Drinking CHAI MOTO doubles your risk of developing tumors in the oesophagus

Highlights of the study

– People who drink hot tea at 60°C or higher saw their risk rise by 90 per cent

– The largest study of its kind followed 50,000 people over around a decade

– Scalding water may damage the lining of the food pipe, causing tumours

Drinking piping hot tea or coffee could more than double the risk of developing cancer, research has warned.

People who regularly consume their tea at 60°C (140°F) or higher see their risk of gullet cancer rise by 90 per cent.

But letting a cup of freshly boiled tea to cool down for several minutes before drinking it could help.

The study, led by Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran, adds to an array of research linking hot drinks to the disease.

But this is the first time the link has been found in a large-scale study which has followed people for a long time.

Scalding water irritates the lining of the mouth and throat which can fuel tumours, scientists believe.

Oesophageal cancer is the eighth most common cause of cancer worldwide and one of the main causes of cancer death.

The researchers said their findings based on tea will apply to other hot beverages, including coffee or hot chocolate.

Published in the International Journal of Cancer, the study looked at the drinking habits of 50,045 people aged 40 to 75 who lived in north-eastern Iran.

During a follow-up period from 2004 to 2017, 317 new cases of oesophageal cancer – also known as cancer of the food pipe – were identified.

The risk of oesophageal cancer rose to 2.4 times among those who regularly drank it at 75°C (167°F).


Why you should blend up the Avocado stone and eat it



– Researchers tested an avocado seed extract on macrophages, white blood cells that stimulate the immune system and increase inflammation

– The macrophages were activated with a molecule both with and without the presence of the extract

– When the extract was present, they found that inflammation was suppressed

– Scientists say this offers evidence that the extract could be used as a food ingredient or as a pharmaceutical drug

– But experts say that past studies have shown the stone can be toxic when consumed in high quantities

The healthiest part of an avocado could be the pit that most people throw away, a new study suggests.

Researchers from Penn State University found that an extract in avocado seeds reduced inflammation caused by white blood cells.

The team says the findings are evidence that the extract could be turned into a food ingredient, or even used as a pharmaceutical drug.

However, experts are skeptical and say the research is in its early stages and that past studies have shown that, if consumed in high quantities, the stone could actually be toxic.

Several studies have shown that the fruit can raise levels of HDL ‘good’ cholesterol, increase nutrient absorption from other foods and help with weight loss.

The yellow-green flesh inside is eaten on everything from salads to toast, but the skins and seeds are generally discarded.


Ruth Matete opens up about struggles with ‘physical scars’

Singer Ruth Matete has opened up about some of the darkest moments in her life, in a long letter to Kenyans.


You see that scar on my back? That’s just what you can see. When I was young, I got burned by porridge. I was barely walking. Dad says I was still crawling. Back in Kakamega. Mum had prepared porridge and ran out to do something. I crawled, and touched the tip of the pot (sufuria) and it toppled over. Long story short, I burned 80%. I don’t know what that means🙈, I just know it’s alot of burning🤣

‘I wronged God but I was stressed and had financial difficulties’ Ruth Matete on why she joined Tusker Project Fame

The whole of my back, both of my thighs, parts of my hands, and a small part of my head. I mean, God was so gracious the parts that were burned are those I can hide with clothes. Now I know I was born to serve Him. Mini skirts, haiwes mek😂
Ooh tank top! 🤣🤣 ooh bare back. Ooh see through🤣🤣 I can’t do such. Let’s just say, God is wise😂😂

Ruth has been very open about her life, revealing details about how she almost committed suicide. Read below

Daddy says it was so hard for me to be carried. They had to do skin grafting on some parts that were deeply burned.
(Skin grafting is a type of graft surgery involving the transplantation of skin. The transplanted tissue is called a skin graft. Skin grafting is often used to treat: Extensive wounding or trauma. Burns. ) I keep wondering what part of my body they removed the skin to add to the deeply burned parts. Could the portion of skin that was cut to be grafted to other parts, be the one that could have added to my height?🤣🤣

Matete, is now a worship leader at New Breed City – a church under Apostolic umbrella of Appointment International Ministries (AIM).

She continues about her life struggle as she seeks to help others.

