Akothee reveals she would like her own reality show


Reality shows are usually a launching pad for many we now call celebrities.

Richest female Kenyan musician Akothee is considering getting more fame this way.

Her star has been rising on her own through music and social media, where fans get treated to all sorts of drama.


Like it or not, a stint on a reality TV show can make you legit famous. One thing we do know is that reality shows cans serve different purposes at different levels in their career.

For Akothee, it is simply to expand her fame and she wrote

We arr thinking of startinh a reality show entitled “REAL HOUSEHELP OF RONGO SPA”

Your thoughts?????

Dear Classic 105 fam, would you be excited for an Akothee reality TV show? I would love to see her bring out even more drama than what she shows us.

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Every tattoo on your favorite Kenyan female celeb (photos)

Rocking tattoos is a trend that has seem many female celebrities inking their bodies. While some tattoos have special meaning, others are just for beauty purposes.

Below is a list with celebs with the most tattoos.

1. Ngina Kenyatta

The only daughter to President Uhuru Kenyatta, Ngina is a lover of tattoos. Although they might not be as daring, they are unique.

Fans spotted on her right hand that reads ‘IN GOD’S HANDS’.

Ngina also has a cute ankle band tattoo on her right leg.

Uhuru Kenyatta’s family
Ngina Kenyatta Tatoo

2. Kambua

Gospel artiste Kambua has a tatoo of a musical treble clef on her left arm.

“I love my tattoo, it represents what I do” Kambua said to the Christians who criticized her in her past


3. Vera Sidika

Vera Sikida is among female celebs whose tattoo game is on a level of its own.

The curvaceous damsel has four or more tattoos. One is on her arm, the other on the thigh, another on the lower part of her leg and one on above her fingers.

She had in the past shared that the reason she had a koi fish tattooed on her is because

Koi fish tattoo – It represents good fortune in business, courage, prosperity and wealth.
I love it …& the colors just turn me ON😍.

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika shows off thigh tattoo

4. Noti Flow

Noti flow is a true definition that a human body is a canvas for any artiste to showcase his/her talent.

The petite damsel has tattoos of almost every part of her body and is never shy to flaunt them.

Noti Flow
Noti Flow

5. Bridget Achieng

The mother of one is also a fan of tattoos and has a few on her body with the most prominent being her arm, bust area and thigh.

She also has Ali Kiba’s tattoo engraved on her left side arm.

Speaking about why she engraved him on her arm,

Ali Kiba, despite everything we talk even after the marriage, He was part of the gang I generally adored once upon a time in music.

This was a person I adored and I knew there was no chance I would get to him.

The main way I would stand out enough to be noticed was to get a tattoo.

Bridget Achieng

I did my exploration and discovered no lady has ever gotten a tattoo of him.”

6. Victoria Kimani

The Kenyan singer has an African map on the upper part of her right arm. It just reflects her patriotism and her love for the continent.

Victoria Kimani Tatoo


Someone rated African foods and people explain why they’re offended



Can you check off  your list how many African foods you have sampled? Someone on Twitter seems to have and has shared his ranking of African Food. Kenyans food, maybe ugali? is in the sixth position.

The internet had a hilarious comeback after this ranking of African foods.

Best African Food power rankings
1) Somali
7)South African
10) Zimbabwean

Twitter users are giving their thoughts and most are unhappy

Seriously! somali food that nobody in the world knows anything about!

Senegalese food is elite, Somali not even top 5 sorry not sorry

Ayyy somali food is the best wallahi

Ummm excuse me where’s Cameroon we’re literally called “Africa in miniature” for a reason!

Sorry but Kenyan n tanzi food is acc the same

What foods do NIgerian people eat? I know y’all have fufu and jollof.

You tripping, Sierra Leonian food ain’t even on here

WTFFFFFF moroccan food is the best food in the whole world

Must not have tried Liberian food


Are you on drugs? Were you loved as a child? Bastard child of no father! Kenyan ugali takes 4 business days to digest. Tell me how they’re ranked higher than us?

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My mum is my style inspiration – Lupita Nyongo


Lupita Nyongo was influenced by something her mother did every Sunday.

