I am not ashamed of being in a polygamous marriage – Passaris says

Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris isn’t a politician afraid to speak her mind and tell it as she sees it. Passaris was interviewed by Citizen T.V’s Lillian Muli where she spoke about her polygamous marriage, saying she wasn’t ashamed of it.

Esther Passaris
Esther at a public event

Passaris narrated how at first she battled with the fact that she is in a polygamous marriage but later came to accept it. She explained to Lillian that it wasn’t her plan to get married in a polygamous marriage even though she found herself in one.

Esther Passaris
Esther Passaris

However, out of her marriage, Nairobi Women Representative disclosed that she had two children who were blessings to her. Passaris also celebrated her husband saying that despite the struggles polygamous fathers face, he had tried his best.

‘Somebody once said to me that your life is like a book, and every chapter is who you are. So you have to own it. I can’t be embarrassed or ashamed of who I am and what I have experienced. I think they are all learning curves and God puts us through certain experiences so that we can find him. So that we can understand who we are as human beings.

So if am ashamed of who I am, I mean there was a time that I battled about being in a polygamous marriage. I didn’t plan for it, I ended up in it. I have two beautiful children. Those are a blessing to me. My husband and I have had our troubles but we are good friends, we love each other and that’s what is important. and we’ve raised two beautiful children even though you know when you are in a polygamous marriage, the father doesn’t have enough time…’ she divulged to Lillian.

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Kenyans concerned after Lilian Muli announces break from social media

Lillian Muli has had a relatively breezy year when it comes to her social media. The woman, who has had famous Instafights with her fans/followers and her baby daddy, took a different tack this year.

The mother of two decided to let her page become more positive and stopped fuelling the over-eager trolls who were always spoiling for a fight.

The Citizen T.V host chilling
The Citizen T.V host chilling

It seems that her positive mindset has is also filtering into her new decision to take a break from social media. The media veteran decided to inform her fans and followers that she wouldn’t be posting anymore.

Lillian's message
Lillian’s message

Her caption on her Instagram page read;

Just taking a Break to reboot. Love you all. See you soon.

Daddy Boss! Lillian Muli shares image of baby daddy, Jared Nevaton

The fan speculation was hilarious with so many different theories as to why she had made the decision, with many speculating that she would be back after 9 months. I wonder why? Why could that be? Hmmm. Why 9 months and not 5 or 3? Hmmm. I am stumped…

Lillian Muli in white
Lillian Muli in white

Some of those comments are below;

limocynedick_chumbaa I know u will b back after 9 months anyway will miss u alot swree byeee✋
kigensky ni mimba ingine ama??🙌
eunicecaster8 usirudi
nelliemwita Haii keletu😢, eti taking a break,sasa tutaimbiwa na nani🙉???
iamdennodee For 9 months yotee?merryl
merryl_lisa Ukienda ndio vitu hukuwa different kwa ground.FOMO will kill you😂😂😂
vicktar254 Tunakujua mum hizi hand writing zako nikama umejam
wanjiru_vee That means something is cooking…..right
davidjazaha Ata za baby shower utapost 😂

The Citizen T.V host in studio
Lillian Muli in studio

The benefits of taking a break from social media can be;

-Mindfulness: being aware of your thoughts and feelings, and being present in the moment.
-Movement: when people are online, they’re often sitting and sedentary. …
-Opportunity to experience nature.
-More time to learn about yourself.
-More time to sleep.

Is she really a mother?! Lilian Muli shows off her wonderful curves in tasty photo

Lillian Muli has had a career that would be the envy of many finally ending up on Citizen T.V where she is a veteran of the most popular T.V station in Kenya.

Along the way, Kenyans have witnessed the baby-faced chocolate beauty mature and grow into a mother of note and value. Lillian has been blessed with two sons and her body is a testament to great genes and hard work.

Lillian Muli posing
Lillian Muli posing

She recently posted an image of her post-baby body. Don’t forget that the T.V anchor was blessed with a son late last year and her body doesn’t even betray the signs of that blessing.

