Why the act of sending naughty photos is on the rise

Most probably 7 out of 10 readers of this post have sent a nude or semi-nude at a point in their life.

It’s the new culture amongst people of all ages. Over the past few years nudes and sex tapes of favourite actors, musicians and public administrators have leaked and done rounds over the internet.

Some were photo shopped as the victims claimed.

Technology has played a major role in the rise of this act.

It’s of essence we look into why this act is gaining popularity among the populace:

1. Sexual empowerment

With the rise of feminism and women taking pride in their bodies sending nude comes as a form of sexual empowerment. University of Arizona researcher, Morgan Johnstonbaugh, in his experiment concluded that for most women, sexting and sending nude was empowering to women because they can create a space where they feel safe expressing their sexuality and exploring their body. Desire is what drives most women to send nudes. It emerges in response to rather than in anticipation of sex.

2. Spices up relationships

With most relationships being short lived, extra activities must be put into practice to keep the fire burning and sending nudes happens to be one of them. Nudes adds flavour in times of sexting as the pictures are tantalizing and creates a sense of anticipation where sex is expected in the near future. With women generally wanting to feel desired, the act of sending nudes is majorly an issue played with them. The response given by most men- wanting to get freaky with them- is what creates the dire need for women to send the nudes.

‘I tricked my saved wife with a new IG account only for her to send me nudes’ Shocked city man narrates

3. Self esteem

With nudes been sent from a point of positivity, at times the reverse can happen. With majority of the youth suffering from self-esteem, sending nudes acts as a feel good feeling. With the recipient thirsting over the nudes, the sender feels good about themselves as someone somewhere desires their bodies. With nudity been one of the highest levels of intimacy, acts of sending nudes acts as a way of boosting self-esteem. With heterosexual women sending nudes to satisfy requests and prevent them from losing interest bisexuals and lesbians send them to feel empowered and gain confidence. Women bodies are commodified in the dating market in ways that men’s bodies aren’t.

4. Peer pressure

This has to be one of the most common reasons why most people send nudes. Everyone’s sending nudes, so why can’t I. It’s becoming okay for people to take pics of their body naked and send them to the waiting recipient. One of the unexpected reason for sending nudes had to be most women trying to prove a point when men turned angry if they withheld sending them at first. In return most women found themselves victims of this selfish act.


7 Agonizing things about dating a man shorter than you

Why is height still a factor when it comes to dating?

There’s nothing wrong with dating a guy who’s shorter than you, but it does come with its challenges.

Here are 7 very real truths about dating a guy who is shorter than you.

1. People will always make comments
Friends, or even strangers will always remind you of the height difference, and you will always remind those irritating moments. You will hear questions like ‘What’s it like’ or Does he mind it’ or someone telling you they couldn’t date a short man. It may sadly take years for you to continue hearing about the height difference even though to you it doesn’t make any difference.

2. Forget heels
Even though you are crazy about him, there are moments when you really want to wear those heels, but you will tower over him awkwardly and not feel great at all.

3. He is constantly trying to compensate
He goes out of his way to do things for you to make up for the height difference.

4. You’re very strategic about taking photos together
Selfies won’t be a thing for such couples. You may have to be strategic about taking photos for instance when sitting he should stand, or you should both sit and take that pic or else everyone will notice the height.

5. You find yourself justifying why you’re dating him
It’s a reality that you cannot deny. You will find yourself defending your choice of a bae by saying things such as ‘ he’s really sweet’ or ‘ height is just a number’ or you guys don’t know what a sweet guy he is’.

6. You feel like it’s all anyone ever sees
When you’re out in public and people look at you, you wonder if they’re thinking that you’re a girl with a short boyfriend. It’s like dating in interacial relationships, you wonder whether people judge you for dating that white guy.
You try to ignore it, but it’s just always an issue. It never goes away.

7. It makes you self-conscious about your own height
You will keep shuffling your feet whenever you are standing next to him owing to insecurities, because you fell like a giant next to him. If you are stressed out about it sis, put your heels away.

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Here’s a TBT to high school games we all loved


I miss high school to be honest. Not the learning part but the extra activities we did outside schoolwork. The games, the bullying and those “funkies”. Today I want to just take a look into the high school games that rocked back in the days:

1. Draughts

It was a mental game. Buying a brand new draught was expensive and students had to be creative and drew the checkers on paper or a cardboard and used bottle tops as men. This game was more fun when money was involved. This is what brought life to this game. It was a two player game where a player moved the bottle tops towards the opponent and hoping to reach at the end of the board and become a king. Been a king was the killer move as he could move in different directions and trap the men. You ended up losing the game when all your men were knocked off the board or if you ended up been trapped and could not make any move but only surrender.

2. Chokora mti

This was one of the roughest games played. It involved holding a small stick with a lump of soil and everyone had their turn to remove little bits of soil until the stick lost support and fell off. If the stick fell off as you removed the soil you had to run for your life as the other guys would run after you hitting you really hard until you touched what acted as the stopper. It could be a teacher, a tree, a specific girl or a wall.

