Big Sean reveals he contemplated suicide several times


American rapper Big Sean on multiple occasions put a gun to his head, over being stressed out and not being happy with life.

He discussed his personal mental health struggles during an interview on Michael Eric Dyson’s Facebook Watch show,“One Question, One Mike,”

Sean admitted to ignoring his mental health to achieve his career goals.

“Those are the stigmas that have been placed on us growing up. If you a man and you not working hard, it’s like, ‘Ah you getting soft.’ So that was always in the back of my head, so I’m working exhausting myself for years and years and years. I couldn’t get through the day without feeling terrible.”

At one point, Sean’s mental health got so bad, he said he considered taking his own life. “I was sure contemplating suicide a lot of times, you know, having guns in my hands and just really feeling it for real…even planning it out to the point where like, ‘Hey, if I do kill myself at least my family will get this amount of money,’” he explained. “Because I just was stressed out and not happy. I realized that I need to stop everything I’m doing and figure this out or I’ma self-destruct.”

He continued, “I took the time off, canceled everything I was doing, sought therapy, connected with God more, spiritually grounded myself and put myself first as a priority for the first time ever.”


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You can watch that episode here below.

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12 Things that Kenyans think sound like compliments but aren’t


Kenyans have a way of telling you things that they think are nice compliments but when you think about it, it is an insult.

Some common compliments aren’t actually that flattering when you really consider what’s being said. Here are some things you probably think are compliments but are actually subtly offensive.

Such a discussion was debated on Twitter and here is a list of 12 such statements:

[email protected]_Ke
You are too mature for your age.

2. @Ndubi_
Na umenona

3. @sheilakiguta_
naona unakula vizuri these days

4. @abelkirwa
Lady to a lady “looking cute babe
Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
” . haha.

5. @NiKhOoOLe
you’re so civilized for a black person

6. @wuod__connie
Being called kiongoss

7. @Komboray
Usimuone hivo, he/she’s a doctor/lawyer/engineer/amesoma!

Unakaa mtu ako na maringo

9. @Zee376
“Beauty with brains”

10. @limousine09
You don’t look your age

11. @alirubey4
You look good for a change

12. @itsalexkiluli
Huyu alikuwa na pesa sana

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5 embarrassing thoughts women have when going for a bikini wax


Do you regularly go for a brazilian/bikini wax or are you thinking about going for one? And more importantly, do you feel insecure or kinda embarrassed?

Getting your first bikini wax is not a fun experience for most people. That said, it’s a longer-lasting method to removing your hair downstairs rather than shaving, with the smoothness from a bikini wax lasting for two to four weeks, rather than days,

Here are thoughts that go through our minds when headign to the salon for waxing:

  1. Should I wear a panty?

Errm yes sis. What about after the appointment? Will you just walk around commando?

2. Do I need to preshave?

Hairs should be about 1/4 inches long.

A big mistake many women make before their first waxing session: shaving. Wax can’t pick up your hairs when they’re too short, so Queen Bee Salon & Spa owner Jodi Shays recommends trimming it to about a quarter of an inch. If you’re unsure of how long that is, just leave it alone. You can call the spa or salon beforehand and let your waxer know that you will need her to trim your hairs before your wax. For this reason, avoid shaving between waxes.

3. Should I scrub and shower?

Take a shower that day.

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth a reminder. You’ll feel less self-conscious before your bikini waxing session. Who wants to open your legs with a little odour? Also exfoliating opens up your pores, making the actual process less painful. Use baby powder before the waxing.

4. Will I have to be fully undressed?

Your lower half will be fully exposed.

Before your wax, you will have to remove off your inner wear, there’s no way around that girls. You have to be completely n*ked from below the waist and what’s more the person waxing has seen plenty of that, sio yako tuu.

5. Does it hurt?

It hurts some people more than others.

I usually let out a scream, no shame for me. Coarse and thick body hair is more stubborn to remove, so you may experience more redness in the waxed area. Waxes work by sticking to hair, removing it at the root when the wax is pulled off. So take the pain like a big girl, won’t you?

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Vlogger Yummy Mummy to get tummy tuck surgery for her 31st birthday



Yummy Mummy aka Joan will be getting cosmetic surgery as a gift to herself for turning 31.

