‘I think I’m ready for kids’ Vera Sidika says as she talks up new man

Vera Sidika recently updated her fans on Instagram about how she had gained weight. She said that she didn’t mind the fact and even hilariously called herself a Teletubby.

Huddah loves beefing! Vera says about their contentious past

The singer, who was interviewed by Wasafi, recently spoke about her current man who loves her the way she is. Yes, even looking like a Teletubby!

Miss Sidika looking good in green
Miss Sidika looking good in green

The socialite mentioned that she met her boyfriend Jimmy Chansa, who is from Tanzania, while she was in TZ,

‘We met here in Tanzania. We started communicating and what followed was dating. I feel like a hopeless romantic and when I fall in love, I do for real. We have so many things in common and he is the love of my life. I really do love him. We have been dating for five months now,’ she said.

Jimmy Chansa
Jimmy Chansa

She added that the two connect and this doesn’t feel like all the bad toxic relationships she has been in before.

‘When you meet someone, you feel like he is the one. It’s not a matter of time but respect and understanding. I’m 30 and I think I’m ready for kids. I am a keeper unless I can’t take it. My relationship with a Nigerian guy was abusive, I had to leave.’

The socialite in green

It is interesting that Miss Sidika is open to having a kid at the moment. After the catastrophic aftermath of her break-up with Otile, she revealed that she wasn’t ready to have a kid with him because she didn’t think he could handle fatherhood.

Chansa must really have made a great impression on her after dating for only 5 months. Otile should take notes…Had to take a shot at him. I just had to.

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Dr Love: Allan wants a sugar mummy to spoil him rotten

Allan is a young man who is open to experience a relationship with a sugar mummy.

He called Dr Love on Classic 105, asking for help in landing the woman of his dreams.

Dr Love hooks up people on the mapenzi show, unfortunately he could not help Alan for this reason.

Dr Love explains his predicament about this particular kind of dating arrangement.

‘I have done hookups here as far as sugar mummys go but without much success. I think there are better places to find sugar mummys. You should go to places where these women hang out, like church and find older ladies who want younger men to do things with them.’ 

Here are some suggestions where you can find a sugar mummy

1. Golf clubs: These older women enjoy a good game of golf, and kick back after a long day.

2. Church: These older women always congregate in churches for all sorts of meeting. Make sure you have a schedule of all meetings to take place for older women.

3. Country music concerts: If you can develop some interest in mugithi, then you can be sure you will land the sugar mummy of your dreams.


The information on this website and the advice given by Dr Love is for general reference only and should not be misconstrued as counseling advice, or diagnosis, or as a replacement for psychotherapy, or to be used to treat mental illness. Dr Love’s advice is intended as a guide only. It is not intended to replace professional counseling nor is it intended to cover all areas and/or issues that might arise in human relationships. No person or body should act on the basis of the information on this website and Dr Love’s advice without taking appropriate advice from a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist. Do not disregard any professional advice because of Dr Love’s advice or the information on this website.

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Dr Love: Dating a shy girl

Fellas, how do you deal with a shy girl?
Anthony is dating a girl he loves so much and intends to marry pretty soon if she accepts his proposal.
He spoke to Dr Love to call her and confess on his behalf, his love for Mary.
Mary in the conversation turned out to be a shy girl, who takes long to open up.
The most important thing to remember when dating a shy person, is that it takes time for a shy person to open up and feel comfortable.
Dr Love seemed to understand this when calling Mary to deliver the love message.
Mary said about his intention to marry her
Very poa, I love him so much, only that.
Dr Love replied
You are a woman of few words and it’s ok. I was hoping you would say something deep, but it’s ok



Tips on Making a Shy Girl Comfortable Around You:

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get a shy girl to be comfortable around you is to make her laugh and be goofy around her. …

Avoid Pointing out that She’s Shy or Doesn’t Talk Much. …

Understand that Shy People Need Time to be Alone.