3. Mgongesho

This game involved knocking a coin on the wall and hoping for it to hit your opponents coin that lay on the ground. In case it hit the coin, the player took that coin and owned it. These coins were mostly 10 shillings. The gurus of this game would rake in good money and buy snacks at the cafeteria for their break time tea.

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TBT to the ‘I’m happily married’ hairstyle Kenyan women love


So two years back, this hairstyle trended online and everyone referred to it as the ‘I’m happily married woman’ hairstyle.

Cornrows are very popular in Kenya, and I challenge you to take a quick look around you to prove me wrong.

Perhaps you have them? LOL.

This joke went viral in 2018, and because it’s Thursday and a TBT at that, I am reviving it for your viewing pleasure.

happily married hairstyle

Celebrities like Alicia Keys love cornrows so much we loved how chic and edgy she made them.

These days the designs, styling and thickness of the cornrows differs and so it’s probably not a happily married woman hairstyle anymore. But who are we to argue with social media when it says so?

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All Tv shows and movies cancelled over coronavirus


The coronavirus is shutting down and delaying almost all your favorite film and television productions

– Davido has cancelled his USA tour

– Fast And Furious 9 has been delayed until 2021.

– Disney has removed Mulan, New Mutants and Antlers from its release schedule, and for later dates.

 Willis Raburu encourages Willy Paul’s wife to finish him

– Production has been shut down on Lucifer and The Flash.

– Both Netflix and Disney have stopped production on all shows and movies, which includes the second season of The Witcher.

– Amazon has suspended production on its Wheel of Time series, at least in Prague. Same goes for its Lord of the Rings show in New Zealand.

– Filming on The Batman will shut down for two weeks.

– FX has shut down production on Fargo season 4 starring Chris Rock, delaying the projected April 19 premiere date.

– Saturday Night Live has suspended production indefinitely.

DNG’s timely advise to Nyashinski about marriage

– Production on the third Fantastic Beasts film has been postponed.

– Production on the Avatar sequels has halted.

– Black Widow has been delayed, as fans had been informed that it was to hit theaters on May 1.

– Episodes of two Arrowverse shows on The CW, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, have been delayed.

– Amazon’s anticipated Lord of the Rings series has suspended production for two weeks, beginning March 16.

– On March 16, Variety also reported that Amazon Studios had decided to halt production and end the season of Love Island France, which was filming in South Africa. The season’s first episode premiered March 2.

Bien Aime had a ‘good’ budget for his wedding to Chiki

– As of March 13, Netflix had shut down all TV and film productions in the U.S. and Canada, including the streamer’s popular series Stranger Things, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The decision came one day after production on Grace and Frankie’s final season was put on hold, per Deadline.

– New York-based late night shows announced plans to have shows without audiences, but later suspended it informing fans production was halted. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and daytime’s The Wendy Williams Show will pause production.

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How to stay fit during quarantine at home

There is a video online of a fitness instructor in Spain, ontop of a building showing simple exercise people quarantined at home can do.

People on the balconies of their homes follow his moves and it’s so inspiring.

In a video shared to Instagram by the fitness group Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales, the trainer can be seen leading people on their balconies in a workout class, with the clip panning to show numerous people doing jumping jacks alongside their neighbours.



Options could include exercise DVDs, dancing, floor exercises, yoga, walking around the compound or using home exercise equipment. Exercise is a proven treatment for stress and depression.

The CDC and the WHO recommend several basic measures to help prevent the spread of Covid-19:

  • Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Contact a health worker if you have symptoms; fever and a dry cough are most common.
  • DON’T touch your face.
  • DON’T travel if you have a fever and cough.
  • DON’T wear a face mask if you are well.

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4 productive things to do during quarantine

Kenya has recorded three positive cases of coronavirus, prompting the government to announce measures to contain the spread of this disease.

We don’t know how long it’ll take before things return to normal, but here’s things to do as we self isolate:

1. Fake friends

fake allies

Everyone is all over complaining about fake friends and how to kick them out of their lives. Coronavirus offers the opportune moment to avoid them. Just self quarantine yourself and use that as an excuse for turning down their invitation. It’s free advice guys.

2. Debt


Not unless you still under your mama’s care, most of us are indebted to someone. As the coronavirus takes a toll on all of us, it’s the best to play hide and seek with the ones you are indebted to. Let them come looking for you. Always remember you are on a self-quarantine and no one should dare come close to you.

From drama queens to quiet ones, here are the type of women in chamas

3. Home dates

Let’s give a round of applause to Coronavirus. It has come at the best time when the economy is raining blows on the majority of us. Men are the biggest gainers of these problems.

From now henceforth Chama cha Wanaume has asked its members to refrain from public dates and in-place hold their dates at home. Thank God, men are taking a break from this expensive eateries in the city of light.