She still got it! Lillian Muli dances exquisitely to ‘Mugithi’ (video)

The picture she posted of herself showed off a woman whose curves have come back in full swing with a body to die for. The mother of two posed while donning a tight top and a cute pair of jeans with her caption reading;

Shutup and kiss me 😘😘😘 on the cheek 😎

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli

The beauty’s clothes fit so well her fans were left complimenting the yummy mummy’s unbelievable curves. Some of the comments are below;

swtmadhaa keep on terrorising them girl
kellyclark6155 🔥🔥
poschenimu Hips don’t lie
nancymbogo29 Body goals🔥🔥
franciskariuki74 Melons 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😍😍😍❤️❤️😳😳😳😳
charity.mwende.9237 Beautiful❤️👏
carlbrown2016 Lovely 😍😍🔥🔥👏
njogu4990 ❤️kiss ❤️😍
maggydave I like the short hair in u 😍😍😍😍
aisha_nur756 Looking gorgeous in that ka jeans nyabo
nyawira.muriuki.50 Lilian u luk mwaaah i love you



While Lillian might be shining in Kenya, 50-year-old Jennifer Lopez impressed many this weekend when she wore a revamped Versace dress she wore in 2000, showing that even women can age with grace and class.

Jennifer Lopez wearing the Versace dress at 50 years of age
Jennifer Lopez wearing the Versace dress at 50 years of age

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She still got it! Lillian Muli dances exquisitely to ‘Mugithi’ (video)

Lillian Muli has been a fixture on our television screens over the years. The mother-of-two is a captivating celebrity for many Kenyans as she is very real about who she is and is relatable to the many of them, sharing both her lows and highs.

This aspect of herself is best shared on her social media pages where she shows off her triumphs, shares her fears and failings and encourages her fans and followers alike.

Lillian Muli posing
Lillian Muli posing

This past weekend the Citizen T.V presenter shared a fascinating video of her and some other friends dancing to some ‘Mugithi’ music. In the video, Lillian can be seen letting her hair down, blowing off the steam of motherhood and work with ‘Mugithi’ which is the Kikuyu version of country.

‘My bestfriend’ Lilian Muli describes baby daddy Jared in hearty post(photo)

Lillian was attending the Ksh. 500 show called ‘County Music Sundown’ show at Valencia Gardens on Saturday night, with the main attraction being Kenya’s country music artiste Sir Elvis.

Lillian Muli at the show
Lillian Muli at the show

In a video uploaded on her Instagram, Lillian Muli, who looked the part in jeans, boots, and a hat, is seen living her best life, dancing and singing along to a Mugithi track.

Some of the comments from her bemused followers are below;

jayranking_ kenya Karaoke tuliwacha 🤣🤣
joy_dollpie 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥lilian we have officially adopted you.Your name is Chiru.
wanjiru_boro Kikuyu songs are always 🔥🔥🔥
tiffany_wambs Lately….mugithi has been my vyb🔥🔥🔥
ray_kimani 😍😍😍😍😍
chrisksang Kwenye dansi flow 🤓😂umetisha madem
matokedagphine Hiyo imenipamba tu sana lilmuli
kasilidennis I see you’re a good dancer!!
sonisasha157 Epic💞💞
mwendwa_kevin Enjoy life mama
judyharrys Lol. Free spirits👌… live,love and laugh

Lillian Muli with Jared Nevaton
Lillian Muli with Jared Nevaton at their son’s birthday party

I think that Lillian is in a really good place this year compared to last year. That might stem from her patching things up with her baby daddy Jared Nevaton. Good for her!

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‘My bestfriend’ Lilian Muli describes baby daddy Jared in hearty post(photo)

Lillian Muli will always be a captivating study in character. The veteran Citizen TV news host has been on our T.V screens for a minute now and has always brought professionalism and candour to her field.

That is how we initially got to know her, through her career. But what drew more people to her was when she opened up her personal life using her Instagram page.

Lillian Muli interviewing Babu Owino
Lillian Muli interviewing Babu Owino

On her page, Lillian shows herself in an unvarnished way and shows how real she is. yesterday, she went further sharing an image of the man in her life and the baby daddy, Jared Nevaton.

