Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) of the area Ferald Mbae said Nyambura’s body was discovered after her neighbours reported a foul smell emanating from her house.

“Nyambura’s neighbours reported that a smell of a decomposing body was emanating from her house, and that flies were many in her house, which had been locked from the inside. Police broke her door to gain entry into the house, where they found her hanging from a manila rope tied to the roof,” said Mbae.


“She had no other injuries other than those caused by the nylon rope around her neck. Initial reports point to romantic relationship ‘problems but we are still investigating the circumstances under which she took her life.”

This comes barely a week after a man killed his lover in Molo and later committed suicide.

Here are photos of Ms Nyambura


Hellen Nyambura Kinyanjui


Hellen Nyambura Kinyanjui
Right : Past photo of Hellen Nyambura Kinyanjui and Left; her body transferred to the mortuary (Left)

Father of four drinks poison as kids watch after quarrel

Residents of a village in Gigil are in shock after a father of four committed suicide following a domestic quarrel with the wife.

The man said to be a carpenter, drunk a farm chemical in Nagum village as his children watched and was pronounced dead on arrival at a nearby health center.

The man had earlier in the day travelled from Gilgil town to the village where the family resides before he decided to take his life in unclear circumstances.

A neighbor Johnston Kirathe told how they were attracted to the home by screams ,only to find the man in pain and writhing on the ground.

He said that efforts to rush him to hospital were thwarted by lack of a vehicle adding that it took over an hour for the man to get medical services.

“He passed on while undergoing treatment in the local health center and the body has been taken to Gilgil hospital mortuary,” he said.

Meanwhile, scores of workers involved in the construction of the SGR in Mai Mahiu Naivasha were injured after they clashed with local youths over employment opportunities.

At one point, the group blocked the busy Mai Mahiu-Narok highway before riot police officers moved in and contained the situation.

During the incident, the irate youths attacked the workers saying they were the reason for their unemployment in the area.

One of the youths Patrick Kamau said the Chinese contractor involved in the construction had decided to hire youths from other areas without considering them.

Kamau said all the workers who were working on the Nairobi-Mombasa SGR line had been brought to work for the second phase, a move he termed as wrong.

“We are perturbed by this latest move by the contractor because we agreed earlier on that youths from this area would be considered for employment once the works begin,” he said.

Mai Mahiu OCS Ezra Sambu said all the youths who were attacked were safe adding that security had been intensified at the SGR sites.

“We were alerted that there was commotion and our officers acted fast and saved the situation and we have also enhanced patrols to ensure safety for all those working at the sites,” he said.

Comedian confesses he was blinded into marrying his wife for her curves and their marriage is over

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder or so the saying goes.

One popular comedian has found himself in a rather awkward situation, after admitting something about his wife.

The Ghanaian comedian named Benson Nana Yawoduro aka Funny face admitted in an interview with the country’s UTV’s Wofa Kwesi, that he married his wife because of her big hips and backside.

ghanian comedian

Yes the man is secretary general of team mafisi, and his marriage has failed  because he is thirsty.

He was consumed with his wifes well endowed buttocks and blames her for ending their marriage.

He is quoted as saying: ‘I didn’t do my homework well before marrying her, adding that her big buttocks pushed me into marrying her’.

People also whispered to him that she could be seeing other men prompting his to spring into action.

He installed a car tracker in her vehicle over the suspicion she was cheating on him. What he discovered almost made him commit suicide but he restrained himself.


He said: ‘What I’ve been through is worse then killing. I’ve moved on…but I’m hurt, because of the lies people are peddling about me’.


Meet Mutula Kilonzo Junior’s Gorgeous Wifey! (PHOTO)

When it comes to his private life, little is known about Makueni County Senator, Mutula Kilonzo Jnr, the son of the late Mutula Kilonzo and brother to lawyer Kethi Kilonzo.

Kilonzo jnr won the senatorial seat after a by election following the demise of his father in 2013. He went on to retain the position in the 2017 general elections.

