Good news! More coaches to be added on SGR, demand from travelers is high!

Knowing Kenyans and going to the Coast over the holidays is a must and they go in large numbers. Since the Mombasa–Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway was introduced to Kenyans as a faster, a more safer and convenient for passengers to travel by compared to buses, its demand has increased than expected.

Kenya Railways has announced on their twitter page that from next week, they will add more coaches to the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) passenger service between Nairobi and Mombasa.


It is not a rare act for the railway service to increase coaches during the holiday season. As this continues, it is promoting active tourism and also will generate revenue for the government. A win win on both ends.

This is a very smart move and it will see more people travel and miss out on the train tickets due to its nature of always  being fully booked during peak season.

PHOTOS: Uhuru leaves smiles on Kenyans on surprise SGR trip to Mombasa

Nairobi SGR Terminus

The train is currently pulling 16 coaches on economy class tickets and two (72 passengers) on the first class tickets.

SGR train

For those who have not yet traveled  by this locomotive should include it on their bucket list agendas, to experience comfortably and a more faster ride to and from Mombasa and Nairobi. Currently with the 16 coaches it has, it can take 1652 people.

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Sorry Sis! 6 signs you may just be a booty call

Is your man serious or is he just looking for a good time in bed?

If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, you already know. But you may want to read on just to be sure.

In some situations, it’s easy to get confused about what’s going on between you and a potential beau. A guy may just be taking things slowly, like a cautious young man. Other guys may just be casual, you know nothing serious there, mate! Or, others may consider themselves players you may have been classed as the dreaded booty call, and you don’t even know it yet.

Image result for how to know you are a booty call

Signs you are just a booty call:

  1. He is very secretive when on his phone to a point he does the bob and weave with his phone hiding the contents of his phone from you. This also can imply that he is se3ting with another beau behind your back.
  2. The conversation that revolves around the both of you is just plain old msolokombo. Feelings and gratification revolve around pekejeng. If you claim not to be well informed about his life and the things that he likes, then girl you his booty call or rather his side dish for when his main ain’t available.
  3. If he doesn’t check up on you, or ask you how your day has been? That’s a red flag that he ain’t with you emotionally and that he doesn’t care about your feelings whatsoever. Just contacts you when he wants to “nyandua” you.
  4. Not part of his daily life. If he doesn’t involve you in his day to life or the both of ya’ll do not hangout in public places other than the time he only wants you in his bed then you are his clandestine. Also when you try bringing in the question of being  in a serious relation with your “man” and he casually shrugs it off or makes flimsy excuses then, you just ain’t that special to him.
  5. Its all about relieving s33ual tension or some sort of fantasies he’s always been skimming up his sleeves. No real bonding, just being physically satisfied and when all that is said and done, he will give you the boot, no sleeping over when the deed is done or if he is at your place he will leave with no hesitation.
  6. Nyanduaing is mostly on his terms and whenever the both of ya’ll are tispy or drunk. No point will there be any intimate moment when the both of you are sober.

What are or were some of the red flags you have or came across that you knew you were just a booty call?

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How to check your NHIF account status and pay contributions

NHIF scheme has been a life saver to countless Kenyans.

According to an opinion piece published in the Star by Siddharth Chatterjee the UN Resident Coordinator to Kenya, says among the poorest in Kenya, only 3% have health insurance, which is provided by the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).

The article continues to say

Among the wealthiest, many who also have private cover, this rises to 42%, indicating again that the poorest are at risk of being left behind even further, and do not have an appropriate safety-net to fall back on

Image result for nhif

Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki recently unveiled a team of experts to spearhead radical reforms at the NHIF. This new initiative will build on past efforts at reforming NHIF, which were only partially implemented. The team will analyse the financial sustainability of NHIF, oversee legal and regulatory reforms among other propose organisational reforms to reposition NHIF as a national social health insurance provider and ensure its accountability and transparency.

Image result for nhif

How NHIF works:

There are certain operative measures put in place to ensure the fund benefits all without misuse. For instance the fund limits the number of hospital visits one can make in a year and still have their bill covered. Other than these the state parastatals check eligibility of cover; not all members can be covered by the scheme.

Parliament to draft a law that regulates drugs and medical care prices in Kenya – Sabina Chege

How to check NHIF Account status online

Here is the step by step analysis of how to check NHIF account status online:

With your internet enabled device, get to the NHIF official website:

If you are visiting the site for the very first time, you need to first register in order to receive the services. You need NHIF card numbers, a valid email address and a day working phone number in case they would like to reach up to you for enquiries or other reasons.

This follows several prompts to fill up other personal details which should be dully filled before saving or submitting.

Develop a password that you will use every time you log onto the portal, this should be easy to remember yet not so obvious.

However, it can be reset in case you have completely forgotten your password for the NHIF account status online enquiry. Technically, this is how to create an NHIF self service individual account. Now, log onto the NHIF self service portal and proceed on to get your NHIF account status online. Information about how you make the monthly NHIF payment, balance, anytime one has defaulted, activation period among other details. For security of your bio, log out from the device after you are done checking the NHIF account status online Kenya.