She announced on March 2nd that as she turns 31, “My third and final birthday present to myself is a tummy tuck which I will be getting soon. Guys I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. After 3 kids, it really doesn’t matter how much I work out, – that lose skin on my lower belly is permanent and I dislike it alot.”

She added that “I’ve been debating in my mind whether or not I want to document the whole process, on social media or not.”

yum 1(1)

An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is an elected procedure done to remove excess skin from the abdomen and make the patient’s stomach flatter. Several famous people have had tummy tucks, usually after giving birth or losing a lot of weight. Some celebrities are very open about their choice to go under the knife, while others deny ever having had any work done.

yum 2(1)

Risper Faith is one who was open about unhappiness with her look and documented the process going as far as sharing the medical facility where she went int he hopes of helping others. And we applaud this.

Dear Classic 105 fam, have you ever considered a tummy tuck?

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People don’t believe mama fua’s can write these kind of messages



A discussion online about how useful cleaning ladies are led to some Twitter users revealing the cute letters or messages mama fua have ever left them.

The discussion was prompted by Twitter user @Anntoh who shared a letter written by his cleaning lady after breaking a few items.

People responded noting how polite she is and she must clean his house very well. Besides others naughty comments the topic led to some sharing other handwritten or different messages from their mama fua’s.

For instance this one shared that

mama fua message

A second person shared below:

mama fua 1
Her customer service
Ok hand

Proactive. Anaona mbele.

The letter below was shared by Twitter user @kimanzi_ who said “Then my Mama fua wrote me this letter. So touching ni Venye kulia nayo ngori.

mama fua 2

Naskia hii yako ni Mama Fua Lite

Pro max version. Ongeza yeye mshaharamama fua 4

The kind of care she got on you is top shelf…never frustrate her

Hii language na handwriting si ya cleaning lady but girlfriend

It’s the we need for me lol

Wouldn’t want to sound judgemental but That handwriting and the choice of words in there makes me wonder if we are talking about a cleaning lady.

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Upto Sh150,000! Terence Creative stunned by how much men pay to shave


How much Kenyan men are spending at the barbers is a real discussion we need to have. While some part with a hundred bob, others spend as much as 15,000 to shave. Yes you read that right, according to an Instagram chat Terence Creative had with men.

Through his Instagram stories, Terence asked men how much they use and he was blown away by the person who admitted they spend Sh150,000.  A hundred and fifty thousand? Wait is that a typing error? I hope so.

Recently Betty Kyallo opened her mens parlour and when asked how much it costs to shave, she indicated it costs 800 bob and people said it’s expensive. She was trolled for a bit. So what will people say about this?

To groom, Terence spends a hundred bob at a local and always shares why he does it at the mtaa.

Men confessed how much they pay and I must say as a woman I am envious. A hundred bob?

Here are the confessions:

shave 1(1)

shave 2(1)

shave 3(1)

shave 4(1)

shave 5(1)

shave 6(1)

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The trick to get over that catchy Firirida song that’s stuck in your head


Firirida has taken over our minds and even socialite Amber Ray is asking how to get over it. She asked her fans for a favor and they responded that they are also struggling with that song being ion repeat in their minds. She asked

“Who has a Ruracio or wedding nikam tudance Firirinda initoke kwa kichwa

Science has a name for that condition. It’s called Earworms. Scientists says that some songs are catchier than others that’s why they are on “auto repeat” in your head.

For the auto repeat to happen, the earworms rely on brain networks that are involved in perception, emotion, memory, and spontaneous thought. They are typically triggered by actually hearing a song, when your happy, feeling nostalgic, or in a dreamy state of mind.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Since it’s triggered by boredom, listen to it

It sounds too simple to be true, but there’s a science-tested reason that simply listening to your earworm-generating tune from start to finish can dislodge it. It’s called the Zeigarnek effect, named for psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik, and suggests that the effect of interrupting an activity or thought process can actually make it more memorable than a completed task.

2. Replace your earworm with another song

Another method to get rid of an earworm is to try and replace it with another catchy song that hopefully won’t also get stuck.

Think about it we had jerusalema, then was followed by Sukari, so find another song.
3. Chew gum

A study from the University of Reading in the UK found that chewing gum seemed to interfere with the brain’s auditory processing centers, helping dislodge cyclical thoughts. According to the New York Daily News, the study’s co-author, Dr. Philip Beaman, likened the effect of gum-chewing to speaking inside your head, which can also affect your short-term memory and auditory processing.

