Magnificent! Cute Couple Share Breathtaking PHOTOS Of Their 22nd Wedding Anniversary That Will Make You Believe In True Love

Nowadays, it’s very hard to find marriages that are long lasting, in fact, most people prefer to stay single and probably just have children because they feel that marriage has lost its meaning and value.

It’s not surprising to hear that a couple has broken up less than a year after a grand wedding ceremony, like in the case of TV anchor Betty Kyallo and her ex-husband, Dennis Okari, who separated just six months into their marriage.

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But for some, marriage and finding a life partner is their greatest joy, and even in the Kenyan entertainment scene, and media, we have couples who have managed to beat the odds and come out strong in their happy marriages, like; Wahu and Nameless and Julie Gichuru and hubby Anthony.


Now, a Nigerian couple has shared beautiful and breathtaking pictures from their marriage-anniversary photo shoot. The lovebirds celebrated 22 years of marriage on the 15th of July, with their three kids.

The man by the name Rotimi Akinlesi shared the photos with a long, deep message where he talked about how they met with the wife, and showering her with praise;


Saturday, 15th July, 1995, Buky and I walked up to the altar at St Paul’s African Church, Ilupeju, Lagos, to say ‘I do’. 22 years down the line, we both can boldly say, we serve a GOOD GOD!

Buky and I met for the first time in 1979 as form one students at Mayflower School, Ikenne, Ogun State. We stayed in the same class all through secondary school(except in form four ) and we never knew we will be husband and wife. It wasn’t until we became undergraduates (I at Unilorin and she at Ogun State University now OOU) that ‘the thing’ started. Today, we appreciate God for making it all happen. 22 years after we took the decision to live together forever, God made sure we are not alone. He gave us three biological children that are wonderful, talented, selfless and God-loving. The first is Beautiful, Saved and Slaying, the second is Bold as a Lion and the last born is Highly Favoured.

Today, I want to publicly thank and appreciate my beautiful, pleasant, ever-supportive, ever loving and ever-caring wife for being my wife. She is beautiful in and out. Blessed with great wisdom and greatly committed to God.

The father of three then goes on to reveal the lovey dovey names he calls her, and why he truly appreciates her in his life;

IYAWO MI, as I fondly call her. I have called her sweetheart, honey, dear etc. but I have finally settled for IYAWO MI because, in that are all of those other names.

Thank you Buky for all the things you do. My adviser, my supporter, my partner, my prayer partner, my ‘similale’ …lolllllzzz, my friend, my mum (you know my mum had to hand me over to you…lolllzz….She passed unto glory on your birthday). Thanks for always being the family ‘prayer engine room’. Thanks for knowing what to do when we just must do something! Praise, Love, Favour and I call you blessed.

I pray that the good Lord will keep us, keep our home and our children. We will live to celebrate many more years of marriage together.

I pray the Lord grants us more opportunities to reach out to more less-privileged children and families . He helps us more and more to put smiles on the faces of children and families who are ‘left out’ and are ‘behind’. That we will be able to share the light of Christ with many.

God is good! In our 22 years of marriage, I can conveniently say, truly NA GOD!

Check out their amazing photos below as they celebrated their big day with their daughter and two sons.


‘Once My STUDENT, Now My Wife’ Man Gives TOUCHING Love Story Of How He Met His Elegant Fiancée As a Teacher

They say that love knows no boundaries, and this is the case for a certain Nigerian couple who are set to walk down the aisle soon, after dating for 5 years.

Well, the reason this particular love story is unique and amazing is that the groom was previously a teacher to the bride-to-be.

The Nigerian man is set to wed the love of his life, who is his former student after meeting her back in 2012, though he has been teaching since 2008.


Zion Oshiobugie and Elohor Omohiro will be getting married on the 22nd of July, 2017 after meeting at his Learning Centre in Ekpoma, Edo state, and the two could not help but share the amazing love story and journey on social media.

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The teacher is also a radio and an on-air radio personality in Nigeria, and from the post, he shared, with a beautiful picture of his beautiful wife, there’s no doubt that he’s indeed happy.

She was my student!
I have been teaching since 2008. The job is challenging, mind bugging and mentally demanding, as such you may not have time for yourself.
Fast forward to 2012 a student came to my leaning center to buy JAMB form and it sparked a very great relationship which lasted for years, ups and downs but then this student did a one year internship with me before gaining admission into ekpoma, (ambrose Ali University). She had passion, she had similar dreams to help students most of all she made sure we hit our goals every single time she came back from school.
She was so dedicate to the business that we grew from one learning center to three learning centers in less than 3 years.
We all have various reasons why we get married but for me I am getting married to my student who has been there for me through thick and thin, hard times, sad times, depressing times to say the least.
We count down to 22nd July 2017. My other half is Elohor Omohiro, once my student but now my wife. God don put better thing inside my kpangolo. Very soon I go sing “somebody is on the way o bigi Bigi bouncing baby”.


Elohor Omohiro, also shared her side of the amazing and touching lives story with her former teacher, now lover, with this sweet post, and it looks like the lady is pregnant or is planning to get pregnant as soon as they make it official, as per the last part of the post,.

