Tuko Sherehe! Gengetone blamed for kichwa ngumu teens

Naughty parties, sleepovers and other sherehe’s being hosted for teens across the country have alarmed citizens.

And in a discussion on Classic 105, Maina and Kingangi tackled the topic of whether Gengetone has had a negative influence on teens, making them ‘kichwa ngumu’.

The cartel detectives want you to know about in drama over missing teens

People were split on the opinion whether Gengetone is making our teens watoto ambao hawaambiliki.

Mwalimu was adamant that the dirty music has definitely influenced teens to do terrible things like partake in alcohol and orgy’s.

what are they saying in the songs, you know they are talking to themselves, ni nini wanasema hatusikii, do you realizee they are teaching themselves tabia mbaya, now when you start putting things in there hakuna mzazi anaelewa. that is the basis of watoto waambaye hawambiliki,  kuna vile there is a movement against us parents coz wanaimba vitu hatusikii

Maina insisted that it is parents to blame for not raising their children well and not music.

“So how is that to blame for your child being kichwa ngumu? If you are like MWalimu and you blame gengetone wrongly, kama  hujui wachana na gengentone, if you can’t understand what makes you think it’s bad? maina asked himsmoke-city-mat-696x418

Dozens of school-age youth have been arrested in sex, drug orgies since the pandemic hit.

Kenyan teens have over the lat couple of days been arrested after being busted in parties where alcohol, bhangi and other activities carried out. The children – 26 boys and 18 girls – were aged between 14 and 17 years and were all in primary and high school.supplied drugs and alcohol to the teenagers

They had 55k for a trip! Things to know about 44 teens busted at party

The house parties were alleged to be arranged through an Instagram invite. There are also cases of teens going for sleepovers and parents worrying about their whereabouts.

A story published in the Star says that last week, 39 schoolchildren aged 12-22 years were arrested during a party at an estate in Muhoroni.

The publication further alleges that on July 4, 35 teenagers were arrested during a sex and drugs party at Sange estate, Homa Bay Town.


The 20 girls and 15 boys aged between 13 and 17 were found drinking alcohol and smoking bhang, according to police who recovered used condoms and brands of alcohol.

On June 20, police in Kisii arrested 38 youths aged between 14 and 20 during a party in which used condoms were also recovered.

Dear Classic 15 fam, should we blame music for our children being kichwa ngumu or have we compromised on our responsibilities as people who should mold the manners of our children and not society?

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Instagram slanders Wema Sepetu for struggling hairline


Our favorite Miss Tanzania 2006 was on Instagram sharing a good story about how much she loves listening to Gospel singer Christina Shusho and Ringtones’ new song when her fans noticed that her hairline was struggling as they put it.

Let me tell you when Tanzanians decide to troll you in Kiswahili, there’s no recovering from that, they go hard. And that is what her people have done to her that she immediately posted another video telling them off.

We will expose their side chicks! Sonko warns fellow leaders

For the first time in a long time, fans saw her without a wig on and were not ready for what they saw.


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Wema App (@wemasepetu)

After her hairline became the topic of discussion on social media, she responded just as strongly saying “Mniache, so mumeamua wenyewe make mnichambee kuhusu hairline yangu sijui oh basi kama hamjui ndio haya majaliwa yangu”.

The internet was quick to pounce on her struggling hairline with all kinds of jokes while others asked trolls to take it easy on her.

Check out the reactions let us us know if we should all relax.

lovenesskatundu123….Umefanana na jemsi

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A post shared by Wema App (@wemasepetu)

_itsnutela_…Love yourself hivyo hivyo my dear👏. Hawa wangeongea ata ungekua na nywele za kihindi❤️

officialelizabethnyamizitz…Mmmmh, kiukweli umekuwa na sura personal. Midomo sasa naona imepoteza mvuto, imekuwa mibayaaa. Komwe najua ni aina ya msuko ila hapana kwa kweli. Mrudishe wema wetu. Wema kama Wema

mungaishiko..Woiye, you used to be a pretty girl 😩😩😩😩😩you look horrible in that hair. Plus your forehead 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 you lost soo much weight dear, not cool.