The beauty shared a photo of herself walking besides Jared while clad in a cute purple gown.  The caption to her post read,

TATA. My Bestfriend. Through all the seasons.

Lillian Muli with Jared Nevaton
Lillian Muli with Jared Nevaton in the photo that she shared

Many of her followers were thrilled that the two are back together. Most of her fans were really jazzed that she was showing off her man while he was still alive, unlike the recently seen spectre where a man dies then-unknown wives(baby mamas) come out of the woodwork. For those of you who aren’t aware, Jared Nevaton is the Shabana FC boss.

Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton
Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton in the past

While her message is welcome, this year has seen an evolution of their relationship. Late last year, Lillian had a famous meltdown where she tore down her baby daddy in a post she later took down.

Lillian Muli admits she’s still with tycoon Jared Nevaton after sharing photo of black rose

She wrote at the time that he was a ‘community husband’ in a rant on social media after a sour period in their relationship. This year a mending of fences has been observed with the two been seen together at their son’s posh birthday party.

Jared Nevaton with his son, Liam
Jared Nevaton with his son, Liam

This is her second serious relationship after her first marriage to Moses Njuguna Kanene broke down after seven years. Although shortlived their marriage produced a son called Joshua.

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Daddy Boss! Lillian Muli shares image of baby daddy, Jared Nevaton

https://classic105.com/mike-mondo-reveals-the-person-he-most-admiresexclusive/Lillian Muli as I have said before seems to be on a different vibe this year. The screen queen did something yesterday that shows the power of forgiveness and positive thinking.

Lillian shared an image of Jared Nevaton, the Shabana FC boss and her baby daddy, something she has never ever done before! She released the image on her Instagram page.

Lillian Muli admits she’s still with tycoon Jared Nevaton after sharing photo of black rose

The image shows Jared playing with their toddler on Liam’s first birthday party.

She captioned it;

Daddy and Toto. Liam Francis…#BossBaby #Babyswag#DaddyBoss

Jared Nevaton with his son, Liam
Jared Nevaton with his son, Liam

This is a change from the nastiness that transpired late last year when Lillian went on a tirade accusing Jared of being a community husband.

Check out photos of Lillian Muli’s Ex-Husband in a new relationship

She wrote at the time;

Nobody should ever tag me in posts about Jared Ombongi who has previously been associated with me I disassociate myself from such links from today. As politicians say ‘I would rather die’ than be linked to a polygamist! Narcissism is real. Stay woke.

I speak out because no one will ever embarrass me again. People ask why put your stuff out there? Well it’s because next time you see Mr Community husband don’t go saying that’s Lillian’s man.

I am actually very blessed I have two wonderful men in my life Joshua Munene and Liam Francis and that’s all I need.

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli

Her reconciling with Jared shows that time and effort can heal all wounds. Just like the way Diamond and Hamisa reconciled after their public spat last year when Diamond claimed that she had bewitched him.

Diamond and Hamisa
Diamond and Hamisa, one of his baby mamas

Or the way Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are still great friends after the hell he put her through when they were married.

It shows you that people can change if the will and desire to do so is there.

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Hot mama Lillian Muli shares her fierce new hairstyle

Lillian Muli is on a mission of utmost importance.

To slay (I really dislike that word but I still used it!?) The screen queen debuted a new hairstyle that has many going gaga over it.

The Citizen T.V anchor posted the new hairstyle on her Instagram page. Her caption read;

I shaved my locks because they thinned after I had baby…I will miss them though. You Live once have fun while you’re at it. Do stuff that makes you feel good. @wangarinick we are Twins now…well atleast for a minute..🤟 

Lillian Muli in her new hairstyle
Lillian Muli in her new hairstyle

Many were giddy after she showed off her new hairstyle which I am told is called a half-head sew. Some of the comments are below;
mcsamora; That side cut tho🔥🔥🔥🔥
missnjagek; Eish mamiii 😍😍😍
nyamaicynthia; I love it I’m so tempted to copy
presenter001; Wow wow🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️ i love. Send the Ruby woo my way
muthoniwamukiri; Lilian you look sooo hot 🔥🔥🔥
wangarinick; OMG hun! You 👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥 been waiting. You look amazing with the new style❤❤. We need to 🍻🍻
haentel_wanjiru; @lilmuli Oh Wow😍🔥
___mariamu___; You look so beautiful Wow 😍
kabusimon; Looking 👌👌

This has been quite a year for the 36-year-old especially if one looks at her 2018. Last year she was constantly in the news fighting off trolls and smearing her baby daddy on the interwebs.