By use of phone

Go to the main menu on your mobile phone and select the message icon by touching if using an android phone or just click on the icon for QWERTY phones. This opens the message thread for inbox, at the top there is a compose prompt, click on it. At the message space, type ID, a space followed by the ID number or the Passport number if applicable. For example, ID 123456 sent to the NHIF number which receives and processed details for you. This message should be sent to 21101 which is NHIF recipient. Information regarding your NHIF account status will be processed and send back to you in a text message. Note a service charge of ksh. 10 applies.


The NHIF penalties for late payment Kenya apply in two varied ways; for those in the formal and informal sectors, treatment is done separately. If you are in the formal employment, and fail to pay timely, then the penalty you attract equals the amount you are supposed to contribute. This implies you will pay double the amount. If in informal employment, a 50% charge will have been attracted following late payment. If you contribute ksh. 500 monthly to the NHIF, the late payment means you will pay kshs. 750. All monthly contributions should be made on or before the 9th of every month. NHIF payment made after this date is considered late payment and attracts penalties. So how does one make their monthly NHIF contribution?

Finally, NHIF payment can be made through the use of mobile money transfer service; M-Pesa. Money is loaded to the individual Safaricom mobile phone number, money is then transferred to the National Hospital Insurance Fund through the NHIF M-Pesa pay bill number 200222.

Here is the procedure:

  • Go to M-Pesa menu and select the pay bill option Enter the NHIF M-pesa pay bill number, 200222
  • Enter you ID Card number in the subsequent lead
  • Key in the amount – NHIF payment monthly contribution
  • Enter the M-pesa pin and  a confirmation message is then sent  acknowledging that the money is received.

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Listen Up Guys: Here Are 10 Things You can Do To Look More Attractive To A Woman

It is all about the ladies. It is totally understandable that from time to time if not all the time, dudes go out of their way to look attractive to girls. Just like women do, men should also put in a little more effort in how they look. The secret behind it all are the things women look at the first time they meet you. Appearance is everything. The more effort you put into your looks, the more attractive you will be. Factually speaking before everything else, your appearance will determine whether or not a girl will be willing to see you again.

Here are a few simple ways to improve your appearance, to make you look more attractive in a woman’s eyes.

  1. Go to the barber from time to time
    Your hairline is one of the things that outline the features of your face. Get a nice haircut, trim your side-bands and any other extra hair you have growing in your nose. Yes you might ignore it but when you have excess hair popping out of your nose it can be quite distracting. Rather than your other attractive features, a girl might be distracted by that extra hair in your nose, so take time and trim it before you go out to meet her. Guys who take care of their looks seem more attractive as it evident that they have some style which is an attractive feature in a man.haircut 2
  2. Wear shirts that actually fit
    Try getting shirts that actually fit you right. Rather than buying shirts that you will still fit into if you add about 10 kilos, go for the ones that flatters your body. Fitting shirts give you a neat but hot and sexy look. Do not let your suits wear you as they were made for you to wear them and not the other way round.fitting shirt
  3. Invest in cologne
    Yes, women love a man that smells good. Don’t over do it, there’s such a thing as “too much perfume” so keep it light. You certainly do not want to enter an elevator with people in it, only to have them choke on the amount of cologne you’ve sprayed. Wear cologne just enough to leave a hint of your scent in the air when you
  4. Your shoe game is important too
    There is just something about a guy with a dope shoe game. Shoes enhance your look. They say something about you. A man that cares about the kind of shoes he wears with a particular outfit has proven to be one of the most attractive features. You will find that guys who put effort to dress up will and have loads and loads of female followers on social media. This is because women are attracted to a man with a sense of style.shoegame
  5. Posture
    Posture says a lot about one’s confidence, so it is paramount that you avoid timid. Keep your head up and your chest upright. Walk with purpose and avoid moving around all over the place as though you lack a sense of direction. Women do not like a man that slouches around. You need to portray confidence and strength in the way you sit, stand and walk at all times.posture
  6. Confidence
    There is nothing more attractive than a confident man. Women go crazy over men that will sit down in a chair right in front of her and say “come over here.” I know it may sound silly but that confidence can be quite contagious to a point that the girl you are with will feel it too. Who knows, she might actually walk over to you just like you had requested.posture
  7. Give the ladies your undivided attention
    Avoid using your phone when you go out with her. In fact, you should switch off your phone. Giving a lady your undivided attention makes her feel like you really wanted to spend time with her. We all know ladies love to feel special, so give her the special treatment and she just might find you really attractive enough to date you.
  8. Avoid using the “B” word when talking to her
    It is totally understandable how you may have become accustomed to using the “B” word. However this word can be disrespectful and offensive so give it up and she just might give it up too.
    not listening
  9. Listen to her
    Women love a man that will listen and pay attention to them. Laugh at her jokes and engage yourself in the topic at hand. This will make her feel like you actually care about what she says. A woman will pick a man that may not be so attractive, but who listens to her over a handsome man who ignores her.
  10. Read a book
    There is something about a man who reads a book rather than reads the content online on a tablet or phone.. In the digital era that we are in, reading a book works like old-fashioned charm that is practically akin to wearing a three-piece suit. Reading a book suggests that you have interests and a long attention span which is a highly desirable character in reading

