Study: Shampoo chemicals may increase risk of diabetes and obesity

Chemicals found in shampoo, toys and floorboards may increase the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease, research suggests.

A study found people with higher levels of the gender-bending chemicals in their urine were more likely to be obese or diabetic.

They also had dangerous amounts of fat in their bloodstream and showed signs of liver damage, which can cause metabolic disorders.

However, experts have hit back at the research, carried out by the University of Novi Sad in Serbia, saying there is ‘not enough evidence’ to support its conclusion

image-2019-05-21 (14) (1)

Levels were compared against body weight, type 2 diabetes diagnoses, and markers of impaired liver function or poor metabolism.

Results revealed 66 of the participants had the chemical monoethyl phthalate (MEP) in their urine.

Obese participants had higher levels of MEP, as well as aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and alanine aminotransferase (ALT).

AST and ALT are enzymes that get released when the liver is damaged and are markers of liver disease.

image-2019-05-21 (13) (1)

Results further revealed the participants who were a healthy weight had lower levels of MEP, MEHP and cholesterol.

Study author Professor Milica Medi Stojanoska admitted the sample of participants was small.

She said the results suggest phthalates cause ‘toxic damage to the liver’, as well as altering metabolism to increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Professor Stojanoska added:’We need to inform people about the potential adverse effects of endocrine disruptors on their health.

And she called on scientists to look at ways to minimise human contact with the ‘harmful chemicals’.

The study was presented at the European Society of Endocrinology annual meeting in Lyon.

But critics of the research have hit back.

Professor Rob Chilcott, a toxicologist at the University of Hertfordshire, said: ‘The abstract simply does not provide sufficient information to support its conclusions.’

Professor Kevin McConway, emeritus professor of applied statistics at The Open University, added: ‘It’s much too early to be concerned about this piece of research.’

-Daily mail

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5 must have pairs of shoes every man should own

A man’s shoes says a lot about them and their fashion sense. Your collection does not have to be over the top but having a few stylish items will make an impression

Having a couple of stylish shoes will keep you ready for any event, occasion, or even that dinner date. You don’t want to go with ugly shoes now do you?

Men, if you own these pars of shoes then you are ready to make that fashion statement

1. Sneakers

In Kenya other people wear sneakers with suits but oh well…

Sneakers however are one the most trendy and fashionable shoes that are a must have in your rack.

DJ MO rocking white sneakers

2. Sandals

For every day comfort and for that walk to the shops. This is the go to shoes that are comfortable are easy to wear.

image-2019-05-21 (2) (1)
Dj Mo wearing comfortable sandals

Teacher Wanjiku’s transformation deserves a standing ovation

3. Official shoes

Official shoes are one of the most important shoes a man should have in his rack.

For those office meetings, work days and official hours, formal shoes are important for these kind of occasions.

Rashid Abdalla wearing black official shoes

Serena William’s husband wants tutorials on doing black girls natural hair

4. Boots

An advantage about boots for men is that they could act as official and at times casual.

For that multipurpose look, get yourself  a pair of boots that could serve both purposes.

image-2019-05-21 (7) (1)

Celebrities who’ve rocked short hair and look totally amazing!

5. Loafers

Loafers are also known as slip on shoes.

They are made in a a way that they are very comfortable to wear serving multi purpose options.

They are comfortable and very easy to walk with for their light nature. This is a must have in your rack.

Nick Mutuma wearing dark brown loafers.


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Celebrities who’ve rocked short hair and look totally amazing!

If you’ve always wanted to rock short hair, well the time is now. These celebrities are showing us that there is no limitation when it comes to your hair.

Though women are told that their hair is their crown, they are defying these odds and are trying out different shapes, sizes and color with their hair.

Cutting your hair or deciding to keep short hair is a bold decision that most ladies are delving into and some of these celebrities are trying these easy to manage amp short hair styles.

So you need a chop? Here are some of the ladies to look for inspiration from on your next hair adventure.

Here are some celebrities who are rocking short hair and are looking flawless.

