Christians keep off gays, says lawyer

Christians should have no say in whether gays and lesbians can enjoy their right of freedom of association, a lawyer said

Sande Ligunya urged the High Court not to allow Christians to prevent it from ruling in favour of her client Eric Gitari.

He wants the government to register an NGO for gays and lesbians in Kenya.

“We are respectful of Christians and, indeed, we are Christians. However, the views of the majority of them ought not to dissuade you,” she said.

Ligunya said gays and lesbians, just like other Kenyans, have a right to form an association and be part of one.


Government funded sperm bank for lesbians

Britain is to get its first NHS-funded national sperm bank to make it easier for lesbian couples and single women to have children.

For as little as £300 – less than half the cost of the service at a private clinic –  they will be able to search an online database and choose an anonymous donor on the basis of his ethnicity, height, profession and even hobbies.

The bank, which is due to open in October, will then send out that donor’s sperm to a clinic of the client’s choice for use in trying for a baby.

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