‘I knew you were gonna be my headache,’ Otile Brown to his ex Nabayet

Weeks after being dumped by his Ethiopian bae Nabayet, Otile Brown has shared a brief narration on how he met the love of his life.

Otile and Nabayet recently broke up under unclear circumstances prompting him to ask the public to intervene and ask for forgiveness.

‘I remember when we first met in Australia after months of talking on phone for hours everyday without getting bored

You pulled up on me in a black biker short, a big ass 2pac black Tshirt (which is mine nowadays😉) and yeezys sneakers.

With no make up on, no nothing 🤣 you wasn’t trying hard to impress and that is when I knew you was gonna be my headache, coz that’s my type of cool.’

Things Diamond should do for his relationship with Tanasha to survive

Otile and Nabayet
Otile and Nabayet

Otile went on to praise Nabayet for being a giver and not a taker like most women are.

‘You never ask for anything from me -you’re the type that like to give and never takes and sometimes it’s annoying. LISTEN 👂 

Relationships aren’t easy and the more serious it gets sometimes, the more terrifying it becomes coz we’re young and stupidly cursed but I’m ready to risk it all for your fine ass…

Happiest birthday 🎂 @nabbi__ ila ndo ivo ,I’ll make sure i have something special for your fine ass when we link InshaAllah!.’

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Did you know cuddling has health benefits? Here are some of them

When was the last time you cuddled with someone? That cuddle that does not necessarily lead to s3x. I guess it has been a while right?

Today, business is being worn as a badge of honor where no one makes time for each other due to their busy schedules.

Its high time you fix cuddling into your busy schedule, because not only does it make you feel warm and fuzzy but it also has some very serious health benefits to reap from a hot steamy cuddle.


  • It reduces the risk of chronic diseases

When our bodies are subjected to chronic stress whether physical, emotional, or nutritional over prolonged periods of time, they become a target for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease,”

This remedy has been proven to relax the body and lower cortisol levels, helping to reduce the risk of developing chronic disease.

  • Reduces stress

This is an effective way to decrease anxiety and depression, and, yes, stress. Your blood pleasure and heartrate will lower automatically.

  • Helps create a connection in a relationship

There is a lot of research that notes having healthy relationships contributes to a longer lifespan, says Wijkstrom. “Some researchers have suggested that this may have a lot to do with oxytocin and the happiness that it makes us feel.” So don’t forget to spoon your partner some cuddling love to enrich your relationship.

The seven hour sleep guide for women in midlife

  • It improves your immune system

The stress-reducing effects of a good cuddle could also protect you from illness. One study involving 400 adults found that hugging may reduce the chance a person will get sick. Researchers discovered participants with a greater support system were less likely to get sick, and those with the greater support system who did get sick had less severe symptoms than those with little or no support system. The more support and hugs participants received, the less severe their symptoms became.

  • It helps with social anxiety

Since cuddling is so peaceful and nurturing, it’s no surprise that it helps ease anxiety and fears. It helps people ease their state of mind and manage their social fears.

  • Helps you get a good night sleep

When we cuddle, our stress melts away, which contributes to a non-restful, rejuvenating sleep. So when you feel Struggling to catch some zzzs? Then you might need a good cuddle. Research shows.

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If she’s not your first choice, don’t waste her time

If she’s not your first choice, don’t waste her time. Don’t treat her like she’s second-best. Don’t chase her if she’s not the one you truly want to be with. Don’t play games.

If she’s not your first choice, don’t ask her personal questions. Don’t let her open up to you about her past, her childhood or her fears. Don’t let her reveal her heart to you if you’re not ready to love her. Don’t ask for a place in her heart if you’re not planning on staying there.

If she’s not your first choice, don’t awaken her love if you’re not ready to love her. Don’t hold her if you’ll easily let her go. Don’t claim her if you can’t be the one she needs.

10 signs that he still loves you

 If she’s not your first choice, don’t stop her from finding the one who would put her first.