Don’t Wear Pajamas: Tips for working at home during coronavirus pandemic

4. Hobbies

In Kenya and the world over, the government is urging companies to allow its workers to work from home. With no much supervision, people tend to be reluctant to do things and that ain’t an exemption for Kenyans.


With the majority of you being at home, it’s a time to have fun and to practice your hobbies. You might end up realizing how good of a dancer you are or perhaps you have a killer voice. Maybe you are the next Whitney Houston.

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Here’s 4 ways social media is changing our daily lives

We are in the 21st century, the technological era characterized by robust social media growth. However, lifestyle has been greatly affected as more people use the available social media tools to give us an insight into their life.

1. Social media

social media issues

Everyone is about the gram. It’s about the hashtags of keeping up with this and that. Social media tools have become part of our lifestyle. People are posting their daily happenings for the world to see. #YOLO is a major life mantra that people are embracing. People are glued to their screen as they track the number of likes and views a post has garnered. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a common downside of this menace as most people want to keep up with the latest trend.

Bien Aime had a ‘good’ budget for his wedding to Chiki

2. Photo sessions

In the recent times, professional photographers have been raking big. As much as most phones have really improved on their camera quality, the need for quality photography has been on the rise.


People are booking photography sessions with the pictures used to flaunt on the various social media platforms. Kids are becoming part of this new trend as parents take pictures of their day to day activities.

3. Partying

Thanks to CoronaVirus, Kenyans will put a brake to their partying culture. People are partying hard. Clubs rake in good when the weekends come calling. We have a deep love for the booze. The few that don’t take liquor are made fun of by the rest of society. People are losing much of their income to alcohol and activities revolving around partying. Alcohol addiction has been a national menace and its effects are well felt.

Here’s how to kill your Monday blues

4. Vlogging

Thanks to Youtube and Instagram, Vlogging has become the current trend among young people. Everyone now owns a private vlog handling issues such as healthy living, fitness, cooking, traveling and adventure and a look into their personal life.


As much as this vlog can be a source of income, at times it feels life taking as people try to live a fake up to keep up with the numbers. Mental health has been of much concern lately as more and more people suffer from different mental ailments with depression being the most common.

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Oh, My bad: 15 ways guys apologize without saying sorry


So he messed up and you are anxiously waiting for an apology. Sorry girls, he won’t fess up.

A discussion of why men find it hard to apologize caught our attention.

Someone asked girls to give examples of the ways their men apologize without actually saying sorry. Here are examples to show how men have a hard time saying the ‘S’ word.

1.Mama Ooyah 💨💨
“Come on dawg, we just had a good day”

2. Nyasha Junior
“Why you keep bringing up old stuff?”
i said what the f*k i said

3. @inpoco..
“I thought we were making progress”

4. @muvaredd..
“ you hungry”

5. @lolatufine..
“R u ok?” After not speaking to you for hours, knowing damn well they did something you’d be upset at😭😭


6. @VivanteFemme..
I’m sorry you’re hurt.

You knew what you were getting into.

7. @TheRealTatyana_..
“We don’t even need to be doing all this arguing”

8. @floralth0ughts..
“That wasn’t my intention” whole time dudes planning to do it again in the next few days LMAO

9. @qxeen_mya_..
“You wanna b with me or not” 😕


10. @shaycode..
“Look, I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t have said/done X if you hadn’t said/done Y.”

“I still don’t think I did anything wrong, but I’m sorry for making you feel bad.”

“It’s not that big of a deal, but fine, I’m sorry.”

“Let’s just move past this. I’m tired of arguing.”

11. @_mfprinxess23..
“You done being mad”

12. @camilaxdiaz..
“You’re overreacting, stop tripping.”

13. @cjoyalways..
“Believe what you want”

14. @madamekafunda..
“Sorry for the misunderstanding“
“You know Iam not a bad person, you know I love you. I wouldn’t try so hard if I didn’t.“
“Come on, don’t do me like that“
“I miss you“
“So.. all of that was for nothing ?”
“Iam sorry BUT..”
“I wish you could understand I am trying my best..”
Lash Lady Lash Lady Yeah thats me

15. @BlueyonceW..
“I don’t deserve you”😪😪😪

16. @yellababy__..
I ain’t mean it baby I was just talking 🚮

17. @KhJanelle..
“So we good now” 🙄😏😂

18. @avaanoel..
“i’m not a perfect person”

19. @Gq_kevv..
So you deadas* right now ? That’s crazy

20. @MariahsMirage..
“ Would I show you I care if I didn’t “
21. @branshaai..
“Mannnn, stop tripping”

22. @sabrinatumami..
“I miss your crazy as*” lmaooo

23. @__QueenKells__..
“Iknow u ain’t still mad about yesterday, that’s the past”.

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The 21 funniest names saved on peoples phones


Do you give people fun contact names on your phone?

Ladies are known to save people they encounter wit the funniest names. From Mike was Nyama to Davy wa Tusker, here is a list we spotted circulating online.