1.This is Ess

TV presenter Sharon Mundia in a teeny bunned fro’

2. Joy Kendi

Vlogger Joy Kendi in a blonde hair cut

Things Kenyans do that foreigners may find bizarre

3. Patricia Kihoro

39736323_314966059078869_9139597918062247936_n (1)
Radio presenter Patricia in a short Natural hair do

3. Nadia Mukami

Musician Nadia Mukami in a bob hair cut

First impressions! 6 main things women notice about men

4. Maxine Wabosha

Vlogger Maxine Wabosha in a short blonde cut

He is finally off the market! – check out John Dumelo’s lavish wedding!

5. Joanna Kinuthia

Joanna Kinuthia in a temple fade maroon dyed hair

6. Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe in a natural short hair, hair do

How to rock those head-wraps and look totally flawless!

7. Nyce Wanjeri

Nyce Wanjiru with a natural side fade fro’

‘My case was one of the worst ever seen’ – Njambi Koikai amidst recovery

8. Viviane Kenya

60696355_425935881533503_7529673321976619130_n (1)
Musician Vivianne with a weeny fro’

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Fashion: Dj Bash’s son adorably steals the show 


Kenyan mix master DJ Bash has shared a rare picture of his cute son, who is celebrating his birthday.

dj bash
Teenrepublic DJ Bash

Dj Bash spoke about their special bond captioning

Regardless of what happens in future, I’ll always be there. Ni muhimu ujue unapendwa sana

Showing off his incredibly cute son, Dj Bash also gave his verdict on his son’s fashion, noting

Na si umekula look

Dj bash son

 It seems Dj Bash has had an incredible few days after also celebrating his birthday on Saturday May 18th. He opened up about turning older saying
My last year was the toughest yet. It taught me a lot about life and people. Most important it taught me what’s most important in life. It’s not the money, it’s not the fame but peace of mind. So as I turn a year older today, I pray for one thing only. PEACE OF MIND!

Happy birthday to Bash’s little man.

Emma Too hits back at accusations she’s using Botox

Emma Too recently showed that she’s rolled back the years – at least as far as her locks go.

Former Kenyan model Emma  Too has been sharing pictures on her social media, that many Kenyans suggest show she uses Botox.

The stunning photos of Emma Too show her face is smooth and youthful, but Kenyans are not convinced it is down to a good lifestyle.

She wrote

Many keep asking, how do I look the same for 20 yrs? The truth is I don’t! I’m curvier & I love me like this.

If there’s a secret to life, it’s having learnt to take charge of my own narrative, see good in the world & in others and closing my ears to hate & discouragement.

KOT supposedly think she has had a little help with cosmetic procedures.

Emma Too has hit back at her accusers saying

I have never used botox, nor had pastic surgery.

She appeared keen to make it known that her youthful look has not been achieved through any form of cosmetic help. She even shared a picture of her young looking mother to assure Kenyans.

One can not pull a frown like that with botox!
Secondly I doubt I need it.
Those I know have done it, don’t look good at all. It’s an addition. So for conversation sake and boredom I’m indulging you with an explanation & a justification, which I don’t have to either

She added

Those talking about plastic surgery & botox, I guess my 65yr old mum has done it too? Y’all are too funny!

You doubt facts & believe lies, manufacture the truth that comforts your soul & that’s fine too, but don’t impose it on me. I have never used botox, nor had pastic surgery.

emma too 1

Twitter poll asks people if they wash their legs while showering

A Twitter poll has divided the internet after one person asked if people often wash their legs when showering and how many times they do it.

The surprisingly problematic question was first posted by Twitter user Conor Arpwel.

He asked, ‘Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?‘ 

Responses poured in and become a topic of debate as people argued one way or the other on if you should wash your legs every time you step into the shower.

These celebrity moms will celebrate Mothers day for the first time

‘For the record, I do wash my legs but lots of people apparently don’t,’ Conor wrote to defend himself after his poll gained more popularity than he expected.

Other people online started to debate each other on if it really was necessary to scrub the legs every time someone decides to take a shower.

image-2019-05-14 (6) (1)

A list of Kenyan Celebrity TV moms we look up to

‘I feel like you don’t really need to wash your legs, you wash your top 3/4 and the soap and water runs down,’ a commenter explained. ‘Unless you’re extraordinarily dirty for some reason.’

Their response with echoed by other who also selected ‘no’ in the poll.

