‘I was once on the verge of committing suicide’ Robert Burale

Pastor Robert Burale has advised people to learn when to say no, adding that its a shame that 80 % of Kenyans  are living a lie on social media.

In an interview with K24, Burale says that its a high time people learnt to live for themselves and not for others.

I do things best with times and seasons.

I don’t believe in doing things just because people expect me to do so. When you do things for other people it means you may live for other people.

80% of people live for others,You suffer just to please other people. They want to see you living big and driving big cars.

If you see me eating in a kibanda don’t call me humble because maybe that is what I could afford at the time.

Burale and his ex Rozinah
Burale and his ex Rozinah

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On whether he is dating Burale says

Keep your ears on the ground, keep your eyes open you might be able to smell something.

He adds

Its important to have a relationship with our kids especially due to the times we are living in.

Talking to my daughter helps me to learn her mood and pick up things she would not tell me in a formal setting.

Robert Burale with his daughter
Robert Burale with his daughter

He adds

I have joys I have fears and I have strengths but only people who come close to me can see that.

I have been through a lot before getting to where I am. There was a time when my left side was dead and no one was there to pray with me.

When I was going through days without food no one cared. I went through suicidal thoughts but I thank God that some people spoke to me.

I thought I was useless and that the world was better off without me.

Before you bash any body first understand what they have been through.

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