1. @afosewa..
Cockroach, Bike

2. @Loyaltyyy_____..
Do not reply

3. @Kunta_Hendrix..
Bomboclat 😄

cuc laughing

4. @SizzlleBodyGirl..
Never Gonna Happen 😂

5. @AdedotunIfeolu3..

6. @P_Odjugo..
Fool dnt pick

7. @khul_dan..

8. @Mide_caesar..
Don’t call back


9. @KingJudeIII..
Mad Miriam
Mayor of ikorodu🇳🇬

10. @Mayor_ikdu..

11. @ayoblog..
Baby rat

12. @Reys_Reina..

13. @lerat0_..
Wrong number, cute voice doe


14. @homa_kenneth..
Never pickup
God’s Errand Boy

15. @CarthyMister..
Jennifer-Borrow money

16. @Zhulaykha3..
Data consumer😅

17. @Miimzz___..
Baby elephant


18. @That_black_mua..
Next door

19. @teebliz_…

20. @iamChiefStan..
saved my side chicks number as “Bus Pilot”

21. @premebiell…
Weird flexer


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No laughing matter! Why using someone’s meme may get you into trouble

An internet meme, or simply, a meme, can be defined as a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly through social media, or other media forums.

In more recent times, memes have evolved from simple images and texts to more elaborate things, such as challenges and viral trends. It is simply impossible to go anywhere nowadays without seeing some form of meme.

Kenyans have displayed their unmatched and immense creativity and skills (not to forget speed) in coming up with hilarious memes based on trending topics in the society, ranging from celebrities, politics to religion. The basic concept behind memes is that they are to be shared, and with sharing comes the concept of ‘going viral’, and with virality comes more likes, followers and subscribers, which can in turn generate revenue.

Memes are a form of creative expression, an expression of an idea. Under copyright law, once an idea is expressed into a tangible form, it is automatically protected by copyright. But does the Law really protect memes under copyright?


Consider Scenario one: You as a content creator, aka ‘meme-lord’, spends hours working on a meme and someone later steals it after you upload it, deletes your watermark, and passes it off as their own on their page.

When you finally notice this, you send them a ‘DM’ or tweet, asking them to kindly take it down and refrain from stealing your content, only for them to respond, “Najua inauma, but, itabidi umezoea.”

Consider scenario two: You take an awkward selfie and it later finds its way to social media and goes viral. Your face is turned into the latest sensational meme in Kenya.

Despite the 15 minutes of fame and maybe 14 minutes of embarrassment the meme has brought you, you still feel you deserve much more than that, especially since that well-known telecommunications company reposted your image on their page and attached one of the products they sell in the same post.

Intellectual property jurisprudence has yet to entirely address these issues, which would seem non-trivial if not for the fact that such content nowadays can generate substantial revenue for content creators and corporates both directly and indirectly. However, some existing legal doctrines exist that may be applicable and are worth knowing to creative content creators.

Ben Pol paid “hundreds of cows” for Anerlisa’s dowry

A meme is a derivative work, meaning it’s based or imitates an original work. Usually, a copyright owner is the only party with the legal right to create a derivative work.

Sometimes the meme creator is also the image creator, but often, when involving pictures or images of celebrities or individuals, the image’s copyright is owned by someone else and under copyright law, only they have the exclusive rights of reproduction, modification, distribution, performance, and display. The viral spread of a meme infringes on these protections as the original image is modified and then displayed, distributed and reproduced when posted and reposted.


However, within copyright law exists the doctrine of fair use, which allows for use of a copyrighted work in the creation of new work without permission, if the use fits within certain acceptable boundaries. Under copyright law, fair use will be satisfied if a content creator or any person uses the image for purposes of commentary, parody, satire, criticism, reporting or teaching. Considering the nature of memes, they would fall under fair use since most of them can be considered parodies, satire or even commentaries. This essentially protects meme creators from infringing on others’ copyrights.

Equally, when a meme lord overlays text on a photo that belongs to someone else or alters it in some way, they do not infringe on the copyright of the photo owner. This is because they have transformed the original nature of the initial photo, and this qualifies as fair use.

But someone who takes an already-created meme and posts it without any transformation is simply reposting — there is no commentary or criticism or parody.

Simple reposting adds no additional expression to an original work. Thus, for someone to avoid infringing on another’s photo when creating a meme, they must make a substantial transformation to the original photo. Adding a filter on an already existing photo and then imposing your watermark and claiming it as your own is not fair use and amounts to copyright infringement.

Additionally, when memes or the subjects of a meme are used for commercial purposes without permission, the meme creator may sue, as the effect of the commercial use on the market value of the original meme usually prevents a finding of fair use.

In this instance, if a corporate entity or an individual monetises your meme without your permission, you as the meme creator or owner of the photo can take legal action against them.

Memes make the world a better place. If you create or post one, remember to pay attention to the source of the image. Your best bet is to start with an image or clip that is already labelled for reuse or is in the public domain, meaning out of copyright protection altogether. When you see a meme going around, give a thought to the subject of that meme image, whose life may forever be changed.