He was my teacher!
He has been teaching since 2008.
Fast forward to 2012 I went to his leaning center to buy JAMB form and it sparked a very great relationship which lasted for years, ups and downs but then i did a one year internship with him before gaining admission into ekpoma, (ambrose Ali University). I had passion, i had similar dreams to help students most of all i made sure we hit our goals every single time i came back from school.
I was so dedicate to the business that we grew from one learning centre to three in less than 3 years.
We all have various reasons why we get married but for me I am getting married to my teacher ,who saw great potentials in me,who believed in me during thick and thin, hard times, sad times, depressing times to say the least.
We count down to 22nd July 2017. My other half is ZION OSHIOBUGIE , once my teacher but now my husband. God don put better thing inside my kpangolo. Very soon we go sing “somebody is on the way o bigi Bigi bouncing baby”.

We wish the lovely couple all the best as they start on the journey of marriage and family.


Serikali Saidia: Man with 13 wives, 10 girlfriends and 176 children pleads for help to raise his children

A 65-year-old Ugandan man is pleading for help from his government to provide him financial support to help raise his 176 children sired with 13 wives and 10 girlfriends.

The polygamous man named Mustafa Magambo Mutone says he is proud of his large family, but faces financial strain to provide adequately for his family.

“I have tried to feed my 13 wives and over 170 children and it is not easy.

I request the Government to at least sponsor 30 of my children in secondary schools and tertiary institutions,” Mutone, a businessman and a resident of Kyaterekera trading centre in Kagadi district, said.

He added that he has over 40 children in primary school and has plans to establish his own nursery and primary school in Kyaterekera sub-county. He says he has about 10 children in the universities (Makerere, Mbarara and Kyambogo), most of them on private sponsorship. Mutone has five pairs of twins among his children. His children will hit the 180 mark by the end of the year because six of his wives are pregnant.

ugandan polygamous man with 176 children

In an interview with Ugandan’s New Vision, he explained that he is still strong enough to marry more wives and bear more children, since he does not drink alcohol, smoke or take sugar.

“Two of my wives who gave birth to twins are in Kampala and Isingiro, working as midwives, while another two — Haniffer Kabasomi and Jane Tuhaise — work as nurses. My youngest wife is 25, and the eldest is 50, but I had about 10 girlfriends before I married officially and they all delivered the same year,” Mutone said.

According to him,  his first born child is 49 years old, while the youngest are four-year-old twins. He further noted that he has over 90 grandchildren. The grey-haired Mutone, said he has a special book where he records every child born whether within the country or outside, because he has some wives in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi.

He said one of the challenges he faces is the long distance as some of his women live in different parts of the country.
‘’I receive about 10 calls every day from different wives who want attention but I cannot be everywhere. I have seven wives in Kagadi alone,” he said. “I do not have any challenge of supporting them because some of them support themselves since they work,” Mutone said.

Read hilarious reactions from social media users.

Caroline Nyamnjoh Stupid man, at 65 yrs u have 13 wives and 12 girlfriends. Did the government help u in impregnating these women, when e be di sweet u no call government, now it’s tough u di call government. Old monkey

Omolara Padonu Irresponsible people like this should be placed in a rehab
Imagine,some one giving birth to so many children when he has no means to take care of them
Such children will grow up and continue to constitute a nuisance to the society.

Adeyemi Abisinuola Temikay Was it the government that sponsored his manhood when he was pumping it into his wives & making babies? So Tell me why govt will sponsor the results of the work that manhood did?
Abeg comot for road mak i see joor😡 sponsor ko,adopt nih

Gambo Muhammad look at this donkey, did you remember anyone at the time you are collecting their natural endowment, what government will do is to arrest you $ prosecute you for starving your childrens future. OLD FOOL

Patience Akwash This man must be very stupid to plead for such thing. Did the government helped in planting the seeds for him? Na dis kind innocent children dey join boko boys in order to survive. What nonsense.

Patricia Osuorji In short, what kind of brain do those wives of his have, what does he have that made them all give birth one AF er d other. Even girlfriends too!! Bunch of lunatics!! Yaba left awaits you!!!

Oluwakemi Thomas He would have asked government to sponsor his manhood for surgical operation b4 it gets to this stage and more still coming with extra girlfriends i guess

Amara Crown Idiot was government there when you were impregnating your wives and concubines??? See this old fool o… You want use those children cook soup? That’s miscreants will continue roaming the streets of North. If I were among your children God forbid bad thing, I will poison you

Benedicta Obiageri Nnamani 176 children? Wetin d man dey chop wey make him d*** produce dat much
How him manage do am wey be say him never die ontop woman
Time wey him fellow men take dey hustle,he take him own dey scatter sperm like grains now him dey find sponsor..

Kelitayemi Williams I want to know why any of the women, past the first wife, would have even considered him as a suitable husband in the first place?!?! Put your wives and adult children to work! With the excess of family members they should be able to earn enough income.


Is Your Man A Fisi? Ladies Here Are The Top 6 Signs That You May Be Dating One

Seems like as years go by, new breed of men and women always pops up to either replace the existing ones or rather to outsmart them. I prefer calling the whole re branding process, metamorphosis.

I mean as much as it is a sin and a taboo, sex before marriage became a norm till we started encouraging safe sex. It all shifted to infidelity in relationships to older men and women preying on the youngings.

The youngings learnt and perfected the trade, and, in came team mafisi and mafisilets who are the current breed, which is controlling the ‘game’. Funny thing being a fisi in the society is regarded way cooler than being single. I mean, who wouldn’t fancy a cheeky guy or chic who dribbles past few lovers and still manage to keep them all happy?

Let’s talk about Team Mafisi shall we?