Anyway, before I bore you with the long story. This is what I would like to tell you who is reading this post. You may not have a physical scar like mine. Yours could be an emotional scar.., mental scar, etc. It still is a scar. And it would be unfair to even say that my scar is worse than yours. Because we have different strengths. What seems easy to someone else could be very hard to another.

We all have scars. They say time heals all wounds. I don’t agree. God heals all wounds. But even when the wound is healed, the scar still remains. Sometimes I go through hard times, and then I just look at all those scars. I pat myself in the back and say
“Luxo, you overcame this. This too, you can overcome”

Don’t be ashamed of your scar. In a battle,,there is a winner and a loser. The loser sometimes dies, and the winner even though they don’t die, they are left with scars. The scars prove, he fought but came out alive.
What is that you fought and won? Or what is it that you’re fighting? Don’t worry about the scars. Don’t hide them. Don’t be ashamed of them. The scar is proof that you won.

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The pill makes women less able to read other peoples emotions – study


The pill may blur a woman’s judgement and even impact her relationships, research suggests.

A study found taking the oral contraceptive causes subtle emotional changes to a woman’s brain.

This makes her 10 per cent less likely to be able to read other people’s facial expressions and feelings.

Although unclear why this occurs, the pill’s impact on a woman’s oestrogen and progesterone levels is thought to influence her empathy.

The research was carried out by the University of Greifswald in Germany and led by Dr Alexander Lischke, from the department of biological and clinical psychology.

‘More than 100 million women worldwide use oral contraceptives, but remarkably little is known about their effects on emotion, cognition and behaviour,’ Dr Lischke said.

‘However, coincidental findings suggest that oral contraceptives impair the ability to recognise emotional expressions of others, which could affect the way users initiate and maintain intimate relationships.’

Dr Lischke argues that on top of birth control, a lot of emphasis is placed on the benefits of the pill – such as improving acne and easing heavy periods – but the downsides are often glazed over.

To determine the contraceptive’s emotional side effects, the scientists analysed the emotion recognition of 42 women who take the pill, compared to 53 others who do not.

‘We assumed these impairments would be very subtle, indicating we had to test women’s emotion recognition with a task that was sensitive enough to detect such impairments,’ Dr Lischke said.

‘We, thus, used a very challenging emotion recognition task that required the recognition of complex emotional expressions from the eye region of faces.

‘Whereas the groups were equally good at recognising easy expressions, the [pill] users were less likely to correctly identify difficult expressions.’

Results – published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience – suggest women who take the pill are less likely to recognise both basic emotions – such as sadness and happiness – as well as more complex ones, like pride and contempt.


The ThickLadiesVsSlenderLadies trending hashtag that’s gone viral

A debate about thick and slender girls has gone viral on Twitter.

The debate has captured the attention of Kenyans and South Africans alike to the amusement of team mafisi.

Unlike many Twitter hashtags that Kenyans on Twitter engage in, this one has been a bit more pleasant. Some of the best tweets are below:

Screenshot of slender vs thick

   Screenshot of slender vs thick Screenshot of slender vs thick Screenshot of slender vs thick Screenshot of slender vs thick Screenshot of slender vs thick Screenshot of slender vs thick Screenshot of slender vs thick Screenshot of slender vs thick Screenshot of slender vs thick  Screenshot of slender vs thick  Screenshot of slender vs thick  Screenshot of slender vs thick Screenshot of slender vs thick Screenshot of slender vs thick

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Exclusive: Reuben Kigame narrates how he found love again after an accident claimed his first wife


Reuben Kigame is a house hold name in the gospel industry for his uplifting music, but away from music he is a husband and a father; a role he greatly enjoys.

Unknown to many Kigame is a widower who has since remarried. He is also a father of four – out of the four are three girls whom he bore with his first wife.

The fourth child, a boy, is his only child with his current wife Julie whom he speaks of fondly. He is among the most accomplished blind artistes in Africa after losing his sight aged three.

Motherhood Bliss: Check out photos of Serena Williams’ daughter Alexis

Reuben Kigame

He spoke about his relationship in an interview herd by classic 105.

“When I first met my wife Julie, I was not attracted to her in a s3xual way. However she was known by my kids and they had created a rapport with her.