Dear Classic 105 fam, if you try this and it works kindly report back.

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Dj Maphorisa thrills Kenyan amapiano fans in a concert at Carnivore

Celebrated South Africa’s DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small known as the Scorpion Kings performed at a concert dubbed ‘Just a Vibe concert’ that saw house music lovers gather at Carnivore grounds to enjoy some music.

The two celebrated South African DJs are multi-talented as both of them are DJs, record producers, and artists. They are recognized for their formidable contribution to the growth of the House Music subgenre, Amapiano

The concert was curtain raised by DJ Ally Fresh, DJ IV alongside Malonza, DJ Protégé, MGM, and Shema Dj.

Photos courtesy Classic 105’s Douglas Okiddy

Courtesy Douglas Okiddy
House Music DJ Ivy and Dj Ally Fresh dance entertains the crowd
House Music DJ Ivy and Dj Ally Fresh dance entertains the crowd courtesy Douglas Okiddy
Entrepreneur Dennis Mbugua and Brenda Anna showcasing their dancing skills at the best
Entrepreneur Dennis Mbugua and Brenda Anna showcasing their dancing skills at the best courtesy Douglas Okiddy
Dancer Mukiria Eunice and John Beusi busts some moves inside a circled crowd
Dancer Mukiria Eunice and John Beusi busts some moves inside a circled crowd courtesy Douglas Okiddy
Dancer Sadiq Wave and Timothy Schmaltz
Dancer Sadiq Wave and Timothy Schmaltz courtesy Douglas Okiddy
Nakaziba Musiimenta, Wairimu Kamau and Shishi Wanjiru
Nakaziba Musiimenta, Wairimu Kamau and Shishi Wanjiru
Nimo Mungai, Sam Dave, and Chesire Rotich
Nimo Mungai, Sam Dave, and Chesire Rotich Courtesy Douglas Okiddy
Fashion stylist John Kagwe and Diana Muthusi
Fashion stylist John Kagwe and Diana Muthusi courtesy Douglas Okiddy
Models Chelsea Kwayesi and Nataly Narano
Models Chelsea Kwayesi and Nataly Narano Douglas Okiddy
 Salma Collection founder Salma Yusuf and Bev Munga
Salma Collection founder Salma Yusuf and Bev Munga Douglas Okiddy
Designer Ted Sullivan
Designer Ted Sullivan courtesy Douglas Okiddy
Courtesy Douglas Okiddy

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Eddie Murphy rejected a plan for Michael B. Jordan to play his son in ‘Coming 2 America’


Ryan Googler, the director of the new “Coming to America” sequel wanted to hire Michael B. Jordan for a starring role, but Eddie Murphy did not like the idea.

Ryan Coogler — who has directed Jordan in “Fruitvale Station,” “Creed” and “Black Panther” — made a case for the role to Eddie Murphy, that Jordan should play his son in the upcoming “Coming 2 America.”

“Coming 2 America” will debut on Amazon Prime Video on March 5.

Eddie Murphy didn’t like Ryan Coogler’s idea as he put in a New York Times interview.


“I was like, then the movie would be about the son…not our characters,” Eddie Murphy recalled.

Murphy said that he and the film’s producers “never thought about doing a sequel” to the film that follows Murphy’s Prince Akeem as he treks to America — Queens, New York specifically — to find his bride.

“The way the story ended was kind of like, ‘And they lived happily ever after.’ Then all this time passed and the movie became this cult thing,” Murphy said. “Catchphrases from the movie start working their way into the culture. Stores turning themselves into McDowell’s [where Prince Akeem worked.] I see Beyoncé and Jay-Z dressed up like the Zamunda characters for Halloween,” Murphy said, referencing the fictional African country where Prince Akeem hailed from.

Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy had made a pact some 30 years ago to never make a ‘Coming to America‘ sequel, but the film’s growing fandom changed their mindsmichael b jordan edit

Plus constant sequel pitches from producers like Coogler, also impacted their decision.

“But all that made me start thinking, maybe we should do a sequel,” Murphy continued.



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5 career lessons everyone should know about the job market

“Work hard and get those good grades so that you get that perfect career job,” are some of the words that we have all heard in our years of growing up.

