School letter to parents about suspended daughter stealing mangoes goes viral

Matungulu Girls in Machakos is trending online. The school administration wrote a letter to suspended students parents asking them to refund stolen mangoes with 200 mangoes has been slammed by Kenyans online.

The letter instructing the parents how to return the mangoes elicited sharp reaction with many saying the school administration is taking things too far.

Matungulu Girls wanakaaa ni kama hawajui ni season ya maembe,,,sually,,,,sasa III ni punishment ya kupea mtu.. kweli?????

The girl has a share on that mango tree, assume you’re asking the girl,”what’s the name of your school”response…matungulu.
She saw them ripe, lazy and irresponsible teacher can’t see they are.

Student suspended from Matungulu Girls for stealing Mangoes. The Principal Mr Kariuki, orders that she returns with 200 pieces of mangoes and must clear all school fees first. What’s your thought on this?

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RnB legend Anita Baker celebrates her 64th birthday

Anita Baker is celebrating her birthday by sharing news of her return to the stage.

In 2018, Anita Baker announced she would retire from music and hold several farewell concerts to end her career.

The Detroit R&B singer took to Twitter on Wednesday Janauray 26, to announce a new Las Vegas engagement in May 2022.

Baker has recently been teasing a return to the live stage as well as new music on her Twitter, along with a new deal with Rhino Records. That partnership came after she publicly fought with with her former label, Elektra, for control of her master recordings and asked that fans not stream her music.

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Boo’d Up Ella Mai announces her musical return with a new single

Boo’d up singer Ella Mai is back to the musical scene with a new single.

Ella has been missing in action and annunced Tuesday on her social media that she has a new single dubbed DFMU.

The London-born Grammy winner revealed that the track will debut this Friday (January 28).

‘DFMU’ serves as the lead offering from the follow-up to Mai’s self-titled 2018 debut – which, along with ‘Boo’d Up’ also featured hit single ‘Trip.’

Ella also wrote that she is excited for beggining a new era in another caption ‘yep, a new era is upon us. see you in 2022’

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I insulted everyone and even escaped -Jackie Chandiru on rehab experience

“I did not like rehab when I was taken there. My life had drastically changed from the comfort of my home to this place. When I was being taken I insulted everyone. I even escaped and there was a search for me,”

Jackie Chandiru said

Gold digger singer Jackie Chandiru is based in Kenya for now pursuing a fresh music career.

The singer in an interview with Uganda tv and radio station below told of her terrible experience in rehab after drug addiction and how she has returned to her career after a hiatus.

‘My addiction started with a back problem. I was given an option between a drug and surgery. the surgery was 50/50, so I chose the drug. I was warned about its addictive nature but I decided to use it’

Jackie had been injecting herself with Pethidine that led to addiction. She was admitted at two facilities for rehab before coming to Kenya

used to inject myself with drugs and it got to a point where I was using 20 ampoules a day. I was spending up to UGX 500K a day’

she also added ‘My people called police in an effort to get me to a rehabilitation centre. My mother called the police after she saw the syringe I used to get the drugs in my body. I even let my dogs loose for the police’

Jackie added ‘

‘At one point I thought God was unfair, because a girl at my age shouldn’t have gone through what I went through and what made it worse is that I went through all that in the public eye’

Musically I’ve been based in Kenya for some time and yes I was singing though I was concentrating most on that market (Kenya) because my recovery happened when I was in Nairobi’

Hope in humanity! Hawker gives out money to prisoners in traffic

A video of a hawker dishing out money to prisoners being conveyed to jail has interested the internet.

The man carrying a bucket on his head, gives to money to prisoners who have their hands out the bus windows.

Reactions include
I just watched this video of a bottle water hawker giving out his money to inmates in the Nigerian correctional services bus .This video gives me so much hope

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Chill with the big boys! Photo of President Uhuru looking dapper

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s latest look inspired by safari outfits has captivated the internet.

The photos were taken two days ago by his media team while on a tour of Naivasha Inland Container Depot.

While pictures of his tour were shared, this one above cropped up on Friday, and we love how swagged out he looks. Can your dad even!!

Uhur was touring with his guest Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, President Museveni’s son.

Uhuru also went on a train ride from Naivasha to Longonot and another picture pointing his finger at something outside captured our attention.

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Only 90’s lovers who got messages like these can relate #TBT

How many of you used one of these nokia phones before? 

Those people who used this phone back in the day are legends. Don’t argue, go hug a tree.

There were no blue ticks, no last seen, none of this stuff that gives us ulcers nowadays.

These phones were all the rage. By the way if you are this old, did you play snake on it? What about the creative SMS with a rose fashioned out of commas and quotation marks.

Ah the Nokia 3310.

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Nothing hurts like going to the salon and hating the result

Ladies, what is your worst salon experience?