But what many do not know is that he is a family man. He is married and is a proud father of two kids, a part of his life he has managed to keep under wraps.

However, on Thursday Kenyans got to finally see Mutula’s wife and my! she is gorgeous.

This happened when Mrs. Mutula, who goes by the name Anita Mutula jnr on Twitter, shared a cute selfie photo of her and her hubby in the senate chambers, congratulating her husband during the swearing in of elected members of both houses (Senate and parliament).

My hearty Congratulations on your 2nd swearing in! Proud of you love. May wisdom guide you throughout the term. God bless 🙏

Read Anita’s tweet alongside a photo of the two.

Check out the photo below.

anita mutula

The post attracted a number of reactions from his followers who like many of us had never seen his wife.

Ralph Ngugi: Senator we can see your stronghold😍😍😍😍

Tona Antonet: Wooow..such a nice couple😘😘Congrats to him Mr senator

Gilbert Kaunda: Heeeee kumbe you’ve a very beautiful wife

Nolle Prose: Am happy for him,he s a mentor n inspire….congrats junior

Jp Owade: A very sober legislator. Keep up the great work sir. Congratulations

John Muia: My Senator!! Apart from politics and your landslide win in Makueni!! Hata wewe umejishindia. “Mundu ekawa undu wikaa!!” Shinda Ushinde.

The Sh100 Wedding Couple Had The Cutest Baby Shower and You Must Check Out The Photos

Wilson Mutura and his wife Anne Muhonja made headlines after their 100 bob wedding, which was held at the Community Christian Worship Church in Kasarani on Sunday, January 22, generated interest.

Their simplistic life and pure love for each other touched  many.

100 bob couple
Wilson Mutura and his wife Anne Muhonja during their first wedding at a church in Kasarani


This saw top corporates scramble to get the 100 bob wedding couple a top notch wedding and a few days after their simple wedding, they held a multi-million shilling wedding which cost Sh3.5 million. Some other gifts thrown their way was an-all-expense paid honeymoon in Diani, a greenhouse worth Sh1 million, and cash that saw them start a ‘mall’ in Kasarani among other goodies.

Apparently, the two had planned to tie the knot in December 2016 and all their church members were looking forward to it.


Wilson, who was employed as a fruit seller at Kasarani area didn’t know that this would ever happen in his life.

He was passionate about everything he did, from his job to serving the church as a choir member at least according to social media activist Ndungu Nyoro’s post which read;


Mutura also thanked God for everything that happened in his life.

“God is always faithful. A Mighty Father,” said wILSON.

Well, the young couple has been living happily ever after and Anne is heavily pregnant with their first child. The excited Mutura has been sharing photos on social media just to give us a glimpse into their everyday life.







100 bob couple






Anne Muhonja, Wilson Mutura’s wife

Over the weekend, Bonfire Adventures threw a mega baby shower party for Anne Muhonja and anytime from now, the 100 bob wedding couple are expected to welcome their bundle of joy.

Here is a photo from Muhonja’s baby shower

Wilson Mutura
100 bob wedding couple’s baby shower

Can you spot the father of this child? (Photo)

A photo of a man, his wife, a pastor and a little boy is generating very interesting remarks. Have you seen it? Check it out below, including hilarious meme’s.

In a separate video, the pastor is commenting how his prayers have helped the man and his wife conceive after years of being childless.

The husband has a wide grin on his face, perhaps it’s about the sheer joy at finally having a male child to mentor. But everyone on social media has noted one minor detail about the babys looks.

Everyone, like literally everyone is saying the healthy baby boy resembles the pastor.

The other question on people’s minds is if the poor husband has noticed the close resemblance of his son to the pastor. Perhaps he doesn’t care, as he finally has a child to call his own?

Anyway have a look at one funny meme about this photo. It’s hilarious and will crack your ribs if your having a bad day;


What do you think?