The information on this website and the advice given by Dr Love is for general reference only and should not be misconstrued as counseling advice, or diagnosis, or as a replacement for psychotherapy, or to be used to treat mental illness. Dr Love’s advice is intended as a guide only. It is not intended to replace professional counseling nor is it intended to cover all areas and/or issues that might arise in human relationships. No person or body should act on the basis of the information on this website and Dr Love’s advice without taking appropriate advice from a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist. Do not disregard any professional advice because of Dr Love’s advice or the information on this website.

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How to pamper your man in 20 easy ways


Girls how would you rate your relationship with your husband currently?

If things are thick, go through these 20 points and start making a change immediately.

1. Write a list of all the reasons you fell in love and married him. Read it to him, or leave it where he can find it.

2. Be affectionate at all time, with a hug, a wink, a spank on his backside, think out of the box girls. They will love it.

3. Whisper sweet nothings to him. Call, text, whatsapp or send him a naughty DM him at work.


4. Be his ride or die. Drop whatever you are doing if he needs to talk to you about things he is having difficulty with. Sometimes he needs you to just listen, there are times he will ask for your opinion and there may be situations when he wants space. Do not be threatened when he needs time to be alone. Respond with compassion and understanding.

5. Do simple things for him often. Cook and serve his tea, make mandazi, polish his shoes or any small gesture that will make him feel loved and cared for.

6. Dress up for him, put some cute lipstick, or lipbalm if you’re not into beauty products. Dress up the part and flaunt your curves, he will notice and appreciate your effort.


7. Pay attention to his needs. Sometimes we ladies tend to put our kids first, forgetting our husbands need our attention too. Make a conscious effort to take care of your husband and the little things he needs. You might need to mend his shirt, shop for new socks or buy his favourite coffee.

8. Run him a warm bath after a long day at work and hours in traffic. This Nairobi dust can also be something else. Prepare his slippers at the door, rub his back, give him a gentle massage or better yet, share the tub with him.

9. Get up early to prepare his favourite breakfast. Learn to cook if you don’t know how to. It’s true the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

10. Tell his parents about how good a man your husband is. Praise them for raising him the way they did. This will not only please your husband, it will create a bond between you and his family.


11. Make time for date nights, to keep the romance alive. He will always look forward to such moments.

12. Have impromptu parties, get togethers for him, and especially with his friends, can you picture him being the envy of his friends?

13. Assign and celebrate a day each month to be hubby’s day. Tell him it’s his special day, and you and your kids will do everything for him. Show him he is worth celebrating.

14. Drop your kiherehere. Find ways to talk to your husband about your needs without making it sound like you are complaining. Do not make your husband feel inadequate with your grievances, criticism and fault finding.


15. Be the wife any husband will be proud of. Commit to learn new things, improve yourself and develop your own interests.

16. Is he balding, and the pot belly getting bigger? When he  gets insecure about his body and age, say kind words of encouragement and reassurance. Declare your devotion all over again. Remind him you married him warts and all, and will continue to love him for the rest of your life.

17. Pray with your husband especially when he is worried about something. He needs to know you are there for him.

18. Stay in bed with him when he is sick.

19. Find reasons to be together. Run errands with him, watch football with him (yes girls do it even if you don’t know what’s going on). He doesn’t really need you, but will appreciate the company.

 20. Brag about your husband to your friends, his and your family. Let everyone know how grateful you are about being married to a terrific guy. Let your husband know he is the world to you. Love him, adore him, and let him follow you to the ends of the earth!

Couple shares bizarre sleeping habit and everyone wants proof


It’s not everyday you get to hear this.

How you and your partner sleep says about your relationship.

Your partners sleeping habit can also strongly affect your own, and this goes for one man who shared how he and his wife snore together.
Mr. Lenk wrote on twitter

So my wife and I are both big sleep talkers and it’s always gibberish. We set up a mic to record us in the night to laugh about it. Turns out we talk to each other in complete nonsense, but always end it with an “I love you.” And ain’t that just about as adorable as it gets?