Someone commented: ‘How are you legs getting so dirty you need to regularly wash them with soap and water? Daily showers are for areas that produce a lot of sweat like the armpits. You don’t need to scrub yourself head to toe. It’s a waste of time and it’s bad for your skin.’

image-2019-05-14 (8) (1)

The Twitter thread also gave people the opportunity to joke about how they supposedly avoid washing their legs when going into the shower.

‘No, I take them off before showering so they’ll last longer,’ one person joked when commenting on the debate.

Celebrities who’ve ventured into the fashion world and are nailing it!

The Fader joined the debate by writing: ‘After we get over the hurdle of washing out legs, i would like to call to everyone’s attention the need to also wash one’s feet.’

Ultimately, the poll revealed about 80 per cent of people wash their legs every time they step into the shower. But there is still 20 per cent of people who think it is unnecessary to bathe the area.

-Daily Mail

6 reasons to take a break from makeup

While growing up, some of us were not allowed make up until later when we could afford to buy it.

Sounds crazy right?

Wearing makeup can be a wonderful way to show off color, enhance our features, and express ourselves.

On the other hand, going a few days without makeup allows the skin to breathe and rebuild from any build up caused by makeup applied daily.

Here are reasons why your skin needs a break from make-up

1. Helps your skin to breath

A week or a while without make up helps skin to rebuild itself and also cleanse itself.

This allows your pores to exfoliate and to allow it to rebuild putting off blemishes and excess damage that may have occurred while you had make up on.

image-2019-05-13 (3) (1)

 2 .Saves time

People take almost an hours getting all those layers of make up on your skin.

Well taking a break saves you a lot of time that could be effectively used elsewhere.


3. Saves money

The reality of make up is that it is very expensive.

Getting all the products that you need may be a very costly affair and being off make up helps you save money.


Fit Kenyan celebrities that have made the gym their second home!

4. You Probably Don’t Need It

One of the main reasons why you should consider taking a break from your makeup is because you don’t need it!

I know you might hate looking in the mirror and seeing your acne and uneven skin tone. But you’re probably the only one who sees your blemishes!


Celebrities who’ve ventured into the fashion world and are nailing it!

5. Reconnects with your younger self

Going makeup-free somehow brings you to a subtle state of mind. Something that’s totally liberating!

It reconnects you with your inner self something that is so relaxing

image-2019-05-13 (2)

 6. Prevents aging

Make up contributes to the last but not least. Aging

Many foundations , concealers and powders suck out moisture of your skin.

In short, Scrubbing all those products off everyday pulls at our skin and stretches it out. Not cute! Give your skin a break so that aging doesn’t strike early.



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Research: Night shifts and jet lag fuel tumor growth

Working night shifts and having jet lag may make tumors grow faster by ‘turning on’ genes, new research suggests.

Disrupting the circadian rhythms that fuel our sleeping and waking cycles may ‘turn on’ genes that encourage cancer cells to multiply and ‘turn off’ the ones that block tumor growth, according to the new University of Pennsylvania study.

That means that simply keeping sleep schedules steady may help to cut cancer risks.

And the researchers even believe that timing cancer treatments correctly could make them more effective.


Research – Eating eggs regularly could protect against blindness

Long before cell phone screens, fluorescent lights and the 24-hour news cycle, the human schedule was dictated by light and dark.

And try as we might to overcome nature with technology, our bodies still operate according to circadian rhythms, waves of sleeping and waking that regulate many of the body’s other processes.

These rhythms flow in a 24 hour cycle and are sometimes referred to as the internal clock.

But they are triggered by fluctuations in certain hormones that are, in turn, responsive to environmental cues, most notably light.

So when we force ourselves to stay up late into the night, or to do waking behaviors during dark hours, the body winds up fighting itself and the processes that would naturally occur at night.

Study: Diet rich in coffee, fruits protects against breast cancer


For example, women who do shift work are at five to 20 percent greater risk of developing breast cancer than the general population.

The same hormones that tell our body when to sleep also have effects on tumors.

In other words, the disruption accelerates cell division and, therefore, tumor growth.

5 early warning signs and symptoms of Diabetes

Scientists have already developed a drug that blocks the activity of that second protein, which is used in tumor fighting.

In fact, the team’s findings suggest that ‘chornotherapy’ or time-based cancer treatment might be able to supercharge drugs and techniques used to fight tumors.