If she’s not your first choice, please leave. Leave and don’t disturb her peace. Leave instead of half-loving her. Leave instead of lying to her. Leave because she doesn’t need you. Leave because she will eventually leave you.

She will leave when she realizes that your presence is not that much different from your absence. She will leave because she learned to choose herself when people didn’t choose her.

If she’s not your first choice, don’t expect to be hers. Because she’s the kind of girl who wants to love until her very last breath. She’s the kind of girl who believes in fairytales and forever and growing old with the one she loves laughing at the same jokes on their front porch.

couple pics
couple pics

She’s the kind of girl who will send you love songs and write you love letters and get your favorite candy every time she sees you. She’s the kind of girl who will give you the world and the galaxies and the universe but she needs you to meet her there.

You can’t meet her half-way. You can’t ask her to suppress her love. You can’t ask her to be number two. She’s the kind of girl who wants it all or nothing and she won’t settle until she finds someone who is ready and not afraid to choose her every single day.

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10 signs that he still loves you

There are many ways that we show our affection for those that we love. Thoughts and emotions cloud our judgment to whether one is still loved by their significant other.

Below are 10 signs that your beau still loves you:

He keeps an eye on you

Ladies, does he constantly want to check up on you? Or want to know how your day has been then without a shadow of a doubt he still loves you. Don’t wonder any further whether he still loves you. He sure does.

He follows what you do online

You may think it’s a bit stalkerish but trust you me girl, he means no harm just keeping tabs of his baby. It is normally a sweet gesture when he keeps tabs on you, this shows a level of trust and openness in the relationship.

You get a lot of calls from unknown numbers

Your bae tries to reach you on your cellphone but you are unreachable. He will go out of his way by using other numbers just to get a hold of you. Those are signs that he still loves you.

He sends you hateful messages

Due to anger and resentment that he may still harbor inside of him, he may once in a while send hateful messages which he doesn’t mean. He later apologizes because he still has mad feelings over you baby girl.

He tends to call you for no particular reason

If he calls and tells you that he really has nothing to tell you but just wants to hear your voice, that is a clear sign that he still loves you and your own his mind 24/7.

He shares love quotes on his social media

Men are not beings of showing emotions but when he extends his affection on his social media, he is targeting a specific person that has his heart.

4 signs that your ex still loves you

He resists giving back your stuff

Many breakups are followed by individuals returning back their stuff from their significant others due to not wanting fond memories of each other. But when he refuses giving back your stuff, know that he wants your memories close by.

He keeps wearing the gifts you got him

When you buy your guy a gift, and he constantly wears what you got him means that he loves your taste and the things you get him. He will wear it proudly and be proud of the gift.

He has extreme emotions towards you ( anger, hate, sadness)

Mixed feelings towards you are present. He may be feeling confused and disturbed over you to a point that he may not know how to act or feel.

He tries to reach you when he is drunk

Drunk calls in the middle of the night are a clear indication that he still loves you. It’s only when a man is drunk that he can pour out his emotions towards you.

He has future plans for you

Someone who loves you will always want to include you in his plans either for the future of even the present times. This is someone who sees a future with you and would want to spend the rest of his life with you.

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4 signs that your ex still loves you

Breaking up is hard, especially if you were madly in love with the person.

Well, the harsh truth is that things don’t always work the way we expect them to. Also, it is worth noting that the first relationship barely works. If he/she was your first, it is okay to look for someone else who can understand you better.

Don’t cry because it’s over, there still may be a chance that your ex still loves you.

Here are 4 signs that your ex still loves you:

  • Your ex tries to maintain regular contact with you

Well, I know this is a no brainer. If your ex tries to still keep contact with you then that means that feelings are still there. If you have tried ignoring your ex, but they constantly try to reach out, then that’s a clear indication that he/she still loves you.

The longer this happens, after your breakup the more it suggests that your ex wants you back. He/she may not be happy with the single life and may be wanting you back.

  • Reminiscing about the happy times

If he/she still remembering the good old days together, then that’s a clear indication that they still love you despite the breakup. He/se may be reconsidering to taking you back.