I asked them if they would be ok with me bringing in someone else as a mother.

Their liking for Julie got to me overtime and since ni msichana ameokoka na my family knew her it was easier.

‘Kenya is home’ Morgan Heritage explain why they want to live in Kenya

My kids are all grown up. My first-born got married last year. I also have a daughter in Moi Girls, she is in form 2.

I look at her and see God. She was 2 yrs at the time of the accident that claimed my wife. She was being taken to hospital but that journey never materialized.”

Reuben Kagame

On disciplining his kids, he says

“I talk to them once twice and after that, that is when I discipline them with a cane. Past ten years I don’t use the cane.

My relationship with my girls is so good even when they visit the salon I am the first person they come to flaunt it to.

If God has given you children always take time to take care of your kids so that they are not brought up by someone else.”

Below are some of his uplifting gospel songs:

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Here is proof the Odinga’s make the best hosts


When it com es to hosting guests, no one does it better than the Odinga’s.

From politicians to family get togethers, Raila and his wife Ida, are the perfect hosts making sure their guests have the best time.

Here are five things good hosts do to make sure everyone has a good time.

1. Everyone looks and feels relaxed

The Odinga’s host US Amb Godec

2. Pampering guests: from offering drinks to gifts, and comfy chairs guests find themselves leaning back and being in a happy place.

Raila and Ida host US Amba Godec in their Karen home

3. Plenty of food:  a good hosts ensures their guests are well fed, and go the extra mile to put out a feast fit for a king.

CORD leader Raila Odinga in his Karen home

4. Good hosts don’t rush their guests. From the Odinga’s, you can see them taking guests to the field to talk some more suggesting they are not in a hurry to kick out anyone.

The Odinga’s

5. Enough seating. if you take a closer look at the Odinga’s while they host, no one is standing because they have ensured everyone is seated.


Victoria Beckham spends Sh157,000 on moisturizer made from her OWN blood


Victoria Beckham has spent £1,200 on a new moisturiser made from her own blood.

The fashion designer, 44, took to her Instagram Stories to reveal she is now using the anti-ageing property by Dr Barbara Sturm, who is well loved by celebrities for her ‘vampire facials’.

Victoria Beckham in her clothing line

Deciding to try out the range while her daughter Harper, 7, got a facial at Barbara’s clinic in Germany last week, the Spice Girls singer revealed that her blood had been used to ‘create healing factors made by her own cells.’

Victoria first uploaded a snap of a slew of bottle from the range and revealed: ‘This week I’ll be using these products by Dr. Barbara Sturm.’

Victoria Beckham rocking red pants

She then offered a closer look to a tub of moisturiser and informed her followers of the process: ‘@drbarbarasturm took my blood and created healing factors made by my own cells which is highly anti inflammatory and regenerative.’

While she already has glowing skin, which was seen in her selfie, Victoria continued: ‘After sleeping in the mask, (which soaks in so doesn’t look funny or feel sticky) my skin feels amazing!

‘Super hydrated and clear! And very soft!’ she enthused.

The treatment is offered from Dr. Babara Sturm, who is well known from endogamous blood therapy, commonly known as ‘vampire facials.’

During a patient’s initial consultation, some of their blood is removed and is fed through a syringe containing metal beads – which tricks the blood into thinking they are wounds.

Victoria Beckham for Vogue magazine

This step is required to to produce the healing proteins IL-1 and TGF-beta.

If used regularly, the moisturiser can lead to reduced inflammation, strengthened tissue and collagen growth.

This comes after Victoria treated her daughter Harper to a baby facial last week and shared a glimmer into her mother-daughter day with her 23.9m followers via her Instagram stories.

Harper was the picture of relaxation as she could be seen enjoying the very indulgent pampering session at the spa.

Last year in January, the fashion entrepreneur spilled the secrets on her daily £1,246 skincare, make-up, body and hair routine.

The mother-of-four admitted to spending £648 worth of products for her everyday skincare routine and she treated herself to £366 worth of make-up.

Victoria splashed out £124 on body products and £66 on her daily hair routine.


Everyone is blown away by this woman’s reasons to serve green tea to guests


Many Kenyan women swear by green tea, and you will often see them sipping away wherever they are.