Love make-up? Read this city woman’s experience after decades of use and incorrect cleaning

A city woman has a strange eye condition after 25 years of heavy eye makeup use. For years, she failed to properly take off her mascara, leaving behind fragments. Pictures reveal the extent of the damage from poor makeup hygiene.

Each day, thousands of women apply lashings of mascara.

 Unfortunately, most of them are removing it from their eyes incorrectly – a habit that can be causing far more damage than they realise.

Horrifying images have emerged of a 50-year-old Australian woman who developed an eye condition after failing to remove her eye makeup properly for more than two decades.

For 25 years, the woman applied mascara heavily every day. However, she consistently failed to adequately cleanse her eyelashes.

After years of poor mascara removal, she started feeling a strange sensation as if something was lodged under her eyelids.

Eventually, she sought medical attention from an ophthalmic surgeon in Sydney, who discovered that years of poor eye makeup hygiene had left the woman with a strange eye condition.

Her case was so unusual that the surgeon wrote a medical journal article about it, to alert the medical community to the dangers of inadequate eye makeup removal.

When the surgeon lifted up the woman’s eyelids, she revealed multiple dark spots, which were caused by an accumulation of small fragments of mascara that had lodged under both eyelids.

According to the case study, published by the American Academy of Opthamology, the spots were darkly pigmented ‘subconjunctivital concretions’ which were linked to a form of conjunctivitis.

The surgeon removed tissue from the woman’s eye lid in a biopsy. After examining the tissue under a microscope, the surgeon discovered that the woman had a ‘chronic inflammatory infiltrate’ with ‘pigmented macrophages’.

These were consistent with years of mascara use, with fragments of unwashed mascara depositing under her eyelids over the years.

So how can we avoid falling into the same trap with our eye makeup?


While the tightlining technique is all the rage on beauty blogs, Mr Arundel warns against this cosmetic method.

‘Optometrists call the fragile skin around the eyes ‘periocular skin’ and they have a strong opinion about where on that skin you should apply your eyeliner,’ he said.

‘There has even been a small study to set the record straight about the dangers of what beauticians refer to as ‘waterlining’ or ‘tightlining’ which is applying eyeliner inside your lower lash line.

Vera Sidika‘The study quantified the migration of a conventional cosmetic eye pencil in two different locations: behind the lash line and inside the lash line (the waterline).

‘The results showed the glitter particles of the pencil eyeliner migrated more readily and contaminated the tear film when applied inside the waterline.

Mr Arundel said this has ‘implications for contact wearers and patients with dry eye syndrome or sensitive eyes’.


While many people keep their make up for a long while, this could be causing serious damage to their eyes.

‘A study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science found 97.9 per cent of participants reported using or previously using make-up after the expiration date, with mascara being the most frequently mentioned product,’ Mr Arundel said.

‘Yet, the microbiological analysis of 40 mascara samples revealed the presence of bacteria and fungi which can cause nasty bacterial eye infections.

‘By law, cosmetic manufacturers don’t have to put a use-by date on their products.

However, you can check a product’s official expiry date by running the batch code through or apps like Check Your Cosmetics.


Eyelash extensions have skyrocketed in popularity of late… but they can be risky.

According to Mr Arundel, risks associated with this beauty trend include infections of the cornea and eyelid, the permanent or temporary loss of eyelashes, eyelid swelling and allergic reactions.

‘There has been a steady increase in the number of cases associated with allergic reactions to the glue used to adhere extensions to existing lashes, the loss of natural eyelashes, conjunctivitis and even corneal damage due to tweezer injury,’ Mr Arundel said.

Vera Sidika new man
Vera Sidika and her new man

‘Repeated use of eyelash extensions can cause tractional alopecia, where the natural lash falls out due to excessive tension and weight placed on the hair shaft.

‘This can damage the hair follicle, which can slow down or cease any further production of natural lashes.’

Mr Arundel says that if women insist on the extensions, they should ensure that their beauty therapist has been trained in this procedure, that the equipment used has been sterilised and that the environment where the procedure will take place is clean.

‘They should ask their therapist what glue they will use and avoid places that only use formaldehyde-based adhesives as these are often linked to allergic reactions,’ he added.

‘If there is any discomfort after the procedure, any noticeable inflammation of the eyelid, grittiness, blurred vision or loss of the natural eyelashes, you should see your optometrist immediately.’


A popular accessory on Halloween, novelty contact lenses are a popular beauty buy.