Exhausted, Tired Asian Business woman in black shirt holding notebook and sleeping on white sofa with blue wall. Stress from overtime working concept.
Exhausted, Tired Asian Business woman in black shirt holding notebook and sleeping on white sofa with blue wall. Stress from overtime working concept.

Snoring can push our partners away, causing friction and spoiling intimacy.

But not these two.



Always Better than not having anyone to talk with!
Can ya post the audio for all us simps 🥺🙏🏽
i would like to hear it

Please share a recording plzzzz
Evidence pls
🤣 🤣 This is so adorable.. ❤️😍
Absolutely wonderful! 💖🤗💖🤗💖 Wishing you both many more midnight chats. 💖🤗💖
The recording. We need to hear it.
Creepy, but adorable too

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‘My husband washes me, plus my soiled knickers’ wife reveals

When you walk down the aisle, you take a vow to stick together through thick and thin.

It’s something we say but don’t really ponder for long because our wedding day is supposed to be happy, right?  So, what does it really look like to live out this vow?

That is exactly what one Kenyan man is doing, to the outrage of many.

He told Maina Kageni on Monday that he even washes her inner wear, especially when she wakes up late in a rush to scrub her panties. He says when he finds them when he get home before her, he will wash them for her, and put them outside to air. because she forgot to wash her panties, he helps her washing it. She cleans my boxers so why not?


In another scenario, a female caller shocked listeners on Wednesday with her tale of what her husband does for her that is so romantic.

She narrated

I have a man. He washes my panties, I don’t tell him to do it, he just wakes up washes his and mine, and when I’m cleaning the house he also helps. I hate ironing clothes, so he does so and even for our daughters, he doesn’t complain.

Cleaning floor using rag
Cleaning floor using rag

Even when I’m sitting down at home, he cleans, this is a man I really appreciate I don’t have to tell him to do stuff. He also washes my panties, you know at times ladies soil their panties but he washes them. It’s not a matter of being controlled, there are men out there who are good, even when I’m sick he washes me, he takes a basin puts hot water, scrubs me and will serve me any food in bed.

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Kenyan men argue why they don’t help with housework

A man’s account of how he helps his wife with housework, even going to the extent of washing her inner wear hit a raw nerve.

The conversation went down on Classic 105, where he revealed that

She cleans my boxers, so why not?

Some men gave carefully crafted arguments why they don’t help with household chores.

A major French study found that women are more likely to cheat on men who don’t put in their fair share around the home.

According to The Telegraph, “a poll of 10,000 female subscribers to Gleedon — a top site for married and unfaithful people — suggests that the best way to a woman’s heart is by doing the dishes.

If you are a man reading this, will you now help in chores?

Here are some silly reasons that Classic fans responded with
a man is meant to bring food on the table hata kitambo wanawake walikuwa wanabaki nyumbani wanaume wanaenda msituni ndyo maana unaskianga wakisema nyumba ya nyina wa so nd so lakini si ya http://mwanaume.so let them do the haoz chores

Women are like kids,watazoea na siku moja utashtukia akikuambia mbele ya wageni eti hukuonsha vyombo..Uliza Wakanai
How on Earth.. Maina ndio maana hajaoa.. and that mama who called saying he washes my back scrubs it washes the house and cleans my panties. Comes from hell
There’s absolutely nothing wrong & it’s very unfair that men tend to carry their wife’s as slave’s in their house as they watch TV or sleep, which is setting a bad precedence by parenting especially for boy child, AKO KASAITAN ka CHINDWE KAPSA

Siele Robert
even if push comes to shove and we actually have to fake romance and Love,washing her panties won’t even be the last thing I’ll have to do,I won’t and will never do that,,,,,,
Women responsibilities are out of bounce to men. If you start doing them she’ll get used to it and you’ll be them even if she’s at home. Women should know that they’re married and do their duties. Hey men don’t be henpecked. #MainaAndKingangi
Onyesha mwanamke unaweza pika tu….the day atakuambia upike ukatae ndio utajua !!They are ungrateful creatures
That is adopting umama of highest order

that is only done with men who are idle,,yani wako na umama ndani yao ,,for me l can’t

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‘You never got to hear my answer’ fiancée recalls tragic underwater proposal


A man died while proposing to his girlfriend underwater at a luxury floating hotel in Tanzania, with the news going viral.