Is it for aesthetics?

Well a Twitter user by the name Ninja 4 aaa, has blown peoples minds away after listing four reasons why you should serve green tea to your guests. It really does sound like a genius idea.

The KOT lists the reasons as

1. You look rich

2. You save on milk

3. They won’t ask for more

4. They won’t come again.

Perhaps this should get your mind jogging in case someone does this to you? Read comments from people who wholly agree.

Vivekanandam K.M.G…
Great tactics to keep away, uninvited guests.

maria fenton..
@nezua and if they do ask for more, you finish them with white tea…loose leaf.

Definitely doing this now on. Especially for point number 4.


🤣 you look rich? I totally agree with 4 tho



20 beauty secrets women hide from men

Women are very private about most of the beauty regimens they undergo.

They won’t even admit it to their closest friends, mostly out of fear of being ridiculed.

A poll done by The Daily Mail found that the number one beauty secret women hide from men is that they pluck hair from their noses.

Women are plucking nose hairs, shaving their toes and waxing their moustaches – but their boyfriends will never know.

According to a new poll the average female has 20 embarrassing beauty secrets she hides from her partner.

The findings revealed today reveals women many spend hours taking hidden measures in order to look naturally beautiful.

Researchers found women hate the thought of their other half knowing their beauty secrets.

As a result, procedures such as hair removal from toes, chin, body and bikini line remain hidden.

A large majority of the 2,000 women surveyed would never let on to their partner if they were wearing body-slimming underwear or if they removed hard skin from feet.

The study shows many ladies would hate their partner to know they had to remove hairs from their noses on occasion, while others don’t want him to know they often treat spots with toothpaste, or whiten their teeth.

1. Pluck / shave hair from toes

2. Pluck / wax hairs from chin / face

3. Pluck the odd hair from the body

4. Wax or dye moustache

5. Remove hard skin from feet

6. Wear body slimming underwear

7. Pluck eyebrows

8. Wax / shave bikini line

9. Pluck hairs from nose

10. Cleanse, tone and moisturize

11. Cut toenails

12. Teeth whitening

13. Use anti-aging creams

14. Put toothpaste on spots

15. Apply a face pack

16. Wax / shave under-arms and legs

17. Wear chicken fillets

18. Exfoliate daily

19. Eyelash and eyebrow tint

20. Use anti-cellulite cream


Meet Debbie, the single 45-year-old woman who cuddles with a teddy bear to sleep

While most of us will be cuddling up to our loved ones this holiday, it seems that some people around the UK will be sharing their bed with rather more cuddly companions.

Teddy enthusiast Debbie Hodge, 45, told presenters Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes that she will be sharing her bed her teddy bear, WaWa, who has been her companion for the last forty years.

With Ruth noting that the beloved bear smelt a bit ‘pungent,’ Debbie apologised before explaining that he smells a bit ‘beefy’ because she’d just fake tanned.

And it seems that single Debbie is not alone as viewers flooded social media with photographs of their childhood friends, too.

‘I have over 100 teddies. I love them,’ wrote one user, while another said ‘Ha ha sitting here watching This Morning…I’m normal. My great Gran gave me Scamps when I was 3 and now 30. Comes everywhere with me and I can’t sleep without him.’

One viewer said: ‘This is Ducky (obviously!) He’s about 32 years old and used to be fluffy and white.

‘His eyes are there somewhere. He’s been everywhere with me around the world and gets hugged every night.’

‘This is Astrid Bear,’ commented another. ‘My daughter bought her for my birthday present when she was 4 years old (18 years ago). I cuddle her in bed every night. I recently spent 2 months in hospital and she was there by my side.’

teddy bear

Teddy enthusiast Debbie was given WaWa as a baby by her mum, who has sadly since passed away.

‘I am 45 now so it is quite a long time ago,’ Debbie told Ruth and Eamonn. ‘I think I’ve aged better than he has.’

And when it comes to washing her childhood companion, Debbie told the hosting duo that she puts extra measures in place to ensure he makes it out in one piece.

‘Now that he’s been aired to a lot of people I might need to wash him,’ explained the 45-year-old, who appeared on the This Morning sofa earlier today. ‘I might wash him in a tea towel or a pillowcase.’