Allan Tuli/The Star

How to survive life as a bachelor in Kenya (5 Tips)

Is it hard to live your life as a bachelor in Kenya? Not so.

We have several sworn bachelors in Kenya and they prove that life in the single lane ain’t so bad.

Some notable ones include our very own Maina Kagei, Mike Mondo, Trevor Ombija, Sauti Sols Chimano and Savara, Jimmy Gait, Guardian Angel and Willy Paul to name a few.

They don’t seem to be doing that badly as bachelors.

Here are ways to survive this life especially in these hard economic times:

i) Reduce your food intake 

No man loves the idea of doing dishes. If we had the ability of getting new dishes over and over we would gladly embrace this. Eating less equals to cleaning less dishes. Men love eating now and then. This adds to the already piled up dirty dishes in the sink. Consider taking less food. Or better yet use disposables.


ii) Be friends with Mama Mboga

Mama Mboga should be your second mother after your biological mother. It’s a hard life out there for any average living bachelor. You never know when the next meal could be. Going to bed on an empty stomach is inevitable. Be great friends with Mama Mboga. She can always offer you food on credit. Wouldn’t you loves such a deal? I bet you would.


iii) Avoid too many women

Women are a liability. The more they are, the higher the pressure to manage them. With a struggling source of income you don’t want to find yourself trying to please someone’s daughter whereas your house rent is waiting. It’s also not a good idea too many women knowing your place of residence. They could clash your twa twa timetable.



iv) Be friends with the watchman

You need to have a great bromance with your gate man. Coming home late is part of the drill. Gate men can be really annoying. They hold the secrets of the neighborhood. You don’t want the whole neighborhood to know of your randy behavior. You should be tipping him often. He’ll be feeding from your palm and that’s something you can maximize on.


v) Have few clothes

Been a man comes with the advantage of recycling clothes. We don’t have the energy to keep doing laundry. Having few clothes ensures cleaning them often. Buy dark colored outfits. You can always mix and match. You are a man. It’s allowed.




READ MORE AT: https://classic105.com/

Why you should avoid clubbing in town on Fridays

It’s Furahiday guys, that means parte after parte for many of us.

Clubs in town will be like a beehive of activity. How about you forego that favorite club in town. Don’t give me that look! I’m just proposing. Here’s why I think you need to queen your thirst back at your hood.


1) I bet you’ve been involved in a club fight at least thrice in your life. Maybe you had yours eyes on someone’s voluptuous princess.


You make your move and the next thing a bottle of alcohol has crushed your head. No man wants to feel that amount of shame.

You ordered that favorite drink thinking it costs the same as that at your Mama Awiti keg base. Shock on your red eyes! The drink costs more than your rent.

The bouncers breathing heavily like lone hippos are pressing your neck as if they want to take your life, mehn, you can’t even feel your toes.


2) You sipped more than your head would take in

The moment you realize the bartender resembles your side chick, it’s time my guy! Go home bro! That journey needs pretty much mathematics or do I say Mazimatik. Wasted like a liquor beginner you need to think of the safest, shortest route to home. Come to think of it, you walking like a zombie. The body knows its way back home! They say.

3) Everyone has that one friend who you find in your favorite clubbing joint. I call him “The Liquor Vulture” He is always waiting to sip on people’s booze. What’s annoying about him is that he dictates what drink to buy and how to share it. He can’t even put his money on getting the chaser. We all dread this friend.



4) Town clubs have this unfriendly environment. The bartender doesn’t give a hoot about you. They have to put two bouncers who occupy the whole of the entrance space. They have this grumpy dark threatening face. I just need a drink man! No trouble. The screens are boring too. It’s either football, wildlife stuff or something you totally can’t relate with. What’s great that having a personal connection with the bartender. She evens knows what you exactly sip and when to stop pouring to your glass. The TV runs both the 7p.m and 9 p.m news. What’s great than a wasted man with all the news updates both home and at international levels. I bet no amount of satisfaction beats that!



How about you pay Mama Awiti’s keg base a visit today, will you?

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Kenyan men spill details about frequenting barbershops


Pampering for men is the new focus in many barbershops.

A point driven across by an observant female Twitter user has prompted men to confess they frequent barbershops just to experience that happy ending.

Twitter user Kasungwa wrote below warning women in a hilarious way:
LADIES! Escort him to that kinyozi sit and wait for him mbikos.😂 what happens kwa vinyozi nowadays is questionable .Most barber shops offer intense s33ual massage after the shave & yes its true some have happy endings.The ladies there rubbing their tiddies on ur mans head.🙄

‘Please hire beautiful masseuse’s for your kinyozis’ Kenyan men beg owners

Men reacted confirming the truth about this statement:

Angusheni location iko na hizo services hapa town.. i want to visit 😂😂

Mimi ikifika io part ya kuoshwa kichwa na ao ma gyal dem wueeh!! Zile smile me hupiga hapo… me uskia vizuri sanaa siskiangi kutoka kwa io kiti


Kuna barbershop ingine nilifanyiwa hio head and shoulder massage huyo dame alipomaliza nikamuuliza “what are we?”