  • Your ex remains angry, emotional or upset for weeks or months after breakup

I know this may seem somewhat controversial. But often this is a great sign that your ex still loves you. If you didn’t do anything drastic to hurt your ex like cheating on them, then your ex is holding feelings of resentment and stays being angry then that is a positive sign showing emotion investments and feelings towards you.

If you want to win your ex back, you will have to make them let go of these feelings.

  • Your ex tends to send mixed signals, where one minute they say they miss you then the next they’re cold and distant

This is the strongest indicator that they still in love with you and cannot seem to let go. I have a feeling that most of ya’ll breakups lead to these mixed feelings because of conflicted emotions. Keep your options open, to getting back into the relationship. If your, ex is doing this, then that means they are not fully ready to let go.

5 Reasons why are relationships are failing in this millennial era

Good luck in taking back your ex after you have identified with these signs after the breakup. I would strongly advise not to take the friendzone avenue.

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Stop thinking about him, because he is not thinking about you ladies

Ladies, do you ever know when you are the second option to a man? Or do you just ignore the signs, that he may be hinting on you that, just maybe he is seeing someone else?

Ladies why would you go out of your way to satisfy someone else’s man knowing very well that he has someone in his life at the moment?

On the other hand, why is it that men will want to eat the whole cake and leave nothing for the rest? You clearly know that you have a beau that you are dating, but will still want to entertain some other lady on the other side.

A young lady narrates her ordeal with a man she thought was in love with her to a point she would do anything and everything for. When the wise men said love is blind, they weren’t wrong at all.

On a leaked direct message, the distressed lady pours out her heart to the man in question over her being played with like a toy. Her emotions were toyed with as she writes how hurt and embarrassed she was after she thought she was with a man who loved her, only to find out that their was another lady in the man’s life who apparently seemed as the main chick.

She bought the guy a TV, Xbox accessories and also supported him whenever he needed it, to a point she gave him Ksh. 2000 just for the guy to take her love for granted.

‘The next man might be better’ Hamisa on relationship with Diamond

She also writes how they used to go on dates with the guy and also how he used to tell her how she was the only one in his life and how he loves her and her alone. Only to find out that the fellow was entertaining another woman.

With no hesitation and remorse over what the guy did, he replied back claiming he was with the other girl everyday and not with her. Stating how he used to post her on his Instagram stories and Snap-chat.

“I Just thought you didn’t care, but I appreciate the 2k and the good summer vibes” he continues. He sarcastically continues telling the woman that she will never be forgotten, that is if he was till loved.

Those comments angered the lady in question, which resulted to exchange of verbal words.

All I can say is, love makes you foolish. It makes you throw every bit of logic away, do stupid things, dangerous things.

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KTN News presenter ties the knot in a lavish traditional themed wedding

KTN News presenter Fridah Mwaka on Saturday 10, August 2019 formalized her engagement to her fiancé in a ‘traditional’- themed event in Kibwezi, Makueni County.

The union came two months after the lovebirds got engaged at a private event in Nairobi. Ms Mwaka joined KTN News back in March 2018, after, Mashirima Kapombe, then later switched to Citizen TV. If that isn’t enough, the talented News anchor went ahead to make her mark after she impressed the judges with her fluent Kiswahili speaking skills during KTN’s the presenter show.

The Daystar University alumnus also worked as a radio presenter at Kubamba radio, where she worked alongside her close friend and music producer, Saint P.

Although Fridah Mwaka has managed to keep her love life and camera-shy fiancé private from the world, her close and very dear friend and music producer Saint P posted the couples first-ever picture together on his Instagram page expressing his joy in their union of love.

“I cannot explain how happy and excited i am for u. I am happy that u have started a new face in ur life. I am happy for you sana.
May God bless you. I pray for joy, happiness… oneness… You are blessed.
I am confident in the man that is your husband now. I am happy that he shall he has chose to love you.. to take care of you and care for you sooo much.
Occupy this chapter with gladness, that God has done it, has won it… and has Loved it for you.
I love you my dear friend and all love an success for me.
Nawapenda.” Saint P wrote.