Night Shift work and jet lags may make tumors grow faster by ‘turning on’ genes, new research suggests. Disrupted sleep patterns may turn on cancer genes.



-Daily mail

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Research – Eating eggs regularly could protect against blindness

Eating eggs regularly could protect against age-related macular degeneration (AMD) the most common cause of blindness among the over-50s

This is according to a report from the journal Clinical Nutrition.

Check out celebrities who have ventured into the beauty industry

image-2019-05-08 (8) (1)


Australian researchers monitored 3,654 people over 15 years and found that those who reported eating two to four eggs a week had a 49 per cent reduced risk of ‘incident late AMD’ in that time, compared to those who ate less than one egg a week.

Eggs are a naturally rich source of the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which could modify AMD progression.

-Daily mail

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‘Please hire beautiful masseuse’s for your kinyozis’ Kenyan men beg owners

We all know that men love visiting the barber most especially when they are sure there will be a massage from the lady masseuse in the building.

Men would give anything to visit barbershops just to see the damsels and let them do what they do best.

One man posed

‘Men am I the only one who loves Kinyozi massages? Here is what one man had to say

Humble request to kinyozi owners. When hiring these ladies who wash and massage our heads after we shave, ensure they are beautiful.

Such privileges are the reasons some of us shave weekly. Siwezi lipa pesa zangu nyingi alafu naoshwa uso na mekatili wa menza 

Kinyozi lady giving a man a massage
Kinyozi lady giving a man a massage

Just when you think you have heard enough another adds

These ladies at the kinyozi, they massage you mpaka unasahau mashida yote and they look you straight in the eye while at it. Hii ndio struggle gani?

Another adds

How do you guys buy time so you don’t wake up with your boner showing after that kinyozi massage?

Another man adds that he is too sensitive

If it was up to me, I’d be getting full body massages every now and then. Sasa shida ni moja. I’m too ticklish to withstand any kind of physical contact.

Hata ile ya kinyozi ya shoulders huwa shida. Huu mwili unahitaji kukandwa.

A female masseuse shares that they also go through challenges given that some men end up becoming aroused yet they came with their wife to the barber shop.

image-2019-05-07 (5)

Another Kenyan went to share some of the best shops where men can find a good masseuse after a shave.image-2019-05-07 (1) (1)

Another beautician agrees that all the things men go through is true

image-2019-05-07 (2) (1)


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Study: Why cotton swabs are not good for your ears

Using a cotton swab could be dangerous as it could lead to ear damage like hearing loss, damaged ear canal or damaged ear drums.

Paramedics who arrived to help a young man who had collapsed one afternoon were totally mystified.

Only 31 years old, he had, without any warning, started having seizures and violent headaches. He was also forgetting people’s names — and then he passed out.

After being taken to hospital, he was quickly sent for a brain scan which solved the riddle: two pus-filled abscesses on the lining of his brain.



The cause? A piece of cotton bud found buried deep inside his left ear.

The bud had led to necrotising otitis externa, a bacterial infection that starts in the ear canal before spreading to the skull, where it eats through the bone.

‘Karma has caught up with me for sleeping with married men’ Cries woman

Facial nerves can also be affected, causing a stroke-like droop. Also known as malignant otitis externa, it is usually seen in the elderly, and others with a compromised immune system. While rare, it can be fatal.

The unnamed man, whose case was detailed in the journal BMJ Case Reports in March, did not know how long the cotton bud tip had been there. But he told his doctors he’d suffered ‘intermittent left ear pain and hearing loss’ for the past five years.

cotton-buds-500x500 (1)

The cotton tip had to be removed under anaesthetic. The patient made a full recovery — but only after eight weeks of intravenous antibiotics. ‘Most importantly,’ wrote his doctors, ‘he is no longer using cotton buds’.

It’s an extreme example, but cotton buds can cause a range of problems, including infections, impacted earwax, perforated ear drums and tinnitus

So, how should you clean your ears? The short answer is, don’t.

‘That’s how cavemen cleaned their ears — they just left them,’ says Mr Veer.

The skin lining the ear is constantly growing outwards from the ear drum and earwax is transported along it. When it reaches the outer ear, it falls out naturally.

As we age, wax becomes harder and drier, which can hinder its natural movement out of the ear.