The rubbing of the tiddays makes me uncomfortable. The room at the back makes me uncomfortabler

Is that man a loof…is he a human being or a stone…can’t he use his mind or he is insane, doesn’t he know what’s right n what’s wrong???..is he a toddler??…nonsense!!

My friend if your man has the intention of cheating he can even do it on your matrimonial bed… Stop these sideshows

Anne Kiguta leaves team mafisi heart broken as she celebrates her baby daddy, Jomo Gecaga on Fathers day

Hizo massage me hukataa. Hao made huku angalia macho hadi wueh… My barber keeps asking why I don’t do massage. My answer is always the same: “I’m in a hury.”

True story…theres one kalady where I shave..she massages you youd thnk uko kwa massage parlour malibu 😂😂right-tools-haircutting


Weeh!! They are given massages hadi Kwa chest Ni Kama hiyo ndio ilinyolewa 🤔🤨

But we don’t cheat 😂😂 we just enjoy the sensation,when it’s about to go down we start creating scenarios in our heads


Is she back with Diamond? Hamisa Mobetto responds

I was given a massage by one of those shawries two weeks ago and I can’t stop thinking about her

Kuna moja pale Thika nyuma ya stage ako ka chuom ka pork city kuna yengs wa kuosha na kupaka kichwa spirit … ata demons utawacha apo na si tafadhali..
Karibu nitokange tao naenda kunyolewa thika..weuh

Kwanza hao madem wa kinyozi wakikuona na gari watakupea massage for more than one hr

You talking about tiddies… When they give you that head massage for some reason lazima aingize mikono kwa nguo akumassage chest and they always rub your ni*ples. Especially hawa wanaotoka Rwanda…

Eyebrows raised as Zari’s daughter spotted drinking liquid from wine glass

There is one pale Lumumba drive who extends to the chest and plays with the nipples until ur body blood rate accelerate ndio awache bt it’s always a nice feeling for bachelors.

Welcome to Gravity Hair studio located at Roysambu, we offer upper back/front massage for free after shave, no happy ending. Professional barbers and shampoo ladies.

Hatuwezi nyolewa Kwa Amani😂😂😂

nilienda ingine hapo kadem kakanimassage…..ilikuwa nitrimiwe sides…nilipata nimenyolewa yote….nilikua naitikia tu😂😂😂

Mwingine Sunday aliniosha then akaniuliza kama nifanyiwe scrubbing ya uso, mimi nlishtukia nafanyiwa scrubbing tu 😅😅😅

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Why your salad is flavorless and (How to fix it)


Have you ever been served salad and it takes like nothing or perhaps sand?

And especially iceberg lettuce.

A twitter user Elan Galn has some pretty good ideas on how to make your salad taste better. Thank her later with these 8 tips.

I’ve got some NEWS for you people about WHY your salads are dull and flavorless. Are you ready for some NEWS???

1. You’re forgetting to SEASON your ingredients, acting like the DRESSING is all that matters. Cucumbers and tomatoes need SALT and PEPPER. Avocados need CITRUS. Act as if you were going to eat each ingredient individually

2.You’re using BORING lettuces. MIX IT THE FUCK UP. Use some arugula, use field greens, use romaine hearts, use frisée. Mix all your greens together!


3. Don’t be afraid to use things with FLAVOR and SPICE! Have you ever heard of RADISHES? JALAPEÑOS? Add some damn SPICE in there!

4. HERBS! Why aren’t you using herbs? Use whatever herbs you can find! Parsley, cilantro, chervil, nasturtium, basil, and and all of it. STOP NOT USING HERBS

5. FETA CHEESE! What, you don’t like feta cheese? Do you not like FLAVOR? Get outta here with that nonsense. Don’t be putting cold flavorless shredded mozzarella like you’re a CoCo’s. Use flavorful cheese. At room temperature!

6. Let’s talk DRESSINGS. You need olive oil, you need vinegar (all types are fine), you need CITRUS, and you need an agent that will HOMOGENIZE THE REST! What do you think I’m going to say now!?

Healthy Food: Grilled Chicken And Mix Salad Of Chicory, Tomatoes
7. HORSERADISH. You don’t like horseradish? LEARN TO LIKE IT. You still don’t like it? MUSTARD. MINCED GARLIC. A LITTLE BIT OF HONEY. TABASCO! Who gives a shit. Try stuff. Add flavors. Try new things! Use THAI FISH SAUCE!

8. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO PLAY. Raid your fridge. Raid your pantry. Use spices before they go bad. Use veggies you would otherwise throw away. HAVE FUN!