‘All groomsmen backed out before my wedding day’ – Pastor Chris Atemo

Sources close to Fridah Mwaka have revealed that the couples official church wedding is set for late November this year.

(Photo: Kate_shiks photography)

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Cupid Struck! 5 Types of men that drive women crazy

Women love bad boys and this is something that has been a mystery to many. It is not clear on what attracts them to these types of men but it is obvious that’s what works for them.

Bad boys attract unwanted attention regardless of whether they are handsome or not, whether loaded or not women don’t seem to consider this with many wanting to experience some adventure with the said men.

Mary J Blige sang a song dedicated to the bad boys and here she says”Me and Mr wrong get along so good even though he breaks my heart so bad, we’ve got something special going on.”

Could this be the case for our Kenyan men?

Forget ‘MAKALI’ this is latest wine you should be buying to sip as you relax

Here are the types of men that women are attracted to.

1. Nduthi Guys

These kind of men mostly attract young girls who are either still in school or new in campus. They are liked and loathed in equal measures for their promiscuous nature .

Boda boda


They have mainly contributed to increased early pregnancies among teens something that has left a bitter mouth in the society.

The above behaviour has not deterred married women who are now having sexual escapes and illicit affairs with these forbidden lot.

2. Gym instructors

Every woman wants a fit man. No one likes an over sized guy who cant even pick up after himself thus gym instructors attract women. Women are mainly attracted to gym instructors for their physique which is mainly attractive but in most scenarios end up disappointed when it reaches between the sheets.

So the next time you hear your woman is are hiring a male gym instructor, be very worried as you might end up single and depressed in this cold weather.

3. Dread locked guys

There is something about guys with dreadlocks that women cant resist. Most of the men are eye candies with well toned bodies good for our instagram pages and showing off to our friends.

Unlike some men who are unkempt most dread locked guys are well kept, with the well maintained body comes a good performance between the sheets something that a woman can’t resist.

7 type of neighbors you are likely to meet in Nairobi’s flats and estates

4. Bouncers

Most girls are attracted to bouncers not because they have much to offer but because of the chances they create. Who wouldn’t want free tickets, free performance entrances and a free sexual escapade.

5. Butchery guys

Ladies love butcher guys for the free meat packages extended to them and for the servicing that is not extended to them by their husbands or boyfriends .

When you see a woman laughing heartedly with the butcher guy. just know sio wote huendea nyama.

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When love meets sports: Ghana’s football couple walk down the isle

I know you are used to hearing the phrase, ‘Love is in the air’ but what if a couple never met on an aircraft?, hot air balloon or even in an airport?.

Anyway, it is rare we hear news of two footballers tying the knot as many footballers settle for models and vice versa, till a Ghanaian football couple walked down the isle this past Thursday, January 5, 2019.


Ghana men’s national team ‘Black Stars’ forward, David Accam and women’s national team ‘Black Queens’ striker Florence Dadson started the year with a bang by saying ‘I do’ in an invites-only  traditional ceremony held in Cape Coast.


The two birds are based in the United States of America and have been dating for more than an year.

28-year-old Accam, plays for Philadelphia Union in Major League Soccer (MLS) while 26-year-old Dadson plays for Gulf Coast Texans.

The couple’s white wedding is expected to be held in Accra in March.

We from Radiojambo.co.ke wish the two love birds all the best in their marriage.



Ladies Here’s A List Of The Reasons Why He Dumped You

Heartbreaks are so painful and take time to heal. However, we may be the cause of our own pain because of things we do consciously or unconsciously. We get heartbroken time and time again yet we don’t know why.

Well here are some of the reasons why :

1. You don’t listen – When someone talks to you, you should listen, this means that you are keen to hear what is being said. Many women listen with the aim of replying which means they don’t get the message. Let your man speak his mind and stop interrupting him. A man wants someone who will listen to them, not someone who will make him feel like his opinion doesn’t matter.