However, as you get into that job space you realize that not everything is on a silver platter like they once said.

So here are 5 lessons that  you need to know in the career world.

1. Success takes time

Success takes a lot of hard work and simply just sticking to your plan is very important.

Being happy in your career doesn’t come as easily as you think or just with a blink of an eye, reaching success takes time  and accepting this requires patience.

One more thing, success doesn’t happen by taking one bold leap. Don’t forget the little steps you take along the way, they may not seem much now,they may even seem insignificant  but years from now, you will be glad you took them.


Eight crucial steps to perfect your online profile for future employers


2. Even your best career will have its down sides 

Even on your worst days, that carer is still worth the try, it may have some down sides to it like working long shifts, little or small pay but that does not necessarily mean you have to quit that job.

Looking at the positive side to that job will help you know your initial goal and that is to work hard  reaching for that success.


image-2019-04-12 (4)

3. Your idea of a dream job can change

In the job industry, the idea of what you have in mind as a dream job can easily change. The truth is everyone deserves to love their career, but more importantly everyone has the ability to do so.

It won’t happen immediately, and along the way you might find that you are good at another career than the one you thought you were good at.

You may have thought that your career path was writing but you may find that you are also really good at anchoring.


The crazy myths told about women in these 6 careers

4. Career happiness require work

Ever been in a work environment and you see people leaving their work stations everyday with a smile of their face? Do you wonder why? Do you wonder what their secret is ? You may even think they got a work promotion  or won the lottery 365 days of the year.

Well the real secret is that people work hard to get to where they are .

Some may not have even loved the job when they stared but they persevered during all those low days and low paying jobs just to get to where they are.

5. You can create your own opportunities

In every job career, when it comes to making moves in our career, we tend to wait for permission. We wait for someone to show us all the ropes instead of going to get the experience yourself.

We wait to get job promotions and increase in salaries instead of working hard to acquire you own job/firm so as to become less dependent of that place to begin with.

It’s a trap we so easily fall into when in reality, we are the only ones who can give ourselves permission to do something.  You can accomplish much more in a team than by yourself of course, but do not let the absence of help pull you down.

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He wants it back! Ciara’s husband tells her it’s time to stop breastfeeding


Ciara shared a cute clip of her husband Russel Wilson telling her it is time to give up breastfeeding their son.

In the video, a frustrated Russell can be heard saying ‘his nutrition is good’, as Ciara laughs about it.

He added “He’s old enough, let me feed”.

In the Instagram story video, we see the couple sitting on the couch as Ciara asks her man to repeat something that he mumbled about her breastfeeding.

Russell repeats that he thinks Ciara’s a little “selfish” with her time these days.

“I said it’s time,  it’s time to give it up. I mean — he’s old enough, his nutrition’s good, it’s time. You’re being selfish now at this point,” he told his wife with a smile and a laugh.

He added, “No more late nights — you and I, just you and I — let me feed.”

Ciara and Russell Wilson, who have been married since July 2016, welcomed their third child, Win Harrison Wilson on July 23, 2020.

In January 2020, Ciara and Wilson surprised the world with pregnancy news. “Number 3,” Ciara wrote alongside a photo of her in a swimsuit showing off a baby bump.

And on July 23, they welcomed their baby, Win Harrison Wilson.

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Mood! Grandma excites Kenyans after singing popular nursery ryhme


Forget #firirida, this is it right here.

Tiktok is obsessed with this 64 year old cucu who is singing a nursery ryhme many of us have forgotten.

The song is one we all sang many centuries ago- “If your happy and you know clap your hands”

The video has gone viral and people are sharing it on other social media platforms.

The cucu was singing during a political rally and a day later met DP William Ruto at his Karen office on Wednesday February 24th.

The cucu was so encouraged as people clapped along, she increased her volume and repeated the phrase again, much to the amusement of the crowd.

Ruto’s Twitter handled shared that

Interacted with former quarry worker turned small-scale farmer Margaret Njambi after her video went viral during a Kiharu development meeting where she expressed her interest to meet the Deputy President “_macho kwa macho (in person).”

It’s the handy for me😂😂Much love to the mommy👏👏…she just made my day😍😍😍😍 😍 she’s so full of life.

😂😂Such a vibe

Guys you should be krapping your handdies

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List of colognes that women love on men and make our ovaries twerk


Gents if you are planning to remove someones daughters inner wear, then this is for you.