In the latest issue of Vanity Fair Magazine Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, who loves fashion, says her mother Dorothy is her inspiration.

“The gesture of my style is definitely my mom. I always thought she was very elegant, and she was always present with the way she put herself together without being precious,” says Nyong’o, citing her mother’s ritual home manicure every Sunday night while the family watched television together. But she also looked up to her Aunt Amondi, her mother’s sister, whose style tacked in the opposite direction: black leather jackets, a mohawk at one point, even the motorcycle to complete the look. “I kind of oscillated between the two. I find I love the elegant, the classic, the simple, but I also like the outrageous and the quirky and the almost accidental.”


In the interview she also discusses why she doesn’t open up about her private life, especially those she is linked to romantically saying

 “I feel like there’s parts of myself that I care to share and then there are parts that I don’t.”

Her popular fathers fighting spirit has also instilled in her alot and shaped her career

“I was born into a political family. My father was fighting for what he believed in,” says Nyong’o. “I think it was really just instilled in me that there are things in this world that are worth changing—part of living is about trying to transform the world into, you know…the world that we want to be a part of.”


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Janet Mbugua determined to shed baby weight 


Former TV girl Janet Mbugua has revealed details of her weight gain after the birth of her second baby.

For me, I’m the least fit I’ve been in 4 years. Two children and four surgeries later, I just feel like I need to get rid of my lethargy.

Fit Kenyan celebrities that have made the gym their second home!


She admitted she has not had the motivation to hit the gym, but things have changed.

 I need to mind my heart and my blood sugar among others. I definitely need to watch what I eat, because the binge-fest, though sporadic, has been insane sometimes! Over the coming weeks I’ll try take you inside where my head is at and what’s leading me to make some unhealthy choices that I’m now ready to change. Let’s call this one a ‘wellness’ journey because I find that more holistic.


How will she ensure she stays dedicated?

I hope I stay the course…it’s not easy to. Anyone want to volunteer to hold me accountable? 

Celebrity mum Lillian Muli was slammed by online users when a few weeks after birth, she whispered thoughts about wanting to hit the gym ASAP.


Many urged her not to fall for social media pressure to fit in, but all the same she began her regimen.

Lilian Muli talks weight loss after welcoming healthy baby boy

Dropping post delivery pounds can be challenging, and we wish Janet all the best going forward.

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There was nothing grand about The Rock’s secret wedding to longtime girlfriend 


Actor The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson has such a simple wedding you will question why Kenyans continue to send millions on a one day event.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Hawaii on Aug. 18.

The happy couple is still beaming with happiness a they continue to share photos of the happy day on Instagram.

He wrote

Our Hawaiian wedding was beautiful and I want to thank our incredible staff for their outstanding work. 
To carry out my #1 goal of complete privacy, no wedding planners or outside resources were hired. Everything you see was created by hand, by staff and family only. 
The end results were spectacular I will forever be grateful for helping our hearts sing on this day. 

It turns out it was very easy for the to plan an inexpensive wedding. From serving tiny burgers, to writing the menu on a whiteboard, see pictures of their incredible but cheap wedding.

Here’s how they did it:

  1. They did not have a bloated guest list. It was only family and friends PERIODT, not a plus ten peopletherockweddingfood
  2. They asked for wedding help not wedding gifts. Their family helped plan everything. They did not have wedding planners like Kenyans are known to do.therockwedding3
  3. They held the ceremony in a house, with a really tiny outdoor setup, not tents, no crazy expensive flowers, and other decor.therockwedding2
  4. The catering was done by friends, drastically cutting down the costtherockwedding1
  5. They skipped the groomsmen and bridesmaids dramatherockweddingchef
  6. They made their own invitation cards,





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Revenge Bawdy: Corazon Kwamboka’s workout is beginning to show results


Corazon broke up with her Italian bae in 2018.

In an Instagram post, Corazon shared the news that she is no longer together with her boyfriend.

She blamed distance for causing their separation as Gaetano lives in Italy while she resides in Kenya.


“I loved this guy! But the distance just couldn’t allow us to be together, it’s been tough and we were not happy. I’m single and happy, focusing on myself and law practice. I’m sure I will find love and when it’s real; it will be easy,” she wrote.