Lillian Muli in her previous hairstyle
Lillian Muli in her previous hairstyle

But this year, Lillian has been very positive focusing on her friends and herself with the wonderful changes being plain for all to see.

Some other ladies who have also rocked the side hawk/half head weave include the likes of pop stars Rihanna and Cassie. Even Avril at one point used to don the signature hairstyle.

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Lillian Muli amazes netizens with title of book she is reading!

Lillian Muli has been on some positive vibes this past year. Since her volatile relationship with her baby daddy exploded late last year, she has changed the way she communicates on social media.

Her posts are a lot more constructiveenthusiastic and encouraging to her followers. One can see that the headspace that she is operating has changed.

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli in white

In light of that development, she recently revealed one of the books that she was reading on her Instagram page. The book is called, ‘Unf**k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life’ written by Gary John Bishop.

Her post caption read;

Current read ❤️❤️❤️ Love it. Thankyou hun.

The book is a New-York Times bestseller and is a straightforward handbook, that gives one the tools and advice they need to demolish the garbage weighing them down and become the best version of themselves.

The cover might seem like a shocker when you first see it but many of her followers were in agreement with her about the book. Many wanted to read the book and others enthused how good the book was.

Lillian Muli looking good
Lillian wearing sporty attire

Some of their comments are below;

john_real_mureithi; What a title!!! Will check it out though!
1wanjikujane; We can now start a book club. One of the best books iv read in the recent past.lkaluvu’s profile picture
lkaluvu; That title.. 🔥🔥🔥I want that book🙌🙌

The self-help/self-improvement book industry is big business. Last year the market for the self-improvement industry, just in America alone, was worth at least 1 trillion shillings!

Shockingly, the most widely read self-help book ever is; Chicken soup for the soul, with 130 million copies sold! I bet you didn’t know that!

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Yummy Mummies! Celebrity mothers with amazing bodies

Some say that pregnancy always leaves scars on a mother. And it does; from cellulite to stretch marks to sagging skin, the effects can be drastic.

The effort to get back to one’s pre-pregnancy body can be tough and daunting for many women but there are those who have been able to do it successfully.

Some of these celebs who have done it are below;

Talia Oyando

Talia is very active on social media showing her dedication to the gym. The entertainer has been married to Ezekiel Onyango, the CEO of Film Crew Africa.

They have been blessed with one son whom they named Lyric Onyango. Check out the fit mama with curves to die for!

Talia Oyando seating on a bike
Talia Oyando seating on a bike
Talia Oyando in green looking pretty
Talia Oyando in green looking pretty
Talia Oyando seating on a bike
Talia Oyando seating on a bike

Yummy Mummies! Celebrity moms with amazing bodies.

Julie Gichuru

This is another celeb who has maintained a wonderful body despite having 5 children with her husband Anthony Gichuru.

Julie Gichuru wearing a dress
Julie Gichuru wearing a dress
Julie Gichuru in a blue dress
Julie Gichuru in a blue dress
Julie Gichuru in a short dress
Julie Gichuru in a short dress

Lillian Muli

Lillian has been blessed with two wonderful sons, Josh Munene and Liam. The Citizen T.V host has shown that one can maintain a good figure after childbirth.

Lillian Muli holding her hips
Lillian Muli holding her hips
Lillian on the helipad
Lillian on the helipad
Lillian Muli looking good
Lillian Muli looking good

Lulu Hassan

The Citizen T.V anchor is married to Abdallah Hassan and the two have been blessed with 3 wonderful kids; two boys and the last-born, a girl. And despite all the kids, she still looks very good.

Lulu Hassan walking
Lulu Hassan walking
Lulu Hassan with her husband Rashid Abdallah
Lulu Hassan with her husband Rashid Abdallah
Lulu Hassan smiling
Lulu Hassan smiling

Brenda Wairimu

This 30-year-old actress has a daughter with Juliani and has been able to maintain a trim shape. One would suspect that she had never had a child if told to guess.