The man and his fiancée were on a dream holiday in Tanzania when he decided to propose.

Steven Weber and Kenesha Antoine were staying in a floating cabin complete with a submerged room looking out into the sea when he decided to pop the question.

couple in underwater proposal 1

Kenesha Antoine, shared a video she took of Weber swimming underwater with a note in a ziplocked bag.

He swam to one of the windows and unfurled a note declaring his love before pulling out a ring.

It read: ‘I can’t hold my breath long enough to tell you everything I love about you. But… Everything I love about you, I love more every day!’ ‘Will you please be my wife? Marry me?’

The girlfriend in a heartfelt Facebook post is speaking out about the incident saying he ‘never emerged’ to hear her say ‘yes’.

 coule in underwater proposal 4

“There are no words adequate enough to honor the beautiful soul that is Steven Weber, Jr. You were a bright light to everyone you encountered,” she wrote in her post. “You never met a stranger, and you brought so much joy to so many people. You were kind, compassionate, you regularly made me cry with laughter, and you showered me with a love like none I’d ever experienced.”

She continues

You never emerged from those depths, so you never got to hear my answer, “Yes! Yes! A million times, yes, I will marry you!!” We never got to embrace and celebrate the beginning of the rest of our lives together, as the best day of our lives turned into the worst, in the cruelest twist of fate imaginable. I will try to take solace in the fact that we enjoyed the most amazing bucket list experiences these past few days, and that we both were so happy and absolutely giddy with excitement in our final moments together.

The devastated woman pays tribute to him as she concludes

Yes, we were, my perfect love, my angel, my soul. Yes, we were, and I will carry the blessing of the love we shared with me forever. I will find you and marry you in the next lifetime, and the next, and the next, and the next… I love you so much, and I always will.💔

Rest in peace Steve.

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Meet the couple in the tragic underwater proposal in Tanzania


A tragic story of a man drowning while proposing to his fiancee underwater broke the hearts of many worldwide.

Kenesha Antoine and Steven Weber, a US couple, were in Tanzania on vacation when things went wrong.

Steven was proposing in an  underwater room at the Manta Resort on Pemba Island, off Tanzania.

Kenesha has now shared a video of moments leading to the proposal.

The video shows the man in the water holding up a note.

“I can’t hold my breath long enough to tell you everything I love about you. But everything I love about you I love more every day!” the note reads.

In the video, the Louisiana man flips the page to show the message

“Will you marry me?” before pulling out an engagement ring box.

Antoine posted on Facebook that Weber “never emerged from those depths”.

Meet the couple:

couple in underwater proposal 3

couple in underwater proposal 2

couple in underwater proposal 1

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A list of famous people who just love getting married


Do you get shocked to hear some of our favorite celebrities have been married 3 to 4 times? No? Me either. Some of them have even expressed their feelings that they don’t like being lonely and so need to be with someone all the time.

Yet there are those who have wed 8 to 9 times, and British American actress Elizabeth Taylor comes to mind here.

That’s way too many times if you ask me. Perhaps they should just chill out for a while.

Check out this list of such famous people who have made headlines with multiple marriages:

Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian is currently married to Kanye West. Together, they have 4 children. But Kanye is actually Kim’s third husband. She had a short 72-day marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries. However, Kris was her second husband – before she was famous, she was married at a young age to music producer, Damon Thomas from 2000 – 2004.