Sijapona vizuri! Esma Platnumz’s responds to troll who accused her of aborting

souleiman_bub..Naoana kilometa zime soma mbali kweli , uzee unakuja ujieshimu sasa . Jiangilie jinsi unakua kama panya ndani ya mtundi wa maji 🤮🤮🤮🤮

mimahclassic_..Hatimae umebaki kichwa😢

lilythesky…Na tumekoma na kauso na izo nywele😱😱

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Stamina Daddy! 76-year-old Museveni shows students how to do push ups


Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has been on a fitness journey and his results are visible for all to see.

The 76 year old leader often takes any opportunity to show off a thing or two of what he has learned while gyming.

And his favorite is the push up- one of the best exercises a man can do. He is so fit and bragged about it saying

At Muni University in Arua yesterday, the Bazzukulu asked that I show them “stamina”.

Push ups are a good movement for you to do in strength training.

When it comes to push up, your form is critical. And Museveni shows this to be true.

Here’s how you can do it like Sevo.

1.On the ground, set your hands at a distance that is slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

2. Your feet should be set in a way that feels comfortable and in balance. The wider apart, the more stable you will be for a push up.

3. Think of your body as one long straight line Your backside shouldn’t be sticking up as Sevo shows us,

He recorded width he help of his staff a video showing us he knows how to do it correctly. See below.


Tips 101: Here are things you should not do while in the gym

Everyone has suddenly turned into a fitness freak and this has seen more and more gyms filled to capacity. Problem is, most don’t know how to behave.

Well here is a guideline on do’s and don’t’s while in the gym.

1. Do not flirt with the gym instructor

Leave out flirting in-case its been on your mind, such habits should be left to groups such as Tinder. Instead, focus on losing the extra weight.

2. No making out with fellow gym attendants

The gym has all kinds of people team mafisi, team clueless and those who have just come to look for wives.

The temptation might be there for you to make out in the locker room or in the parking but do not do it.

3. Do not wear see through workout gear

Leave those for your bedroom. No one is interested in knowing what colour your inner clothing is. All we want is to work out, get trim and retain our sexy back.

4. Don’t put on makeup

Ditch that for when you’re going for a date. Mafuta haitambui urembo.

5. Do not keep using your phone in the gym

People want to work out in peace so gym time is not the time for you to video call your bae to show him how your abs are popping

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The type of music you need to spruce up a romantic night


What are some of the romantic songs you would play for your boo? I have come come up with a list of songs, that have been played over time and are timeless.

You don’t only need to wait for Valentines just for you to show some affection to your boo or for anniversaries or special occasions. You can do it as often as possible to keep the flames of your relationship still burning.

It  has been argued time and time again that Kenyan men have no hint of being romantic, neither do they know how to show affection to the ladies.

I would like to challenge and give them this task of making the relationship more spicy and entertaining, not only in the bedroom but also outside it.

Image result for lionel richie

For starters, you will never go wrong with Lionel Richie, the  most successful male solo artists of the ’80s, arguably eclipsed during his 1981-1987 heyday.

Richie dominated the pop charts during that period with an incredible run of 13 consecutive Top Ten hits, five of them number ones. Some of the his songs you could listen to are,

  • I call it it love
  • Lady



Another all time favorite, is the late Whitney Houston who was cited as the most awarded female artist of all time by Guinness World Records and remains one of the best-selling music artists of all time with 200 million records sold worldwide. Her music is timeless and gives you goosebumps just by listening to the late icon’s voice. Her songs are:

  • I will always love you
  • I wanna dance with somebody
  • I look at you
Image result for fantasia
Fantasia American Idol winner