2. Listening to your friends – Friendships are important and we all need them, however we need to know when to draw the lines between our friendship and your relationships. Three is a crowd, you cannot let your friends opinions run things between you and your man.

3. He’s not dating your family – Just like friendships, family is also important, but again you need to draw the line. What happens between you and your man is between the two of you and not your family. If you have a small fight and keep running to tell it to your family then you will lose your man as he will be in constant war with his in-laws and will probably end up avoiding them.

4. Separate lives – Just because you are dating, doesn’t mean that you have to spend 100% of the time together. We all have our separate lives. You can’t drag your man to the shopping sprees, salon, and picnics with the girls etc. Chances are your man won’t drag you along when he goes to watch the game or have drinks with the boys.

5. Questioning – If your man wanted to be questioned about his every move and decision he would just go to prison. You are not his guard, so let him do his own thing. Questioning him all the time about where he is, what he is doing etc will make you single.

6. Being too dependent – Men want a grown woman who can handle her business, but still let him know that there’s a place in her life that only he can fill. If you come to a guy for every single thing, and can’t seem to make up your mind or make decisions … it will eventually get tiring and he will move on.

7. Negative – All human beings make mistakes every once in while. Nobody can stand always being criticized because it belittles them. People like to be appreciated so if you never have anything good to say he will look for it elsewhere.

A Love So Sweet: Newly-weds win hearts after riding a bike to the ceremony

They are setting the bar to wedding rituals. If you are looking for a way to cut down spending on weddings, this is it.

On average hiring wedding vehicles costs about Sh30,000, a cost that not many can afford to spend. It’s even worse trying to get friends and family to offer their fancy cars.

A cute couple have impressed many after photos of them riding a bike caught the attention of social media.

Girls, would you put aside your pride and hop onto a bicycle on your big day?

Check out the pics which have gone viral

wedding couple in bike 2


Sbonza Ni Wewe! 5 compelling reasons why young girls should stay away from ‘sponsors’

Do you ever look through your Instagram feed and wonder how in the world your female pals can afford to take off to exotic holiday destinations, yet there you are trying to hustle to afford buying the Sh90 ‘imported mexican’ maize?

Sheesh! Kenyans on social media are known not to have chills when they respond in the comments section demanding that the young girl post a picture of the ‘sponsor’ behind the vacation.

Having a sponsor has become so fashionable, one can’t miss spotting a young Kenyan girl desperately holding onto an ‘ancestor’ as they are referred to.

I know it’s been said by most ladies in our generation who love dating old men, that they love ‘monied men for multiple reasons. Campus girls are notorious for dating ‘sponsors’.

Here are my five reasons why you should disown that ancestor BUT if you really must date one, how about you emulate the French President who married a much older woman for LOVE?

1.) Are you ready for a child or fun

If you want to wait to have a kid until you’re in your early 30s, your older man is going to be about 50. Having to run around after a 5-year-old is hard work, especially if it’s been that much longer since your man had a child. And trust me he will also need as much attention as the baby as you will be taking care of all his needs. He won’t be strong enough.Your kid will also have a challenge as most kids in school will mistake his father for his grandfather.

2.) You need to respect him like your father

He is older than you and he already has kids who are almost the same age as you, they respect him and the only difference between you and his kids is that you are sleeping with him. ‘So you need to know that age demands a certain level of respect. You will feel inferior and cant negotiate with him as easily as you would have with a younger man, which means you will literally be his adopted child more than you will be his young wife. Are you ready to be ordered around and be set for curfews?

3.) Your suggestions and opinions hardly count

He has lived more than you and seen more than you so by the time you settle down together, he’ll have amassed life experiences and won’t have time for your shenanigans. Your life will end up being smaller in comparison since your shared years will make up far more of your total life experience than his. He will make most of the decisions and you will have no say in the relationship as you will have to listen to daddy yo…. sorry your husband…. all the time. It’s not fun at all.