Kim Kardashian at the MET gala
Kim Kardashian at the MET gala

Jeniffer Lopez: Jenny from the block has walked down the aisle three times. Her first husband was Cuban waiter, Ojani Noa, they were married for just under a year. Second husband was back-up dancer Cris Judd. They were married September 2001, to June 2002 – even shorter this time. Then she married singer, Marc Anthony in 2004. Together they had twins, but the couple did not live happily ever after. Their divorce was finalized in 2014. She is now planning her wedding to Alex Rodriguez, who’s divorced.

jeniffer lopez

Angelina Jolie: Angelina Jolie has been married three times. Her first husband was British actor, Jonny Lee Miller. The wedding ceremony saw Angelina wearing rubber pants and a white T-shirt with her husband’s name written on the back in her own blood. Her second marriage was in Vegas to actor Billy Bob Thornton after dating for only 2 months. Her third marriage was to Brad Pitt – they have recently filed for divorce.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Kenny Rogers:The country legend has been married 5 times. His first wife was Janice Gordon; from 1958 till 1960. Then came Jean Rogers; from 1960 till 1963. Third wife was Margo Anderson from 1964 till 1976. His fourth marriage was to Marianne Gordon; they married in 1977 and divorced in 1993. It cost him $60 million. Finally, his fifth marriage is to Wanda Miller. They married in 1997 and are still married. Looks like he finally learned when to hold ’em.

1383350444000-Kenny-Rogers KennyRogers-FTR
Larry King: Former CNN talk show host has been married eight times to seven different women. In 1997, he married his last wife, Shawn Southwick. On King and Southwick’s 10th anniversary in September 2007, Southwick joked she was “the only wife to have lasted into the two digits”. Larry and Shawn King filed for divorce in 2010 but reconciled, and filed for divorce again in 2019.


Nicholas Cage: Cage has been married four times. His first wife was actress Patricia Arquette, his second marriage was to singer and songwriter Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley. Very fitting, seeing as Cage is an Elvis fan. His third wife is Alice Kim together they have a son, Kal-El. In March 2019, Cage married Erika Koike in Las Vegas, only to file for annulment four days later.

nicholas cage and new wife
“There was a recent breakup,” Cage, 55, said in an interview with The New York Times Magazine. “I don’t really want to talk about it. I was pretty upset about that and the way things happened.”

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Beth Mugo’s romantic poem to husband on 61st wedding anniversary



At their family home in Kitisuru, Nairobi, guests including family members, friends and dignitaries among them Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka are seated.

Nominated Senator Beth Mugo and her husband Nicholas Mugo hold hands as they march slowly to a tent where a service is being held.

Behind them is their best couple and then their grandchildren.

“There come the bride and her team,” Evangelist Lucy Wangunjiri, the leader of Prayer Without Borders Ministry announces to the now cheering gathering.

beth mugo wedding anniversary

The Mugos take their place in the front row. Wangunjiri is leading the service with hymns and interludes of prayers.

It is a celebratory service marking the 61st anniversary of Beth and Nicholas Mugo’s wedding.

It was also a celebration of the senator’s 80th birthday, having attained that in July.

It is approaching the climax and the gathering is in a refectory mood; Wangunjiri invites the couple to make a speech.

“[Couples present] please join us and read to each other, meaning every word. Those in relationships or still praying for partners also read it,” Senator Mugo arose and told the gathering.

The couple read from a poem printed on the programme booklet.

“Sometimes, I know I have behaved stupidly, let me acknowledge, you have forgiven me happily. On such occasions, I have more understood that together, we are meant to overcome our stupidity. For indeed, you are the bone of my bone,” part of the seven stanza poem read.

Reverend Lucy Mbugua, the founder of Homecare Spiritual Fellowship in her sermon taught about ‘keeping the fire [of love] burning.’

uhuru at beth mugo anniversary

Mbugua hailed Beth’s commitment to her marriage and family, quoting the senator’s speech during one of her campaign stops in 1992.