Signs of wax build-up include hearing loss, a feeling of fullness in the ear and a ringing or crackling sound.

If you think wax is blocking your ears, the NHS recommends seeking a pharmacist’s advice, followed by seeing a practice nurse who can perform microsuction, in which a miniature vacuum sucks out the wax.

Photos of Grace Msalame’s grown up twins!

Dr Henderson, a spokesman for Earex ear drops, says that home syringing should be avoided. ‘If used incorrectly, there’s a risk you could perforate the ear drum.’

And ‘ear candling’, in which a lit, hollow candle is inserted into the ear in the belief it draws out the wax, ‘is a really bad idea’, says Mr Veer. Apart from the danger of burns, studies show it can deposit candle wax in the ear.

‘Please don’t use candles for earwax,’ says Mr Veer. ‘Use them for romance and power cuts.’


-Daily mail

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Study: Diet rich in coffee, fruits protects against breast cancer

Diet rich in coffee, fruit and vegetables could protect against breast cancer, a study suggests.

The  study has found that a diet full of vegetables in not only good for health but can protect you from breast cancer as well.

Scientists have found evidence of a protective effect from a diet full of phenolic acids on the risk of post-menopausal breast cancer.

Chlorogenic acids, a certain type of phenolic acid which are found in coffee, fruits, and vegetables had the strongest effect.

image-2019-05-06 (2) (1)


The study was led by a team of academics from the University of Navarra and the University of Jaen in Spain.

They looked at the link between phenolic acids, including hydroxycinnamic and hydroxybenzoic acids, and breast cancer in 11,028 women.


‘Alcohol was going to kill me, pancreatitis saved me’ – Journalist Tom Mboya

During an average follow-up of almost 12 years, the researchers found 101 cases of breast cancer among the group of women.

All the women had completed a food questionnaire at the start of the study saying how often they ate 136 different food items.

Their intake of phenolic acids was calculated by matching food consumption data from the questionnaire with a database on the phenolic acid content of each food.

Researchers split women into three groups according to their intake of phenolic acids.

image-2019-05-06 (4) (1)

Those with the highest consumption of hydroxycinnamic acids had a 62 per cent reduced risk of breast cancer compared with those with the lowest intake.

Women consuming the most chlorogenic acids had a 65 per cent reduced risk of breast cancer compared with those consuming the least.

The researchers concluded: ‘A higher intake of hydroxycinnamic acids, especially from chlorogenic acids – present in coffee, fruits and vegetables – was associated with decreased post-menopausal breast cancer risk.’

My son had to undergo 17 surgeries and 300 face stitches’ Tom Mboya

They said the diet could possibly reduce fat tissue inflammation, oxidative stress which can damage tissue, or resistance to insulin.

The findings were presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Glasgow.

Susannah Brown, acting head of research interpretation at the World Cancer Research Fund, said: ‘This is an interesting study that further confirms the importance of consuming a diet high in fruits and vegetables for cancer prevention.

‘It also suggests some of the potential underlying biological reasons as to why fruit and vegetables are protective against cancer.’

-Daily Mail

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6 important ways to know you are falling into depression

May is the Mental Awareness Month.


A study by WHO ranked Kenyans as the 6th most depressed people in Africa.

The study suggested that men were more affected by this condition than women.

In regards to mental health, we have highlighted 6 ways you might know that you are falling into depression:

1. Lack of Appetite and weight changes

When someone is falling into depression, lack of appetite and slowly losing weight is a trigger that may result from mental health.

Loss of appetite and weight changes could be from very many factors but when it comes to mental health, you may find that it’s simply because you are stressed or just don’t want to eat at all.


‘Alcohol was going to kill me, pancreatitis saved me’ – Journalist Tom Mboya

2. Feeling of guilt and self hate

“I hate myself” is a sadly common voice that people struggle with.

This inner voice is especially very active when one has had self doubt and hopelessness over a situation and it tends to lead to all the negative voices that weigh down your positive progress.


Super Model Ajak Deng threatens to commit suicide over mistreatmen

3. Hopelessness 

People who are falling into depression tend to feel hopeless and have self doubt.

This distorts their minds to be one that they do not believe in themselves  and rather one that they are always doubting what they do.

hopelessnesscanbegood (1)


4. Lack or concentration

Excessive tiredness that results from signs of depression can cause a lack of concentration that continues for an extended period of time.