4.) You will make enough visits to buy Viagra at the chemist

At your age, I can imagine how much more you’ll be sexually active and you can’t get it all the time. Remember to him it’s not a big deal as he has had it all his life, so unless you’re fine with ‘starving ‘, think again. Then before you know it since you are a prisoner, you may have to ask the watch man or shamba boy to service you. Women supposedly experience their sexual peak at age 35, while men allegedly go downhill after turning 18..remember this is all  allegedly. Why take your chances? So think smart as money is not everything.

5.) Your Friends and his friends

The places you want to hang out, the songs you listen to, the dancing and fun you have will be worlds apart. He won’t be able to mesh easily with your crowd and will stick out like a graying, sore thumb at parties attended by fresh-faced 25-year-olds. Likewise for you at his friends’ gatherings. Most of them met his ex wife so be sure that his friends’ wife’s are not going to make life any easier for you. These women will specifically go out of their way to make you feel not welcome in their crowd. You become an automatic threat to them by being naturally prettier and having the all-powerful asset of youth.

If this doesn’t matter to you, do you boo.

Love at first sight is real! Study finds we register beauty in less than a second

Love at first sight is real – and it triggers a rush of pleasure akin to the euphoria triggered by sugar, psychologists have found.

The experience of beauty has been the subject of fascination for philosophers for millennia, but psychologists have struggled to concretely measure it.

Almost every philosopher that’s tackled it – from Plato to Kant – has espoused that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and to experience that beauty, the beholder must keenly study the subject.

Most conclude that it is an ineffable ‘experience’ that could last minutes, days, or even a lifetime.

However, a new study by New York University psychologists has found it is much more simple than that: they found that it takes a person just one second to register that they find something beautiful.

What’s more, it is not impossible to quantify, as previously thought: when a person sees something beautiful, they experience an intense jolt of pleasure.

‘We say hedonists should skip the candy and go straight to beauty – it’s exactly the same,’ Denis Pelli, psychology professor at NYU who co-authored the study alongside his doctoral student Aenne Brielmann, told DailyMail.com.

The new research, published today in the journal Current Biology, is a piece of a broader puzzle that is the subject of Brielmann’s PhD project: trying to understand how ‘beauty’ can be measured, to better understand how it affects our actions in day-to-day life.

‘Beauty is famously subjective and supposed to be intractable by science – but some of its key properties follow simple rules,’ Pelli said.

‘Philosophers have long supposed the feeling of beauty is a special kind of pleasure. Yet, our analysis of research in the field shows the feeling of beauty may merely be a very intense pleasure – not otherwise special.’


Awww: Jacque Maribe’s fiancé Jowie proves why he is husband material

Jacque Maribe is smitten with love. She can’t stop gushing about her new bae, Jowie.

The Citizen TV presenter and her lover have been dating for two years now. And last Saturday, they decided to make things official.

Jowie went on his knee to ask for Jacque Maribe’s hand in marriage and she said ‘YES’.


 Yesterday Jacque Maribe and Jowie celebrated their friendaversary and the mother of one took to social media to shower her partner with love.


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Jowie, on the other hand, bought Maribe a bouquet of flowers, took a pic, shared it online and he confessed his love for the woman who makes him go gaga.

Jacque Maribe

He wrote:


The lovebirds later in the evening went on a date and Jacque shared the photo below.

Jacque Maribe and Jowi

People in open relationships are just as emotionally satisfied as monogamous couples – study

People in open relationships are no more sexually and emotionally satisfied than monogamous couples, new research suggests.

As long as couples have sex to be close to each other or to fulfill their desires, there is no difference in how content people are with their partners, a study found.

Those who get intimate for less personal reasons, such as to avoid an argument, are less likely to be happy in their relationships regardless of whether it is open or monogamous, the research adds.

Lead author Jessica Wood, from the University of Guelph, said: ‘We found people in consensual, non-monogamous relationships experience the same levels of relationship satisfaction, psychological well-being and sexual satisfaction as those in monogamous relationships.