“If you are deciding to give me your vote, decide quickly because it is almost six and I want to go home and cook for my husband,” Beth is said to have told a gathering at Uthiru area during her first campaign for Dagoretti seat in 1992. 

Reminiscing on her marriage, the senator said her public life came second to her role as a wife and a mother.

“My public life has never kept me from being a wife and a mother. In fact, I know I’m a wife first, then a mother and them the public life,” she said. 

Beth said only tolerance and communication has sustained their marriage.

“In all my married life, I have known that no conflict or disagreement is too big to be overcome by dialogue. Nick and I have always known that dialogue is the only way to solve things,” she told reporters after the service. 

Having been married at 19, the former minister and Dagoreti MP recollected that both of them did not have money to afford a honeymoon, hence stayed at home after their wedding.

“In fact on the eve of the wedding, Nick was arrested because it was the times of a colonial State of Emergency. It took the intervention of my dad who was a D.O in Gatundu to have him released for the occasion,” she said. 

The couple has four children and five grandchildren.

On what melted her heart for the first time, Beth said,

“He told me that loved me and that I’m the only girl that he ever loved.”

Her cancer foundation was at the heart of the celebration with guests told not to carry gifts but to donate towards the foundation.

The foundation conducts prostate, breast and cervical cancer screening for free.

As part of the celebrations, free screening camps were held on Saturday and Sunday at St. Andrews church in Nairobi.

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‘He used me’ Saumu Mbuvi’s bae accused of dumping woman after relationship 


After meeting on Facebook, a woman has accused Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip of using and dumping her.

The beginning of Saumu Mbuvi and Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip’s love story

The woman, 36, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told journalists at the Muslims for Human Rights offices Sunday September 15, that she met the youthful senator through Facebook in April.

“He inboxed me through Messenger after seeing my Facebook page. At first he told me he had a business idea he wanted to share with me but things changed later when we met,” said the mother of a 15-year-old daughter.

She said after a series of chats with the senator, they later met in Nairobi, barely two days after they started communication through Messenger – a communication application commonly used on Facebook.

The woman claimed they stayed at Loitiptip’s house in Nairobi for two days before the senator said he needed to go to Kisumu where he had been called for a security meeting.

“He never got in touch with me again. After three weeks, I started feeling unwell and when I took a test, I found out I was pregnant,” she said.

The woman said that she had stayed single for long and thought that she had finally found someone special.

She accused the senator of trying to silence her by threatening her with dire consequences should she ‘spoil his image’.

Contacted, Senator Loitiptip accused the woman of forcing herself on him.

“It is annoying. Someone wants to revive a relationship that existed over six months ago and wants to use it to tarnish my name,” said the 33-year-old lawmaker.

lamu senator 1

Loitiptip who spoke at Mkomani in Nyali constituency,said the woman is older than him and their relationship could not work.

‘He used to beat me’ Saumu Mbuvi opens up about baby daddy

“I knew her for less than a week. I thought it was a relationship that would blossom into something more serious but my expectations were not met,” he said.

Loitiptip said he is now in a another relationship with his fianceé. He accused the woman of insulting his fianceé on social media.

“I had to react. You cannot insult my fianceé and my family because of something that you want to force. You can’t force love,” he told journalists.

He denied sending goons to trail the woman as alleged. Loitiptip said she could be a pawn in a political game meant to kill his political career.

“I have a lot of enemies. If I could be sending goons to everyone who wrongs me, how many people could have been hurt by now? I cannot do that,” he said.

Muhuri chair Khelef Khalifa urged detective to get to the bottom of the matter. He said the woman’s life is in danger.

“Politicians should know that they cannot get away with everything. This is a new dispensation,” he said.

The woman said he she has thrice been trailed by strange people.

“I am scared,” she said.