This article is inspired by a Facebook user (Shiliz Nganga) who decided to take the bull by it’s horns and warn her fellow sisters on how to spot a fisi from a far. Should I say, hiding, camouflaged by a bush?

Anyway, the pretty lass highlighted a total of six simple but effective characteristics these fisis have and well honestly, I concur with her.

From their timings on when to, or, not check up on you, to how he keeps a clean record to avoid being busted by his other twendi fae chics.

Check out her list below.

1.You only see the guy once every few weeks for a few hours or less.
2.He never calls and when you call he never picks. He’s a text only kind of person (players way of communication)
3.He hides his last seen on WhatsApp and some fisis go to an extreme of removing the blue tick option ndio msijue kama alisoma text zenyu (his victims)
4. His trucallers availability option is off.
5. He changes plans last minute after keeping you waiting, sometimes for hours.
6.His phone is always on silent and upside down on the table mkiwa pamoja

Do you think there’s more to add onto the list?

A Lovers Touch: New Study Reveals That Love Is Really a DRUG That Can Ease Pain

Grabbing hold of your partner’s hand while they’re in pain really can make them feel better, according to a new study.

When lovers touch, their breathing, and heartbeats synchronize and feelings of discomfort disappear, research has found.

Researchers tested the healing powers of a lover’s touch by asking couples to take part in an experiment where women were subjected to pain.

They found that if her partner was allowed to hold her hand, she reported feeling lower levels of pain than if the couple merely sat next to one another.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Top 8 Kenyan Celebrity Couples Who Make Marriage Seem Blissful And Merry (PHOTOS)

Scientists believe that holding hands with a loved one activates an area of the brain called the anterior cingulate cortex, which is associates with pain, empathy and heart functioning.

“The more empathic the partner and the stronger the analgesic [pain relieving] effect, the higher the synchronisation between the two when they are touching,” said Dr Pavel Goldstein, from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The study of 22 couples is the latest in a growing body of research on ‘interpersonal synchronisation,’ the phenomenon in which individuals begin to physiologically mirror the people they’re with.


Scientists have long known that people subconsciously sync their footsteps with the person they’re walking with or adjust their posture to mirror a friend’s during the conversation.

Recent studies also show that when people watch an emotional movie or sing together, their heart rates and respiratory rhythms synchronise.

When leaders and followers have a good rapport, their brainwaves fall into a similar pattern.

And when romantic couples are simply in each other’s presence, their cardiorespiratory and brainwave patterns sync up, research has shown.


The new study is the first to explore interpersonal synchronisation in the context of pain and touch.

Researchers hope it can inform the discussion as health care providers seek drug-free pain relief options.

Dr Goldstein came up with the idea after witnessing the birth of his daughter, now four-years-old.

He said: “My wife was in pain, and all I could think was, ‘What can I do to help her?’

“I reached for her hand and it seemed to help. I wanted to test it out in the lab: Can one really decrease pain with touch, and if so, how?”



Goldstein recruited 22 long-term heterosexual couples, age 23 to 32, and put them through a series of tests aimed at mimicking the delivery room scenario.

Men were assigned the role of observer; women the pain target.

As instruments measured their heart and breathing rates, they either sat together without touching, sat together holding hands or sat in separate rooms.

Then they repeated all three scenarios as the woman was subjected to a mild heat pain on her forearm for 2 minutes.

As in previous trials, the study showed couples synced physiologically to some degree just sitting together.

But when she was subjected to pain and he couldn’t touch her, that synchronisation was severed.

When he was allowed to hold her hand, their rates fell into sync again and her pain decreased.



“It appears that pain totally interrupts this interpersonal synchronisation between couples,” Dr Goldstein said.

“Touch brings it back.”

His previous research found that the more empathy the man showed for the woman, the more her pain subsided during touch.

And the more physiologically synchronised they were, the less pain she felt.

It’s not clear yet whether decreased pain is causing increased synchronicity, or vice versa.

“It could be that touch is a tool for communicating empathy, resulting in an analgesic, or pain-killing, effect,” said Dr Goldstein.

Further research is necessary to figure out how a partner’s touch eases pain.


Dr Goldstein suspects a lover’s touch affects an area of the brain called the anterior cingulate cortex, which is associated with pain perception, empathy, and heart and respiratory function.

The study did not explore whether the same effect would occur with same-sex couples, or what happens when the man is the subject of pain.

Dr Goldstein did measure brainwave activity and plans to present those results in a future study.

He hopes the research will help lend scientific credence to the notion that touch can ease pain.

The research was published in the journal Scientific Reports.








Daily Mail

5 types of husbands Kenyan women have to deal with

Well some married women will have to agree with me on this and some men will take this personally but these types of husbands exist in our society. The truth is that marriage is WORK, not luck. Some men forget the for better for worse line and end up turning into men with so many wives, who he plays the role of these different kinds of husbands, in each home.

Baby husband

The baby husband – his mother and family always controls him and his marriage. A man who doesn’t know how to handle his mother and handle his wife.  He always listens to everything his mum and family report to him about his wife. He never defends his wife whenever his family speaks negatively about her. When his mother comes to visit him, he allows her to take over his home and control everything as she likes forgetting that this home belongs to the woman he married.

Wife husband

His wife manages everything and he never spends his own money. He leaves all the responsibilities to his wife. He always looks good and his wife looks horrible. This wife husband takes no initiative and agrees with everything his wife says. He lacks a will of his own and it’s always about his wife.