‘This debunks societal views of monogamy as being the ideal relationship structure.’

Up to seven per cent of people in the US are in open relationships and as many as 48 per cent in the UK are interested in being polygamous.

How the research was carried out 

The researchers analysed 142 people in open relationships and 206 who were committed to one person.

The participants were asked how sexually and emotionally satisfied they are with their partners, as well as how sexually fulfilled they felt.

Those with multiple partners focused on their main one.

Questions included whether they considered separating from their partner and if they confided in them.

‘It’s assumed these people are having sex with everyone all the time’

Speaking of polygamy, Ms Wood said: ‘It’s more common than most people think.

‘We are at a point where we are expecting a lot from our partners. We want to have sexual fulfillment and excitement but also emotional and financial support.

‘Trying to fulfill all these needs can put pressure on relationships. To deal with this pressure, we are seeing some people look to consensually non-monogamous relationships.’

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Do you think it’s possible to be in love with two people at once?

While most have room in their heart for just one partner, one woman has fallen in love with two men at the same time.

In a letter to New Zealand-based sex and relationship columnist, Jennifer Souness, the woman said she had become ‘insanely attracted’ to a man she had worked with for the past year.

However, she said she also has a boyfriend of two years – a man she is still attracted to and happens to love very much.

In the letter the women said her dilemma was whether or not to broach the question of a polyamorous relationship with her partner as she felt convinced she was in love with both.


In a bid to untangle the complexity of the situation, Ms Souness said there were two issues which needed to be considered.

The first– the question of polyamory, the advice columnist said generally speaking once a couple has established feelings for each other within the confines of a monogamous relationship, it’s usually too late to negotiate an open one.

The second – the perception of the woman’s feelings towards her co-worker – was a little more complex.

Ms Souness said, developing an attraction for a work colleague wasn’t an entirely uncommon scenario – especially with pheromones at play.   However, she added, it was also entirely possible to keep things in check and stop them from spiraling with an awareness about the nature of romantic attraction.


According to Daily Mail, Ms Souness said although the young woman described her relationship with her partner as ‘happy’ she said feelings for others can develop if at any time the relationship had been through a troubled patch.

‘Was there a period when you didn’t feel so positive?’ Ms Souness asked. ‘A moment when things went flat, when you felt unappreciated or misunderstood, allowing your co-worker’s attention to quietly slip in through a side window?’

The relationship expert said at times like these people were most susceptible to flattery – when we believe our wants and needs aren’t being met.

She also added that’s when another can start to seem more attractive – and the cycle begins.

Also added was the reality of the young woman’s situation as she was unavailable, was probably driving the intensity of her suitor’s feelings and in turn making her feel ‘irresistible and completely invincible’.


But she said, in the event she did leave her partner for this other man and after the initial attraction waned, this new relationship would eventually end up in the same place as her current one.

‘All relationships end up travelling down that same road to familiarity, putting you right back where you started.’


Previously speaking to Australian sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein, said an office romance – irrespective of its nature – is a fairly common occurrence these days.

However, this was a complex territory and the situation always needed to be handled with care.

Strict Rules For Office Romance

‘If you’re working and your roles overlap there are going to be some issues. The problem is being able to differentiate those two lives,’ the expert said.

‘It’s going to be very hard to decipher that line between knowing which feelings are professional and which are feelings are being influenced by the fact that there’s a relationship there.’

 Daily Mail

‘I almost ran him over then he asked me out!’ People reveal surprising ways they found love on Twitter

Some people believe in love at first sight, and that you’ll know instantly when you meet the one.

But some couples’ real life tales of falling in love are far more interesting than the fairytale – as a new Twitter thread shows.

Among the people from around the world to have shared the story of how they met their partner online was a woman who said she narrowly avoided hitting her now partner with her car – only to hit it off with him when she took him for coffee to apologise.

Another person said they hated their husband when they first began working together, only to find herself falling for him as time went on.