Daily Mail.

Ooh no! Father mourns the loss of his son in his arms

A heartbroken father has relived the moment he woke up to find his baby son dead in his arms – just two hours after they fell asleep together on their family sofa.

David Hulley, 25, had dozed off sat up on the settee with four week old Karson Winter-Hulley snuggled up to him after he gave the infant a 5.30am feed in their lounge.

But when Mr Hulley, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, woke up at around 7..30am, Karson was unresponsive and the infant was pronounced dead later in hospital despite efforts by doctors to revive him.

At an inquest a coroner described the tragedy last June 24 as ‘every parent’s worst nightmare’ as experts said they could not establish why the baby had died.

The hearing was told Karson’s mother Beverley Winter, 24, who had an older child had endured a difficult pregnancy with him and he was born in May weighing 5.5lbs but doctors reported no concerns following his birth.

Mr Hulley, a fire and security engineer, told the Stockport hearing: ‘We both loved Karson very much. Beverley had a difficult pregnancy with Karson and was told his long bones were shorter than usual.

man crying

‘We were worried because of the way it was handled, the midwife was like a bull in a china shop, but when we saw a doctor they put us at ease. They just said he was a small baby.

‘Beverley had him early. We took him home and he was doing very well. He had a stuffy cold a few days before he died but it wasn’t bothering him too much, it was annoying him but that was all it did. He was a good feeder, he was on bottles and liked his food. His sleeping was up and down, but he seemed okay the night before he died.

‘He seemed a bit clingy and off but we didn’t look into it that much. Even after he died we haven’t thought too much of it.

‘We had him sleeping in the bedroom in a cot next to us. Beverley took him up to his cot and he went to bed okay.

‘He woke up wanting to be picked up at about 5:30am. If he wanted something he was good at letting you know he wanted it. He was not crying out of the ordinary.

‘I picked him up and went downstairs and he wanted a feed so I put him on the sofa amongst cushions so he was safe whilst I made him a bottle. I then went back in and picked him up and sat with him.

‘He seemed to calm down and snuggled in to me. I was comforting him whilst the bottle warmed up, I was just admiring him and amazed by him.

Daily Mail.

MUST READ: Reasons why more Kenyan women are marrying two husbands

This situation was brought into the spotlight when cases of two Kenyan women with co-husbands was made public.

The term to describe the situation of women with two husbands is polyandry.


No such relationship was public in Kenya until the disclosure by Makueni resident Rael Mukeku that she is married to two men, and the arrest of a Migori woman, Maurine Atieno, and her two husbands following public outrage.

These incidents, both in September, sparked a debate on whether women should be free to marry more than one man.

Mukeku got married to her first husband, then the second man moved into their compound to join that marriage as a second husband.

Atieno and her husbands were rounded up due to public demand after neighbours discovered she was living with the two men in her first husband’s home.

She was first married to Robert Ochieng, siring two children with him before they separated and she got married elsewhere. She later returned to Ochieng’s home with her second husband, John Ochola, and the three continued to stay together as a wife and co-husbands.

Although only Rael and Maureen have opened up to having two husbands, lawyer Jemimah Keli says it is possible there are more women in such unions, despite the risk of public condemnation.


And Keli says there could be many almost similar arrangements, especially in cosmopolitan areas like Nairobi, where women could be with several men supporting them or living with them in certain arrangements, but not in the same house.

The lawyer says polyandry is a social engineering caused by changes in the society over time, and it doesn’t amount to a marital union.

“When a society evolves, all manner of dangers will arise, and there is good and bad about it. Women can say they are more empowered now, to the extent they can accommodate two men, while men may feel like they require help. For example, the second man in the Makueni case said he moved in because the other man was weak or was sick,” Keli says.

“So, since traditionally the role of a man is to provide for their family, the question is: could it be that men would want other men to assist them to perform that role? Would it make their burden easier? Those are the questions the society will ask itself.”

However, Kiambu woman representative Gathoni wa Muchomba and Rev Vincent Mulwa of the Christ Pilgrimage Restoration Centre say men in such unions are abnormal and devoid of manliness.