Girls be honest have you ever visited a salon told the stylist what you want, and in the end it was terrible? I have many times. And it’s pure agony. Not getting what you asked for can be the result of many things.

This was the subject of discussion online, and here is a collection of stories.

Went to the salon ka di 27 Dec and I’ve never been the same… Long story short I am done with that salon soze kalok

This is me. I did my hair on the 28th today i had to unplate it coz wow. I just couldn’t. After paying R800 for that rubbish im never going back there.

Mna I’m done with salons. Sometimes it seems like hairdressers ruin your hair on purpose. I’m learning to do my own hair now

The anxiety rising as you look in the mirror prior to her finishing and being unable to voice out your unhappiness.

I almost cried the other day this happened. I kept trying to correct her as she was braiding but she wasn’t understanding me

And most hairdressers don’t want to be corrected!! I’d get an emergency call and leave immediately Frowning face. I don’t play like that when it comes to my hair. I’d rather keep it afro.

I once got home and unbraided because I couldn’t walk around looking like that.

But there’s mirrors there, why not stop. I’ll never understand why ladies are afraid to complain or just speak out

I am not afraid, I just feel bad. Loudly crying face but I really need to stop

On top of that you are afraid of speaking out so you pretend to like it

Then they ask you if you like it

And you have to say yes, thank you and smile

Especially if you are terrified of telling the hair dresser that’s not what you asked for

And on top of that… your head is hurting

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Jackie Matubia hilariously sums up how she got pregnant again

Being pregnant is such a beautiful thing.

And actress Jackie Matubi knows this all too well, as she is pregnant with her second child.

And when announcing the pregnancy last week January 5th, she shrugged it off. ‘Blessed! #babynumber2ontheway’ she captioned the post.

‘But now in a reel, Jackie sums up how things went down.

I mean she is growing a whole human, how cool is that? Using Inaya’s song suga daddy, which goes something like this

‘But I took one too many shots to the head
But got back to the room, pop-pop threw me on the bed
And he came alive, I’m surprised he ain’t dead’

The other lyrics would get me banned on Google, so go check out what else she sings.

And the video on her channel has amused many.

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From eating cabbage to walking! 9 useful ways how to survive Njaanuary

What are some of the things you are doing to make it through the 90 days of njaanuary?

To be honest, many ordinary Kenyans have spent their January salaries after being paid early in December 2021.

We lived it up, bambaing with the big boys and girls.

You won’t admit it, but w shall do it on your behalf – pole.

Here are tactics for surviving the 90 days in January.

  1. It is not a must to pay school fees in full. Put aside some cash for miscellaneous.
  2. Cabbage abd sukuma wiki will come in handy this month
  3. Walking to your work station increase your lifespan
  4. Airtel ia the cheapest poption
  5. 20 bob can buy tokens
  6. Beans i also a source of proteins
  7. Mboga kienyeji cures all illnesses
  8. Alcohol is bad for your health
  9. Meat causes cancer

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If your househelp hasn’t returned, you’re a toxic boss – Kenyans mock each other

It’s January 3 and back to business and our offices. But for some mothers, their domestic workers won’t be returning.

They have probably spent the morning struggling and wondering who will clean the house. You have even probably tried calling her phone, but you are blocked. *inserts laugh*

Kenyans online are making fun of this fact saying this is a sign you are a toxic boss that you like to complain about and the reason she hasn’t returned.

Your behavior towards her has probably been affecting her mental health and she swore after the holidays, you are on your own.

Here’s how to tell you are that mdosi

You set unrealistic expectations

You throw fits

You give her anxiety every time you come home

You think she has low self esteem, yet it is her responding to your actions daily

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Good times Tv series actor John Amos turns 82

Actor John Amos, known for his role as James Evans, Sr on the series “Good Times”, has turned 82.

His on screen wife was played by Emmy Award-winning actress Esther Rolle and we loved her role as the strict but loving mother. who encouraged her hardworking husband through the years.

The tv series lasted’ six seasons, and ended owing to creative and ideological differences between Amos, Rolle, and the show’s writers and producers. Amos’s contract was not renewed after the third season, and his character was killed off. This was due in part to his issues with what he perceived as a negative portrayal of J.J. Evans, the Evan family’s oldest son, played by comedian Jimmie Walker.

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A list of the biggest lies told daily in Kenya according to KOT

Let’s close out this year with a list of the biggest lies ever told by Kenyans. Happy New year folks.

A Twitter user probably frustrated @ArcherMishale asked for other suggestions with this prompt below

Is there any bigger lie in this Kanairo than “M.O.H Guidelines Apply”?