I’m In Love With This Man I Stalk On Facebook. How Do I Tell Him? Confesses City Woman

Do you currently stalk or have you ever followed your crush online, spying on their feed just to know what they are upto? I know alot of us do, but won’t confess.

Alot of relationships have been established on social media, and others have been destroyed by it. But this hasn’t deterred one city woman from proudly declaring that she has been eyeing someone on Facebook.

A lady took to social media to narrate  how she is confused about what to do after crushing on a guy on Facebook.

She has been crushing on him for sometime now, about five months and has been stalking him on Instagram and Facebook.

She says she has about 20 screenshots of him on her phone after checking out his profile, but she does not know how to go about it. She wonders if she should tell the guy or not.

Her confession is that she had sent him a “hi” message before but he did not reply and that left her feeling very bad and she is confused not knowing whether the guy will feel like she is a gold digger or maybe that’s how she goes crushing on different guys online.

“I have never felt this way before. I don’t even understand it”. She said

Here is her message:


Dear Classic 105 fam, what would you advice her to do?

Dear Kenyan Men, Here Are 8 Characteristics Of A Wife Or Girlfriend Who Doesn’t Care About Your Future

Every man dreams of dating or marrying that educated, well-mannered career woman. There are some who are lucky to get the woman of their dreams but others fall for the bad ones.

Well, here are the characteristics of a girlfriend or wife who doesn’t care about your future!

1. You send her 250 airtime bado anatuma please call me

My brother if she is this type then you’re not her number one priority. Why send her airtime than she calls other men who don’t even give her a single cent? She is just using you.

2. She asks for Sh1500 for her hair, you give her 2k bado anaitisha fare

Are you insane? Some will even go to that local salon get their hair done for as low as 500/- use matatus and spend the balance to buy guarana.

shocked dog

3. You send her 2k via Mpesa bado anaitisha ya kutoa.

She doesn’t appreciate the little things you do for her. Dump her bro. She is not wife material.

Kenyan Sponsors vs Mafisi

4. You have 1k in your wallet and the fare for two people is 100 and she has 200 bob in her purse and she can’t save the matatu conductor the hustle of looking for change by paying.

Clearly, your wife’s money is not yours yet yours is for both of you.

Stingy Person


5. You take her out for lunch, you spent 2k for lunch bado anaitisha taxi

Some women want to live large yet they are very poor. Why ask for a taxi yet you commute from place to place using matatus? She asks for a taxi so that she can document the whole journey on Instagram and Snapchat. Dear men, if your wife or girlfriend demands alot please allow her to leave. Why die of stress?

6. You take her for shopping, you walk along 4 aisles and you are done with your shopping, she traverses the whole super market for her shopping.

If she does this she is nothing but an attention seeker. They will always take photos in every corner of the store/supermarket just to show the whole world that she went shopping. Do you want to settle down with a socialite? Clearly NOT!


7. You promise her 2k for her hair and she creates an album of all the promises you’ve made complete with a hit single reminding you of her hair money. Some become alarms.

8. She wants pizza every weekend which costs Sh1500 yet a bag of cement costs 750. Hizo ni bags mbili za foundation ya nyumba anararua per week. At the end of the month ameangusha foundation ya nyumba by 8 bags of cement.


City Man Wows Many after Disclosing His Wife Doesn’t Let Him Take Care Of The Family’s Monthly Bills

Gone are the days when women used to stay at home and wait for their husbands to cater for the needs of their family. Women nowadays are taking up the role of the head of the family. They hustle hard for their children and even for their husbands.

Well, a city husband has taken many by surprise after he revealed that his wife is the one who foots the bills. This is so unlike many women who always confess that they cannot share a dime with their husbands, insisting men are the head of the family and should take care of all the bills.

According to this husband, his wife is from a wealthy family and she never allows him to use his salary. She foots all the bills. So she has requested him to quit his job and stay at home to take care of their children. But he is confused on whether to follow his wife’s advice or not.