Money husband

He is the material kind of husband who is never available. All he knows and gives is money. He doesn’t understand that money can’t take the place of care. He believes everything has a price and in buying everything. He forgets that even money loses value sometimes. He thinks his wife is a machine but also forgets that a machine needs to be serviced and taken good care of.

Sex husband

He never smiles until it’s midnight. He calls his wife sweet names only when he wants sex and treats his wife like a dog not knowing she will bite him someday. Sex is all he cares about. He is a man who is not keen in having good character towards his wife to enjoy some favors but he thinks good sex is all it takes to earn the title of a man. You don’t maintain the woman, you don’t take care of her but all you care about is sex.

Women husband

He is a husband who is ever staring at other women and never satisfied with his wife. He is ever cheating and no matter what his wife does he will never appreciate or even notice what he has and the value in carries.


Well in case there is one I left out, please feel free to add more types of husbands.


Atrocious! Popular Kenyan Musician Pushes His Girlfriend From The Sixth Floor Of An Apartment Building Leaving Her For Dead (PHOTOS)

Kenyan musician Bradley Juma Obomi, popularly known as Trap King Chrome, is in the news once again. Known for his flashy lifestyle, Trap King is in love with a British woman, Tinu Collins, and the two are never afraid to show off their affection for each other in public.

Tinu, who hails from Manchester, United Kingdom, came to Kenya on May 26 and has been staying with her lover in one of the city’s suburbs.

Trap King Chrome

According to sources, the couple have been fighting each other over alleged infidelity for quite a while, and sadly yesterday, things turned ugly. The upcoming singer pushed her from the sixth floor of an apartment block in Lavington area. She was later picked up by policemen and taken to a city hospital, where she is recuperating, while Trap King Chrome is being held at Muthangari police station.

Trap King, who used to stay in South London, was allegedly deported and his lover decided to come to Kenya to visit. He released a song eight months ago, which was produced by Grand Pa records.

Refiggah, the founder of Grandpa, says Chrome is not signed under his record label. It was only one song, Bring Em Out.

Here are more photos of the woman


Tuni Collins


Tuni Collins


Tuni Collins


Tuni Collins


RELATIONSHIP GOALS: Zimbabwean Man Caught Dressed As A Woman, Trying To Write exam For His Girlfriend

When it comes to love we often tend to go out of our ways to please our significant others, just to prove that we are better than their exes.

But for one man in Lilongwe, Zimbabwe, seems like he took the ‘For better for worse’ phrase way too far in his bid to make his girlfriend happy.

The unidentified man was arrested for impersonation, when he dressed up like a woman so as he could sit for his girlfriend’s Ordinary Level examinations.

Armed with a wig and a light touch of make up, the man was set to start his dare devil mission before he was busted by the invigilator.

Now more than ever, I believe true love exists.

The story created a huge buzz on social media drawing mixed reactions from across the continent.


Below are some of the hilarious reactions.

Why NICE GUYS Are BETTER In Bed Than BAD Boys: Nice Men Will Keep You ENTERTAINED Between The Sheets

Do you have a penchant for a bad boy?

The frisson of excitement that comes with dating an unpredictable charmer isn’t worth the inevitable heartache that comes along with it, according to sex and relationships expert Tracey Cox.

She points out that so-called ‘nice guys’ are actually better in bed than their roguish counterparts – and research backs up her claim that the man who is kind to his mum and volunteers in his spare time will out-perform the hot barista who never calls before 11pm.

Here, Tracey tells Femail why women would be wise to opt for ‘nice’ over ‘bad’, and why your libido – as well as your friends, family and bank balance – will thank you for it. 

Finally – research reveals what most sane women already know: nice guys get laid more often than bad boys.


Exploding the ‘treat them mean, keep them keen’ myth, researchers found selfish people scored poorly when it came to love and sex.

‘Bad’ people are fabulous if you’re looking for a holiday romance or quick sex fling, or want to try out a totally ‘out there’ sex fantasy without being judged for it.

But who in their right mind would actively seek out a ‘bad boy’ for a serious relationship unless you have desperately low self-esteem, a ‘victim’ mentality, or some serious issues going on?

Here’s just a few reasons why nice men are both nicer and sexier – and always have been.

  • Nice men like sex just as much as bad boys

Just because he’s nice, doesn’t mean he’s a saint.

A US study of 500 college students found people who were rated as ‘nice’ had more marital sex, long-term relationship sex AND casual sex.

Asked to answer if they’d give all or part of a lottery win to charity, those who said yes had much more sex than those who said they’d keep it themselves.


  • Nice doesn’t mean weak

The stereotype that nice equals weak is false.

Studies show nice people are not necessarily less assertive or competitive than ‘difficult’ people.

Psychologists define nice people as those who score high on a personality trait called agreeableness – your over-riding concern is having happy, positive relationships with other people.

Case closed for any female who has even a hint of intelligence and self-esteem.

  • Nice guys aren’t boring 

Don’t mistake drama for love. Rollercoaster highs and lows aren’t passion, they’re a sign of incompatibility.

Calm is good. Look at how it ended for poor old Cathy with Heathcliff.

  • Nice men are confident – not cocky

There’s a huge difference.

Arrogant men consider themselves better than you and treat you accordingly.

Nice men are liked because they’re nice, so their confidence gets built for all the right reasons.  Nice men aren’t just funny, they find you funny as well.

This reeks of self-doubt to me – and likely any other woman who’s cracked a joke and had their partner laugh appreciatively.