Brenda Wairimu
Brenda Wairimu smiling
Brenda Wairimu
Brenda Wairimu posing
Brenda Wairimu
Brenda Wairimu seating

There are many more beautiful yummy mummies with wonderful bodies but that is it for today.

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‘I’d have been a lawyer’! Amazing facts you did not know about Lilian Muli

Lillian Muli in an interview heard by Classic 105, revealed little known details about herself and we are loving every bit of it.

Lilian Muli

Did you know that Lillian Muli is a hopeless romantic? Now you know. She loves love and love stories, love songs and even goes on to express her love to the Wasafi team and highlighting that her favourite artist is Diamond Platnumz.

The Tv siren is a mom of two boys, who says giving birth was the most magical moment in her life and would relive it all over again.

Lilian Muli

She is a very successful journalist whose career and brand are important. The soft spoken TV girl said if she wasn’t a news anchor she would have been a lawyer. She add she still wants to learn law on the sidelines. Her father, who was a lawyer inspired her to love law and develop some interest in it.

She goes ahead to talk about one of her most memorable moments in her carrier and here is what she said,

” lemme start with Koffi Olomide, I was in studio on the day that he kicked one of his dancers at the airport and I found myself in an awkward position when I had to ask him why he did it. I find that awkward because, first of all as a woman of course I was extremely upset by the fact that he did that and I saw the video but then again I was in that position where okay why are you pressing judgement to this guy first of all because it’s wrong but you are a journalist and you’re supposed to get the story at the end of this”

Something else that was quite new about herself is that she was an introvert.She loves alone time but somehow never liked the situation because she knew that she wanted to have fun with her friends. But she expresses that she never liked the attention she got from the public.


Also, she talked about how she got to be the host of the famous program ‘slim possible’. She had just given birth to her first born son and got depressed therefore losing so much weight. Her boss gave her the gig because after listening to her story, he thought she was the right person.

For more details;



Blessings in 2018! Meet the new parents over the past year

2018 is over and we must acknowledge a few of our favourite celebrities title changed to either mum or dad.

For some like Lillian Muli and Janet Mbugua, they took us through the entire journey from announcement to birth. So many mothers who look up to them gained a lot of lessons from the celebrities and some shocked us.

Well, here are a few of your favourite celebrities who made it to be mum or dad:

  1. Janet Mbugua

janet2. Lillian Muli

Lillian Muli

3. Lulu Hassan


4. Njugush


6. Bahati and Diana Marua


7. Faith Muturi

faith muturi

8. Joy Doreen Birra

joy doreen baby shower

9. Nick Mutuma

nick mutuma tru (1)

10. Karis

karis (2)

11. Mother in Law Ninja


12. Mwanaisha Chizuga


From us here at Classic105 is congratulations!

‘Bullies Are Just Sad, Pathetic And Insecure Idiots!’ Explodes Lillian Muli

Citizen TV presenter Lillian Muli is breathing fire. The heavily pregnant sexy siren, who is expecting her second child, has responded to critics, who think she’s among the celebrities using pregnancy to remain relevant.

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli showing off her growing baby bump

A female fan wrote Lillian Muli an open letter titled ‘Dear Kenyan Female Celebrities Please Stop Using Pregnancies And Babies To Stay Relevant, which read:

“I personally respect mothers who decide to keep their pregnancy and babies private that is a sacred part of their lives. However, if some feel compelled to share information this is okay except starting a whole show like Lilian Muli called ‘pregnant with Lilian’ is so irrelevant. Trying to stay relevant by posting pregnancy photos and baby photos is just another way of saying you lack substance. So dear celebrity mothers it is great that you are pregnant and we hope you have a great experience, but such content is tiring, overrated and does not need that much attention.”

Also, read:

Baby Loading! Lillian Muli Shows Off Growing Baby Bump (Photo)

Well, Lillian Muli, who is heavily pregnant with a baby girl, has savagely attacked keyboard warriors claiming that they’re ‘just sad, pathetic, insecure idiots, who have no self-worth’.