The strangers came to her house last Sunday, last Monday and again last Thursday.

She has reported the matter at Kadzandani police post and recorded statements at the Dog Section and Nyali police station.

Senator Loitiptip said he has also recorded statements.

The DCI are investigating the matter.

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I always chose my mother over my wife – married man whispers




It’s normal to seek the advise of your parents, but if a married man can’t make a decision without consulting his mother, then we have a problem.

A married man confessed to Maina Kageni that he runs all his decisions by his mother.

The man admitted that even after 19 years of marriage, he still doesn’t trust this wife.

His rock is his mother whom he trusts.

 I trust my mother more than anybody else in this world and these wives you can never trust them.

Dear Kenyan wives, how long does it take for your man to trust you?

The man continues to discose how his mum can’t do anything wrong, and she can show up unannounced to his home

My mother can come to my house anytime she wants without any condition,I’m happy with it, when my mother comes I don’t see any problem with it.

He is such a mams boy that

I have been married 19 years and infact my mother knows better, I go with my mothers suggestions not my wife’s.

Dear Classic 105 fam, is dating/marrying a mama’s boy the worst thing?

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I had to cross the border to get a wife as Kenyan women are gold diggers

Back in July, President Uhuru visited Tanzania, where he indicated he wants his son to get a wifey from.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said that Tanzania would be a good place for his second born son Muhoho to try his luck in marriage.

Kenyans were upset about it, questioning if the President thinks Kenyan women are not good enough. I would love to know his answer.

Muhoho Kenyatta on a run away
Muhoho Kenyatta on a run away

This sentiment seems to have been corroborated by a man who told Maina Kageni to advice men to ‘vuka border’.

The man told of his frustrations with gold digging Kenyan women, and eventually decided to go to matoke land (Uganda) to search for a wife.

‘The worst Kenyan gold diggers are those who are working. They are bottomless pits they are trying to live beyond their means, so it’s not wrong to be ambitious but you see kila kitu ( they want to be done for everything) People give up dating because of things like that. 


So is this the reason why he doesn’t date Kenyan women?

They are on a mission to kula, they are corrupt they have messed up relationships from the word go and they are going to mess you even more. People should look for wives elsewhere.

I’m married to a Ugandan I had to cross over and get a woman from Uganda. I tried but Kenyan women especially the ones with children, they are messed up they are poison

Whew chile, a little too harsh on us isn’t he girls? Drop your comments below Classic 105 fam.

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Nyandarua man kills two sons, and hangs self in row with in laws

A 31-year-old boda boda rider from Nyakiambi Sub-location in Miragine, Nyandarua County killed his two sons aged 9 and seven and then committed suicide by hanging himself.

His lifeless body was discovered in the evening by family members who broke his house.

He left a suicide not indicating frustration by his in-laws who took away his second wife two years ago. His first wife left him four years ago leaving behind the two children who were killed.

suicie note

Mirangine Sub-County Police Commander Edwin Ogwuari said he could no reveal the details of the suicide note as it is being used in the ongoing investigations.

His second wife Teresia Nyakinyua,said she left him due to violence where at some point he injured her with a knife.

He has continually threatened her and even before he killed his children and took his own life he had threatened her that one of them have to die.


A few days ago he shaved his dreadlocks using a razor-sharp panga saying the symbolized all the problems he has gone through in life.

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Oh Really! Bahati threatens Diana’s ex boyfriend after revealing tell all


The love story of Bahati and Diana Marua is quite something according to the revealing details on their youtube channel.


In one of her vlogs, Diana talked about how she was heartbroken by her ex-lover on the day she was going to shoot a video with her now-husband Bahati.

My heart was torn apart on the morning we were going to shoot Bahati’s Mapenzi video. I found my ex-boyfriend (my lover during that time) cheating on me. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Bahati insisted that she reveals the name of the guy but Diana only gave the first letter, J.