A curious Twitter user asked his female followers what colognes their man uses that ‘landed’ them.

Ladies, which men’s cologne makes your lungs collapse, your eyes pop and your knees melt. A brother needs help. Am planning to ‘murder’ someone

The help was quite forthcoming even from fellow men and below are some suggestions.
1. @Evaroge
1 Million Paco Rabanne and Bvlgari Man Wood Essence

2. @IamZav
Aqua di Gio absolu-Giorgio Armani

3. @Marge_Lorna
Encounter by Calvin Klein

4. @Ali_Manzu
One Million by Paco Rabane or Bulgari Aqua. But the tester, Utafatwa kichizi!

5. @Aalenga
Acqua di gio, Giorgio Armani.

6. @katumariam
Aqua di gio
Paco Rabanne XS
Jean Paul Gaultier

7. @chummz4
Try safari by Ralph Lauren

8. @nasrasword
Bleu de chanel… go murder

9. @TrophimusK
Try Ombre Leather, Tom Ford. Itakusaidia kumurder someone.

10. @PurityMutunga5
Polo black

11. @wambuisophie
King by Dolce.

12. @_640032_
Rasasi royale green

13. @KakiTender
Creed aventus melts my knees

14. @abdullahi_savo
Versace Dylan blue or Tomford ombre leather hii ni ya wafadhili unawakunywa nayo

15. @Toothle98943632
Dior Homme intense
Face savouring food

16. @nakoli_omwodo
Invictus….in that order….

17. @En_Lloyd
Please buy creeds aventus, it’s so expensive but its a panty remover works like magic

18. @krazygb
I can lend you some
She Came to Stay by Timothy Han, or some Bottega…

19. @njeshmunditoz
Jean Paul gaultier le Male

20. @AyshaAlBgf
Oud wood by Tom Ford smells like fornication

21. @KuiWaNdegwa
Aqua Di Gio

22. @haizle_fay
Try Rhythm Intense, One man on Titanic or Issey Miyake

23. @Waru_Mopebbles
Not a man but scents men have worn around me and I couldn’t function

Tom Ford -Oud Wood
Tom Ford -Tuscan Leather
Dior- Homme intense
Guerlain- L’Homme ideal


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Man pays Sh43million to move his house to a new location


A man whose house is valued at Sh286million went viral recently on social media after he shared a video of the house being relocated.

The home owner was moving his house to a new location in San Francisco and left people transfixed as the house negotiated its way down the streets.

He is said to have paid movers Sh43million to get the job done.Talk about loving your home so much.

The Victorian architectural masterpiece is a 5,170-square-foot (roughly 480-square-meter) house that has been around for 139 years now, since 1882. It was transported at the average speed of 1 mile per hour (1.6 kilometers per hour) for 0.6 miles (roughly a kilometer). If this is mind boggling, we feel you.

Like, the entire house was picked up, put on wheels, and transported to a new location.movign house

The move cost around $400,000 and also involved the removal of street lights, utility lines among other engineering works. Phew that’s like alot. Over 15 different permits were acquired to make this move a reality.


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Kitengela cucu’s go to the bar at 6am to drink 30bob alcohol

The Friday morning conversation with Maina and co host Mwalimu Kingangi stemmed from a confession made by a listener on Thursday February 11th, that some Kenyans are going to bars as early as 5am to ‘toa lock’ before going to work. That is if they have a job. Others waste away drinking the whole day.

Maina asked “kwani how much money do these people have to drink everyday?” To which Mwalimu laughed and said “it’s not alot of money. You just need 20bob to drink what they call munyonyi”

More testimony to collaborate what Kingangi said was disclosed.

One man said how in Kitengela it is a crisis with grandmothers going to bars early in the morning to ‘toa lock’.drunk

What’s worse is the grandma’s sometimes take the children under their care to the bars where they lock themselves up while drinking because official opening hours according to the law is 10am.