Fantasia who rose to fame as the winner of the third season of the reality television series American Idol in 2004, sweeps everybody with her angelic voice, that puts you in a baby making mood to a hot date type night. Her songs that will keep you all night;

  • When I see U
  • Enough


Image result for mariah careyAnother songbird that could get our knickers all entangled up is none other than Mariah Carey. With her  five-octave vocal range, melismatic singing style, and signature use of the whistle register makes all lovebirds just cuddle up and make merry for her voice and personality just turns you on. Songs that will keep you energetic and lovey dovey are;

  • We belong together
  • Without you
  • Always be my baby

Image result for uncle charlie

Charlie Wilson aka Uncle Charlie an American R&B singer who’s voice doesn’t need no recognition. As the lead singer of The Gap Band, Wilson defined the sound of R&B and funk in the 1980s with hits like;

  • You dropped a bomb on me
  • There goes my baby
  • You are

Call these songs bedroom music, or quiet storm, or mood setters, if you really want to be polite about it. But basically, they are love mvking songs—songs about getting a little somethin.’

But these are just some of them to chose from, don’t be boring when it comes to being in a relationship.

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Fellas it will make you mad! 5 hotspots where your wife’s affair starts


If your wife comes home happy and you have nothing to do with it, fellas she has been to these places and someone else is responsible for that glow.

Aki women forgive me for spoiling things for you, but these fellas simply must know.

Forget places like the office. I am talking about places where she unwinds and spots where you will most likely find your wife frequenting because of the individuals there.

A woman confessed as much on Classic morning show with Maina on November 13th, when she said

“They make you feel like Beyonce, even when you go to the gym looking like a roto tank, they will appreciate you”


Here are the five common places where affairs start

1. Gym: Her gym instructor is a man who pays her so much attention and compliments her on any small progress she makes with her body, while you the husband don’t notice a thing.

2. Church: The pastor feeds on her insecurities

3. Massage Parlors: The man helping her stretch and get over her soreness gets to know her body that

4. Apparel stores: Yes who ever thought this possible. That young man helps her pick out clothes that he promises her will make her a peng ting. And what woman doesn’t like a man who seems to know her body and how to compliment it? And if she feels emotionally connected to him, that’s where the affair starts.

5. Dance studios: We are in the era where women are more in tune with their bodies and she wants to learn how to gyrate. I know several who have enrolled in dance studio whee the instructor is a man.

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Screw driver: Why you should have this drink in your menu tonight!

Are you hearing this name for the first time and wondering what we are talking about?

Worry no more!

If you are a cocktail person, then this should be in your list tonight.

Screw driver is a drink that is so easy to make you could easily do it with your eyes closed (literally) and you wont screw up (see what i did there? No?  )

How you do it? Well, this drink is just a mixture of two drinks- Orange juice and Vodka, very easy right?



This only means that you do not necessarily have to go to restaurants to have this drink, you can actually make one yourself at your own comfort.

Let us give you a small history of the origin of this drink.

So decades ago, some American oil workers decided to take a break from their days’ work and decided to take a rest.

While on the break they decided to add vodka in their orange drink.

As they looked for something to stir their drink, well they could not find anything. What they used to stir was a screw driver.

The name screwdriver originated from events that happened that day.


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Okwonko Utawezana? Busta Rhymes reveals dramatic weight loss 


If legendary rapper Busta Ryhmes has shed his massive kitambi, then Classic 105 fan Wakanai can do it too.

The 48 year old musician says he owes his weight loss to a team of fitness gurus plus a chef who motivated him and pushed him to lose the weight around the stomach in a tough process.

Busta Rhymes revealed his weight loss transformation with a side-by-side photo shared on his Instagram below while encouraging those struggling to not lose hope. He is so positive isn’t he?

Several Kenyan celebrities are also on a weight loss journey and show off their physique to serve as motivation like P Unit’s  Gabu who hits the gym everyday and vlogger Yummy Mummy whose mission to lose baby weight is impressive.