But they can also cause serious damage to the surface of your eye.

‘Halloween can be a scary time for optometrists, for all the wrong reasons. Buying novelty lenses online or over the counter can lead to eye infections, damage, and even permanent blindness,’ Mr Arundel said.

‘The surface of the eye is extremely delicate and wearing non-prescribed novelty contact lenses, particularly those from a dubious source, could cause eye damage ranging from mild infections to sight-threatening conditions such as corneal scarring and even blindness.

‘Contact lenses are not ‘one size fits all’.

‘It is important to make sure the lenses are prescribed by an optometrist who will measure each eye to properly fit the lenses and evaluate how the eye responds to contact lens wear using a microscope.

‘The optometrist will then instruct them on appropriate insertion and removal techniques and correct contact lens care to minimise the risk of irreversible eye damage.’


Many people put up with sore, teary and itchy eyes for months before even thinking about getting them tested.

Mr Arundel said if these symptoms persist, people should be getting their eyes tested by an optometrist within a few days.

‘You may think your vision is fine or that your eyes are healthy, but visiting an optometrist for a comprehensive eye examination is the only way to really be sure,’ he explained.

‘Not only may it lead to improved everyday vision – and quality of life – it could detect that something more serious is going on, and prevent loss of vision.

‘If you can squeeze in the time to see a beautician, you can manage an appointment with an optometrist.’

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Is this Kenya’s fittest 45-year-old mom?

When I checked out her Instagram, my jaw dropped, and even my deskie gasped out loud.

Nothing inspires to hit the gym more than to look at the rock hard body of this mother of two.

Anne Marie Burugu is a super fit mom motivating her fans to reconsider their food choices.

How does Anne Marie look fierce and fit? Besides the gym, she is an ardent golfer, a surfer (google if you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about)  and absolutely adores sky diving, she also jogs and swims alot.

She kind of reminds me of actress Jada Pinketts 64-year-old mom, whose abs of steel will make you hide your one pack in shame.

My intention is to push myself on the days that I can, and on the days that my body is exhausted and worn out and I cannot imagine going on a run or lifting a weight, I will actively rest by doing lighter workouts like dancing, walking or yoga/Pilates… anything that will still keep me active and moving.

This week we have also been treated to age defying photos of legendary singer Missy Elliot, who disclosed she gave up bread and soda four months ago, and has shed massive amounts of weight.

Everyone’s talking about this photo of Missy Elliot aging backwards

Anne makes it look so easy, adding more about her workout regimen;

But if you you’re up for it, I’m challenging you guys to make your own commitments to get moving everyday, and to hold yourself (or get others to hold you) accountable too! It’s just 30min a day of whatever physical activity is fun for you, because more fun means you’ll stick with it longer. You’ve got nothing to lose (except maybe a few kilos!) and everything to gain!! 




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Is Ali Kiba’s wife open to him getting a second wife?

Uhmm..ok. aren’t they muslims, and men are allowed to marry multiple wives? Correct me if I’m wrong.

In a recent interview on Clouds FM, Ali Kiba and his new wife opened up about their relationship.

The media shy wife, confessed that she would not want him to marry a another wife.


Amina Rikesh revealed where she met the hunky singer.

‘Mara ya kwanza kukutana na Ali Kiba ilikuwa kwenye ndege na hatukuzungumza. Mara ya pili, kaka yangu binamu ndiyo alinikutanisha nae maana walikuwa marafiki sana na hapo ndiyo tulianza urafiki wetu kabla ya kufika hapa tulipo,

This was back in 2016, when things got serious between them.

She was asked if she would allow the singer to marry another wife, she paused then replied;


‘siwezi mruhusu japo mungu ndiye anapanga’.

Ali Kiba has been sued by a fourth woman, who claims he has not been paying child support. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

The two love-birds are currently in Tanzania, and we do wish them well. In the meantime, listen to his new song Mvumo wa radi. Is it a hit or a miss?


Nairobi restaurant manager forced to carry baby after kicking out woman for breastfeeding

A manger of a restaurant who forced out a breastfeeding mum, has been forced to carry the baby he kicked out.

On May 13th, a Kenyan woman exposed a restaurant on social media, claiming they kicked her out for breastfeeding in public.

Betty posted on Facebook’s Buyer Beware, where Kenyans spoke out in anger at the move.

“I’m very disappointed by Olive restaurant embassava stage after humiliating me when breastfeeding my baby. Those Waiter’s should be aware not all babies are covered while being fed,” read a post by the angry woman.

She continued to narrate that it was raining outside thus, she could not breastfeed her baby in the toilet.

“The approach was pathetic, it was raining outside na siwezi nyonyeshea mtoto kwa choo,” she added.

The restaurant continues to be dragged on its social media accounts for taking such a move. Here are comments from annoyed Kenyans.