Sio Baba yangu Jblessing because he’s a good player?’ the singer posed.

The mother of two responded saying, ‘Babe take back your words’.

Diana once dated Kenyan international Victor Wanyama, and Bahati while trying to figure out who Diana’s ex was, said,

He is the biggest player at AFCON right now. He scored three goals.

His wife just responded, ‘I’ll let that pass.’

Bahati added,

I’m just kidding. Wewe J nakujua wewe. Wacha ninunue gun, I’ll deal with you.

Diana and Bahati

Diana went ahead to explain how she caught her lover with his pants down.

I actually found this guy in a car with the chic and they were naked. I had called him several times but he wasn’t picking yet I wanted him to drop me at the video shoot venue. I saw his car in the parking lot and as I walked towards it, I saw someone wearing a vest in a hurry,’ she said,


Walking nearer to the car, I saw him throw a blanket to the lady in the car and upon opening one of the doors, I was shocked. I lost words. I cried my heart out that morning.

Diana, who later moved on with Bahati, said she’s happy and content with her relationship now. While commenting on the issue, the singer said,

I thank God for what happened that morning because that’s ‘what brought you to me’.

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Mr seed speaks out on why his fashion is evolving

Mr Seed has asked his fans not to judge him by his fashion and hairstyles. When he started doing music, Seed had dreadlocks, and now he has short-dyed hair.

He shocked his fans when he decided to chop them off. He said his decision to cut the locks was because of an anticipated visit to his gorgeous fiancée Nimo Gachuiri’s parents home.

He wanted to look presentable and at the same time keep it real, as he casually dressed for the occasion.

“People judge gospel artistes with our outside appearance, but God concentrates on the heart and your deeds,” he told Word Is on Wednesday.


He went on to say even if he dresses in suits and looks good from the outside, if his heart is not pure, he will not please God.

“I would request my fans not to judge me by the ways I look. If my style does not make you happy, at least like my music and what I post because it could be of importance,” he said.

Despite maintaining his hair dye, Seed seems to like his tattoos, which are on his left hand.

“One of my tattoos has my late dad’s name and another one is for my son’s name. I had an idea of naming my son Gold even before I got him and so I tattooed his name on my hand,” he said.

Mr Seed, who was previously signed under EMB records, is making Boss moves after launching his studios, an operation that has been on course for roughly five months now.

mr seed1

It’s a project he believes will be able ‘to help artistes reach their musical dreams at affordable rates’.

Through an Insta video, Seed said,

“God amekuwa faithful sana, ju right now I want to take this chance to welcome every artiste kwenye Starborn Empire Studio. We are now open, come work with the best.”

Speaking about working with Mr Seed, Damorn said Seed has been supportive even in his previous songs.

Damorn has released a new song titled ‘Dekadeka’, which he says was inspired by his real-life experience. “The video is all from my wedding,” he said.

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Finding Love Again: Mejja reveals his new bae



Mejja from the Kansol is one of Kenyans favorite artistes who sadly has not been so lucky with love compared to love from his fans.

A few months ago, he granted us an exclusive interview where he opened up about his former relationship and how he will no longer trust women.


Guess this new bae has literally swept him off his feet. Because he is declaring that she is his property.

Beauty And The Beast 💙 I am taking my babe to Pangani to buy Miraa. She loved me in my ghetto state and now she is my ghetto queen. People on the comment section do not come out here saying she is public property, she is my private property. Anyway, I love you wagenge and God bless.

Mejja had made a vow, never to trust women again after his wife suddenly left him.


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The whole breakup led him to depression and for over a year he was fighting this feeling. What hurt him most was the absence of his daughter. He couldn’t imagine her living in another man’s house.


Matters of the heart require a lot of patience and we are glad that he took his time off and now he has found a beautiful lady as a potential life partner.

Right now, the Kansol are being played in every party and club after they released their hit banger, Accelerator featuring Vivian.

Meet Mejja’s queen,

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