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Naija actress Ini Edo depressed after trying to bleach her face

We are always advised to try new face creams on a different part of the body for several days before using it on the face. But Nollywood actress perhaps never heard this timely advice.

An attempt to try out a new product on her face backfired big time, according to a confession by Nollywood actresss Ini Edo.

She shared on her Instagram that a friend convinced her to try out a new product, but it made things worse. While not saying what product it was, fans are accusing her of trying to bleach her face.

She wrote about battling depression from damaged skin with the caption

DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to bleach!!
I really really love my #Brownsugar.
”I’ve been depressed for a couple of days because of my skin, you all know don’t know how much I love my skin.

Okay! Covid happened and I ran out of skin care product, and a friend of mine introduced me to this one. This is what i have been going through for the past ten days, I haven’t used anything on my skin for one week because I’m trying let it ware off, the discoloration.
I’m just doing this video to let people know that they are not alone. We all go through the same thing, one wrong product and your skin can be damaged forever.

I’m just praying that brown sugar doesn’t change to vanilla plus coke and fanta. I know this looks like some kind of eczema which is not, it’s just some kind of skin discoloration”

This is skin care product gone bad! What can I do? I am currently on set and it’s quite embarrassing especially because it looks like eczema
I need to fix this. I will keep you posted

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‘My man loves me yet I met him while procuring an abortion,’ Brags woman

Does where you meet a man determine whether he will marry you or not ?Well this is the dilemma one woman has found herself in.

They say you can meet the love of your life in a bar, church or at a bus stop but for * Nelly she met him as she was visiting a clinic to carry out an abortion.

Yes you read that right. The problem is that every time Nelly gets pregnant he takes her for an abortion and she feels he is using her past to judge her.

“My priest tried to penetrate me from behind,”cries city woman

Narrating her sad ordeal on a social media platform, she says

” I met him on my way to go and do abortion, because he was so nice I opened up to him, told him everything and he loved me for me.

I wanted him to taste my body before I take out the pregnancy so we had S#x in the car that same day , after s#x he drove me to the place I did the abortion and even paid and bought me drugs . 

Since then we have been dating and he is so sweet .

Photos of Beril Ouma woman allegedly killed by her husband in Kahawa


He does everything for me but I am scared he might not marry me I am scared because anytime we get intimate and I tell him I am pregnant, he will just drive me straight to where he met me and pay for the abortion

He even collected the docs number, I have 3 of his pregnancies since we met and I feel that he is judging me with my past .

Do you think he will marry me or should I ask just  him?”

Woman narrates how man used and abused her body during s#xual ordeal

Below are some of the comments some full of wisdom while some are straight to the point

doyinsolatolulope:Some ladies eh,they r just a disgrace.. Mumu, he will marry you you think he is so stupid like you. Uncle is using you as a mopping stick. When u r not useful again then you will know whatsapp

goldshuga_zika:Helping you destroy your future & you ask if he’s gullible enough to wanna be part of what he destroys?….Hell no! You’re just a tool for distraction & evacuation. He ain’t dating but using you. I’m sure his real gf is somewhere prolly still a Virgin. Please grow up.

posh_alicia:Seriously!!! You don’t need to cos he will not marry you gosh!!! Wake up

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Beyonce shows off crop top and mini skirt worth Sh400,000


Beyonce blessed her fans with her outfit on the day on Sunday September 20th and it’s expensive AF.

The crop top and miniskirt costs an estimated Sh400,000 and calculating the cost of the handbag and diamond earrings is almost ten years worth of our rent.

The outfit is from designer Alessandra Rich and was her choice of outfit of the day.

Here are four photos she posted on Instagram in a black diamond studded skirt, top, and paired it with pink heels. In the photo, she’s wearing a sparkling diamond necklace, diamond-studded sunglasses, and bright pink shoes.