Elizabeth Gichimu…How you treated that breastfeeding mother was very inhuman. I can’t imagine how many more have been given terrible treatment and did not get to have their voices heard. Sad

Millicent Oketch…Is this the restaurant that kicked a breastfeeding mother out? I’ll make sure to tell all my friends and circle to tell their friends and circle…how can they? We are Africans. So our children should starve or be feed in the toilet? And someone hasn’t closed down that restaurant???

Angela Juliana…I would never go there. Despite the good food, they kick out breastfeeding moms. Or give you the option the feed your baby in the toilet. Bulcrap!!!!

Kenyan women groups took to the streets to protest, and headed over to the restaurant where the manager was forced to carry the child. Here is another photo of the protest at Olive restaurant.



9 uncomfortable truths every high school girl should know


When I look at older Kenyan female celebrities, I often wonder, what would they tell their younger selves?

Would they look back at their younger selves and feel awful at all the turmoil they went through? I do admire someone like Akothee, who owns up to all that she did and went through, perhaps as her way of getting on with it.

But for those struggling with this, do read through the nine points and truth bombs  you need to hear, according to an article published on Gurl,

If You Feel Uncomfortable, Just Leave

You’re going to be in situations that you feel are very wrong, but you’re going to stay because you don’t want to make a fuss. I’m going to ask you to stand up for yourself in these situations.  Bad relationship senior year? LEAVE. Creepy boss? LEAVE. Weird party? LEAVE. You are autonomous and you never have to stay in something you don’t like.

That Breakup Isn’t As Devastating As You Think It Is

You can’t see how you could ever love anyone else right now, but I promise you that you will find love again and it will be even better. The time you waste pining and wishing for this person could be much better spent on other things. I want to tell you that it’s okay that things didn’t work out between you two- it’s not your fault.

You’re More Beautiful Than You Know

You don’t think you’re beautiful. All you see are your flaws- that pimple on your nose, they way your stomach pouches, the droop in your right eyelid. But you are beautiful. You’re going to look back in fifteen years and say, “Wow! Why didn’t I realize it?”

The Hard Times Actually Do Get Better

I know the you don’t believe anyone who tries to comfort you with this cliché, but I’m telling you it will get better. Do you know why? Because you’ll get better at handling the ups and downs of life. You’re going to think about ending your life, but you shouldn’t waste your energy. Keep fighting, because this rough patch only temporary and is crucial to the story of your life.

Your Friends Who Are Doing Better Than You Will Have Their Struggles, Too

Jealousy is such a waste of time. Everyone, no matter how great their life seems, will have some sort of hurdle to surmount. It may not be tomorrow, it may not even be for five more years, but it happens to everyone. I know you’re going to be super envious of your friend, Kate, who gets cast in national musicals right out of college, but in a few years she’ll have to work just as hard as you do.

You Have To Learn To Make Decisions On Your Own

I know you are paralyzed with indecision because you feel that every move you make will change your entire life. That’s too much pressure! I want to take some of that burden off of your shoulders- one decision will not make or break you. Everything you do serves a purpose, so make a decision and let it go. Don’t torture yourself wondering if you made the “right” choice.

All Those People With The Latest Clothes Are Probably Spending Money They Don’t Have

You feel “less than” the girls with the expensive shoes and the Gucci shirts, but the truth is they’re not any better than you. They or their parents might even be in debt trying to “keep up with the Joneses.” Feel good about the fact that you only spend money that you have.

Stress Will Always Be There So You Have To Learn How To Deal

I understand that things don’t feel right. This isn’t the life that you thought you were going to have when you were a little girl. That’s okay. Plans change, life changes, it’s never perfect. There isn’t a “right” way to do anything. Even when you decide to go to that weird theater camp you hate during the summer sophomore year, you’re going to get great stories out of it. The truth is, you’re always going to feel stressed – you just need to learn how to get through it.


A three-second pinch test can tell if you’re dehydrated

To test the skin turgor to find out if you’re dehydrated, simply pinch the skin with two fingers on your abdomen, the front of your hand or the skin on your chest just below the collarbone for a few seconds, holding it in place as you pinch.

After pinching your skin for a few seconds let go and if the skin immediately returns to its regular position that means you have normal turgor which shows you’re hydrated enough.

However, if your skin takes a moment to return to normal, that means you have poor turgor which is a sign of fluid loss due to dehydration and you need fluids, according to Medline Plus.

When performing the test which can easily be done anywhere – even at your desk – make sure to check and see if your skin ‘tents,’ meaning your skin stays upright from the pinch for a second longer than normal.

If you’re only slightly dehydrated it can be shown if the skin moves a little slower than usual – but severe dehydration would occur if your skin turgor took a long time to get back in place.

In the case that the pinch test proved you’re dehydrated, don’t fret because doctors revealed helpful tips to get hydrated quickly through fluids, eating properly and skincare to ensure you don’t get dehydrated.

Dr. Dennis Gross revealed to that the three-second pinch test is ‘the best way to determine if you are dehydrated.’