“My wife is from a very rich family. I knew what I went through before I could marry her, because they felt I was a gold digger. I just earn 150k and I have been managing it with my family.

My father-in-law just gave my wife a good paying job with 820k every month, that is her monthly income apart from allowances. He said he is more comfortable with his daughter’s financial security in case anything happens to him tomorrow.

Life has been good to us, my wife does not even allow me to touch my salary, she even adds to it. Now we have been changing baby sitters because of one funny behaviour or the other. My love for kids is out of this world. So my wife suggested I quit my job and stay home with our kids since my salary is practically doing nothing.

She also said she will be dividing her salary into 2, every month she gives me 400k to do my manly things, or if I am not comfortable we run a joint account. It sounds nice but I need to be sure I am not making a terrible mistake I will regret in the long run. I need your opinion. What do you all think about this idea.”

Check out the reactions

Biola: Don’t leave your job

Lazarus: Don’t even try it, where is your pride as a man? Even if its a 2 naira job pls stick to it, else you will start washing pant, you sound like a lazy man to even consider it

Juli: No matter how small ur income is…… Is better den depending on your wife cos she won’t respect you… don’t leave your job

Dan: Bros that job is your power, don’t even compromise by quitting your job just because your wife earns way more, and makes you feel its a reasonable thing to do under the circumstance, you are the man, you call the shots. Her dad didn’t give you that job, she didn’t give you the job, that’s your only power, don’t lose it.

Aime: Don’t… It’s a trap… She’ll treat you like shut later on when she’s tired… Just manage while you look for a better job somewhere else

Okila: U’ll be less of a man, no matter how small your income is,u are doing something. ….don’t do it, u’ll actually turn to that gold digger

Loly: Dear husband, you had better not quit your job cause of woman&love for money,stay focus&glued with your job like never before

Duni: Bros, do not quit your job for whatever excuse, be the man of the house and please, be in charge too.

Neil: I must commend your wife for her kind suggestion but I will advise to keep joy job or else you will lose your self-esteem. It means you will be at the mercy of your wife when she refuses to provide.

Renee: Please don’t quit your job. Your the man of the house no matter how little you earn.

Phoenix: Quitting your job will be the biggest mistake you will ever make in your life…. Women can never handle a man’s responsibility and still respect the man in a long run…. my brother be wise keep your job, work hard God will bless you with what you are doing.

Sylvia: You need to be a man uncle, have your financial freedom and stop depending your wife

Proud man shows off his heavily pregnant WIVES And The Internet Isn’t Happy (Photo)

Dunia ina mambo kweli.

A photo of a man and his two heavily pregnant wives has surfaced, making many social media users question what is going on in the minds of the two women.

The unnamed man seems to be at a photoshoot with his wives, and they do look pretty stunning..the baby bumps I mean..

While many husbands chose to hide their mpango wa kando’s, this man has decided to embrace them, and his look in the photoshoot tell us so.

Check out the photo below, and how the internet reacted harshly.



doseofsoulthey …look like they not feeling it 💀
mylifeilivein..My friend had that. They gave birth in between a week to the babys and now the guy is married to someonw else
[email protected]…… i though that was hum when i first look! Ressemblance is crazy
[email protected] wtf 😂😂😂
[email protected]… a problèm
[email protected]_cue 😂😂😂guettons life
my_girls_mama…Un believable!
memzahbee…And they not pulling each others hair .
[email protected]… do the woman in histoire left lookshappy
krishashanie.pow….Classic case of women who haven’t discovered their worth or have lost their worth.
[email protected] 😂😂😂😂😂
[email protected] 💯💯💯
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Disagreeing about babies’ bedtime creates tension between parents – and may even lead to divorce

Disagreeing about babies’ bedtimes creates tension between parents, which could lead to separation, new research suggests.

Mothers with strong opinions on how to tend to infants crying in the night can cause couples to question their parenting, a study found.