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

We share a screenshot of how much her look cost from the experts at Vogue magazine


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10 things you must know before getting a boob job like Vera

Kenyan socialite has revealed in a youtube interview that she spent Sh2million to get a boob job.

The curvy socialite has always been pretty open about wanting to fix her body, and I guess having money helps.

“I wasn’t proportional…I used to be thick but not proportional so I just decided to be proportional and added mu Boobs and I at least don’t wear bras anymore…. It costed me $20000 (Sh.2 million). I got it done in Beverly Hills. They are actually good…. Because they don’t interfere with your breasts as you can still breastfeed. The Breast has like a ka-pocket that is empty, so they normally put the implant in that pocket, so it doesn’t interfere with anything in your breasts” Vera Sidika told Jalas

I really wanted to be a nun, maybe Ivanna will become one – Betty Kyallo tells Churchill

So dear sistas, if you have some cash to blow and want to enhance your assets here are ten things you must know:

  1. Vera said she went to the best doctor. So according to her research not all “plastic surgeons” are board-certified. Don’t rush the process and sift through their credentials with a fine tooth comb, to find one you feel comfortable with.

2. You might temporarily lose feeling in your nipples
don’t let this freak you out because the nerves in your nipples can get stretched and might be stunned for a few weeks after surgery..

3. Breast augmentations or reductions could affect your ability to breastfeed
Vera insists this won’t happen to her. If the incision is near the nipple as the milk ducts and glands will be affected. Therefor a a qualified doctor will do a good job.

‘Mbona’ singer Denno’s anger at Daddy Owen and almost hitting depression

With a reduction, you’re more likely to be removing areas of the breast that produce milk. Vera denies this saying she can still breastfeed. Let’s wait for her to give birth.

4.If you want it done in the USA , it will cost you from $3,947
This average total, according to the 2019 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, is based on the surgeon’s fee only and does not include the cost of anesthesia, facilities, and materials (stitches, bandages, drapes, etc.). The price will also depend on your doctor, patient needs, and the surgery location.

5. Ask yourself some psychological questions like, how much does my look bother me, can I handle taking time off from work and my family, plus the risks you are exposing yourself to.

6. Hey mama’s you don’t have to wait until after you have kids, which could be decades when spacing
In between kids, you can get a boob job done. It’s a total myth that oen must wait until amemaliza kuzaa.

Take heart Ruth Matete – These other celebs have also experienced grief and loss

7. You’ll need someone to help you in the days after surgery
If you are doing it abroad, it’s even more tricky as either you travel with a family memeber to help you or you pay up many dollars to get help in the country. You are going to be sore and with all the meds to reduce pain, one needs company.

8. What you see when you wake up isn’t what you end up with
Right after your surgery you’re going to have swelling and bruising, tht might shock you,but all tis will heal in time. it may take about 4 to 6 weeks, and thats where a helper comes in in point 7 above.

9. Don’t be fooled by pictures posted on social media

Things online look easy, cute and not a big deal. Just look at Doctor Miamis profile. Also investigate your doctor’s social media presence.

10. There are different types of procedures. Which do you want, and why?

All the best mys Kweens.

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‘Prefer the curvy you’ Millicent Omango told as she showcases weight loss


Bootylicious MP Millicent Omanga has embarked on a weight loss process that she says will make men wonder if ‘watawezana’ (Translated in English it means can you handle?)

Most of her fans on her social media are begging her to stop losing weight as they like her just the way she is.

Omanga’s curvy derriere has been the subject of many mens thirsty comments and even her sister has been drawn into discussions about just how ‘wamebeba’.

Millicent bared her progress in two photos captioning the journey to weight loss


Glad am now able to do 100 continuous sit ups in a speed of 2 minutes Smiling face with smiling eyes. Utawezana?