‘A lack of water in the circulatory system leads to less circulation to the skin and decreased skin elasticity – meaning it will take longer to return to its natural state after being pinched.

‘When you are dehydrated, the skin receives less nutrients, vitamins and oxygen that make it look dull,’ Dr. Gross admitted.

‘Topically, applying any moisturizing product that may contain water can promote hydrated, healthy skin,’ he continued.

Dr. Gross also shared some easy tips to get you hydrated in no time: ‘Apply moisturizer within 30 seconds after bathing and toweling off. The moisturizer will help seal in the water from the shower.

‘Also, trap the steam in your bathroom by keeping the door closed to seal in even more moisture. You can also use oils to hydrate skin but they have pros and cons.

‘The pros are that oils can be used in bath water which seals skin exceptionally well, preventing water evaporation plus they soothe skin, but the cons are that oils are greasy which can certainly be difficult in daytime because the texture doesn’t absorb well and can messes up clothing or sheets.’

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These extremely cut out jeans are selling for Sh11,000. Would you buy them?

Talk about giving new meaning to ripped. What’s the most ridiculous fashion you’ve ever laid your eyes on?

Carmar Denim is a Los Angeles based company selling these cut out jeans for 168$.

The pants are described as a high rise pant with large statement cutouts on the front and back.

The company brands itself as a premium denim catered to the free spirited generation of today.

There is currently a wait list as the pants are sold out.

Most of the fabric is missing from a normal pair of jeans, but as a plus, they do at least have pockets.



Scientists discover a new body organ that acts as a built in shock absober

Humans have been studying the anatomy of our own bodies for thousands of years – but, to this day, scientists are still uncovering new secrets.

A team of NYU-led researchers has identified what’s said to be a previously undiscovered organ, and may even be one of the largest in the body.

A team of NYU-led researchers has identified what’s said to be a previously undiscovered organ. File photo

What was once thought to be dense, connective tissues running all throughout the body has now been found to be a network of fluid-filled compartments.

Dubbed the ‘interstitium,’ interconnected compartments act like a ‘highway of moving fluid’ that sits beneath the top layer of the skin.

It also lines the digestive tract, lungs and urinary systems, and surrounds the arteries, veins, and the fascia between muscle.

The interstitium is made up of both strong (collagen) and flexible (elastin) connective tissue proteins, with interstitial fluid moving throughout.

The system drains into the lymphatic system, and is said to be the source of lymph, which is vital to the functioning of inflammation-causing immune cells.

According to the team, the discovery of the fluid ‘highway’ could help to explain how cancer spreads in the body, and pave the way for new ways to detect and treat the disease.

Read more: dailymail.

Eating bread for breakfast can help you LOSE weight

t’s long been assumed that in the battle to lose weight carbohydrates are enemy number one.

But a recent study from Tel Aviv University may have just turned that notion on its head, with experts suggesting a slice of toast for breakfast could actually help you lose kilos.

‘A slice of bread leads to a lower glucose response and is less fattening than an identical slice of bread consumed in the evening,’ said lead study author Dr Daniela Jakubowicz.

‘The hour of the day – when you eat and how frequently you eat – is more important than what you eat and how many calories you eat,’ she continued.

The study revealed people who ate a big breakfast, a medium-sized lunch and small dinner lost four times more weight than individuals who ate the more traditional six portions a day.

While it was testing people suffering from diabetes and obesity, it’s a good indicator of how the average person might expect to lose the extra bulge.


With one in four Australians over the age of 18 struggling with obesity, it’s good news for those who enjoy their Sunday brunch but want to maintain their control as well.

Australian nutritionist Susie Burrell agrees with the findings and believes it to be an encouraging statistic.

‘This is more evidence to show that meal timing and carbohydrate distribution throughout the day is an important part of weight loss and weight control long term,’ she told FEMAIL.

 ‘Optimal glucose, and as such insulin regulation, is the most powerful thing each of us can do for long term weight control and eating portion controlled carbs is the easiest way to achieve this.’

For example, topping your bread with a nut butter, banana and chia seed would be a healthy and delicious choice to kick start the day.

If that doesn’t appeal the trend of adding avocado to a slice of sourdough has a fan base for a reason – this type of dough reduces bloating and has been known to regulate blood sugar levels.

Even the humble Vegemite on toast can be eaten as a healthy treat – particularly if you choose the low-salt variety.

It has a good source of B vitamins like B1, folate and B6 and potassium to act as an ‘antagonist’ to the sodium content.

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The incredible bathroom fit for royalty… at a PETROL STATION

It’s a loo that’s fit for royalty – yet this one is in a petrol station.

Yes, you read that right.

The Petron gas station on Tomas Morato Avenue in Quezon City, Manila, offers its customers bathroom facilities that comprise a toilet framed by an ornate seat, an antique desk, a chandelier and a mirror that wouldn’t look out of place in a castle.

Needless to say, many of the drivers who visit can’t refuse snapping a picture of it.