“But there is another problem I’m seeing today. More women are choosing to be single mothers with multiple s3x partners, and that could be the reason men are lacking wives. Not because women are not there, but because they don’t want to get married,” Rev Mulwa said.

“That could be the origin of the situation of two men finding themselves loving the same woman who has been cheating on them. And because no others are interested in being their wives, they agree to keep this one.”

Keli says polyandry is not an arrangement known either by the law or in any customs in the country. The Marriage Act defines all the marriages as a union between a man and a woman or between a man and women. Consequently, she says, polyandry cannot be called a marriage; it can only remain a relationship between several parties.

“Even polygamous marriages are recognised under that law as where a man is married to more than one woman. Maybe in another generation, we may want to recognise that a woman can marry more than one man. Then we will have to change our laws to accommodate that relationship as a marriage,” Keli said.

“But as the society evolves, different challenges will prompt law changes with time to address those challenges, to accommodate the new lifestyles, and then the law will decide whether that lifestyle fits to be a marriage.”

However, Keli rules out any criminal acts in women marrying more men. She says Mukeku, Atieno and other women in polyandry are not committing any offence punishable by the law, because it is just a relationship that is not defined under the penal code, and an offence has to be defined by the law.


Mulwa says it is an inversion of God’s order of nature when a man ceases to be in control and the woman is the one calling the shots in a marriage, with the “subdued men” under her authority.

The cleric says there is no rationale for polyandry, and a woman advancing it is basically full of the notion of equality.

Wa Muchomba says men accepting to be co-husbands are grossly inept because “no cock wants to share”, while Mulwa says only men with severe mental problems can contemplate such unions.

The woman rep says manliness in Kenyan men is getting eroded so much that the boy child is under siege.

“To see a man in such relationships means they have no ego. We need to train our men to be men from when they are young. They are victims of erosion of manliness. The socioeconomic pressure we are exposing men to is what is making the male esteem and male personality get eroded,” she says.

She says the fact that the girl child is more empowered is one of the contributing factors, but it is not the only factor. The legislator called for more emphasis on boy child empowerment, not only financially but also culturally.

“The moment you see a boy child being told to go and cook, that is the beginning of the problem,” Wa Muchomba said.

“Today you will hear mothers assigning their sons domestic chores, like cleaning utensils and preparing vegetables. That boy is being raised as a “male girl” because the things we expect from them are not the male expectations but are for females.”



The MP said the rise of women in control of their homes and society, and the lack of role models in society for the boy child, is also a factor in declining masculinity.

“This is the issue of a matriarchal society, where the woman is in more control of her sons and husbands. The child is growing up with a house girl and is already being taught how to plait hair. When they go to school, most teachers are female. The boy child lacks exposure to manliness,” she said.

“Recently I was at Ndumberi Primary School, where I was celebrating victory of a team that had excelled in dancing competitions at the national level. To my shock, I found only one male teacher at the school, the headmaster. So tell me, who are all the children in that school looking up to? Just the female teachers,” she said.

The MP said the problem is how the boy child in the society is being socialised, “making our men lose their male esteem and behave and act like women”.

Rev Mulwa says the problem started with the discriminate empowerment of girl child, leaving the boy child disadvantaged.

He says it is all about women wanting to be equal to men, doing everything a man is doing.

“The problem is in the continuous empowerment, where women are easily in access of resources and jobs. And because we have made the marriage to be about resources, now women want to command a man who has no resources, and misuse them,” Mulwa says.

“That makes a new challenge to men, and where to get a wife from, and agree that since she has been managing us secretly, let’s continue in it. And all this is out of empowerment of women to make them equal to men, which is very wrong.”

By Joseph Ndunda for the Star

Want to know what color suits you?


Colours make things appear more beautiful, bright and less boring. Colours are also a form of non verbal communication. You can easily tell a person’s mood by what colour they are in.

Question is do Kenyans really pay attention to what color flatters their skin tone?

You can also spell the amount of energy a person has thorough what they are dressed in. However, different genders prefer different shades of colours. For example, most men prefer black, grey, blue and sky blue or green. A lot of females love brighter colours i.e. red, pink, purple, orange, yellow and turquoise.