“Some people out here desperately trying to get hits or gain relevance by maligning others names. Build your own brand don’t use others’ sweat to get to the top you will never get there that way! Actually, think of it this way it’s the person you are writing about that people are interested in not you! How about you get a life than write about yours. But then again I wonder if anyone would even be interested in reading about a person as toxic as you…yawn it would be piriton overdose,” wrote Lillian Muli.

Lillian Muli

She added that:

Lillian Muli responds to critics
Lillian Muli responds to critics

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Lillian Muli Savagely Attacks Haters Who Think That News Anchors Should Not Have A Life Away From The Newsroom

Baby Loading! Lillian Muli Shows Off Growing Baby Bump (Photo)

Heavily pregnant Lillian Muli is obsessed with her baby bump. The mother of one who is expecting her second child, a girl, has been flaunting her growing baby bump on social media and she seems to be ready for her bundle of joy.

Pregnant Lillian Muli shows off gorgeous mother (photos)

Lillian Muli is in a relationship with Shabana FC boss Jared Nevaton, who recently confirmed that the pregnancy is his.

The sexy TV siren knows how to dress her baby bump and she has been posting photos just to teach her fellow pregnant mothers on what to dress, when and where.

Also, read:

Lillian Muli Savagely Attacks Haters Who Think That News Anchors Should Not Have A Life Away From The Newsroom

Well, check out Lillian Muli’s latest photo showing off her baby bump

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli showing off her growing baby bump

Isn’t she cute?

Click here to read more


Lillian Muli shows you how to dress your baby bump

Citizen TV’s news anchor Lillian Muli has proven that getting pregnant is not the time to look shoddy and unkempt.

She has kept her stylish ‘A’ game on flick, as she goes around upgrading her wardrobe, beating her face to perfection and getting the best wigs money can buy.

Shabana FC boss reacts savagely to questions that he is Lillian Muli’s baby daddy

City women, listen up. Getting pregnant is not a ticket to slacken on your fashion and self care.

It is a time to glow and look gorgeous.

Lillian Muli has had a hard time online with trolls attacking her left, right and centre.

She quotes popular author, Wale Akinyemi, “Everybody will call you a celebrity the day you see yourself as a celebrity you are on your way down. Don’t be deceived by what people call celebrity you need to have substance.” 


Adding, “If you are going to succeed you must have deaf ears and thick Skin. There is a difference between feedback and criticism some people will criticize you as an attempt to feel better about their own insecurities. Don’t pay attention to them don’t let your vision be clouded by Noise.”

Check out photos of Lillian Muli dressing her baby bump.








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Shabana FC boss reacts savagely to questions that he is Lillian Muli’s baby daddy

So, you have all heard that Citizen TV news anchor, Lillian Muli is very pregnant for Shabana FC Boss, Jared Nevaton.

Lillan was first to flaunt their relationship on social media a while back.

She wrote:

“Look how he looks at me.”

Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton

In another social media post, she wrote


Fisi Hodari! Kilifi men blasted for using relief money for sex and alcohol

And posted a number of their photos looking all loved up.

Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton
Now, their relationship seems to have advanced and the couple is now expecting a new born in a few months time.

The Nairobian caught up with Nevaton who is currently in London on business and asked if he is the father to Lillian’s tot.

“What sort of nonsense is that don’t ask me stupid questions. Why are you asking me questions about my life? We are very together. This is very personal information,” Nevaton told Nairobian.

This Valentine’s day letter will make you laugh and fall in love all over again

 Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton

Nevaton added, “Yes, when your wife gets pregnant does one ask who the father is? We are very [much] together. I don’t think my personal life should be in the public domain.”

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‘Stop Wasting Your Time On Uncultured Characters’ Lillian Muli Advises

Lillian Muli has been attacked countless times on social media by keyboard warriors. She has always addressed haters who’ve tried to bring her down and one thing she’s always said is if you listen to everything everyone has to say, you may not survive.

Lillian Muli/ Instagram

But one thing we love about her is her willingness to share her views on certain issues be it relationships, work related issues or right about anything.