Stress and anxiety can also be part of the equation. Stress and anxiety could result to anything that is happening or what they feel could happen in future.



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5. Fatigue and body pains 

Feeling of body fatigue and body pains is one of the ways that one knows that they are falling into some sort of mental problem.

This may happen even after sleeping for 24 hours and even after so much rest, you still wake up tired.

Stress could also trigger fatigue and pains, this is because when one is stressed for a long duration of time, their bodies get worn out from all the weight of the stress.




6. Withdrawing from close family and friends

What happens to a depressed person is that they start to withdraw from everything and everyone.

This may include intimate partner, children, parents, siblings or other household members.

When this happens it does not mean that they are doing well or avoiding you, it means they just need help and they need it from you



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5 early warning signs and symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that impairs the body’s ability to process blood sugar and causes the blood sugar levels to become too high.

Even though Diabetes can be controlled, it is a long life meaning that it lasts a lifetime.

Overtime or when detected late, diabetes may lead to blindness and other kidney related problems which may interfere or damage the vessels in your body.

Below we are highlighting some of the signs one may detect could lead to diabetes.

1. Dehydration

Dehydration happens when you lose more fluids from your body than the consumption.

Could be from sweating too much or using the washrooms a lot as well. When this abnormality starts happening, it is advisable that you start seeing your doctor as soon as possible.


‘Don’t live to impress people’ Shouts billionaire Nwokos bae Reginah

2. Nausea

Nausea is caused by a discomfort from your stomach which may lead to vommiting.

This is one of the signs and symptoms that occur when diabetes is detected, thus when the feeling of nausea does not stop, it is advisable to see a doctor.


3. Weight loss

What diabetes does is that it leads to insufficient insulin which prevents the body from accessing glucose thus resulting to burning fat and muscle for energy.

This may lead to loss and reduction of body weight.

When this becomes a symptom, it is advisable  to visit a doctor for consultation.


Bahati and Diana Marua are definitely serving us couple goals in Dubai!

4. Wounds that do not heal quickly

A wound that does not heal in a period of like four weeks is generally a non healing wound.

If this happens its is normally because of conditions that are happening in you body tissues that have not been addressed. When this happens, it could be a symptom of Diabetes that may need special attention.


Fun things to do with your mother for mother’s day!

5. Exhaution

Diabetes on most occasions may linked to fatigue.

People who experience fatigue could be due to low blood glucose levels thus, blood glucose testing  could determine how high or low your sugars are.

Exhausted, Tired Asian Business woman in black shirt holding notebook and sleeping on white sofa with blue wall. Stress from overtime working concept.

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5 efficient ways to achieve the perfect life-work balance

Most if not all the times, work might be very demanding , however, it should never become a priority over your well-being, your life and your peace of mind

You need time and energy for your hobbies and interests, for your family and loved ones.

We have highlighted 5 ways that can give you tips on how to balance both life and work.

1. Always schedule your events

By micro managing your events , it will help you create time for office activities as well as free time to do your own kind of personal activities outside work like hanging out with family and friends.

This creates balance for both your social and professional life.



2. Do not procrastinate 

This is a very important factor for a very simple reason, when you procrastinate, you will be taking time from an activity or your free time.

In short if you have planned to do something, just do it otherwise you will end up messing your schedules, in the end you will end up not having a balance between your professional and your personal life.

‘Kenyans pretend to celebrate Lupita yet they ignored her before’ City man

3. Make sure you like your work

If you have a problem with where you are working or you simply just don’t like your job, you will not be happy, plain and simple.

It doesn’t mean you have to love everything about your job but have some positives about it that will make you want to go to the office every morning.

This will make you create balance between your working conditions, and your personal life in general.



4. Make time for yourself

If you do not make time for yourself, you will be very miserable in both your work and personal life.

It is very important to create time for yourself. This will make it very easy to distinguish your work and you personal life time. It is very important to do this, trust me you will age gracefully if you make sure you have time for yourself.

By making time, it basically means, go out, go make your hair, go for spa dates, travel, try out new things, sleep more and much  more of that.

Times Amina Abdi’s fashion sense has left us breathless

5. Introduce some little spice to your life

If both your personal life and work have been stagnating or have become boring, change a few things to add that extraness to your life.