The caller was so disturbed describing how tragic the situation is

“Maina let me tell you, by 630 they come kunyolewa and they smell like something else. Kuna pombe ya 30 bob called kandaya, wacha kamnyonyi, here it is cucu’s who drink ndio waende kulima, wanatoka nyumbani na wanandamana na bwana zao na watoto na wanakuja club kukunywa, this is Kenya Maina, mnasema vijana here it’s macucu na maguka, clubs pay cops sh200bob, then kazi ya kuuza na kukunywa inaendelea”


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6 Male celebrities who’ve been totally okay wearing nail polish


If trends over the past years are anything to go by, then men wearing nail polish is a thing we just might have to live with.

While Kenyans might be opposed to it calling it a girly thing, the rest are moving on.

Here is a list of local and international celebrities who have donned nail polish.
1. Ben Pol: The Tanzanian singer in 2020 went viral after netizens spotted nail polish on his hands.

The singer went to a salon with his wife Anerlisa and shared Instagram videos of them getting manicures and pedicures.

He later explained that the colors of the nail polish was to pay homeage to his home country.

Ben Pol on 10 over 10
Ben Pol on 10 over 10

2. Kabi Wa Jesus

The Mc and popular Youtuber has been the talk of town after his red nails caught the attention of angry Kenyans.

3. Brad Pitt: He flaunted his nail polish while grabbing coffee and the screenshots that followed were amazing.brad pitt grabs jennifer anoston hand

4. Seal: in 2012, after announcing his separation from his wife Heidi Klum, the singer jetted into Australia and photographers got a hold of his yellow nails. He spoke about his obsession with nail polish.

5. ASAP ROcky (Rihanna’s Boyfriend): The world has been treated severally to his manicure inspo on his Instagram page and defended his right to loving nail art.

6. Zac Efron: The actor posted a selfie on his Instagram to support a special cause and was also spotted on another occasion with blue nail polish.

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you accept it and are inspired by this new trend or ‘shindwe’?


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Prime Bank daylight robbery captivates Kenyans as bodaboda drops guns


A video of a money heist at Prime Bank got many talking as the details of the robbery were released by detectives.

In the video, we see a car drive out after a man at the gate opens to allow the vehicle easy passage.

The spectacular robbery according to the comments of Kenyans online came to life right before our eyes. They attacked and robbed two policemen of their rifles and unknown amount of money they were waiting to escort to a bank in Embakasi area, Nairobi.

The six gunmen entered the Ramtons premises near City Cabanas bypass and first confronted two police officers who were escorting the money in a Prime Bank van robbing them of their guns that had 30 bullets each at about 2.45 pm.

They then jumped into the mobile van bank and grabbed unknown amount of money in two boxes and escaped on two motorcycles. Guns2

The others escaped on foot. All along, other tenants at the premises recorded the developments and as they escaped on foot and on the motorcycles. The witnesses were heard talk as the gang took charge of the developments with one of them acting as a guard ushering in and out cars.

DCI Kenya Twitter updated us that

Detectives are holding two Police Officers attached to the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit, following a bank robbery that occurred at Prime Bank, today afternoon. The two are currently undergoing investigative interviewing to establish how they also lost two firearms with a total of 60 rounds of ammunition in the heist. Also assisting our officers with investigations is a cashier at the Mombasa road-based bank. The incident which left one security guard injured on the right arm, saw the robbers make away with an unspecified sum of money.


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Woman shares 10 red flags that the job your applying for is a scam


A Twitter user has pretty solid way of identifying if that kajobo you are excited about is fake.

Twitter user @CareerCoach @Miss Phiona shared 10 eye opening red flags you should be aware about and we love this thread.

She says there are job descriptions which outright tell that something isn’t right.

Here are the 10 signs that a job is probably a SCAM:

1. You are asked to pay money. This is the BIGGEST red flag, any job that requires you to pay money e.g. admin fees, background checks etc. is often a scam.

2. Dream jobs that sound too good to be true and have exaggerated salaries and benefits.

3. Very simple job requirements – everyone qualifies to apply.

4. Getting a job offer immediately after applying.

5. There is pressure for you to act quickly in accepting the offer. (This is so you don’t get adequate time to research the legitimacy of the job.)

6. Being asked for personal information upfront e.g. your banking details, identity documents.

7. Getting a job without an interview or proper screening.

8. Unprofessional communication and badly written emails.

9. Companies using free email addresses (e.g. yahoo and gmail) is usually a red flag though not always.

10. Little to no info about the company online.


Dear Classic 105 fam, have you found this thread useful and do you have additional things we should all look out for?

Drop your comments below.

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