This may then lead to drifts in the relationship if they feel unsupported in their decision, the research adds.

Mothers generally have stronger beliefs about how to respond to nighttime crying than fathers, but both opinions lessen as the child ages, the study found.

Study author Jonathan Reader from Pennsylvania State University, said: ‘Because the mothers were the more active ones during the night, if they’re not feeling supported in their decisions, then it creates more of a drift in the co-parenting relationship.’

Disagreeing about babies' bedtimes creates tension between parents (stock)


Mothers with postnatal depression are more likely to have difficult children, research revealed last month.

Sufferers of the mental health condition who are insensitive towards their children are more likely to have youngsters with difficult temperaments, a study found.

Researchers believe mothers who respond to their children’s needs, even if they are battling depression, teach their youngsters how to regulate negative emotions.

Families with effective communication where everyone is involved in raising the children may also aid infant’s self-regulation, they found.

Lead author Dr Stephanie Parade from Brown University, said: ‘Maternal postpartum depression was only associated with persistently difficult infant temperament. This work underscores the importance of supporting families in the postpartum period.’

How the study was carried out 

The researchers asked 167 mothers and 155 fathers how they felt about attending to their baby in the middle of the night when the infant was one, three, six, nine and 12 months old.

For example, they were asked to what extent they agree with statements like: ‘My child will feel abandoned if I don’t respond immediately to his/her cries at night.’

They were also asked to respond to statements relating to co-parenting, such as: ‘My partner and I have the same goals for our child.’

‘Not feeling supported creates a drift’ 

Results reveal mothers who have strong opinions on how to tend to babies crying in the night can cause couples to question their parenting, which may create drifts in the relationship.

Mothers generally have stronger beliefs about how to respond to nighttime crying than fathers, but both opinions lessen as the child ages.

Mr Reader said: ‘During the study, we saw that in general mothers were much more active at night with the baby than the fathers were.

‘So perhaps because the mothers were the more active ones during the night, if they’re not feeling supported in their decisions, then it creates more of a drift in the co-parenting relationship.’

Mothers generally have stronger beliefs about how to respond to nighttime crying

‘Have these conversations early and upfront’ 

The researchers believe their findings highlight the importance of communication between parents.

Mr Reader said: ‘It’s important to have these conversations early and upfront, so when it’s 3 am and the baby’s crying, both parents are on the same page about how they’re going to respond. Constant communication is really important.

Study author Professor Douglas Teti adds the health and wellbeing of parents is just as important as that of children.

He said: ‘What we seem to be finding is that it’s not so much whether the babies are sleeping through the night, or how the parents decide to do bedtime, but more about how the parents are reacting and if they’re stressed.

‘That seems to be much more important than whether you co-sleep or don’t co-sleep, or whatever you choose to do. Whatever you decide, just make sure you and your partner are on the same page.

‘We want to learn more about how to put families in a position where they know that not every baby will be sleeping on their own by three months, and that’s okay.

‘Most kids learn how to go to sleep eventually. Parenting has a lot to do with it.

The findings were published in the Journal of Family Psychology.

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Does your partner mock you or give backhanded compliments? It could be abuse: Expert reveals 14 signs of emotional abuse even smart people miss

Does your partner mock you, ignore you or control what you wear?  

Emotional abuse can be creep into your relationship and gradually undermine your self-belief and confidence.

These abusers can be skilled at convincing you that everything is your fault, so you start to question yourself and no longer trust your gut instinct. 

Some of the signs are more obvious than others.

But here, Sally Brown, a psychologist British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, reveals 14 signs to look out for.

Emotional abuse happens in many relations. Some signs include your partner having no empathy, saying you're always wrong and using backhanded compliments (file photo)

1. You are mocked

Your other half loves to tell ‘funny’ stories at your expense – whether it’s how hopeless you are at managing money/driving/being organized, or how you always overdo it/make a fool of yourself at social events.

If you object, you are accused of having no sense of humor or being oversensitive.

