Check out how Robert Burale and daughter Lexie celebrated fathers day – Video

Pastor Robert Burale has left many of us wanting to polish our dance skills after he shared a video of him dancing with his daughter Lexie.

Father’s Day dance with my daughter. Nothing as fulfilling as parenthood. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL FATHERS.

In the past Burale has never shied away from flaunting his daughter.
Lexie celebrated her birthday in April and below is the heart warming message Burale penned to his daughter.

My dearest Lexie

I watched you come to this planet and you instantly stole my heart, you occupied a big place in my heart, where you remain till beyond time. “Hello daddy”, brings sunshine and brightens my day.

Lexie Burale
Lexie Burale

You are the girl that makes my hardships worthwhile. You have a heart of gold and your spirit always shines bringing warmth to our lives, watching you grow has been a delight, impactful, and the most meaningful part of my life.

Burale adds

You have made my life infinitely richer than you can imagine.

I thank God for sending you to my life. Continue chasing your dreams and may your steps be guided by God .

In every step of life you will find me like the shadow. ……you
Are blessed of the Lord. Happy birthday Lexie Burale

‘Thank you for being a great mother to our daughter Lexie ,Ubarikiwe’Burale to his ex wife

Stylish Pastor Robert Burale is not shy when it comes to flaunting his adorable daughter, after all a daughter is the best gift a dad can ever ask for.

His daughter recently cleared her Primary School and from the look of things Burale is a proud dad,given the fact that he is a single dad who has managed to raise his daughter in a God fearing environment.

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Unlike many single dads Burale is not bitter and even took the chance to thank his ex wife for helping bring up their daughter and instill discipline in her in the post below.

“And just like that my little girl is done with primary school. God is Good. From class one to class 8 she has never MISSED class. Only GOD. I would also like to thank PARKLANDS BAPTIST School for great work and guidance. Last but not least is to thank Lexie s mother ,Joan who has done a great great job also. A great mother you are. May God increase and bless you..You have played a MAJOR role in instilling values on Lexie. Ubarikiwe ….sasa now for some Ice cream and prepare for High School. Wuehhh. TIME FLIES”

Here are photos of the girl who has turned out so fine despite all the craziness young girls are involving themselves in nowdays



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