Using these diverse shades of colours, you can tell whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert through the study of dressing pattern overtime.

Here are some few colour tips to consider when restocking your closet:

  1. RED

Colour red has been an all time favourite to many of the ladies.  However this trend is slowly changing. Men are slowly embracing this too.  It is the brightest colour. RED presents passion, energy, action, ambition and determination. This is an ideal colour to wear on Monday. It kills the oldest myth about Monday blues. It brightens your mood, your confidence and generally makes you feel good.


This is considered a social colour. It earns a great command in social places. Due to its shouting nature this colour makes one stand out in a large crowd.  It measures someone’s confidence and courage even under major attention. It is a colour that brings out the outgoing, optimism, courage and leadership qualities.

  1. Yellow

Most people have a stereotyped mind set concerning this colour. They associate with a particular community, but hey least you know, this colour contributes a lot in terms of mood swings. This colour enhances your look and makes you appear brighter than usual. This yellow colour also boosts your EGO and SELF WORTH. It is also believe that it’s a colour that offers hope, happiness, uplifts, cheerfulness and a fun colour. A person who comfortably dresses in yellow is also considered a go- getter, that of a cheeky personality, always happy, confident and optimistic.

  1. BLUE

The colour blue is majorly associated with the male gender but it also goes well with confident women.  Blue represents trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty people who prefer putting on blue are generally quiet and reserved. You can call them introverts in other words. This colour also exhibits inner security and confidence. People with the blue personality do not like too much fuss, noise, quarrels or anything that draws unnecessary attention.

The colour pink is considered a feminine colour and only the courageous men dare to rock it and still feel confident. This is a wear for some personal events like dates, lunches and coffee. Pink is more of a romantic colour and it represents compassion, love, understanding and nurturing. Most people who prefer pink are generally soft, tender, open and kind.  It is indeed a non threatening colour. The deeper the pink, the more energy it exhibits.

  1. GREEN

Here is the most interesting colour. Most elderly men dress up in green suits. Psychologically this colour shows a balance of heart and emotions or rather the head and heart. It also shows growth, renewal and rebirth.  This shade of green also relaxes, that’s why people feel relaxed after taking a nature walk at the park after a stressful event. However, in business green can be a  little misleading. It has a sense of command, it shows possessiveness and materialistic, with a need to own people and things.


10 things you never knew you could do with toothpaste


Who knew things could be so versatile? You don’t only use toothpaste to brush teeth.

Go through this list and next time, don’t waste that tab by throwing it way:

Headlight Polisher

Do your car headlights look like they need some sprucing up? We know you can use a toothbrush to polish your dirty headlights using toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Clean Refrigerator Seals

If toothpaste can whiten your teeth, it should be able to brighten the seal on your refrigerator. I bet you have opened countless fridges and noticed the dirt and wondered how to clean it right?

DVD and CD Cleaner

If you have a DVD or a CD skipping, make it sparkle with toothpaste. The toothpaste will help to smooth out the scratches and make that DVD run.

Get Rid of Coffee Rings

How many times have you clicked when you notice a stain on your coffee table because someone didn’t use a coaster? Your guests should’ve used a coaster but now you have a coffee stain on your table. A little toothpaste can get that stain out, just like coffee stains on your teeth.

Nail Polisher Remover

Toothpaste can help remove nail polish in a pinch. Mix some toothpaste, water and lemon to place your nails in, and begin brushing away.

Soothe Burns

Burns aren’t easy to deal with but some non-gel toothpaste can bring some relief. Apply some toothpaste to the burn area after plunging the affected part under water.

Reduce Skin Irritation

Skin irritations like bug bites can be treated with toothpaste to reduce the itching.

Make Bruises Disappear Quicker

You can put toothpaste on a bruise every night for two to three days to help make the bruise disappear, according to home remedy sites. Place a bandage over the bruise and toothpaste and wash it in the morning. The toothpaste helps break the clot and reduces the swelling.Don’t bruise yourself working in the cold by falling on ice.

Shine Up Sneakers

Get loose dirt off your shoes with a toothbrush. Dip it into a teaspoon of laundry detergent mixed with a cup of water or add some toothpaste. Use the solution on the fabric, mesh, and rubber areas, but don’t use it on foam or leather.