My next challenge; 10KM run in 60 minutes Flexed biceps #MamaMIRADI


Here are some rules for weight loss that everyone should know:

Burn more calories than you eat or drink.

Eat more veggies, fruits, whole grains, fish, beans, and low-fat or fat-free dairy; and keep meat and poultry lean.

Limit empty calories, like sugars and foods with little or no nutritional value.

Her fans responded begging her to reconsider shedding weight:
Hayo matako yakipungua hata hutapendeza

videos pia tuone ama weka adidas apps ituambie umetoboa

No planned pain means more unplanned for pain. Insure your health. Practice more and play more sports. Good day.

Pace setting…hiyo 10 km in 60 minutes ntawezana, sit ups nazo zii

Heri wewe. Mimi kitambi tuko mabro

Please don’t reduce I like keeping your fotos of a smart curvy woman.remai with the shape please I love it.a woman must be huge n yummy Face with tears of joyThumbs up

Kuja Iten EMC tukimbie mhesh

60 minutes kwani unakuja EldoretFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

Unakimbia kwa ndoto amaFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy Anyway all the best

Usiende Jim saana uniharibie Mali,,iko sawa hivo

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24 things people say to justify making mistakes/ bad decisions


Has a friend, family member ever raised an eyebrow at some SHADY move you are about to make?

Plus when you are about to make a bad decision, what’s the most likely statement you will make? Did I hear something close to ‘ Sh*t happens’?

Yup, that one.

Did she really date Arrow Bwoy?! Nadia Mukami comes clean

Sometimes deep down, we’re aware that the choice we’re about to make isn’t the best decision. Yet, rather than stop it, we come up with the flimsiest statements to justify what we’re about to do.

Talk about digging your hole deeper. Here are 24 phrases we use to justify our mistakes

1. “Welp, might as well”

This is an all time favorite of some of my friends who end up saying  “F**k it”

2. If I die,I die.

Ni kama Zari tu! Diamond Platnumz reveals surprising secret about his real dad

3. “Oh well, it is what it issss”
4. “Oh well, at least I’m not murdering anyone”
5. “I’m here for a good time not a long time”
6. What’s the worst that could
7. “if you don’t do it, someone else will get it done”

Ni mrembo! Rapper Prezzo shows off beautiful 60-year-old mother (photo)

8. Well sh*t… let’s go
9. Yolo
10. My time is now not tomorrow
11. I was born one day, I’ll die another Face with tears of joy
12. Life is for the living
13 If I die, I die
14. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
15. Who wants to live forever? and
What’s the worst that could happen?
16. “god please forgive me for this” 
17. “I mean, why not?”
18. “We’re all gonna die anyways”
19. “It is what it is”

“There’s only one way to find out”
20. I’ll get paid again.
21. “You only get one life”

“If it’s meant to be.. “

“God, Protect me”
22. “I’m allowed to make stupid decisions!

The excuse here is that one doesn’t have to be perfect.”
23. ‘So what?’

this really works
24. “who gone say sum? nobody”

The argument here is that “its my life” or worse that “if it goes down south that’s fine too”


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Mans useful tip for catching women giving out fake phone numbers 


Hesitating to give out our phone numbers is something women face everyday. Literally.

We fight with whether to give him our real number or just create a fake number to move things along.

But I want to know one thing, why don’t men take the hint and leave women alone? Or does a man got to do what a man got to do?

A man @_gyesi who got a phone number and made that brave call, was shocked to learn it wasn’t her real number. But in hindsight, his Tweet sounds like a joke.

He tweeted his plea to women who think they are smart by giving fellas a fake number.

Ladies if we request your number and you don’t feel comfortable giving it out, please tell us and we will understand. Stop putting numbers together. I just called a mortuary man

phone text

Here is the smartest way to find out if the number is fake according to one man ‘Read it back to them incorrectly. See if they correct you.’