9. Your salad is only going to be as boring as you allow it to be. EXCITING SALADS 2020. THIS IS YOUR YEAR.

Healthy Food: Grilled Chicken And Mix Salad Of Chicory, Tomatoes

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Kenyan men share how they would budget a Sh70,000 salary



Budgeting is important for everyone regardless of their life situation, but it’s even more important when you’re single. Every shilling you make should be accounted for, and you need to have a clear understanding of where that money is going and how you can allocate money to fund your financial goals.

That being said a Twitter conversation of how Kenyans are managing life on a Sh70k salary has taken centre stage.

A Twitter user @ArapTilingi prompted discussion asking peopel

70K salary. Budget for it as a single man.

Here’s how Kenyan men budget that kind of a salary.

Rent 10k
Savings/ investment 10k
Emergency fund 10k
Food and transport 15k
Utility Bills 7k
Personal development 10k
Family (dependants) 8k

I used to sleep with old men for money! Huddah finally comes clean

Hapa hata unaweza saidia hii serikali kulipa hiyo loan ya China,ubaki ya Ku maintain your three wives and still manage to take your side chick to 1824 for random dates…alar!


What’s money!? Atwoli throws his Sh.170k IPhone during JKL interview

Kaa tu bedsitter
Buy food like 5k
Transport 3k
Kunywa ka6 k
Savings tafadhali 15k p.m

All expenses 40K
Savings 10K
Investment account 20K

Savings 7k, Tithe 7k, Rent 10k, Food 10k, utilities 7k, Transport 4k, Health/insurance 3.5k, pension 2k, recreation 3.5k, personal spend 3.5k, investment 11k and miscellaneous 1.5k.

10k rent,5k food,5k transport,5k entertainment,2500 for tokens/water/wifi,2500 house hold shopping,5k parents,5k misc..
Save 30k

Money buys me happiness’ shouts Maina Kageni on lifestyle


for a single lady..
9k for an executive bdsitter
5k bills, water,tokens,wifi,gas
5k shopping food&household stuff
2k entertainment (hii ni once in a while for an indoor person)
5k mom
5k transport
14k emergency
25k invest
According to my area code calculation😁

5k rent. 7k food +electricity. 4k fare. 4k donations.
rest save kwa fixed account.

Rent 25k
Food 10k
Alcohol 20k
Weed 3k
Internet 3k
Airtime 3k

3 things you shouldn’t do if you want to save money

Insufficient, my man!

Rent 15k food 10k weed 9k wifi 2500 po*hub premium package 10k, billzote 10 condoms 3k paros 6k


70K Gross Salary
Less Tax, PAYE @ 14,320) = 55,680K
Less NHIF @ 1,400 = 54,280K
Less NSSF (Half of 12% of pensionable salary; 3340) = 50,940K
Less any other deductions (Loans, self-pension, advance,etc)
Net Salary: Adjust working budget to approximately 50,000K or less.

Rent -7k
Wanawake- balance

Girlfriend Allowance – 0
Rent – 12k
Power – 1k
internet – 4k
Phone – 1k
Food + shopping – 9k
spotify – 1k
digital ocean hosting – 1k
Enjoyment – 10k
Transport – 5k
Save what remains


Rent 5k Shopping 5k Transport 5k Konyagi 5k Mshwari Savings 50k

10k rent
60k tafuta bibi

Rent 3K.
67K enjoyment

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Compe ni Compe! How Kenyan men have overtaken women in beauty industry

Despite the beauty industry being dominated by women, men have gradually penetrated it, taking over the spaces in makeup, hair, manicures and pedicures.

Unlike before, they also now have beauty products exclusive to them.

It is no longer a wonder for a female walking in the streets of Nairobi to be stopped by young men holding up nails and asking if they require the services at a great price.

In 2016, Francis Kakande came to Kenya from Uganda as a refugee. He had dropped out of school in his home country and did not have any work to do when he landed in Kenya.

“I had dropped out of school in Uganda and life became a mess. So when I came to Kenya, I had nothing to do and I had a friend who did nails as his main job,” he said.

While in Kenya, he would visit a close friend who owned a beauty shop in Kangemi.

“I would admire his work and wonder how they would make the nails. It got to a point I told him I wanted to learn about the beauty industry,” he said. 

With the help of his friend and a donor, he enrolled at a local Rongai beauty school for a short course. The course would take about three months to complete.

However, a month into the course, he realised that what he was being taught at school did not match what he saw his friend doing.

 “In school, you had to pay for more courses to reach the professional level. It turns out my three months’ course was for standard knowledge,” he said.


After two months of school, he decided to join his friend at the salon to acquire more practical skills.

“Because I had the interest, within a month I was good, so we began working together and after that, I left and went to another salon,” he said.

When he left his friend’s salon, he started by doing manicures and pedicures.

He worked at another salon for a year before he joined his current employer at Elegance Beauty Salon in Rongai.

At his workplace, he might have three to five appointments in a day and the rest are walk-ins. The charges for makeup, pedicures and manicures begin from Sh500.

Francis, who is also a self-taught freelance make up artist, says even growing up, he was always interested in the ‘girly’ products.

