Former NTV presenter Liz Ntonjira’s battle with weight loss

Former NTV presenter Liz Ntonjira is battling with weight loss.

The sexy mother, through her Instagram account has vowed to embark on a weight loss journey and she has promised to treat her body right.

Liz Ntonjira says her 2018 goals is to stay healthy. She further disclosed that she has gained more than 15 kgs after her wedding in March last year.

“I have made a vow to myself, that this is the last post of myself that I’m posting until I reach my desired weight. Forget the chubby cheeks, the double chin, the curves  This is not about not loving myself-this is about adapting a healthy lifestyle. It’s so fascinating when you read about your body organs….and what you need to do for them to function well. It’s a pity that often times we take care of everything else besides our bodies. We service our cars. We treat our hair. We have facials, manicures and pedicures…..but- we fill ourselves with junk (at least that’s what I do- no wonder the 15kgs plus I’ve added since my wedding🙈🙈)” read part of he post.

She went ahead to add:

Not to mention- the older we get, the more susceptible we are to various lifestyle diseases. So, here I am making a vow to my body, that I will treat it right from now on going forward. This is not about being skinny and perfect but to being lean and healthy. I love my body and it’s about time I showed it just how much! So here’s to the health freaks around me– may your discipline, resilience and hard work rub off on me. May I be that girl who picks a carrot stick instead of candy!😘😘😘 #2018goals #healthiswealth.”

Liz Ntonjira

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