Meet The ‘Billionaire’ Who Married Two Women Over The Weekend (Photos)

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. This is certainly true for one Tanzanian man, who this past week walked down the aisle..TWICE.

Several photos of a man who is alleged to have married two women this past weekend is doing rounds on the internet.

According to multiple reports the ‘billionaire’ is called Javan and married the two women, in a lavish ceremony before proceeding to a honeymoon with his two wives.

See photos of the nuptials below;

bioolnairwwivfe     bioolionaitewives








Girlfriend attacks boyfriend with hot water following a love dispute

A middle-aged man from Kang’oo village in Gatundu North Sub County is recovering from grave burns after his girlfriend poured hot water on his chest following a love dispute.

Peter Waithaka is said to have engaged in a domestic row with Leah Nyambara on 10th March 2017 at Kang’oo shopping centre leading to the attack.

‘Nyambara came as I was taking my beer at a local bar and started shouting at me; I asked her to leave me alone and as I took more beer with my friends, she went to her house, boiled water and using a thermos she carried the hot water to where we were. She splashed the water on my chest unexpectedly. She is suspecting that I have another girlfriend and that prompted the row,’ narrated Waithaka.

Speaking while grimacing in pain outside his house in Kang’oo on Sunday, Waithaka said he immediately fell unconscious and was rushed to Igegania level four for urgent medical attention where he was admitted for three days before he was discharged. He revealed that the condition of his wounds had since improved following quick and effective medication.

He said that the said girlfriend has since gone into hiding after being confronted by fuming locals who wanted to lynch her. ‘The young lady is a no go zone. She is ever in fights with us but the Waithaka incident was extreme. We are warning her to continue hiding because we will not allow her to reside in our peaceful village,’ said John Mwangi,’ a resident.

The ailing man reported the matter to Mwea police officers who according to him are yet to apprehend Nyambara.

Waithaka now wants action taken against Nyambara who owns a green grocery shop before she does more harm to him. He also wants the hospital bill to be paid by Nyambara.

Nyambara joins a list of women involved in domestic abuse against their husbands, with wives resorting to using hot water to burn their men, with the recent one happening in Nyeri County.

Why your relationship issues are your business

You need to stop making social media your album of relationship issues especially when it’s a non issue. The kind of women who post their mpango wa kando on social media, well that’s a bit immature and unnecessary. The one who calls the mpango wa kando and tells them to leave their husband that’s also not your assignment, the one who goes to his office to cause drama, that’s also very timely and embarrassing and finally the one who burns down their car or paints it with insults or even kill them, it’s not a solution. Women all these is a lot of work that you need to stop doing. It doesn’t matter how serious it is but there’s always a way of handling issues.

Why you shouldn’t post on social media

Because most people don’t really care. It’s just like any other story to them. Very few people will turn up at your door step to embrace and comfort you. You are going to be the talk of town and yes people are really going to participate with their contributions to more than 100 comments. More energy is needed to read them especially when looking for all the negative ones that will make you feel better. More pain as other people will think you are the problem and others will even do a photoshop of your photo and mpango wa kando and comment how she looks better than you. You will lose your friends’ and most of all your husband’s respect. We completely understand that you are hurt, but don’t stoop too low to post photos and abusive words on face book.

Stop calling your competitor

Most women totally do this and it makes them buy credit that’s enough to mark their territories by abusing the other woman terribly. Well you sound ridiculous when you are talking and trust me mwk is going to report you to hubby and he might deny the allegations, warn you against calling her or even strengthen their relationship as now that you know, he’ll think so am free and there is really nothing to hide. So don’t call that other woman especially when alone, you’d rather call while he is there, put it on loud speaker and ask him to talk rather than snoop and get hurt.H ave you ever noticed how much energy you use to abuse her and how you even get angrier than you were before you spoke to her because she won’t answer your burning questions while others are so arrogant that they tell you how that is equally their husband. So just save yourself the energy and stop playing detective.