Well, she’s taken to social media to give her two cents on people who waste other people’s time, making them think that they are committed to them, which shouldn’t be the case.

Lillian Muli/ Instagram

She has advised her fans not to settle for less.

She wrote, “My mama always says you can’t live your life playing police to someone. He or she who gives you a reason to doubt them is not the one for you. If the minute you are out of sight they are chasing skirts or pants then they best be gone! Personally I can’t be with someone who gives me reason not to Trust them. Too many good; well brought up men and women out here so stop wasting your time on uncultured characters they deserve to sit with their cheap type you are too expensive for that kind of shady association.”

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‘It Ain’t My Fault Someone Hurt You’ Lillian Muli Claps Back At A Cyber Bully

For the longest time, Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli has been putting on blinders and ignoring trolls.

But now she has said, enough is enough

Lillian has gone in hard on a man who posted a comment on her social media criticising her interviewing skills.

Lillian saw red. The clap back will be remembered for years to come.Lillian Muli

I refuse to let people like these insult and get away with it! Why are people so angry though how do you draw a child into such stupid talk! To you Mr Blue suit Watch the interview on Youtube preferably when sober since you are clearly kinda inebriated (google that word lest you think it’s the name of a country). I asked her mother about phones and then asked her if she’s had any issues raising a teenager such as boyfriend drama. Did I at any point direct a boyfriend question to her!” Lillian explained.

“Unless you grew up in some hole in a pit latrine most 14 years olds have crushes at this age it’s part of growing up! But then again call me that name you posted to my face and let’s square it out man to woman since you choose to hide behind your private account. Kazi yako ni kuchungulia tuu to see what I’m up to lately! Men with cheap blue suits lol did you wash and iron your suit instead of drycleaning it bro?! Don’t be mad at me it ain’t my fault someone hurt you.”

Here is what he posted.


The screen siren was not done with IamSeanJean yet. Lillian went ahead to screenshot his account and give him another talking down to.

This “dad” calls people assholes! Cheers to your 2 seconds of fame instead of insulting people raise your child to excel in life. Ama you are vexed coz you got an E in kcpe? Shame on you! Perfectionist dad my foot! Look at you with your silly blue suit lol. Is you a sissy or nah! yes I said it! Don’t post your poop here. I won’t even block you Clearly you are just a stalker 👀 Keep watching bro there’s plenty more to come. Look at your silly self right now talking nonsense here…let me hold my peace but I’ve said it before say anything you want about me but Never insult me! Long post right! My mama always tells me “watu wengine wivu itawamaliza” positive or negative means you are paying attention to what I’m doing and I’m so glad I caught your attention😊 this post will stay here you wanted fame! Have it.”


Netizens weighed in on the online drama.

cyrrahh: Why are some people that fucked up though???some grown ass “man” hiding behind those keypads keying nonsense!!!this bullies got nothing on them but just having sleepless nights looking fo something to bully about!! bullcrap!!am done with this level of stupidity!!!bye,bye,bye Felicia!!!

kinyanjuis_daughter: Y.O.L.O Undiluted medicine for ushenzi kudos Lillian

kristinemwangi: 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🎉🎉🎉that’s wassup.. And I bet he thought you would hide n crawl..shindwe.

sima_n_skuma: Great response!! Watu wamezoea sana online talking crap and tryna get away with it 👊🏿

Lillian-Muliannitahbrown: Of course you have to meet such people.the best thing is countinue with what you doing and assume ignore them.remember we are in a new generation whereby people can say anything against each other.

shikokamwaro: I feel totally offended when I see someone abuse a woman!That’s total abuse to womanhood!Am sorry Lilian and you are such a great woman and good at what you do.He’s just a wet blanket!

lavvie1: Ati umesema cheap blue suit n cheap alcohol😁😁,aki usizoee kuambia mtu ukweli hivi,this man is a disgrace to human being,he should be locked somewhere in a zoo
its_kenezYou should ignore such People the more you respond to their stupidity the more you make them relevant and they will keep on attacking you ndio wapate vitu za kuweka status uliza miguna..though it’s good to stand for what you belive in…,but still if you are a public figure with no haters you are not normal..just be happy you got many fans than haters
Lilian Muli
gsmagaga: Wow! He wasn’t right in his approach but neither are you right in your defense cause an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind! You don’t have to prove anything to anyone Lillian you are already a star so no need to drag yourself into useless arguments! The power of an eagle is that it owns the fight and the arena so it knows when to fight and when to let it slip!