You start to wonder if the digs and jibes really are just teasing and you’re missing the joke.

When your partner makes one of these ‘jokes’ in public, does anyone laugh or is there an uncomfortable silence?

If a joke makes others uncomfortable, your partner is telling it to undermine you.

2. You feel guilty all the time

 They are keeping you on a leash that will just get shorter.

You feel guilty or slightly ashamed all the time without knowing what about.

You become hyper-vigilant by monitoring your behavior to avoid giving your partner a reason to criticize you; a feeling of ‘walking on eggshells’.

But the posts seem to move all the time so you never know how you will irritate or disappoint them next.

The irony is, an abuser can even make you feel guilty for their own bad behavior – they got drunk because you ‘upset them’ or ‘stressed them out’, or you’re just ‘being jealous’ over their flirting.

3. Suddenly you need ‘protecting’ 

If you go out without your partner you’re either given a curfew or they insist on picking you up.

They ask you to Snapchat a picture of who you are with when you get there.

They tell you they are just taking care of you, but really, they are checking up on you, and keeping you on a leash that will just get shorter and shorter.

4. They make grand gestures 

When an abusive partner knows they have overstepped the line and you are questioning the relationship, get ready for a grand gesture – an expensive meal out, a surprise weekend away, an unexpected gift or bunch of flowers.

The original problem remains unresolved, or not even acknowledged – a grand gesture buys your silence, and your part of the deal is not to insist on talking things through.

5. You’re being gaslighted  

Gradually, you get the feeling that things just don’t quite add up – your partner contradicts something they have told you previously, or you suspect you’re not getting the whole picture (about their last relationship or why they left their last job).

They may also deny doing or saying something that you clearly remember, but they deny it with such conviction and confidence that you start to doubt yourself.

This insidious form of manipulation is called ‘gaslighting’, and it’s designed to make you doubt your mental health.

6.  They burst your bubble

You partner immediately throws cold water on your plans

You come home full of excitement because a great business opportunity has come your way or you’ve been asked to get involved with a project you feel passionate about.

But your partner immediately throws cold water on your plans, telling you all the ways that things would go wrong, or that it’s a bad idea – or they start a completely unrelated argument just to burst your bubble.

In future, you gradually find yourself not sharing your ideas and successes with them, because you know you won’t get a positive reaction.

7. Backhanded compliments are their stock in trade  

When you first met, you felt flattered by the attention your partner paid to how you look.

But as time goes by, the compliments have become few and far between, replaced by comments about how ‘wrong’ your look is – that top doesn’t suit you, you’re putting on weight, what’s going on with your hair?

If you object, you’re once again being ‘oversensitive’.

8. They have no empathy 

If you talk about a problem at work, you’re ‘overreacting’.

You are allowed a short time to vent about major upsets, then you are expected to ‘get over it’ (so you can focus your energy and attention once again on your partner and their needs).

Some emotional abusers disappear when you need them most, or become extra critical.

9. You’re always in the wrong 

Whether it was something you said six months ago, not telling your partner something that they believe they have a right to know, or letting them down in some way (putting your needs before theirs), an abusive partner will keep a mental tally and regularly remind you of your crimes.

They may even add things that happened before you met, encouraging you to be ‘honest’ about your past sexual history, for instance, only to later use that information as evidence of your badness.

10. The purse-strings tighten

 Your partner steps up the pressure to be careful with money.

Controlling you financially is a classic tactic of an abusive partner; something known as financial abuse.

They may have started by giving you advice that really helps, helping you sort out debts, or being more financially responsible.

Soon, your partner steps up the pressure to ‘be careful’ with money. But somehow, it seems like it’s always you who has to cut back, earn more and stop spending.

Your partner doesn’t consult you before they spend money. But if there’s something you want, particularly if it involves a threat to your partner’s control over you, like training for your career, or a weekend away with friends, there will be a reason why you can’t afford it.

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