You show up at his and her office and cause drama

You do know this will cost you fare and the worst part is you will be very embarrassed and he might lose his job. On the other hand you might end up fighting with this lady and it will as well cost you your respect. So don’t just show up.Wait for him at home.The commotion you cause in the office won’t put either of them in a position to answer you. If you really respect yourself don’t show up in his office or her office with your karate gloves on, because I’m sure if you watched yourself in a video after that, you would wonder which devil made me do that. Wait for him at home and deal with your house issues at home. The office is not your house where you air your dirty linen for people to know. Remember wise women handle their matrimonial problems in a wise manner.

Domestic violence and killing each other

Falling in love is a big deal for all of us but falling in control with your love is also a very big deal.We hear of so many stories of people killing each other and even causing so much harm to each other in the name of love. Well, we understand you invested your everything in that relationship and this fellow just decided to cheat on you and you are definitely very mad at that time and can end up doing something very stupid. So you need to relax and take a breather before you end up doing something that will make you spend the rest of your life in jail or in court cases. The number of people who kill each other for love in our society rises each day and the main reason is because most of them don’t want to control their anger and understand that no man is perfect. You can give a relationship your best shot but you should also learn to expect anything. When you put your heart into it also use your mind to reason with your heart. It’s time people stop killing each other for love and that can only happen when you don’t expect too much and make this person a small god.

Healing and Change

There are relationships that have survived cheating and lessons have been learnt. Some people get so heart broken they develop trust issues in the next relationship. It has been claimed that some people are natural born cheaters and is the reason why they never get satisfied with one partner. For others, it may be because their needs are not being met by their spouses. Others cheat to test the waters and be popular whereas others it’s all about the company they keep.



Man writes a memo to his wife warning her to expect a co-wife

So you’re happily married to your husband when he suddenly drops a bomb shell on you.

He alerts you through a memo that you should expect a co-wife. And he is not asking you rather telling you. It turns out that this is what one husband has done, based on the memo he allegedly wrote below.

These are topics we regularlyy confront on classic 105 with morning presenter Maina Kageni, and the on air interactions make every weekday something to look forward to.

Girls, what would you do if your husband, boyfriend pulled such a move? Do you leave or stay?

In the memo it states;,” I’m intending to being in a new female family memeber. She will be received at Chamluchi Hotel, then thereafter she will immediately assume her duties as my second wife”.

The memo continues,” Her name and other details will be revealed on the reception date”.

Notice in the same memo all family members including the in-laws have been notified. Kilimani mums mko wapi?


mans letter

Sitaki Kipara: Man kills wife for shaving pubic hair

A woman was hacked to death with a machete for shaving off her pubic hair. The womans husband is alleged to have committed the act because she did it without his consent.

The Zimbabwean man defended his actions in court saying it was taboo in their culture to shave off pubic hair. He is quoted by a court report as saying,; “”my main aim was to discipline her as she had disrespected me by shaving off what belongs to both of us. What’s worse is that she disposed of the hair in secret. This made me mad.”

He went on to defend himself saying, in a moment of anger he hit the woman and doesn’t remember much of what happened after that.

It is alleged that the case happened last year, when he noticed her in the backyard of their homestead, burying something in a pit.

He says he went to check what she had dropped in the pit after she had left the scene.

He concluded that what she had hidden in the plastic paper bag was the hair.

This angered him leading to the confrontation with the deceased, resulting in his wifes death.

The woman died after being struck repeatedly on the head, neck and chest.



Why we are at an 80% divorce rate in Kenya

Have you recently attended wedding festivities, only for an announcement to be made after a few months that the couple has called it quits?

What’s worse is the large sums of money spent by families to join in holy matrimony the love-birds. It also doesn’t help that we constantly hear of celebrity marriages ending, putting into question the institution of marriage.

Money and Infidelity Top Reasons For Divorce In Kenya

According to recent statistics, divorce rates in Kenya are as high as 80 per cent. Infidelity and money issues rank highest as the reasons why marriages are falling apart in Kenya.

Here are some of the things you need to try doing before you wed;

1. Going for counseling

Most couples don’t go for counseling as much as they go for wedding gown and venue shopping when they’re preparing for the big day.Well most people will say counseling is normal stuff, but is it really? Neither is going for an HIV test normal stuff. So the same way you go for that test, you need to test that courtship before you get married. Go for counseling classes even for a whole year or six months, you need to be sure that you are truly ready to go down this road than you are sure about walking down that aisle.