Crayon Mark Eliminator

Crayons are great when used appropriately but when your wall gets used as a canvas, fight back with that fluoride-filled tube of toothpaste. Smear some on the wall and rub with a damp cloth to remove the crayon marks.

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4 things to do with leftover wine

It’s Friday and that means Wine O’clock for many Kenyan girls, but what happens when you don’t manage to finish that two litres of wine? I found some pretty interesting ideas on what to do with leftover wine, that most of us never knew.

Instead of letting that half empty bottle go to waste or sit in your fridge for a ridiculous amount of time, try repurposing it in one of these creative ways.

a. Use to cook with it

Yup, use that wine to enhance the flavor of your food. Please do not use it on pilau njeri, rather use it to meat, poultry and seafood sauces and some veggies.

b.  Bake with it

c. Make a face mask

d. Freeze it as wine cubes. Awesome for a hot day, and that’s assuming the good weather we are experiencing holds up for a bit longer.

So tell us Classic 105 fam, are there other creative ways you use leftover wine?

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Why you should keep the sachet from your shoe box

– Most people throw away those pesky silica gel sachets but they shouldn’t

– Woman asked Facebook what to do with them and was met with a lot of options

– Some answers included freshening a sweaty gym back and fixing a phone

Most people that find those pesky little silica gel sachets will throw them away – but it seems as though they have far more uses than first thought.

An Australian Facebook organisation group brainstormed a number of ways the sachets could be used around the home and within minutes, the thread was filled with all kinds of handy tips and tricks.

From freshening a sweaty gym back to fixing a damaged phone, here are the best ways to utilise them.

Defog a car dashboard

The purpose of the sachets is to keep things dry by drawing out moisture and there are many everyday items that could benefit from their use,

One of the most surprising tricks that came out of the wealth of knowledge in the group was using the sachets to defog a car dashboard.

‘Hubby keeps them on the dashboard in our older car to absorb some of the moisture near front windows,’ one woman said, with many agreeing.

She wasn’t the only person to suggest this, as many other people said they had success using the product this way.

Fix a damaged mobile phone

Many people said that it was these little packets that single-handedly saved their water damaged mobile phones.

‘Keep them, if you ever drop your phone in water they are good to draw moisture out,’ one person said.

The silica gel sachets can absorb 20 to 40 per cent of its own weight because the gel has tiny pores that draw in the moisture.

‘These saved my phone! I now keep them all in a zip lock bag just in case,’ another said.

Keep gym bag fresh

A variety of people said that they use the packets to withdraw any sweat that may have accumulated in their gym bag.

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Doing so will also help get rid of odour-creating bacteria, which moisture causes.

Bacteria needs a variety of things to grow, with moisture being one of them. The silica gel deprives the bacteria of the moisture they need, so they will become dormant rather than destroyed.
Stop clothes from going mouldy

One of the most basic of uses for the gel silica sachets is using them to keep clothes dry.

‘I use them when packing clothes away to stop mould and mildew,’ one mother said.

‘It worked perfectly for my daughter’s baby clothes that were stored in a garage that leaked in heavy rain.’

‘I’ve put them in little organza bags and hung them on my coat hangers – especially winter coats and other expensive items,’ said another.

Dry out wet swimwear

Sometimes when people are packing after time away at the beach they don’t have time to wring their swimwear out.

The good news is that if they can throw a packet or two of silica gel in a plastic bag with their swimmers the sachets will absorb the moisture.

The gel isn’t able to withdraw moisture forever though so people may have to use different packets after a few uses.
Protect photographs

When a photo is damaged by moisture it can be heart breaking if people don’t have any extra copies.

To prevent this, put your pictures in a zip-lock bag with silica gel packets inside.

‘Apparently they’re good to keep among your photos to help preserve them longer,’ one person said.

‘I don’t know if it’s really effective though. I’m too young, I’ll let you know in a couple decades.’

Where else can people use them?
– In a camera bag

– Tool boxes to avoid rust

– Keep them inside shoes when they’re not being worn to withdraw moisture

– Great to draw moisture out of hearing aids when not using overnight

– Throw them in where you keep your onions or potatoes to keep them fresh