The nicer the guy, the more comfortable he is with women being ‘better’ than him – and the more fun you’ll have together.


  • Nice men are available

The very definition of a nice guy is that he’s not duplicitous and is emotionally available: if he says he’s single, he is single.

When bad guys say, ‘There’s no-one special’, they’re not lying.

Their wife/girlfriend/girls they see whenever they fancy a bit aren’t treated like they’re special in the slightest.

Why would you want to add your name to the list?

  • Nice men stick around when the going gets tough 

Bad men don’t like commitment and that doesn’t just mean shying away from ‘serious’ relationships (you dare to ask if they want to do something tomorrow) or marriage and kids, it means not being able to commit to anything at all.

Like pick you up from work when you’re too sick to catch the tube or actually turn up when you’ve organized for him to meet your girlfriends, or be your plus one at that all-important wedding of an ex.


  • Nice guys don’t ask for endless favors

Like loaning them cash, letting them crash ‘for a night’ without paying rent, borrowing your car, your credit card, your suitcase – anything at all that’s of value.

Nice men aren’t usually in a horrible financial mess and ‘between’ jobs. Bad guys are rarely in any other situation.

They also frequently have drug or alcohol problems, draining both your bank account, patience and sanity.

  • Nice men make you feel great

They’re where they’re supposed to be, ring when they say they will, don’t let you down when you need them and are gloriously reliable and predictable.

Bad men are the opposite.

They’re never where they say they’d be, they’re never on time and they never deliver no matter how many times they say they’ll change.

This leaves you feeling jumpy, irritable and sleep deprived.

couple happy

Kabete dad who killed wife, children commits suicide in lodging

A man suspected to have murdered his two children and wife in Muthure village, Kabete has been found dead in a lodging in Kutus, Kirinyaga county.

Kabete OCPD Joseph Ongaya said Erastus Kabage Mwangi took his own life by hanging himself in a lodging on Saturday.

“We had circulated his name and picture to the public, this is how the operators at the lodge got to identify him after breaking into his room,” Ongaya said.

Police were looking for Kabage after killing his entire family a week ago and locked their bodies inside the house.

The victims were identified as 30-year-old Grace Njeri and her children – Joy Wangare (11) and Maxwell Wachira (five).
The bodies were discovered in their house in Muthure village, Kabete, on Friday after neighbours followed the foul smell. They also noticed a swarm of flies.

The OCPD said the three were killed with a car’s steering rod and that investigators also found blood stains in the living room.

“The injuries on their heads and chests may have been inflicted using a blunt object. We collected a bloody steering rod from the scene.”

Njeri’s friend Jane Wanja said the couple used to quarrel a lot and at times she would be beaten badly by her husband.

“They would quarrel during the day and at night. At times we would hear her crying after she is beaten. I would feel bad but there is nothing I would have done” she added.

Kabage who is a matatu driver in the area, on the material day, parked a second hand Nissan matatu he had bought at a car wash in the area before proceeding to commit the brutal murder.

A car wash attendant who didn’t want to be named said Kabage asked them to wash saying he would pick it the following day but they never saw him again.

“We have been calling his mobile phone but it has been switched off. We wanted him to come and collect this van from our place of work” he said.

The bodies of the mothers and her two children were taken to PCEA Kikuyu Hospital mortuary.

Courtesy George Mugo

EAZY PEEZY! Here are six easy ways of winning your mother in laws heart..thank me later

We all know motherhood is a sacred position, so it’s natural for any woman to inwardly and sometimes outwardly express some fear about losing her son to another woman. But rather than let this dynamic get the better of us, it’s best to acknowledge the shift that comes with marriage and be open about how you want your relationship with your mother-in-law to unfold.

Remember that she is still your husband’s mother.

Although her relationship with her son has changed, remember that she will always and is still his mother. Even though you are the woman in his life now, be considerate and don’t be so obsessed and behave as if he did not come from a family. It’s good to remember that you became part of that family when you married him.The fact is that his mother will always remain that woman in his life unless she is dead so while she is still there let her have her place and don’t try to separate your husband from his mother. If anything without her there would be no husband for you to marry and so don’t always demand for your way. So do her the favor of loving her son unconditionally because you have taken her spot and you are her son’s biggest fan.

Accept her for who she is.

I know this is hard but you are going to be a mother in law too someday and you will need your daughter in law to accept you as you are. She might not be like your biological mother but she is your extended mother and despite all her weaknesses, you need to learn to live with her and accept her. I know the hardest time is when she has to come and visit and she wants you to run your house like hers .You can talk to your husband about it and as well find a wise way of making both of you meet halfway. At times learn from her and in some other occasions ask her if she would like to learn from you. Don’t always be the boss, it will create a bad picture because you’ll fight a lot and hardly ever have peace, at times let her be in control and humble yourself. Please respect her age and experience.

Talk to her about hard things.

If she has offended you, find a respectful way to let her know instead of constantly reporting her to your husband. She may not listen at first because she might go like what is this small girl trying to tell me,but give it a try. Some of us want to keep grudges and assume that she knows she has offended you,you will be hurting yourself as she will never know her mistakes and she will keep doing them to an extent you will hate her and never want her around.YET THE PROBLEM IS YOU, because you have never told her, her mistakes. So remember she is not perfect. And as much as you are learning how to be a daughter in law, so is she learning how to be a mother in law to you. So let both of you assume that the other is doing the best she can. If you are feeling hurt by something she did or said, find a way to gently bring it up. You may even want to ask her if you could have done something differently. Then Try to understand. When there are problems in family relationships, each person needs to overlook with grace when possible, and when not, address the issues kindly. Reject bitterness and don’t judge. There are always two sides to any story.