Girls, do you sometimes look at your husband and regret marrying him?

2. Courtship

Boy meets girl, falls in love and after six months, he gets down on one knee and propose,s. The answer most often than not is a resounding ‘YES’. but do most girls says yes without thinking about what they are getting themselves into? Next step is introduction to the respective families and before we know it the wedding bells are ringing and before the wedding photos are out we are going to the lawyers for divorce papers. Courtship means taking time to understand that this lady or guy is from a different background and it’s not about the good and tasty times, but it’s if you are still going to stand by them when things get tough. Court for long enough and don’t just be excited about posting engagement rings and changing the status on your social media.

Ladies, How Many Of You Have Cheated To Save Your Marriage?

3. Fast and furious

We are living in a generation where if things don’t move fast people get very furious.Patience is important I must say.You don’t need to earn the married status that fast unless you are ready. Have you noticed that gowns are getting better as the days go by, so don’t be in a hurry to put it on if you can’t really put up with him or her.You have to wait for 9 months for a baby to fully be ready for the world, that should be the case, no one gets pregnant today and delivers tomorrow. Unfortunately that is where we mostly go wrong. I know of people who’ve coated for seven years and they’re still loving each other and have no kids.

4. What are you getting yourself into

Marriage isn’t what we watch in the movies, I bet we still don’t understand that up to date and that’s why the divorce rate is still too high. Most of the time separation is very common in our society. It’s not all about the fact that he has a well paying job, you have a good physique rather it’s about when there’s no money and she doesn’t look that good, will I still love him or her. Fighting is going to be there but let it not get to domestic violence which is very common in our society.You need to know what you are getting yourself into.

5. Be prepared

It’s going to be a tough and very long journey where you’ll not love coming back home every day. You’ll remember the texts that use to say, I wish we were living together right now and change them to, how did I even start living with you or I can’t wait to walk down the aisle and exchange vows to who even opened by words to say I do to you. It is going to come along with all that but as long as you say I was prepared and we are going through this together because during courtship and counseling, I wasn’t fast and furious and I knew what I was getting myself into.


From Grass To Grace: This Is The Humble Story Of The 100 Bob Wedding Groom

Many have talked about the 100 bob wedding couple. Their simplistic life and pure love for each other has touched everyone who has come across their life story. Well, here is a background story on the 100 bob groom, Wilson Mutura Wanjohi.

Wilson was employed as a fruit seller at Kasarani. Note: He did not own the fruit stand, he was an employee. That did not stop him from loving his job and executing it to the best of his abilities.

According to social media activist Ndungu Nyoro, Wilson was passionate about everything he did from his job to serving the church as a choir member.


The couple had a grand do-over wedding on Valentine’s day surrounded by friends and family. Check out the photos in the link below.

From 100 Bob Wedding To Sh 3.5M Ceremony, Check Out These Heartwarming Pics

Wilson is still stunned at how his life has changed. He doesn’t have to go back to his job as a fruit vendor but rather, he can become a supplier of fruits and fresh produce to his former boss. They got a 1 million bob wedding present that will cater for that.

Posting a photo of his days as fruit vendor beside the photos of his honeymoon, Wilson wrote on his Facebook page,


Wilson Mutura

Wilbroda Is An Attractive Woman! Papa Shirandula Salivates For On Screen Wife (EXCLUSIVE)

We all know him as Papa Shirandula from his popular local TV comedy and Charles Bukeko (Papa Shirandula) is one man who has hit the headlines with his never-ending jokes.

papa shirandula 1

It has been years after he and popular TV actress Wilbroda – who is well known as his wife on screen – had an on-screen relationship. And yes, acting is a career where you may have to pretend to be in love but sometimes the act may actually become reality. Just ask Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

When asked if he is in love with screen wife, Jackie Nyaminde, aka Wilbroda, Papa Shirandula poured his heart out citing that Wilbroda was an attractive and beautiful woman. Could he be falling in love with his “fake” wife?


