Kenyans Rally Around Ailing Big Kev After He Reached Out To Them – Here’s How Much Was Raised

A fundraiser planned to raise funds for ailing celebrity Big Kev went down last night. Fellow celebrities and Kenyans turned up to raise money after the ailing Trublaq founder, also known as Kevin Ombajo, appealed to Kenyans to help raise funds.

Singer, Nameless, was among those who showed up and talked about how he meet Big Kev and Big Ted.

He opened up about how he had gone to an event with Wahu and his three brothers and they were seated chatting. He then went on to disclose that two big burly men came and made Wahu walk away with them.

Artiste Wahu Kagwi Sends A Heart-Wrenching Message To Ailing Big Kev, Reveals One Of His Biggest Dreams In Life

big kev 6

“I was in shock. They just carried her and left. They were to go to this for a show.”

“My three brothers were looking at me like we left the house for this? And your woman has just been swept off her feet. That was the first time I meet Big Ted and Big Kev. I respect them as big brothers to my girlfriend.”

big kev 2

At the evening event, Nameless, and Redsan were auctioned for Sh300k to an events company that provides screening equipment.

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Bruce Odhiambo the brain-child of the project said;

“6 years ago, I had a heart surgery and 2 years later another once it years you to shreds. I’m from a community we are proud. You don’t seek health and die like a man. I watched big Kevin go through the first second and 8th on how do you pull through that? I was hoping for 60-80 people for nyayo stadium for prayers but this I did not expect. You are all God sent.”

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They raised Sh4million. Hongera sana!