One was advertising agency project manager Allec Testado, from Manila.

She posted a couple of pictures of it to her Facebook page and told MailOnline Travel that she was amazed.

‘It’s totally unique,’ she said.

Another customer, Lea Santiago Garnodo, commented on the petrol station’s Facebook page: ‘It’s really cool. And beautifully clean and fragrant.’

MailOnline Travel has also reported on bathroom facilities in Japan that are out of the ordinary.

A new Instagram account has been documenting the bizarre designs of Tokyo’s public loos.

The pictures have been collated by Hidefumi Nakamura, who uploads them to his Instagram page toilets_a_go_go.

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Why hormones make us lean to the right the right when we kiss

Your brain is an organ of two halves – the left side and the right side. And there are many brain functions, such as language skills or which hand you write with, which are organised mostly in one side of the brain or the other.

Simple behavioural tests have now allowed us to see how this organisation is revealed through biases in how we see and interact with the world – and each other – often without us being aware of it.

Examining how people perceive a diagram of variously orientated lines and angles provided clues that people typically have a subconscious bias for seeing things set out in clockwise orientations.

We then realised that this might also be related to a number of physical instincts that people have, such as which way they turn their heads. After looking at recent research in visual psychophysics and visual neuroscience, we saw various perceptual and behavioral phenomena in which humans can have a directional bias.

Many of these turning behaviours are seen early in life. For example, infants have an initial bias for turning the head to the right (and consequently extending the left arm outward to compensate for that movement).

Some previous research found that such an instinctive turn to the right extends to adulthood – when an adult kisses another on the lips, their heads tend to automatically lean to the right. But is this an extension of the bias that humans are born with, or do people simply learn to kiss that way?

In Western societies it is commonplace to see people kiss in public, on television, and in films. But are these screen kisses reflecting society, or do they influence how people behave? The prior research on the subject was all conducted with kissing in what are known as ‘W.E.I.R.D.’ – Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic – societies. So the conclusions might not reflect what humans naturally do in the absence of learning through observation.

Bangladesh seemed like an interesting non-W.E.I.R.D. country to examine this. It is a conservative Muslim country where kissing is prohibited in public, and even censored from television or films. So, whereas similar results from the W.E.I.R.D. countries could be attributed to social learning or socio-cultural factors, the same cannot as easily be said in Bangladesh.

In our study, we asked a number of married couples in Bangladesh to kiss privately in their own homes. They then went into separate rooms to report on various aspects of the kiss independently of each partner.

A kiss is still a kiss

The results showed that more than two thirds of the kissing individuals had a bias for turning their heads to the right. When initiating a kissing ‘move’ (men were 15 times more likely to initiate the kiss) right-handed people leaned right and left-handed people leaned left.

The person being kissed, regardless of whether they were left or right handed, responded by matching the partners’ head leaning direction. It felt awkward to go the other way as reported by most of the kiss recipients and kiss initiators in our study.

It turns out that humans are similar, even if our social values, and the habits we are exposed to, differ. This bias in the act of kissing is likely innate and determined by the brain splitting up tasks to its different hemispheres, similar to being either right- or left-handed. It is perhaps specifically concerned with the functions in the left cerebral hemisphere, located in the emotion and decision-related areas of the brain.

Different hormone levels (such as testosterone) in each hemisphere and neurotransmitters might be unevenly distributed to each hemisphere (such as dopamine, involved in reward behaviours) and give rise to a bias to turn right.

If you do lean in for a kiss to the left, you may be in the minority. But don’t worry – if the person you are kissing wants to be kissed, they will likely go left, too.

This article was originally published by The Conversation

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What your armpits say about your health – study

How your armpits smell – and what you do about it – interacts with the same system of microbes in your gut that protects you from pathogens.

Just like in your gut, a diverse community is living under your armpit, and your deodorant and antiperspirant may be changing more than your smell.

The microbes under our arms, on our skin, and in our guts and saliva play an important in protecting us from other microorganisms that don’t belong in our bodies.

A growing body of research shows just how important maintaining the microbiota under your arms and in this entire system is to protecting your overall health.

Recent research has shown that preventing body odor can significantly, and quickly, alter that microbiome.

Everyone has a unique microbiome that fluctuates with our environments. Our particular biomes protect us from pathogens and are part of what create our body odors.

Some have claimed that deodorants and antiperspirants may be carcinogenic, while others have said that there is not enough evidence to prove this.

Breast cancers often develop in the upper, outer region of the breast, and one study suggested that this could be linked both to the amount of tissue in the area and to the application of deodorants and antiperspirants there.

One argument is that the presence of aluminium in antiperspirants, used to stop the secretion of sweat, could be carcinogenic because the metal acts similarly to estrogen.

Currently, the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health provide some documentation of research on the subject on its website, but says that the results are inconclusive.