The internet went wild after he had one of the most flamboyant weddings in the country, leaving many middle aged women crying into their pillows. Papa has, however, had quite a journey as an actor with him moving to Nairobi’s Eastlands, from where he would trek daily to the National Theatre.

This is what he had to say about Wilbroda;

“Wilbroda is a beautiful woman, a strong woman and she has everything a woman should have. Any man can get attracted to her….She is beautiful.”

Eunice Njeri Talks About Her Valentine’s Day Plans (AUDIO)

Eunice Njeri is one of the most popular praise and worship gospel artists in the land. Don’t take my word for it, just check out how many views her songs get on Youtube and the number of times her songs are requested on gospel shows.

Word went round recently that she had opted to call it quits on her marriage and hadn’t even bothered to sign her marriage certificate. She didn’t just divorce Izzo Raps, she annulled their marriage -she literally refreshed everything like it had never happened!

Eunice Njeri Announces Separation From ‘Husband’ Just Few Months After Tying The Knot

Understandingly, she has been dodging the media ever since she broke news of the annulment on her social media profiles. She was a smart enough to control the narrative then refused to say more than she was willing to.

‘Why I Am Alone This Valentine’s Day,’ Gospel Star Mbuvi Explains

Our questions were thus left hanging…

Her silence has been pervasive until today. I called her up and asked after her plans for Valentines and when she heard it was Uncle Chim Tuna calling, she acquiesced and gave a short statement:

Girls, Do You Sometimes Look At Your Husband And Regret Marrying Him? Asks Maina Kageni (AUDIO)

Emmy Kosgei Makes Sweet Admission About Her Marriage To Apostle Anselm

It is Valentine’s day and people are showing the colour of their heart. And it bleeds love -nothing but love. However, Emmy Kosgei has made an interesting revelation about her relationship with Apostle Anselm Madubuko.

Emmy Kosgei doesn’t shy away from showing off her love for the man of God who is almost twice her age.

Fans have been waiting for the award-winning megastar known for hits like Taai and Taunet Nelel to announce the eventual addition to the family.

Here’s How Emmy Kosgei Inspires Us To Celebrate Our BFF’s This Weekend

Emmy Kosgei’s Valentine’s message dripped of nothing but love.

“I love this man.. he is the best thing that happened to me! I’m blessed with a loving and prayerful man, I’m blessed that I didn’t miss my divine moment.. Anselm Madubuko you mean the world to me! I’m wiser, deeper in things of God, you’ve made me a better person! You’ve shown me love and care.. I feel so special????????????????????… Nkem!” she wrote.

She also revealed that marriages are hard work, especially after Eunice Njeri’s lasted 24-hours.


‘Why I Am Alone This Valentine’s Day,’ Gospel Star Mbuvi Explains

Valentine’s Day is a day for all those love birds who make the single people cringe. Thus it is probably the worst time to be alone as you watch everyone else couple up, but for renown gospel artiste, Mbuvi, he really has no choice.

It seems Mbuvi will be spending his Valentine’s all alone. The star was linked to the gorgeous Kambua before she was stolen away from the life of singlehood by, Pastor Jackson Mathu.

Drama Free! Top 10 Kenyan Gospel Artistes Who Have Managed To Keep Scandals Away

So, is the Kwata Kawire singer single and available? Has he found someone to warm his bed? Why is he spending Valentine’s all alone?

Mbuvi explained,


Being a celeb comes with its own issues, while regular people flaunt their bae’s with no second thought celebs have to think twice.

Exposing your significant other to the drama of publicity and constant attention from fans can cause serious issues in the relationship.

Though some celebs choose to go public with their relationships, Mbuvi has chosen to keep private things private.

He says:


Do You Remember Taking Your Date To These Places Back In The Day?

From 100 Bob Wedding To Sh 3.5M Ceremony, Check Out These Heartwarming Pics

Today’s wedding is a far cry from this couple’s 100 bob wedding officiated back on January 30th, 2017. Wilson Wanjohi and Anne Muhonja is the proud couple who have been blessed with a Sh 3.5 million bob wedding. Now they look like a million dollar couple.