It is important to keep your life happy with some spiced up activities. This will not strain you from trying to keep a balance between the two.

If you think that you do not spend quality time with your family in the evening, try to reschedule your work hours. Maybe arrive at work a little early and come back home a bit early.




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‘My In-laws deserted us with their son’s bill of 1.2 million’ City woman

A female caller shocked Maina Kageni after confessing how her sister’s husband was in a coma for two months and no one from his family visited him.

She said that despite all this, her sister stood by her husband  until his last breath.

Maina let me share a story of my sister.

Her husband was diabetic and it reached a point he could not even go to work. All he could do is drink.

Many are the times he lied to my sister that he is at the office only for the secretary to confirm he had not even been seen at the premises.

One day he collapsed in town was in a coma for two months. My sister visited him everyday crying at his bedside as if the world was ending.

Exclusive: Joho’s barbers reveal why they charge 10,000 per cut

A sick man resting on a hospital bed
A sick man resting on a hospital bed

Female body parts found chopped off and wrapped in a polythene bag

She adds

All this time no one from his family came to visit. At some point he died and left behind a bill of Ksh 1.2 million.

It reached a point where I would tell my sister that the man is already dead we should just take him to a morgue already but she adamantly refused.


When he died only one guy from his family came with Ksh 30,000. We sent them a budget and we finally managed to bury him after arranging for a harambee.

If your In-Laws are not supportive you can’t be able to support your man.

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5 things to do to prepare adequately for the cold season

Cold weather are back and we and everyone is looking for ways to keep warm in this season.

Arguably most Kenyans wait for the last minute to prepare for such times.

Here is a list of 5 ways to prepare during or for the cold season.

1. Warm clothes

Basically, regulating your body’s temperature by adding or removing different layers of clothing.

The worst-case scenario in cold weather is getting wet. Falling in flood waters and getting your clothes wet puts you in an awkward position.


2. Stay hydrated

The most important thing to do during the cold season is to stay hydrated. This is because you might not feel thirsty but that does not mean your body doesn’t need water too.

By staying hydrated could also help keep your immunity strong and healthy.


3. Get outside and stay active

Work out, walks and cardio can boost your metabolism during the cold weather and this helps to keep fit and stay healthy during this cold season.

Having time to exercise during the cold weather has some advantages as compared to working out in warmer temperatures.


7 important travel items to pack when going for that trip!

4. Sleep well

Elevated or high temperatures can tamper with someone’s sleep, one benefit however of sleeping in cool temperatures is that it improves one health


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5. Eat well and healthy

Kenyans are advised to take hot drinks such as cocoa and tea and soup to regulate body temperatures during the cold weather.

In addition, spicy foods are also advised during cold seasons.

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Women who use antibiotics for more than two months are 35% more likely to suffer a stroke – study

When we visit a doctor, some of the most prescribed drugs that we are given are the antibiotics right? Most of those times we do not read about possible the side effects

The doctors prescriptions then go ahead to make us take them for a weeks , months others, depending on the condition, we take them for years.

Anti-biotics are normally used to slow down the growth of bacteria in our bodies, thus they are a range of drugs used to treat diseases caused by bacteria.

In the process they also destroy beneficial bacteria, altering the balance of the  ecosystem and increasing the risk of viruses, harmful bugs and infectious fungal organisms.

According to a research study, it says that women who use anti biotics for more than 2 months are at risk of getting a heart attack, or a stroke.

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Medical experts believe the long-term use of the drugs wipes out healthy bacteria in the gut creating an imbalance that increases inflammation, narrows blood vessels and ends up damaging the heart.

They think this creates a cumulative effect, so the more frequently a woman uses antibiotics during her lifetime, the greater the eventual risk


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 The research also showed that

As these women grew older, they were more likely to need more antibiotics, and sometimes for longer periods of time, which suggests a cumulative effect may be the reason for the stronger link in older age between antibiotic use and cardiovascular disease.


The study is the largest long-term investigation of the link between antibiotic use and heart disease ever carried out.

The most common reasons for the women taking antibiotics were lung infections, urinary tract infections, and dental problems.

This is because overuse of antibiotics triggers the evolution of harmful bacteria to resist treatment.

-Daily mail

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