Even Classic 105’s Mike Mondo tackled the topic on Wednesday afternoon asking listeners to give their thoughts on the same. He wrote on Twitter handle that

Ladies, stop this habit of giving men false phone numbers. Just say you are not interested!

@ciiramaina replied with her own take on the matter.
How about those who will always insist even after her refusal? Some even getting your Number through ua friend. #MikeAndTerry

@Christine kimani..said
What if they keep on insisting? Mpe atosheke, kwani iko nini #MikeAndTerry

@Stephen Mwaniki..
#mikeandterry I prefer hao wanapeana wrong number to these other daughters of Jezebel who gives you their number lakini utaishi ukijiongelesha kwa watsup…

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A proud husband and his four curvy wives ignites polygamy debate

A man and his four healthy wives are trending online.

Netizens have widely shared the picture and are in awe of his polygamous nature.

The husband to the curvy goddesses can be seen sitting on a chair surrounded by the minji minji wives. Proudly I might add.

While some were praising thick thigh and big booty plus cute little side rolls, others provided advice for people looking at the picture.

Fat women huwa hawasumbui, slim ones ndo kisirani imejaa, plus this body FireFire pu**y

msupa wa tequila rose..
First wives wote lazima wakuwe wamekata nywele
Anyways I hope he rich rich riiiiiiiich

Ni mrembo kuruka! Meet murder suspect Jowie’s baby mama (photos)

Huyu alikua anataka 16 wives akaona achukue tu wanne wenye wako na miraba minne kusave time

Man’s has a type Face with tears of joy

The question is not why but why not ??

And some men cant even keep two without hiding one,we understand they are wired that way of wanting more than one…..so why the pretense

Why should we hid? We make them know each other and become friends.!
Kuomoka is the motive
Portfolio hedging. Investing in similar industries.

‘I came, I saw, I conquered’ Mike Oliver tells Kenyans in viral conversation

Doesn’t make sense…why does he have a collection of Samsung? They all look the same

That’s called satisfaction mangi..
He can handle them

Inaonekana hapa style ni moja ya missionary…hawa hazungishwizungushwi

The Success of a man is measured by the weight of his wives.
Amewatunza vyema; tena hawana stress.

Others can’t help but tease him for his attraction to the thicker side. What is wrong with having a specific standard?

It’s awesome to see all the love being shown to the curvy girls and women out there who often feel so ignored and even shamed by society.

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Dis You? Man leaves people in hysterics with bizarre shoes



Someone on Twitter blessed the world with pictures of the most outlandish and outrageous shoes ever seen on man.

Jowie Irungu was not with me when he was with Jacque – His wife finally reveals

No one seems to have an answer who this man is, and even his shoes have puzzled many. What we all know for sure is that his mode of a truck is dope and has even caught the attention of a a vehicle manufacturer.

man with bizarre shoes 2

As soon as the photo was shared, other Twitter users started describing the unusual shoes in the most hilarious way.

Gandia’s accomplice..
Please explain the shoes

Maybe it’s a Toolbox, mos this guy is creative

@Seema8803Erens..1.5m corona shoes

I will never break up with a man for cheating – Huddah Monroe declares

Massamba ErmafFlag of Congo..
Ok chief we understand the creative part… Now tag him to come and explain to us about the shoes plz we’re confused

You can’t ignore the talent specially on the shoes

man with bizarre shoes 1
they must be a story behind this shoes

Forget about the shoe will get the story later. Focus on the truck

The truck is dope but wsup with dem shoes

This must be Moses’s shoes from the bible

And That’s On Period! 25 Threats that do not scare Kenyans in the least

Before i comment about the truck.. My eyes are stuck on his shoes what is that? I’m sure he made them too i can’t help to wonder if they aren’t heavy

I ddnt even notice the truck im looking at the shoes

He must have engineered those shoes too

The truck is impressive. Good job. But the shoes…

The truck is beautiful but what’s with the shoes???

Those shoes look like they know all the shortcuts

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