Deodorant and antiperspirants change your microbiome

Researchers at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh found that the microbes under peoples’ armpits varied widely depending on whether they wore deodorant, antiperspirant, or nothing.

They found that both deodorant and antiperspirants suppressed the number and diversity of microbes in armpits.

The study analyzed samples from the armpits of 17 participants, grouped by what kind of products (if any) they used to keep their body odor under control.

Over the course of six days, the researchers swabbed the participants’ more or less sweaty armpits.

On the first day, everyone followed their usual hygiene practices. The people that wore antiperspirants had the least number of microbes, and deodorant-wearers had more microbes, but less diversity.

The types of bacteria found in each pair of pits also varied based on the kinds of products used.

The two most common bacteria in armpits are Corynebacterium and Staphylococcaceae. People that didn’t use products had more of the Corynebacterium, which is the primary cause of unpleasant armpit stench.

Those that used a product had more Staphylococcaceae in their subdued microbiomes. Staphylococcaceae can be good and bad for our systems, depending on how it’s balanced out by other microbes.

Corynebacterium, on the other hand, are more protective of our systems. Antiperspirant-wearers had a greater variety of microbes but fewer overall. Since variation has been proven to be important to our overall microbiome health, both forms of smell-prevention had advantages and disadvantages.

After that first day, the participants were asked to stop using their respective body odor-blocking products.

By the sixth and final day of the study, everyone’s microbiomes were all essentially the same, matching up with those of the people that had not used any product to begin with, though everyone’s microbiotic make up – and therefore, smell – is slightly different.

The study concluded that there is simply much more research to be done about our armpits, their smells and what they tell us about our health and ability to fight off environmental pathogens.

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Just 8 photos of government ministers kneeling before Presidents

Back in March this year, a photo of a Zambian minister kneeling before the country’s President Edgar Lungu went viral. Many of us made fun of the minister, saying it is demeaning to do so.

Even more recently is a similar picture of Zimbabwe’s chairperson of the country’s electoral commission kneeling while talking to President Mugabe.

So, while it may seems ridiculous to us, here are a collection of photos showing a list of government ministers who have been spotted kneeling before the President, that have annoyed social media users. Some date way back.

1. Minister of Trade and Industry Joseph Mwanamvekha kneels before President Peter Mutharika


2. Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), Rita Makarau kneels before President Mugabe


3. Former Kenyan minister Nyenze kneels before former President Moi

nyenze kneels before former pres moi

4. Malawi minister sits on the floor while addressing Presidnt mutharika

Malawian Minister has been tag ‘Foolish Man’ for sitting on the floor while addressing President Peter Mutharika.

5. Malawi minister of labour kneels before VP Saulosi Chilima


6. Zimbabwe’s Minister of Local Government Ignatius Chombo kneels before President Robert Mugabes wife

Zimbabwe's Minister of Local Government Ignatius Chombo kneels before President Robert Mugabe's wife ...

7. President Lungu talking to his Minister of Livestock & Fisheries


Too Much Respect? Minister Kneels Before Zambian President (PHOTO)

8. Then Defence Minister George Mpombo Kneeling before the late President Levy Mwanawasa


Partners of people who are going deaf endure frustration – study

Going deaf makes life hard for the sufferer but it is tough on their husband or wife too.

The partners of people losing their hearing endure frustration, anger and upset, research shows.

They have to contend with a blaring television and must raise their voice and repeat themselves to be heard.

They also report becoming socially isolated or having to attend events alone, as their deaf spouse withdraws over fears they will be unable to hear.

They are forced to act as interpreter and field every telephone call. The effort of speaking loudly, repeating words and avoiding misunderstandings can be exhausting, they say.

Researchers at Nottingham University reviewed 78 studies about the impact of deafness on sufferers and those closest to them.

Lead researcher Venessa Vas said: ‘Hearing loss affects the whole family.’

Participants in the studies reviewed by the British researchers had an average age of 66. Only 11 studies related to the feelings of partners and 18 focused on both the partner and the person with deafness.

The results show families struggle with having to interpret for someone losing their hearing. One woman said: ‘By the time you’ve tried telling him what they have said, they’ve moved on.’

Another said it was harder to enjoy social occasions because of her partner’s hearing loss, adding: ‘He’s not participating in the actual conversation and there’s just all this noise going on around him – he just switches off.’

While those going deaf suffer embarrassment, worry and fear of rejection, both they and their partners experience frustration, anger and upset, says the review, published in the journal Trends In Hearing.

People with hearing loss say they feel left out and isolated, with even one-on-one conversations a problem.

The study quotes one sufferer who said: ‘When you’ve spent 40 years being able to converse easily and then one goes deaf, it’s very difficult to adjust.’

Another said: ‘My husband sometimes gets annoyed because he has to keep repeating.’

Hearing loss impacts on everyday life, from someone being unable to hear the doorbell or phone to needing the TV or radio blaring.

One said: ‘When it [the TV] gets up too high, it aggravates me. I don’t get any pleasure out of it.’

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