Remember, you are family.

So find time to talk and watch movies or programs or even go out to the market and buy gifts as well as tell her about some of the family’s funny stories. This way you make her feel like part and parcel of your family. Please include her in some of the family activities and traditions. Trust me your husband will love you more because he will appreciate the bond you share with his mother and he will love you because you appreciate the woman who carried him for nine months and has raised him to be the man he is for you.

Take time to express gratitude.

Be the one who initiates the visit to her home and when you get there, shop for her the same way you would shop for your own biological mother. Once you’re there don’t just sit and do nothing, when you and her son visit, it means a lot to her, yes but when you offer to help with the meals and with clean up, it makes her feel happier that you came and you are now taking care of her. Well that is one way to get blessings. Instead of ganging up against her with the other daughter in laws. Appreciate her and keep telling her how you are grateful. Trust me even if she is a wicked mother in law, she will find herself having a soft spot for you. Just never give up on having a good relationship with her and avoid gossiping her to everyone as it never really changes the fact that she is and will always be your mother in law unless you divorce her son. You can as well call to say her and send her some money even if it’s 500 bob or some airtime every week.

And Finally…….Never take her son away from her 

As much as you are married to him don’t separate him from his family please. I know you would love to keep him to yourself but that’s not going to happen especially if he is a family man. Keep him close to his family will always earn you a direct ticket to some family things even when he is not around. If he cant attend a family meeting, how up there and take his place and speak his words, don’t say thank God if he can’t make it, I also don’t have to show up. You are one and as much as your husbands’ family may not be the best, learn from them and make your family the best.



Proof That Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Is The Best Dad Ever After Doing This For His Daughter

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has several children whom he loves very much and this past weekend he witnessed one of his daughters saying ‘I Do’ to the love of her life.

Last Saturday, the leader of the pearl of Africa left many impressed after delivering a moving message as he gave away one of his girls.

He  proved to the world he has a soft spot in his heart and is a family man, a side many people don’t often get to see. The ‘Kuhungira'(give away) ceremony was done at State House where Georgina was officially handed to her fiancé Philip, and thereafter a colourful ceremony was held at St Paul’s Cathedral in Namirembe.

Georgina is his niece whom he raised together with his children.

The President being a proponent of good family values has led by example by raising his children in a Christian way.

During the ceremony, Museveni urged all parents to groom their children in spiritual life before marriage. I guess apart from being the tough President we see on Tv and read about, Museveni is also the best dad in the world.

museveni at georgina wedding(1)(1)

museveni at chrch weding

museveni at georginas wedding saturday



“We Are In Love And Happy”: MP’s Daughter And Her Muslim Lover Released After Al Shabaab Claims

How far would you go for love, more so if your father is against your relationship?

Erisiana Sabiri, 24, daughter of North Mugirango MP Charles Mong’are, was dragged to court last Friday with her boyfriend Ahmed Salim aftet they were arrested for allegedly having links to al-Shabaab.

She claimed her father colluded with police to frame her to frustrate her relationship.

“There is no issue of terrorism here. It is just an issue of parenting. I have decided to release the two respondents to their parents,” city magistrate Martha Motuko said on Monday.


The MP’s daughter and her Muslim boyfriend, have however been released without charges. Sabiri was taken to the ATPU from where her father was ordered to pick her.

Mongare’ had been asked to go to court in the morning to explain claims he colluded with police to frame his daughter but he did not show up.

After the couple was released, Salim said: “We are happy. We have been in remand since Thursday but this will not stop our love. We are in love and we have told court the same.”

The ICT student added: “I will go home and take a hot shower and probably take her her out to watch a movie. But I am afraid that once Sabiri is picked by her father, he will try to detain her.”


Salim said the MP tried forcing him to break up with Sabiri as a condition for dropping the charges he had raised against them.

The man said Mong’are made the proposition last Thursday when they were arrested but that Sabiria did not agree.

The magistrate, who had a private session with the couple, said the court treated the case as one against minors and advised that their parents advise the couple.

Sabiri and Salim will report to the ATPU once a week for the next month. They will not be allowed to leave the country before the period ends.

The case will be mentioned on June 21.


 Courtesy Carole Maina

An open letter to all Kenyan baby mamas and the mistakes they love to make

Gospel singer Bahati is the talk of town after he revealed that he has a two-year-old daughter but has never bothered to publicly acknowledge her, yet he publicly shows off his four adopted children, while heaping lots of praise on them.

Bahati, his current prayer partner Diana Marua and his baby mama are now all embroiled in a social media beef, and it’s not looking pretty. Everyone is saying he is so shady, but who knows what their drama is all about.

Bahati’s Baby Mama Speaks Out IN ANGER After He Flaunts Photos Of Their Toddler!

There are so many instances of Kenyan baby mamas who do a good job co-parenting but there are those who truly serve as a reminder that this is something you must think long and hard about.

You need to understand your place to avoid too much baby mama drama in this man’s life.