Beside the Sh 3.5 million do-over wedding, Wilson and Anne also got other presents like an-all-expense paid honeymoon in Diani.

Pesa Otas! 100 Bob Wedding Couple Can Now Own Millions

The five-day trip saw the couple soak up the sun at a 4-star hotel at the coast.

Another well-wisher blessed them with an even better present that will help then eke out a living and be productive members of society.

From 100 Bob Wedding To 4-Star Hotel! Humble Couple Fly Off To Beach Side Honeymoon After Social Media Blows Up


Here are photos from the lavish wedding…








Happy Valentine’s everyone!

LOVER OF LOVE! Mimmy Khamis Confesses That She Would Kiss a Guy On The First Date & Reveals Her Ideal Man (Video)

Mimmy Khamis oozes charisma, elegance, and pure charm whenever she walks into the room.

The mid-morning radio presenter recently took over from the previous radio host at Classic 105, and so far, she has proved that she can fit into the role, with a unique style of presentation and interaction with her fans.

The sweet, yet down to earth lady is also a lover of music, and when you tune in to listen to her smooth, mellow voice, her introduction to songs is just impeccable, giving details about the artiste, when the song was dropped, and even the message behind the lyrics.

Meet Classic 105’s Mid Morning Radio Queen, Mimmy Khamis As She Explains How She Plans On Filling Her Predecessor’s Shoes (VIDEO)

Mimmy Khamis is not just charismatic but has also proved that she can swim with the sharks, being the only female radio presenter at Classic 105.


The beautiful presenter is also a lover of love and being Valentine’s Day, I took the chance to find out a few things about Mimmy’s Valentine’s plans, and of course took the chance ask her about her love life and more.

Mimmy Khamis is laid back when it comes to talking about her personal life, and most of the time, she likes to keep it professional. That, however, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a life outside the Classic 105 studios.

When we finally sat down for the interview, the bubbly Mimmy was calm and collected, as she waited anxiously for the questions I was going to ask her about Valentine’s and relationships.


My first question was about the qualities her ideal man should have, and on that note, Mimmy Khamis revealed that she’s happily dating, as well as she whether she would date a guy shorter who is than her (she’s 5 foot 10 inches).

NOT COOL! Ladies, Don’t Do These 5 Annoying Things Just To Get a Man To Treat You On Valentine’s Day

Another interesting thing that Mimmy spoke about was whether she would go on a blind date on Valentine’s Day, and her worst Valentine’s ever. Speaking of dates, the pretty radio host confessed that she would kiss a guy on the first date…very interesting huh?

Watch the short video below as Mimmy Khamis talks about Valentine’s Day and dating. Oh, and also find out if she would prefer chocolates, flowers, teddy bear or a bottle of wine as a gift and if she would go to Uhuru Park for a date on this lover’s day.




MWAAAH!!! Neomi Nganga Gives Tips On How To Be A Good Kisser This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and pretty soon, the town will be painted red. Literally!

Your significant other will probably be on your case for the next few days, bugging you and giving hints of what they want. Some might even go missing for a while, even switching off their phones and their explanation will probably be, “Babe, you know my phone has problems…”, – Yeah, we’ve heard that before!


Well, there are those who are a bit serious and actually take the time to celebrate this special day. My question is, why shouldn’t we love each every single day?

Kissing is a really affectionate form of expression. We kiss our parents, siblings, friends and lovers and is known as a form of communication that is almost always connected to love. So, if you don’t know how to kiss your lover, don’t fret. It’s not too late to learn.

Actress Neomi Nganga, has taken her sweet time to teach you, or rather give you tips on how to be a good kisser.


She wrote, “Have you ever had a bad kissing experience? Semeni ukweli… Anyway, if you would like to become a better kisser, here are a few tips for you:
1. Freshen up – avoid having a bad breath
2. Work your eyes – Kissing with your eyes wide open is very creepy….aiiih.
3. Take your time since kissing is team effort between you two.
4. Mind your tongue.
5. Be spontaneous.
6. Control your saliva.
Hapa najua nimesaidia wengi….”

Who’s looking forward to practicing these skills on Valentine’s?