gray_nama: Hooooooo someone got read. Anyway he deserves it for choosing not to use his brain cells. Oh wait.. He lacks them. Keep winning @lilmuli. Let the simpleton miss you with that bullshit

mvoi_mwasaru: This one is way way beneath you… Apeleke cheap suit yake na comment hukoooo. nkt!

lizkyambi: You are just being human, sometimes its good to vent until it gets out of your system….people need to remember that above all you are human and you’ve got feelings, and its not all the time that you should hurt silently. #apatekichapo.

More Lillian Muli drama

Meet The Woman Who Made Lillian Muli What She Is Today

Women are known to be their own worst enemies.

Most female friendships are characterized by envy, jealousy and it’s hard for them to congratulate or help another to prosper. They always like it when you’re struggling.

But, there are a few women out there who recognize their fellow women in one way or another. Citizen TV’s Lillian Muli is among the realists.

The sexy screen siren who many refer to as a diva seems not to be what many think and she recently left her followers mesmerized after she showered her boss Farida Karoney with praise.

Farida Karoney

Just like any other ambitious young woman, Lillian Muli, who dreamt of becoming a journalist and thanks to Farida Karoney who, as one of the most influential and admired women in the media industry, helped Lilian Muli achieve that dream.

Once upon a time, I used to spend hours before a mirror talking to myself Pretending to read the news or posing as a reporter on location. I wanted so bad to be a journalist…I saw a newspaper and sent a video demo to Farida Karoney at NTV, to be honest, I didn’t think anyone would watch it but she did ( I’m sure she doesn’t remember).

I was called for a screen test I was only 19; I was pre-selected together with others I didn’t make the final three though…a couple of years later I met Farida again at KTN as an intern…this time I made it after the screen test. I look back and I’m so grateful to everyone who believed in me…so many people held my hand and I will never forget. I’m still dreaming I have so much more to achieve IJN…Your dream is never too big or ambitious. #Blessed #grateful #humbledheart,” read Muli’s post.


Lillian’s followers were happy with her comment about her boss who helped her go up the ranks.

Juliekarugu: My 8-year-old daughter says she wants to be a news anchor so she keeps imitating you Lillian Muli when you are reading the news. You are her role model and I hope one day she will be a great News Anchor just like you.

Judith: Truly humbled… We celebrate you, Lillian

Carole Kinoti: Very inspiring Lilian

Mamugo: At least you thanked the right people and not a nonexistent white man(white woman) like Chipukeezy Otherwise I love your determination.

lydiaivy: Wow this is soo me I actually thought its crazy every time I go to the mirror I do the same thing I talk to myself pretending to be an anchor..Lilian you’ve just given me the right phrase its called passion….someday I know I will make it if you did it I will also do it its possible…thanks for that Lilian its soo encouraging.

Owitisilas: You’re an inspiration to many. Am proud of u dear

Serema: Wow, you inspire me, Lilian, l love your journey

Nderitu: Thanks, dear be humble and the reward is fruitful

Nevin: Wow!!! Amen… This is the encouragement I needed this morning … My dream will never be too big or ambitious… Thanks, Lillian Muli.

Roue: This is. far much motivating.sis, uh way a quintessential epitome rn in the whole globe,keep the grind,keep shinning ,what everyone says doesn’t matter .they cant change you or trade you.you didnt have to prove it to everyone before & u made it.Do the same ,keep the flame,stay limitless,All they way up♥♥♥♥♥

Mumbi: One day I will be like you Lillian Muli, because I see myself there and I have always had a passion for media and I always talk to myself when in the mirror. I know my dream is valid and it shall be. Thanks for stirring up my spirit.

Stanley: The story inspires me

Mario: Believing in yourself 💓🙏💓

Farida Karoney is the Editorial Director at Royal Media Services.