“I was raised with girls and was always interested in things such as their lipsticks, so I am very comfortable and I like beauty,” he said.

The beautician, who is also a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, says despite people having different perspectives, work, finances and employment have no gender.

“If you have the passion and the talent, you can find anything you can do, so I think people who say men should not be in the beauty industry are wrong,” he said.

Francis also said from his experience, people are not very interested in the sexual orientation as they are with the results.

He has managed to retain a few clients he started with in 2016, and adds he has not faced any discrimination doing his work.

“My clients and employer know who I am and they are fine, as long as I am doing my work. This is also what motivated me to be comfortable and pursue makeup,” he said. 

The makeup artist added some men he knows are passionate about the industry are not queer.

“I can appreciate that the Kenyan community knows how to be professional and they look at the work you are doing,” he said


A lot of salons, he says, shy away from offering makeup services because the sector requires expensive investment.

However, as his interest in makeup grew, and adding from the knowledge he got from his workplace, Francis started watching YouTube tutorials on makeup and trying to follow them.

“It took a while but with time, you go learning and becoming better,” he said. “But beauty products are expensive.”

For instance, his startup kit with products such as foundation, primers, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, brushes and setting spray cost about Sh60,000 cumulatively.

“It is expensive to have good makeup and with my current job, I am not earning enough to afford all these products,” he said. “So I have to look for other ways to get the revenue to buy the products.”

Given that beauty products range, sometimes makeup artists will clash with clients because they have different brands of the same product.

“You go to someone and maybe what you have, they did not expect. You may be having Maybelline and someone else has Mac products and you collide,” he said. 

Having products that are not to the client’s preference may also affect the pricing previously agreed on.

“Ideally, you are supposed to have all the products, which is difficult. However, some clients are willing to let them use their makeup if they have specific preferences,” he said.

“When a client rejects your products, you may lose morale, wondering when you will have all those products.”

The artist says the best makeup products are expensive because different people have different skin types, and one has to know them all and what works best.


In 2014, American makeup artist and YouTuber Jeffree Star started Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Over the years, Star grew his makeup company to a multimillion-dollar empire with an estimated net worth of Sh7.5 billion.

His YouTube channel currently has 17.5 million subscribers with over 300 makeup reviews and tutorials.

Last year, Jeffree worked with fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson to release a makeup collection that sold out in hours.

Lava Lava denies WCB exit

For Francis, he hopes to resettle into the US and also grow his makeup empire.

“In five years, I want to own a beauty spa, a big beauty brand and be a makeup and beauty trainer,” he said.

He currently uses social media, Instagram and Facebook to do weekly promotions for about Sh500.

Despite challenges such as language barrier, competition and the expense, the market for beauty is friendly and welcoming.

“I would encourage more guys to get into the industry because men actually do it better and I have found ladies prefer being served by men,” he said. 

Other popular male makeup artists include Dennis Karuri (Kenya), Manny MUA (US) and James Charles (US).

Njeri Mbugua/The Star

The first jobs celebrities had before the fame: List

Looking at celebrities we sometimes assume that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. But that is not always the case.

You have heard ‘kazi ni kazi’ and these celebrities took on that mantra to survive. They did what they had to do to reach where they are now.

  1. Otile Brown

Otile Brown was in the past used to help his mother sell changaa.

He is now a celebrated artiste so your past cannot determine your future.

In a past social media post,  Otile narrated how losing his mum affected his life.

Adding that sometime he would be frog-marched by police for selling illicit brews.

“Appreciate and love your mama…feeling kinda emotional tonight.

Wish she could be here so I can spoil her, My mom died when I was about to turn 13.

I don’t like talking about it but I don’t shy away from speaking about it because I know it could motivate someone.

Otile Brown

Sometimes when I would get caught, the officers would frog march me past the school compound where other children would see me. It was embarrassing didn’t like doing it but I had to survive,” 

Willy Paul

The ‘Jigi Jigi ‘ hitmaker used to work as a house help before fame came knocking. Contrary to back then when he used to be paid to work he is now the one who pays people to work for him.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Maina Kageni
Prominent radio personality Maina Kageni was in the past a truck driver in the United States. He has in the past shared how hard it was working under a boss who constantly called him a ni**a.

He is now a renowned MC and radio host with Classic 105.

“I was called a n*gga so many times and the sad thing is that there is nothing you can do about it because you need the job,” Maina said.

Maina Kageni

Mwalimu Churchill

Daniel Ndambuki, best known as the Godfather of comedy, used to work in Industrial Area where he used to wash bottles.




Akothee is currently living the life but that has not always been the case. In the past Akothee, a mother of five used to be a taxi driver.

Her efforts paid off and she is currently living the good life.


Diamond Platnumz

He is considered the most celebrated artiste in Tanzania not only for his good music but also for his energetic performances, but 11 years ago Dangote was just a young man working at Shell petrol station.

Part of his work was refilling the Reserve tank from the fuel tanks.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

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