So girls, to avoid putting your ex lover on blast, here are some of the mistakes many Kenyan baby mamas keep doing that you need to save yourself from:

Holding on to the fairy-tale ending.
Well it’s important to remember just in case you forgot that a child is not a guarantee of marriage. If he wasn’t compelled to fully commit before you gave him the booty for free, it is unlikely he’s in any rush now. Don’t waste your years waiting on your child’s father to “come around” simply because he’s the dad. You deserve the type of love and companionship that makes you happy, too. If you were actually in a relationship, go ahead and give it a solid try, but don’t hold on to a dead relationship or wait on him forever. Now, if you were just a “buddy,” well, you already knew the deal. Be honest with yourself and move forward.

Playing the fool just to make him happy
Well you need to know that some men can be very manipulative especially men who know it is in their best interest to keep custodial and child support payment arrangements outside of the courts by making a deal with you. So, what do they do? Say whatever they need to say to keep you satisfied not happy but not angry enough to file papers either. As we know in our society, men still refuse to take the father title and ask you to find the father. Just save yourself from being his puppet by showing him that you can also be independent otherwise you always doing what he wants can really get you frustrated all in the name of money and him accepting the child and you as his wife.

He has to pay all his child’s bills.
You need to work hard and get your child’s money, as well. Children don’t raise themselves for free and fathers, custodial or non-custodial, should be legally obligated to contribute. It is not about what you can or can’t do for yourself and your baby or what you do and don’t need. A portion of his earnings are owed to your child. Child support is the business side of separate parenting and should be addressed in a business manner. It’s nothing personal.You look stupid when you start telling him how he can not see his child if he doesn’t send money, it actually hurts you more when the child gets to an age where they ask, where is daddy?

Holding your family accountable for things that are not their responsibility.
When the “I-want-I-want” Kindergartener in you comes out and thinks your family and friends are obligated to help support your decisions to rely on an unreliable baby-daddy and they would rather allow you to learn the hard way, it is not because they are bad people. In fact, they would be doing you a disservice by picking up his pieces. Be grateful for the people doing all they can to help and be sure to take heed of the advice.At the end of the day, your family did not send you to get pregnant and therefore you have no right to make everyone miserable because baby daddy is not doing what you expect him to do.

Using the child as a bait.
It is very possible for him to love the child and not care a thing about you. Hurts to hear that but it’s true sometimes. Limiting his time to every other Saturday for two hours but insisting the door is open for him to come over and hang out anytime is a pathetic attempt at creating an imaginary family unit. If not for your pride, do it for your child. Be fair to fathers who want to be involved.

Argue and continuously threat the father, always.
You are the mother and lawfully retain the right to do whatever you choose so long as it does not harm the child physically or mentally. Therefore, you have nothing to argue about. It’s not a democracy but, rather, a dictatorship open to suggestions. And if you have moved on and feel like everytime he comes around he’s trying to start trouble for you, do what is necessary to minimize contact and conversation between the two of you as much as possible while still allowing him access to his child.

All these nonsense needs to stop as when you got pregnant you knew what you were getting yourself into so you are equally accountable for that child and you need to stop being miserable and making everyone’s life miserable.


Raw Emotion: Read This Shattered Woman’s Open Letter To Men Revealing The Pain Of Rape And Domestic Violence

Yesterday Saturday May 20th, South Africans took to the streets to match in protest against rising cases of rape and murder arising from domestic violence. A spate of rapes and murder cases involving lovers has shocked its citizens in recent weeks.

Meet two beautiful girls who were found murdered recently. The girl on the left was murdered by her ex boyfriend, a man who once told her that he loved her. On the right is another young girl who was raped and murdered. The girls 28 and 24, were found dead one with gunshot wounds.


One woman has taken to her social media to plead with South Africans to not just treat rape and murder as a regular death.

Read her heartrending letter to netizens.

julietibrahimIf you are a woman and this morning you were in front of the mirror busy hiding your blue eye with make-up foundation Its time 2 breakup! This should be an eye opening incident to all the females out there. A sad case of When the person who is supposed to protect you becomes your killer. We live in a messed up world, very sad. Abuse should not be taken lightly. #notowomanabuse Sad part; Men won’t even reprimand their friends for cheating, do you think they’ll reprimand each other for physical abuse? THIS IS A CALL TO THE FEW GOOD MEN OUT THERE; LEND YOUR VOICE AND SPEAK UP AGAINST VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN! How can you burn someone to death??? We need to introduce #deathpenalty in these cases HONESTLY! #speakup SOCIETY NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING AGAINST VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN! Everyone/Society is busy teaching the GIRL-CHILD HOW TO BEHAVE AND ACT RIGHT BUT WHO IS TRAINING THE BOY-CHILD ON HOW TO BEHAVE AND ACT RIGHT?

Karabo Mokoena guresomly murdered by an enraged boyfriend
She was found doused in petrol and burnt after a heated argument in the nightclub with her boyfriend



Karabo Mokoena had been missing since 28 Apri and was later found murderded and burnt by an enraged boyfriend

If you’re given to quick anger, or you have temper issues, do yourself and the world a favour by staying away from relationships. #RIPKarabo Only the wise ones will read and understand the message behind what I have written, for all of you wicked MEN, coming on here to defend the violence been done to women around the world ; the God we serve is watching …


Secret Revealed! 6 Things Gospel Singer Mercy Masika Does To Avoid Relationship Drama

Gospel singer Mercy Masika is ruling the airwaves, and her star is not about to be dimmed anytime soon.

Away from her music, the celebrated singer is a wife to husband David Muguro and a mom to two beautiful kids.

Her humble personality has seen her win the hearts of many, including her husband.