Many met their partners in very unromantic settings, including at the supermarket doing the weekly shop, or in one case while playing World of Warcraft online.

One tweeted: ‘Went to Trader Joe’s for the first time ever. I’m in the frozen aisle trying to figure out what vegan ice cream is and a woman walks up and says ”Are you Ethiopian?”’

‘Been married for 2 years.’

Another posted: ‘At a yard sale. He bent over to grab something and I saw how nice that a** was… 11 years later, we still going strong.’

Others said they met when they were very young and are still together years down the line.

One said: ‘We went on the worlds worst date in high school that literally was so uncomfortable. Like y’all he shook my hand when I went in for a hug. I got sick from dinner. Like holy s***.

‘But then we fell in love so like worth it.’

Another tweeted: ‘I was outside in the front lawn with a friend. I was 15 years old. We watched a family move in next door. I saw him.. he saw me. I told my friend (yes at 15) that I was going to marry him.

‘Last month we celebrated our 32nd Wedding Anniversary and have been together for 39 years!’

However, others had hilarious tales of romances that got off on completely the wrong foot.

One said: ‘I was texting & driving in a parking lot…Omw to meet a different date & almost ran over this HOT guy, I slammed my brakes…He came to my window, I thought he would yell at me…but he asked me out for a drink…

‘I quickly bailed on the other guy, & been w/hot guy since,8 yrs.’

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If you live with your parents, please dive into this conversation of what Kenyan mum’s do if you wake up late


This kind of reminds me of the story back in May, of a dude who was sued by his parents after he refused to move out.

30-year-old man Michael Rotondo’s parents claim he would not leave their home, despite the fact that they began giving him notices in February 2018. They also offered $1,100 to help him find his own place, which Rotondo took, but continued living in their home. According to ABC7, he does not contribute to the family’s expenses or chores.

There is a discussion on Twitter by KOT that centres on a topic on parents, and the sarcastic comments they make when their children wake up late.

 What’s the first thing your mother says when you wake up at 10 a.m? There are 15 comments that Kenyan mums say to their children.

Someone shared that he was told, ‘“Siku moja utalala hivi uamke upate tulihama”’. Woii, hides in shame.

black mom meme 3

If the comments KOT are sharing don’t leave you hollering, I don’t know what will:

lellah…Sounds exactly like my mum 😂😂 alafu she adds ‘ata huskii aibu kuamka hii masaa’ 😂😂😂😂
Mutinda 🌕


brianmutinda_….“Hata babako ashaamka, kwani hii nyumba ni ya nani?”🤣

lellah …Wewe sasa utaolewa kwa nyumba gani?” 😂😂 she always gets me with this 🤔 naamka najipea shughuli 😁

black mom meme 1

Leenah Kitonga…Leteeni governor chai, ameamka

Ms.Moraa Achira….Asubuhi imefika princess

i_wanjiku….Kujeni muone bibi ya mzungu ameamka……


Ciru Mansur…Lala mpaka utoke vumbi

Mercy Njeru….She used to say…” Ni ugokirio ni maku”(utaamshwa na yako)….saa hii vile I wake up very early nisipatwe na jam ya Thika Road😣😣😣😣😣

Kamba_Girl….Jua lishachomoka hauezi lala iamue kuchomoka tena!

Nyo Kon Turkan….”Yani hawa watoto sijui… Sijui. Nyinyi ndo mlifika saa tatu na hata hamtingiki. Sijui mtaishi na nani.. laleni kabisa” Then my dad be like let them be, “wacha walale, waamke mapema ma hakuna mahali wanaenda” then I’ll comfortably poise myself in letter C position to dreamland

Mary Maina ….”Endelea kulala utapata dunia iliisha na ukaachwa pekee yako
RobertDaSilvaJunior…Endelea kulala na wanaume wengine washaenda hustle

Winnie254….Afadhali wewe ..Mimi ni unaamka upate gunia ilibadilika au siku nyingine ilihama..am like seriously mum!??aje sasa


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