‘I Would Like To Introduce The Man In My Life,’ Betty Kyallo Shouts

Betty Kyallo almost caused a frenzy at her Pre valentine’s party when she made a captivating confession.

During the launch of her high-end beauty spa, Betty Kyallo gave a speech about what inspired the business idea. For the very expensive business venture, she has partnered with her best friend, Susan Kaittany.

Betty is very family oriented and her mum was also present at the launch. Check out the details below;

Betty Kyallo’s Mum Breaks Down And Cries At The Launch Of Her New Business (Video)

Three months after the launch, Betty’s business seems to have flourished, big time. This was so successful, they even hosted a post pre-Valentine’s party for their customers telling them “Asante sana”.

Betty Kyallo

As the night wore on, the party that was hosted at the rooftop of Sifa Towers, came to order when Betty started addressing the crowd. She introduced her business partner then went on to talk about the benefits of becoming a platinum member of the business. As a member, the fortunate few would be getting discounted prices for trips to exotic holiday destinations as well as expensive dress shops etc.

Anyhow, that is not my point. During her speech, she paused and said,


This caused a frenzy among members of the press to say the least. They were all jostling and shoving to get a photo of this new man.

After a few very tense moments, Betty finally pulled the man into the limelight, and lo and behold…it turned out to be her brother.

Mcheeew! What an anti-climax.

This is him by the way, and to his credit, he’s quite easy on the eye.

Oh My! KTN’s Betty Kyallo And Her Sister, Gloria Kyallo, Are Worlds Apart, Find Out Why (VIDEO)

Would You Accept A Valentine’s Day Present From A Married Man? Kenyans Respond (AUDIO)

We are counting down to one of the most important days of the year for all lovers out there – Valentine’s Day, on February 14th.

This is a special day that’s put aside especially for lovebirds to appreciate each other as well as appreciating loved ones in your life, like family, or close friends.

Love Is In The Air! Here Are 4 Supercool Activities Worth Considering For Valentine’s Day

But in this case, let’s keep it on the romantic side of the day.

Cate Sidede decided to start the Valentine’s Day mood by asking a very sensitive question about ladies receiving gifts, and not just from anyone, but a married man.


The cheerful radio presenter candidly asked the listeners, more so girls, if they would accept a gift for Valentine’s Day from a man who was married and whether it was even appropriate in the first place.

The conversation was received with mixed reactions from both the lasses and dudes, with some ladies boldly saying that there’s no big deal since it’s the man who wants to spend his money on them.

On the other hand, others revealed that it’s not acceptable at all since he should be giving gifts to his wife and not other women. One particular man called in, saying that he doesn’t see the big deal, as long as there’s nothing going on between them.

SINGLE? Here’s Your Complete Guide To Finding A Date Before Valentine’s Day

But most of the guys were not okay with it, saying that it’s immoral. Check out some comments below and listen the short audio to hear what some listeners thought.

Yawa,That’s a big deal. That’s very low. I can’t lower myself to that level. Nah, nah. That’s a freaking big deal.

me i won’t accept… what happens when he starts asking favours from me.

The gift won’t go like that. Unacheza na wazito. Utapelepwetwa vibaya sana

  eri wart? Hell nah, hakuna kitu ya bure hii dunia, utalipa tu kesho

You should refuse coz ni mume wa wenyewe si wako

its big deal ….let him spend on his wife n family

It’s a big deal you might end up breaking the family and getting your bones broken by the wife  

Kenyans Respond To Why Men Are Afraid Of Their Women Climbing The Corporate Ladder

Today’s conversation was based on an event that occurred recently. A certain club held their elections and a lady was chosen to be the chair of the club’s board. This would mean she would have to travel for work and her career is set to blossom. This got Maina wondering; how would Kenyans, namely the men react to their wives climbing the corporate ladder?

Kenyans on social media respond to women who plot to harm their husbands

Why are Kenyan men so backward that they cannot support their wives’ success all in the name of who is the head of the home? Some men felt that pride kicks in when a woman is at a higher position in the corporate world and it can only mean trouble.

This conversation caused quite the stir on social media as Kenyans candidly gave their opinions. Below are some of the comments;