And while some of her colleagues are breaking their marriages, Mercy remains steadfast solid in her relationship.

Her recent admission about her husband received the praise of many, who indicated they would emulate her. Here is what she said about her hubby David;

Marriage is about becoming a team. You’re going to spend the rest of your life learning about each other, and every now and then, things blow up. But the beauty of marriage is that if you have the right person by your side, and you both truly love each other then you’ll always figure a way to get through it. Marriage is beautiful and I love my husband.


Recently she spoke to the standard newspaper where she further revealed her secret to a happy marriage.

This are six things she does to keep her relationship strong.

  1. Seek wise counsel. Don’t talk to all and sundry about your relation problems
  2. Submit. This doesn’t mean being a doormat.
  3. Chose your battles wisely. Sometimes I say sorry even when i’m not wrong she says. This humbles him and he learns to say sorry.
  4. Pray. This has kept me standing
  5. Sex. She says you should figure out what your spouse needs
  6. Be faithful,



This 52-year-old woman admitted she has never kissed a man

A South African woman identified as Thembisile Ntaka who is 52 years old claims she’s a proud virgin. The woman made this shocking revelation at a social cohesion dialogue about virginity at Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban on Tuesday night.⠀
“I began this journey when I was 14 years old. I get a lot of people criticising me for being a virgin and not having children. Some even tell me I will die a lonely woman. But that does not make me want to change my life.” Thembisile said she has never slept with a man or even kissed one. She said she is one of the most respected women in Botha’s Hill.⠀ ⠀
Thembisile encouraged young women to stay virgins. “I’m the lastborn at home. My eight siblings got married and left me with my brother’s two children.” She said when she was young she heard her brothers’ friends saying bad things about the girls they’d had sex with. “I decided then I didn’t want to be one of those girls,” she said.⠀⠀ ⠀
She said each time there is virginity testing in her area, she is always the first one in line. “I don’t care if I die without children or a husband. I’m happy with my life and so is my family.”⠀⠀ ⠀
During the conference, where virgins and virginity testers discussed the importance of purity, tester Zanele Shezi-Sishi said it’s important for women to look after themselves.
“Staying a virgin helps to avoid infections and disease.” Head of recreation at eThekwini Municipality, Thembinkosi Ngcobo, said they chose the topic because too many girls fall pregnant at an early age.
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
Source: DailySun

Sbonza Ni Wewe! 5 compelling reasons why young girls should stay away from ‘sponsors’

Do you ever look through your Instagram feed and wonder how in the world your female pals can afford to take off to exotic holiday destinations, yet there you are trying to hustle to afford buying the Sh90 ‘imported mexican’ maize?

Sheesh! Kenyans on social media are known not to have chills when they respond in the comments section demanding that the young girl post a picture of the ‘sponsor’ behind the vacation.

Having a sponsor has become so fashionable, one can’t miss spotting a young Kenyan girl desperately holding onto an ‘ancestor’ as they are referred to.

I know it’s been said by most ladies in our generation who love dating old men, that they love ‘monied men for multiple reasons. Campus girls are notorious for dating ‘sponsors’.

Here are my five reasons why you should disown that ancestor BUT if you really must date one, how about you emulate the French President who married a much older woman for LOVE?

1.) Are you ready for a child or fun

If you want to wait to have a kid until you’re in your early 30s, your older man is going to be about 50. Having to run around after a 5-year-old is hard work, especially if it’s been that much longer since your man had a child. And trust me he will also need as much attention as the baby as you will be taking care of all his needs. He won’t be strong enough.Your kid will also have a challenge as most kids in school will mistake his father for his grandfather.

2.) You need to respect him like your father

He is older than you and he already has kids who are almost the same age as you, they respect him and the only difference between you and his kids is that you are sleeping with him. ‘So you need to know that age demands a certain level of respect. You will feel inferior and cant negotiate with him as easily as you would have with a younger man, which means you will literally be his adopted child more than you will be his young wife. Are you ready to be ordered around and be set for curfews?

3.) Your suggestions and opinions hardly count

He has lived more than you and seen more than you so by the time you settle down together, he’ll have amassed life experiences and won’t have time for your shenanigans. Your life will end up being smaller in comparison since your shared years will make up far more of your total life experience than his. He will make most of the decisions and you will have no say in the relationship as you will have to listen to daddy yo…. sorry your husband…. all the time. It’s not fun at all.

4.) You will make enough visits to buy Viagra at the chemist

At your age, I can imagine how much more you’ll be sexually active and you can’t get it all the time. Remember to him it’s not a big deal as he has had it all his life, so unless you’re fine with ‘starving ‘, think again. Then before you know it since you are a prisoner, you may have to ask the watch man or shamba boy to service you. Women supposedly experience their sexual peak at age 35, while men allegedly go downhill after turning 18..remember this is all  allegedly. Why take your chances? So think smart as money is not everything.

5.) Your Friends and his friends

The places you want to hang out, the songs you listen to, the dancing and fun you have will be worlds apart. He won’t be able to mesh easily with your crowd and will stick out like a graying, sore thumb at parties attended by fresh-faced 25-year-olds. Likewise for you at his friends’ gatherings. Most of them met his ex wife so be sure that his friends’ wife’s are not going to make life any easier for you. These women will specifically go out of their way to make you feel not welcome in their crowd. You become an automatic threat to them by being naturally prettier and having the all-powerful asset of youth.

If this doesn’t matter to you, do you boo.