Since then she has been hitting the gym religiously and we are loving the revenge body results.

Omg 😮! Look at that butt… @genio_sport for the athleisure. Squat and yoga proof, super stretchy, versatile and opaque gym wear.
Oh! Also hides all the cellulite for extra confidence

She wrote alongside a pic showing off her incredible results.


Earlier this year, Corazon in an interview with Word Is indicated she is stepping aside from law to focus on her clothing line, Genio Wear. ‘Genio’ is Italian for Genius.


“Being a lover of sport and gym and a curvy size 16/18 girl, my main struggle was finding sportswear that fits me. The international brands don’t cater for us, and the available local brands were either very low quality, see-through or low-waist, which poses a challenge when you have to be active jumping or running at the gym.


“For this reason, I decided to source the best tailors and the best fabric and design and came up with my brand of sportswear, Genio. It caters for women of all sizes. They are all high-waisted, anti-cellulite and non-transparent, and at the same time super stretch.”

Dear Classic 105 fam, are  you loving this positive change in her? Drop your comments below.

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Mr seed speaks out on why his fashion is evolving

Mr Seed has asked his fans not to judge him by his fashion and hairstyles. When he started doing music, Seed had dreadlocks, and now he has short-dyed hair.

He shocked his fans when he decided to chop them off. He said his decision to cut the locks was because of an anticipated visit to his gorgeous fiancée Nimo Gachuiri’s parents home.

He wanted to look presentable and at the same time keep it real, as he casually dressed for the occasion.

“People judge gospel artistes with our outside appearance, but God concentrates on the heart and your deeds,” he told Word Is on Wednesday.


He went on to say even if he dresses in suits and looks good from the outside, if his heart is not pure, he will not please God.

“I would request my fans not to judge me by the ways I look. If my style does not make you happy, at least like my music and what I post because it could be of importance,” he said.

Despite maintaining his hair dye, Seed seems to like his tattoos, which are on his left hand.

“One of my tattoos has my late dad’s name and another one is for my son’s name. I had an idea of naming my son Gold even before I got him and so I tattooed his name on my hand,” he said.

Mr Seed, who was previously signed under EMB records, is making Boss moves after launching his studios, an operation that has been on course for roughly five months now.

mr seed1

It’s a project he believes will be able ‘to help artistes reach their musical dreams at affordable rates’.

Through an Insta video, Seed said,

“God amekuwa faithful sana, ju right now I want to take this chance to welcome every artiste kwenye Starborn Empire Studio. We are now open, come work with the best.”

Speaking about working with Mr Seed, Damorn said Seed has been supportive even in his previous songs.

Damorn has released a new song titled ‘Dekadeka’, which he says was inspired by his real-life experience. “The video is all from my wedding,” he said.

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Nancie Mwai’s stunning birthday pics! (PHOTOS)

The beautiful business mogul is nothing less than talented and gorgeous with a very welcoming attitude when you meet and strike a conversation with her.

Mwai, who is a fashion blogger and you-tuber this year decided that she wanted to spend her birthday a little bit different from what she has been used to. She started off the year with a motto ‘Make it happen’ where she set out to make all her dreams and aspirations come true.

This year, she wanted to take her birthday photos at the Lake Magadi that reflects the water colour to some pink vibes.

She wrote, “I always strive to take a couple of memorable photos on my birthday though I didn’t do it last year, I made sure to do it this year. I started this tradition when I turned 30 and Brian Babu styled me for an amazing shoot you can see the photo.”

Below is a birthday photo of Nancie, on her 30th birthday in 2017


Living by her motto, this year it was all about making it happen. Her idea and concept behind her birthday pics was to take photos at a scenic location in the country and whatever she would wear for the shoot should be very different from the scenery.

Fashion Blogger Nancie Mwai’s Trip To South Africa Is One Hell Of An Escapade

Did she hack it? Well see for yourself.


Nancie Mwai against a helicopter

Nancie Mwai’s 32 birthday shoot

The mother of one, is for ever looking timeless as her daughter looks up to her as her role model.

Enjoy your birthday!

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