Here is a list of 17 things Kenyans have noticed about the 254

  1. MOH Guidelines apply
  2. Executive apartments
  3. Terms and conditions apply
  4. Covid protocols observed
  5. open plan kitchen
  6. We will leave no stone unturned
  7. excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health
  8. Drug Free Zone & No smoking
  9. No posters
  10. No dumping
  11. usikojoe hapa
  12. Rights of the accused
  13. 70% sold. Few units available
  14. Hurry while stocks last
  16. The constitution is very clear
  17. Send me 2k urgently. I will give you back in an hour

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Put a bar: 8 simple tricks to pimp your balcony

More and more Kenyans are living in urban settings and with that has come the need for more highrises to accommodate the growing numbers.

This has meant that like the reggae singers constant lament; our suburbs, towns, and cities are becoming concrete jungles. This has meant that space is more constrained and thus the need to use efficiently.

Balcony with lounging chairs
Balcony with lounging chairs

One area that is constantly overlooked in most apartments and flats is how people use their balconies. There are several ways one can maximise and smartly use their balcony.

They are below;

Add a small table

One can enjoy a morning coffee, brunch or work on your laptop using the table.

Balcony with a small table
Balcony with a small table

Bring in Greenery

One can plant fruits and veggies in their balcony and no it isn’t as hard as you imagine.

Put up a Hammock or a rocking chair

The hammock or the chair is a nice way for one to enjoy the breeze or read a book as you lounge at home.

Balcony chair
Laying back as someone chills

Add Pattern with an Outdoor Rug

This will give your balcony character and make it more inviting to relax.

Opt for Floor Pillows

This is a wonderful idea for those who want to just chill and while away the day. One can have a nice conversation, read a book, play a board game or just meditate.

Surround Yourself with Flowers

Buy potted flowers and surround yourself with these beautiful reminders of nature’s best.


Install Built-In Seating

Put in some bench seating and use them while hosting your guests. Opt for Floor Pillows.

Design a Spot For Cocktails

Put up a temporary bar that you can use to prepare cocktails and drinks for yourself and guests.

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Tips that will motivate you back to work after holidays

The festive season is over, You just got back from days of complete relaxation, socializing, celebrating with roast dinners and vacations.But now you’re back to reality and struggling to marshall the strength to turn on the computer, trudge through your inbox, and jump right back into your normal work routine.

Going back to work after a nice holiday will always make you feel sad. It’s been scientifically proven that getting back into our routine can lead to sluggishness and demotivation.

Here are some of the ways to help you deal with the post-holiday blues and maintain a work-life balance

Keep Festive season spirit alive

I don’t mean you start spiking your morning coffee. This is all about trying to keep the feeling of togetherness and joy alive while your management gives targets for the new year.

The first step to dealing with this rather grey mood is to embrace it. Understand that it’s okay to feel sad and accept that the first couple of days back in your daily routine will be difficult.

On your first day at work, you can bring a useful Christmas gift could be a new diary that’ll make you smile when you use it. Or maybe you had some good news over the festive break that you can share with your colleagues

Get to the office earlier than usual

After holidays there is too much work to catch up on the first week after resuming office.

It is advisable to arrive at the office early,spend a good chunk of your morning planning your work.

Prioritise on urgent tasks and also throw in a few tasks you enjoy doing as well because this will give you nice little breaks and make your day more enjoyable.

Set new goals

It is a new year, go back to work with new goals. Walk into the office with a new mindset.

Identify an area in your sector that you’d like to master and go back to work knowing that you have a challenge ahead of you.

Types of colleagues that exist in every workplace

This helps from getting bored at work as you shall have something new to learn and achieve.

Catch up with colleagues

No doubt you’d rather be spending your entire day with your friends rather than your colleagues.

But, getting along with your office workmates can significantly improve your overall work experience, it’s advisable that you do what you can do get along with them.

Don’t hurt ’em! Singer Suzanna Owiyo stepping on our necks – Photos

Singer and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Suzanna Owiyo is beautiful in and out.

She is stepping on necks with these pictures in cute shorts that had men thirsting after her.

This look is so trendy a man commented that she is turning heads with her latest fashion choice.

She took to her social media with a few images of herself in shorts and a red shirt. Girl got legs for days!!

The photos were taken in a kitchen as she put together a meal and captioned the moment ‘MOOD…. Muma***a, malizia’

Other fans gushed over her look and we love it to. Kill ’em siz.

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Corazon Kwamboka is in no rush to snap back after birth

Corazon Kwamboka

Our birth vlog is up on @frankie_justgymit YouTube page.

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka is in no rush to snap back as many celebrities do.

The mother of two shared a picture, telling her fans recovery after childbirth is unique to every woman.

She detailed how she is in no rush to snap back or even and pressure herself to get back. She said in a note to self that ‘This body doesn’t come easy. It takes 2 pregnancies, 2 CS births and several months of breastfeeding

Baby Koko vlog

There is a huge amount of societal pressure for mums to ‘snap back’ after pregnancy, to start exercising quickly, and return to their pre baby body, but do so at your own time.

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